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Full text of "Fasti Academiae Mariscallanae Aberdonensis : selections from the records of the Marischal College and University, MDXClll-MDCCCLX"

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9lcatiemtae inariscallanae 











"printed fov t^e ^ew ^patbinq gCuft 


^t ifto Spatemg Club. 

Founded nth November, 1886. 

^uttontsg : 



^ttsiitnt : 

The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, K.G., 

D.C.L., LL.D. 
The Duke of Fife, K.T. 
The Marquis of Huntly, LL.D. 
The Marquis of Bute, K.T., LL.D. 
The Earl of Erroll, LL.D. 
The Earl of Strathmore. 
The Earl of Southesk, K.T., LL.D. 
The Earl of Kintore, LL.D. 
The Earl of Rosebery, K.G., K.T., LL.D. 

The Lord Forbes. 

The Lord Saltoun. 

The Lord Provost of Aberdeen. 

The Principal of the University of Aberdeen. 

Sir John F. Clark, of Tillypronie, Bart., LL.D. 

Sir George Reid, P.R.S.A., LL.D. 

James A. Campbell of Stracathro, M.P,, LL.D. 

William Ferguson of Kinmundy, LL.D. 

David Masson, LL.D., Edinburgh. 

©tftinars ^embecB of (Eouncil : 

Colonel James Allardyce of Culquoich, LL.D. 
John Bulloch, Aberdeen. 

George Cadenhead, Procurator-Fiscal, Aberdeen. 
The Right Rev. Monsignor ^neas Chisholm, 

LL.D., President of Blairs College. 
The Rev. James Cooper, D.D., Aberdeen. 
Patrick Cooper, Advocate, Aberdeen. 
William Cramond, LL.D., Cullen. 
Peter M. Cran, City Chamberlain, Aberdeen. 
The Rev. J. Myers Danson, D.D., Aberdeen. 
Charles B. Davidson, LL.D,, President of the 

Society of Advocates in Aberdeen. 
William Dunn of Murtle. 
John Philip Edmond, Haigh. 
James Ferguson, Edinburgh. 
Alexander M. Gordon of Newton. 
Henry Wolrige-Gordon of Esslemont. 
John A. Henderson, Aberdeen. 
Sir William Henderson, LL.D., Aberdeen. 
Brigade-Surgeon-Lieut. -Col. W. Johnston of 

Newton Dee, M.D. 
The Rev. William Forbes Leith, S.J., Selkirk. 
The Rev. Robert Lippe, LL.D., Aberdeen. 

David Littlejohn, Sheriff-Clerk, Aberdeen. 

Peter Duguid-M'Combie of Easter Skene. 

James Matthews of Springhill, LL.D. 

The Rev. John G. Michie, Dinnet. 

James Moir, LL.D., Litt.D., Co- Rector of the 

Grammar School, Aberdeen. 
Alexander M. Munro, Aberdeen, 
Charles Rampini, LL.D., Sheriff-Substitute, Elgin. 
Alexander Ramsay, LL.D., Banff, 
Alexander W, Robertson, Librarian, Public Library, 

John Forbes Robertson, London. 
The Rev. James Smith, B.D., Aberdeen. 
Sir David Stewart of Banchory, LL.D. 
The Rev. William Temple, D.D., Forgue. 
Alexander Walker, LL.D., Aberdeen. 
George Walker, Aberdeen. 
Robert Walker, University of Aberdeen. 
John Forbes White, LL.D., Dundee. 
Professor John Dove Wilson, LL.D., Aberdeen. 
Robert M. Wilson, M.D., Old Deer. 
The Rev. John Woodward, LL.D., deceased. 
William Yeats of Auquharney. 

gwrttarg : 
Peter John Anderson, University Library, Aberdeen. 

1r«0n«r : 
Farquharson Taylor Garden, 18 Golden Square, Aberdeen. 

William Milne, C.A., Aberdeen. 

By Saint Andrew, here's a common fellow, a stipendiary, with four pounds a year and a livery 
cloak, thinks himself too good to serve Ritt Master Dugald Dalgetty of Drurathwacket, who has 
studied humanity at the Marischal College of Aberdeen, and served half the princes of Europe. — 
Legend of Montrose. 

William's Father, a man always venerable to me, had founded Marischal College, Aberdeen, 
— where for a few, in these stern granite Countries, the Diviner Pursuits are still possible (thank 
God and this Keith) on frugal oatmeaL — Carljrle's Friedrich. 

Why have we not a history of Marischal College and University, or, at least, an Athenae et Fasti 
of that venerable institution ? . . . The roll of the notabilities of Marischal College might seem not 
an insignificant one. At all events, it is the bounden duty of any Anthony Wood that may be living 
now in Aberdeen to do his best to draw it up. . . . For, alas ! the history may now be rounded off 
and complete. There is still a fine granite building called Marischal College, in which a portion of 
the work of the United University is carried on ; but the real antique establishment — Dugald 
Dalgetty's Marischal College and mine — is no longer in rerum natura. — Professor Masson in 
Macmillan's Magazine, February, 1864. 


The first volume of the Fasti Academiae Mariscallanae dealt 
with the Endowments of the College. It was the intention of 
the editor to include in the second volume not merely the Roll 
of Officers, Graduates and Alumni, but such other University 
records as seemed worthy of print. The unexpectedly great 
amount of space occupied by the lists of names — the Fasti proper 
— has, however, made it necessary to postpone selections from 
Faculty Minutes, from Visitation Reports, from Acts of Parlia- 
ment and of Privy Council, from the Register of the Aberdeen 
Town Council, and from other muniments illustrating the history 
of the University. 

The editor desires, meanwhile, to register the sources, 
manuscript and printed, from which he has compiled the lists 
printed in the volume now issued ; and to chronicle the friends 
whose obliging assistance has enabled him to identify so many 
of the persons that these lists include. 

The youngest of the Scottish Universities, Marischal 
College is singular in possessing no continuous record of 
teachers or of students. Their names have had to be 
brought together from printed Theses, from occasional Matri- 
culation rolls, from Chamber Maills accounts, from Diploma 
vouchers, from Presentations to bursaries by Town Council 
and Incorporated Trades, from Grammar School exit lists, 


and from other sources detailed at length below. Yet this 
lack of continuity is, to some extent at least, compensated for 
by the amount of information that can be obtained regarding 
the parentage of the alumni — for bursars from 1619, for all 
students from 1773 — information such as prior to i860 is not 
known to have been recorded in the archives of the Universities 
of St. Andrews, Glasgow, King's College, and Edinburgh. 

I. Manuscript Sources. 

Album studiosorum, I. : " The bulk of Register of the new college of Abirdein 

[begun] be Master Gilbert Gray principall thairof at his entrie to the 

said college quhilk was the 29 September i^gSyeiris".'^ 

Entrants, 1605-18, 1620-81. Autograph. 

Masters, 1616-19. Not autograph. 
Album studiosorum, II. : — 

Arts students of classes 1698-1702 to 1704-08, 1706-10, 1708-12, 1711-15, 
1717-21, 1718-22, 1720-24, 1722-26 to 1736-40, 1738-42 to 1741-45, 
1743-47. 1747-51. 1749-53 to 1754-58, 1757-61 to 1772-76. Not 
autograph, and the students of the four years not distinguished. 

Arts students of Sessions 1772-73 to 1827-28. Entered, with some 
exceptions, as bajans (Greek), semis (Civil and Natural History), 
tertians (Natural Philosophy), and magistrands (Moral Philosophy). 
Usually autograph until 1788. 

Masters of Arts, 1742, 1743, 1753, 1761 to 1831. 

Law students, 1826 to 1829. Autograph. 

^ On the fly-leaf of this volume appears the following note in the handwriting of the Rev. 
Peter Colin Campbell, Principal of the University of Aberdeen: — 

" When in Edinburgh attending the General Assembly in May, 1870, I was informed by 
the Lord Clerk Register, the Rt. Honble. Sir William Gibson-Craig, Bart., that this volume 
had been found in the Register Office. I requested that it might be given up to me for the 
University, and, at Sir W. G. C.'s suggestion, embodied that request in a letter to him. This 
letter he forwarded to H.M. Government, and, in accordance with the instructions sent to him, 
he placed the volume in my hands on behalf of the University. Neither Sir W. G. C, nor any 
of the officials of the Register Office, succeeded in ascertaining when and how the volume had 
been brought to Edinburgh, The conjecture that it had been taken possession of by the 
Government in connection with the political troubles of 1715, in which the Earl Marischal 
and the officials of the College were implicated, is obviated by the fact that the volume con- 
tains entries as late as 1721. The most probable conjecture, we concluded, was that it had 
been forwarded to Edinburgh in connection with some legal process in the last century, and 
had not been reclaimed. 

" P. C. C. 

" University of Aberdeen. 
" 1871." 


Album stiidiosorum, III. : — 

Arts students of Sessions 1828-29 to 1850-51. Entered as bajans, etc. 
Arts students of Sessions 1851-52 to 1855-56. Entered as above, and 
also as members of classes of ist Latin ; 2nd Greek, 2nd Latin, ist 
Mathematics ; 3rd Greek, 2nd Mathematics ; 4th Greek, 3rd 
Law students of Sessions 1829-30 to 1859-60. 
Medical students of Sessions 1833-34 to ^^SS'S^- 
Agriculture students of Sessions 1841-42 to 1850-51. 
Album studiosorum, IV. : — 

Arts students of Sessions 1851-52 and 1852-53. Autograph but not 

grouped as bajans, etc. 
Arts students of Sessions 1853-54 to 1859-60. Autograph and grouped 

as before. 
Masters of Arts 1800 to 1828. 

Law students of Sessions 1851-52 and 1852-53. Autograph. 
Medical students of Sessions 1851-52 to 1859-60. Autograph. 
Album I. of the University of Aberdeen. 

Session 1860-61 : magistrands, tertians, and semis. 
Session 1861-62 : magistrands, and tertians. 
Session 1862-63 : magistrands. 
Album of divinity students, Sessions 1775-76 to 1859-60. 
Album studiosorum tnedicorum in Academia Regia et Acadsmia Mariscallana 

Aberdoniae, 1824-38. Autograph 1825-33. 
College burse book. Vol. i. 1749-90. 

Vol. 2. 1791-1836. 
Vol. 3. 1837-60. 
Bursary competitions : Lists of Competitors, 1733, 1750, 1751, 1757, 1758. 
Lists of College bursars, 1700-01 to 1771-72. (In Accounts, Vols. 2, 3, 4.) 
Exchequer burse book, 1718 to i860. 
Lorimer burse book, 1791 to 1849. 
The names of these who gives 14 p. at ther going to the Colledge [from the 

Grammar School], 1692 to 1749. 
Roll of students for Rectorial election, 1674-75. 
Rolls of students. Sessions 1754-55 to 1757-58. 

Lists of students paying chamber maills : 1669-70, 1671-72, 1672-73, 1677-78, 

1681-82. (In Accounts, Vol. i.) 
Do. 1682-83 to 1691-92, 1693-94 to 

1709-10. (In Accounts, Vol. 2.) 



Lists of students paying chamber tnaills : 1710-11101714-15. (In Accounts, 

Vol. 3.) 
Lists 0/ students paying graduation dues, 167010 1672, 1678, 1682. (In ^c- 

counts, Vol. I.) 
Do. 1683 to 1715. (In Accounts, Vols. 

2, 3.) 
Register of M.D.'s, 1736-56. Professor James Gordon. 

Do. 1756-1815. Professors Alexander Donaldson and William 

Do. 1816-25. Professors William Livingston and Charles 

Register of Honorary M.A.'s ; D.D.'s ; LL.D.'s; M.D.'s; M.B.'s; Gray 
bursars; Silver penmen; and Blackwell prizemen. Begun in 1825 by 
Professor William Knight. 
Minutes of Faculty or Senatus of Marischal College : — 
Vol. I. 24 April 1729 to 16 Feb. 1791. 
Vol. 2. 1 Nov. 1791 to 27 Oct. 1818. 
Vol. 3. 2 Nov. 1818 to 12 April 1834. 
Vol. 4. 15 April 1834 to 15 July 1845. 
Vol. 5. 24 Sept. 1845 to 14 Sept. i860. 
Minutes of Rectorial elections : — 

Vol. I. 18 Oct. 1664 to I March 1721 (in Album I.). 
Vol. 2. I March 1723 to i March i860. 
Minutes of Examinations for medical degrees. 

16 Oct. 1844 to 7 Aug. i860. 
Minutes of the medical committee. 

Vol. I. 14 Dec. 1839 to 7 Dec. 1846. 
Vol. 2. 17 Apr. 1847 to 10 Apr. i860. 
Register of presentatlones and admissioties of all principalis and masters of 

the Colledge Marischall in tyme comeing. 1678 to 1857. 
Register of the Widows Fund. 1760-1860. 

Register of General Council of the University of Aberdeen (under Act 21 & 

22 Vict., cap. 83), 
Do. (under Act 31 & 

32 Vict., cap. 48), 
1868- . 
College accounts : — 

Vol. I. Repair of Buildings, 1642, 1659-60. 


College accounts : — 

Vol. I. Procuratory, 1648-50, 1651-53, 1654-55, 1660-78, 1681-82. 
Bishops rents, 1651-58, 
Vacant stipends, 1672-76. 
Vol. 2. Procuratory, 1682-83 to 1709-10. 
Vol. 3. Do. 1710-11 to 1715-16, 1717-18 to 1765-66. 

Vol. 4. Do. 1766-67 to 1812-13. ,* i 

Vol. 5. Do. 1813-14 to 1841-42. 

Vol. 6. Do. 1842-43 to 1859-60. 

College accotints : vouchers. 1680 to i860. 
Aberdeen Town Council Register. From Vol. 34 beginning ist Oct. 1591 

to Vol. 82 ending 29 March i860. 
Aberdeen Town Council Accounts : Treasury, 1617-18 to 1631-32. 
Do. do. Mortifications, 1632-33 to 1811-12. 

Do. do. Office-bearers, 1812-13 to 1859-60. 

Aberdeen Incorporated Trades : Convener Court book. 
Vol. I. 1677 to 1765. 
Vol. 2. 1765 to 1829. 
Do. Accounts, 1705-06 to 1773-74. 

Collections regarding King's and Marischal College. Professor Thomas 

Gordon (d. 1797). 2 vols. 
Collections regarding Marischal College. Professor William Knight (d. 

1844). 6 vols. 
Collections for a Biographia Abredonensis. Joseph Robertson (d. 1866). 

3 vols. 
Royal College of Surgeons of England. Minutes, 1745-1800.^ 

II. Printed Books.^ 

O ratio funebris inmemoriam Duncani Liddelii. Gilbert Gray. Edinb. 1614. 
De illustribus Scotiae scriptoribus. Gilbert Gray. Aberd. 1623. 
Theses. [Edinb.] 161 6. 

1 Examined by Mr. J. F. Kellas Johnstone. 

^ It has not been thought necessary to note numerous Family Histories (Leslie, Ogston, 
etc.) ; Local Histories (Banff, Inverurie, etc.) ; Obituaries of the Gentleman's Mag., Scots 
Mag., European Mag., London Mag., Edinburgh Mag., Annual Register, etc.; Directories, 
clerical, legal, medical ; Navy and Army lists ; East India Registers ; Dictionaries of Biography ; 
and works of the type of Jervise's Epitaphs — which have yielded many Marischal College items 
of importance. 


Assertioties philosophicae. James Sibbald. Aberd. 1623. (Graduation 

Theses: 10 names. Aberd. Univ. libr.) 
Lachrymae sub obitum Georgii comitis Marischalli. Aberd. 1623. (Signet 

Oratio funebris in obitum Georgii Marischalli comitis. William Ogston. 

Aberd. 1623. (Aberd. Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. James Sibbald. Aberd. 1625. (11 names. Bodleian 

Theses philosophicae. James Sibbald. Aberd. 1626. (8 names. Bodl. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae, John Seton. Aberd, 1627. (12 names. Bodl. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. John Seton. Aberd. 1630. (Names not given. Bodl. 

Theses philosophicae. John Seton. Aberd. 163 1. (11 names. Aberd. Univ. 

Theses philosophicae. John Seton. Aberd. 1634. (15 names. Bodl. libr.) 
Lachrymae in obitum Wilhelmi comitis Mareschalli. Aberd. 1635. (Signet 

Theses philosophicae. Jonn Seton. Aberd. 1637. (17 names. Bodl. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. John Rae. Aberd. 1643. (8 names, Aberd. Univ. 

Theses et problemata philosophica. Andrew Cant. Aberd. 1654. (20 names. 

Bodl. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. Robert Forbes. Aberd. 1656. (16 names. Bodl. 

Theses philosophicae. Alexander Whyte. Aberd. 1657. (^5 names. Bodl. 

Theses philolophicae [sic]. Andrew Cant. Aberd. 1658. (23 names. Bodl. 

Theses philosophicae. George Meldrum. Aberd. 1659. (14 names. Aberd. 

Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. Robert Forbes. Aberd. 1660. (20 names. Aberd. 

Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. Thomas Gray. Aberd. 1673. (21 names. Aberd. 

Univ. libr.) 
Appendix to [Spotswood' s^ History of the Church of Scotland. [Thomas 

Middleton.] Lond. 1677. (Marischal College, pp. 28, 29.) 
Scotiae indiculum. Alexander Mudie. Lond. 1682. (Marischal College, 

pp. 241-6). 
Theses philosophicae. Robert Keith. Aberd. 1687. (59 names. Bodl. libr.) 



(19 names. Bodl. 
(18 names. Glasg. 

(24 names. Bodl. 
{15 names. Aberd. 

Theses philosophicae. George Peacock. Aberd. i68g. (30 names. Bodl. libr.) 
The students of Marischall's Colledge attestation anent the burning of the Pop. 

Aberd. 1689. (99 names. Reprinted in Laing's Fugitive pieces of the 

lyth century, 1823.) 
Theses philosophicae. George Peacock. Aberd. 1693. 

Theses philosophicae. George Peacock. Aberd. 1697. 

Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. Alexander More. Aberd. 1699. 

Theses philosophicae. William Smith. Aberd. 1700. 

Univ. libr.) 
Oratio in qua inclytae Academiae Marischallanae Abredonensis fiobilissimus 

parens, illustres Maecenates, et eximii benefactores , ad annum mdcxcvii 

■commemorantur. William Smith. Aberd. 1702. 
The institution and progress of the Buttery College at Slains in the parish of 

Cruden : Sess. 1 699-1 700-1 701. Aberd. 1702. (Reprinted in Watson's 

Curious collection of Scots poems, 17 11, 1766, 1869. See Scottish Notes 

and Queries, x., 113.) 
Theses philosophicae. William Smith. Aberd. 1704. (53 names. Aberd. 

Univ. libr.) 
Magnae Britanniae notitia. John Chamberlayne. Lond. 1708. (Marischal 

Coll., p. 540.) 

William Smith'. 

Theses philosophicae. William Smith'. Aberd. 1708. 

Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. William Smith. Aberd. 17 12. 

Univ. libr.) 
Theses philosophicae. George Peacock. Aberd. 17 14. 

Dissertatio philosophica. David Verner. Aberd. 1721. 

burn libr.) 
Theses academicae. George Turnbull. Aberd. 1726. 

Univ. libr.) 
Dissertatio philosophica. David Verner. Aberd. 1730. 

Univ. libr.) 
Dissertatio philosophica. William Duff. Aberd. 1732. 

Univ. libr.) 
An account of the erection of the Marischal College and University in tlie city 

of Aberdeen. Thomas Blackwell. Aberd. [1736.] (Aberd. Univ. libr.) 

(66 names. Aberd. 

(66 names. Glasg. 

(15 names. Bodl. 

(39 names. West- 

(39 names. Aberd. 

(26 names. Glasg. 

(39 names. Aberd. 


An amazing and extraordinary instance of frauds and oppressions in any 
country govern'd by laws, and an affront upon the equity and justice of 
A — b — » ; being the case of Mr. William Duff, professor of philosophy 
in the Marshal University of Aberdeen in Scotland, addressed to the Rt. 
Hon. the L — d H — , and offer' d to the consideration of all hottest men : 
shewing the barbarous treatment of an honest family in a short narrative 
of certain most remarkable facts. Lond. 1739. (Brit. Mus. libr.) 

Statuta Academiae Mariscallanae Universitatis Abredonensis : Mores, disci- 
plina, sacra, vicina Academia. [Aberd. 1741.] 

Alexis, a pastoral to the memory of Alexander Innes, professor of philosophy 
in Marischal College. Aberd. 1744. 

Scots Magazine. Vol. 14. Edin. 1752. (P. 606, " Order of teaching in 
Marischal College") 

Plan of education in the Marischal College and University of Aberdeen. 
[Alexander Gerard.] Aberd. 1755. (German translation published at 
Riga, 1770.) 

Memorials relating to the Union of the Kings and Marischal Colleges of 
Aberdeen. Aberd. 1755. (Not reprinted in 1787.) 

Aberdeen Almanac. Aberd. 1779- . (Earliest in Univ. libr.) 

The Medical Register, ijyg, 1780, 1783. Lond. 1779-83. , 

Remarks on Dr. Paterson's will. Principal George Campbell. [Aberd. 1785.] 

Examination of *' An account of the erection of The Marischal College, 1736 ". 
[Thomas Gordon. Aberd. 1785.] 

Estimate of the *^ Estimate ". [Aberd. 1786.] (Not reprinted in 1787.) 

Collection of all the papers relating to the proposal for uniting the King's and 
the Marischal Colleges of Aberdeen. London. 1787. (King's Coll. 
edition in 4to.) 

Complete collection of the papers relating to the union of the King's and 
Marischal Colleges of Aberdeen. Aberd. 1787. (Two Mar. Coll. editions, 
by Leighton, lamo, and by Chalmers, sm. 4to.) 

Supplement to the collection of papers. Aberd. 17 ? (Uni£ with King's Coll. 

Statistical account of Scotland. Vol. 21. Edinb. 1799. (Account of Mar. 
Coll. by Prof. John Stuart : reprinted in his Essays on Scottish Antiqui- 
ties, Aberd. 1846; and in Thom's History of Aberdeen, i8ii.) 

Cantabrigienses Graduati. 1659- 1800. Camb. 1800. 

Life of jfames Beattie, LL.D. Alexander Bower. Lond. 1804, 

History of Aberdeen. Walter Thom. 2 vols. Aberd. 181 1. 

Annals of Aberdeen. William Kennedy. 2 v. Aberd. 181 8. 


Historical account, and delineation of Aberdeen. Robert Wilson. Aberd. 

1822. (View of old Marischal College.) 
Historical catalogue of the Scottish bishops. Robert Keith and M. Russel. 

Edinb. 1824. 
Aberdeen Directory. Aberd. 1825- . 

Report of proceedings of Rectorial court, i^th November, 1825. Aberd. 1825. 
Report of proceedings at Rectorial court, ^ist jfuly, 1826. Aberd. 1826. 
Account of the proceedings of the committee of graduates of Marischal College. 

Aberd. 1826. 
History of the Troubles, 1624-45. John Spalding. 2 vols. Edinb. 1830. 

(Bann. Club. View of old Marischal College.) 
Scottish Universities Commission of 1826-30 : — 

General report, including special report on Marischal College. Lond. 

Abstract of the general report. Edinb. 1836. 

Evidence and returns. 4 vols. Lond. 1837. (Mar. Coll. in Vol. 4.) 
Address as Lord Rector. John Abercrombie. Aberd. 1835. 
Aberdeen University Magazine. 16 nos. Aberd. 1837. 
Aberdeen Universities Commission of 1836-37 : — 

First report and evidence. Lond. 1838. 

Second report and returns. Lond. 1839. 

Analysis of the first report [by King's Coll.] Aberd. 1839. 

Reply to the analysis [by Mar. Coll.] Aberd. 1839. 
Address as Lord Rector. J. C. Colquhoun. Aberd. 1839. 
List of the Society of Apothecaries. 1815-40. Lond. 1840. 
History of Scots affairs. James Gordon. 3 vols. Aberd. (Spald. Club) 1841. 
Abredoniae utriusque descriptio. James Gordon. Aberd. (Spald. Club) 1842. 
Lives of eminent men of Aberdeen. James Bruce. Aberd. 1841. 
List of pollable persons within the shire of Aberdeen, 1696. 2 vols. Aberd. 

Aberdeen pulpit and universities. James Bruce. Aberd. 1844. 
Funerals of Patrick Forbes of Corse. Ed. C. F. Shand. Edinb. (Spott. Soc.) 

New statistical account of Scotland. Vol. 12. Edinb. 1845. (Account of 

Mar. Coll. by Prof. William Knight.) 
Selections from the Records of the Kirk Session, etc., of Aberdeen. Aberd. 

(Spald. Club) 1846. 
Essays on Scottish antiquities, John Stuart. Aberd. 1846. (View of old 

Marischal Coll.) 


Catalogue of the library of the Medico -Chirurgical Society of Aberdeen^ 

with lists of members. Aberd. 1848. 
Address as Lord Rector. Patrick Robertson. Aberd. 1848. 
Extracts from the Council Register of Aberdeen. 2 vols. Aberd. (Spald. 

Club) 1844-49. 
Address as Lord Rector. J.T.Gordon. Aberd. 1849. / 

The midnicht meetin' o ye ghaists in defence o' aul Yerl MarischaVs College. 

William Forsyth. [Aberd. 185 ?] 
Has Marischal College the power of conferring degrees in divinity, law, and 

medicine ? [David Thomson.] Aberd. 1850. 
Address as Lord Rector. Earl of Eglinton. Aberd. 1851. 
Miscellany. 5 vols. Aberd. (Spald. Club) 1841-52. 
Address as Lord Rector. Earl of Carlisle. Aberd. 1853. 
The right of Marischal College and University to confer degrees. [Thomas 

Clark.] Aberd. 1853. 
Munimenta Universitatis Glasguensis. 4 vols. Glasg. (Maitl. Club) 1854. 
Address as Lord Rector. W. H. Sykes. Aberd. 1854. 
Address as Lord Rector. Earl Stanhope. Aberd. 1858. 
Aberdeen Universities Commission of 1857 : — 

Report, Evidence and Returns. Edinb. 1858. 
Graduates in the faculties of Arts, Divinity, and Law of the University of 

Edinburgh since its foundation. Edinb. 1858. 
Address as Lord Rector. Earl of Airlie. Aberd. 1859. 
Marischal College advertisements, 1842-59, and competition exercises, 1846-59. 

Aberd. v.y. 
Marischal College prize and degree lists, 1829-60. Aberd. v.y. 
Records of bageant class, 1848-49. [J. W. Barclay.] Aberd. 1861. 
Scottish Universities Commission of 1858 : — 

Report and Appendices. Edinb. 1863. 
Aberdeen University Calendar. Aberd. 1864- . 
Graduates in Medicine in the University of Edinburgh, 1705-1866. Edinb. 

Masters of Arts, Marischal College [1810-1860], who have never been registered 

as Members of General Council. Aberd. 1868. 
Magistrands of Marischal College [1800-61] who did not receive A.M., but 

likely studied four years. Aberd. 1868. 
Collections and Antiquities of the shires of Aberdeen and Banff. 5 vols. 

Aberd. (Spald. Club) 1843-69. 



Records of hajeant class, 1854-55. P. H. Chalmers. Aberd. 1869. (2nd ed. 

by John Crombie, 1879 ; 3rd ed. by F. T. Garden, 1897.) 
Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae.^ Hew Scott. 3 vols. Edinb. 1866-71. 
Extracts from the Aberdeen Town Council Register^ 1625-1747. 2 vols. 

Edinb. 1871-72. (Burgh Rec. Soc.) 
Annals and statistics of U.P. Church. W. Mackelvie. Edinb. 1873. 
Licentiates of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinbtirgh. Edinb. 1873. 
Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Edinb. 1874. 
Roll of the Royal College of Physicians. W. Munk. 3 vols. Lond. 1878. 
The quadrangle by moonlight. Alfred Leach. Aberd. 1879. (View of 

Marischal Goll.) 
Memoranda. J. A. Grant. [1880.] 

Sketch of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh. Edinb. 1882. 
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History of the Society of Writers to H.M. Signet. Edin. 1890. 
In memoriam : an obituary of Aberdeen and vicinity. Aberd. 1891- . 

^ In not a few instances the editor has been obliged to call in question the identifications 
of the Fasti Eccl. Scot. It must be borne in mind that, when compiling his monumental 
work, Dr. Scott had access neither to Album I. (see footnote on p. viii.) nor to any of the records 
used by the present editor to fill up the gap from 1682-83 to 1699-1700, nor to the Town 
Council Register, where alone, from i6ig to 1773, are entered the names of students' fathers. 
The earlier graduation lists of St. Andrews (not yet printed), of Glasgow (printed in part in 
the Miinimenta), of King's College (printed in part in the Fasti Aberd.), and of Edinburgh 
(printed in 1858 and 1867), have no record of parentage. These appear to have been 
examined by Dr. Scott, as also probably Albums II. -IV. of Marischal College, and his method 
seems to have been to identify A. B., ordained minister of the parish of C. in say 1650 with 
the like named graduate of St. Andrews, Glasgow, King's Coll. or Edinburgh nearest in date 
to 1650 : allowance being made, in doubtful cases, for the proximity of C. to these four 
Universities respectively. It is easy to see how some of these identifications might be upset 
by the discovery of the Marischal registers, with in many cases the parentage of the students. 



Alumni Oxonienses. Joseph Foster. 8 vols. Lond. 1888-92. 

Officers and graduates of University and King's College. P. J. Anderson. 

Aberd. (Spald. Club.) 1893. 
The Lord Rectors of the Universities of Aberdeen. J. M. Bulloch. Aberd. 

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The Universities of Aberdeen : a history. R. S. Rait. Aberd. 1895. 
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The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages. Hastings Rashdall. 2 vols. 

Oxf. 1895. 
Quinquennial catalogue of Harvard University. Cambridge, U.S.A. 1895. 
jfohn Cruickshank. Joseph Ogilvie. Aberd. 1896. 
Records of the presbyteries of Inverness and Dingwall. Edinb. 1896. (Scott. 

Hist. Soc.) 
Memorials of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Alexander 

Duncan. Glasg. 1896. 
Memorials of the aldermen, provosts, and lord provosts of Aberdeen. A. M. 

Munro. Aberd. 1897. 
Roll of the graduates of the University of Glasgow. W. Innes Addison. 

Glasg. 1898. 

The manuscript Collections of Professor William Knight, 
partly in the University Library, and partly in the hands of his 
surviving daughter,^ have proved of immense service. Of the 
older College archives Knight had a minute knowledge, and 
from 1 8 10, when he first became associated with the teaching 
staff of the University, until his death in 1844, he lost no 
opportunity of recording every incident bearing upon College 
history. A considerable portion of his Collections had been 
written out by him, for use, it would appear, by the original 
Spalding Club. 

Principal Sir William D. Geddes has furnished many valu- 
able identifications and suggestions. 

The Rev. Stephen Ree, minister of Boharm, has been able 
to supply numerous details regarding the schoolmasters of the 

' Miss Knight has courteously allowed the editor to examine the MS. volumes in her 


district served by the Universities of Aberdeen, a subject of 
which he has made a special study. 

The intimate acquaintance with Aberdeenshire genealogy 
possessed by Surgeon-Colonel William Johnston of Newton 
Dee has contributed much to the accurate identification of 
students at the College during the last hundred years of its 

To Mr. James F. Kellas Johnstone, London, the editor 
is under obligations which he cannot adequately express. Mr. 
Johnstone's extensive knowledge of the men and books of 
Northern Scotland, especially during the seventeenth and 
eighteenth centuries, has been freely drawn upon ; and he has 
grudged neither time nor trouble in examining records and 
verifying references that were inconvenient of access to the 
editor. It may be safely said that there is hardly a page of 
this volume but owes some of its interest to Mr. Johnstone's 
diligence. The unusually complete Index, which will be issued 
to members in a separate form, is due entirely to him. 

These four members of the New Spalding Club have also 
laid the editor under a debt of gratitude by reading all the proof 
sheets of this volume, as they issued from the press. • 

The editor has further to express his indebtedness to Mr. 
A. M. Munro, Town House, Aberdeen, and Mr. R. S. Rait, 
New College, Oxford, for frequent assistance ; to several old 
Marischal College alumni and others, for the use of Class 
Records and for information regarding students ; to the pos- 
sessors of portraits, who have permitted their reproduction in this 
volume; and to Mr. Joseph Ogilvie, LL.D., and the late Mr. 
Alexander Cruickshank, LL.D., who defrayed the cost of the 
photogravures of Dr. James Melvin and Professor John 

P. J. A. 

Aberdeen, May, 1898. 


Officers: Chancellors. . . . 

Rectors, Deans of Faculty and Rectors' Assessors 
Principals .... 
Regents .... 
Professors of Divinity . 
Professors of Mathematics . 
Professors of Medicine . 
Professors of Oriental Languages 
Professors of Chemistiy 
Professor of Church History 
Professor of Surgery 
Professors of Anatomy . 
Professors of Humanity 

Professor of Medical Logic and Jurisprudence 
Lecturers in Medical School 
Lecturers on Scots Law and Conveyancing 
Lecturers on Practical Religion . 
Lecturers on Agriculture 
Librarians . 
Graduates : Doctors of Divinity 
Doctors of Laws 
Bachelor of Laws 
Doctors of Medicine 
Bachelors of Medicine 
Masters of Surgery . 
Alumni and Graduates in Arts: Album L, 1605-1681 

Sessions 1682-83 to 1699-1700 
Album n., 1698-1702 to 1827-31 
Album in., 1828-32 to 1850-54 
Album IV., 1851-55 to 1859-63 

Appendix : Sequence of the Regents 
















Index Issued separately 


Marischal College, circa 1820, from the drawing by Jaines Skene of 

Rubislaw Frontispiece 


Sir James M'Grigor, Bart., M.D., from the portrait by William 

Dyce, R.A., the property of the University of Aberdeen . . 21 
Principal George Campbell, D.D., from the portrait by Archibald 

Robertson, the property of the Incorporated Trades of A berdeen 29 
Professor James Beattie, D.C.h., from the allegoric painting by Sir 

JoshtM Reynolds, P.R.A., the property of the University of 

Aberdeen 46 

Professor John Cruickshank, LL.D.,/yow the portrait by Sir John 

Watson Gordon, P.R.S.A., the property of the University of 

Aberdeen 54 

James Melvin, hh.D., from the portrait by James Cassie, R.S.A., 

the property of the Grammar School, A berdeen ... 63 
Professor Thomas Reid, D.D., from the portrait by Sir Henry 

Raeburn, R.A ., the property of Mr. A , J. Forbes Leith of Fyvie 74 
Robert Gordon of Straloch, from the portrait by George Jamesone, 

the property of Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen . . . 185 
Bishop Gilbert Burnet, /row the portrait by Andrew Mcllvraith, the 

property of the University of Aberdeen 220 

Professor James Gregory, from a portrait, the property of the 

University of Aberdeen 221 

John Arbuthnot, lA.T>.,from the portrait by William Robinson in the 

Scottish National Portrait Gallery 253 

Duncan Forbes of Culloden./row the portrait by Jeremiah Davison 

in Culloden House 278 

Marshal James Keith, from the portrait by Belle, the property of 

the University of Aberdeen 292 






Cum Patriam et Proavos raris virtutibus ornes, 

Nonne ergo debet Scotia multa tibi ? 
Ecclesiae, Turres, Palatia splendida abunde 

Ingenio jam stant aedificata tuo. 
Est Mareshalla Domus Boreae Lux maxima, pura 

Semper Romani a Dogmate Pontificis. 
Rex et regna tibi debet quoque Danica quod tu 

Curaris Thalamis consociare suis. 
Sic merito Rex, Relligio, Respublica, Musae 

Lugent in Tumulo nunc Mareshalle tuo. 
Struxit Aberdoniae Solymam ; fundavit Athenas, 

Phoebus ubi cantat et sacra turba viget. 

From Archibald Symson's Historia Ecclesiae Scoticanae, 
MS. in Advocates' Library, Edinburgh. 


1593. George Keith, fifth Earl Marischal, Baron Keith and Altrie. 

Married, ist, Margaret, dau. of Alexander, fifth Baron Home, with issue, 
William, sixth Earl, Anne (m. William, second Earl of Morton), Margaret (m. 
Sir Robert Arbuthnot) : and, 2nd, Margaret, dau. of James, sixth Baron 
Ogilvie, with issue, James and John, who both died without legitimate male 
issue. Died 2nd April, 1623. Portrait after Jamesone in possession of 
University, reproduced in Vol. I., and in the great window, Mitchell Hall, 
Mar. Coll. {Diet. Nat. Biog. Douglas' Peerage. G. E. C.'s Complete Peerage. 
See also Ogston's Oratio funebris in obitum Georgii, etc., Abred., 1623. 
Lachrymae Academiae Marischallanae sub obitum Georgii, etc., Abred., 1623. 
Smith's Oratio in qua Acad. Marisch. Maecenates commemorantur, Abred., 1702. 
Delit. Poet. Scot., II., 314. The editor has been unable to trace a copy of 
Thomas Cargill's "Verse in Latin in commendatioune of my Lord Marischeall 
for erecking the new College in Aberdeen," printed for the Aberdeen Town 
Council in 1593. Notes and Queries, 7, I., 129.) 

1623. William Keith, sixth Earl Marischal. 

Married, Mary, dau. of John, seventh Earl of Mar, with issue, William, 
seventh Earl ; George, eighth Earl ; Robert, d. unm. ; John, first Earl of 
Kintore ; Mary (m. John, Lord Kinpont), Jean (m. Alexander, Lord Pitsligo), 
and Anne. Died 28th October, 1635. Portrait by Jamesone in possession 
of Major the Hon. Robert Baillie-Hamilton, reproduced in Vol. I. (Diet. 

1 The duties of the Chancellor are set forth in the Foundation Charter (Vol. I., p. 39), 
but nothing is said as to the mode of election. In one passage (p. 44) it is implied that he 
may be " minister verbi," but the Earls Marischal were regarded as Chancellors till their for- 
feiture in 1716. Their usual title, however, was " patron," the college being called the " Earl 
Marischal's College". They issued presentations to the Principalship and the Regencies: 
see Vol. I., p. 6g. 



Sir Edward Keith, great marischal of Scotland, d. circa 1350. 

Sir William. 

Sir Robert. 



Sir William, created I. 


Earl Marischal, circa 1458. 

John. £ 
^ 5* 




William, II. 

and L 


William, IIL 






' ^ 1 
John. 5: -g 

1 1 
Robert. William. 


Alexander, X 

3 i 


Wil iam, IV. 


William. Robert, Andrew, 3 

1 LordAltrie. Lord Dingwall, p 

George, V., founder of Marischal College. 

' ' L 


William, VI. James. 

William, VII. George, VIII. Robert. John, I. Earl of Kintore. 

I I I 

Mary. Elizabeth. Jean. Isabel. William, IX. William, II. 

I I I I I ] I 

George, X. James. Mary. Anne, John, III. William, IV. Catherme. 

4, I 4, 


Nat. Biog. Douglas. G. E. C. See also Lachrymae Acad. Maresch. in obitum 
Wilhelmi, etc., Abred., 1635.^) 

^ This very scarce volume contains three epigrams by Arthur Johnston, which have 
eluded the notice of the editor of Musa Latina A herd. They run as follows : — 


"Tot modo terrarum dominus, nunc Kethus Olympum 

Possidet et superi jugera vasta soli. 
Marmoreas fugiens et dignas regibus arces, 

Aurea nunc coeli, cum love, tecta colit. 
Et quos audierat saeclis egisse triumphos 

Bis tribus, ingentes hie prope cernit avos. 
Quemque clientelis stipatum vidimus, astra 

Nunc super, aligero cingitur ille choro. 
Et satur ambrosia est et vivit nectare Divum, 

Cui latices tellus ante dapesque dedit. 
Si bona praeteritis confers praesentia, Kethus 

Dum foret in terris, pauper inopsque fuit. 
Si tamen ingenii dotes, animique potentis 

Aurea pensentur munera, dives erat. 


" Ipse tua radians et avita luce coruscus, 

Gentis Hyperboreae gloria, Kethe, jaces. 
Illustris tibi vita fuit, mors aemula vitae est. 

Ilia tuis meritis, conjugis ista nitet. 
Te Dea complexa est morientem mollibus ulnis, 

Fovit et ambrosio frigida coUa sinu : 
Ore legens animam, labris infudit amomum, 

Fixit et Idaliis oscula plena rosis. 
Et sibi sidereos lachrymis suffudit ocellos, 

Et clausit nivea lumina functa manu. 
Si possent gelido Superi succumbere letho, 

Sic ego crediderim Numina velle mori. 

«« ALIUD. 

" Kethe soli coelique decus, non unius uxor 

Virtutis specimen, te moriente, dedit. 
Luminibus lachrymas libavit et oscula labris, 

Dextraque palpebram clausit utramque manus. 
Luminibus luctum, labris testatur amorem, 

Dextra manus fortem monstrat et esse piam. 

'^ Arth. Johnstonus, M.D." 


1635. William Keith, seventh Earl Marischal. 

Married, ist, Elizabeth, dau. of George, third Earl of Winton, with issue, 
William (d. in inf.), Mary, (m. Sir James Hope of Hopetoun), Elizabeth (m. 
Robert, second Viscount Arbuthnott), Jean (m. George, third Baron Banff), 
Isabel (m. Sir Edward Turner, bart.) : 2nd, Anne, dau. of Robert, eighth Earl 
of Morton. Died 1661. {Diet. Nat. Biog. G. E. C. The Graduation Theses 
of 1626 are dedicated " Comiti de Keth, optimae spei adolescenti " ; those 
of 1634, " illustr. Com. Maresch. filio natu maximo, unicis nostrarum musarum 
deliciis " ; those of 1658, " Comiti Marischallo, musarum fautori propensis- 
simo ". He was a bajan in 1631, infra.) 

1661.^ George Keith, eighth Earl Marischal. 

Married, Mary, dau. of George, second Earl of Kinnoul, with issue, William, 
ninth Earl. Died 1694. (Dedication to Theses of 1669 and 1673. G. E. C.) 

1694. William Keith, ninth Earl Marischal. 

Married, Mary, dau. of James, fourth Earl of Perth, with issue, George, 
tenth Earl ; James, Marshal Keith, Mary (m. John, sixth Earl of Wigton)> 
Anne (m. Alexander, sixth Earl of Galloway). Died 27th May, 1712. (G. 
E. C. Bajan in 1676, infra. Founded in 1701 the professorship of 
Medicine : see Vol. I., p. 381.) 

1712. George Keith, tenth and last Earl Marischal. 

Attainted 1715-16 ; died (unmarried) at Potsdam, 28th May, 1778. Two por- 
traits in possession of University. {Diet. Nat. Biog. Jacobite Attempt of 1719, 
Edin., 1895. The Theses of 1708 are dedicated " domino de Keith, celsissimi 
ac magnanimi herois D. Gulielmi Comitis Marischalli filio primogenito " ; 
those of 1714, " potentissimo heroi comiti Marischallo ". The last of the 
Earls graduated M.A. of his ancestral college in 1712, his younger brother, 
James, afterwards Marshal Keith, taking the same degree three years later : 
infra. As to the present representatives of the Earls Marischal, compare the 
genealogical trees on pp. 4, 87, with the articles, " The heirs of the Keiths," in 
Scottish Notes and Queries for May, 1894, and September, 1896, where many 
authorities are quoted ; and with G. E. C.'s Complete Peerage.) 

On the attainder of the Earls Marischal, their rights of College patronage 
passed to the Crown, but the Commissions of Visitation in 1716 and 1717 
apparently made no provision for the appointment of a Chancellor. In 1727 
we find the College petitioning King George II. to nominate as Chancellor his 
Majesty's second son, William, aged six, who had been created Duke of 
Cumberland a month before the date of the Petition. 

^On 6th January, 1643, George, second Marquis of Huntly, was elected Chancellor of 
King Charles' University (Vol. I., p. 255) ; but the Marischal College members absented 
themselves from the meeting, and refused to recognise the election. (O^. and Grad. of King's 
Coll., p. 4) 


" Unto the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 

" The most humble Petition and Address of the Rector, Principal, Professors 
and Masters of His Majestie's Marischall University of Aberdeen. 

" May it please Your Majestic. 

" We, Your Majestie's most dutyfull and loyal subjects, haveing the great 
honour above all other Universitys in the Nation to be immediately under 
your Royal Patronage, humbly beg leave to represent that this Your Majes- 
tie's University is at great loss by the want of a Chancelour. Wherefor, if it 
be aggreeable to Your Majestie's Royal Pleasure, we earnestly and unani- 
mously intreat that Your Majestie our Royal Patron would be graciously 
pleas'd to nominate and constitute His Royal Highness, William, Duke of 
Cumberland, Chancelour of this Your University ; which will not only signaly 
honour, but greatly tend to the flourishing thereof. And in evidence of our 
hearty concurrence, so farr as we are interested, we have presum'd to trans- 
mitt a most unanimous commission unto His Royal Highness. 

" May God, who has in great mercy to these Kingdoms given Your Majestie 
peaceable possession of the throne of Your Royal Ancestors, greatly prosper 
and long preserve Your Majestie with your Royal Consort our Gracious Queen, 
and all the Royal Branches of Your August Family ; by which, under God, 
the great happyness of these Kingdoms can only be secur'd and transmitted 
to posterity. 

" Given at Your Majestie's College Marischal of Aberdeen, the twenty-eighth 
day of August, in the first year of Your Majestie's Reign." 

" Commission to his highness, William, Duke of Cumberland. 

" We, the Rector, Principal, Professors, and Masters of the Marischal Uni- 
versity of Aberdeen, takeing into our consideration the great loss this University 
is at by the want of a Chancelour, and how much it will tend to the honour 
and flourishing of the same, that some honourable and proper person were 
elected into the said office, we all did and hereby doe unanimously nominate 
and elect His Royal Highness the High and Mighty Prince, William, Duke 
OF Cumberland, Chancelour of this University, which office we most humbly 
and earnestly intreat His Royal Highness may accept of. And by the tenor 
of these presents we declare that His Royal Highness shall from henceforth 
have and enjoy all powers, jurisdiction, and honours which any Chancelour of 
this University by the Foundation Charter had or might in times past have 
enjoy'd and exercis'd. Promisemg all subjection and obedience unto His 
Royal Highness due on our part. In Wittness whereof these present letters 
haveing the strength of a publick instrument are inscrib'd by us at his Majestie's 
Marischall College of Aberdeen, this twenty-ninth day of August, one thousand 
seven hundred and twenty-seven years, and of His Majestie's reign the first 
year. And for further confirmation we have hereunto appended the great seal 
of this University. 
[Signed] " Patt. Duff", Rector. " Dav. Verner, P.P. 

" Tho. Blackwell, Principal. " Daniel Gordon, P.P. 

" Matthew Mackaile, Med. Professor. " Wm. Duff^, P.P." 


(Marischal College Charter Chest, " Chancellors," i, 2. The second paper 
is endorsed : — "This Commission to be in Latine, wrote on parchment and 
embelish in due form ".) 

The result of this petition is unknown. The Duke became in 1746 Chancellor 
of St. Andrews. Kennedy (Annals 0/ Aberdeen, Vol. II., p. 118) gives the Duke 
of Cumberland as elected Chancellor in 1747, but Kennedy's dates are notori- 
ously inaccurate. See list of Regents, p. 31. 
17 ? Archibald Campbell, Earl of Hay (third Duke of Argyll). 

The date of election is not recorded. The duke, an alumnus of the Univer- 
sities of Glasgow and Utrecht, was created Earl of Hay in 1706, and succeeded 
his brother, John, in the dukedom in 1743. In 1716 he was chosen Chancellor 
of King's College, but " upon weighty motives " did not accept (Off. and 
Grad., p. 5). Kennedy gives John, Duke of Argyll, as Chancellor in 1754, but 
his names are only less inaccurate than his dates. Died 15th April, 1761. 
{Diet. Nat. Biog.) 
1761. John Stuart, third Earl of Bute. 

Elected, 25th April, by the Principal and Masters, " taking into consideration 
that the office of Chancellor of this University is vacant by the death of his 
Grace the Duke of Argyle ". (Minute in new Rectorial Book.) He accepts, 
loth August : Latin diploma entered in Minute. (" Writing diploma, ;^5 5s. ; 
silver seal box, £1 14s. ; vellum, los. 6d." Accounts.) Benefactor to the 
Library (Vol. I., p. 454), and to the Observatory (Vol., I., p. 448). A promise to 
give Natural History specimens to the Museum is mentioned in the Aberdeen 
Journal of 6th Dec, 1784. Portrait in possession of University : copy after 
Ramsay by William Mossman in 1763. (;^i6 i6s., with £10 ids. for frame. 
Accounts.) Died loth March, 1792. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 
1793. David Murray, second Earl of Mansfield. 

B.A., Oxon., 1748 ; D.C.L., 1793. Elected 19th April. {Rect. Book : 
Diploma, £2 2s.) Died ist Sept., 1796. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 
1796. William Eden, first Baron Auckland. 

M.A., Oxon., 1768. Elected 7th November. {Rect. Book : Diploma, £1 is.) 

" Lord Auckland, an English nobleman, who had never even visited Scotland, 
and was not educated there, was chosen Chancellor solely at the instigation of 
the Principal, Dr. Brown, whose patron he was, and who had got acquainted 
with him when holding his Utrecht situation, at which time Auckland was 
ambassador to the States. The proper Chancellor to have been chosen in 
1796 was the Marquis of Huntly, as Professor Copland proposed, and never 
voted for Lord Auckland., In going after Court patronage, the College fell into 
a mistake. All the correspondence passed between the Chancellor and Dr. 
Brown, in letters often not seen by the Faculty. Hence the necessity of 
the following order : ' 1811, May 31. Principal Brown to read to the Faculty 
all letters which he writes in their name, and to lodge copies in the letter 
book.'— MtM." (Knight.) Died 28th May, 1814. (Dia. Nat. Biog.) 



1814. George Gordon, eighth Marquis of Huntly. 

Record in Faculty Minute Book, igth July. Had been called to House of 
Lords in his father's barony of Gordon, 1807 ; succeeded as fifth and last Duke 
of Gordon, 1827. Installed as Chancellor, 22nd December, 1815. (Kennedy's 
Annals, II., go. Nobilissimi viri Georgii Marchionis de Huntly Inaugurandi 
formula atque modus ; praecipue Oratio habita a Gulielmo Laurentio Brown, 
Praefedo, Abred., 1816. Ode in Aberdeen Journal, 27th Dec, 1815.) Died 
25th May, 1836, when the dukedom became extinct. {Min., 30th June ; Diet. 
Nat. Biog.) 

1836. Charles Gordon, fifth Duke of Richmond and Lennox. 

Record in Faculty Minute Book, 30th June; installed 2nd Sept. On the 
union of King's and Marischal Colleges became joint Chancellor (with 
fourth Earl of Aberdeen) of the University of Aberdeen, 15th Sept., i860; 
died 2ist October, i860. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 


1598. Peter Blackburn, the elder, minister of Aberdeen, Dean of 
Signs feu charter of date 5th Sept., 1598 (Vol. I., p. 76). 
i6ig. Patrick Dun, doctor of medicine, Rector ; William Forbes, 
doctor of divinity, D. of F. 
Present at visitation of the College, 31st December, when an ordinance was 
made " that the College fees payable by the students to the regents should be 
conform as they were appointed at a visitation in the King's College, viz., 

^ For the duties and method of election of the Rector and Dean of Faculty, see the 
Foundation Charter (Vol. I., pp. 44-58). The Universities (Scotland) Act of 1858, § 10, pro- 
vided that the Rector of the University of Aberdeen should be elected by the matriculated 
students " voting according to the present usage in Marischal College ". There has thus been 
preserved in Aberdeen a closer approximation to early academic usage than in the other Scot- 
tish Universities, for in Aberdeen alone the Rector is still chosen by four procurators, elected 
previously by the Nations. In Glasgow the Nations do not elect procurators, but vote 
directly for the Rector ; in St. Andrews the Nations were abolished by Ordinance No. 4 of 
the 1858 Commission ; in Edinburgh they never existed. 

" The definition of the Nations given in the Charter does not, in some respects, corre- 
spond to what has been long followed in practice. The nation to which foreigners are to be 
assigned is not mentioned ; it has been the custom to add them to the Angusians, or those 
born south of the Cam o' Month. The word diocesis employed in the Charter evidently indi- 
cates the true division. The Abredonensis diocesis is divided into the Marriensis and Buchan- 
ensis. Marriensis has Garioch added to it, and comprehends not only the tract between the 
Dee and the Don, but also Alford, Strathdon, and Garioch, or all to the south of Formartin ; 
it also includes the parishesof Strachan, Banchory-Ternan, Banchory- Devenick, and Maryculter, 
in the county of Kincardine, but in the diocese of Aberdeen. Buchanensis ought to include 
Buchan, Formartin, and Strathbogie, or those parts of the Counties of Aberdeen and Banff 
lying between the Deveron on the West and North, and Mar and Garioch on the South, ex- 
clusive of all that part of Scotland not included in the two foregoing divisions, lying to the 
North of the Mons Grampius (Carn o' Month), which contains the Moraviensis. But as the 
parishes of Huntly, Gartly, Rhynie and Essie, Glass, and Cairnie were not within the diocese 
of Aberdeen, they ought to be included in the Moraviensis ; and Formartin is by custom 
taken in with Mar, Buchan being viewed as having the Ythan for its Southern boundary." 
(Knight, circa 1840.) 



twenty merks for the sons of noblemen and barons, ten pound for the sons of 
other gentlemen, and the bursars and poor scholars to be taught gratis ". 
(Memorials relating to Union of Colleges, Aberd., 1755, p. 24.) Dun had been 
Professor of Logic in 1610, and became Principal in 1621, infra. Forbes had 
been Professor of Logic in 1601, and became Principal in 1620, infra. 

1625. William Forbes, Rector. 

Graduation Theses dedicated to him in this capacity, infra. 

1632. William Forbes ; John Forbes, doctor, D. of F. 

Sign a deed, 14th April, constituting Principal Dun common procurator of 
the College (Ch. Ch. " Rectors," 2.) The D. of F. is probably the contemporary 
Professor of Divinity at King's College. (Off. and Grad., p. 68.) 

1642. William Guild. 

Elected " Rector of King Charles' Universitie of Aberdeen," nth Nov. (Off. 
and Grad., p. 10.) 

1643. William Guild. 
Re-elected 23rd November. 

1648. David Lindsay. 

Signs as Rector a discharge of Marischal College accounts. Minister of 
Belhelvie. Seems to have been Rector of King's College, 1645-50. (Off. and 
Grad., p. 11.) The Caroline Union, though not referred to in the elections, 
doubtless subsisted during that period. 
1664. Arthur Rose ; Lewis Gordon, M.D., D. of F. 

This being the first election recorded in the old Rectorial Minute Book (part 
of Album L), the minutes are quoted verbatim. 

" Att Aberdeene the auchteint day of October ^ Jm vi^ threescore foure yeares 
D. James Leslie principall, mrWm. Meldrum, mr George Banerman, 
mr Wm. Patersone, mr John Gordon, regents. 

" The quhilk day in presence of the principall and regents of the colledge 
Marischall of Aberdeene Gilbert Beidie nottar publict was elected and chosene 
clerk to this present meeting and actings thairin by consent of the principall 
and haill regents. 

" The qlk day the colledge being fullie conveened and divided in four nationes, 
the hie classe in the name of the natione of Buchane, the thrid classe in the 
name of the natione Marre, the second classe in the name of the natione of 
Angus, and the first classe in the name of the natione of Murray, did with ane 
uniforme voice choose and nominat mr Alexander Pattoune, mr Robert 
Thomsone, mr Duncane Liddell, and Andrew Thomsone, to bee procurators 
for electing of ane Rector. 

" The said day the principall, masters of the college and procurators aboue- 
namit did elect, nominat, and choose master Arthoure Rose, minister at Old 
Deare, to be Rector of the said colledge, by whose advice and concurrence the 
affaires of the said colledge are to be regulat. 

1 The Charter enjoins an annual election on ist March. (Vol. I., p. 57-) 


" Att Aberdeene the nynteint day of October, 1664. 

" The said day the principall, regents of the colledge and procurators aboue- 
namit being present, mr Arthoure Rose, Rector abouelected, did accept to 
be Rector of the said colledge and gave his oathe de fideli administratione 
th^'untill, qlk was administrat to him bee doctor Leslie principall. 

" Mr Georg Meldrum min^. of Abd. beeing desired to bee present this day 
for election of ane Deane of Facultie by severall of the masters of the college 
shifted to come and beeing desired this day by mr Wm. Patersone one of the 
mrs. personallie at his chamber did not come. In respect q"^ of doctor 
Leslie principall went to the dwellinghous of David Gregorie wher the sd. 
mr. George his chamber is and becaus hee could not finde him took instru- 
ments that hee requyred the said mr George to be present for the effect for- 

" The said day the principall, regents of the colledge. Rector, and procura- 
tors abouenamit did proceid to the electione of ane Deane of Faculty, who did 
elect nominat and choose doctor Lues Gordone, doctor of phisicke, to bee 
Deane of Facultie. 

" Att Abd. the twentie twa day of October, 1664. 

" The said day in presence of the principall, masters of the colledge. Rector 
and procurators abouenamit doctor Lues Gordone, deane of facultie aboue- 
elected did accept to be deane of facultie in the said colledge, gave his oath 
de fideli administratione thairintill, qlk was administrat to him bee the said 
doctor James Leslie principall." 

1665. John Milne ; Robert Thomsone, advocate, D. of F. 

Election on ist March, and so henceforth. Rectorial Court on ist August, 
to consider the " heterodox and profane " theses of Patrick Strachan, regent, 
q.v., infra. 

1666-72 : no record. 

1673. George Meldrum, minister of Aberdeen. 

Assessors! : Professor John Menzies, David Lyell, and Patrick Sibbald, 
ministers of Aberdeen. " Ane list of grave pious and learned men " was pre- 
sented to the procurators to choose from. Court on ist April, anent lands and 
march stones of College ; and on 4th May, anent " sacred lessons " by the 

1674. George Meldrum. 

Assessors : George Skein of Fintray, Charles Dune, George Wilsone of 
Finzeauche, James Milne, burgess. 

1675-78 : no record in Minute book. According to Wodrow {Analecta, 1., 
176) Meldrum was Rector ten times. He had been a Regent (p. 36), and 
was afterwards Professor of Divinity in Edinburgh and Minister of the 
Tron Kirk. 

» Sec Vol. I., p. 75. 


1677. Robert Bruce, D. of F. 

Professor Thomas Gordon's MS. Collections. 

1679. Patrick Sibbald, minister of Aberdeen ; Robert Spence, preben- 

dar of Deir, D. ofF. 
Assessors : George Meldrum, late Rector ; John Cockeburne, minister of 
Udny ; John Ross, minister of Foveran ; George Pattoune of Grandhome. 

1680. Patrick Sibbald; Robert Spence, D. of F. 

Assessors : as last year. Court on 24th May, anent students' chambers and 
church attendance. 

1681. Patrick Sibbald ; Robert Spence, D. of F. 

Assessors : George Meldrum, John Ross, George Pattoune, William Blare, 
minister of Aberdeen. John Cockburne is "eased of that trowble ". 

1682. Patrick Sibbald ; Lewis Gordon, M.D., D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1683 : no record. 

1684. Patrick Sibbald. 

The minute of election is not preserved, but on 15th May a Court grants 
Mr. Thomas Burnet, Regent, leave to study at Leyden during the vacation. 
Sibbald becomes Professor of Divinity during this year (p. 51).^ Portrait in 
possession of University. 

1685. Patrick Sibbald ; Dr. George Garden, minister at Aberdeen, 

D. of F. 

Assessors : as in the " preceiding yeir, only in place of Mr. George Meldrume 
they nominat and elected Mr. John Keith, minister of the Gospell in Old Abd.". 

1686. Patrick Sibbald ; Dr. George Garden, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1687 : no record. 

1688. Dr. William Blair, parson of Saint Nicholas ; John Forbes, 

parson of Kincardynoneill, D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. John Rosse, minister at Foverane ; John Pattoune, minister 
at Insch ; Alexander Gray, minister at Foott of Die ; Andrew Thomsone, 
commissioner depute of Aberdeen ; George Keith of Creichie, advocate. 

1689. Dr. William Blair ; John Forbes, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1690. Dr. William Blair ; John Forbes, D. of F. 

Assessors : John Pattoune, Alexander Gray, Andrew Thomsone, Georg e 
Keith, Alexander Milne, minister at Udny. 
1691-1713 : no record. 

^ See the prohibition in the Foundation Charter, Vol. I., p. 52. 


1714. The laird of Meldrum [John Urquhart] ; Alexander Thomson of 
Portlethen, D. of F. 
Assessors : Peter Bannerman, brother to the laird of Elsick ; John Gordon 
physician in Aberdeen ; George Keith, advocate in Aberdeen ; William Gellie, 
late Dean of Guild. The minute bears that " many difficulties have inter- 
rupted " the election " for some years past ". Court on 20th November sus- 
pended Mr. George Keith from his office of regent " untill his offences be more 
fully enquired into ". 
1715-ig : no record. 

1720. Sir William Forbes of Craigievar ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : William Gellie and Thomas Mitchell, baillies in Aberdeen ; 

Colin Campbell [father of Principal George C] and John Osburne [Principal, 
1728], ministers there. 

1721. Sir William Forbes ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1722. Sir William Forbes. 

No minute of election. 

1723. Thomas Forbes, younger of Eight [Echt] ; Alexander Thomson 

of Portlethen, D. of F. 
" The sd. day Mr. Thomas Blackwel, Principal ; Dr. Matthew McKaile, Pro- 
fessor of Medicine ; Mr. Patrick Hardie, Mr. David Verner, Mr, George Turn- 
bull, Professors of Philosophy, and Mr. George Cruden, Professor of Greek, in 
the sd. College, being met in faculty and duely constitute, taking into con- 
sideration that by the death of the Honourable "Sr. William Forbes of Craigie- 
var, the office of Rector in the sd. College is now vaccant, did therefore, 
according to the power granted to them by the Foundation, cause the whole 
students of the College divide themselves into the four Nations of Mar, 
Buchan, Murray, and Angus, and those of the Nation of Marr did choose Mr. 
Laurence Selkirk, Tutor to Mr. Forbes of Eight his children, those of the 
Nation of Buchan Mr. John Rose, student of Divinity, those of Murray Mr. 
Alexander Irvine, student of Divinity, and those of Angus Mr. Robert Far- 
quhar, student of Divinity, their Procurators ; who afterwards did nominate 
and elect unanimously the Honourable Thomas Forbes, younger of Eight, 
Rector, and Mr. Patrick Duff of Iden, Mr. William Gellie, late Bailie of 
Aberdeien, the Reverend Mr. Colin Campbell, and Mr. John Oseburn, Ministers 
of the Gospel in Aberdeen, Assessors. And the sd. Rector being at his house 
in the countrey, the sd. Principal and Masters, together with Mr. John Ose- 
burn, Minister of Aberdeen, did in the presence of the above named Procura- 
tors unanimously nominate and choose Mr. Alexr. Thomson of Portlethen as 
Dean of Faculty for the ensuing year and ordered that the election of the 
above named Rector be forthwith notified to him." (First entry in new 
Rectorial MinuU Book : signed by the Principal, professors, procurators, and 


Mr. Osborn [sic].) The Rector, Dean of Faculty, and Gellie, Campbell, and 
Osborn accept office on 6th March. 

1724. Thomas Forbes ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : as last year. " Resolved " by the Principal and Masters, and 
" intimated to all the students regularly concerned," who acquiesce. The 
minute is not signed. 

1725. Thomas Forbes ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : John Moir, late baillie ; John Gordon, late Dean of Guild ; 
James Innes, minister at Banff, and William Abercromby, Minister at Skene. 
The Masters quarrel and choose Professor McKail chairman instead of the 
Principal, who dissents. A leet of gentlemen is submitted to the Procurators 
" according to the former practice of the Colledge ". Rectorial Courts are 
4l^ held on 23rd, 24th, 25th March, and 7th April, to consider the disputes 

between the Principal and Masters. 

1726. Patrick Duff of Premnay ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : John Osborn, Minister of the Gospel ; Alexander Thomson, 

Advocate ; John Moir, late Baillie, and Alexander Robertson, Merchant. 
The Principal and Masters approve. Entries relative to a leet, or to subse- 
quent confirmation, occur in the minutes down to the year 1822. 

1727. Patrick Duff; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 

Minute of election in Charter Chest (" Rectors," 7). Assessors : as last 
year, ist Sept., Rectorial Court anent appointment to Chair of Mathematics. 

1728. Patrick Duff, Lord Rector ; James Thomson of Portlethen, 

D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. Rectorial Court on 17th June directs preparation 
of an inventory of all papers in the charter chest. 

1729. William Duff of Braco. 

[Earl Fife, 1759] D. of F. not recorded. Assessors : Alexander Thomson, 
Alexander Robertson, Rev. John Bisset, John Milne, master of the Grammar 

1730-31 : no record. 
1732. Sir Alexander Ramsay of Balmain ^ ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, Rev. John Bisset, Rev. James Ogilvie, Dr. 
James Donaldson. 

I733-36 : no record. 
1737. George Skeen of Skeen ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, Alexander Ramsay, William Cruickshank, 
late provost ; William Abercromby, minister at Skene. Many meetings of 
Rectorial Court, 1737-38, anent case of Regent William Duff, infra. Hence- 
forward no Rectorial Court is summoned till 1825. 

* See Vol. I., p. 414. 


1738. George Skeen ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors: Alexander Thomson, Alexander Ramsay, William Cruickshank, 
John Burnet, merchant [of Elrick]. 

1739. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, William Cruickshank, Alexander Robertson, 
William Fordyce, bailie [of Achorties] . 

1740. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors: Alexander Thomson, Alexander Robertson, James Morison, 
merchant [aftds. of Elsick, lord prov.] ; James Catanach, advocate. 

1741. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, Alexander Robertson, Lord provost ; 
James Catanach, John Forbes of Alford. 

1742. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, James Catanach, John Forbes, Sir Alex- 
ander Forbes, bart. 

1743. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1744. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1745. George Skene ; James Thomson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Thomson, John Forbes, Sir Alexander Forbes, Alex- 
ander Robertson, late provost. 
1746-60: no record. 

1761. Sir Arthur Forbes of Craigievar, fourth bart. ; John Stewart, 

Professor of Mathematics, D. of F.i 
Assessors : Rev. Thomas Forbes, minister of Aberdeen ; Dr. James Donald- 
son, George Turner, advocate ; John Gordon of Craig, advocate. 

1762. Sir Arthur Forbes ; Professor John Stewart, D. of F. 
Assessors : Rev. Thomas Forbes, George Turner, John Gordon, John Dun- 
can, late provost. 

1763. Sir Arthur Forbes ; Professor John Stewart, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1764. John Gray ; Professor John Stewart, D, of F. 

Assessors : as last year. Hitherto the Rector had lived in Aberdeen or its 
vicinity. Mr. Gray was resident in London. In 1768 he founded two mathe- 
matical bursaries. Vol. L, p. 440. 

1765. John Gray ; Professor John Stewart, D. of F. 
Assessors: as last year. Rector made LL.D. 

1766. John Gray ; Professor John Stewart, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

^ In despite of the prohibition of the Foundation Charter. Vol. I., p. 52. 



1767. John Gray ; Dr. David Skene, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1768. John Gray ; Dr. David Skene, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1769. John Gray ; Dr. David Skene, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1770. Alexander Fordyce of Colpna ; Dr. David Skene, D. of F. 
Assessors : George Moir of Scotstown ; Patrick Wilson, Aberdeen ; Pro- 
fessor William Thorn, King's College ; James Ligertwood of Tilleray. 

1771. Alexander Fordyce ; Professor William Thorn, D. of F. 
Assessors : George Moir, Patrick Wilson, James Ligertwood, William 

Fraser of Fraserfield [Balgownie]. 

1772-81 : no record of elections. 
" According to Dr. Hamilton, 1825, none took place, it being regarded as a 
thing of no consequence." (Knight.) 

1782. Cosmo Gordon of Cluny, one of the Barons of H.M. Exchequer 

in Scotland ; George Moir of Scotstown, D. of F. 
Assessors : Professor Alexander Gerard, King's College ; Dr. Thomas 
Livingstone, Aberdeen ; Provost Shand, John Burnet of Crichie. For the 
first time a notice of election in Aberdeen Jour itul of 4th March. 

1783. Cosmo Gordon ; George Moir, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1784-85: no record. 
*' Dr. Hamilton thinks the same continued." (Knight.) 

1786. Cosmo Gordon ; James Mercer, late major, D. of F. 
Assessors : Provost William Cruden, George Moir of Scotstown, Andrew 

Robertson of Foveran, Professor John Ross, King's College. 

1787. Cosmo Gordon ; James Mercer, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1788. Francis Garden of Gardenstown, Senator of the College of 

Justice ; George Moir of Scotstown, D. of F. 
Assessors : Professor John Ross, Provost John Abercrombie, Dr. George 
Skene, Aberdeen ; Rev. Duncan Shaw, Aberdeen. A portrait of the Rector 
is preserved in the College. 

1789. Francis Garden ; George Moir, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1790. Sir William Fordyce, Physician in London ; James Mercer, 

D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. Alexander Bannerman of Kirkhill, John Dingwall of Rannie- 
stone, Alexander Irvine of Drum, Baillie John Copland, merchant in Aberdeen. 
Sir W. Fordyce bequeathed his medical library to the College, and founded 



the Lectureship on Agriculture. Vol. I., p. 452. A portrait, by Angelica 
Kaufifmann, and a bust are preserved in the College. 

1791. Sir William Fordyce ; James Mercer, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year, 

1792. Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, 6th bart. ; Alexander Irvine of 

Drum, D. of F. 
Assessors : William Forbes Leith of Whitehaugh, George Auldjo of Port- 
lethen, provost ; William Young [of Sheddocksley], late provost ; Rev. 
Duncan Shaw. 

1793. Sir William Forbes ; Alexander Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1794. James Ferguson of Pitfour, M.P. for Aberdeenshire ; Alexander 

Burnet of Strachan, sheriff-depute of Kincardineshire, D. 
of F. 
Assessors : John Burnet of Elric, Andrew Robertson of Foveran, John 
Abercrombie, provost ; Rev. James Sherriffs, Aberdeen. 
^795- James Ferguson ; Alexander Burnet, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1796. Alexander Allardyce of Dunnotar, M.P. for this district of 

boroughs ; Rev. Dr. George Campbell, late Principal, D. 
of F. 
Assessors : George Moir, provost ; Arthur Dingwall Fordyce of Culsh, 
Robert Turner of Menie, Rev. Dr. George Gordon, Aberdeen. 

1797. Alexander Allardyce ; Alexander Burnet of Strachan, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1798. Sir Alexander Ramsay Irvine of Balmain, bart. ; Alexander 

Burnet, D. of F. 

Assessors : Thomas Leys, provost ; Rev. Dr. John Glennie, minister of 
Maryculture ; John Niven of Thorntown, Alexander Young, merchant, Aber- 
deen. Sir A. R. Irvine was a benefactor. Vol. L, p. 473. 

1799. Sir Alexander Ramsay Irvine ; Alexander Burnet, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1800. Sir William Forbes of Craigievar, 5th bart. ; William Forbes 

Leith of Whitehaugh. 
Assessors : John Dingwall [of Rannes and Ardo], provost ; John Burnet of 
Elrick, John Forbes of Ladysford, Rev. John Rose, minister of Udny. 

1801. Sir William Forbes ; William Forbes Leith, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1802. Alexander Baxter of Glassel ; Alexander Irvine of Drum, D. 

of F. 


Assessors : James Hadden, provost ; John Gordon of Craigmile, Andrew 
Thomson of Banchory, John Douglass of Tilquhilly. 

1803. Alexander Baxter ; Alexander Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. Rector made LL.D. 

1804. Alexander Baxter ; Sir Robert Burnet of Leys, 7th bart., D. 

of F. 
Assessors : John Gordon Gumming of Pitlurg, Peter Gordon of Abergeldie, 
John Gordon of Nethermuir, John Dingwall of Ardo. 

1805. Alexander Baxter ; Sir Robert Burnet, D. of F. 

Assessors ; John Gordon of Craigmile, John Burnet of Elrick, James 
Urquhart of Meldrum, Thomas Leys of Glasgowforest. 

1806. Alexander Baxter ; Sir Robert Burnet, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1807. Alexander Baxter ; Alexander Irvine, younger of Drum, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Brebner of Lairny, John Henderson of Caskieben, 

John Forbes of Ladysford, Rev. James Ross, Aberdeen. 

1808. Alexander Baxter ; Alexander Forbes Irvine of Shivas, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1808, June 17. Sir William Grant, Master of the Rolls. 

On the death of Alexander Baxter. Elected by the Faculty, " without the 
concurrence of the students". 
i8og. Sir William Grant ; Alexander Forbes Irvine, D. of F. 

Assessors : George Moir of Raeden, Rev. Dr. Shirreffs, Aberdeen ; Dr. 
Calder of Paddington [bequeathed collection of coins to Mar. Coll.], Alex- 
ander Mitchell. 

1810. Sir William Grant ; Alexander Forbes Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

181 1. Sir William Grant ; Alexander Forbes Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. Calder, James Hadden, Rev. John Rose, Aberdeen ; Dr. 

William Ruddiman, London. [M.D., 1791. See Vol. L, p. 459.] 

1812. Sir William Grant ; Alexander Forbes Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 

1813. Sir William Grant ; Alexander Forbes Irvine, D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. Calder, Dr. Wm. Ruddiman, James Young, provost ; Alex- 
ander Mitchell, Stonehaven. 

1814. Charles Forbes of Auchmedden, M.P. ; George Douglas, sheriff 

depute of Kincardine, D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. Calder, Dr. Wm. Ruddiman, James Hadden, Rev. George 
Forbes [of Blelack], Strathdon. 

1815. Charles Forbes ; George Douglas, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 


1816. Charles Forbes ; George Douglas, D. of F. 

Assessors : Dr. Wm. Ruddiman, Rev. George Forbes, Alexander Fraser, 
provost ; Sir Alexander Leith, younger of Freefield. 

1817. Charles Forbes ; George Douglas, D. of F. 

Assessors : as last year. 

1818. Charles Forbes ; George Douglas, D. of F. 

Assessors ; Dr. Wm. Ruddiman, Rev. George Forbes, Sir Alexander Leith, 
K.C.B., Sir Robert Burnett, of Leys, bart. 

i8ig. Sir George Abercromby, 4th bart., of Forglen and Birkenbog ; 
Hugh Lumsden of Pitcaple, D. of F. 
Assessors : Dr. William Ruddiman, Alexander Brebner of Lairney, provost ; 
David McDowall Grant of Arndilly, Alexander Gordon of Newton. 

1820. James, 4th Earl Fife ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 

Assessors : Dr. William Ruddiman, Alexander Brebner, David McDowall 
Grant, Patrick Milne of Crimonmogate. 

1821. James, Earl Fife ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 

Assessors : Dr. William Ruddiman, David McDowall Grant, Gavin Hadden, 
provost ; Thomas Gordon of Park. 

1822. Charles Forbes of Auchmedden ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 
Assessors: Dr. William Ruddiman, Gavin Hadden, Hugh Gordon of Manar, 

Rev. Dr. George Forbes, Strathdon. 

1823. James, Earl Fife ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 

Assessors : Dr. William Ruddiman, Hugh Gordon, Rev. Dr. George Forbes, 
Alexander Brown, provost. In the minute for the first time are left out the 
words, " which election the Principal and Professors did ratify and approve ". 
The entry simply bears that the procurators elected Earl Fife, but, according 
to Professor Knight, one of the nations, Mar (procurator, Alexander Hender- 
son), chose Joseph Hume, M.P. The Rector gave ^^50 for prize books. 

1824. Joseph Hume, M.P. ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Brown, Thomas Gordon of Cairness, Alexander 
Bannerman, Aberdeen ; Robert Abercromby, Aberdeen. Professors Davidson 
and Hamilton protest. " Many letters abusing the College in the Aberdeen 
Chronicle " (Knight). See Letter to the students of Marischal College on the sub- 
ject of the approaching election, Aberd., 1824. Hume was M.D. of 1799. 

1825. Joseph Hume, M.P. ; Hugh Lumsden, D. of F. 

Assessors : as last year. On 14th November the Rector held a Court (the 
first since 1738), summoned by public advertisement, to enquire into " irregu- 
larities and abuses ... in some departments of the College, prejudicial to the 
interests of the students ". See Full and correct report of proceedings, Aberd., 
1825 » Account of proceedings of committee of graduates, Aberd., i8a6. 

Ptin'.uai-.^viirp byAnmujlSnne.Biasq 

ranM •vnr. paimtini* by nYtDSfTTit: punfT-'.RTV np tiik UNtvEHsiTV df aheroekk. 


1826. Sir James McGrigor, M.D., Director General of the Army 

Medical Department ; Alexander Thomson of Banchory, 
D. of F. 

Assessors : Thomas Gordon, Alexander Bannerman, Robert Abercrombie, 
Major Andrew Leith Hay [aftds. K.H., M.P.]. Two nations, Buchan and Moray, 
voted, through their procurators, for Sir James McGrigor, Mar for Joseph Hume, 
Angus for Viscount Arbuthnot. The Rector held a court on 31st July. See 
Report of proceedings, Aberd., 1826; Northern Iris, Aberd., 1826, pp.66, 181; 
" The two great northern Universities " in TaiVs Magazine for May, 1833. 

1827. Sir James McGrigor ; Duncan Davidson of Tillychetly, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Bannerman, Alexander Brown, lord provost ; John 

Gordon of Craigmile, Alexander Crombie of Phesdo. Mar voted for Joseph 
Hume. " The most tumultuous election, chiefly from a party of divinity 
students. See the investigation, in the Minute Book, on two of them, John 
and Daniel Mackenzie, who attempted to force their way violently into the 
Hall before the election was over " (Knight). A portrait of Sir James 
McGrigor by Dyce, subscribed for by the students of 1826-27, and now in the 
possession of the University, is reproduced in this volume. 

1828. Joseph Hume ; Duncan Davidson, D. of F. 

Assessors: Alexander Bannerman, Alexander Brown, Thomas Bannerman, 
merchant ; Major Leith Hay, younger of Rannes. Angus voted for Sir James 
McGrigor. Portrait of Hume in possession of University. 

1829. Duncan Davidson, D. of F. 

Assessors : Alexander Bannerman, Thomas Gordon of Cairness, Thomas 
Burnett, advocate, Aberdeen; John Thurburn of Murtle. No Rector. Mar 
and Buchan voted for Sir James McGrigor, Angus and Moray for Joseph 
Hume. There being no precedent or rule in the Charter, the whole case was 
referred to the Commissioners of Visitation then sitting. {Evidence, Vol. IV., 
pp. 298-301.) The Commissioners recommended a new election, but declined 
to grant a warrant for holding this on any day other than March i. On the 
advice of the Chancellor no new election was held. (Coll. Minutes, Sept. 7, 
Nov. 7, Dec. 25.) The election proceedings of 1829 were very disorderly. 
" During nearly an hour amid great clamour and noises of various kinds, 
short speeches were made by different students. . . . An attempt was made 
by a considerable number of the students to force their way into the hall 
where the Senatus were sitting ; which attempt was repelled by the Professors." 
{Minutes.) Hume claimed the right as Rector of the preceding year to have 
a casting vote, which he proposed to give to his opponent, but the Senatus 
unanimously disallowed this. See also Letters addressed to the students of 
Marischal College, by Joseph Hume, M.P., Aberd., 1829. 

1830. Sir Charles Forbes, bart. ; Duncan Davidson, D. of F. 
Assessors : Gavin Hadden, lord provost ; Charles Bannerman of Crimon- 


mogate, Alexander Crombie of Phesdo, Basil Fisher of Devanha. Moray voted 
for Sir Walter Scott. 

1831. William, 17th Earl of Erroll ; Duncan Davidson, D. of F. 
Assessors : Basil Fisher, James Hadden, lord provost ; Thomas Gordon of 

Cairness, Thomas Burnett, advocate. " Election quiet. Hume's party 
again bring forward Sir Walter Scott, in order to divide, but it was a failure, 
not one nation voting for Joseph " (Knight). " Dec. 10, Dean of Faculty has 
a duel with Anderson of Candacraig. Damage o " (Knight). 

1832. Sir Michael Bruce of Stenhouse, bart. ; Duncan Davidson, D. of F. 
Assessors: Basil Fisher, James Hadden, Alexander Bannerman, James 

Blaikie, advocate, Aberdeen. Moray voted for Sir James Mcintosh [sic in 
Rectorial Minutes, but McGrigor according to Knight]. " Hume not even pro- 
posed as a candidate." 

1833. Sir Charles Forbes of Newe and Edinglassie, bart. ; Duncan 

Davidson, D. of F. 
Assessors, by a majority : Gavin Hadden, lord provost ; Alexander Banner- 
man, M.P. ; Rev. Dr. George Forbes of Blelack, Patrick Davidson, advocate. 
Moray voted for Francis Jeffrey, lord advocate. 

1834. Alexander Bannerman, M.P. ; James Blaikie, lord provost, D. 

of F. 
Assessors : James Blaikie, Thomas Bannerman, Dean of Guild ; Benjamin 
Williamson, surgeon ; Robert Abercrombie, merchant. The procurators 
claimed to be allowed to vote in the election of Dean of Faculty, but this was 
disallowed. Professor Knight protested against the elections on this occasion 
for reasons which are entered at length. 

1835. John Abercrombie, M.D., Edinburgh; James Blaikie, D. of F. 
Assessors: James Blaikie, Basil Fisher of Devanha, James Andrew Sandi- 

lands of Cruives, Alexander Jopp, advocate. Mar voted for Alexander 
Bannerman. Professor Knight again protests. Dr. Abercrombie's Rectorial 
Address, delivered November 5, on The Culture and Discipline of the Mind, 
has been frequently reprinted. " The noise very moderate. Next day he 
gave a dinner to sixty in the Rooms, and afterwards ^^50 for prizes. On the 
8th the Principal and professors accompanied him twice to the College Gallery 
in the Greyfriars " (Knight). See Letter to the students of Marischal College on 
the election of Lord Rector, Aberd., 1835. Dr. Abercrombie was M.A. of 1798. 

1836. John Abercrombie ; James Blaikie, D. of F. 

Assessors : James Blaikie, Alexander Webster, advocate ; Middleton Rettie, 
merchant ; James Harper, baillie. 

1837. John, Lord Lyndhurst ; Alexander Bannerman, M.P., D. of F. 
Assessors : Hon. William Gordon, M.P. ; James Hadden of Persley, Major 

General [the Hon.] Hugh Arbuthnott, M.P. ; Henry Lumsden of Tilwhilly. 
Mar voted for John Abercrombie, M.D., and Moray for John C. Colquhoun of 


1838. Henry, Lord Brougham and Vaux ; Alexander Bannerman, D. 

of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Crombie of Phesdo, LL.D. ; John Abercrombie, M.D. ; 
John Gerard of Midstrath, Major Gumming Bruce of Roseisle. Buchan voted 
for Lord Lyndhurst, and Moray for John C. Colquhoun. 108 students protest 
and appeal to the Chancellor, who declines to interfere. 

1839. John Campbell Colquhoun of Killermont ; Alexander Banner- 

man, D. of F. 
Assessors : Sir George Sinclair of Ulbster, James Hadden of Persley, Hon, 
William Gordon, M.P. ; Hugh Lumsden of Pitcaple. The Rectorial address, 
delivered November 27, was printed in Glasgow. 

1840. Sir George Sinclair of Ulbster, bart. ; Alexander Bannerman, 

D. of F. 
Assessors : Hon. William Gordon, M.P. ; Sir William Seton of Pitmedden, 
Hugh Lumsden of Pitcaple, Thomas Blaikie, lord provost. 

1841. Sir James McGrigor, bart. ; Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 
Assessors: Thomas Blaikie, Alexander Ewing, M.D. ; Alexander Thomson 

of Banchory, Sir Robert Abercromby of Forglen, 5th bart. Moray voted for 
the Hon. Fox Maule. 

1842. Sir John Herschel ; Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 

Assessors : George Dempster of Skibo, James Gordon of Craig, Hon. 
William Gordon, M.P. ; Robert Simpson of Cobairdy. Mar voted for Sir Jas. 
McGrigor, Moray for the Hon. Fox Maule. Angry protests against the action 
of Professors Brown and Lizars, who, when the vote in the Angus Nation was 
stated to be 17 to 16 in favour of the procurator representing Sir John Her- 
schel, proffered their votes on the side of the minority, although it never was 
" the custom for professors to vote at the Rectorial elections, the only excep- 
tion being that of one professor who had given in his suffrage once or twice 
several years ago ". 

1843. John, 2nd Marquis of Breadalbane ; Alexander Bannerman, 

D. of F. 
Assessors : Lord Haddo, Sir William Seton, bart. ; Andrew Rutherfurd, 
advocate; Alexander Thomson of Banchory. Buchan voted for Sir James 

1844. Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 

Assessors : not mentioned, as the meeting " unanimously find there is no 
election " of Rector. Mar and Angus voted for the Marquis of Breadalbane, 
Buchan and Moray for the Marquis of Bute. 

1845. Archibald Alison ; Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 

Assessors : John Farquharson of Haughton, Thomas Blaikie, lord provost ; 
Thomas Abercrombie Duff of Haddo, William P. Alison, M.D., Edinburgh. 
The Rector was made LL.D. 


1846. Archibald Alison ; Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 

Assessors ; John Farquharson, Thomas Blaikie, Alexander Thomson of 
Banchory, Captain Fordyce of Brucklay. 

1847. Alexander Bannerman, D. of F. 

Assessors: as last year. No Rector elected, Mar and Buchan voting for 
the Earl of Rosse, Angus and Moray for Thomas Babington Macaulay. The 
meeting resolved to enquire whether the late Rector has a casting vote. 

1848. Patrick Robertson, Lord Robertson; Sir Michael Bruce, bart., 

D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Thomson, George Thompson, lord provost ; Alexander 
Forbes of Blackford, C. G. Robertson, sheriff substitute of Kincardine. The 
Rector was made LL.D. The Rectorial address was printed at Aberdeen, 

1848. See also '* A chapter showing how Lord P became our rector," by 

P. C. B[eaton] in Fraser's Magazine for July, 1863. 

1849. John Thomson Gordon, sheriff depute of Edinburgh ; Sir 

Michael Bruce, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Forbes, Lord James Hay, Alexander Dingwall For- 
dyce, M.P. ; William Watson, sheriff-substitute of Aberdeen. Buchan voted 
for Lord Robertson. Charles Dickens had been asked to allow himself to be 
nominated, and his reply has been preserved. 

" Brighton, Tuesday Evening, 20th February, 1849. 

" Sir, — I beg to assure you that I am very sensible of the feeling which has 
induced you to propose me as a candidate for the Lord Rectorship of your 
College, and that I feel much beholden to you for that mark of your regard 
and consideration. 

" But, in reply to your note in which you do me the favour to ask my con- 
sent to this nomination, I am constrained to say, without any reservation 
whatever, that I do not aspire to the high honour in question, and that I must 
entreat you to withdraw my name at my express desire. I take the earliest 
opportunity in my power of making this communication to you ; but my 
absence from town for a week past, and my absence from this place during 
this day, have combined to prevent my answering your letter sooner. It was 
forwarded here this morning. I am, Sir, yours faithfully and obliged, 

" Charles Dickens." 

The Rectorial Address, delivered 23rd March, was printed at Aberdeen in 

1849, as also an Address, delivered 8th November, at the opening of session 

1850. John Thomson Gordon ; Sir Michael Bruce, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Forbes, Alexander Dingwall Fordyce, William 

Watson, George Thompson, lord provost. Thomas Carlyle had been asked to 
allow himself to be nominated. His characteristic reply has been preserved. 


" 5 Cheyne Row, Chelsea, 

" London, 22 feby, 1850. 
" Gentlemen, — Your announcement very much surprised me, not surely in 
an unpleasant way, and I beg in the meantime to thank you very cordially, 
you and my other young Friends in Aberdeen, for the honour you are doing 
me. The election to a merely formal office, 1 suppose, may go in this way or 
that, without momentous consequences ; but the fact that ingenuous young 
souls in your University, in poor old Scotland far away, are loyally disposed 
to me, and willing to testify that feeling by such methods as they have — this 
is already a possession, of a valuable and to me almost of an affecting 
nature, which I shall not have to part with. With the election itself I must 
not in the least interfere, for or against. In respect of personally visiting 
Aberdeen, too, I am constrained to say that travelling is at all times very un- 
towardly to me, and that at present there are some special causes rather de- 
taining me here ; — on the whole, that if there be no real duty, but only a formal 
or ceremonial one, to be done in Aberdeen, I had much better not come, but 
that if there do appear some real fraction of duty to be done, in the event 
of my election, I will certainly make an effort to come. More I cannot say at 
present. And so with many thanks and kind regards, I remain, Gentlemen, 

your most obed* 

"T. Carlyle. 

" To Messrs. Thomson & Harper, Divinity Students, etc." 

Fifteen years later Carlyle was elected Rector of his own university of Edin- 

1851. Archibald, 13th Earl of Eglinton ; Sir Michael Bruce, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Forbes, John Cowan, sheriff of Kincardine ; George 

Henry, lord provost ; Alexander Currie, sheriff of Banff. The Rectorial 
Address, delivered 23rd March, was printed at Aberdeen, 1851. Tennyson 
had been asked to allow himself to be nominated, but declined. 

1852. Archibald, Earl of Eglinton ; Alexander Thomson of Banchory, 

D. of F. 
Assessors : George Henry, Alexander Currie, William Watson, Sir Michael 
Bruce, bart. Lord Eglinton was chosen Rector of Glasgow University in the 
same year. 

1853. George, 7th Earl of Carlisle ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : George Henry, William Watson, George Thompson, M.P. ; Sir 

James Carnegie of Southesk, 6th bart. The Rector was made LL.D., 30th 
March. The Rectorial AddVsss, delivered 31st Nlarch, was printed at Aber- 
deen, 1853. 

1854. Colonel W. H. Sykes, M.P. ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : Alexander Innes of Cowie, Thomas Blaikie, lord provost ; Archi- 
bald Davidson, sheriff depute of Aberdeen ; Robert Grant of Tillyfour. Moray 



voted for the Earl of Carlisle. The Rectorial Address, delivered 30th March, 
was printed at Aberdeen, 1854. 

1855. Austin Henry Layard, M.P. ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : Thomas Blaikie, Sir John Ogilvy, hart., of Baldovan, Alexander 

Innes of Cowie, Sir James Carnegie. Angus voted for Colonel Sykes. 

1856. Austin Henry Layard ; Sir John Forbes, physician to the 

Queen's household, D. of F. 
Assessors : Sir Thomas Blaikie, Sir John Ogilvy, William Stirling of Keir, 
M.P. ; Provost Gray of Peterhead. The Rector was made LL.D. on 21st 

1857. Sir John Forbes, D. of F. 

Assessors : Sir John Ogilvie, William Stirlmg, John Webster, lord provost ; 
Alexander Kilgour, M.D., Aberdeen. No Rector elected, Mar and Buchan 
voting for A. H. Layard, Angus and Moray for James, 8th Earl of Elgin. 

1858. Philip, 5th Earl Stanhope ; Alexander Thomson, D. of F. 
Assessors : William Stirling, John Webster, Alexander Kilgour, James 

Dyce Nicol of Ballogie. Moray voted for M. E. Grant Duff, younger of Eden 
(Rector of Aberdeen University, 1866-72). Alexander Thomson was elected 
by a majority of ten votes to four for Alexander Henderson of Caskieben 
[founded chair of Med. Jurispr. 1857]. The Rectorial Address, delivered 25th 
March, was printed at Aberdeen, 1858. 

1859. David, 7th Earl of Airlie ; Sir Thomas Blaikie, D. of F. 
Assessors : John Webster, Alexander Kilgour, James Dyce Nicol, Rev. 

James Eraser, Aberdeen. Thackeray and Carlyle were nominated for the 
Rectorship. At the election for D. of F., Alexander Thomson was proposed, 
and being present claimed a right not only to vote for himself, but to act as 
chairman of the meeting, and to declare himself elected. This claim was 
afterwards withdrawn. The Rectorial Address, delivered 17th March, was 
printed at Aberdeen, 1859. 
i860. David, Earl of Airlie ; Alexander Stronach, advocate, D. of F. 
Assessors : as last year. 


1593. Robert Howie. 

One of the ministers of Aberdeen. Witnesses the Foundation Charter 
(Vol. I., p. 59), and is Principal in the same year (p. 92). Had studied at 
King's College, at Herborn, and at Basel. Translated to be minister of Dundee, 
1598 ; Principal of St. Mary's College, St. Andrews, 1607 ; Commissioner for 
visiting the Universities of Aberdeen, 1619 ; demitted St. And. Principalship, 
1639. Author of Z)e aeterna Dei praedestinatione, Basil, 1591 ; also (according to 
Cat. of Scot. Writ.) of De reconciliatione hominis cum Deo ; De conjunclione fidelium 
cum Christo ; De justificatione hominis coram Deo. Arms on old heraldic ceiling 
(Vol. I., p. 118): Or, a chevron azure between three owlets sable. (Scott's 
Fasti; Wodrow's Biog. Coll., ed. Lippe ; Gordon's MS. Coll.; Aberd. Town 
Council Reg.) 

1598. Gilbert Gray. 

M.A. Edin., 1592. Had also studied at King's College, and at Heidelberg. 
Died 1614 ; buried zgth December. " An oratio funebris is pronounced upon 
Mr Gilbert Gray late Principal of the Marischal College, anno 1615 by one of 
his schollars, when he was receiving the laurea magisterialis. See this ora- 
tion in manuscript. [Not now extant.] From it he appears to have been 
born in Aberdeen, connected by father and mother with the best burghers of 
the town : Alexander Rutherford, provost, his mother's brother ; Alexander 
Cullen, provost, Mr Alexander CuUen his son, Paul Menzies, Walter Menzies, 
Thomas Forbes, and William Gray, being all his sister and brother bairns. . . . 
He was remarkably diligent and besides keeping his hours strictly, he fre- 
quently gave public lectures, where students of divinity and physic, as well as 
the other masters attended. The author . . . commends in highflown terms 
his diligence in teaching, his modesty, his wisdom, his acuteness in disputa- 
tion and above all his religious turn of mind " (Gordon). Author of Oratio 
funebris in memoriam Duncani Liddellii, Edin., 1614 ; Oratio de illustribus 
Scotiae scriptoribus, Abred., 1623 (reprinted by Mackenzie). Arms on old ceil- 
ing : Gules, a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed or. {Diet. Nat. Biog. 
New Spald. Club Misc., I.) 

^ For duties and method of election, see Vol. I., p. 42. * 



1616. Andrew Aedie. 

On Gray's death, the Town Council suggested two names to the Earl 
Marischal, Patrick Sands (then a regent in Edinburgh), and Alexander Home 
and the former was nominated (Vol. I., pp. 167-8), but apparently did not 
accept, as Aedie is styled Principal on 15th March, 1616, " recommended by 
the King to the Earl Marshal " (Gordon). Demitted office 1619. Author of 
Pasloria in decern distributa eclogas, Dantisc, 1610 ; Tractatus de noctuambulonum 
ingenio, Dantisc, 1612 ; Clavis philosophiae moralis, Oppenh., 1614. Arms on 
old ceiling : Argent, a mullet between three cross-crosslets fitch6e gules. 
(Irving's Lives. Gordon's MS.) 

1620. William Forbes. 

D.D., St. And., and one of the ministers of Aberdeen (Vol. I., pp. 186-7). 
Mr. Andrew Ramsay, minister at Edinburgh, was " socht " by the Earl Maris- 
chal, but his " transplantatioun was altogidder refuissit". Forbes had been 
a regent, infra. He demitted office in 1621, was Rector in 1632, and in 1634 
became first bishop of Edinburgh. Author of Considerationcs modestae, various 
edns. Portrait by Jamesone in possession of University, reproduced in Wod- 
row's Biog. Coll., ed. Lippe. Arms on old ceiling : Azure, three bear's heads 
couped argent. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1621. Patrick Dun. 

M.D., Basil. (Kennedy); " a verie famous professor in Gcrmanie " (Buik of 
Reg.). Previously regent, infra, rector, supra; and mediciner at King's Coll. 
(Off. and Grad., p. 35). A native of Aberdeen (son of umquhile Andrew Dun, 
burgess). Dun was the first lay principal. A benefactor of the College (Vol. 
I., p. 231, where his arms, from the ceiling, are given). Died circa 1649. 
Author of Themata medica de dolore colico, Basil., 1607 ; and editor of Duncan 
Liddell's Ars conservandi sanitatem, Aberd., 1651. Portrait by Jamesone in 
possession of Grammar School, reproduced in Vol. I. (Strachan's Panegyricus ; 
Smith's Oratio ; Gordon's MS.) 

1649. William Moir. 

Previously professor of Mathematics, infra, which post he was allowed to 
retain with the principalship, 20th June, 1649 (T. C. Reg., liii., 222). Resigned 
both offices in 1661. *' He wrote on Geometry and the mechanical part ol 
Mathematicks " (Cat. of Scot. Writ.). Portrait in possession of University. 
Arms on ceiling : Azure, three moor's heads couped proper. 

1661. James Leslie. 

Bajan, 1636. M.D. " After his travells in France and the Low Countries, 
he came home to Abd., and wes called to be physitian to the toune be the 
Counsell thereof" {Buik of Reg.). Author of 'O 'Aarfip 'OpBpwos 'AnoXafjinfi, 
Aberd., 1661. Arms on ceiling : Argent, on a fess between a mullet in chief and 
a tulip in base vert, three buckles of the field [?]. {Family of Leslie, IIL, 409.) 

1678, Nov. 21. Robert Paterson. 

Previously regent and librarian, infra. The latter office, then the best paid 



in the College, he continued to hold (Vol. I., p. 204). His nomination by the 
Earl Marischal to the principalship, vacant "throw Master James Leslie his 
removaJl from the said charge," is the first entry in the Register of Presenta- 
tiones. Children : Mr. David, Robert, Elisabeth, Margrat, Agnes, Mary, 
Issobell, Cathren. {Poll Book.) Erected heraldic ceiling (Vol. I., p. 118), 
in which his own arms appear as : Argent, three pelicans in their piety 
proper ; on a chief azure as many mullets of the field ; a mitre azure for 
difference. Died 1717. Portrait in possession of University. 
1717, Sept. 30. Thomas Blackwell. 

D.D. Previously professor of Divinity, infra, and minister of Grey Friars 
Church, Aberdeen, which offices he retained, being the only professor 
not ejected by the Commission of Visitation. His appointment to the 
principalship was the first nomination by the Crown, the Earl Marischal 
forfeiting his rights of patronage with his title. Died 1728. Author of Ratio 
sacra, Edin., 1710; Schema sacrum, Edin., 1710; Forma sacra, Bost, 1774; 
Methodus evangelica, Lond., 1712. Portrait in possession of Incorporated 
Trades, Aberdeen, of which body he was fifth Patron. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) 
1728, June 8. John Osborn. 

M.A., 1708 ; D.D. One of the ministers of Aberdeen. He retained both 
offices till his death on igth Aug., 1748. Portrait by Alexander in possession 
of Incorporated Trades, Aberdeen, of which body he was sixth Patron. {Reg. 
of Pres. ; Scott's Fasti.) 
1748, Nov. g. Thomas Blackwell, the younger. 

M.A., 1718; LL.D., King's Coll., 1752. Previously Professor of Greek, 
infra, which office he retained. The magistrates had recommended Professor 
Robert Pollock to the Crown (T. C. Reg., Ixi., 234, 350). " Principal Black- 
well brought on a consumptive habit by great abstemiousness and died at 
Edinburgh on his way to London, 8th March, 1757, in his 56th year. . . . His 
religious opinions were said to be inclined to heretical. . . . His nickname 
among the students ' Ratio profana ' " (Knight). His widow was a benefactor 
(Vol. I., p. 461). Author oi Enquiry into life and writings of Homer, hond., 1735, 
etc.; Proofs of ditto, Lond., 1747; Letters concerning Mythology, Lond., 1748; 
Memoirs of the court of Augustus, Edin., 1758-63, etc. {Diet. Nat. Biog.; Camp- 
bell Eraser's Berkeley, Vol. IV.) 
I757» April 19. Robert Pollock. 

D.D., 1753. Previously Professor of Divinity, infra, and minister of Grey 
Friars, which offices he retained. Died 1759. Had married, 1747, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Provost Alex. Robertson of Glasgowego. Portraits of himself and 
his wife in possession of University. 
1759, Aug. 14. George Campbell. 

M.A., 1738 ; D.D., King's Coll., 1764. One of the ministers of Aberdeen, 
which office he retained until 1771, when he was appointed Professor of 
Divinity and minister of Grey Friars. Demitted the chair 2nd June, 1795, and 
the Principalship i8th Jan., 1796 ; died 6th Apr., 1796. Had married Grace 


Farquharson : no issue. His works are well known. Portrait by Arch. 
Robertson, in possession of the Incorporated Trades (of which body he 
was tenth Patron), reproduced in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll., 
and in this volume. Copy by Sir George Reid in possession of University. 
{Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1796, Jan. 26. William Laurence Brown. 

M.A., St. And., 1772 ; D.D., St. And., and Utrecht. Had been appointed to the 
chair of Divinity and the Grey Friars charge by the Town Council, 15th June, 
1795 (T. C. Reg., Ixvii., 70). Previously Professor of Moral Philosophy and 
the 'Law of Nations at Utrecht, where he had been a student. Died nth 
May, 1830. Married his uncle's daughter, Anne Elizabeth Brown, 29th 
May, 1756, with issue, William Robert, Laurence George, Catherine Mary 
Ann, Johanna Elizabeth (called Janet), Robert James (afterwards Prof, of 
Greek), Ann Elizabeth (called Nancy), John Moore, Helen Jane, George Gil- 
bert (M.D., 1825). His numerous writings have been frequently catalogued. 
(Diet. Nat. Biog. MS. Widow's Fund Reg.) 

1832, Apr. 12. Daniel Dewar. 

M.A., Edin., 1815 ; LL.D., Glasg., 1815. Previously Professor of Moral 
Philosophy at King's Coll. (Off. and Grad., p. 65), and Minister of Grey Friars, 
Aberdeen, and of Tron Church, Glasgow. The Senatus had petitioned the 
Crown in favour of Professor Glennie, and unanimously expressed dis- 
approval of Dr. Dewar's appointment. Prof, of Church History, 1833, infra. 
Demitted office on the union of the Universities in i860. Died 28th May, 
1867. Had married, 17th Oct., 1821, Susan Place, with issue, Ann Gordon 
(m. John McCunn), Catherine Mary (m. Prof. James Clerk Maxwell), Susan 
Place, Edward Place, William Gordon, Donald, John. Author of sundry 
theological works. (Bruce's Aberdeen Pulpit ; Widow's Fund MS. Reg.) 


1 6 ? Patrick Gray. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Signs assedations to James Menzies, 4th Sept., 1601 ; 
and to Alexander Molleson, 14th September, 1601. {Btiik of Reg.) ^ Brother 
of Principal Gilbert Gray. (Dedication to Theses of 1673, infra.) 

1602.^ William Forbes. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Stated in Sydserf's Life to have been appointed Pro- 
fessor of Logic (i.e., teacher of the Semi class) soon after his graduation in 
1601, and to have taught for four sessions. Mentioned in Aberdeen Presbytery 
Records, ist November, 1605 ; and in Principal Gilbert Gray's Rental of 1606. 
(Vol. I., p. 107.) Afterwards Principal, p. 28. 

1603. Thomas Reid. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Demits office of teacher in Grammar School on 
appointment as Regent, 12th October, 1603. (T. C. Reg., xli., 415.) After- 
wards Secretary "for the Latine tongue " to James VI., and a benefactor to 
the College Library. (Vol. L, p. 194.) Portrait in possession of the University 
is reproduced in Vol. L, and in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll. 
A detailed list of Reid's writings will be found in the present editor's notice 
in Diet. Nat. Biog. See also Scottish N. and Q., IX., 145, 161. 

^ Three in number by the Foundation Charter (Vol. I. , p. 42) ; a fourth was added in 
1620, when the Principal ceased to teach the highest class (p. 186). Originally the regents 
were professors in the modern sense (p. 64), but this system was abandoned about 1642. (Of. 
Off. 'and Grad., p. 315.) It was, however, resumed in 1753, infra. No record of presentation 
to regencies is extant before 1679 : the earlier names have been collected from various sources, 
and the list is obviously imperfect. Kennedy gives 29 regents, "with the dates of their 
several admissions," from 1593 to 1676, but at least 25 of his 29 dates are wrong ! A table 
showing the sequence of teaching is attempted in the Appendix. 

* When a name is stated to appear anywhere, what is implied is that it is mentioned as 
being that of a Regent. 

^ " [Andrew] Young, having graduated in Edinburgh, had gone to serve as regent in 
Marischal College, which was always a good School of Mathematics. . . . He came back 
to Edinburgh as regent in 1601." Sir Alexander Grant {Story of the Univ. of Edinb., II., 
293), quoting from Professor Chrystal's Inaugural Address. Dr. Chrystal writes that he can- 
not recall his authority for this statement. " Marischal " is probably a slip for " King's ". 
(Cf. Off. and Grad., p. 53.) 



i6 ? Andrew Keith. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Mentioned in Reg. Priv. Coun., Vol. VII., p. 677, 
loth June, 1607. 

16 ? Patrick Dun. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Mentioned, 1610, as Professor of Logic in MS. C 
3. 70, University Library. Probably succeeded Forbes in his chair, as he 
afterwards (1621) did in the Principalship, p. 28, 

16 ? William Gray. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Signs assedation to John Leslie, 13th November, 
1613. (Bulk of Reg.) Bajan, 1605. 

16 ? Peter Blackburn. 

Mentioned in T. C. Reg., xlvii., 487, 15th March, 1616, together with John 
Ross and Adam Reid. Kennedy gives Peter Blackburn, John Row, and David 
Reid as regents in 1593. This is manifestly a group of blunders. (C/. 
Kennedy's MS. Index to the T. C. Reg., s.v. " College ".) Peter Blackburn, 
afterwards Bishop of Aberdeen, signs the Foundation Charter as a witness 
in 1593, and is Dean of Faculty in 1598, p. 10, but there is no proof that 
he acted as Regent. He died 14th June, 1616. Author (ace. to Scott's Fasti) 
of a Treatise against James Gordon the Jesuit. The Regent of 1616 seems to 
have been his son (Spald. Club Misc., Vol. V., p. 140; and Retours of Services 
of Heirs, 17th July, 1616), who appears as a Semi of 1605, and died in 1619. 
(Retours, 30th November, 1619.) 

16 ? Adam Reid. 

Ut supra. Given by Kennedy under 1619, in which year he was promoted 
from a regency to be Minister of Methlic. He was younger brother of Secre- 
tary Reid above mentioned. (Scott's Fasti.) Bajan, 1609. 

16 ? John Ross. 

Ut supra; and signs appointment of a Liddell Bursar, 3rd June, 1616. 
(Buik of Reg.) Semi, 1605. 

1616. John Gordon. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Must have succeeded Blackburn, as (together with 
John Ross and Adam Reid) he signs assedation to Patrick Symmers, December, 
1616. See also letter from the laird of Drum. (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Bursaries," 
XXIII., I.) Mentioned (with Reid) in precept of warning against Menzies, 
3rd April, 1617 ; and (with Reid and Massie) in decreet against Menzies, 29th 
June, i6ig.' (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. Mass II., Nos. 42, 47.) Bajan, 1609. 

16 ? George Chalmers. 

'• Mr. George Chalmers, Minister at Dumbennan, burges of this burght, and 
sumtyme one of the Ministers thairof and regent in the said College." (T. C. 
Reg., xlix., 418, 27th October, 1619.) Kennedy, misinterpreting this entry, 
gives George Chalmers as regent in 1619. It is remarkable that no such name 
occurs in the list of incumbents of Aberdeen charges given in Scott's Fasti. 
(Cf. P. H. Chalmers' Mem. of Information.) 



i6 ? Andrew Massie. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1623, but is mentioned in decreet against 
Menzies, i6ig. Signs as " Logicae Professor " {i.e., teacher of the Semi 
class), two Epitaphs in the Lachrymae sub Obitum Georgii Comitis Mariscalli, 
Abred., 1623 ; and 6th April, 1626 (together with Ogston, Sibbald, and 
Wedderburn), an assedation to David Anderson. {Buik of Reg.) Andrew 
Massie is named as Oeconomus in a Burgh Court Decree of igth February, 
1622. By the Foundation Charter the Oeconomus was an official distinct 
from the Regents. James Forbes of TuUiboy was appointed first Oeconomus, 
i8th June, 1593. (T. C. Reg., xxxiv., 854.) Massie and Sibbald are made 
burgesses, "ex gratia," 25th Oct., 1623. (New Spald. CI. Misc., I.) Bajan, 1610. 

1619. William Ogston. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Appointed in i6ig, as in 1626, when he is 
transferred to the Semi class, it is stated that he has taught the Tertians 
" thir sewin yeeris bygane ". In the latter year (apparently succeeding 
Andrew Massie), he received a presentation to the Logic professor- 
ship, " the key of the whole College and the courss throf verie 
long and thairfoir requyring ane learned diligent and cairfull maister 
to teach the same . . . quhairin if he should be found to be deficient and 
after due admoni^nis not amending then and in that caice the said Mr. 
William to be bound ... to demit the said second class absolutelie and to 
tak him to the third class". (Min. of Admission, 25th October, 1626. Mar. 
Coll. Ch.. Ch. " Professorships," No. i.) Designated " Philosophiae Moralis 
Professor" {i.e., teacher of the Tertian class) on the title-page of his Oratio 
Funebris in Obitum Georgii Mariscalli Comitis, Abred., 1623 ; and 6th April, 
1626, signs the assedation to David Anderson. Promoted to be minister of 
Hailes, 1635. {Hist, of Ogston Families.) Semi, 1605. D.D. 

1620. James Sibbald. 

M.A., 1618. Signs as " Philosophiae Naturalis Professor," an Epitaph in the 
Lachrymae, also the assedation to David Anderson, 1626. The Professor of 
Natural Philosophy taught the Magistrand class, and Sibbald was the first 
holder of the office of fourth regent, instituted ist March, 1620, when the newly 
appointed Principal, William Forbes, was relieved from the duty of teaching. 
Kennedy gives i6ig as the date of Sibbald's appointment, but this is certainly 
wrong. Graduation theses maintained under his presidency are extant for the 
years 1623 (Abd. Univ. Libr.), 1625 (Bodl.), 1626 (Bodl.). In the last of these 
years he was appointed one of the Ministers of Aberdeen. B.D., King's Coll., 
1627 ; D.D., 1628. Sibbald was one of the " Aberdeen Doctors". In addition 
to his graduation theses, he contributed a Sermon to Forbes' Fmierals and 
wrote Diverse Select Sermons, printed posthumously at Aberdeen in 1658. 
(Scott's Fasti ; Forbes' Funerals, ed. 1845.) 
16 ? William Wedderburn. 

Signs as " Graecarum Literarum Professor" {i.e., teacher of the Bajan 



class), verses in the Lachrymae and the Theses of 1623 ; also the assedation 
to David Anderson, 1626. Promoted from a regency to be Minister of Bethelny, 
not later than 1633. (Scott's Fasti.) He was brother of David Wedderburn, 
the Rector of the Grammar School {Abd. and Bff. Coll., p. 60), and 
Alexander Wedderburn. 
1626. John Seton. 

M.A., 1616. Succeeded Sibbald in 1626 (Kennedy says 1636) as Professor of 
Natural Philosophy. As such, signs (together with Gordon, Aidie, and Ray) a 
Rectorial minute, 14th April, 1632 (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. " Rectors," 2); and (with 
the same three) is mentioned in a summons raised by Sir A. Irvine of Drum, 1633. 
Graduation theses maintained under his presidency are extant for the years 
1627 (Bodl.), 1630 (Bodl.), 1631 (Abd.), 1634 (Bodl.), 1637 (Bodl.). Promoted 
from a regency to be Minister of Kemnay, not later than 1641. (Scott's 
16 ? Hugh Gordon. 

M.A., 1623. Not in Kennedy's list. Writes assedation to A. Burnet, 12th July, 
1630. {Buik of Reg.) Signs as Professor of Logic the Rectorial minute, and is 
mentioned in summons ut supra. See also Diary of Alexander J affray, p. 15. 
163 ? William Aidie. 

M. A., 1625. Not in Kennedy's list. Succeeded Wedderburn. Signs as Professor 
of Greek the Rectorial minute ; also two Epitaphs in the Lachrymae in Obitum 
Wilhelmi Comitis Marischalli, Abred., 1635. Appears as witness to a Sasine 
in 1644. (Burgh Reg. of Sasims.) 
163 ? John Ray. 

M.A., 1625. Given by Kennedy under year 1641; but signs as Professor of Moral 
Philosophy {i.e., teacher of the tertian class), the Rectorial minute ; also an Epi- 
taph in the second Lachrymae, 1635 ; and a discharge of College accounts, ist 
November, 1648. The Graduation theses of 1643, maintained under his presi- 
dency, are extant in the University Library ; so that ere then the system of 
specialist professors must have been abandoned, and that of circulating regents 
introduced. Editor oi Cicero' s Epistolarum libri IV., Abred., 1630, 1665. " He 
made an excellent funeral Oration on King Charles the Martyr." {Cat. Scot. 
Writ. Spald., IL, 142.) 

163 ? William Blackhall. 

M.A., 1631. Not in Kennedy's list. Signs as Professor of Logic an Epitaph 
in the second Lachrymae, 1635. Evidently succeeded Hugh Gordon. Deposed 
as a Catholic, 1642. (Spald., IL, 102. Gordon's Scots Aff., III., 129.) 
16 ? James Hay. 

Given by Kennedy under year 1636. But Aidie, Blackhall, Ray, and Seton 
were then still in office. Tertian, 1618 [?]. 
16 ? John Menzies. 

Promoted from a regency to the chair of Divinity, infra, and the second 


ministerial charge in Aberdeen, 1649, and to the incumbency of Greyfriars 
Church in the following year. Kennedy gives his name under the year 1633, 
but this cannot be correct, as in 1635-37 ^^^ ^^^^ regencies were undoubtedly 
held by Aidie, Blackball, Ray, and Seton. (Scott's Fasti.) Bajan, 1638 [?]. 
16 ? Andrew Youngson. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1645, but this is certainly wrong, for on 
4th Oct., 1644, " Mr. Andrew Youngson, formerly a Regent in the Mar. Coll.," 
is elected a Regent at King's College. {Off. and Grad., p. 56.) He " afterwards 
became a Papist and Jesuit, and a Professor at Madrid ". (Knight.) He 
must have succeeded either Blackball or Seton. " He wrote De Predestina- 
tione." (Cat. Scot. Writ.) Bajan, 1635. 

164 ? Patrick Sandilands. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1643. Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1646, but the date is 
almost certainly wrong, for on 24th June of that year he is transferred to the 
Regency in King's College, vacated by Youngson, (Off. and Grad.) Afterwards 
Sub-Principal there ; Theses of 1660 (Bodl.). (Morgan's Woodside, p. 159.) 

164 ? Robert Forbes. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1643. Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1656; but signs dis- 
charges of College accounts (together with John Ray, Robert Burnet, and James 
Chalmers), ist November, 1648 ; and is mentioned in Buik of Reg. as having 
charge of Bajan class of 1648-49. His name appears (with those of Andrew 
Cant, Alexander Whyte, and George Meldrum) in sundry charters granted by 
the Caroline University, 1655-58; and (with William Meldrum, George Banner- 
man, and Thomas Paterson) he signs a tack to Marjory Jameson, 26th June, 
1663. (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. Mass. XH., 69.) He is named (with the same three) 
in a decreet against Mitchell, 2nd Feb., 1664. On 24th October of that year he 
appears as a Regent at King's College, and is subsequently Canonist there. {Off. 
and Grad., p. 57.) Mar. Coll. Theses, 1656 (Bodl.), 1660 (Abd.) ; King's Coll. 
Theses, 1680, 1684. " He wrote a Logick Course of Philosophy." {Cat. Scot. 

164 ? Robert Burnet. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Signs College accounts, 1648, ut supra. "Continovit 
comoun procurator to Lambes 1650." Bajan, 1637. 

164 ? James Chalmers. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1645. Not in Kennedy's list. Signs College accounts, 
1648, ut supra. This is the James Chalmers stated in Scott's Fasti (HI., 508) 
to have been promoted in 1651 from a Regency in King's College to be 
Minister of New Machar. No such name occurs in the list of Regents of 
King's College. {Off. and Grad., p. 56.) 

164 ? Andrew Cant. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1655 ; but is mentioned in the Buik of Reg. 
as having charge of the Magistrand class in 1649-50 ; and in charters of 1651- 
58. Theses for 1654 (Bodl.), and 1658 (Abd.). " He wrote a Physical Course 
of Philosophy, also De libero arbitrio." (Cat. Scot. Writ.) Promoted from a 


regency to be Minister of Liberton in 1659 (Scott's Fasti), and Principal of the 
University of Edinburgh in 1675 (Grant's Story). This was the son of the 
famous Andrew. He matriculated at Marischal College in 1640, infra. Joseph 
Robertson says of him {Deliciac Litcrariae, p. 25) : " He lived to become a non- 
juring bishop ". But the bishop was a third Andrew, son of the Regent's brother,. 
Alexander. (Grub's Eccl. Hist., III., 387.) 

16 ? Andrew Bimie. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Signs feu charter to Walter Robertson, May, 1651 ; 
and an entry in T. C. Reg., lii., 372, 2nd February, 1653. Named in Accounts 
of 1652-53. Bajan, 1645. 

165 ? Alexander White. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1655 ; but signs Charter to Walter Robert- 
son, 1651, and entry in T. C. Reg., 1653 ; also sundry charters of 1655-58; and 
a list of books added in 1662 {Buik of Reg.). Theses for 1657 (Bodl.). {Gcncal. 
Aut. of James Young, p. 192.) Bajan, 1646. 

165 ? George Meldrum. 

Succeeded Bimie. Signs charters in 1655-58. Theses for 1659 (Abd.). In 
that year he was promoted to be Minister of the second charge in Aberdeen. 
(Scott's Fasti.) Rector of Mar. Coll., p. 12. Professor of Divinity in the 
University of Edinburgh. (Grant's Story.) He published numerous Letters 
and Sermons in Edinburgh. Bajan, 1647. 
16 ? John White [?] . 

Given by Kennedy under year 1660. 
1660. William Meldrum. 

M.A., 1654. Appears as Common Procurator in 1660. Signs list of books, 
1662, and tack to Marjory Jameson, 1663. Named in decreet against 
Mitchell, 1664. Present at Rectorial Election, March, 1665. Promoted from 
a regency to be Minister of Auchterless, not later than 1671. (Scott's Fasti.) 

166 ? George Bannerman. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1659. Not in Kennedy's list. Named in Accounts, 1661. 
Present at Rectorial Election, March, 1665. A George Bennean is (with W. 
Paterson, A. Alexander, and R. Bruce) present at election of a bibliothecar on 
5th March, 1667. (Copy of Min. in Burgh Ch. Ch., "College," C. 7.) The 
name is probably a slip for Bannerman. 
166 ? Thomas Paterson. 

M.A., 1658. Not in Kennedy's list. Signs tack to Marjory Jameson. 
Named in decreet against Mitchell. 
1663. Patrick Strachan. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Presented to a regency in 1663, in succession to 
Robert Forbes, who nevertheless appears as a regent in 1664. Signs demission 
of office, i6th November, 1665, all differences between him and Principal Leslie 
being referred to Archbishop Sharp. (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. " Professorships," 


Nos. 4, 7, 8.) On ist August of that year he had been condemned at a Rec- 
torial Court for issuing " heterodox and profane theses . . . qlk became no 
Christiana nor civill mane to mantaine, they altogether reflecting upon the 
fame of the Universitie, and being ane open floodget to murder, drunkenness 
and idolatrie ". (Bulk of Reg.) Bajan, 1657. 

1664. John Gordon. 

M.A., 1658. Not in Kennedy's list. Adm. in Accts., 1664-65. In 1664, 
Patrick Strachan complains that Gordon, " servant to Sir Robert Farquhar," 
has been admitted regent "in lew of the petitioner, being neither cited heard 
nor advertised of ther procedour much less sentenced or censured," and is 
" endeavouring in a most subdolous way to intrude himself in the place whereof 
the petitioner is yet in possession ". (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Professorships," 
No. 4,) Present at Rectorial election, March, 1665. 

1664. William Paterson. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Adm. in Accts, 1664-65. Present at Rectorial elec- 
tion, March, 1665; and at election of bibliothecar, 5th March, 1667. In that 
year appointed to a regency in Edinburgh. Clerk to the Privy Council, 1679. 
(Dalziel's Hist.) Bajan, 1659. 

166 ? Alexander Alexander. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1668, but present at election of biblio- 
thecar, 5th March, 1667. Theses for 1669 (Abd.). Present at Rectorial elec- 
tions in March, 1673, and March, 1674, but not 1675. Became Minister of 
Glass, 1679. {Scott's Fasti ; Roger's House of Alexander.) Bajan, 1660. 

166 ? Robert Bruce. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in i658, but present at election of bibliothe- 
• car, 1667 ; also at Rectorial elections in 1673 and 1674, but not 1675. Pro- 
moted from a regency to be Minister of Old Deer not later than 1676 (Scott's 
Fasti), probably in 1674, for in July of that year his place as a regent had been 
taken by John Farquhar. (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. " Librarian ". Cf. Nos. 4 and 6.) 
He is called "late regent" in an Instrument, Seaton divinity student agt. the 
Magistrates, 2nd July, 1674. (Burgh Ch. Ch. "College," C^ 7.) Bajan, 1661. 

1667. Thomas Gray. 

Given by Kennedy as admitted in 1668 ; but is named as teacher of Bajan 
class, 1667, in Buik of Reg. Theses for 1673 (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch.). He is 
stated in them to be a grandson of Principal Gilbert Gray. He was present at 
the Rectorial election of that year, but not in 1674. It would appear from a 
paper in the Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. (" Professorships," No. 5) that Gray taught 
the first class for three successive sessions, and thereafter " ascended " in the 
usual manner. The same Thos. Gray, " son to the deceased Provost Gray," 
acted as College Librarian in 1669-73. (T. C. Reg., Iv., 158, 526.) Bajan, 1660. 

1667. Robert Paterson. 

Given by Kennedy under year i66g, but probably succeeded William Pater- 
son in 1667. Teacher of Bajan class, 1671. {Buik of Reg.) Present at Rectorial 


elections, 1673 and 1674. Promoted to the Principalship, p. 28, 20th No- 
vember, 1678, when he was succeeded by Ja^ries Lorimer. Paterson was a 
younger son of John, Bishop of Ross. (Nisbet's Heraldry.) Bajan, 1661. 
16 ? John Lorimer [?J . 

Given by Kennedy under year 1672 ; but this must be a blunder, as Alex- 
ander, Bruce, Gray, and R. Paterson were in office during that year. 

1673. George Peacock. 

Given by Kennedy under year 1675, but seems to have succeeded Gray. 
Present at Rectorial election, March, 1674. Teacher of Bajan class, 1673-74. 
(Bulk of Reg.) Children : James, Mary, Elizabeth. (Poll Book of 1695.) 
Theses, 1689 (Bodl.), 1693 (Bodl.), 1697 (Glasg.), 1714 (Bodl.). Deprived of 
office in the political troubles, 1717, when he was succeeded by Patrick 
Hardie. Bajan, 1666. 

1674. John Farquhar. 

Given by Kennedy under year 1669, but this is manifestly a blunder, as he 
succeeded Robert Bruce, probably in 1674. Present at Rectorial election, 
March, 1675, and (with William Seaton) homologates Paterson's election as 
Librarian, in May of same year. (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Librarian," No. 9.) 
Minister of Tron Church, Edinburgh, 1677. (Scott's Fasti.) Bajan, 1664. 

1674. William Seaton. 

Not in Kennedy's list. Succeeded Alexander Alexander, probably in 1674. 
Named in an Instrument, Magistrates agt. Seaton, 19th January, 1675. (Burgh 
Ch. Ch. " College," C^ 7.) Bajan, 1667. 

1675. Robert Farquhar. 

Given by Kennedy under year 1676, but signs Charter to Burgh, 9th Sep- 
tember, 1675 (" Mortifications," ii., 13). Succeeded John Farquhar. Present 
at Rectorial elections, 1679 and 1680. Promoted from a regency to be Minister 
of Cullen, 1681 (Scott's Fasti), when he was succeeded by Thomas Burnett 
Semi, 1665. 
1675. John Patton. 

M.A., 1669. Given by Kennedy under year 1676, but signs Charter to Burgh, 

1675. Succeeded William Seaton. Present at Rectorial elections in 1679 and 

1680. Taught Bajan class, 1680-81. Promoted from a regency to be Minister 

of Leochel, 1682 (Scott's Fasti), when he was succeeded by Alexander Litster. 

1679, J^"- ^6. James Lorimer, student of theologie. 

In place of Robert Paterson, promoted to be Principal. Lorimer's is the 
first appointment of a regent recorded in the " Register of presentationes and 
admissiones of all principalis and maisteres ". The letter of presentation by 
George, eighth Earl Marischal, dated 15th January, is engrossed. The ap- 
pointment is " for this present yeir of God underwritten and yeirlie in tyme 
coming during our pleasure and ay and quhill we shall declair his charge 
vaccant by writt under our own hand and the samen be intimat to him ". The 
admitters are : Principal Robert Paterson, Regents George Peacock, John 


Patton, Robert Farquhar, Professor Duncan Liddell, Mr. Patrick Sibbald, 
parsonof St. Nicholas,and Mr. Robert Bruce, minister at Old Deer. Bajan, 1670. 

1681, October 27. Thomas Burnet, master of airts. 

In place of Robert Farquhar, demitted. Promoted to a regency in Edin- 
burgh, 1686, as a reward for representing (in Theses printed at Aberdeen in 
that year) the Reformation as a villainous rebellion, and asserting that the 
King of Scotland had the power of making and abrogating laws and imposing 
taxes without the consent of Parliament. In 1690, because of the very same 
Theses, he was deprived of his regency by the Commission of Visitation. 
(Minutes of Commn. in Reg. Ho.; Fountainhall's Decisions; Presbyterian 
Inquisition in Univ. of Edtn.) Bajan, 1673. 

1682, October 3. Alexander Litster, student- of theologie. 

In place of John Patton, demitted. Demitted 1693. Children : John, 
Alexander, Francis, Marjorie, Elizabeth {Poll Book). Bajan, 1667. 

1683, July 25. Robert Keith, student of theologie. 

" Sone to the deceist doctor William Keith, professor of theologie in Edin- 
burghe." In place of James Lorimer. Theses, 1687 (Bodl.). For a reference 
• to this Keith, see Fountainhall's Scottish Affairs, p. 248, where he is designated 
" of Lentosh ". Bajan, 1668. 
1686,^ November i. James Moir, student in divinitie. 

" Lawfull sone to James Moir in Ferrihill." In place of Thomas Burnet, 
removed to the College of Edinburgh. Children : Agnes, Jean {Poll Book). 
Died 1713. Bajan, 1674. 
1688, March 29. Alexander Moir, student of divinitie. 

" Brother german to James Moir of Stoniewood." In place of Robert Keith, 
"A gentleman of great erudition and primitive simplicity of manners." " No 
wife, child, nor servant " {Poll Book). Theses, 1699 (Bodl.). Deprived in 
1717. He went to Edinburgh, and kept a private Academy for sons of 
Jacobite nobility and gentry for several years. (Lettsom's Life, I. ; Nichols' 
Lit. Anecd., I. ; Family of Moir and Byres.) Tertian, 1684. 
1693, December 5. William Smith. 

Governour then to Charles Lord Hay. In place of Alexander Litster, de- 
mitted. "No wife, child, nor servant" {Poll Book). Author of the Oratio in 
qua inclytae A cademiae Marischallanae A bredonensis Nobilissimtis Parens, Illustres 
Maecenates et Eximii Benef adores ad annum MDCXCVI commemorantur, Abred., 
1701 — so often quoted in Vol. I. Theses 1700, 1704, 1708 (Aberd.), and 1712 
(Glasg.). Deprived in 1717. 
1713, March 2. George Keith. 

M.A., 1700. " Son to Sir William Keith of Ludquhairn, baronett." In 
place of James Moir, lately deceased. Summoned before the Presbytery of 

^ Kennedy has a yohn Keith, under this date, who does not appear in the Register ; and 
Douglas {Peerage, ed. of 1813, II. p., igo) speaks of a " Professor Thomas Keith of the 
Marischal College " — equally unknown. See Scottish N. and Q., Jan. 1897. 


Aberdeen, 27th Jan., 1714, for adultery with Anne Davidson, a married woman. 
Refused to appear, and was pronounced contumacious. On loth November, 
his name was put on the roll of excommunicated persons. (Presb. Min.) 
This seems to have entailed loss of his regency. 

1715, November 30. William Meston. 

M.A., 1698. "Late Governour to the honourable Mr. James Keith brother ger- 
mantothe EarleMarischal." In place of George Keith, "lately removed from the 
said office ". Several of the admitters were absent " by reason of the disorders 
of the times ". Meston gave " a publick oration and a specimen in the Greek 
tongue". Deprived in 1717, he seems never to have actually taught, for in 
session 1715-16 "the CpUedge was separat before the Lawes were read or the 
season of payment conrc" {Coll. Proc. Accts.), and in 1716, no classes assembled; 
but in 1729 he obtained from the Town Council payment of salary for period 
from Whitsunday, 1715, to Martinmas, 1716: ;f82 ids. Scots (T. C. Reg., Ix., 
85). The notice of Meston in Diet. Nat. Biog. is incorrect in several details. 
Cf. the sketch of him (by the present editor) in N. and Q., 7, X., 21, where a 
bibliography is attempted. Introduced in AUardyce's Balmoral. 

1717, Sept. 30. Patrick Hardie. 

In place of George Peacock, deprived. The King's commissions bear that 
each regent is to hold office "during all the dayes of his naturall life". 
Hardie died 1724. 
17 17, September 30. David Verner. 

In place of Alexander Moir, deprived. Had studied law in Universities ol 
Edinburgh and Glasgow. Created LL.D. (p. 95), and in 1724 appointed to 
lecture on law. Theses, 1721 (Westburn), 1730 (Glasg.). Died 1752, aged 64. 
{Aberd. Journal, 28th Jan., 1752 ; Bower's Life of Beattie.) 
1717, September 30. John Anderson. 

In place of William Meston, deprived. Second son of Alexander Anderson 
ofBourtie. M.A., King's Coll., 1700. Died 1721. 
1717, September 30. George Cruden. 

In place of William Smith, deprived. Bajan, 1712. Died 1723. 
1721, April 14. George Turnbull. 

In place of John Anderson, deceased. Theses, 1726 (Aberd.). Author of 
Moral and Christian philosophy, L,onA. 1740; Universal law, "LonA. 1741 ; Collection 
of ancient paintings, Lond. 1744. LL.D., 1727, in which year he demitted office. 
See p. 95. 

1723, September 6. Thomas Haddow, professor of Greek. 

In place of George Cruden, deceased. This is the first mention in the 
Register of a regent allocated to the teaching of Greek. The Parliamentary 
Commission of Visitation appointed in 1690 had in 1700 issued an ordinance 
in the following terms : — 

"At Edinburgh, the i6th day of August, 1700 years, the commissioners ap- 
pointed by act of parliament for visitation of universities, colleges, and schools 


taking to their consideration that it would conduce much to the better learning, 
and for the improvement of the study of the Greek tongue, that the teacher 
of the same in the first of the four classes in use for Greek and philosophy in 
each university and college were fixed, and not ambulatory as now he is ; do 
therefore appoint and ordain that hereafter the said teacher of the Greek 
tongue be fixed, and continue still to teach the same in the said first class to 
all that shall come to learn under him from year to year, as constant master 
of the said Greek language, which he is hereby appointed to begin to teach at 
and after the first day of November through the whole year, untill the rising 
of the class by the ordinary vacation ; so that in all that space he is to teach 
only the Greek grammar and proper Greek authors, without teaching so 
much as any Structura Syllogismi, or any thing else belonging to the course 
of philosophy, which is only to be commenced the next year thereafter ; and 
this act and ordinance to take effect after the first of November next. Likeas, 
for the encouragement of the said fixed teacher of the Greek, it is hereby ap- 
pointed that no scholar bred at schools in Scotland shall be admitted to learn 
philosophy, or any part of the course thereof, in any of the colleges and uni- 
versities, unless that he have learned his Greek, at least for the ordinary year 
under the said fixed Greek master, and report an authentic certification thereon ; 
and this provision to take effect for and after the year 1701, and no sooner. 
And for the better executing this act it is farther enacted, that if there be at 
present any vacancy of any of the four ordinarily called masters or professors 
of philosophy in any of the said colleges and universities, the same shall be 
supplied in the ordinary manner by a fixed Greek master, who is to remain as 
said is, leaving the other three to ascend with their philosophy classes as use 
is ; and where there is no vacancy, the said fixed Greek master is for this time 
to be chosen by the faculty (that is the meeting of the rector, the professors 
and masters of each of the said colleges and universities) out of the masters, 
as the said faculty shall determine, which they are hereby ordained to do be- 
twixt and the first day of October next. And the Greek master that shall be 
chosen hereby is ordained to obey without reclaiming, with this provision 
nevertheless for his encouragement, that it shall be in his option, upon any 
vacancy that happens of any of the said three philosophy masters in his col- 
lege or university, to betake himself to his place without any new trial ; in 
which case the vacancy of the Greek master shall be supplied by one to be 
fixed as above. And the commission ordain letters and charges to be direct 
on this act as effeirs, and that the same be furthwith printed and sent to the 
several universities and colleges, that none may pretend ignorance." 

On 26th February, 1701, the Principal and Regents wrote to the Clerk of the 
Commission : — " We did lykwayes give tymous obedience to the Act for settling 
ane Greek Master in the Colledges, and did nominate and elect Master Alex- 
ander Moir on of the Regents of this Colledge, to be ane fixed Greek Professor 
in all tyme coming, who has accepted that office in this Colledge. We do therfor 
intreat ye will represent this matter of fact to the Visitation, when they do 



take ane revieu of this matter, and show how readie compliance we have given 
heerin." (Records of Visitation in Gen. Reg. Ho.) 

This appointment was sanctioned by the Commission, 14th January, 1703 ; 
but it appears not to have become operative, for the Album shows Alexander 
Moir in charge of the Magistrand class in sessions 1702-3, and 1706-7, as would 
have been the case under the old four-year cycle. When the four new regents 
were appointed in 1717, their commissions were in identical terms, but seem- 
ingly Cruden (whom Haddow is said to succeed) must soon thereafter have 
been set aside for the duties of a Greek chair. The admission on 8th Oct., 
1717, of Matthew McKaile to the Professorship of Medicine (p. 55) he signs 
" Geo. Cruden, P[hilosophiae] P[rofessor] " ; but the admission, on 14th April, 
1721, of George Turnbull to a regency (p. 40) he signs "Geo. Cruden, 
L[iterarum] G[raecarum] P[rofessor] ". If Cruden became Professor of 
Greek soon after 1717, a three-year cycle would have been set up for the other 
three Regents. See " Sequence of the Regents," Appx. 

Haddow must have died soon after admission. He held a certificate " of 
good life and conversation " from Mr. John Cormack, minister of the Gospel, 
St. Andrews. 

1723, December 13. Thomas Blackwell, professor of Greek. 

In place of Haddow, deceased. Became also Principal in 1748, p. 29. 

1724, Oct. 15. Daniel Gordon. 

Student of theology, St. Andrews. In place of Patrick Hardie, deceased. 
Died 1729. 
1727, July 25. William Duff. 

In place of George Turnbull, demitted. Son of Hugh Duff, minister of 
Fearn, Ross-shire (Wimberley's Hosp. of Invss.), and M.A., King's Coll., 1721. 
Theses, 1732 (Aberd.). 

In 1734 Duff had a lawsuit with his colleague, Thomas Blackwell. On Sun- 
day, 7th January, " betwixt the hours of 2 and 3, in the College Church, dur- 
ing Divine Service, he }ostled and pressed violently on Mr. Blackwell". Next 
day, when Blackwell was teaching in the Bajan Class, Duff sent William 
Fowler, sacrist, " to desire him to come out and speak to a gentleman," and 
struck him on the head with a staff which he had provided on purpose, 
" having come without his gown, which he had put off for that effect ". Black- 
well presented a " Complaint and Libell unto the Revd. PrincipW and Masters 
met in faculty," which Duff requested time to answer ; but the latter passed from 
one delay to another, and finally advocated the case to Edinburgh, on the plea 
that the Masters had no jurisdiction, and that two of their number had malice 
against him. It was agreed, however, to submit the matter to the Principal 
and Mr. Forbes, Sheriff Depute of Aberdeen, who settled it by a Decreet- 
Arbitral. A minute of Faculty was prepared in draft, in which Duff was to 
acknowledge the jurisdiction of the College, ask pardon for attacking its privi- 
leges, and receive a rebuke from the Principal. He was at first fully satisfied 



with this, and showed much impatience to have a meeting held, where it 
should be approved ; but on this being done he refused to submit, and insisted 
upon his Bill of Advocation. The outcome of the proceedings has not been 
traced — (Mem. for Duff, 21st February; Pet. of Duff, 24th February ; Answ.for 
Blackwell, 25th February ; Answ.for Prin. and other Masters, 23rd July — printed 
papers in Town House Charter Room). 

At a meeting of Faculty, held on gth February, 1736, Duff is charged with 
neglect of duty and " with quarrelling upon slight and trivial occasions with 
one Master after the other, and raising litigious and expensive lawsuits, and 
with instigating the students to illegal and hurtful proceedings and undutiful 
conduct to their masters ". At Christmas vacation he had to go to Edinburgh, 
and did not return till 6th January (the vacation ending on the ist) ; neglected 
his duty as Hebdomader ; refused to preside at the public disputes ; and on 
3rd February again went to Edinburgh, appointing an assistant without asking 
leave of the College. Blackwell states that he had raised criminal actions 
against all his colleagues, and calls him " that strange unhappy man". 

ist March, 1736. — Duff protests in violent language, styling the minute of gth 
February "a pretended calumnious unsigned lybel," of which a copy was 
refused him. 

loth March, 1737. — At a Rectorial meeting the Principal informs the Court 
that he has, with advice and consent of the Faculty, given to Regent Duff two 
admonitions for neglect of duty and other irregularities. The Court authorise 
the Principal to give him forthwith the third and last admonition, in terms of 
the Foundation Charter. 

At subsequent meetings evidence is given of Duffs non-attendance at Col- 
lege for two years : Drs. Campbell and Glennie, then students, being among 
the witnesses. On 20th January, 1738, sentence of expulsion is formally pro- 
nounced. Duff being " extruded forth and from the said University and Mari- 
schall College, and his said office and employment declared void and vacant 
and at his Majesty's gift and disposal as patron of the foresaid University". 
(Papers in Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Rectors and Rectorial Courts ".) 

Duff went to London, where he published The Case of William Duff, Profes- 
sor of Philosophy iu the Marischal University of Aberdeefi ; Slwwing the Barbarous 
Treatment of an Honest Family, 1739; and A History of Scotland, Vol. I. (all 
pubd.) 1750 (with author's portrait). 
1729, Novemb. 25. Dr. Matthew McKail. 

Previously Professor of Medicine, p. 55. In place of Daniel Gordon, de- 
ceased. Some objection seems to have been taken to the admission of McKail, 
as only three admitters sign. He delivers a discourse " On the connexion and 
difference betwixt the atomic or Copernican and the Newtonian philosophy ". 
Died 1733. 
1734, March 26. Francis Skene. 

Son of George Skene, minister of Kinkell (Skene Memorials). M.A. King's 


Coll., 1721. In place of McKail, pn whose death it had been proposed to 
revert to the plan of the Founder, and assign the three higher classes to par- 
ticular masters, Verner to take the semis, Duff the magistrands, and McKail's 
successor the tertians. But Skene petitioned against this (Min. of 28th June), 
and his objections were sustained. When the new plan was adopted in 1753, 
he was assigned the Semis Class. LL.D., 1766, when he is also made "Pro- 
fessor of Laws" (c/. Min. of 26th Nov., 1760). Died 1775. Portrait in 
possession of University. 
1739, April 10. Alexander Innes. 

Great grandson of David Gregory of Kinnairdie {Off. and Grad., p. 37). M.A., 
1732. Had acted as substitute during William Duff's absence, sessions 1736-7, 
^737"8, 1738-9. After DufTs deposition on 20th January, 1738, the Rector, 
Principal and Masters appear to have pressed Innes' claims on the Chancellor, 
Lord Hay, but without effect until January, 1739, when he recommends them to 
apply to the Duke of Newcastle. This they do, igth January, calling his attention 
to " the melancholy situation of our CoUedge " ; but at the same time resolve 
"to fix a Program to the College and kirk doors [cf. Vol. I., p. 45] within a few 
days in order to secure their privilidges ". The Duke " making farther delays 
and offsets," they resolve, 2nd March, to act on the program, and seek the 
concurrence of the Magistrates in case the election should be called in ques- 
tion. On 19th March, the edict is duly "called," but no candidates appear, 
^ and they intimate to Lord Hay that they have put off the election till loth 
April, hoping to hear from him. On that day, having no letter, they elect 
Mr. Innes. It is claimed that this is competent, from there having been no 
presentation notified, although a year had elapsed since the vacancy had been 
intimated to the Crown, from no answer to letters having been received, from 
the loss sustained by the College in wanting a Regent, and from the terms of the 
Foundation Charter. Lord Hay writes on 23rd April that he had received the 
communication of 7th March on 20th April. " It seems instead of sending it 
by the Post, it came by somebody who took France in his way." He chides 
the Faculty for not transmitting to Government a regular copy of the pro- 
ceedings against Duff, wonders " a learned body did not better apprehend the 
meaning of sucH notification," and send the causes of deposition, instead of 
writing, " in no other stile than if Duff had been dead ". The Crown ought to 
have known the whole, as a mark of respect, the office being one for life. 
Duff, he adds, " has been a considerable time about town making a noise in 
all the offices and in every place where he could have access ". After this 
scolding, Lord Hay becomes kinder, and says that he has taken their part, and 
told everybody that " DufTs long stay in this London and the unaccountable 
turn of his temper made it highly probable that the Faculty had done nothing 
but justice ". Blackwell's reply is a humble palinode, requesting a presentation 
for Innes. It does not appear that this was ever sent. 

We learn from a Memorial to the Barons of the Exchequer that Innes " was 
so generous as to permit the emoluments of the class [1736-39] to go to the 
support of Mr. DufiPs unhappy relinquished family ". He died in 1742. (Coll. 


Min. ; Papers in Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., '' Rectors " ; A texts, a pastoral to the memory 
of Alexander Innes, Aberd., 1744.) 
1742, Sept. 9. David Fordyce. 

The second of Provost George Fordyce's twenty children, and through his 
mother a relative of Principal Blackwell. M.A., 1728. Preacher of the 
gospel : no parish. Was recommended by the College to the Crown, in 
place of Innes. In 1750 got leave of absence and visited Rome: in returning, 
1 75 1, was drowned off the coast of Holland. Portrait at Brucklay Castle. 
Author of Dialogues concerning education, Lond/, 1745 ; Theodorus, 1752 ; Moral 
philosophy, Lond., 1754; Temple of virtue, Lond., 1757; British letter-writer, 
Lond., 1790. (Dingwall Fordyce Fam. Rec.) 

1752, July 7. Alexander Gerard. 

Son of deceased Gilbert Gerard, minister of Chapel of Garioch. M.A., 1744. 
Commission dated i8th May. In place of Fordyce, for whom he had acted as 
substitute, sessions 1750-1 and 1751-2. Demitted 1760, on becoming Professor 
of Divinity and minister of Greyfriars. D.D., King's Coll., 1761. Moderator 
of Gen. Assembly, 1764. Professor of Divinity, King's Coll., 1771. Died 1795. 
Was instrumental in bringing about the fixing t)f the Classes in 1753. In 1755 
his Plan of Education in the Marischal Coll. and University of Aberdeen, with the 
reasons of it, was printed by order of the Faculty. (German translation pubd. 
at Riga, 1770. See also George Kerr's Examination of a pamphlet entitled ' Plan 
of Education, etc.,' Aherd., 1826.) His other works are well known. Married, 
14th June, 1757, Jean Wight, with issue : Marjory (m. Patrick Campbell of 
Stracathro), Gilbert (his successor at King's Coll.), Alexander, John, Jane, and 
Margaret Helen (m. James Cruickshank of Langley Park). Portrait in pos- 
session of University. Together with James Beattie, George Campbell, John 
Gregory, Thomas Reid, and David Skene, founded the Philosophical Society 
of Aberdeen. (See Macmillan's Mag. for Sept., 1863.) 

1753, Aug. 21. William Duncan. 

In place of Verner. Son of deceased William Duncan of Atrochy. M.A., 
1735. Had attended some divinity classes, but became a professional author 
in London. Commission dated, like Gerard's, i8th May, 1752, but on ist 
Nov., certified by two physicians to be unable to undertake the journey to 
Aberdeen, and David Burn, preacher of the Gospel, appointed to conduct his 
class. Drowned while bathing, 12th May, 1760. Author of Logic (in Dods- 
ley's "Preceptor"), Lond., 1748, etc.; Caesar's Commentaries, trans., Lond., 
1753, etc. ; Discourse on Roman art of war, Lond., 1755 ; editions of Greek New 
Test, and Ainsworth's Latin Dictionary ; Cicero's Select Orations, trans., Lond., 
1771 ; also probably of Vol. II. of Watson's Horace, and of several translations 
from the French. (Biog. sketch, not very accurate, in Scottish Register, Vol. I.) 

By minute of Senatus, of date nth January, 1753, the subjects and classes 
had been fixed as follows : — 

Francis Skene, professor of Civil and Natural History (semis). 
William Duncan, professor of Natural Philosophy (tertians). 


I753> Aug. 21. Alexander Gerard, professor of Moral Philosophy and 
Logic (magistrands). 
A programme of the classes as thus arranged appeared in the Aberdeen 
Journal of 2nd Oct. The King's College professors, while adopting the altered 
sequence of subjects, adhered to the old system of circulating regents. This, 
it is understood, was due to the authority of Dr. Thomas Reid, who gave 
it a decided preference. The grounds on which so enlightened a teacher de- 
fended a practice that once extensively prevailed are interesting. The minutes 
embodying them are qubted in the present editor's Arts Curriculum, Aberd., 
1892, p. 13. See aXso Abstract of some orders and statutes of King's College, 
Aberd., 1753. 
1758, March 7. William Kennedy, professor of Greek. 

In place of Blackwell. Son of the Rev. Hugh Kennedy, one of the ministers 
of the Scots Church, Rotterdam. M. A., 1754. Student of divinity. Died 14th 
November, 1782. 
1760, Oct. 8. James Beattie, professor of moral philosophy and logic. 
In place of Gerard. Son of James Beattie, farmer, Laurencekirk. First bursar, 
1749; M.A., 1753; LL.D., King's Coll., 1770; D.C.L., Oxon., 1773. Married, 
28th June, 1767, Mary Dun, with issue : James Hay (infra), and Montagu. 
Died 18th Aug., 1803. His numerous writings are well known, the only one 
explicitly for the use of his students being Scoticisms, Aberd., 1778. Portrait 
(in the allegorical painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds), in the possession of the 
University, reproduced in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll., and 
in this volume. (Bower's Life; Forbes' Life; Diet. Nat. Biog. ; Sir W. D. 
Geddes' Poetic ideals of education.) 
1760, Oct. 8. George Skene, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of Duncan. Son of Regent Francis Skene (supra). M.A., 1755. 
M.D. Married, 26th October, 1769, Margaret, daughter of Charles Gordon of 
Abergeldie, with issue : John, Francis, Amelia (m. Capt. Edmund Filmer), 
Mary, Charles (Prof, of Medicine, infra), Mary Anne, Elizabeth, Margaret 
(m. Arthur Anderson of Deebank, now Newton Dee), Andrew, William, 
Alison. Succeeded his father as professor of civil and natural history, 1775. 
1775. George Skene, professor of civil and natural history. 

This transference is not entered in the Reg. of Prcs. Demitted office 1788, 
and died 25th March, 1S03. Portrait in possession of University. 
1775, March 25. Patrick Copland, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of George Skene, transferred, whom he had assisted during session 
1774-75. Son of Rev. Samuel Copland, D.D., minister of Fintray. M.A., 1766. 
Appointed Professor of Mathematics, 1779, but taught that subject in reality 
for only one session. See 1817, infra. 
1779, June 18. Robert Hamilton, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of Copland, transferred. Son of Gavin Hamilton, bookseller, 
and grandson of Principal William Hamilton, Edinburgh. Rector of Perth 


Academy. LL.D., Edin., 1775. Exchanged duties with Copland in 1780, but 
not until 1817 formally appointed Professor of Mathematics, p. 54. 
1782, Dec. 9. John Stuart, professor of Greek. 

In place of Kennedy, for whom he had acted as substitute, 1781-2. Son of 
John Stuart of Inchbreck. Alumnus, 1767. Studied Law and Divinity. 
Married, 26th April, 1787, Margaret, daughter of George Mowatt, merchant, 
Aberdeen, with issue : John, Marjory, Mary, George Andrew, Alexander, 
Charles. Died 27th August, 1827. Taught in part from 1815, and wholly 
from 1818, by deputies, viz. : — 

1815-18. Alexander Black, afterwards professor of divinity, p. 52. 

1818-20. Alexander Leith Ross, died March, 1821. 

1820-22. Robert Reid. 

1822-23. Robert Reid and Robert ^ Machray. 

1823-24. Robert ^ Machray. 

1824-27. Robert Reid. 

Stuart was author oi Life of Dr.'Duncan Liddd, Aberd., 1790 (repr. in Aber- 
deen Mag., 1796); " Marischal College" in Sinclair's Statistical Account, Wol. 
21, Edinb., 1799 ; Essays, chiefly on Scottish Antiquities, Aberd., 1846. Portrait 
by John Moir in possession of Aberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Society, which 
he helped to found. (Life prefixed to Essays.) 

1787, Sept. 28. James Hay Beattie. 

Appointed assistant and successor to his father, the preamble of the Com- 
mission citing "the advanced period of life of James Beattie". M.A., 1786. 
Died 19th Nov., 1790. Author of Essays and fragments, Edin., 1794 ; Sylla- 
bus of Versification, Aberd., 1795 ; Miscellanies, Lond., 1799. (Life by his 
father, 1792; portrait engraved, 1801.) First winner of the Silver Pen. 

1788, May 10. William Morgan, professor of civil and natural history. 

In place of George Skene. Son of George Morgan. Late rector of Kingston, 
Jamaica. D.D., King's Coll., 1780. Married to Martha Jopping, with issue 

^ (alive at his admission), James Gordon. Died 2nd Sept., so that he never 

\ taught. 

t 1788, Oct. 22. James Beattie, professor of civil and natural history. 

E In place of Morgan. Son of David Beattie, Laurencekirk, and nephew of 

Dr. James Beattie. M.A., 1783. Married, 5th June, 1794, Jane Innes, with 

f issue : James, David, Anne, Alexander, Jean, John. Died 5th Oct., 1810. 

I' " Ewen Maclachlan in November published two poems in his memory" 

y (Knight). 

] 1796, Sept. 30. George Glennie, professor of moral philosophy. 

Assistant and successor " on account of the advanced period of life " of 
Dr. James Beattie. Son of Dr. John Glennie, minister of Maryculter. M.A., 
1786. Entered on the full charge when Dr. Beattie died in 1803. One of 

^ William in Knight's MS. The name is not minuted. 


ministers of Aberdeen, in conjunction, from 1813, D.D., 1816. Married, 4th 
July, 1797, Margaret Valentine, niece of Dr. Beattie, with issue: Jane (m. Pro- 
fessor William Knight), James Beattie, Mary (m. Professor Patrick Forbes of 
King's College), Margaret (d. in nine days), Margaret, John, George, Helen. 
Died gth November, 1845, Had latterly taught by deputies : — 

1840. James Duirs, M.A. 

1841-43. Alexander Bain, M.A., 1840, afterwards Prof, of Logic in the 
University of Aberdeen. 

1844. Rev. William R. Pirie, Prof, of Divinity. 

1845. William Fraser, alumnus of Edinburgh. 

181 1 [?] Robert Renny. 

Inplaceof James Beattie, younger. Minister of Kilsyth. DD., 1808. Unani- 
mously recommended by the Faculty, 23rd Nov., 1810, and duly gazetted to the 
post, but on 2nd April, 1811, wrote that, "owing to unforeseen and peculiar cir- 
cumstances originating in the present perplexed state of commercial credit in 
that part of the country where he now resides, which prevent him from arranging 
his private affairs, so as to enable him in due time to assume and discharge 
the office to which he had been appointed, he had thought it expedient to 
intimate his resignation to the Faculty ". (A/in. of loth April.) On 6th May, 
the Faculty recommend Dr. James Davidson by the casting vote of the Prin- 
cipal, four members voting for William Knight, who had conducted the 
classes, by appointment of the Faculty, during session 1810-11. 

181 1, July I. James Davidson, professor of civil and natural history. 

In place of Renny. M.D., Edin., 1792. Hon. M.A., King's Coll., 1811. 
Physician at Dunfermline. Married 2ndly, 3rd Nov., 1811, Charlotte Johnston, 
, with issue: Elizabeth, Christian, David, James Johnston, Laurence, John 
Rankin, Margaret, Charlotte, William Adam, Robert Halkerston, Andrew. 
Died 19th Feb., 1841. Classes had been taught, 1838-41, by a substitute, John 
Shier, M.A. (p. 59). (Riddell's Aberdeen and its folk.) 

1817, July 9. Patrick Copland, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of Hamilton, demitted. Copland and Hamilton had (with the ap- 
proval of the Faculty and Magistrates) exchanged their duties on i6th Nov., 
1780, but the formal exchange of chairs was only now made. When the 
exchange was arranged in 1816, the Faculty recommended to the Crown the 
joint appointment of Professor Copland's son, John, as assistant and successor 
to his father; but this was found incompetent. Copland was made LL.D., 
27th June, 1817. He married, 27th Sept., 1787, Elizabeth Ogilvie, with issue: 
Alexander, John, Charles, Mary (m. Alexander Murchison, M.D.). Died loth 
Nov., 1822. His collection of apparatus purchased for 700 guineas by the 
college. (Knight's MSS., quoted in Scot. N. and Q., I., 124.) 

1823, Feb. 20. William Knight, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of Copland. Son of William Knight, bookseller. M.A., 1802; 


LL.D., 1817. Had taught semi class of 1810-11 ; and extra-mural classes of 
botany and chemistry, 1811-16; Professor of natural philosophy, Academical 
Institution, Belfast, 1816-22. In September, 1822, Copland offered to resign if 
a presentation could be secured for Knight, and the Faculty unanimously re- 
commended him for the post. On 29th Oct., he was appointed to teach the class 
during the ensuing session. Copland died loth Nov., and Knight was gazetted 
26th Nov. Resumed the teaching of botany in 1823, and in 1827 ^^^ appointed 
lecturer on that subject by the joint Medical School, infra. Married, 17th Sept., 
1821, Jane, daughter of Professor Glennie, with issue: Margaret, Janet, Jean, 
George, William, Mary. Died 3rd December, 1844. Author oi Heads of a course 
of lectures, Aberd., 181 1 ; Outlines of botany, Aberd., 1813, 1828; Facts towards a 
new theory of the earth, Edin., 1818 ; The first day in heaven, Lond., 1820; " Mari- 
schal Coll. " in New Statist. Acct., Edin., 1845. His MS. Collections have 
been of immense service in the preparation of these volumes. {Diet. Nat. Biog. ; 
Masson's " Men I have Known " in Macmillan's Mag., Vol. 9; Bain's " Recol- 
lections " in Alma Mater, Vol. 6 ; Aberdeen and its folk ; Brown's Bookstall.) 

1827, Dec. II. Robert James Brown, professor of Greek. 

In place of Stuart : unanimously recommended by the Faculty. Son of 
Principal W. L. Brown. M.A., 1808. Minister of Drumblade, 1821-27. 
Moderator of F. C. Assembly, 1846. Married, 14th Sept., 1829, Jane 
Stronach, without issue. Retired, on the union of the Universities in i860, 
and died 7th December, 1872. Portrait by Philip, in F. C. Coll., Aberd. 

1841, May 17. William Macgillivray, professor of civil and natural 
In place of Davidson. M.A., King's Coll., 1815 ; LL.D., King's Coll., 1844. 
Married, Marion McCaskill, with issue : John, Isabella, Williamina Craigie, 
Marion McCaskill (m. William Jamieson), Anne Dorothea, Paul Howard, 
Audubon Felix, Caroline Mary, Margaret Christina, William Norman. Died 
5th Sept., 1852. His numerous ornithological and other works are well 
known. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1845, March 7. David Gray, professor of natural philosophy. 

In place of Knight. The class during the remainder of session 1844-5 had 
been taught by Alexander Bain (see under 1796). Gray was Rector of Royal 
Academy, Inverness, 1839-45. Married, Margaret Jane Brown, with issue : 
Thomas David, Frances Downie, John Roubel, Catherine Roubel, George, 
Mary Clementina, Marion Hannah, Margaret Jane. Died loth Febr., 1856. 
Anihov oi Introductory lecture on ^rd Nov., Aberd., 1846, 1848 ; On the grammar 
school curriculum, Aberd., 1854 ; Letter on the advantages of a mathematical 
training [1854]. 

1846, April 15. William Martin, professor of moral philosophy and 

In place of Glennie. M.A., St. And., 1837 ; LL.D., St. And., 1868. On the 
union of the Universities in i860, became professor of moral philosophy in the 



University of Aberdeen. Retired 1876. Married, i8th Oct., 1886, Annie May, 
daughter of late Rev. William Beattie, minister of Evie and Rendall. Died i8th 
February, 1890. Author of Modern infidelity, Aberd., 1848 ; Is man responsible 
for his belief? Aberd., 1849; Notes on the foundation and history of Marischal 
College, Aberd., 1849 ; The Bible in its relations to the present age, Aberd., 185 1 ; 
British infidelity : its aspects and prospects, Edinb., 1852 ; Creed and circumstance, 
Glasg., 1854 ; On the argument of Butler in his Analogy, Aberd., 1855 ; Relations 
of Christian revelation to science ; Note to Garley's Submission and its reward, 
Lond., 1863 ; Moral evidence and its relation to religion, Aberd., 1868. {Records 
of Arts Class, 1868-72, 2nd ed., 1892.) 

1853, Sept. 15. James Nicol, professor of civil and natural history. 

In place of Macgillivray. Son of Rev. James Nicol, minister ofTraquair. 
Studied Arts and Divinity at Edinburgh, and mineralogy at Berlin and Bonn. 
Assistant Sec, Geological Society, 1847-49. Professor of Geology and Miner- 
alogy, Queen's Coll., Cork, 1849-53. On the union of the Universities in i860, 
became professor of natural history in the University of Aberdeen. Retired 
1878, and died 8th April, 1879. Married, 7th Sept., 1849, Alexandrina Anne 
Macleay Downie, without issue. Portrait in possession of Mrs. Nicol. A 
bibliography of his numerous writings will be found in Records of Arts Class, 
1868-72, 2nd ed. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1856, Aug. 19. James Clerk Maxwell, professor of natural philosophy. 
In place of Gray. Son of John Clerk (Maxwell), Midlothian. Second 
wrangler, 1854. On the union of the Universities in i860, he demitted office. 
Married, 2nd June, 1858, Catherine Mary, daughter of Principal Dewar. Died 
5th Nov., 1879. His writings are among the classics of Natural Philosophy. 
{Life by Campbell and Gamett. Diet. Nat. Biog.) 


1625, Dec. 21. Robert Baron. 

M.A., St. And. ; D.D., King's Coll., 1627. Minister of Greyfriars, which he 
held in conjunction. Previously Regent at St. Andrews, and minister of Keith. 
One of the "Aberdeen Doctors". Died igth Aug., 1639. Author of Philoso- 
phia theologiae ancillans, Andreap., 1621, etc. ; Positiones, Andreap., 1621 ; De 
formali objecto fidei, Abred., 1627 ; Theses theologicae, Abred., 1630 ; Apodixis 
catholica, Abred., 1631 ; On the arrival of King Charles, Aberd., 1633 5 Disputatio 
theologica, Abred., 1633 ; Metaphysica, Lugd. Bat., 1654. A sermon in Forbes' 
Funerals. {Funerals, ed. 1845. Gordon's Scuts Affairs, III., 236.) MSS. in 
University Library. 

1649, June 6. John Menzies.^ 

Previously regent, p. 34. Minister of Greyfriars in conjunction. Died ist 
Feb., 1684. Author of Britannia rediviva, Aberd., 1660 ; Papismus lucifugus, 
Aberd., 1668 ; Roma meiidax, Lond., 1675 ; Sermon at funeral of Dr. Alexander 
Fraser, Edin., 1681. (Scott's Fasti.) 

1684, June 4. Patrick Sibbald. 

One of the ministers of Aberdeen since 1666. Rector since 1679, p. 13. 
D.D., 1684 (Scott). Held Greyfriars in conjunction. "No wife nor child" 
{Poll Book). Died 1697. Portrait in possession of University. 

1697, Dec. 22. James Osborne. 

Alumnus of Glasgow. Previously minister, Kilmarnock and Aberdeen. 
Died 1711. The appointment not in the Reg. of P res. 

1711, Dec. 18. Thomas Blackwell. 

Alumnus of Glasgow. Previously minister, Paisley and Aberdeen. Is ad- 
mitted " Professor of Divinity and Lecturer in the Gray Frier Church of the 
said Colledge" {Reg. of Pres.). Held the Principalship (p. 29) in conjunction 
from 1717. Died 1728. 

1728, Aug. 8. James Chalmers. 

M.A., 1705. Previously minister, Dyke and Aberdeen. Died 6th Oct., 
1744. Son of Hugh, bajan 1661, and brother of Alexander, M.A., 1699. (P. H. 
Chalmers' Memoranduwr.) 

^ The circumstances attending the foundation of the Divinity chair are detailed in Vol. 
I., pp. 159-180. The patronage was exercised by the Town Council down to the union of 
the Universities in i860. 

"^ For abortive nominations of James Wood and John Seaton, see Vol. I., p. 179. 



1745, August 28. Robert Pollock. 

M.A., Edinburgh, 1725 ; D.D., Mar. Coll., 1753. Previously minister of 
Duddingston. Held the Principalship (supra) in conjunction from 1757. Died 
i8th May, 1759. Mr. Frederick Carmichael, minister of Inveresk, had been 
nominated by the Council, 24 Nov., 1744, but declined (T. C. Reg., Ixi., 184). 
1760, June II. Alexander Gerard. 

Previously regent, supra. D.D., 1761. Demitted in 1771, on appointment 
to Divinity Chair, King's Coll. 
1771, Aug. 7. George Campbell. 

Principal, supra. Demitted the professorship 2nd June, 1795, and died 6th 
April, 1796. 
1795, August 12. William Laurence Brown. 

Principal next year, supra. Died nth May, 1830. 
1831, Oct. 20. Alexander Black. 

Son of deceased Alexander Black, Aberdeen. First bursar, 1803 ; M.A., 
1807; D.D., 1824. Minister of Tarves, 1818-31. Married, gth November, 
1826, Rachel Booth, with issue : Alexander, George Hamilton Gordon, Helen 
Forsyth. Demitted 14th June, 1843, on joining the Free Church. 

1843, Dec. 30. William Robinson Pirie. 

Son of Rev. George Pirie, D.D., minister of Slains. D.D., 1844. Minister 
of Greyfriars, 1846-47. On union of Universities in i860, became Professor of 
Church History in the University of Aberdeen; Moderator of General Assembly, 
1864; Principal of the University, 1877. Married, 24th March, 1842, Mar- 
garet Chalmers, daughter of Rev. Lewis Wm. Forbes, D.D., minister of Bo- 
harm, with issue : George (Prof, of Maths., Univ. of Aberd.), Penelope Eliza- 
beth, May Forbes (m. R. B. Thomson), Margaret Forbes (m. T. A. W. A. 
Youngson), Lewis James, William Robinson, Charles Lockhart, Charlotte 
Lockhart Baird, Benjamin Abernethy Gordon, Annie. Died 1885. A list of 
his writings will be found in the present editor's notice in Did. Nat. Biog. 
See also In Mctnoriam W. R. Pirie, Abd., 1889. 


1626, May 3. William Johnston. 

Youngest son of George Johnston of that Ilk and Caskieben, and younger 
brother of Arthur Johnston, the Latin poet. M.D. According to W. Smith's 
Oratio, p. 24, he had been a professor at Sedan ; but he is not mentioned in 
Charles Peyran's Hist, de Vacad. dc Sedan, and has probably been confused 
with his elder brother. Died June, 1640. His widow a benefactor, Vol. I., 
p. 246. His scattered poems have not yet been collected. " He wrote on the 
Mathematicks." {Cat. Scot. Writ. MSS. in Univ. Libr.) Portrait by Jamesone 
in possession of University. (W.Johnston's Geneal. Acct.) Bajan 1605. 
1641, Jan. 13. William Moir. 

Late bailie. Also Principal, 1649, p. 28. Bajan 1614. 
1661, July 3. Duncan Liddell. 

Son of John Liddell, brother of the founder of the Chair. " He taught 
Geometry, Navigation, Gunnery, for several years in London, and dyed in 
Aberdein, being very aged " (Cat. Scot. Writ.). " Jean Montgumorie, relict " 
{Poll Book). Bajan 1630. 
1687, Nov. 29. George Liddell. 

As assistant and successor to his father. " The principall masters and 
members of the said Colledge having assigned and appoynted to him this day 
for giving ane publict evidence of his ingyne and knowledge of the said science 
in their common schooll, and which the said master George did ther publictlie 
give after ten of the cloak and ringing of the great bell of the Colledge, in 
their presence and als in presence of the said's magistrats, the most pairt of 
the doctors and ministers of the said burghe and many others then present, to 
all of their great contentments and satisfactiones and with their great and 
vnanimous approbatione. ... In token whairof the said principall for him- 
self and in name of the rest of the masters and members of the said Colledge 
instantly delyvered to the said master George Liddell Eucleid's book of 
Mathematicks and the sphericall globe in his hands as vse is " {Reg. of Pres.). 
" No wife, child, nor servant" {Poll Book). Deprived by the Commission of 
1716. Tertian 1683. 

^ The circumstances attending the foundation of the Mathematical Chair are detailed in 
Vol. I., pp. 131-148. The patronage was exercised by the Town Council down to the union of 
the Universities in i860. 



1717, Sept. 30. Colin Maclaurin, 

M.A., Glasg., 1713, aged 15. F.R.S., 1719. Appointed 1725, on the recom- 
mendation of Sir Isaac Newton, Professor of Mathematics in the University 
of Edinburgh. Portrait in Smith's Icon. Scot. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1727, Sept. 4. John Stewart. 

Son of Robert Stewart, late provost. M.A., 1726. Married, 8th Sept., 1847, 
Jean Gordon, with issue : Robert, Margaret, Annabella, John, Jean, Caroline, 
James, Charles. Died 13th March, 1766. (See Scots Mag., XXVIII., 167.) 
Translator of Newton's Tracts on Quadrature of Curves and Analysis by Series, 
Lond., 1745. College nickname, " John Triangles " (Knight). 

1766, Oct. 29. William Traill. 

Son of William Traill, minister of St. Monans. M.A., Glasg., 1766. LL.D., 
Mar. Coll., 1774. Dr. John Garioch, physician in Aberdeen, admitted assistant 
and successor nth Sept., 1776, but died 12th March, 1777 (Verses in Aberd. 
Jour., 17th March). Traill resigned 6th April, 1779, obtaining preferment 
in the Church of Ireland. Died 3rd Febr., 1831. Author of Elements of 
Algebra, Aberd., 1770, etc.; Life of Robert Simson, Lond., 1812. 

1779, April 17. Patrick Copland. 

Previously professor of natural philosophy, supra. 

1817, July 9. Robert Hamilton. 

Previously professor of natural philosophy, supra. Married, ist, Ann 
Mitchell, with issue : Anne Archibald, Helen (m. Andrew Thomson of Ban- 
chory), Marion (m. Rev. Robert Swan) ; 2nd, 8th Oct., 1782, Jean Morison. 
Died 14th July, 1829. His numerous mathematical and economic writings are 
well known. Portraits by Moir of Professor and Mrs. Hamilton in4)Ossession 
of University. 

1817, July g. John Cruickshank. 

Son of James Cruickshank, Rothiemay. M.A., i8og ; LL.D., 1834. 
Assistant and successor to Professor Hamilton, whom he had privately as- 
sisted for three years past. Had been examined by Professors Hamilton and 
Copland, together with Professors Paul and Tulloch, of King's College, who 
reported him " fully competent to teach Mathematics in any University". Suc- 
ceeded to the full charge, 1829 > retired i860, on the union of the Universities. 
Married, 22nd October, 1818, Janet Mitchell, with issue: Alexander (M.A., 
1840; LL.D., 1882), Anne Hamilton, John Forbes (M.A., 1840: died young). 
Died loth Nov., 1875. Portrait by Sir John Watson Gordon in possession of 
his son. Dr. Alexander Cruickshank, reproduced in this volume. (Ogilvie's 
John Cruickshank.) 

?ho!oara\ruz»e tyT.A R_Aniia'^&.Snns Glasao 


1701. Patrick Chalmers. 

Of Fedrett, doctor of medicine. Children : Alexander, Samuel, Patrick, 
George, John, Janat, Margrat, Elizabeth, Rachel (Poll Book). Deprived in 
1717, October 8. Matthew McKaile. 

Son of Dr. Matthew McKaile, author of several medical tracts. M.A., 1708 ; 
M.D., 1711. Also regent in 1729, supra. Died 1733. Portrait of his father in 
possession of University. 
1734, June 6, James Gordon. 

Son of Dr. John Gordon, physician in Aberdeen. M.A., 1724; M.D. Is 
designated of Pitlurg. Died 1755. (Temple's Thanage of Fertnartyn, p. 315.) 
1755. Alexander Donaldson. 

M.D. Previously professor of Oriental languages {infra), which post he held 
in conjunction till his death, 19th May, 1793. 
1793, June 15. William Livingston. 

Son of Dr. Thomas Livingston, physician, Aberdeen. M.D. The Faculty 
had recommended Dr. George Skene. Livingston married, ist, Agnes Syme ; 
2nd, Margaret Gibbon, without issue. Died 4th Oct., 1822. 
1823, Jan. 24. Charles Skene. 

Son of Professor George Skene. M.A., 1795; M.D., Edin., 1799. Lecturer 
on anatomy, 1802. Married, i8th June, 1808, Margaret Ann Anderson, with 
issue : Mary, George, Charles (M.A., 1830), Andrew, Margaret, Alexander, 
Harriet, William. Resigned 20th June, 1839. Died nth June, 1844. Portrait 
by Colvin Smith in possession of University. (Skene Memorials.) 
1832, Dec. 18. John Macrobin. 

M.D., Edin., 1827. " Assistant to Dr. Charles Skene in the said office with all 
the powers and privileges of a professor of medicine," but without explicit right 
of succession. Macrobin had acted as assistant to Skene during session 1831-32, 
but this appointment was made without the previous knowledge of Dr. Skene ; 
and the Senatus, " believing this case to be entirely unprecedented in any Scot- 

^ Chair founded by William, gth Earl Marischal, in 1700 : Vol. I., p. 381. The Rectorial 
election of 1688 is held in the presence, inter alios, of " doctor William Moir, professor of 
medicine ". In 1689 and 1690, he is styled •' William Moir, doctor of medicine ". 



tish University, and thinking that evils would follow from its being drawn into 
a precedent," made representations on the subject to the Home Secretary^ 
which were strongly supported by the Chancellor, the Duke of Gordon, but 
without effect. (Lengthy minutes of Senatus, 13th Nov., 1832, to 4th July, 
1833, printed in Appx. to Second Report of Commissioners of 1836-37, pp. 189- 
197. See also Aberd, Mag., Dec, 1832.) On Skene's resignation in 1839, 
Macrobin received a new presentation to the Chair, and was admitted accord- 
ingly, 3rd Sept. The Senatus petitioned to have the name of the chair altered 
to " Practice of Medicine," but this was not done. The change, however, was 
made in i860, on the union of the Universities, when Macrobin became Pro- 
fessor of the Practice of Medicine in the University of Aberdeen. He married, 
1st, Anna Hare Challoner, with issue : Mary, Anna Elizabeth, John Charles, 
Andrew Arthur (M.A., 1863 ; M.B., 1866), Jane Henzell, Henrietta Nicolson, 
Eleanor, Frances Louisa, Ellen Anna, Anna Hare Challoner ; 2nd, Eleanor 
Isabella Cattle. He resigned 1875, and died 1879. Author of Introd. to study 
of practical medicine, Lond., 1835. Portrait by Sir George Reid in possession 
of University. 

1732, Oct. 23. James Donaldson. 

Physician in Aberdeen. Demitted 2nd Dec, 1754. Bajan 1713. 
1754, Dec. 24. Alexander Donaldson. 

Son of Dr. James Donaldson. Became also professor of medicine, supra. 
Died 19th May, 1793. 
1794, Jan. II. James Kidd. 

Studied in the Universities of Pennsylvania and Edinburgh. Attended 
Divinity Classes at Aberdeen during sessions 1794-98, and was licensed by the 
Presbytery of Aberdeen, 1796. D.D., Princeton, 1819. Minister of quoad 
sacra parish of Gilcomston, 1801. Married, Jean Boyd, with issue : Agnes 
(m. James Oswald, shipmaster), Janet, William Campbell, Benjamin Rush, 
Jane Allan, James Leith, Christiana Little (m. George Thompson, J^, after- 
wards lord provost and M.P.). Died 24th Dec, 1834. See Stark's Dr. Kidd 
of Aberdeen, where a list of his writings will be found. 
1832, March 6. Robert Simpson. 

Assistant and successor to Professor Kidd, whom he had previously assisted 
privately. M.A., King's Coll., 1815 ; Murray Lecturer, 1831-32. Demitted 
2ist Jan., 1837, OJ^ ^lis appointment to the parish of Kintore. D.D., King's 
Coll., 1856. 
1835, Feb. 7. George Gordon McLean. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1812 ; M.D., 1819 ; Murray Lecturer, 1826. Retired 
i860, on the union of the Universities. Married, Frances Helen Angus. 

^ Chair founded, 1727, by the Rev. Gilbert Ramsay, Barbadoes (portrait in possession 
of University). The patronage was vested in the lairds of Balmain, failing whom the 
Corporation of Aberdeen (see Vol. I., p. 412). As to earlier instruction in Hebrew, see 
Vol. L, pp. 43, 264. 

(57) H 


1793, Dec. 14. George French. 

Son of John French, advocate, and Christian, dau. of Thomas Blackwell, 
gth Principal. M.D., 1786. Physician in Aberdeen. Designated first professor 
in the will of Mrs. Blackwell, widow of his uncle, the nth Principal. Married, 
Sarah Wellard, with issue : Christian Julia (m. Charles Ross, merchant). 
Died 13th Aug., 1833. Portrait in possession of Medico-Chirurgical Society. 
(Dingwall Fordyce Fam. Hist.) 

1833, Nov. 12. Thomas Clark. 

M.D., Glasg., 1831. This appointment caused much dissension. By Mrs. 
Blackwell's deed of Foundation the Principal and professors were directed to 
fill up a comparative trial of candidates, but on 21st Sept., 1827, 
the Commissioners of 1826 expressed doubt as to the right of the principal and 
professors to nominate, and directed them, in the event of a vacancy therein, 
to intimate the same to the Commission if then in force. Intimation was sent 
to the Secretary, but the Commissioners proved to have transmitted their final 
report, and the faculty accordingly advertised the vacancy, and examiners 
were selected — Professor Thomson, Glasgow ; Rev. A. J. Forsyth, Belhelvie ; 
Professors Davidson, Skene, and Knight. Three candidates appeared : 
Thomas Clark, William Henderson, M.A., M.D. (who had acted as 
assistant to Professor French, and was afterwards Lecturer on Materia 
Medica), and William Laing, M.A., M.D. (afterwards Lecturer on Sur- 
gery). It was, however, objected that Clark being only M.D., had not 
undergone the " regular academical education " required by the " deed of 
foundation," and his admission as a candidate was carried only by the casting 
vote of the Principal ; Professors Black, Glennie, Knight and Brown voting 
against him. Prof. Knight thereupon declined to act as Examiner. On the 
conclusion of the examination, which lasted for three days, the examiners 
reported unanimously in favour of Clark. (Lengthy Minutes, 20th Aug. to 12th 
Nov., printed in Appx. to Second Report of 1836-37 Commissioners, pp. 212- 
220.) In session 1842-43, Clark's health gave way, and, excepting a few 

1 Chair founded, 1793, by Barbara Black, widow of Principal Thomas Blackwell. See 
Vol. I., p. 461 ; also Dr. Bain's " History of Chemical teaching in Aberdeen " in Alma Mater, 
Vol. V|., pp. 2, 12, 22, 39. 





abortive attempts, he never lectured again. His class was conducted by a 
series of substitutes : — 

1843-45. John Shier, M.A., 1831 ; LL.D., 1845 ; Professor Davidson's as- 
sistant (p. 48), 1838-41 ; Fordyce lecturer (p. 73), 1840-45. (Dr. Bain's Biog. 

1845-47. Professor Andrew Fyfe, of King's College. 

1847-52. John Smith, M.A., 1843 ; M.D., 1844 ; LL.D., 1876. Afterwards 
Professor of Physics and Chemistry, University of Sydney. 

1852. James Smith Brazier. Also substitute for Professor Fyfe in 1854, and 
succeeded him as Professor of Chemistry in the University of Aberdeen in 

Notwithstanding his persistent ill-health, Clark was able to devote con- 
siderable attention to subjects of diverse character ; Water tests. University 
tests, English style, Spelling reform, Historical origin of the Gospels ; on 
which he issued numerous pamphlets. He made himself useful to the College 
in the struggles that ended in the union of i860. He married, 6th Febr., 1849, 
Mary McEwen, with issue : Thomas (died young). He retired in i860, and 
died 27th Nov., 1867. (Dr. Bain's Biog. Mem.; Alma Mater, Vol. VL) 


1833, June 18. Daniel Dewar. 

" On a presentation he had obtained from the Crown without the privity of 
the College " (Knight). Principal in previous year, p. 30. 



1839, 5th November. William Pirrie. ' 

M.A., 1825; M.D., Edin., 1829; LL.D., Edin., 1875. Lecturer, 1830. 
Professor of Surgery, University of Aberdeen, i860. Married, Mary Rose 
Matthews, with issue : Mary Rose (m. William Simpson, M.D., 1859), William 
(M.A., 1854, M.D., 1857), George (Capt., Madras S.C), Helen Lumsden, Anna 
Jane, Georgiana Isabella, Alexander, James Miller Gordon (M.D., 1878), 
Retired 1882. Died 21st Nov., 1882. Author of Principles and Practice of 
Surgery, Lond., 1852, etc.; and (with Wm. Keith) of Acupressure, Lond., 1867. 
(Notice by present editor in Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

1 See Vol. I,, p. 524. 



1839, 5th November. Allen Thomson. 

M.D., Edit!., 1830. Demitted 17th Aug., 1841, on appointment to chair ot 
Anatomy, Glasgow. 
1841, Sept. 8. Alexander Jardine Lizars. 

F.R.C.S. Ed., 1831. Professor of Anatomy, University of Aberdeen, i860. 
Retired 1863. Married, ist, Elizabeth Home, with issue, Eliza Home ; 2nd, 
Mary Macdowall. Author of Elements of Anatomy, Edin., 1844, etc. Died 
- 1866. 

1 See Vol. I., p. 524. 


Phciograiiire iiy Azusi&Sras. Glasccw 

fyO-t^.-^ ^<>*'<-e^; 



1841, July 3. John Stuart Blackie. 

Student at Marischal College (1821-24 and 1826-29), at Edinburgh (1824-26 
and 1832-34), and at Gottingen, Berlin and Rome. The circumstances attend- 
ing Blackie's presentation and admission are detailed in Vol. I., 520-3, and 
by Dr. Bain in Free Press of 28th April, 1890. Demitted 19th April, 1852, on 
appointment to the Greek chair, Edinburgh. Married, 19th April, 1842, Eliza 
Wyld. Died 1894. Portrait in great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll. {Life 
by Stoddart, and by Kennedy : latter with list of writings.) 

1852, May 17. Robert Maclure. 

LL.D., Glasg., 1837. Professor of Humanity, University of Aberdeen, i860. 
Married, Elizabeth May Richards. Died 1868. Author of Praxis on Latin 
Moods, Lond., 1839. 

1 See Vol. I., p. 520. References to instruction in Latin are found at earlier dates. 

1593- By the Foundation Charter the three Regents are to teach Latin, which language 
(or Greek) all students are enjoined to use. (Vol. L, pp. 43, 54.) 

1620-24. " David Wedderburne, maister of the grammer schoole ... to give a lessoun 
of humanitie anes everie weeke." (L, 185 ; Lachrymae of 1623 and 1635.) 

1650-55. John Forbes, styled professor of humanitie in the College accounts. After- 
wards Humanist at King's College. (L, 270.) 

1653. The Town Council grant the use of the aisle of the Grey Friar's Kirk for the 
humanity class. 

1660-61. George Whyte, styled humanist. 

1696-98. George Gordon, styled professor of languages. Son of late Patrick Gordon, 
humanist of King's College. 

1826, June 16. James Melvin, Rector of the Grammar School, appointed to teach a 
humanity class. M.A., 1813 ; LL.D., 1834. On 28th Oct., 1839, he was requested to con- 
tinue teaching " until a Professor of Humanity be admitted," and this he did during sessions 
1839-40 and 1840-41. Died 28th June, 1853. Portrait by Cassie, in possession of Grammar 
School, reproduced in this volume, in the Melvin Window, King's College, and the great 
window, Mitchell Hall, Marischal College. (Masson's yames Melvin, Aberd., 1895.) 



1857, November 21. Francis Ogston. 

M.A., Mar. Coll., 1821 ; M.D., Edin., 1824; LL.D., Aberd., 1885. Lecturer 
on Medical Jurisprudence since 1839, p. 6g ; Professor of the same in the 
University of Aberdeen, i860. Married, Amelia Cadenhead, with issue: Jane 
(m. Rev. Henry Cowan, aftds. D.D., Prof, of Church Hist.), Alexander (M.D., 
1866, Prof, of Surgery, 18S2), Francis, M.B., 1873 (Lecturer, Univ. of Otago), 
Helen Milne. Retired 1883. Died 25th September, 1887. Author of L^c/wrfS 
on Med. Jurispr., Lond., 1878, etc. (Fam. of Ogston. Fam. of Cadenhead.) 

^ See Vol. L, p. 529. 



1802/ Sept. 24. Charles Skene, lecturer on Anatomy. 

M.A., 1795 ; M.D., Edin., 1799. Professor of Medicine, 1823, P- 55' 
1811, Nov. I. William Dyce, lecturer on Midwifery. 

Alumnus, 1783. M.D., King's Coll., 1797. Father of William Dyce, R.A., 
and of Robert Dyce, M.D., Lecturer, 1841, Prof, of Midwifery, 1S60. Portrait 
in possession of his son-in-law, Rev. Dr. David Brown, Principal of the F. C. 
Coll., Aberdeen. 

^ A few references may be collected to courses of instruction in Medicine at an earlier 
date : — 

1741, Sept. 4. Part of the new building is called the " Anatomical Hall ". (Min.) 

1758, Oct, 17. Dr. John Gregory and Dr. David Skene advertise classes for Medicine 
and Midwifery. {Aberd. jfournal.) " Notwithstanding the deservedly high reputation of these 
two gentlemen, their endeavours did not meet with that encouragement which might have 
been expected, owing entirely to certain unlucky differences, subsisting at that time amongst 
the physicians here, who rather discouraged the scheme in general, and some entirely pre- 
vented their pupils from attending." (Coll. of Papers, 1787, p. 188.) 

1759, Jan. 9. Kirk Session of Old Machar emit a long and strong edict about the 
ignorance of midwives, and recommend Dr. Skene's midwifery class. (Aberd. yi.) 

1770. Professor Thomas Gordon's scheme of Union contemplates a Professor of Ana- 
tomy in addition to a Professor of Medicine. (Coll. 0/ Papers.) 

1782, Feb. 4. Dr. William Chalmers announces a " Medical Academy " comprehending 
Medicine, Midwifery, and in Summer Botany. " The virtues of medicines, and the most 
elegant and effectual methods of compounding and prescribing them will be delivered and 
reduced to practice." (Aberd. jfl.) Next month Dr. Chalmers becomes Mediciner at King's 
College, and nothing more is heard of a wish to teach. 

1786. In the Union controversy the formation of a Medical School is held out as a 
principal inducement. (Coll. of Papers.) 

1786, Oct. 23. Dr. French and Dr. Livingston (afterwards Professors) propose a six 
months' course of clinical lectures at the Infirmary. (Aberd. yi.) 

1789, Dec. 15. Aberdeen Medical (afterwards Medico-Chirurgical) Society, founded by 
twelve medical students. (Mrs. Rodger's Aberd. Doctors.) 

1790. Mr. James Russel offers a course of Clinical Surgery at the Infirmary, to open 
" in the beginning of November along with the medical classes in the University ". 

1793, Oct. 21. Professor Livingston announces a course of lectures. " Did not suc- 
ceed." (Knight.) 

(65) I 


1818, Mar. 27. George Barclay, lecturer on Surgery. 
M.A., 1809 ; M.D., Edin., 1812. Died 1820. 

William Henderson, lecturer on Materia Medica. 
Caskieben. M.A., 1809 ; M.D., Edin., 1813. See p. 68. 

1818, Nov. ID. Alexander Ewing, lecturer on Physiology in the Joint 


Tertowie. M.A., King's Coll., 1810 ; M.D., Edin., 1815. Married, Miss 

McCombie, Easter Skene, and was father of Lieut-Col. Alex. Ewing, husband 

of Miss J. H. Gatty. 

Appointed by King's Coll., 31st Oct., and now confirmed under Regulation 4. 

^ '* Marischal College, ^rd April, 1818. 
" It being suggested to the Faculty that a Medical School on an extended plan, and 
under the patronage of both Universities, might now be established ; they unanimously 
approve of the measure, and desire their Clerk to write a letter to the Principal and Professors 
of King's College, requesting a meeting with them, to take the proposal into consideration 
and, if approved of, to take the necessary steps for carrying it into effect." 

" Marischal College, igth May, 1818. 

"The Report of the Committee of both Colleges relative to the appointment of Medical 
Lecturers having been laid before the Faculty and read, they unanimously approve of the 
same and order it to be recorded in their minutes, whereof the tenor follows : — 

"Aberdeen, May 16, 1818. — At a Meeting of the Committees of King's and Marischal 
Colleges, to arrange a plan for the establishment of a Medical School, held at Marischal 
College, 16th May, the following regulations were suggested, as most consistent with the con- 
stitution of the Colleges, and best adapted to promote the institution, which, under the joint 
patronage of the two Universities, may attain a greater character, and be more extensively 
useful, than it could if only supported by one of them. 

" I. Both Universities to have equal power over the Medical School. 

" 2. Courses of Lectures to be given, during the Winter Session, on the following sub- 
jects : — Anatomy, Animal Economy, Surgery, Practice of Physic, Theory of Physic, Materia 
Medica, Clinical Medicine, and Midwifery, and a course of Lectures on Botany during the 

" 3. Lecturers on these subjects to be appointed or confirmed before the ensuing Session, 
or when the state of the School shall be thought to require this nomination. 

" 4. As the appointment of the Lecturers by a general meeting of both Colleges, having 
no corporate capacity, might not be deemed valid by the separate Faculties, it is proposed that 
the nomination to the Lectureships shall belong alternately to each, neither appointing twice 
successively to the same Lectureship, and that the appointment thus made by one College 
shall be confirmed by the other ; both Faculties entering a regulation in their minutes, binding 
themselves to this mode of alternate nomination and mutual confirmation. 

" 5. Lecturers having been named by Marischal College on Anatomy, Surgery, and 
Materia Medica, before the present plan of joint patronage was thought of, it is recommended 
that these appointments should in the meantime be confirmed by King's College, and that 


1819, Dec. 10. Robert White : Institutes of Medicine. 

Appointed by King's Coll., for one year, i8th Oct. Resigned 29th June, 1820. 

1820, Sept. 25. Patrick Blaikie : Surgery. 

M.A., i8o8 ; M.D., 1814. Appointed by King's Coll., 28th Aug. Died 27th 
February, 1830 : his winter course finished by Alexander Cromar, House- 
Surgeon, Infirmary. 
1823, Aug. 29. Alexander Ewing : Anatomy. 

Appointed by King's Coll., i6th Aug. Demitted 1830. 

1826, Nov. 14. Alexander Fraser : Midwifery. 

M.A., 1808. Appointed by King's Coll., 6th Nov. M.D., King's Coll., 1845. 

1827, April g. William Knight : Botany.^ 

Professor of Natural Philosophy, p. 48. Appointment made by the Joint 
Committee. Knight had taught a private Botanical Class in 1811-13, 1815, 
1816, 1823-26. Demitted 1840. 

the first nomination to the vacant Lectureships should proceed from the Faculty of King's 
College, and be confirmed by Marischal College. 

" 6. In case the Professors of Medicine of the Colleges should at any time wish to give 
Courses of Lectures, it will be advisable to reserve the Theory and Practice of Physic for them, 
the choice of either subject lying with the Professor that first undertakes the duty of lecturing. 
The appointment of Lecturers on these subjects may therefore be considered as ad interim. 

" 7. Should any of the Lecturers allow a Session to pass without giving a regular 
Course, his appointment is to be declared void, unless he shall have been prevented from 
doing so by bad health, or such reasons as may be deemed satisfactory by the College with 
which the next nomination to his lectureship lies. 

" 8. After the first nominations, when a vacancy is to be supplied in any of the estab- 
lished Courses, the College whose turn it is shall appoint a Lecturer within six months after 
the vacancy has occurred ; two meetings of the Faculty having been held, at a month's interval, 
to consider the best mode of supplying it, and the claims of different candidates. 

" g. To facilitate the arrangements necessary in opening and conducting the different 
Courses, it is recommended that a Standing Committee be appointed by each of the Faculties, 
to co-operate in superintending and promoting the objects of the Institution ; and that a Report 
of the state of the Medical School be made at least once a year, by this Joint Committee, to 
a General Meeting of the Faculties of both Universities." 

^ 1780, May 6. Rev. Robert Memis is granted £6 per annum for three years towards 
formation of a botanic garden. (See also T. C. Reg., Ixiv., ig6, 230.) 

1782. Dr. William Chalmers includes instruction in botany in his scheme of a Medical 
Academy. {Aberd. jfL, 4th Feb.) Never carried into effect. 

1787. Mr. Memis advertises a class in Theory and Practice of Botany. {Aberd. jfl., 
15th May.) 

1792. Rev. Alexander Smith advertises a class. {Aberd. yi., 13th May; T. C. Reg., 
Ixvi., 249; Ixvii., 56.) Continued yearly till 1799, when he became minister of Chapel of 
Garioch. D.D., 1814. 

1801-10. Professor James Beattie taught a class. Number 10 to 20. 

1817-22. No regular class. Attempts made by several of Professor Knight's students. 
Collie, Andrew Mackay, William McGillivray. 


1828, Dec. 2. James Torrie : Institutes of Medicine. 

M.D., King's Coll., 1823. Confirmed by King's Coll., 6th Dec. Demitted 1831. 
1830, April 3. Alexander Ewing : Surgery. 

Confirmed by King's Coll., i6th Apr. " 1834, March 15. Some of Dr. 
Ewing's students prosecute him before the Sheriff for £8 6s. 8d. damage in 
bilking them of i of a course of surgery. He began Nov. 4 and their ruffing, 
which he mistook for applause, made him end 12 March, giving only 58 meet- 
ings, of which only 41 available in a certificate, 17 being examinations. He 
had been absent 27 times, besides raising his fee from 2 to 3 guineas. The 
action before Sheriff Watson amuses the public and frightens him ; he re- 
sumes teaching, gets the Principal to go with him to his class, where Dewar 
blames him in his own presence. In April he terminates, turns restive, and 
sends long letters to the Senatus, wishing to know whether they account his 
course complete now : to which such answers as they deserved were sent. 
Dr. Ewing's class had been most disorderly, a subject being sometimes placed 
in the desk." (Knight.) Demitted 21 Aug., 1834. 
1830, May 8. William Pirrie : Anatomy and Physiology. 

Confirmed by King's Coll., 14th May. Professor of Surgery, 1839, p. 61. 

1830, Nov. I. William Laing : Clinical Medicine. 

M.D., 1824, ^"d Edin., 1827. Confirmed by King's Coll., 20th Nov. 

1831, Nov. 25. John Geddes : Institutes of Medicine. 

Appointed by King's Coll., igth Nov. 
1834, Sept. 26. William Laing : Surgery. 

Appointed by King's Coll., i6th Sept. 
1837, Jan. 10. Alexander Murray : Clinical Medicine. 
M.A., 1816 ; M.D., Edin., 1828. 

William Laing: Clinical Surgery. 
Appointed by the Managers of the Infirmary, 2nd Jan., and confirmed by 
Mar. Coll. 
1839, Sept. 3. William Henderson : lecturer on Materia Medica in 
Marischal College.^ 

^ On 4th October, 1838, the Senatus of King's College declined to consent to the appear- 
ance of the advertisement of the classes of the Joint Medical School which had been annually 
sanctioned for the twelve preceding years. This refusal was mainly based on the contention 
that the King's College Senatus should have been consulted as to the amount of accommoda- 
tion allotted to Medical Classes in the new buildings of Marischal College, in terms of Article 
10 in the agreement entered into by the Universities in 1818, as recorded in the Minutes of 
King''s College, on 6th July of that year, viz. : — 

" 10. An equal number of classes to be taught at each University, if required, and deemed 
expedient by either. In the mean time, as a room has been built at Marischal College for the 
Anatomical Lectures, and as great difficulties attending the due supply of preparations, etc., 
would be increased, by changing the place of teaching, the Anatomical Course may be given 


See p. 66. Robert Rattray, M.D., King's Coll., 1845, substitute, session 

Francis Ogston : Medical Jurisprudence. 
Professor, 1857, p. 64. 

Alexander Harvey : Institutes of Medicine. 
Hon. M.A., 1849 ; M.D., Edin., 1835. Did not begin to lecture till 1840-41. 
(Min. of 29th Oct., 1839.) Lecturer, King's Coll., 1849. Professor of Materia 
Medica, Univ. of Aberd., i860. Bust in possession of University. 

Sept. 30. William McKinnon : Comparative Anatomy. 

M.A., 1832; M.D., Edin., 1836. Demitted 8th Feb., 1840, on election "to 
an Institution in Edinburgh ". 

Oct. 30. James Jamieson : Midwifery. 
L.R.C.S. Ed. Resigned in bad health, 29th April, 1841. 

1840, April 4. John Shier : Botany. 

M.A., 1831 ; LL.D., 1845. Assistant to Professor Davidson, and Fordyce 
Lecturer on Agriculture. Biog. sketch by Professor Bain in Trans., Aberd. 
Phil. Soc, Vol. L Appointment became void next year, when Professor 
Macgillivray undertook to teach a Botanical Class. See p. 73. 

at Marischal College — the other Courses at King's or Marischal Colleges, as may be agreed 
on by the Committee." 

This entry did not appear in the corresponding Marischal College Minute of 19th May, 
1818, but was duly intimated by King's College to the Commissioners of 1826-30. {Evidence, 
IV., 180.) 

On 20th November, 1838, Mar. Coll. resolved to enquire of King's Coll. " whether they 
possess any original paper from which the regulations in their minute of 6th July, 1818, were 
copied ". King's Coll, not unnaturally resented this enquiry as equivalent to demanding a 
proof that their records " had not been vitiated ". A copy of the ten regulations in the hand- 
writing of Dr. Skene was produced by King's Coll. ; but " only two gentlemen who had a 
share in the business of this [Marischal] University in iSiS are now alive and their recollec- 
tions do not supply any information respecting the tenth article ". 

On nth April, 1839, the King's Coll. Senatus unanimously resolved " that all connection 
with the Marischal College in reference to the Medical School shall cease from and after the 
close of the Session," it being " inexpedient and even dangerous to maintain any further inter- 
course with Marischal College respecting the Medical School, when the letter and spirit of 
the original agreement have been so palpably violated ". The Mar. Coll. Senatus, while 
denying *' the allegation that they have violated either the letter or the spirit of the original 
agreement," and finding " a much nearer resemblance to a violation of that agreement in the 
refusal by members of King's College or its Senatus to sanction the usual advertisement of 
the Medical Classes," unanimously resolved, on nth July, " that the agreement entered into 
by the two Colleges in 1818 in regard to the Medical School and all the arrangements de- 
pending upon that agreement are terminated ". Extracts from their Records were printed by 
both Colleges. 


1841, June 21. Robert Dyce : Midwifery. 

M.A., 1816. ; M.D., 1821. Professor, Univ. of Aberd., i860. 

1845, Nov. 8. Robert Jamieson : Mental Diseases. 

M.A., 1835 ; M.D., Edin., 1839. Not a permanent lectureship. 

1849, July 7. George Ogilvie : Institutes of Medicine. 

M.A., 1838 ; M.D., Edin., 1842. Professor of Physiology, Univ. of Aberd., 
i860. Afterwards George Ogilvie-Forbes of Boyndlie. 

1849, Sept. 20. John Forbes Ogilvie : Insanity. 

M.A., 1840 ; M.D., Edin., 1844. Not a permanent lectureship. 

1853, April 8. Wyville Thomson : Botany. 

On the death of Professor Macgillivray, Professor Nicol preferring not to 
teach Botany. Mr. Thomson had been lecturer on Botany in King's Coll. 
since 1851. Afterwards Professor in Cork, Belfast, and Edinburgh. Knighted 

1854, April 17. William Rhind : Botany. 

1855, February 10. Robert Beveridge : Botany. 

M.A., 1843 ; M.B., 1847. 


i8ig, Oct. 4. Andrew Robertson. 

Advocate in Aberdeen, 1803. Had been nominated by the Society of 
Advocates, 21st Jan., i8ig. Demitted 15th Sept., 1821, on appointment as 
Sheriff-substitute of Forfarshire. 

1821, Nov. I. Alexander Thomson. 

M.A., 1813. Advocate in Aberdeen, 1818. Had been nominated by the 
Society, 20th Sept., 1821. Resigned 21st May, 1828. 

1828, June 24. James Edmond. 

Alumnus, 181 1. Advocate in Aberdeen, 1821. Had been nominated by the 
Society, 7th June, 1828. Resigned 21st January, 1843. Brother of Francis 
Edmond, long legal adviser to the University. 

1843, Mar. II. George Grub. 

M.A., King's Coll., 1856 (Class of 1829) ; LL.D., Aberd., 1864. Advocate 
in Aberdeen, 1836, Had been nominated by the Society, loth Feb., 1843. 
Became, in i860, Substitute for Professor Patrick Davidson, Civilist in 
King's Coll., since 1833, and on his death, in 1881, succeeded to the Chair 
of Law. Retired i8gi. Died 1892. Author of Eccles. Hist, of Scotland, 
Edinb., 1861 ; etc. Portrait by Sir George Reid in possession of University. 

^ Lectureship founded by the Society of Advocates in Aberdeen. See Vol. L, p. 489. 
Their request to grant the title of " Professor " is taken ad avizandum by the Faculty. David 
Verner, Regent, had taught Law in 1724, and Francis Skene in 1766, pp. 40, 44. 



1825, June g. William Laurence Brown. 

Principal, p. 30. His Introductory Lecture, delivered 22nd Nov., "before the 
honourable the magistrates of the city, a considerable number of the clergy, 
all the professors, lecturers and students, of every denomination, of Marischal 
College, and many most respectable gentlemen inhabitants," printed, Aberd., 

1830, Novemb. 12. Robert James Brown. 

Professor of Greek, p. 49. Nominated by Trustees, 30th Oct. 

1831, Novemb. 18. Alexander Black. 

Professor of Divinity, p. 52. Nominated by Trustees, 29th Oct. 
1844, January 6. William Robinson Pirie. 

Professor of Divinity, p. 52. Nominated by Trustees, 2nd January. 

* Lectureship founded by John Gordon of Murtle. See Vol. I., p. 489. 




1840, March 2. John Shier. 

Substitute for Professor Davidson, pp. 48, 69. 

1845, Nov. 29. Professor Andrew Fyfe. 

King's Coll. At same time substitute for Prof. Clark, pp. 58-9. 

1846-47. Vacant. 

1848, June 17. John Smith. 

Substitute for Professor Clark. 

1852. Vacant. 

1853, June 20. James Smith Brazier. 

Substitute for Professor Clark. Acted as lecturer down to the union of 
the Colleges, and thereafter for two Sessions, when he became Professor of 

^ Lectureship founded by Sir William Fordyce. See Vol. I., p. 452. 



1632, Feb. 8. Robert Downy. 

Appointed by the Town Council, Son of William Downy, Banchory, and 
nephew of Secretary Thomas Reid (p. 31), M.A., King's Coll., 1623 ; M.D. 
(Scott's Fasti). Minister of Futtie, 165-. Died 1663. Author of Scotorum 
Elogium, Aberd., 1641, and Verses in Forbes' Funcrah ; also (ace. to Cat. 
Scot. Writ.) of Poems dedicated to the Earl of Kinnoul. 
1663, Nov. 4. David Gregory. 

Of Kinnairdie, son of John Gregory of Drumoak. See Table of Gregory 
family in Vol. I., p. 203. Bajan, 1641. 
i66g, Jan. 9. Thomas Gray. 

Regent, p. 37. Appointed by the Council. Drew up the earliest extant 
1673, Oct. 30. Robert Paterson. 

Regent, p. 37. Appointed by the College. 
1717, Oct. 18. Thomas Blackwell. 

The younger. Professor of Greek, 1723, p. 42. Presentation to be biblio- 
thecar all the days of his father's life, signed by Principal and four regents. 
" Shewn me by Mrs. C. Ross " (Knight. See S. N. and Q., V., 187). 

1729. Matthew McKaile. 

Regent in this year, p. 43. Styled keeper of Library in Min. of 24th Apr., 
when every M.A. is enjoined to pay £^ Scots to the Library. 
1733. Thomas Reid. 

Great-great-great^randson of Robert, elder brother of Secretary Thomas 
Reid. M.A., 1726; D.D., 1762. Minister of New Machar, 1737; Regent, 
King's Coll., 1751 ; Prof, of Mor. Phil., Glasgow, 1764. Portrait by Raeburn 
in possession of Mr. A. J. Forbes Leith of Fyvie, reproduced in this volume, 
and in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) 
1737. John Skene. 

M.A., 1733. Younger brother of Professor Francis Skene (Skene Memorials). 
Dismissed in 1750 as " guilty of very great negligence " : Prof. Skene, his 
cautioner, to pay the value of books lost. 

* See Vol. I., p. 200 ; also the present editor's Hist. Notes on the Libraries of the 
Universities of Aberdeen, Aberd., 1893. Principal Dun seems to have acted as custodian of 
the Liddell and Reid Collections till 1632. 


PhDJogravure try Annan X Soub, GlBBtjow 


Gy>m?ma^ Q^^^a^ 




1750. Professor Francis Skene. 

1754, 7th March, The four regents to be Librarians for three years each, in 
order of seniority, on account of the smallness of their salaries ; but Prof. 
Skene to retain office for seven years " until he be indemnified for the loss he 
has incurred ". 

1761. Professor Alexander Gerard. 

1764. Professor William Kennedy. 

1767. Professor George Skene. 

1770. Professor James Beattie. 

1773. Professor Francis Skene (d. 13th Feb., 1775). 

1775. Professor William Kennedy. 

1778. Professor George Skene. 

1781. Professor James Beattie. 

1784. Professor Robert Hamilton. 

1787. Professor John Stuart. 

1791. Professor James Beattie, Junr. 

1794. Professor James Beattie. 

1796. Professor Robert Hamilton. 

1799. Professor John Stuart. 

1802. Professor James Beattie, Junr. 

1805. Professor George Glennie. 

1808. Professor Robert Hamilton. 

1811. Professor John Stuart. 

1814. Professor George Glennie. 

1817. Professor James Davidson. 

1820. Professor Robert Hamilton. 

1823. Professor John Stuart. 

1826. Professor George Glennie. 

1829. Professor James Davidson. 

1832. Professor William Knight. 

1835. Professor Robert James Brown. 

1838. Professor George Glennie. 

1841. Professor William Knight. 

Superintended the transference of the books to the new Library, and began 
a new MS. Catalogue. 

1844-60. Professor John Cruickshank. 

In 1845, paid ^45 for trouble in rearranging books. In 1851, reported that 
he had spent 1200 hours in arranging books after the fire of 1845, and in com- 
pleting the Catalogue begun by Professor Knight. 


1595. Andrew Leslie. 

" Portar of the college ... to ring ilk Wednesday at tua houris cfter none 
the Gray Freris bell." (T. C. Reg., xxxvi., 436.) 
1652. John Thomson. 

Porter. Stipend or fee, ;f 16 scots (Accts.). 
1653-61. Thomas Anderson. 

Porter. Stipend, ;^i6 scots (Accts.). 
1678. William Gordon. 

Porter. Stipend, £1^ 6s. (Accts.). His relict, Margaret Hastie, receives 
several sums, 1686-7. 
1684, Oct. 29. William Main. 

" At the Marischall Colledge 29 Oct 1684 

" The which day compeired William Main, Bouer, burges of Abd, and pro- 
duced an presentation from an noble and potent lord George Earle Marischall, 
Lord Keith and Altrie, undoubted patron of the sd. Colledge, to be Janitor in 
the sd. Colledge ; the which presentation the Prinll. and Regents did accept, 
and having found him qualified for the sd. office and given him the oath de 
fideli administratione, did admitt him to the sd. office and to all the profeits 
therof. In witnes wherof we have subt. thir pnts wt. our hands tyme and 
place forsd 
{Buik of Reg.) " [signed] Ro Paterson, principall." 

In 1697, Main is designated Sacrist. A year after he was appointed 
Janitor, we find him mortifying some house property towards the support 
of a bursar of his own kin, the augmentation of the salaries of the Principal 
and Regents, and the reparation of the fabric of the College (Vol. I., p. 328). 
John Davidson appears, 1688-1720, as " porter," a term now used to denote 
the sacrist's subordinate ; so Alexander Brebner, under-porter, 1706-20, and 
porter, 1720-47. John Gibb, porter, 1747-53. Other under-porters were : 
James Walker, 1709 ; Peter Robertson, 1713 ; James Silver, 1739 ; Samuel 
Duncan, 1744. 
1719. William Fowler. 

Died 1753. 

^ This term does not occur in the Foundation Charter, but every student is directed to 
pay two shillings yearly to the " communis apparitor " or " bedellus ". 



1753, April 10. John Gibb. 

Died 1788. (See an amusing elegy in Caledonian Mag., March, 1789.) 
Robert Duncan, porter 1753-81 ; John Arthur, porter 1781-88. 
1788, Sept. 6. John Arthur. 

Died 1808. George Pirie, porter 1788-1808. Election of sacrist and porter 
in future to be annual. 
1808, Feb. 26. George Pirie. 

Died 1837, " a good servant " (Knight). James Bain, porter 1808, " repri- 
manded and cautioned 1815," " general conduct complained of and repro- 
bated " 1819, *' unanimously dismissed " 1826. James Diack, porter 1826- 


1837, Sept. 16. James Diack. 

Died 1843. John Cooper, porter 1837-43, had been sub-porter 1836-7. 

1843, April 7, John Cooper. 

Died 1873. John Colvin, porter 1843, succeeded Cooper as Sacrist at 
Marischal College in 1873 ; at King's Coll., 1879 ; resigned 1891 ; died 1895 ; 
portrait by A. D. Reid in possession of University. (See "/o/t»," his pilgrimage 
and his portrait, Aberd., 1892.) The reign of John Cooper and John Colvin 
extended over fifty-four years ; that of John Thomson, John Smith, and 
John Begg, at King's College, over sixty-six years; so that the name John 
came to be regarded as a generic vocative for all college servants. 








1724. Calder.2 

So Knight ; but the entry in the Accounts, " Parchment for Mr Gaidar's 
diploma 12/-," does not seem necessarily to indicate a degree in divinity. 

1733. " Price of a Doctor of Divinity gifted to the College by Principal 
Osborn £20 st." The graduate was " an English Divine ". 
1736. Philip Doddridge. 

The well-known Dissenting minister, Northampton, author of Hymns 
and various theological works. (Diploma voucher of 27th May ; " paid 
for writing, parchment and a box £\ 8s.".) He had D.D. from King's 
College, 5th July, 1737, and observes : — " I am just going to write a letter of 
thanks to the College at Old Aberdeen, who, that my name may not be at all 

^ The earliest form of diploma ran as follows : — 

" Omnibus et Singulis Quorum Interest S. 

'• Quum omnis generis honores eum in finem et primo inventi et postea conlati fuerint, 
ut ingenia hominum excitarent, et bene de Republica seu consulendo- seu agendo mentis 
laborum suorum fructum aliquem redderent : Nos, Gymnasiarcha et Professores Universitatis 
Marischallanae Abredonensis, quibus praeclara in literas merita remari \sic\ atque inventa re- 
munerarier solenne semper fuit, pro comperto habentes, virum pium et probum A. B. magnos in 
sacris Uteris progressus fecisse, eisque praeditum esse moribus qui virum prium et probum de- 
ceant et ornent : Propterea, nos supradictum A. B. ornare, qua potis est, volentes, honoribus 
nostris summis academicis dignum censuimus, atque eundem Sacro-sanctae Theologiae 
Doctorem creavimus et constituimus, sicut per has praesentes doctoratus literas creamus omni- 
bus ubique bonorum artium studiosis obnixe commendatum habemus ut eum humaniter am- 
plecti et benigne promovere dignentur. Quam gratiam oblata ansa libentes et ex animo bene 
faciendo reddimus, nos qui chirographis nostris publicoque universitatis sigillo diploma hocce 
muniendum curavimus. 

" Datum Abredeae, etc." (Knight's MS.) 

"^ The earlier names — before a regular record of degrees is entered in the Faculty 
Minutes — are taken from the Album compiled from all available sources by Professor William 

(81) L 


affected in the dispute between them and the new College about the right of 
conferring degrees, have also sent me a diploma ". (Corresp., III., 275.) 
1736. John Milner. 

Dissenting minister, London ; author of many works. 

Abraham Taylor. 

Dissenting minister, Deptford. (Diploma voucher of 31st July.) 

Alexander Cruden (of the Concordance, then a bookseller in London : see 
Vol. L, p. 444) writes 5th Aug., 1736, to Principal Osborn, 

" I received on the 2d current, Mr Milner's Diploma with a Letter from Mr 
Verner to Dr Anderson and self. The Doctor has prevailed so far as to get 
£1^ for the Diploma, which I received Yesterday, and he thinks he deserves 
for this and all his good services a Couple of Pieces, and had a sort of a pro- 
mise from me to write you so much. . . . Dr. Doddridge was lately in Town 
and he gave me five Guineas as an Acknowledgment for his Diploma. I sug- 
gested to him pretty plainly that it was too little, but he said that he had a 
great Family, etc., and this was all I could get from him. Please to let me 
know whether I shall remit these five Guineas, or if you have occasion to lay 
it out here. Dr Doddridge has promised to be a friend to your College. He 
has ordered me to bind 3 or 4 Volumes of his Sermons in a very handsome 
manner for your Library, which I propose to send by C. Keith. I sent down 
an Attestation of the Revd. Mr Abraham Taylor of Deptford, to obtain the 
Degree of D.D. from you and the College. It is unknown to him. I will en- 
gage that he is worthy of it, for he exceeds all the Dissenting Ministers of my 
acquaintance for Learning, and his character is every way entire. He has been 
Author of several things, particularly 2 vol. in 8vo. agt. Arianism. It is designed 
that a Diploma shall be obtained for Mr Taylor in one or other University. 
I hope no further Delay will be made in this affair. I daresay he will make a 
much more handsome Remembrance to the University than Dr Doddridge 
has done." (Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Correspondence, 8 ".) 

1739, June II. William Braikenridge. 

Vicar of New Church, Isle of Wight. Author of Sermons, Lond., 1764, etc. 
The original attestation in his favour has been preserved : — 
" Viris Hon. Rev. Colendissimis 
Rectori, Decan. Facult., Gymnasiarchae, Professoribus 
Almae Academiae Mariscallanae Universit. Carolinae Abredonensis. 
" Nos chirographis nostris subscribentes, veritati uhice faventes, candide 
testamur Rev. virum Gulielmum Braikenridge e vestra alma Academia Artium 
Magistrum, et Paroechiae de New Church in Insula Vecti vicarium, pie et 
sancte per quadriennium proxime elapsum, quoad nobis innotuit, vixisse, mores 
ad vitae institutum officiique dignitatem composuisse, majores semper in bonis 
Uteris et praecipue in S.S. Theologia processus facere et fecisse ; dignumque 
censemus qui Doctoratus in Sacris Gradum a vobis, pro vestra in doctos et 


bonos benevolentia consequatur, si ita vobis, Viri Hon. Rev. Colendissimi, 
visum fuerit. 

" Dat. Londini " [Sic subscr.] Tho. Episc. Oxon.i 

" Maij decimo sexto die " Arthur Ashley Sykes, S.T.P. 

" A.D. 1739." "Johannes Hay, S.T.P. 

1745. Nathaniel Lardner. 

Dissenting theologian, and writer. " The beginning of the year, by the 
cordial and unanimous signature of the Marischal College of Aberdeen he 
was honoured with the degree of Doctor in Divinity, an honour which, though 
he thought it improper to solicit, he judged it his duty to accept, when offered 
in so very obliging a manner. In his reflections on it he says : — ' I pray God 
I may not be elevated by any acceptance my labours meet with, but that I may 
proceed with humility, diligence and integrity in the whole of my life '." 
{Life by Kippis.) 
1748. John Gill. 

Hon.^ Dissenting minister, and writer, London. " On account of his learned 
defence of the true sense of the Holy Scriptures against deists and infidels." 
(Chalmers' Biog. Diet.) He presented 10 guineas to the new buildings. 
Dec. 6. James Foster. 

Dissenting minister, and writer, London, *' upon an application from Mr David 

Fordyce ". 

" Let modest Foster, if he will, excel 
Ten metropolitans in preaching well." — Pope. 
1750. James Chalmers. 

Hon. M.A., 1731. Rector of Lamarck. Letter of thanks, dated March 
14th, in Charter Chest. Rec. by Mr. John Hackett, and Mr. John Gordon, 
Minister of St. Pauls. 

1753, Jan. 25. Charles Lind. 

" Att the desire of the Countess of Erroll, who paid rs Guineas for the 
dues." (Min.) 

Robert Pollock. 
Hon. Professor of Divinity, p. 52. " Out of the regard the other members 
have for him." 

Thomas Birch. 
Hon. Secretary to the Royal Society, whose History he wrote, with many 
other works : " recommended by the Principall " (Nichol's Lit. Anccd., V., 

1754, Aug. 15. Andrew Gifford. 

" Member of the Society of Antiquaries, attested by James Farquharson 

1 Thomas Seeker. 

'■^ " These marks of Hon. [i.e.. Honorary] are either from the Accounts, where the expense 
of the diploma is charged to the College, or from some accounts in Dr. Beattie's hand of the 
same expense." (Knight.) Afterwards from the Faculty Minutes. 


Esqr in Bloomsbury Square, London, educate at this College, and very well 
known as a man of worth and learning to the Principal and Dr Gordon." 
(Min. Fee paid, fifteen guineas.) Edited Martin Folkes' numismatic works. 
1757, Jan. 5. Charles Moore. 

Brewton. M.A. (Hon.), 1756. (Min.) 
1760. James Traill. 

M.A., 1745. (Accts.) 

1762, Jan. 18. Thomas Reid. 

Hon. M.A., 1726. Professor of Moral Philosophy, King's College. 
(A herd. Jl.) See p. 74. 
Mar. 17. Mather. 

Minister in N. America. Probably Samuel, son of Cotton Mather ; B.A., 
Harvard, 1723. 

James Blinshall. 

Hon. M.A., 1739. Minister of Scots Church, Amsterdam. Author of 
Sermon, Edin., 1780. (Accts.) 

Hugh Kennedy. 

Hon. Minister, Cavers and Rotterdam. Father of Prof. Wm. Kennedy. 
Author oi Sermons, Edin., 1732, etc. (Accts.) 

Samuel Langdon. 

American minister and author. B.A., Harvard, 1740. (Accts.) 

David William Morgan. 

Hon. One of the priests in ordinary to His Majesty and Confessor to the 
Household. Gratis, because " Mr Morgan is patronised by the Earl of Bute, 
Chancellor of the University". So in Min., but in Accts. this is termed a 
Degree in Laws. 

1763, Feb. 22. John Brooke. 

April 25. William Cruickshank. , 

Hon. M.'A., 1736. Dissenting minister, London. Author of 5«rwof»s, 1743, 
etc. [Mem. of James Youtig, 1861. App. x., p. ii.] 

1764, John Caulfield. 

Hon. Dissenting minister. Author of ^eywons, Dublin, 1773. 
Robert Wait. 

Hon. Minister of Galston. Author of Gospel history, Edin., 1765 (Scots 
Mag., XXVH., 616). 
John Gordon. Hon. 

1765, April 15. John Drysdale. 

Hon. One of the ministers of Edinburgh. Author of Sermons, Edin., 1793. 
{Life by Dalziel.) 

1766, Oct. 7. John Ogilvy. 

Hon. Minister of Midmar. Poet and theologian. 


1767, May 4. Thomas Blacklock. 

Hon. " The celebrated blind poet and friend of Doctor Beattie." {Abd.Jl.) 
July 3. William Wilkie. 

Hon. " The reverend and learned Professor of Natural Philosophy at St. 
Andrews." Author of the Epigoniad. 
Aug. 7. Richard Price. 
Hon. Dissenting minister, London. Mathematician and political economist 

Philip Furneaux, 
Hon. Dissenting minister, Clapham, Author of Essay on toleration, 1773, etc. 

Rice Harris. 
Hon. Dissenting minister, London. Author of Sermons, 1767, etc. 
Nov. 13. Caleb Ashworth. 
Hon. Dissenting minister. Author oi Hebrew grammar, lyd^, etc. 

Samuel Martin [? Morton] Savage. 
Hon. Dissenting pulpit orator. Author of various Sertnons, 1758, etc. 

1768, March g. Joseph Bellamy. 

Hon. B.A,, Yale, 1735. Minister at Boston, Mass. Author of Wisdom 0/ 
God, 1760, etc. 

1769, Walter Anderson. 

Hon. Author of History of France, 1769, etc. 

John Ogilvie. 

(Accts. Paid twelve guineas.) 

1770, Feb. 20. Thomas Stanton. Hon. 
May ig. Roger Flaxman. Hon. 

1771, Sept. 21. John Calder. 

Hon. M.A., 1750. Dissenting minister, London. Librarian of Williams 
Library. Author, critic, etc. On motion of Principal Campbell. (Min.) 
Bequeathed his large collection of coins to the College, 1815. 

1773, Sept. 3. Humphrey Primatt. 

Hon. Vicar of Higham, near Strafford, Suffolk. (Accts.) Bequeathed his 
books to the College Library. (Vol. L, p. 454.) Author of Duty of mercy^ 
1766, etc. 
Nov. 25. Hugh Knox. 

Hon. Presbyterian minister in Santa Cruz, West Indies. (Min.) Author 
of Moral and religious miscellany. New York, 1775, etc. 

1774, May 30. John Aiken. 

M.A., 1744. Dissenting minister and teacher at Warrington. Father of 
Mrs. Barbauld and of John Aiken, M.D. ; author of Essays on song-writing, etc. 
Sept. 8. Duncan Shaw. 

Hon. M.A., King's Coll., 1747. Minister of Rafford and of Aberdeen. 
Moderator of General Assembly, 1786. 


1774, Sept. 8. Robert Cramond. 

Minister of Yarrow. 
1775- John Staiford. 

Hon. (Accts.) Dissenting minister. 
1778. John Runnels. 

Hon. (Accts.) 
1780. James Illingworth. 

(Accts. : paid twelve guineas.) 

1784, April 26. Samuel Copland. 

Hon. M.A., King's Coll., 1733. Minister of Fintray. Father of Professor 
Patrick Copland. 

1785. Alexander Gumming. 

M.A., 1731. Vicar of Kingston, Jamaica. (Accts.) 
1790.^ George Mintie. 

Hon. M. A., 1775. Minister of Kinnethmont, 1791. (Accts. : styled LL. D. 
in Scott's Fasti.) 
1796, Feb. David Cruden. 

Hon. (Aberd. JL, 24th Feb.: not in Min.) M.A., 1764. Minister of Nigg. 
{Genml. Ace. of J as. Young, etc., p. 241.) 
James Fraser. 
Hon. {Aberd. Jl., 24th Feb. : not in Min.) M.A., 1771. Minister of 
1797.^ William Man. 

Hon. Dissenting minister, London. (Accts. : not in Min.) 
1798, Aug. Gavin Mitchell. 

Hon. (Accts., and Aberd. Jl.) M.A., King's Coll., 1748. Minister of 
Kinnellar. Author of Remarks upon Journal of a tour, 1799, etc. 
1799' Joseph Grant. 

Hon. M.A., 1781. (Accts.) 
Sept. 19. Skene Ogilvy. 

Hon. M.A., King's Coll., 1773. Minister of Old Machar. Portrait in the 
" Sapient Septemviri ". 
1801, Aug. 22. Alexander Fraser. 

Hon. M.A., 1766. Minister of Kirkhill, Inverness-shire. 

^ Knight gives James Sherrififs, one of the ministers of Aberdeen (M.A., 1770) under this 
year ; but probably this is a blunder for King's Coll. (Scott's Fasti, III., 465 ; Off. and Grad., 

p. I05-) 

2 6th May, 1796. " The Faculty resolve that the fee charged in future for the degree of 
Doctor of Divinity or Laws shall be sixteen pounds, the same as now charged for the degree 
of Doctor of Medicine," 


1802, Jan. 18. Patrick Mitchell. 

Hon. M.A., 1774. Minister of Kemnay. 
Nov. 13. Harry Robertson. 

Hon. (Accts.) M.A., King's Coll., 1767. Minister of Kiltearn. 
Dec. 10. James Nairne. 

Hon. {Aberd. Jl., 22nd Dec.) Minister of Pittenweem. 

1803, March 23. George Skene Keith. 

Hon. (Aberd. J L) M. A., 1770. Minister of Keith-hall. Author of ^^W- 
cultural survey of Aberdeenshire, etc. Representative of the Auquhorsk branch 
of the Keith family (see p. 2), now represented by his grandson, George 
Elphinstone Keith. {S. N. and Q., Jan., 1897.) 

Rev. George Skene Keith. 

I I I i 

James, Rev. Alexander, Rev. John, George Skene, 

Adjt.-Gen., Ind. Army. M.A., 1809; D.D., 1833. M.A., 1814. M.A., 181 1. 

George Elphinstone. 

I I I 

Thomas. Robert, George. 

M.D., 1865; 

Rev. Alex., Geo. Skene, John, James, Patrick. Thomas, David, 

M.A., 1835. Alumn., 1838, Alumn., M.D. Alumn., 1846, M.A., 1847. 

M.D. (Ed.), 1841, 1839. (Ed.), M.D. (Ed.), 1848, 

LL.D. (Ab.), 1895. 1845. LL.D. (Ab.), 1894. 

Aug. 31. Stevenson McGill. 

Hon. Professor of Divinity, Glasgow. Author oi Lectures on rhetoric, 1838, etc. 
Oct. 26. David Somervile. 

Hon. Minister of Stirling. 

1805, Sept. 23. David Swan. 

Hon. Minister of Scoonie. 

1806, Nov. 28. George Lawson. 

Hon. Seceding minister at Selkirk, and Professor of Divinity to the Burgher 
Seceding Synod. Author oi Lectures on history of Joseph, 1807, and many other 

1807, Dec. 15. George Chisholm. 

M.A., 1771. Of Bradmore House Academy, Hammersmith. (Accts. : paid 
fee of ;fi5.) 

1808, Sept. 28. Archibald McLachlan. 

Hon. One of the Ministers of Dundee. Rec. by William Marie, Monikie, 
and William Johnston, Monifieth. 
Dec. 7. Robert Renny. 

Hon. Minister of Kilsyth. Professor of Civil and Natural History, p. 48. 


1809, James Chrichton. 

Hon. Minister of Holywood, Dumfries-shire. 

April 25. Alexander Peters. 

Hon. M.A., 1772. Minister of Logie Pert. On the motion of Principal 
Brown. (Min.) 

Sept. 21. John Adamthwaite. 

Hon. Usher of the Grammar School, Northampton, and Curate of Abing- 
don. Recommended by the Bishop of Peterborough and others " for a degree 
of LL.D. or D.D.". 

Oct. 13. William Nicol. 

Hon. Minister of the Scots Church, Swallow Street, London. Author of 
Sermons, 1801, etc. Rec. Robert Young, D.D., and Thomas Rutledge, D.D., 
ministers, London. 

Oct. 18. James Ross. 

Hon. M.A., 1780. One of the Ministers of Aberdeen. Author of Sermons, 

Dec. 26. Thomas Snell Jones. 

Minister of Lady Glenorchy's Chapel, Edinburgh. Rec. Andrew Fleming, 
D.D., and John Thomson, D.D., ministers, Edinburgh. (Application alone 
minuted : but letter of thanks preserved. See Kay's Portraits.) 

1810, Jan. 26. William Hamilton Drummond. 

Hon. Minister of the second congregation of Protestant dissenters, Belfast. 
Author oi Ancient Irish minstrelsy and many other works. Rec. by the Bishop 
of Dromore and William Bruce, D.D., Belfast. 

May II. Walter Foggo Ireland. 

Hon. One of the ministers of Leith. Author of Sermons, 1829, etc. Rec. 
by David Johnston, D.D. ; John Thomson, D.D. ; William Simson, D.D. 

June 22. David Davidson. 

One of the Ministers of Dundee. Rec. by Thomas Kennedy, St. Madocs ; 
Walter Tait, Tealing ; William Maule, Monikie ; Thomas Rait, Lundie. 

Nov. 30. James McKinlay. 

Minister of Kilmarnock. Rec. by Robert Balfour, D.D., and John Lock- 
hart, D.D., Glasgow, and John Findlay, D.D., Paisley. 

181 1, Oct. 29. John Colquhoun. 

Minister of the New Church, South Leith. Applied for by the Trustees of 
the Church, with rec. by Thomas Fleming, D.D. ; T. S. Jones, D.D. (of 1809) ; 
Walter Buchanan, D.D. ; James Robertson, D.D. ; David Johnston, D.D. 
George Pirie. 

Hon. M.A., 1777. Minister of Slains. See 1844, infra. On the motion of 
Principal Brown. 


181 1, Nov. 22. John Turner. 

Late of Peterhouse, Cambridge ; one of the preachers at Quebec Chapel, 
London, and master of a boarding school at Chiswick. Rec. Francis Barnes 
and Thomas Vesey, Peterhouse; Richard Valpy, D.D. ; William Mavor, 

1812, March 20. James McLean. 

Hon. Minister of Gorbals, Glasgow. Rec. Sir Henry MoncriefF Wellwood, 
bart., D.D., and Andrew Duncan, D.D. 
Nov. 6. John Robinson. 

Vicar of Ravenstonedale, Westmoreland. Author of Theological dictionary, 
1815, etc. Application " for a degree either of Laws or of Divinity " ; with 
rec. by Archbishop of York and William Mavor, LL.D. " of this University". 

1813, July 7.^ John Stewart. 

Presbyterian clergyman, Liverpool. Author of Letters on baptism, 1810. 
Rec. John Thomson, D.D., and T. S. Jones, D.D., Edinburgh. 
Sept. 21. Hugh Jamieson. 

M.A., 1776. Minister of the Burgher Congregation, East Linton. Author 
of Decay of religious affections, 1819. Rec. Sir John Sinclair, Robert Brown, 
Markle, Robert Lorimer, D.D., and William Sibbald, Haddington. 
Hugh Laird. 
Minister, Portmoak. Rec. David Sommerville, D.D., Stirling, and Thomas 
Davidson, D.D., Edinburgh. 

1814, John Morgan Bletsoe. 

Hon. See under LL.D.'s, 1818. •'' 

April 13. George Forbes. 

Hon. M.A., 1797. Minister of Strathdort. On the motion of " one member 
of the Faculty ". 

Alexander Smith. 
Hon. M.A., 1790. Minister of Chapel of Garioch. Translator of Michaelis' 
Com. on Moses. On the motion of " another member of the Faculty ". 
May II. Henry Nicholson. 

Hon. Curate of Apsley Woburn, Bedfordshire. Rec. by the Bishop of Lincoln 
and " five beneficed clergymen in his diocese ". 
Sept. 22. John Styles. 
» Dissenting Minister, Brighton. Copious theological commentator, Rec. 
William Collyer, S.S.T.P. ; E. H. Price, LL.D.; Isaac Buxton, M.D. 

1815, George Berkely Mitchell. 

Editor of Hume's England. There is no formal record of this degree, but, 
on 3rd Jan., the Faculty confer the degree of M.A. on Mitchell (who is rec. for 

^ On 26th Feb., an application from Rev. James Grant Macgregor was unanimously 
rejected " from the improper stile of his letters ". 



either M.A., or D.D. by the Bishop of Rochester, T. S. Greenshaw, Rector of 
Barton ; Legh Richmond, Rector of Turvey ; Thomas Fry, Rector of Em- 
berton), and resolve " in the event of his desiring to have the honour of D.D. 
to grant the same to him, after the expiration of three months ". 

1815, June 27. Alexander Waugh. 

M.A., 1778. Minister of the protestant dissenting congregation, Well Street, 
London. Author of Peaceful endeavour to enlighten the World, 1797, etc. Rec. 
J. Campbell, D.D., and Thomas Fleming, D.D., Edinburgh, and Sir James 
Mackintosh. " He gave the College a dinner in Ronald's [Lemon Tree], 4th 
July." (Knight.) 

1816, Jan. 5. George Glennie. 

Hon. M.A., 1786. Professor of Moral Philosophy, p. 47. 
Aug. 23. William Jack. 

Hon. Principal of King's College, M.D. 
Oct. 29. John Love. 

Hon. Minister of a Chapel of Ease at Anderston, Glasgow. Author of 
Discourses, 1838, etc. Rec. Robert Balfour, John Burns, Alexander Ranken, 
John Lockhart, Thomas Chalmers, D.D.'s, Glasgow. Was a candidate this 
year with Drs. Mearns and Black, for the Professorship of Divinity in King's 
College. {Off. and Grad., p. 72.) 
Dec. 13.^ William Brown. 

Minister of Eskdalemuir. Rec. William Singer, D.D., Kirkpatrick-Juxta, 
and Scott, Dumfries. 

1817, Thomas Aitchison. 

Hon. Author of Sermons, Edin., 1800. 
July 9. George Wright. 
Minister of Markinch, and presentee to Stirling. Rec. Sir Harry Moncrieff, 
Davidson, D.D., and Thomas Fleming, D.D., Edinburgh. 
Sept. 4. Robert Hall. 

Hon. M.A., King's Coll., 1785. Dissenting Minister, Leicester. The Faculty 
taking into account his " acknowledged merits, both as an eloquent preacher 
and as an excellent writer on theological subjects, and having likewise ascer- 
tained by undoubted evidence, particularly that of Dr. Olinthus Gregory, at 
present in this city, the amiable private character of the said gentleman, 
unanimously resolve as a testimony of their respect and esteem to confer on 
him the degree of D.D. ". Author of Modern infidelity considered, 1800, etc. 
Sept. 12. James Husband. 
Hon. Seceding (Burgher) Minister, Dunfermline. 

* On 15th Nov., the recommenders of John Steven, Kilwinning, are advised " to make 
their application to the College of Glasgow, where he received his education, and near which 
he has passed the last fourteen years of his ministry ". 


1818, Jan. 16. Thomas Ross. 

Hon. Minister of Kilmonivaig. Rec. by Professor Stuart, and Donald 
Mackenzie, minister of Fodderty, who declares that Hugh Ross, Fearn ; 
James Smith, Urquhart ; Thomas Ross, Lochbroom ; and Soutar, 

Sky, " were appointed to co-operate with him in accomplishing this measure ". 
Feb. 6. James Peddie. 

Seceding (Burgher) minister, Edinburgh. Rec. "by John Dick, D.D., Glas- 
gow, and James Husband, D.D. (of 1817), Dunfermline. " The Faculty 
unanimously resolve that in future when a degree in Divinity is applied for 
in favour of any dissenting clergyman, the attestors shall be doctors of 
Divinity and ministers either of the established church of Scotland or Eng- 
land." Author of Discourses, 1846, etc. (See Ka^s Portraits.) 
i8ig, March i. WilHam Carp. 

Hon. Minister of the English Reformed Church at the Hague. 
Alexander Small. 

One of the ministers of Stirling. Rec. Sir Harry Moncrieff, D.D. ; Thomas 
Davidson, D.D. ; Walter Buchanan, D.D. 
June II. Alexander Pringle. 

First Minister of the Associate Congregation, Perth. Rec. John Lockhart, 
D.D. ; John Love, D.D. ; John Mitchell, D.D., Glasgow. 
Nov. 24. John Watson. 

Minister of Acle, Norfolk. Red Bishop of Norwich, Paul Columbine, D.D. 

1820, March 16. Alexander Stewart. 

Hon. Minister of Dingwall. Rec. Sir Harry Moncrieff, D.D. ; John Camp- 
bell, D.D. 
Nov. 15. William Anderson. 

Minister of the Scots Church at Rotterdam. Rec. Principal Baird, Edin- 
burgh ; Principal Haldane, St. Andrews. " In consequence of his giving Pro- 
fessor Leslie a bed after his immersion in the canal at Rotterdam in 1819." 

1821, March i. Joseph Paterson. 

Hon. M.A., 1797. One of the ministers of Montrose. Tutor to Lord Byron 
when in Aberdeen. Rec. Principal Brown. (See panegyric in Aberd. Jl., 24th 
Nov., 18L9.) 
1823,^ Nov. I. Andrew Thomson. 

Hon. Minister of St. George's, Edinburgh. Eminent Preacher and 

1 On 26th September, it is minuted, in connection with an application for D.D. by 
William Mosely, London (see under LL.D.'s and M.A.'s, infra), that it had "been formerly 
resolved that in order to obtain the degree now solicited it was necessary to have the previous 
degree of A.M. ". 


1823, Nov. I. Robert Gordon. 

Alumnus. Hon. Minister of St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh. (Crombie's Modern 
Athenians.) "The Faculty unanimously resolve that in future, in all cases 
where the degree of A.M. has been granted by them to any candidate, the 
same shall not obtain any higher degree, whether in Divinity or Law, till 
after the expiration of a year." 
Dec. 12. James Lyon. 

Hon. Minister of Glammis. " Relation of Principal Brown's and no other 
merit for this degree." (Knight.) 

1824, April 23. Alexander Black. 

Hon. M. A., 1807. Minister of Tarves. Prof, of Divinity, 1831, p. 52. 

1826, April 14. James Brown. 

M.A., 1815. Of the Scots Church, Calcutta. Rec. Principal Brown for 
George Muirhead, D.D., Cramond; and W. Sibbald, D.D., Haddington. An 
earlier application by the Principal had been rejected because the recommend- 
ing D.D.'s were not of the Established Church. " Solely because attentive to 
the Principal's son George in India. A great fretting on his part because not 
given gratis, and because regular testimonials were insisted on." (Knight.) 

1828, April 18. Thomas Brown. 

M.A., 1776. Minister of the Associate Synod, Dalkeith. Rec. Walter 
Buchanan, D.D. ; and J. Campbell, D.D. " Degree granted at the solicitation 
of Dr. Lee of Edinburgh." (Knight.) 

1833, August 28. Alexander Keith. 

Hon. M.A., i8og. Minister of St. Cyrus : well-known writer on prophecy. 
Second (not eldest, as in Scott's Fasti) son of George Skene Keith, D.D. of 
1803. See p. 87. 

Charles Watson. 

M.A., Edin., 1833. Minister of Burntisland. Rec. Robert Gordon, D.D. ; 
William Muir, D.D. ; Thomas M'Crie, D.D., Edinburgh. 

1834, April 4. Robert James Brown. 

Hon. M.A., 1808. Professor of Greek, p. 49. 

1835, Oct. 22. Alexander Duff. 

Hon. M.A., St. And. Missionary to India from the Church of Scotland. " In 
testimony of their high sense ... of that admirable combination of zeal and 
energy with a sound judgment, a profound knowledge of human nature, en- 
lightened views of the social relations of man, fervent piety, and the most ardent 
desire to promote human happiness by the diffusion of Christian truth in con- 
nexion with useful learning, by all which he is so well fitted for that important 
sphere of Missionary exertion to which he has been providentially appointed." 
The Committee of General Assembly send a letter of thanks, 12th Dec. 
Moderator of Free Church General Assembly, 1851. Voluminous writer. 


1843, Oct. II. James Robertson. 

Hon. M. A., 1820. Minister of Ellon. Prof, of Church History, Edinburgh, 
1844. Founder of Endowment Scheme of Church of Scotland. 

1844, Oct- 26. William Robinson Pirie. 

Hon. Professor of Divinity, p. 52. D.D., King's College, nine days later. 
Son of George Pirie, D.D., 181 1. 

1845, Jan. 18. Francis Rose. 

M.A., 1812. Rector of Woughton, Bucks. Founded bursaries in Univ. of 
Aberd., 1868. Rec. John Watson, D.D. (of 1819), and John Heath, D.D., 
1848, Jan. 13. Thomas McCrie. 

Hon. Prof, of Divinity to the Synod of Original Seceders. Biographer of 
Knox and Melville. On the motion of Rev. Professor Pirie. 

1850, Feb. 23.^ James Foote. 

M.A., 1798. Minister of Free East Church, Aberdeen. Author of Lectures 
on Luke, 1839. 

James Bisset. 
M.A., 1839. Minister of Bourtie. Moderator of General Assembly, 1862. 

Arthur Tidman. 
Foreign Secretary to London Missionary Society. 

1851, April ig. William Baillie Kirkpatrick. 

Dublin. Moderator of General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of Ireland, 
1850.4 Author of Chapters in Irish History, etc. 
Lewis William Forbes. 

Hon. M.A., King's College, 181 1. Minister of Boharm. Moderator of 
General Assembly, 1852. See p. 52. 

1853, April 8. David McTaggart. 

M.A., King's College, 1827. Minister of Greyfriars, Aberdeen. Afterwards 
of St. James', Glasgow. 

John Bruce. 
M.A., 1812. Minister of Free St. Andrew's, Edinburgh. 

1854, April ig. Alexander Dyce Davidson. 

M.A., 1825. Minister of the Free West Church, Aberdeen. Author of 
Lectures on Esther, Discourses, etc. 

' Professor Blackie dissented from the resolution to confer these three degrees, proposed 
by Rev. Professor Pirie. On i6th Feb., he had given notice of a motion " that no person shall 
receive a degree of D.D. or LL.D. in this University who does not possess decided eminence 
and excellence of a distinctly scientific and literary character, as distinguished from mere 
popular qualifications and social respectability, or excellence of any kind not properly aca- 
demical ". This intimation, however, was withdrawn, 23rd Feb., on the appointment of a 
Committee to consider the question. The Committee seems never to have reported on D.D. 
See under LL.D., 7th May, 1850. 


1854, April ig. John Tannoch. 

Minister of Glammis. Professors Clark and Gray dissented. 
1856, April 10. John Murray. 

M.A., 1806. Minister of the Free North Church, Aberdeen. 
i860, Sept. 8. James Anderson. 

Hon. M.A., 1814. Minister at Morpeth, in connection with the Free Church. 
Formerly Minister of St. Fergus. 


1727. George Turnbull. 

Regent, p. 40. " Their Doctoring in Law commenced no earlier than 1727, and 
'tis worth observing that Mr Turnbull their first Doctor was so conscious that 
their diploma was good for nothing that he afterwards applied to the Univer- 
sity of Edinburgh and took a fresh one from them in the year 1732." (Answ. 
for Gordon, 1744, in Catanach case, Vol. I., p. 71.) 
17 ? David Verner. 

Regent, p. 40. 
William Thomson. 

Both these names mentioned in Itrfn. for Catanach. 
I735> June 23. Strickland Gough.^ 

Dissenting Controversialist, afterwards took holy orders and became Rector 
of Swayfield and Vicar of Swinstead. 
June 26. Jo. Entick. 
Schoolmaster, Stepney. Author of History of London, etc. 

So Knight ; but the receipts for their diplomas do not indicate degrees in 
Laws, and their names do not occur in the Catanach pleadings. They may 
have been honorary M.A.'s. 

^ The earliest form of diploma ran as follows : — 

" Quum mos antiquus et laudabilis semper fuerit ut viri docti literarumque patroni 
insigni aliquo et eximio honoris titulo ornarentur ; Nos, Gymnasiarcha et Professores Uni- 
versitatis Marischallanae Aberdonensis, loci et officii memores, et nobiscum reputantes, 
virum pium probum et eruditum A.B. magnos in omni scientia utili fecisse progressus, mul- 
tumque rei publicae literariae profecisse ; Propterea Nos dictum A. B. Juris Utriusque tarn 
Civilis quam Canonici Doctorem creamus declaramus et constituimus, omnibus et singulis 
illius gradus privilegiis ornamus, omni denique auctoritate jure honore frui ac uti volumus 
quibus Juris Utriusque quivis Doctor frui ac uti possit : Quod ut felix faustumque sit Deum 
er Optimum Maximum comprecamur. In cujus rei fidem diploma hocce doctoratus instru- 
mentum magno Universitatis sigillo nostrisque chirographis muniendum curavimus. Datum 
Aberdoniae, etc." (Knight's MS.) 

^ As with degrees in Divinity, supra, the earlier names are taken from Professor Knight's 



1737- Taylor. 

Paid ;f 10 per Professor Verner. 
1739, June 20. Samuel Patrick. 

Master of the Charter House. Translator of Terence, etc. Had M.A. (Hon.) 
in previous year, infra. Rec. by Dr. Richard Mead and Professor Blackwell. 
Dr. Patrick's letter of thanks has been preserved. 

" Viri honorandi plurimumque colendi. 

" Cum scholae grammaticae, assidua cura fuerim occupatus, charissimae 
uxoris morbo gravissimo praepeditus, morte privignae unice dilectae, aliisque 
rebus per aliquot menses distentus, nee tempus vacivum nee animi perturbatio 
me ad vos, literas quas oportuit dare sinebant ; quibus de causis, ut mihi 
ignoscatis, submisse peto. Hanc autem primam occasionem vobis quam 
maximas possum gratias agendi libentissime arripui, qui non solum aliquot 
ante annos me gradu A.M. ornare dignati fueritis, sed altiorem insuper gradum, 
LL.D., scilicet, in mc perbenigne nuper contuleritis. Hujus tam immeriti 
favoris me numquam esse obliturum. ' Dum memor ipse mei, dum spiritus 
hos reget artus,' libentissime spondeo, sin autem ad apicem scholae nostrae 
unquam evectus fuero, cujus gratia hanc dignitatem a vobis petii, me 
nunquam immemorem vestri beneficii, at vobis semper devinctissimum 
habebitis. Atque ne etiam nunc prorsus ingratus videar, decem libras 
aureas, nempe 80 : 10 : o, ad vos per mihi charissimum Adamum Ander- 
sonum mitti curavi, in aedificia nova vestrj collegii insumendas ; quas ut 
testimonium animi vestrae Societati amicissimi, quamvis non equidem 
pro tanto munere satis amplas, rerum tamen mearum tenuitati praesenti 
convenientes, amice accipiatis animo quam maxime submisso orat obse- 

" vobis semper devinctissimus 

" Samuel Patrick 
'* Londini 
" ex aedibus Carthusianis 
" XV Cal. Novembris, anno MDCCXL." 

1741. George Charles. 

M.A., 1721. "Who was bred in this College, and received there the degree 
of Doctor of Laws, in virtue of which he now actually possesses the Office of 
Master of St Paul's School, London, an eminent station of that kind, which he 
fills with great capacity and approbation." (Catanach papers.) Author of 
Catalogue of books in library of St. Paul's School, 1743. 
1743, May 31. James Catanach. 

Adv. in Aberdeen, 1731. Civilist at King's Coll., 1745-60. LL.D. there, 1748. 

" Att the Marischall College of Aberdeen, May 31st, 1743. 
"The Faculty being duly and met and constitute, compeared Mr James 
Catanach, advocate in Aberdeen, and applyed to them desiring that he might 
be admitted to the tryall and examination of his qualifications as Candidate for 


the degree of Doctor of Laws in this University, and, if found qualifyed, 
craved that he might be honoured with that degree ; Which request the Faculty 
finding highly reasonable, and from their personall acquaintance with him 
being fully satisfied of his moral character, he was examined and tryed ac- 
cordingly by Dr Verner by the appointment of the Faculty, and being found 
truely well qualified in a strict examination, the Faculty unanimously agreed 
to create the said Mr James Catanach Doctor of Laws, and appointed the 
diploma for the said degree to be forthwith extended in due form and signed 
and sealed." 

This degree was conferred for a special purpose, and its validity formed 
the subject of an important decision by the House of Lords. (Vol. I., pp. 69, 

1748. Edward Jamieson. 
Accts. Paid £10. 

1749. Theophilus Hibbins. 

Accts. Paid £g gs., of which Dr. Verner got half. " Attestation in favor of 
Lucius Henry Hibbins, Barrister at Law, 11 July, 1748, signed by the Duke 
of Richmond and others — among Blackwell's papers in possession of Mrs. C. 
Ross." (Knight.) 
1751, March 7. John Blair. 

Clergyman and Mathematical teacher in London. Rec. by Dr. John Gregory 
and Professor W. Duncan. (Minutes.) Author of Chronology of the World, ij^^. 
1762. Thomas Pollock. 

Master of Watt's Academy, London. Alumnus. Paid fifteen guineas. 
1764. Sir James Gray. 

Hon.^ His Majesty's Ambassador to the King of the two Sicilies. 

Archibald Menzies. 

Hon. Of Culdares. Sir James Gray and Mr. Menzies had been instrumental 
in obtaining donations of books for the Library. 

Went worth. 

Hon. (Accts.) Four silver boxes are obtained this year, two at 20s. each, 
two at gs. 
1765- John Gray. 

Hon. Rector of the University, p. 16 ; afterwards a benefactor. (Vol. I., 
p. 440.) 

William Gordon. 

Hon. Solicitor at Law, Edinburgh. 

On 2nd October, 1765, Thomas Gray, the poet, writes from Glamis Castle 
to Professor Beattie : — 

" I must beg you would present my most grateful acknowledgments to your 
society for the public mark of their esteem, which you say they are disposed 
^ See footnote as to honorary degrees, p. 83, 


to confer upon me.* I embrace with so deep and just a sense of their good- 
ness the substance of that honour they do me, that I hope it may plead my 
pardon with them if I do not accept the form. I have been, Sir, for several 
years a member of the University of Cambridge, and formerly (when I had 
some thoughts of the profession) took a Bachelor of Laws degree there ; since 
that time, tho' long qualified by my standing, I have always neglected to finish 
my course, and claim my Doctor's degree. Judge, therefore, whether it will 
not look a slight, and some sort of contempt, if I receive the same degree from 
a Sister University. I certainly would avoid giving any offence to a set of 
men, among whom I have passed so many easy, and I may say, happy hours 
of my life ; yet shall ever retain in my memory the obligations you have laid 
me under, and be proud of my connection with the University of Aberdeen." 
(Mason's Memoir of Gray, 1775, p. 318.) 

1766, Nov. 13. Lord Cardross. 

Hon. Afterwards nth Earl of Buchan. Founder of the "Silver Pen". 
Portrait in possession of the University. 
James Farquharson. 
Hon. London. 

Francis Skene. 
Hon. Regent, p. 43 ; appointed at the same time " Professor of Laws". 

1771, Nov. 14. Colin Milne. 

Alumnus, 1764. Rector of Northchapel, Sussex ; writer on Botany. 

1772, Jan. 16. Henry Mayo. 

Dissenting Minister, London; the "literary anvil" of Dr. Samuel Johnson, 
Feb. 27. William Kenrick. 

" Author of several ingenious pieces, and translator of Rousseau's works : 
he having applied for the same and agreed to pay the usual dues." Journalist 
and dramatist. 
April 24. James Dun. 

Hon. M.A., 1732. Rector of the Grammar School, Aberdeen. "As a proof 
and testimony of their regard . . . and of their sense of the services he has 
done to Literature during the space of forty years in which he has acquitted 
himself as a teacher of the Latin tongue with great credit to himself and 
advantage to the town and University of Aberdeen, as well as to the country 
in general." 

Aug. James Andrews. 

(Dilly's letters.) Historian of Great Britain, etc. 

1773, Dec. 9. Alexander Elphinston, of Glack. 

^ " The Marischal College of Aberdeen had desired to know whether it would be agree- 
able to Mr Gray to receive from them the degree of Doctor of Laws. Mr Beattie wrote to 
him on the subject, and this is the answer." 



1774, April 8. William Trail. 

Hm. M.A., Glasg., 1766. Late Professor of Mathematics, p, 54. Note of 
diploma in Dr. Beattie's handwriting. 
John Ashe. 
Worcestershire. The lexicographer. Paid twelve guineas. 

1775, March 31. George Chalmers. 

Hon. Author of Caledonia, etc. " Who lately presented to the College a 
collection of gold, silver and copper medals and coins collected chiefly at 
Tripoli and Algiers." 

1780. Alexander Geddes. 

Hon. Poet, Translator of the Bible, etc. Chalmers' Biog. 

James Dunbar.- 

Hon. Regent, King's Coll. (Accts.) 

1781. John Carr. 

Headmaster, Grammar School, Hartford. Translator of Lucian. Paid 
twelve guineas. 


Paid twelve guineas. 
Aug. 24. Joseph Carram. \ 
Sept. 7. William Rose, j ^^^^^^'^ 


1782. James Anderson. 

Hon. Of Mounie. Writer on agriculture. Editor of the Bee. (Aberd. JL, 
Dec. 2.) 

1784. John Seally. 

Hon. Author of Geographical dictionary, ijSy. 

James Egan. 

Richard Turner. 

Hon. Author of View of the heavens, 1783. 

1785. Richard Lake. Hon. 

1786. Walter Minto. 

Hon. Princeton. Author of Astronomical researches, etc. 

Andrew Mackay. 

Hon. Teacher of Mathematics, Aberdeen ; keeper of Observatory (Vol. I., 
p. 450). Author of works on Navigation. Examiner in Mathematics to the 
East India Co., 1804. 
Dec. 4. George Chapman. 

Hon. Master of an Academy, Banff. 

1787. Alexander Alexander. Hon. 
Thomas Harrington. 
Author of Theory of universe, 1774. 


1790. Hall. 

Feb. 8. Arthur Dingwall Fordyce. 

Hon. Advocate in Aberdeen and Commissary. (Dingwall Fordyce Family 
1792. Thomas Newte. 

Hon. Author of Tour in Scotland, lygi. 

W. Dickson. 

Author of Letters on Slavery, 1789, etc. 

1794. Alexander Crombie. 

Second bursar, 1774 ; M.A., 1778. Master of a Classical Academy at 
Greenwich, etc. Author of Gymnasium, and other works. Afterwards of 
Phesdo and Thornton. 

1795. Nicolas Wanostrocht. 

Author of a French Grammar and many other educational works. 

John McComie. 

Rector of Inverness Royal Academy. 

1796. May I. John Hunter. 

Hon. Professor of Humanity, St. Andrews. 
James Brown. 

Hon. Professor of Natural Philosophy, Glasgow. 
Nov. g. Alexander Moir. 

Hon. M. A., 1776. OfScotstown. Sheriff Depute of Aberdeenshire. "Upon 
a suggestion from Dr Beattie." (Family of Moir and Byres.) 

1797. Brownlow Ford. 
Paid £16.1 

1801, July 10. David Mitchell. 

Hon. M.A., 1752. Of Holloway Down. (A herd. J l.,i2th Ang.) Benefactor. 
(Vol. I., p. 468.) 

1802. James Heywood. 
Paid £16. 

1803. Alexander Baxter. 

Hon. Of Glassel. (A herd. J I., i8th May.) Rector, p. 18 ; and a donor of 
books to the Library. 

1804, June I. Robert Beatson. 

Hon. Lieut. -Col. Author of several historical works. Resident in Aber- 
deen, where he was Barrack master, 1796-1817 ; died at Edin., 1818. (Aberd. 


July 30. Edmund [? Edward] Philip Bridel. 
Hon. " Native of France, formerly a student in the University of Paris, who 

^ Fee fixed by Minute of 6th May, 1796. 


has resided thirty-five years in England and is now Master of a distinguished 
Academy in Islington." Rec. by Mr. John Gray. Translator into French of 
Penn's works, etc. 
1804, Sept. II. James Adams. 

Hon. Master of the Royal Grammar School of Boxford, Suffolk. Benefac- 
tor. (Vol. I., p. 474.) 
1806, Dec. 8. John Stephen. 

Hon. M.A., 1780. Episcopal minister at Cruden, and now Master of an 
Academy at Nassau, Isle of Providence. (Accts.) 

1808, Feb. 23. James Hunter. 

Hon. Professor of Logic, St. Andrews. 
April 27. David Irving. 

Hon. Alumnus, 1786. Librarian to the Faculty of Advocates in Edinburgh. 
Author of well-known biographical works. 
Aug. 17. James Taylor. 

M.A., 1782. Master of an Academy at Hammersmith, afterwards at Ful- 
ham. Rec. by R. Valpy, D.D. ; George Chisholm, D.D., Ashmore ; and 
Colonel Mair, " who mentions that he has sent all his sons at a heavy expense 
to be educated at his academy ". Paid ;^i5. {Geneal. Account of James Young, 
etc., p. 184.) 
Dec. 7. Olinthus Gregory. 

M.A., 1806. Mathematical Master of the Royal Academy of Greenwich. 
Author of Mathematics for practical men, and numerous other works. Paid £i^. 

1809, Feb. 14. James Andrew. 

M.A., 1792. " Lately appointed principal teacher of the Military Academy 
for Cadets for India, near London, upon the unanimous recommendation of 
all the members of this University under whom he studied about fifteen years 
ago." Author oi Astronomical tables, 1805 ; Hebrew dictionary, 1823, ^tc. Paid 
£1^, and sent ;^io to Library fund. 
June 9. Samuel Guise. 

Hon. Late of Surat ; now resident in Montrose. Donor of books and 
MSS. to the Library. 
Nov. 7. David Malcolm. 

Hon. Master of the Literary Academy at Maderty, Perthshire, and Chap- 
lain to the Prince of Wales. Author of House of Drummond, 1808, etc. 

1810, Jan. 19. John Howard Rice. 

Master of an Academy at Brighton. 

1811, May 31. John Angus. 

Hon. M.A., 1796. Commissioner of Requests, Calcutta, etc., and till his 
, death a most zealous patron of the Aberdeen Society for the benefit of the 
children of the Clergy and Professors, for whose funds he collected in India 
about ;fi500. 


i8 ? William Mavor. 

Designated " LL.D. of this University" when attesting application by Rev. 
John Robinson in 1812. See under D.D.'s, p. 8g. Author of British Nepos, etc. 

1814, Jan 7. John Morell. 

Master of an Academy at Walthamstowe, Essex. Rec. by Dr. Alexander 
Henderson and Dr. Charles Lloyd of the University of Glasgow. Author of 
Reasons for classical education, 1814, etc. 
Feb. 25. Lawrence Gwynne. 

M.A., 1807. Mathematical Examiner to the East India Company. Rec. by 
Rev. Dr. McLeod and Alex. Chalmers, F.A.S. 
Aug. 10. Benjamin Duncan. 

Master of an Academy at Highgate, near London. 

1815, May 18. John Andrew Truter. 

" Who has already obtained a degree in that faculty from the University of 
Leyden . . . and proposing to go to the Cape of Good Hope as a Barrister he 
desires for that reason to have also a degree from this University." 

1816, March 11. George, Marquis of Huntly. 

Hon. Chancellor of the University, p. 9. " As is customary in other 

Charles Forbes. 
Hon. Of Auchmedden. Rector of the University, p. ig; and M.P. 

Henry Hutton. 
Hon. Son of Charles Hutton, LL.D. Professor of Mathematics at Wool- 
wich : a Major-General in the Army, and for many years engaged in antiquarian 
researches. Often resident at Aberdeen. 

1817, June 27. Patrick Copland. 

Hon. M.A., 1766. Professor of Natural Philosophy, pp. 46, 48. 
Sept. 4. Jean Baptiste Biot. 

Hon. Because of his " illustrious merits as a philosopher and particularly 
as a successful asserter of the truth of Sir Isaac Newton's doctrine in Optics ". 
Biot visited Aberdeen this year, in connection with experiments on the length 
of the pendulum made in Shetland. 

Thomas Colby. 

Hon. Captain, Royal Engineers, and principal conductor of the Trigono- 
metrical Survey of Great Britain and Ireland. Because of his " ingenuity and 
perseverance in scientific pursuits ". Author of several professional works. 
Oct. 25. William Knight. 

Hon. M.A., 1802. Professor of Natural Philosophy, p. 48. 

1818, Feb. 3. John Morgan Bletsoe. 

D.D., 1814. Of Morston Cottage, near Woburn, Bedfordshire. Author of 
Observations on the Inquisition, 1816. Rec. by the Bishop of Gloucester, Nath. 
Bridges, Wm. Collyer, William Nicol, Alex. Waugh, D.D.'s. 


1818, May II. Thomas Rees. 

F.S.A. Dissenting Clergyman in London. AuthoToi Duties of filial piety, 1818, 
etc. Rec. by Drs. Abraham Rees, James Lindsay, and William Glennie, 
Aug. 12. William Harris. 

Divinity Tutor in the Dissenters' Academy at Hoxton, London. Rec. by 
Drs. Waugh, Nicol, Manuel, and Winter, London. 
Oct. 3. John Fisher. 

Hon. Teacher of Hyde Abbey School, Winchester. Rec. by Andrew Craw- 
ford, M.D., and William Nisbet, D.D., both of Winchester. 
Oct. 14. Dedericus Gisbertus Reitz. 

LL.D. of Utrecht. " It being necessary for the candidate to attain a de- 
gree of LL.D. from a British University, in order to enable him to practise 
before the courts at the Cape of Good Hope, his native country." 
Nov. 10. James Ross. 

M.A., 1803. Master of the Classical Academy at Sunbury, Middlesex, after- 
wards of Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land. Author of Essay on prison 
discipline, 1833. Rec. by Dr. William Knight, and Dr. Locke, Oxford. 

1819, March i. Thomas Firminger. 

Formerly assistant at Greenwich Observatory, under the Astronomers Royal, 
Maskelyne and Pond ; now teacher of Mathematics, Camden Town. Rec. by 
Sir Joseph Banks, P.R.S. ; W. Rennie, architect, and others. 

1820, April 21. David Low. 

Alumnus, 1783-86. Minister of the Episcopalian congregation, Pittenweem, 
and Bishop of Ross in that church. Rec. by the Earl of Kellie, Lord Pitmilly, etc. 
Oct. 27. Peter Halkerston. 

M.A., Feb. 7, 1820. Solicitor at Law, Edinburgh, and author of an Abridg- 
ment of the Decisions of the Court of Session. Rec. by Prof. John Hunter, St. 
Andrews, and Richard Lorimer, LL.D., Haddington. 
Dec. 2. Richard Cope. 

M.A., i8ig. Tutor of the Evangelical Seminary, Dublin. Author of Pulpit 
synopsis, 1837, etc. Rec. by Thomas Morgan, LL.D., and Thomas Rees, LL.D. 
Dec. 8. Thomas Robert Malthus. 

Hon. Author of the Treatise on population, etc. On the motion of Professor 
Dec. 23. James Baldwin Brown. 

Hon. Of the Inner Temple, and author of Memorials of fohn Howard and 
several works on Legal subjects. Rec. by H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex and 
Sir John Cox Hippisley, Baronet, D.C.L. 
William Beugo Collyer. 

Minister of Hanover Chapel, Peckham. Author of Evidences of Divine 
Revelation, 1823, etc. Rec. by the Duke of Sussex and Prince Leopold of 


1820, Dec. 23. Thomas Raffles. 

M.A., 1819. Minister of Great George Street Chapel, Liverpool. Author 
of Lectures on practical religion^ etc. Rec. by the Dukes of Sussex and 

1821, April II. Alexander Tilloch. 

Editor of the Philosophical Magazine. Author of Dissertations on the 
Apocalypse, 1823, etc. Rec. by Drs. Olinthus Gregory, Charles Hutton, and 
WilHam Pearson. 
May 25. Andrew Griffin Coard Tucker. 

Of Ashburton, Devonshire. Rec. by Sir John Copley, Solicitor-General, 
and Mr. Tonkin, Bencher of the Temple. 

1823, Feb. 14. Alexander Anderson. 

M.A., 1803. Gray Bursar, 1802. Mathematical Professor at the East India 
Company's College, Addiscombe House. Rec. by Professors Hamilton, Stuart, 
Glennie. (Mollyson's Parish of Fordoun^ p. 329.) 
March 3. Alexander Jamieson. 

M.A., 1821. Master of an Academy at Hoxton, London. 
May 7. Andrew Murray. 

Hon. Of Murrayhall, Perthshire, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire. 

June 18. Thomas Myers. 

M.A., 181 1. Mathematical Master at the Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
wich. Rec. by George Bathie, D.D. ; James Baldwin Brown, LL.D., and 
William Beugo Collyer, LL.D. 
John Palin. 

Master of Cleaveland House Academy, Barnes Green, Surrey. Rec. by Dr. 
William Glennie, Dulwich Grove [LL.D., King's Coll., 1806; brother of 
Prof. Geo. G.] 
Nov. 21. William Mosely. 

M.A., 26th September, 1823. Master of an Academy, London. Author 
ol Dictionary of Latin quantities, 1827, etc. Had applied, ist Nov.,^ for degree 
of D.D. (rec. by Samuel Burder, Thomas Cole, and Robert John Thornton, 
M.D.) ; but the Faculty conferred LL.D. on him instead, " as the testimonials 
in his favour were not sufficient for obtaining the degree of D.D.". " He 
immediately advertised himself ' LL.D. of Sidney Sussex College, Cam- 
bridge '." (Knight.) In 1837, ^^ applied for M.D. also 1 

1824, Jan. 13. Thomas Orger. 

Classical Teacher, London ; author of a poetical translation of Ovid, etc. 
Rec. by Drs. Crombie and Jones, London. 

^ On 1st Nov., the Faculty resolved " that in future in all cases where the degree of 
A.M. has been granted by them to any candidate the same shall not obtain any higher degree 
whether in Divinity or Law till after the expiration of a year ". 


1824,^ May 6. William Lorraine. 

M.A., 1797 ; Gray bursar, 1796 ; one of the Masters of the High or Grammar 
School of Glasgow. Rec. by Professors Hamilton, Glennie and Knight. 

1832, Jan. 18. William Ritchie. 

Hon. M.A., 1817. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of 
London and the Royal Institution, formerly Master of the Tain Academy. 
Author of several works on Science. On the motion of Professor Knight. 
July 27. Benjamin Andrews. 

M.A., 1825. In the Methodist body, and author of a Hebrew Lexicon. Rec. 
by W. B. CoUyer, LL.D., London, and Edward Andrews, LL.D., Walworth. 

1833, March i. Robert Stephen McAll. 

M.A., 1815. Dissenting minister, Manchester. Rec. by Thomas Raffles, 
LL.D., Liverpool, and James Baldwin Brown, LL.D., Inner Temple. 

1834, April 4. John Cruickshank. 

Hon. M.A., 1809 ; Gray bursar, 1808. Professor of Mathematics, p. 54. 
August 8. Patrick Davidson. 

Hon. Alumnus, 1828. M.A., ist March, 1834. Advocate in Aberdeen, 
1831 ; Professor of Civil Law, King's College, 1833. 
October 27. James Melvin. 

Hon. Rector of the Grammar School. See p. 63, foot. 

1835, March lo. John Pye Smith. 

D.D. President of the Dissenting College, Homerton, London. " On ac- 
count of his eminent talents and writings they dispense with evidence of his 
possessing the degree of A.M., but they resolve that this shall not be con- 
sidered as a precedent." Author of Scripture and Geology, 1839, etc. 

1836, June 30. John Glennie Greig. 

M.A., 1802. Master of an Academy in Essex. Rec. by Drs. James Melvin 
and Patrick Davidson. 
1838, May 10. Samuel Davidson. 

Not M.A., but the General Certificate of the Belfast Academical Institution 
accepted instead. Professor of Biblical Criticism in that College. Author 
of Biblical criticism, 1843, etc. Rec. by Drs. T. D. Hinks, Henry Montgomery, 
Samuel Hanna, and J. S. Reid. 
June 19. Joseph Bosworth. 

M.A., 1822; B.D., Cantab.; Ph.D., Leyden. Author of Anglo-Saxon 
grammar, and many works on Languages. Rec. by Drs. Alex. Crombie and 
Thos. Orger. 

^ " After 1825 an understanding existed, and was acted on, that LL.D. should be con- 
ferred on no person not previously A.M., and as A.M. was not to be granted but on personal 
examination, I answered many applications on that principle. . . . The understanding also 
was that the certificate attesting the candidate should be signed by two Doctors of Lav/s." 
(Knight. Cf. Min. of i8th Feb., 1825, when the degree is refused to Rev. George Hall, M.A., 
whose testimonials are signed by D.D.'s only.) 



1840, June 20. John Berrington. 

Tutor, Kingston-on-Thames. Hon. M.A. of King's Coll., 1839, Author of 
Treatise on ritualistic prayer, 1840. Rec. by Drs. Olinthus Gregory, William 
Wasse, and William Cuthbert. Had solicited the degree in 1835, but was 
then held ineligible. 
Sept. 25. William Edmond. 

M.A., 1819. Master of an Academy, Brighton. Author of Religion the life 
of man, 1844, etc. Rec. by Professors Knight, Davidson, and Cruickshank. 
Nov. 28. John Duncan. 

Hon. M.A., 1814. Superintendent of the Mission from the General Assembly 
to the Jews ; formerly teacher of Oriental Languages in Aberdeen, and minister 
of Milton Church, Glasgow. Rec. by Rev. Drs. John Forbes, James Henderson, 
Michael Willis, John Muir, John Smyth, and Nathaniel Paterson, all of Glas- 
gow. Afterwards Professor of Hebrew, New College, Edinburgh. The degree 
solicited was D.D. 

1841, Feb. 27. Robert Lindsay. 

M.A., 1817. Minister of Towie, and formerly Master of an Academy at Ealing, 
Middlesex. Rec. by Drs. Alexander Anderson, Addiscombe, and James Melvin. 
Sept. 3. Gavin Smith. 

M.A., 1822. Master of an Academy at Rottingdean, Sussex. Rec. by Drs. 
Alexander Anderson, and William Edmond. 
Sept. 27. James Fullerton. 

Clerk to the General Presbyterian Synod, New South Wales. Author of 
Ten lectures, Sydney, 1844, etc. Rec. by Drs. Henry Cook, Robert Stewart, 
and John Brown, members of the General Synod of Ulster. 
Oct. 21. William Angus. 

M.A., 1803. Formerly Teacher in Glasgow, and Author of an English 
grammar and educational works. Rec. by Drs. James Henderson, John 
Forbes, John Smith, and William Fleming, all of Glasgow. 

1843, Oct. 20. Charles Lyell. 

Hon. Younger of Kinnordy. F.R.S. Author of works on Geology. After- 
wards Sir Charles Lyell, Bart. 

1844, Jan. 6. George Brown. 

M.A., 1808. Clergyman (Independent). Master of an Academy, Liverpool. 
Rec. by Professors Knight and Cruickshank. 
Oct. 26. William Pyper. 

Hon. M.A., 1815. Professor of Humanity, St. Andrews. 

1845, March 17. Archibald Alison. 

Hon. Lord Rector, p. 23. Baronet, 1852. 
April 30. John Shier. 

Hon. M.A., 1831. Assistant to the Professor of Chemistry, and Fordyce 
Lecturer in Agriculture, pp. 48, 6g, 73. 


1845, May 8. George Johnston. 

Hon. M.D., Berwick-on-Tweed. Author of History of British Zoophytes., 
1838, and other works on Natural History. {Did. Nat. Biog.) 
Nov. I. William Beal. 

B.A. Cantab., 1841. Clergyman. Rector of Tavistock Gram. School. Rec. 
by " several bishops of the English church ". 
Henry Laumann. 

M.A., 1844. Master of an Academy at Fulham. Rec. by Drs. vSir John 
Dodson, William Pinchney, and William Chalmers. 

1846, May 2. James Bewglass. 

M.A., 1844. Professor of ancient languages, Independent College, Dublin. 
Rec. by Drs. Samuel Davidson, and John Clunie. 

1848, Jan 15. William Tennant. 

Hon. Prof, of Oriental Languages, St. Andrews. Author of Anster Fair, 

John Ogilvie. 

M.A., 1828. Teacher in Gordon's Hospital ; author of the Imperial Diction- 
ary. Rec. by Professors Cruickshank and Macgillivray. 
March 24. Patrick Robertson, Lord Robertson. 

Hon. Lord Rector, p. 24. 
Sept. 7. His Royal Highness Prince Albert. 

Hon. On the occasion of his visit to the College. 
Oct. 14. Lord John Russell. 

Hon. "At present in attendance on Her Majesty at Balmoral." After- 
wards Earl Russell. 

1849, April 20. Leonhardt Schmitz. 

Hon. Ph.D. Rector of the High School, Edinburgh. Author of History 
of Rome, and many educational works. On the motion of Professor Blackie. 

1850, May 7.^ John Stenhouse. 

Ph.D. and F.R.S. Author of various Scientific Papers. Rec. by Professor 

1 On this date the Senatus approved the following Report submitted by a Committee 
appointed, 23rd February, to consider " whether by any change in the present- system the 
interests of Literature and Science can be benefited " {supra, p. 93). 

" The Committee having considered the whole subject and reasoned at length thereon, 
were unanimously of opinion : — 

" I. That any resolutions on this subject ought not to prejudge the claims of parties 
who have already left College, or who may be entitled to degrees under the general principles 
hitherto in operation. 

" 2. That no higher degree should hereafter be granted to any one who has not previ- 
ously taken the degree of M.A. under examination, unless in the case of parties who have 
attained high and acknowledged eminence in Classical Literature, Science or Theology. 



1850, Nov. 30. Andrew Morton Brown. 

M.A. Clergyman, Cheltenham. Author of Peden the Prophet, 1859, and 
many religious works. Rec. by Drs. S. Hanna and John Morison. On the 
motion of the Principal, " supported by Dr. Brown, Dr. Macgillivray, Dr. 
McLean and Dr. Pirrie, and opposed by Dr. W. R. Pirie, Dr. Clark, Prof. 
Blackie, and Prof. Gray ". 

1851, March 15. James McCosh. 

Hon. M.A., Edin., 1833. Minister of Free Church, Brechin. Previously 
minister of Arbroath. Afterwards Professor at Belfast. In i860 Dr. McCosh 
was an unsuccessful candidate for the newly founded Chair of Logic. He 
was appointed President of Princeton College, U.S.A., in 1868. 

On 2 1st Jan. Prof. Blackie had moved that this degree be conferred, but 
" some members of the Senatus opposed the taking up of this matter at 
the present meeting, regarding it as inconsistent in Prof. Blackie to make 
such a motion, as he had lately stated at a public meeting in Aberdeen that 
he ' had not the honour or rather the disgrace of being a Doctor of any Scotch 
University'. Prof. Blackie then withdrew his motion." 

1852, April 16. Thomas Binney. 

Minister of Weigh-house Chapel, London. Author of various religious 
works. Rec. by Drs. Robert Buchanan, David King, John Eadie, and John 

1853, March 30. George, 7th Earl of Carlisle. 

Hon. Lord Rector, p. 25. 
April 8. William Graham. 

Teacher in the Scottish Naval and Military Academy, Edinburgh, and 
author of Principles of elocution and various educational works. Rec. by Drs. 
Leonhardt Schmitz and James Boyd, Edinburgh. 
July 27. Wyville T. C. Thomson. 

Hon. Lecturer on Botany, p. 70. 
1855, Jan. 22. Alexander Thomson, of Banchory. 

Hon. M.A., 1 8 16. Dean of Faculty, p. 25. 

" 3. That the degree of LL.B. shall be granted to Masters of Arts of high respectability 
of not less than three years' standing, who shall undergo and pass examinations, 

" 4. That the subjects of examination shall be : — ist, Classical Literature and Moral 
Philosophy ; 2nd, Mathematics and Natural Philosophy ; 3rd, Chemistry and Natural His- 
tory ; and that the candidate shall be entitled to select any one or more of these three subjects, 
it being understood that the examination shall both be minute, and shall comprehend a wide 

" 5. That after any candidate shall have received the degree of LL.B. under the foresaid 
examination, he shall be entitled to apply for the degree of LL.D., and that the Senatus may 
grant the same on being fully satisfied that he has zealously and effectively continued to pro- 
secute his studies ; it being understood that the date of such application shall not be less than 
five years after the time of receiving the previous and preliminary degree." 


1855, April 17. James Aitken Wylie. 

Alumnus, 1823-26. Author of The Papacy, and other works. 

Hugh Barclay. 
Sheriff-Substitute of Perthshire. Author of Digest of Law of Scotland, and 
other works on Law. 

1856, March 21. Austen Henry Layard, M.P. 

Hon. Lord Rector, p. 26. 
April 10. James C. Fowler. 

M. A., 1824. Minister of Ratho. 
June 18. Augustus William Hoffman. 

Hon. Author of Hand-book of Chemistry, and many other scientific works. 
Ph.D. and F.R.S. 

1857, April 17. James Webster Winchester. 

M.A., 1831. Medical Superintendent of Mahabuleshwar. Author of vari- 
ous papers on subjects connected with the East. 

1858, Dec. 18. John Murray Mitchell. 

M.A., 1833. Free Church Missionary at Poonah. 

1859, Nov. 19. George Gordon. 

Hon. M.A., 1819. Minister of Birnie. Antiquary and geologist. 
i860, Sept. 8. Charles McCombie. 

Hon. M.A., 1820. Minister of Lumphanan. 


1760, Nov. 26. William Thom. 

On " an ample certificate from Mr. George Turner, Advocate in Aberdeen," 
made M.A. {Hon.) on same day, infra. Advocate in Aberdeen. Civilist, King's 
Coll., 1765. 


F.R.C.P. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of London : sometimes latinized 

in the original record as C[oll.] R[eg.] M[ed.] L[ond.] S[oc.]. 
M.R.C.P. Member of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 

L.R.C.P. Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 

Ext. L.R.C.P. Extra Licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of London. 
M. Corp. S. Member of the Corporation of Surgeons (before 1745 Barber-Surgeons) of 

London (1540-1800). 
Cert. Corp. S. Certificated by the Corporation of Surgeons of London as qualified for ap- 
pointment as Hospital Mate or Surgeon's Mate in the Navy or the Army, 
or to an Indiaman, or Assistant Surgeon to an Indian Presidency, etc. 
(1745- 1 800). 
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (from 1822). 
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London (1800-1822), or of Eng- 
land (from 1822). 
Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of London (1800-1822). 
Member of the Society of Apothecaries of London (1617-1815). 
Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries of London (from 1815). 
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (from 1681). 
Member of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (from 1861). 
Licentiate of Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (1681-1829, 1859- ). 
Member of the Corporation of Surgeons (before 1722 Barber-Surgeons) of 

Edinburgh (1505-1778). 
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (from 1778). 
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 
Licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. 
Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (from 1850). 
Member of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (1599-1850). 
Licentiate of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow (from 1785). 
In the Medical Service of the Royal Navy. 

In the Army Medical Department. Military medical officers so designated 

who had ceased to serve on 20th Sept., 1884. In some cases, before 

the abolition of the regimental medical service in 1873, the regiment is 

named to which the officer belonged. 

A.M.S. In the Army Medical Staff. Military medical officers so designated who have 

served under the provisions of the Royal Warrant of 20th Sept., 1884. 

H.E.I.C.S. In the Medical Service of the Hon. East India Company (previous to 1858). 

I.M.S. In H.M. Indian Medical Service (from 1858). 













M. Corp, 














1713. Richard Stoughton. 

Paid £2% Scots {£2 6s. 8d. ster.) to library. (Accts.) 

1714, June 17. Joseph Cam. [Hereford.] 

John Spink. 
" Licentiates of the Archbishoprick of Canterbury." Same fee. Spink was 
author of Quackery unmask'd, Lond., 171 1; Venereal patknt's refuge, Lond., 
1717, etc. 

1 " There were probably no degrees granted till after 1700 and the appointment of a 
Professor of Medicine. Attestations from two or three physicians continued to be the practice 
for a long time. Cases, &c., sent to the candidate for solution, in several instances. No cer- 
tain account of theses being written or required [See 1784, 1791, 1820]. . . . Till 1794, Nov. 
20, the diploma was granted in the name of the Professor of Medicine, the rest signing it. Pro- 
fessor Stuart introduced a new form in the name of the Principal and Professors." (Knight.) 

The names of the earlier graduates were taken by Professor Knight from entries of 
payments for medical degrees in the College Accounts. It seems not unlikely that certain 
other payments, not explicitly for medical degrees, were really made by M.D.'s. Thus Mr. 
Matthew Mackaile (M.A., 1708, and Professor of Medicine in 1717) pays £4. in 1711 "for 
diploma " ; and in the same year Mr. Gilbert Cuming, and his brother Mr. George Cuming, 
pay £30 los. "for diplomas". So in 1713, Mr. Alex. Lauson ; in 1714, Mr. John Anderson, 
Mr. William Duguid, and Dr. Chalmers' son ; and in 17 15, Mr. John Irvin. See all these 
entries quoted infra, under " Graduates in Arts". 

The form of diploma used by Professor James Gordon (1734-55) ran as follows. The 
entries in square brackets are amendments introduced (by Professor Beattie) for Professor 
Alexander Donaldson (1755-93). 

" Universis et Singulis hasce Doctoratus Literas visuris lecturis vel audituris, Nos, 
Jacobus Gordon, saluberrimae Medicinae in alma Supremi Domini Regis Universitate Maris- 
challana Abredonensi [Aberdonensi] Doctor et Professor, actu Regens et Decanus, Salutem. 

" Quum mos antiquus et laudabilis semper extiterit [fuerit] ut qui mtiltis sudoribus inde- 
fessi laboris [multo labore] studioque assiduo literis operam navaverint insigni aliquo et 
eximio honoris titulo tanquam peracti laboris monumento et clarissimae virtutis praemio dig- 
narentur, ut sequentium seculorum progenies horum exemplo allecta ad persequendas arduas 
quidem sed pulchras eruditionis ac virtutis vias stimulentur ; quumque Nobis satis superque com- 
pertum sit Dominus A. B. non solum studiis medicis maxima cum laude per complures annos 
incubuisse et in eisdem maximos progressus hactenus fecisse, sed et etiam in omni medicinae 



1733, April 28. Edward Milward. 

F.R.C.P., 1748; Harveian Oration, 1752; Author of Trallianus revivesccns, 
Lond., 1734, etc. 

A note has been preserved of the " cases " propounded to Milward by 
Professor Mackaile. Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch. " Professorships, &c.," 19. 

" Hyp : Aphorismi 21, Sectionis 4. 

" Dejectiones nigrae, qualis sanguis niger, sponte prodeuntes, et cum febre 
et sine febre pessimae. Et quanto colores dejectionum plures fuerint pejores 
eo deterius ; cum medicamento vero melius, et quanto colores plures non 

" Commentarius adjiciatur. 

" Casus I. Reverendus quidam V. D. Minister, mediae aetatis, primo de 
faucium dolore, mox difficili respiratione et deglutitione conqueritur, ita ut 
nee cibum nee potum admittere possit. Exterius nuUus fere tumor, intus autem 
circa radicem linguae fauces rubent et tument : ob angustiam loqui nequit, 
sed adstantibus voluntatem scriptis aliisve signis indicat. Pulsus frequens et 
totius corporis calor ingens. 

" Casus 2. Civis conqueritur de gravativo dolore lateris dextri. Appetitus 
est prostratus, fastidium adest, et nausea carnium, quarum odorem vix ferre 
potest. Respiratio a motu est difficilior. Lingua plerumque arida et sicca. 
Sitis ingens. Calor excedit circa vesperam. Urina cruda. Alvus ad obstruc- 
tionem inclinat. 

" Quaer. morb. nom. caus. sign, diagnost. prognost. cur. 

" Ex Academ. Marischal. 2 die Febr. 1733. 

" Matthaeus Mackaile, M.D. et P." 

On the same sheet is the oath taken by Milward. 

" Jusjurandum. • 

" Ego, Edvardus Milward, testor Deum omnipotentem me hoc jusjurandum 
pro virili observaturum. Praeceptores qui me Artem Medicam docuerunt. 
vel ad supremum in ilia honoris gradum promoverunt, parentum loco habitu- 
rum ; almae S. D. R. Universitatis Marischallanae Abredonensis decus et orna- 

praxi tnagiio mortalium commodo [omitted] versatum esse ac fuisse. Propterea, Nos, Jacobus 
Gordon, gymnasiarcha caeterisque in praedicta Universitate professoribus consentientibus, ante- 
dictum Dominum A. B. Medicinae Doctorem creamus, declaramus, et constituimus, illique 
tenore praesentium literarum vim publici instrument! habentium Medicinam exercendi hie et 
ubique terrarum potestatem conferrimus, omnibusque et singulis istius gradus privilegiis, 
exemptionibus, liberalibus honoribus et indtdtis [immunitatibus et honoribus] aliis quocumque 
nomine censeantur, juxta formam continentem vim et tenorem statutorum et privilegiorum 
academiis et universitatibus concessorum, eum frui ac feliciter gaudere jubemus. In quorum 
omnium fidem ac testimonium hasce praesentes doctoratus litems [diploma hocce doctoratus 
instrumentum] magni Universitatis sigilli appensione nostrisque chirographis communiri 
voluimus. Datum Aberdoniae, &c." (Knight's MS.) 


mentum pro virili promoturum ; in tractandis aegris diaeta aliisque remediis 
quantum ingenii viribus asequar ex aegrorum commodo usurum ; nee prece 
nee pretio aliave de eausa pharmacum calamitosum euiquam propinaturum ; 
nee gravidae abortum procuraturum ; audita vel visa inter eurandum non 
enuncianda silentio involuturum : me sanete promitto. Ita me adjuvet Deus. 

" Aprilis die 38^0. 

" [sie subscr.] Edvard : Milward. 

" Anno salut. human. 1733." 

I733» June ig. George Reid. 

Hon.^ M.A. " Son to the deceast Mr Thomas Reid sometime of Oslie ; 
whose l<nowledge in Physick and relation to the benefactors of this Society 
claims from us in merit and gratitude this mark of your esteem and affection." 
(Min.) In 1738, gave ;^5o to the new buildings. [? George Rait, for many 
years in practice at Huntingdon ; Memb. Med. Soc, Edin., 1738.] 

1734- Horman. 

„ Hooks. 

Each paid £11 19s. 6d. ster. (Accts.). In 1735, two "English gentlemen," 
names not recorded, paid £^ los. ster. 
1736, April. Johannes Rogers, de Stamphord in Com. Lincoln.^ 

Attest. Wm. Stuckley, M.D., C.R.M.L.S.; Tancred Robinson, M.D., C.R.L.S. ; 
John Hanys, M.D., C.R.M.L.S. [Author of Dr. Rogers's Oleum arthriticum, 
Lond., 1735.] 
^737f Feb. 28. Alexander Gordon, Londini. 

Attest. Cosmo George, Duce de Gordon, pro diplomate ad eundem. Gratis. 
April 18. Joannes Allen. 
July 28. Georgius Thomson. . 

Att. Allexr. Stewart, M.D. ; Joh. Ratbone, M.D. [L.R.C.P., 1741 ; Maid- 
stone. Author oi Anatomy of the human bones, 1734, etc.] 
August 26. Joannes Bowes. 

John Oldfield, M.D. ; Joseph Letherland, M.D. ; Mathew Clarke, M.D. 
[Practised at Portsmouth.] 
1738, Febr. 3. Joannes Turner, Sc. Britt. de Penrhyn, in C. Cornwall. 

Given gratis at the desire of the Faculty, he having given 20 Gs. to the N. 
Buildmgs, and promised to be otherways a benefactor to the College. [After- 
wards at Falmouth.] 
June 26. Joannes Cuningham, de Falmouth, Cornwall. 

Tho. Morgan, M.D., Glasg. ; Joh. Allen, M.D., Abd. ; And. Hook, M.D., 

^ See footnote on p. 83. 

" The entries for the period 1736-55 are transcribed from the Register kept by Professor 
James Gordon. 



1739, May 31. David Thomson. 

[L.R.C.P., 1748 ; Camberwell.] 
July I. Jacob de Castro Sarmento. 

Uatchellor of Physick in 1739 of the University of Coimbra in Portugall, 
L.R.C.P., 1725; F.R.S., 1729. Attest. Allexro. Stewart, M.D., C.R.M.S. ; D. 
Hans Sloane ; Cromll. Mortimer. [Jewish Rabbi, who abjured his religion in 
1758. Author of several medical works.] 
Oct. 24. Robertas Knapp, de Stoney Stratford, in Com. Bucks. 

Rich. Mead, M.D. ; Math. Lee, M.D. ; W. Gumming, M.D. 
Nov. 28. Archibaldus Duff. 

Gratis ex recomendat. nostra. 
Dec. 5. Colinus Campbell. 
Upon the spot gratis. [Physician at Inverness. Accts.] 

1740, Feb. 4. Georgius Cheyne. 

Hon. A diploma ad eundem. N.B. He gave £25 st. to the Building. [M.D., 
King's College, 1701. Eminent author. Practised in London and Bath 
alternately. Smith's Hist, of Aberdeenshire, p. 982.] 
Feb. 18. Gavinus Cruickshanks. 

[Alumnus, 1733.] 
Nov. 20. Richardus Scrafton. 

W. Barrowby, M.D., C.M.R.S. ; Jq. Bamber, M.D., C.M.R.S. ; Charles 
Chaunay, M.D., C.R.M.L.S. : ex recomendat. Joh. Stewart, Mat. P. 

1743, April 26. Jacobus Brecknock, de Helbeck, in Com. Lincoln. 

Tancred Robinson, M.D., C.R.L.M.S. ; Wm. Stuckley, M.D., C.R.M.L.S.; 
Geo. Hepburn, M.D., de Lyn in Norfolk. 
May 18. Gaspar Tough. 

Wm. Cochran, M.D., Edr. ; Wm. Porterfield, M.D., Edr. [Pract. at Kil- 
July 4. Henricus Banyer. 

[Wisbeach. Author o{ Pharmacopoeia pauperum, Lond., 1721, etc.] 
Sept. 30. Alexander Foulerton. 

Ex propria recomendat. et in presentia nostra. 
Oct. 7. Georgius Kelly, de Tunbridge in Com. Cantii. 

In Medicina Licenciatus a Henric. Plumbtree, Praes., Tancred Robinson, 
Georg. Gardiner, Elect., et Tho. Pellet. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 27 Sep., 1743.] 
Nov. I. Carolus Blackwell. 

Ex recommendatione Tho. Blackwell et propria. N.B. The dues of the 
above diploma not yet cleared (Sept. 1751). He lives now in Jamaica, and his 
brother, the Principall [Thomas B., nth Principal], ought to pay them, as he 
was ingaged to doe so in case of his not doing it. [Son of Thomas B., gth 
Principal. Alumnus, 1733.] 

1744, Jan. 2. Georgius Abercromby. 

Ex propria recom. 


1744, Aug. Kervin Wright, de Norwich. 

Ex recom. D. Fordyce. Attest. D. Benjamin Wright et R. Nisbitt, C.R.L,S. 
[Ext. L.R.C.P., 17 Sept., 1744.] 

1745, April. Radolphus Schomberg. 

D. Jos. Colec, D. Leon. Welsted, Joh. Phillipson, M. Shomberg : M.D, 
N.B. The dues of this diploma are not yet paid (Sept., 1751), and ought to 
be cleared by John Forbes of Alford, who wrote for the degree of M.D. from 
Holland for the above Mr. R. Shomberg. 1752 : the dues are since payed by 
himself, who now practises at Yarmouth. [Afterwards at Bath and Reading. 
Author oi Aphorismi practici, Lond., 1753, etc.] 

1746, Sept. 20. Joh. Hawkins, de Kelveden in Com. Essex. 

Carolo Alsto, M.D., Edr. [Pract. at Dorchester. Med. Reg. of 1783.] 

1748, May 29. Thomas Meech, Dorcestriae, in Agro Durotrigensi. 

Recom. a D. David Fordyce, et solutione Casuum Medicinalium et Hippo- 
crat. Aphorism. 

Mathaeus Dowdell, de Over Compton apud Durotriges, 
nunc Beckingtoniae in Agro Somersetensi. 
Recom. Dav. Ford5'^ce. Attest. Samuele Daniell, M.D., de Yeovill in Com. 
Somersett. ; et Thoma Millner, M.D. de Peckam in Com. Surrey ; et solutione 
Casuum 2 Medicinal, et Hypp. Aph., more solito. 

Sept. 28. Philip Journeaulx. 

Attest. Roberto James, autore Dictionar. M. ; Tho. Thompson, Medico S. 
Princ. Walliae. 

Nov. 14. Gulielmus Baylie, de Evisham in Com. Worsester. 

Ja. Mackenzie, M.D. ; J. Wall, M.D. ; Paul Cardale, Minister Eclesiae 
Evisham ; Geo. Benson, D.D. N.B. The Liberary dues of this diploma 
was ordered by the Faculty to be bestowed upon a book publishing named 
Uranographia Brittaiiica, price 2 Guin., recomended by Dr. Benson, and paid 
by me to Mr. Fordyce. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1759; L.R.C.P., 1765. Author of 
Reflections on use and abuse of Bath waters, etc.] 

Nov. 26. Edoardus Gee, de Manchester. 

Being present and examined, and had a letter of recomendation from Dr. 
[John] Johnstoun att Glasgow to [his grandson] Principall Blackwell. He 
was surgeon to Lord Ancram's Regmt. of Foot. [See also Min. of 25th Nov.] 

1749, May 18. Theosebius Jacobus Buckley Wilsford, de Devana in 

Com. Eboracensi. 
Attest. Edoardo Gee, M.D., et Alexandro Brebner, Chyrurgo. N.B. This 
gentleman was Master Surgeon of the Hospitall in Flanders all the last war, 
which was the reason of my taking an attestation of a surgeon who was under 
him most of the time, as to his character only, he not being to be held to be a 
judge of his sufficiency. 


1749, Sept. Johannes Freeman, de Rotterdam. 

Attest. Ja. Monro, M.D. ; Chs. Chauney, M.D. ; W. Barrowby, M.D. 

Oct. 13. Richardus Huck. 

Present and examined with a solution of a case of medicine and Aphorism 
of Hippocrates. [L.R.C.P., 1765 ; F.R.C.P., 1784. Assumed name of Saunders 
in 1777 on marriage to niece and heiress of Admiral Sir Charles Saunders. 
His daughters became respectively Viscountess Melville and Countess of 

Dec. Francis Minshall, Anglus. 
Johannes Theobald, M.D., et Bernardus Lynch, M.D. 

1750- Jacobus Berrington, Anglus. 

Bernardus Lynch, M.D. ; Johannes Theobald, M.D, 

Feb. Joannes Ring. 
[M. Corp. S.] 

April. Gulielmus Ogilvie. 

June. Tobias Smollett. 
[The novelist and historian.] 

July. David Verner. 

[Alumnus, 1744. Cert. Corp. S., 1746 ; Surgeon's mate.] 
Aug. Joannes Milne. 

[Alumnus, 1732. Cullen.] 
Jacobus Dowglass. 

Surgeon of the Welsh Fusileers. Present himself and examined and came 
off with great applause. [M. Corp. S., 1745. Afterwards pract. in London.] 
Oct. Franciscus Douce, Anglus. 

Being a member of the College of Physicians in London, and recomended 
by Mr. Allexr. Strachan there, all attestations were passed over as needless 
[Aged 74. L.R.C.P., 1735. Grandfather of Francis Douce, the antiquary.] 
Dec. Nathaniell Torriano, Anglus. 

Attest. Alexandro Gordon, M.D., et D, W. Smellie, M.D. ; et solutione 
Aphorism. Hyp. et Casu in Medicina. [Author of Compendium obstetricii, 
Lond., 1753.] 

1751, May. Josephus Ryder. 

Sept. 26. Richardus J ebb, Anglus. 

R. Mead, Ja. Monro, W. Pitcairn, W. Barrowby. Principall Blackwell pro- 
cured this diploma when he was att London. [Studied at Oxford; L.R.C.P., 
1755; F.R.C.P., 1771 ; F.R.S. ; Harveian Oration, 1776. Physician to George 
IV. ; baronet ; buried in Westminster Abbey. Portrait by Zoffani in R.C.P.] 

1752, June 30. Archibaldus Cleland. 


1752, Nov. 16. Thomas Levingston, Scoto-Britannus. 

Examined on the spot, and solved an Aphorism of Hypocrates and a Case 
in Medicine, [Surgeon to the Infirmary, Aberdeen, and father of Dr. Wm. 
Livingston, Prof, of Medicine. The first surgeon who performed Lithotomy 
in Aberdeen. (Knight.) See Min. of nth Jan., 1753. F.R.C.P. Ed., 1764.] 

1753, July 30. Alexander Abercrombie, Scoto-Brittannus. 

Son to Mr. Robt. Abercrombie, minister att Lesslie. Upon the recomenda- 
tion of his uncle, the Revd. Mr. Abercrombie, minister att Footie, and his own 
character, being surgeon of the Military Hospitall in Nova Scotia. [Alumn., 
Aug. 21. Walter Grant, Jamaica. 

He was my own Aprentice. Settled now in Jamaica as a Physician, where 
he had lived long as a Surgeon in good repute, in company with Andrew 
Rose. He was strongly recomended by Dr. Allexr. Grant of Dalvey, late of 
Jamaica, to our Principall, to whom I forwarded his diploma. The dues were 
payed by Sir Archd. Grant of Monimusk. [Alumnus, 1738.] 

Oct. 9. John McColme, Scoto-Brittannus. 

Surgeon of the Royall Scots Regiment of foot in Ireland. He sent proper 
certificates and a solution of a case in Physick, with an Aphorism of Hypo- 
crates ; had a regular education, and long practised with aplause. He was 
besides of my own acquaintance in the 1746. Sent his diploma to Mr. John 
Wilson, Writter in Edr., who payed the dues. 

Nov. 23. Allex^ Donaldson. 

Son to Dr. James Donaldson, LL.OO.P. [Linguarum Orientalium Prof.], in 
this College, and my own nephew. Has studied att Edr., Paris, and Leyed, 
where he now is. The dues passed both by me and the College. [Alumnus, 
1748. Cert. Corp. S., 1762.] 

Nov. 2. Allexander Garden. 

Son to Mr. Garden, minister att Birse, and my own apprentice, after which 
he studyed with Monro and the other Professors att Edr., and after being att 
Lisbon and other parts abroad, settled at So. Carolina, in Charlestown, as a 
Physician. N.B. He was very remarkable for his good genius, and a great 
knowledge in Botany, Mathematicks, etc. [Alumnus, 1726. M. Corp. S., 
1748; F.R.S. Most extensive contributor to Correspondence of Linnaeus.] 

1754, M^y 4' Gregory Grant. 

Hon. Physician in Edinburgh. [Alumnus, 1747. F.R.C.P. Ed., 1758; 
President, 1779. Kay's Portraits, Vol. II., xxxviii.] 

1755, Jan. II, Peter McKenzie, Scoto-Brittanus. 

Surgeon of Coll. Leighton's Regmt. of foot. Upon examination in person 
and solving an Aphorism of Hypocrates and a Case of medicine was found 
very capable. N.B. I passed my dues, and he payed 2^ Guineas for the 
Liberary dues, and writting the diploma. [See Min. of 9th Jan.] 


1755. May 27. David Cohen. 

From good attestations from Edr. and London, got a degree of M.D., and 
was going to Africa to practise. The full dues were paid for the diploma by 
Baillie Dingwall. [Cert. Corp. S., 1799.] 
Sept. 4.^ John Gordon Cuming of Pitlurg. 

Hon. Son of Professor Gordon, then on his return from Paris. Diploma 
signed by Dr. Gordon a few days before his death. This diploma was signed 
by my father a few days before his death, when I was at London, upon my 
return from Paris. No attestations nor dues were demanded. 
Sept. 22. William Grant. 

The last diploma ever signed by my father, a very little time before his 
death. It was transmitted him (gratis) to London at the time I was there. 
Whether he had attestations or not I can't say, but he had no occasion for 
them, as his qualifications are sufficiently known to entitle him to that honor. 
[L.R.C.P., 1763. Pract. in London. Author of works on Fever.] 
James Anderson, Jamaica. 

Dues, £15 15s. in Accts. See Min. of 5th Sept., 1754. [Alumnus, 1737. 
M. Corp. S., 1 761.] 
[James] Gifford. 

Dues, ;f 10 IDS in Accts. [Cert. Corp. S., 1756. Navy Hosp. Surg.] 

On i2th Nov., 1755, William Thomas Jackson, Student of Physick at 
London, Candidate for the degree of M.D., desires that he may be permitted 
to write on the bilious colic, he being to practise in Jamaica. This is sanc- 
tioned (Min.), but his names does not appear in the lists. 
1756.2 William Monke. 

Apothecary and Surgeon in London : eminent in that line, and in great 
practice. Drs. Letherland and Clarke. 

David Ramsay Karr. 

Personally known by Dr. Donaldson. Drs. Gibson and Ormston. He gave 
to the Society a Treatise on the Putrid Fever which raged in the Fleet com- 
manded by Admiral Boscawen, in whose ship he served as chief Surgeon for 
several years, and was afterwards appointed Surgeon and Physician at Ports- 
mouth. [Principal Surg, to Dockyard, 1779; Med. Reg. Salary ;{"ioo, with a 
house, and 2d. per month from each man in the yard.] 

Joseph Fry. 

Was attested to the satisfaction of the Society. The certificate is mislaid, 
but Dr. Donaldson, from recollection, thinks that the certificate was signed 
by Dr. Duncan and another eminent physician in London. [Senior Physician, 
Gloucester Infirmary.] 

^ This and the following entry are in the handwriting of Dr. John Gordon Cuming, son 
of Professor James Gordon and Barbara Cuming. 

^ The entries for the period 1756-1793 are from the Register kept by Professor Donaldson. . 


1756. George Marjoribanks. 

Drs. McFarlane and Hope in Edinburgh. 

James Saunders. 

Hon.^ An eminent physician in Banff. [Father of the celebrated Dr. 
William Saunders. Author of Tract on Sore throat, Lond., 1778.] 

17 ? George Skene. 

Hon. Physician in Aberdeen. Regent in 1760, p. 46. 

1757- Thomas Cook. 

The certificate mislaid. 

Allan Pollock. 

Drs. Farquharson, surgeon to the Fleet ; W. Grant, of London ; and Dowds- 
well, do. [F.R.S.] 

John Hervie. 

Successor to Dr. Smellie as Lecturer on Midwifery. Drs. Smellie and Stead. 
[M.A., 1742.] 

John Acourt. 

Drs. Schomberg, Wessels, and Fry, physicians in London. [Pract. in Lond.] 

1758. Stephen Simpson. 

Drs. Schomberg and Cole, London. [Pract. at Wentworth, Yorks.] 

Philip Fermin. 

Drs. Hontluyn and Vanwiert, Paramiribo. [ ? Palmer Firmin ; Naval Service, 
1756 ; Cert. Corp. S.] 

John Ball. 

Drs. Theobald and Minshall, physicians of great eminence in London. 
[Author of Treatise of fevers, Lond., 1758 ; Modern practice of physic, Lond., 
1762, etc.] 

David D'Escherny. 

Drs. Schomberg and Wessels. [Author of a Treatise on the stone, Lond., 
1755, etc.] 

William Blair. 

Drs. Maty and Duncan, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1756, for India Service.] 

Samuel Pearce. 

Drs. Allen and Harvie. 

William Steers. 

Drs. Schomberg and Acourt. Dr. Donaldson has every reason to believe 
that the nostrum (under the name of Steers' Oppodeldoch) does not origmate 
from our graduate. [Of Charter House Square, London.] 

1 The Honorary degrees in Professor Donaldson's list are not dated. The years assigned 
to some are from other sources, such as accounts for writing diplomas, etc. 


^759- John Jones. 

Drs. Cole and Wessels. He gave a solution of an Aphorigm of Hippocrates 
and a practical Case in Medicine, which were approved of. [Of Gracechurch 
Street, London. M.S.A.] 

Abraham Chovet. 

Drs. Crookshanks, Fergus, and Anderson, London. 

Robert Walker. 

By Drs. Schomberg and Wessels. This man afterwards advertised, under the 
Royal Patent, the Medicine called Walker's Specific Drops or Elixir. On the 
first notice of this I wrote Dr. Schomberg, a most eminent physician in Lon- 
don, and Dr. Wessels, who, although a little doubtful in regard to nostrums, 
was in a great degree of credit as a physician in London. I had not, nor could 
have, redress from either. 

William Frazier. 

Drs. Middleton and Ross, both eminent physicians in London. [Army; 
served in America.] 
[Joseph] Hooper. 

Drs. Cole and Wessels. N.B. At this time I received the intelligence with 
respect to Dr. Walker, and wrote him [Dr. Wessels] that his certificate would 
not be received in future. In answer, he informed me that he had given a 
preference to our University, and would not again apply. See a letter from 
him among my papers. [M. Corp. S. Tooley Street, Lond. Contrib. to Med. 
Obs. and Inq., Vol. V.] 

J. Jones. 

The certificate lost or mislaid. He gave a Dissertation on the Nephritis 
now in my possession, which was approved o£ 

1760. [Edward] Blithe. 

Surgeon to one of His Majesty's regiments. Dr. Peter Mackenzie, a gentle- 
man personally known to the whole Society. No other name was required in 
the certificate. [Pract. at Spalding, Line, 1780. Had been Phys. to the 
Forces in the expedition against Belleisle.] 

[Dec. 17] . Luke Wayman. 

Drs. Cowper and Minshall, both eminent physicians in London. [L.R.C.P., 

Thomas Marryatt. 

Dr. Theophilus Lobb, an eminent physician in London. [Noted physician 
at Bristol. Author of Therapeutics, repeatedly reprinted.] 

1761. Andrew Gordon. 

Chief Surgeon in one of the Hospitals in the West Indies. Drs. Griffith 
and Schomberg, London. [Alumnus, 1749]. 
Abraham Eaton. 
Drs. Hein»ken and Baton, of the Royal College. 


1761. William Redmond. 

Drs. Cowper and Hifferman, London. [Author of Principles of antimony, 
Lond., 1762.] 

John Tucker. ..«^'->. 

Drs. Cunningham and Kelly. 

Thomas Menmoth. 

Drs. Heineken and D'Escherny, of the Royal College. [Pract. at Sand- 
wich, Kent.] '(] .-> r' , 

Peter Gaskell. 

Drs. William Grant and Mackenzie, London. 

James Wishart. 

Personally examined. Underwent a personal examination, which was sus- 
tained. [Pract. at Forres.] 

John Ford. 

Drs. George Skene and Edward Ven, London. [James Ford, M.D., of Mar. 
Coll., Abd., L.R.C.P., 1763, had an extensive obstetric practice in London. 
Phys. Ext. to Queen Charlotte.] 

Thomas Cowper. 

Drs. Brudenell, Exton, and Alton. 

1762. WilHam Chancellor. 
Drs. Russel and Shippen. 
[John] Hammond. 

Surgeon to Greenwich Hospital. Underwent a personal Examination, 
when I happened to be in London. 

[Pye] Little. 

Chief Surgeon in some of the Hospitals abroad. Underwent a personal 
examination when I happened to be in London. At that time he had just 
returned to England on the view of an appointment at home in one of the 
Hospitals. [M. Corp. S., 1771.] 

[John] Boone. 

Drs. Heineken and Hibbins, London. [Cert. Corp. S. for India Service, 
1754; Staff Surg., 1780.] 

[John] Duncanson. 

Surgeon to the Argyleshire Fencibles. Examined when in Aberdeen, and 
found qualified. [Disbanded, half-pay, 1763 ; R.N., 1778.] 

Richard Williams. 

Att. and rec. by the celebrated Dr. Huxham. 

Walter Robertson. 

Hon. Physician in Lynn, Norfolk. 
176 ? David Saunders. 

Hon. Attested by several physicians. 



1763. Samuel Chapman, 

Drs. Baker, Minshall, and Kelly, [L.R.C.P., 1765, Writer on Venereal 

[March 10]. Arthur Nicholson. 

Drs. William Grant and Mackenzie, London, [F.R.C,P, Ed,, 1767.] 

William Roper, 

Drs, Heineken and Eaton, London, [Cert, Corp. S., 1755 ; R.N.] 

John Roman. 

Dr. Mackenzie, whose name alone in the certificate was thought sufficient 
by the Society. 

James Johnson. 

Drs. George Fordyce, and Harvie, London. [R.N., 1748.] 

Thomas Cotham. 

Drs. Linden, Sutherland, and Shearer, [Phys, to Infirmary, Worcester,] 


Drs, William Grant, and Mackenzie, London, 

1764. Daniel Grant. 

Drs, Austin, and Gregory Grant, Edinburgh, [Alumnus, 1758.] 

Thomas Denman. 

Drs. Kirkpatrick and Kelly. [L.R.CP,, 1783. By his wife Elizabeth 
Brodie he became the father of Lord Chief Justice Denman and of two 
daughters who married Mathew Baillie, M,D., and Sir Richard Croft, M.D., 
respectively. Author of important obstetrical works,] 

Allworth Merewither. 

Drs. Hadley and Grieve. 

John Taylor. 

Dr, William Grant, London, whose certificate was sustained by the Society, 
[Reading, Berks,] 

Andrew Heron. 

Drs, Innes and Grant, Edinburgh. 

James Hossack. 

Drs, Duncan and Elliot, London. [Senior Phys. to Greenwich Hosp. Med. 
Reg., 1779.] 
r;U -:i'5 JqJ^j^ Hewitt. 

Drs. Watson and Russell, London. [M. Corp. S. ; Holborn,] 

1765. Thomas Orton, 

Drs, Hawley and Green, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1760,] 

William Small. 

Drs. Elliot and Gregory, [Pract, at Birmingham,] 

Belam Lincoln. 

Drs, Aikenside and Russel, London, [B,A., Harvard, 1754,] 


1765. Thomas Neale. 

Drs. Wayman and Ford, London. [M. Corp. S. ; Ipswich.] 

Charles Russel. 

Drs. Grieve and Russel, London. [B.A., Harvard, 1757.] 

Francis Rauch. 

Drs. Asken and Tyson, London. 

William Willis. 

Drs. Chapman and Redmond, London. 

(Sept. 9. George Moir. 

Minister of Peterhead. Not recorded, but diploma in possession of his 
grandson, George Moir-Byres of Tonley.] 
1766 [June 25] . Robert Bromfield. 

Drs. Maxwell, Gartshore, and Kelly, Lond. [L.R.C.P., 1766; F.R.S., 1779.] 

[H. I.] Chandler. 

Drs. Russel, De la Court, and Lind. 

Joseph Denham. 

Drs. Parsons and Kelly, London. 

John Wilkinson. 

Drs. Michael Morris and Parsons, London. [F.R.S.] 

Henry Brown. 

Drs. Umfreville and Redmond, London. [Pract. at Salisbury and Shaftes- 

[William] Mill. 

Dr. David Skene, and sustained by the Society. 
Nov. 13. James Skene. 

Hon. Son to Professor [Francis] Skene. Physician in Charlestown. (Min. 
and Skene Memorials.) 

[Dec. I.] Thomas Gillespie. 

Drs. Black, Clark, and Boswell, Edinburgh. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1780. Pract. 
at Ayr and Edinburgh.] 
176 ? Alexander Robertson. 

Hon. Physician in Aberd. [Of Hazlehead. Physician to Roy. Infirmary.] 
1767. Charles Adams. 

Drs. Walter Farquharson, and Musgrave, London. 
[Robert] Sorrell. 

Dr. Saunders, etc., in London. 

George Mackenzie. 

Physician afterwards in great practice in the West Indies. Personally 
known by Dr. Donaldson, whom he served as an apprentice. [M.R.C.S., 1801.] 

John Grant. 

Drs. Gregory Grant, and Innes, Edinb. [M. Corp. S. ; Phys. Guy's Hosp.] 


1767. John Harris. 

Dr. Livingston in Aberdeen, sustained by the Society. [Kingston, Jamaica.] 

Joseph Lowe. 

Drs. Grant and Innes, Edinburgh. [Pract. at Brechin.] 

1768. James Becket. 

Dr. Saunders, London, etc. [Cert. Corp. S., 1754 ; H.E.LC.S.] 

Minter Weales. 

Dr. John Andree, an eminent physician in London. [R.N.] 

[July 6.] James Aickman. 

Physician in Montrose. The Society were so well acquainted with this 
gentleman's merit that no Certificate was required. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1770.] 

Edward Curteis. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [M.S.A. Tenterden, Kent.] 

George Harris. 

Dr. Livingston, etc. [Kingston, Jamaica.] 
[George] Tucker. 

Drs. Saunders and Forbes. 

[Alex.] Ramsay. 

Drs. Skene and Saunders. 

Alexander Bannerman. 

Hon. Physician in Aberdeen. [Professor of Medicine in King's College, 
1793 ; sixth baronet of Elsick. M.A., 1758.] 
176 ? James Morrison. 

Hon. Physician in Jamaica. 
176 ? Robert Maclaurin. 

Hon. Lecturer on Anatomy, etc., London. [Eminent obstetric physician. 
Married Jane, dau. of Sir James Kinloch of Kinloch.J 
176 ? John Bate. 

Hon. Physician in Montrose. 
176 ? Robert Saunders. 

Hon. Physician in Banff, afterwards in India. [M. Corp. S., 1781. 
Brother of Dr. William Saunders.] 

1769. [John] Caverhill. 

A gentleman well known in the learned world. He was of the Royal College 
and Royal Society. [L.R.C.P., 1767. Author of a Treatise on the cause and 
cure of gout, etc.] 

David Wilson. 

Underwent a personal examination. [R.N., 1756.] 

John Shuttleworth. 

Drs. Ford and Saunders, London. [Pract. at Aylesbury.] 


1769. John Ward. 

Drs. Harvey and Ewets, London. [Pract. at Gainsborough and Ludlow.] 
John Jeffries. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [B.A., Harvard, 1763 ; M. Corp. S.„ 1778. Author oi A 
narrative of the aerial voyages of Dr. Jeffries with Mons, Blanchard, Lond., 1786.] 
Robert Rochford. \ 
John Gloster. / 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [Surg., 65th Foot, 1781.] 
John Farquharson. 
Hon. Physician in Charlestown, Carolina. 

1770. John Troup. 

Was bred in the Marischal College, had a regular medical education. Att. 
by Dr. Leith. [Pract. in Jamaica.] 

Daniel Hopkins. 

F.R.S. Att. by Dr. Layard in London, etc. [Pract. at Huntingdon.] 

Andrew Hewitt. 

Drs. Sutherland and Saunders. 

David Watson. 

Physician in Montrose : rec. by Dr. Beattie from his personal knowledge of 
the gentleman. 

James Blair. 

Drs. Maddoks and Saunders, London. [Memb. Med. Soc, Edinb., 1762.] 

1771. Samuel Rogers. 

Drs. Kelly and Fordyce, London. 
Jean George Gamaliel Durada. 
Dr. Saunders, etc. 
William Scott. 

An eminent physician and surgeon in Hawick, where he had practised for 
thirty years. Rec. by Professor Kennedy. [Contrib. to Med. Com., IV., V., VL] 


Brother to Professor Trail. No certificate was required by the Society. 

Samuel Wilcocks. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. 

[Abraham] Ludlow. 

The certificate mislaid. [Pract. at Bristol. Contrib. to Med. Obs. and Inq., III.] 

1772. Joseph Gilpin. 

Dr. Fordyce, of London, etc. 
[Hugh] Downman. 

[Pract. at Exeter. Author oi Infancy, a poem, Lond., 1775.] 
Edmund Stubbes. 
Certificates mislaid. 


1773. Alexander Glass Strahan. 
Dr. Hope, Edinburgh, etc. 

Thomas Dancer. 

Dr. Saunders. [Pract. at Spanish Town, Jamaica, Med. Re^., 1780. Author 
oi Jamaica practice of physic, 1801, etc.] 
Thomas Fidge. 
Drs. Hicks and Young, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1756.] 

Thomas Poole. 

Drs. Huck, James, and Denman, London. [Pract. at Lewes, Sussex.] 

Hugh Smith. 

Dr. Saunders. [M.S.A. Hatton Street, Lond. Author of Philosophy of 
physic, Lond., 1778, etc.] 

Nicholas Dettleff Falk. 

Rec. by Dr. Beattie, and sustained. [Author of Treatise on venereal disease, 
Lond., 1772 ; Guardian of health, 1779, etc.] 
[Nov. 25.] [John] Tower. 
Underwent a personal examination. [Alumnus, 1748.] 
[Dec. 9.] John Armitage. 
Rec. by Dr. Beattie, and att. by Dr. Leatsom. 

1774. George Hatton. 

Drs. Wayman and Mayo, London. 

John Hodgson. 

Drs. Saunders and Campbell. [Wapping. M. Corp. S.] 

James Hardy. 

Dr. Luke Wayman and others. [Pract. at Barnstaple. Author of Colic of 
Poitou and Devon, Lond., 1778.] 

Richard Anderson. 

Dr. William Grant : and underwent an examination. 

Edward Bancroft. 

Drs. Fordyce and Letsom, London. [F.R.S. Author of Natural History of 
Guiana, etc.] 

John Hill. 

Dr. Saunders. [M.D., King's College, 1759 ; L.R.C.P., 1765.] 

1775. George John. 

Drs. Francis de Vallangin and Letsom, London. [Pract. at Stoke Newing- 
ton, 1783. Med, Reg."] 
[Mar. 6.] William Lowder. 

Drs. McLaurin and Saunders. [L.R.C.P., 1786. Pract. at Southwark.] 
Gumpertz Lewison. 
Drs. Wilson and Smith. 


1775. Thomas White. 

Drs. Wasdale and Saunders. [Pract. at Maiden Compton.] 

John Paine. 

Drs. Lowder and Saunders. [William Paine, B.A., Harvard, 1768; M.D., 
Mar. Coll., Aberd., ist Nov., 1775 ; became L.R.C.P., 1781 ; Army Surg., 1775 ; 
Phys. to Forces on N. American station, 1784. Lincoln's Hist, of Worcester, 


1776. [Robert] Walton. 

Dr. Wharton : rec. by Dr. Beattie. [M. Corp. S. ; Barbadoes.] 
The book which contained a Register or List of the graduates in Medicine 
for this year was lost by accident. Dr. Donaldson, from notes, has only been 
able to collect one name, but hopes, when he has gott the Letters and Certifi- 
cates in order, that he may have it in his power to complete the List for this 

1777. [John] Pearce. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [M. Corp. S. ; M.S. A. ; Crane Court, Lond.] 
Peter Duncan. 

1778. Sept. 28. WilHam Farquharson. 

Hon. Physician in Edinburgh. [Of Balfour. M.A., 1771 ; F.R.C.P. Ed., 1785 ; 
M.R.C.S. Ed., 1788; President, 1806. Father of Dr. Francis F. of Finzean.] 


Had a regular medical education in Edinburgh ; is upon the Bengal Estab- 
lishment as a Hospital Surgeon. The Certificate is mislaid. [ ? Andrew L., 
M.R.C.S. 1805.] 

[John] King. 
[M. Corp. S. ; Wade Bridge, Cornwall.] 

[WilHam] Ellis. 

Drs. Saunders and Knowles. [M. Corp. S. ; M.S. A. ; London, and Falmouth, 
Jamaica. Author of Essay on cure of venereal gonorrhoea, Lond., 1771.] 

Charles Fletcher. 

Drs. Denman and Saunders. [M. Corp. S., 1770; R.N. Pract. at Ciren- 
cester, 1783.] 


Dr. Saunders, etc. [Bedford Square, Lond.] 

1779. [William] Hawes. 

Drs. Letsom and Cowper. [Eminent philanthropist. Founded Humane 
Soc. Attended Oliver Goldsmith in his last illness.] 
[Samuel Gillam] Mill. 

[M. Corp. S., 1767 ; Greenwich. Contrib. to Med. Comm., V.] 
Henry Messiter. 
Drs. Wilson and Burke. [M.R.C.S., 1800; R.N.] 


1779. William Morton. 

Drs. Rogers and Blair. [Army ; Ireland.] 
Stephen Freeman. 
Dr. Saunders, etc. 

1780. Jacob Downing Peckford. 

Drs. Messiter and Graham. [Pract, at Wimborne Minster, Dorset.] 
[Thomas] Keate. 

Drs. Harrington, Burland, and Robertson. [M. Corp. S. ; Army. Author 
oi Cases of hydrocele, Lond., 1788.] 

1781. Thomas Hutchinson. 

Drs. Paget and Duguid Leslie. [Pract. at Knaresborough, 1783.] 

Thomas White. 

Drs. Maclaurin and Saunders. [M. Corp. S. Author of Treatise on 
scrofula, Lond, 1784, etc.] 
Aug. 27. [Thomas] Morison. 

Hon. Physician in London. [Of Elsick ; M.A., 1766; Army; Dingw. Ford. 
Fam. Rec., p. 205.] 
Nov. 5. William Livingston. 

Hon. Physician in Aberdeen. [Professor of Medicine, 1793, p. 55. M.A., 

1 777-] 

1782. Charles Hall. 
Francis Geach. 

[F.R.S. Plymouth. kxiXhov o{ Observations on inflammation, 'LonA., I'jtd.'l 

[George] Rutherford. 

Dr. Maclaurin, etc. [R.N., 1774.] 

Daniel Macneil. 

Drs. Monro and Saunders. [Cert. Corp. S., 1757; R.N., 1763.] 

[John] Alexander. 

Dr. Maclaurin and others. [M. Corp. S. ; Halifax.] 
Nov. II. William Laing. 

Hon. Of Peterhead. [M.A., 1766 ; Physician and Episcopalian Minister : 
his son, William, made M.D., 1824.] 

1783. William Fellowes. 

An eminent physician in Lincoln, with whom I have several times corre- 
sponded since. He was attested by three physicians, but the certificate is 
mislaid. [Afterwards pract. at Bath ; Phys. Extr. to Prince of Wales. Father 
of Sir James Fellowes, infra, 1795.] 

Benjamin Lyon. ] 

Abraham Sutcliffe. ) 

I happened to be in England (Bath), but the application, accompanied with 



proper certificates, was sustained by the Society. [Is Lyon, M.S.A., 1783, 
the Dr. Leo referred to infra, p. 133 ? Sutcliffe pract. at Settle, Yorks.j 

1783. [John] Hooper. 

[M. Corp. S., 1787; Cheshunt, Herts.] 

Onslow Barret. 

Drs. Maclaurin and Orme, London. [M. Corp. S., 1756, articled to Samuel 
Gillam Mills, 1779, p. 127.] 

Alexander Morison. 

Dr. George Skene and others. [Probably the Alumnus of 1777-9.] 

John Forbes. 

Was warmly recommended by several physicians in Aberdeen, and under- 
went a personal examination. [Cert. Corp. S., 1761 ; H.E.LC.S.] 

1784. Charles Keith. 

Was educated m the Marischall College [M.A., 1779], personally known by 
most of the Society, had a regular education in Edinburgh, and was recom- 
mended by several medical gentlemen in Edinburgh. [Author of The Farmer's 
Ha\ Aberd., 1776, etc.] 

John Parker. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. 

Macnaughton Hunter. 

Drs. Livingston and Ross. 

Caleb Dickenson. 

Drs. Webster and Keith. [Author of Inquiry into nature and causes of fever, 
Edin., 1785.] 

Daniel Pischecow. 

From Russia. Drs. Gardner and Keith. A Russian gentleman. [His thesis 
De novo methodu psoram sanandi was printed.] 

George Milne. \ 

[Banff.] j- 

Daniel Macneier. J 

Dr. Saunders, etc. 

Alexander Mudie. 

Drs. Hamilton and Webster. [Army ; served in America.] 

Isaac Field Thibon. 

Dr. Robertson and others. 

J. Bonamor. 

Drs. Mosely and Vallangin, London. 

[Nov. 25.] Thomas Karr. 

Drs. Gardiner and Hamilton. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1785.] 

Andrew Johnston. 

Drs. Grant and Saunders. [M.S.A. ; Bread Street Hill, London.] 



1784. Roger Macaboy. 

Drs. Hamilton and Keith. 

William Thornton. 

Hon. [Canterbury.] 
17 ? [William] Maddox. 

Hon. Physician in London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1762 ; with Army in 
Portugal. Pract. at Rotherhithe, 1779.] 
17 ? [David] Wilson. 

Hon. Physician in Fraserburgh. 

1785. Peter Key. 

Drs. Ogilvie and Douglas. * 

Timothy Clerk. 

Particularly rec. by Dr. Mayo and others. 

Lionel Brown. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. 

John Maclean. 

Drs. Hope and Dickenson. [Army.] 

[William] Wayvale. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [M. Corp. S. ; Chester Street, London.] 

Zacharia Jefferies. 

Drs. Harrington and Lysons. 

[John] Alderson. 

Drs. Sanders, Dickenson, and Keith. [Pract. at Hull ; author of Essay on 
apparitions, Lond., 1823, ^tc. ; father of Sir James Alderson, M.D.] 

John J. Anson. 

Drs. Saunders, etc. 

[William] Nisbett. 

Drs. Dickenson and Keith. [M.R.C.S. Ed., 1786 ; pract. in London ; author 
of The clinical guide, Edin., 1793, etc.] 

Tempest Beckett. 

Dr. Gardner and others. [Cert. Corp. S., 1757; R.N.] 

[Thomas] Walshman. 

Dr. Saunders. [M. Corp. S. ; L.R.C.P., 1807. Dr. Munk identifies him with 
Thomas Walsingham, M.D., King's Coll., 1807 ; but this seems to be an error. 
Pract. in London.] 

[William] Knox. 

[M. Corp. S., 1785 ; H.E.LC.S.] 

D. Mappleton. 

Drs. Fordyce and Blane. [Henley, Oxfordshire.] 

Patrick Dondon. 

Drs. Crawford and Morison. [Army ; served in America.] 


1786. Kenneth Callander. 

Drs. Aitken and Lynch. [Cert. Corp. S., 1798 ; Army.] 
Raimus Sarais. 
Dr. Saunders. 
Robert Henderson. 

Drs. Lind and Hossack. [R.N., 1770; M, Corp. S., 1772 ; L.R.C.P., 1793.] 
Francis Daley. 
Dr. Saunders. 
Robert Prower. 

Rec. by Dr. Beattie, etc. [Pract. at Cranborne.] 
George French. 

One of the Surgeons to the Infirmary. Personally known by the whole 
Society : no certificate required. [Professor of Chemistry, 1793, p. 58.] 
Thomas Hewit. 
Dr. Saunders and Gloster. [Cert. Corp, S. ; Army.] 

1787. James Coull. 

[M.A., 1767 ; Cert. Corp. S., 1776 ; R.N.] 

Joseph Shaw. 

Drs. Saunders and Lowder. [L.R.C.P., 1791.] 

Huybert Lens. 

Att. by two eminent Dutch physicians. 

Joseph Coventry Lewdel. 

Drs. Saunders and Skeete. [M. Corp. S., 1776; Southwark.] 

Antonio Cayetana de Freyta. 

Drs. Lettsom and Sims. 1 

Benjamin Stanier. 

Drs. Beech and Mappleton. [Pract. at Shifnall, Salop.] 

Thomas Johnson. 

[Cert. Corp. S., 1760; Army.] 

William Stephens.. 

Drs. Robertson and Livingston. [Cert. Corp. S., 1775 ; R.N. ; aftds. at York.] 

1788. Henry Ward. 

Drs. Saunders and Skeete. [Cert. Corp. S., 1785, "to Indiaman ".] 

Alexander Gordon. 

Surgeon to the Dispensary, and known to the whole Society : no certificate 
required. [Alumnus, 1771-5; M. Corp. S., 1796; R.N. ; author of Puerperal 
fever, Lond., 1795, reprinted by Sydenham Soc] 

Thomas King. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [Army, Jamaica.] 

Alexander Stevens. 

Drs. Robertson and Bannerman. [Cert. Corp. S., 1776 ; H.E.LC.S.] 


1788. [July 28. Thomas] Gillies. 

This gentleman is in a great line on the Bengal establishment, and no cer- 
tificate was required. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1789.] 

[William] Coakley Lettsom. 

Drs. Sims, Letsom, and Saunders. [M. Corp. S., 1790.] 

[Louis] Poignaud. 

Drs. Morris and Hayes. [L.R.C.P., 1788; Phys. Accoucheur to Middlesex 
Hosp. ; author of various medical works.] 

[Dec. 27.] John Craigie. 

[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1789.] 

1789. [John] Jackson. 

[M. Corp. S. ; Knightsbridge.] 

Edward Bridgewater. 

Drs. Willis and Baylis. 

John Jones. 

[John] Moodie. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [Dundee.] 

Thomas Pym Weeks. 

Drs. Robertson and Livingston. [M. Corp. S. ; H.E.I.C.S.] 

Arthur Bishop. 

Dr. Livingston, etc. [Alumnus, 1784-5; M. Corp. S., 1790; Army.] 

John Laurence. 

Drs. Osborn and Clarke. [M. Corp. S., 1793 ; Eltham.] 

Henry William Tytler. 

Drs. Skene and Bannerman. [Cert. Corp. S,, 1797 ; Army ; author of 
Patdo-trophia, a poem, Lond., 1797, etc.] 

William Littlejohn. 

Drs. Bannerman and Livingston. [M.A., 1784.] 
1790 [Jan. 2]. George Wilson. 

Drs. Denman and Webster. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1790.] 
[Jan. 12.] William Roxburgh. 

[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1790; F.L.S. ; Supt. of Botanic Garden, Calcutta.] 

Thomas Cruden. 

Drs. Robertson, Livingston, and Blizzard. [Alumn., 1783-6; M.Corp. S., 1790.] 

Peter Oliver. 

Dr. Saunders, etc. [B.A., Harvard, 1769 ; M. Corp. S., 1780.] 

James Steele. 

Drs. Webster and Aitken. [Cert. Corp. S., 1785, " to Indiaman ".] 

John Irvine. 

This gentleman was known by the greatest part of the Society, and is att. 
by Drs. Skene and Robertson. [Alumnus, 1785-9; Cert. Corp. S. ; R.N.] 


1790. John Dymond. 

Drs. Pitcairn and Saunders. [M.R.C.S. ; Doncaster.] 

Thomas Marsh. 

Drs. Denman, Osborn, and Savage. 

Thomas Gregg. 

Drs. Webster and Bindon. [M.R.C.S. ; Madras.] 

Francis Peter Dyce. 

Drs. Bannerman and Livingston. [Alumnus, 1784-8. Uncle of the Editor 
of Shakespeare.] 

John Harness. 

Drs. Lind and Saunders. [Pract. at Aylesbury.] 

William Moir. 

Chief Surgeon on the Bengal Hospital Establishment. In consequence of 
his residence in India, no certificate could be obtained, and, therefore, was dis- 
pensed with. It was known that Dr. Moir was in a great line. [Alumn., 1761-5.] 

Theobald Mackenna. 

Drs. Webster and Craven. 

James Wright. 

Nephew to Dr. Wright : a gentleman known to the whole Society, and att. 
by him. [Alumnus, 1784-5 ; Cert. Corp. S., 1791, " to a Presidency ".] 

Peter Grant. 

Dr. Skene, and rec. by Dr. Hamilton. [Army.]. 
1791 [Jan. 15]. Thomas Jameson. 

Drs. Osborn and Anderson. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1800; L.R.C.P., 1802; pract. 
at Cheltenham ; author of Treatise on Cheltenham waters, Lend., 1804, etc.] 

[William] Boddum [sic] of Mecklenbergh-Strelitz. 

Drs. Saunders and Leo. N.B. Discovered to be the Empiric Brodum from 
inattention of Dr. Leo. " Dr. Saunders told me that he was deceived by Dr. 
Leo, a Jew living in his neighbourhood, with regard to Brodum on his first 
arrival in London. I believe there was no great deception in the case. At 
least Dr. S. appeared to have given himself no trouble in making the neces- 
sary examination before granting the certificate, wishing to oblige the Jew, 
and caring very little for the reputation of Marischal College. C. S." 

[In 1801, Brodum applied for a new diploma, saying he had lost his former 
one. The College denied that any one had been granted him, the name being 
Boddum in Dr. Donaldson's Catalogue. He recovered his diploma, however, 
and sent it to Mr. Chalmers, printer, his quack medicine vendor, when the 
College had the mortification to see the name properly written, and the di- 
ploma perfectly regular. The opinion of Solicitor-General Blair was taken as 
to the power of the College to degraduate Brodum for " notorious and impu- 
dent quackery, . . . and the immoral tendency of many passages in his vari- 
ous publications ". Mr. Blair held it "to be clear that an Incorporation has 
by law no power to expel its own members. For altho' the admission of a 


member most commonly proceeds upon an act of the incorporated body, yet 
after being so admitted, the privileges which he thereby acquires become a 
matter of civil right or property which cannot be taken from him, except upon 
legal grounds and by the sentence of a competent Court. Universities stand 
indeed upon a footing somewhat different from other Incorporations, in so far 
as the original constitution of the University, whether created by foundation 
charter or otherwise, most commonly delegates to the Rector or some other 
officebearer in the University a jurisdiction over its own members, which im- 
plies a power of expulsion where there is sufficient cause for it. And the 
foundation charter of the Marischal College of Aberdeen seems to bestow upon the 
Rector a power of jurisdiction sufficiently ample for this purpose. Altho' it is 
rather an unfavourable circumstance that no one instance can be found of the 
rectoral jurisdiction having been exercised to the effect of recalling the degree 
of Doctor of Medicine once bestowed, either in the University of Aberdeen, or 
in those of Edinburgh or St. Andrews, which are expressly referred to in the 
charter. . . . The distinction between a Quack, that is to say a person who 
takes it upon him to practise physick without having received a proper educa- 
tion and without being graduated Doctor of Medicine, and a regular Physician 
who has been bred to the business and authorised to practise, is very well 
known. But amongst those who have received the degree of Doctor of 
Medicine from an University entitled to grant such degrees (which is the case 
of Dr. Brodum), I do not know exactly where the line is to be drawn, or what 
degree of ostentation or ignorance is to fix upon a gentleman of this descrip- 
tion the imputation of Quackery, so as to afford a legal ground for depriving 
him of his degree. . . . The memorialists will consider therefore whether, 
under all the circumstances, it may not be most prudent for them to submit 
in silence as they have hitherto done, to a very unpleasant mortification, and 
rather endeavour if possible to draw good out of evil, by making the case of 
Dr. Brodum a lesson of caution and circumspection to themselves for the 
future, in the bestowing Academical honours." Mar. Coll. Ch. Ch., " Rights 
and Privileges," 4.] 
1791. Henry Fairbairn. 

Dr. Skene, whose certificate was sustained. [Alumnus, 1783-7.] 

William Drew. 

Drs. Denham and Fellowes. [Higham Ferrers, Notts.] 

[Aug. 2.] Andrew Fillan. 

Drs. Wright and Skene. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1791.] 

John Syer. 

This gentleman was known by Dr. Beattie, and is attested by Dr. Lctsom. 
[Author of Treatise on management of infants, Lond., 1812, etc.] 

George Yates. 

Drs. Robertson and Webster. [M. Corp. S.] 

George Frederick Hambahaum. 

Drs. Webster and Bindom. 



1791. Joseph Beal. 

This gentleman was formerly Surgeon to the nth Dragoons, afterwards went 
into the Navy Service as Surgeon to a Man of War. I saw his Commissions, 
and on examination I found that he had been regularly educated. I own I 
gave this Diploma with some reluctance, altho' I could not see any objection 
to the Candidate from his appearance. [Cert. Corp. S., 1761 ; R.N., 1781.] 

Herbert Packe. 

Drs. Webster and Bindon. 

Daniel Macintosh. 

Drs. Bannerman and Livingston. [? Donald M. ; alumnus, 1784-8.] 

WilHam Ruddiman. 

As this Gentleman's high line in the Profession in India, as chief Surgeon to 
the Nabob of Arcot, recommended him strongly to the Society, no certificate 
was required. [Alumnus, 1771-4. Benefactor. See Vol. I., p. 459.] 

WiUiam Lehre. 

Rec. and att. by Dr. Webster as a most distinguished character in the class 
of students in the Medical College, Edr. Fellow of severall learned Societies, 
etc. [His thesis De menstruorum phcenominis, causis, et iisu, printed at Edinb., 

Thomas Marshall. 

Drs. Webster and Bindon. He gave in a thesis De Pneumonia, which was 
approved of. [M. Corp. S. ; pract. in E. Indies.] 
1792. Sayer Walker. 

Drs. Saunders and Rilph. [L.R.C.P., Lond., 1792; formerly a Presbyterian 
minister ; pract. midwifery in London ; author of The Constitution of women, 
Lond., 1803, etc.] 

Antonus Cibatet Auranto. 

Hispanus ex Provincia Gotonlana. Drs. Saunders and Rilph. 

John Todd. 

This gentleman studied in Edinburgh at same time with Dr. Duncan, as 
appears by his letter. Dr. Irvine also gives him a good character from in- 
formation. Colonel Mair recommends him in the warmest manner. Dr. 
Todd had practised 18 years in Jamaica. [F.R.C.S. Ed., 1753.] 

Stephen Luke. 

Drs. Saunders and Baker. [M.R.C.S., and L.R.C.P., 1806. Pract. at Fal- 
mouth and Lond. ; Phys. Extr. to George IV., 1828.] 

John Sanderson. 

Drs. Thynne and Langston. [M. Corp. S. ; pract. at Stockton.] 

Richard Croft. 

Drs. Denman, Bradley, and Dennison. [M.R.C.S., afterwards Sir Richard 
Croft. Accoucheur to Princess Charlotte in November, 1817.] 


1792. William Shepherd. 

Drs. Bannerman and French. [M.A., 1790.] 
1793.^ Samuel Barry. 

Drs. Thynne and Pearson. [M.R.C.S. ; Army.] 

Robert Hope. 

Drs. Hall and Hamilton, of Edinburgh. [R.N., 1778.] 

Joseph Lancaster. 

Drs. Saunders and Babington. 

Charles McKinnon. 

Drs. W. Robertson and French. [Alumnus, 1789-90; M.R.C.S. ; pract at 

James Anderson. 

Drs. Alex. Robertson and W. Robertson. [Alumnus, 1785-8; Army, 1790; 
Cert. Corp. S.] 

James Moir. 

Drs. Bannerman and French. [M.A., 1789 ; Physician in Aberdeen ; 
M.R.C.S., 1832 ; author of Notes on puerperal fever, Edin., 1822, etc. ; 
portrait in possession of Med. Chir. Soc, Aberdeen.] 

1794. Hector McLean. 

Drs. Pearson and Thynne, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1770 ; H.E.I.C.S., 1788 ; 
author of Mortality among troops at San Domingo, Lond., 1792.] 

Samuel Brown. 

Drs. Wright and Spens, Edinburgh. [Author of Bilious malignant fever, 
Bost., 1797 ; Yellow fever, Bost., 1800, etc.] 

Robert Wright. 

Drs. Garrow and Pellet, Barnet. [M.R.C.S.] 

George Wardell. 

Drs. Marshall and Thynne, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1781.] 

Primrose Blair. 

Drs. James Hamilton and Charles Stuart, Edinburgh. [R.N., 1778.] 

Edward Jenkins. 

Drs. Marshall, London, and Chas. Stuart, Edinburgh. [M. Corp. S. ; pract. 
at Presteign.] 
Nov. 20. William Murray. 

First Surgeon of the Charlotte, who gained great reputation by his skilful 
and successful treatment of the wounded men after the glorious action of the 
first of June last. (Min.) [Cert. Corp. S., 1778 ; R.N., 1779 ; M.R.C.S.] 

1795. James Fellowes. 

Att. by his father, Dr. Fellowes, Lincoln [1783, p. 128], and which was sus- 
tained as sufficient recommendation by the College. [M.B. Cantab., 1797 ; 

^ The entries for the period 1793-1822 are from the Registers kept by Professor Livingston. 


M.D., 1803 ; F.R.C.P., 1805 ; Phys. to Forces ; Insp. Gen. of Hosp. ; knighted, 
1809 ; author of sundry medical Reports, etc.] 

1795. William Reid. 

Drs. BaylHe, Pearson, and Heberden, Jun""., London. [M. Corp. S.] 

James Wishart. 

Drs. Andrew Inglis, of Edin., and Wishart, Cromarty. 

Edward Hankin. 

Drs. Bayllie, Pearson, and John Clark, London. 

Alexander Brown. 

Dr. Lind of Haslar Hospital. [Cert. Corp. S., 1775 ; R.N.] 

Thomas Ogilvy. 

Drs. Skene and French. [Cert. Corp. vS., 1791, "to Presidency".] 

Edmund Fry. 

1796. Samuel Solomon. 

Drs. Joseph Moore and Isaac Fisher, Liverpool. Strong suspicions of 
this degree having been obtained by forged certificates. [" Balm of Gilead. 
He printed in his Guide of Health 20,000 copies at least of his diploma in Eng- 
lish." Knight. Upwards of fifty editions.] 

George Jordan. 

Drs. Pearson and Clark, London. [M.K.C.S.] 

George Dickenson. 

Professor Dalziel, Edinburgh, sustained by the College. 

Richard Lydekker. 

Drs. William Saunders and William Woodville, London. [M. Corp. S., 

William Dyer. 

[M. Corp. S. ; Bengal.] 

James Stephen. 

Dr. William Stephen, Bristol. 

1797. John Bacon Sweeting. 

Drs. Stephen Robinson of Honiton, and John Taylor, Pool. [M.R.C.S.] 

1798. Benjamin Jolliffe. 

Drs. Lowder and Wavell, Bath. [M.R.C.S. ; pract. in Isle of Wight] 

Thomas Harrington. 

Drs. Sayer Walker, and Richard Payne, London. 

George Farquhar. 

Drs. Alex, and William Robertson, Aberdeen. [M.A., 1787.] 

1799. Feb. 22. [Walter] Charles Heywood. 

Drs. Christopher Pegge, Oxford, and Marshall, London. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 
1808 ; pract. at Blandford.] 



1799, March 25. Joseph Hume. 

Drs. Mudie, Bate, and Gibson, Montrose. [Lord Rector, 1824, p. 20; 
M.R.C.S. Ed., 1796; Cert. Corp. S., 1797, "to an Indiaman " ; 1799, "to a 
Presidency ".] 

May 7. George Bancroft Eaton. 
Drs. George Fordyce and John Meyer, London. [M. Corp. S., 1788.] 

June 10. John Nesbitt. 

Drs. Peter Renaudet, William Stephen, and John Nott, Bristol. 

July 3. John Bowman. 

Drs. Hector McLean and Alex. Robertson. [Alumnus, 1779-83; pract. in 

Oct. 22. Colin Allan. 

Drs. Wright, Edinburgh, and James Robertson, Barbadoes. (Alumnus, 
1788-92 ; pract. in Aberdeen.] 

Dec. 16. James Brown. 

Drs. Alex, and William Robertson, Aberdeen. [Cert. Corp. S., 1779; 

1800, Feb. I. James Williamson. 

Dr. Skene and Mr. Gauld. [Cert. Corp. S., 1799; L.R.C.S., 1803; H.E.LCS.] 

March 3. Charles McLean. 

Drs. Hector Mclean and John Bowman. [M. Corp. S., 1787; H.E.LC.S.; 
author oi Evils of quarantine laws, Lond., 1824, etc.] 

April ig. John O'Donnell. 
Drs. Harrison and Payne. [M.R.C.S. ; author oi Hydrophobia, Lond., 1813.] 

July 28. Thomas Milbourne. 
Drs. Pitcairne, Denman, and Taylor, London. 

Aug. 20. John Owen Stubbe. 
Dr. Martin Wall, Oxford ; Dr. Pellet, St. Albans, and Mr. Dilly, London. 

Dec. 5. John Yule. 
Drs. William Robertson and James Moir, Aberd. [Alumnus, 1782-5.] 

Dec. 5. Neil Sutherland. 

Drs. William Robertson and James Moir, Aberdeen. [Alumnus, 1787-9; 
pract. in Aberdeen.] 

1801, Jan. 23. John Pendrill. 

Drs. William Stephens and Peter Renaudet, Bristol. [M.R.C.S.; pract. 
at Bath.] 
Jan. 28. Thomas Lewis. 

Drs. William Blackburn, London, and Belcher, Maidstone. [M.R.C.S. ; 


1801, March 25. William Roots. 

Drs. J. C. Lettsome and Haighton, London. [M.R.C.S. ; Kingston-on- 
Thames ; son of George Roots, infra.'] 

April 20. Charles Leslie. 

Drs. William Robertson, and French, Aberdeen. [Alumnus, 1789-91 ; 
L.R.C.S., 1809.] 

May 18. James Chapman. 

His original attestation to the College of Surgeons, London, placed among 
the Mar. Coll. Records. [Cert. Corp. S., 1793, "to regiment ".] 

July 25. Andrew Elphingston. 
Drs. Chricton [sic] and Rowley, London. [Alumn., 1791-94; Cert. Corp. S., 1794.] 

Dec. 2. George Roots. 

Sir John McNamara Hayes, and Dr. Lettsom, London. [Kingston-on- 
Thames ; father of William Roots, supra, and Henry Shuckburgh Roots, p. 144.] 

1802, Jan. 4. Alexander Stuart. 

Dr. Hector Mclean and Dr. Phelan, Physician to the Forces. [M.R.C.S.; 

Feb. 7. John Abercrombie. 

Drs. French and Wm. Robertson. [M.D. Edin., 1803 ; F.R.C.S. Ed., 1804 ; 
F.R.C.P. Ed., 1823 ; eminent medical and philosophical author and consult- 
ing physician in Edinburgh ; M.A., 1798. Lord Rector, 1835-6, p. 22.] 
Feb. 16. James Powel. 1 

William Graham, j 

Drs. Robert Jackson and J. Bprland, Physicians to the Forces. [Both 
^ M.R.C.S.; latter M.S.A., and in H.E.LC.S.] 
May 5. Robert Henderson. 

Drs. French and James Moir. [Alumnus, 1790-93; L.R.C.S. ; Army.] 
June 26. James Shaw. 

Drs. Geo. Pearson, John Philp, and Wm. Woodville, London. [L.R.C.P., 
1805 ; pract. in London.] 
Sept. 10. Benjamin Lara. 

Drs. Jamieson, London, and Thompson, Haslar Hospital. [Cert. Corp. S., 
1788 ; R.N., 1798 ; F.R.C.P.. Edin., 1814; author oi Dictionary of surgery.] 
Oct. I. John Armstrong. 

Drs. Denman, London ; Winterbottom, S. Shields, and Pearson, Newcastle. 
Dec. 4. William Johnston. 

Drs. Wm. Robertson, Bath, and Wm. Stephen, York. [R.N.] 

1803, Feb. 8. William Nicol. 

Drs. Geo. Skene, and Wm. Robertson. [M.A. King's Coll., 1782. R.N.] 


1803, March i. William Dick. 

Drs. Wm. Saunders, and Wm. Babington, London. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1804.] 

March 12. Thomas La Cloche. 

Drs. And. Marshall, London, and Henry Krohn, St. Neots. [M. Corp. S., 
1797 ; pract. in Jersey.] 

March 24. Alexander Thomson. 
Drs. Geo. French and Geo. Skene, Aberd. [M.R.C.S. ; pract. in Aberdeen.] 

April 4. Richard Stuart. 

Drs. Wm. Robertson and Jas. Moir, Aberd. [Cert. Corp. S., 1795, "to 
regiment ".] 

April 16. James Johnston. 

Drs. Chas. Skene and Wm. Robertson, Aberd. [M.A., 1795 ; Cert. Corp. 
S., 1795 ; M,, 1798 ; Army.] 

April 28. Joseph Fleming. 
Drs. Wm. Wright and Chas. Stuart. [M. Corp. S., 1789.] 

[May 31. James Lorimer. 
Hon. Accts. M.D., Basel, 1781.] 

Sept. 28. William Douglass. 

Drs. Wm. Robertson and Jas. Moir, Aberd. [Alumnus, 1788-92; Army.] 
Dec. 21. Francis Erskine Stephens. 

Drs. Wm. Robertson, and Chas. Skene, Aberd. [M.A., 1797.] 

1804, Feb. 20. William Hussey. 

Drs. Wm. Saunders and Wm. Babington, London. [M.R.C.S. ; Army.] 
Feb. 20. John Turner. 

Drs. Wm. Saunders and Herbert Packe, London. [M.R.C.S. ; pract. in 
Feb. 20. James McGrigor. 

[M.A., 1788. Lord Rector, 1826-7, p. 21. F.R.C.P. Edin., 1807 ; L.R.C.P., 
1815; F.R.C.P,, 1825; Knt., 1814; Bart., 1831; K.C.B., 1850; Director Gen., 
A.M.D., 1815-53 ; Phys. Extr. to William IV. and Queen Victoria ; author of 
Medical sketches, Lond., 1804, etc.] 
April 25. James Thomson. 

Drs. Alex. Robertson and Jas. Moir, Aberd. [M.A., 1800; H.E.LC.S. ; 
Phys. Gen. of Bengal Army; Knt.; K.C.B.] 
May II. Thomas Lamb. 

Drs. Rob. Norris, London, and James Edward Smith, Norwich. [M.R.C.S.; 
pract. at Newbury .J 
Aug. 16. Thomas Scott. 

Drs. Alex. Jamieson and And. Skyne, Newcastle. [Cert. Corp. S., 1795, 
" to regiment ".] 


1804, Sept. 9. Disney Alexander. 

Drs. John Millar and Jas. Hamilton, London. [Author of Treatise on croup, 
Huddersf., 1794; Duty of preserving health, Manch., 1804, etc.] 
Dec. 13. Christopher Wray. 

Drs. J. C. Lettsom and John Clarke, London. [Pract. at Stockton-on-Tees.] 

1805, March 5. John Shoolbred. 

Drs. Wm. Saunders and Wm. Dick, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1785 ; H.E.LC.S., 
1788 ; author of Reports on vaccine inoculation, Calc, 1804, etc.] 
March 19. Helenus Scott. 

[Hon. M.A., 1777 ; L.R.C.P., 1815; H.E.LC.S.; Pres. of Medical Board, Bom- 
bay; pract. aftds. at Bath and London; author oi Adventures of a rupee, etc.] 
May 12.^ John Gray. 

Drs. John Harness and Rob. Patrick, London. [M.R.C.S. ; F.R.C.P. Ed., 
Sept. 9. Alexander Whitehead. 

Drs. Laing and Jas. Brown, Peterhead. 
Sept. 22. John Brown. 

Dr. Jas. McGrigor, and Drs. Geo. French, and Jas. Moir, Aberdeen. [M.A., 
1776 ; pract. in Aberdeen.] 
Oct. 21. John Duncan. 

Drs. Wm. Farquhar and Wm. Saunders, London. [Alumnus, 1790 ; 
M.R.C.S. ; L.R.C.P., 1806; H.E.LC.S.; Member of Madras Medical Board 
(W. Johnston's Geneal. Acct., p. 180).] 
Dec. 14. William Hunter. 

Drs. Wm. Livingston and Chas. Skene, Aberd. [M.A., 1790; M.R.C.S. ; 
H.E.LC.S. ; author of Diseases incident to Indian seamen, Calc, 1804.] 
Dec. 28. John Bradley Blakiston. 

Drs. John Rollo and Geo. Irwin, Woolwich. Dr. Blakiston's classical educa- 
tion is attested by Ja. Jones, Vicar of Cobham, Kent. [Cert. Corp. S., 1785, 
"third mate"; 1786, " first mate ".] 

1806, Jan. 4. James Mellis. 

Drs. Geo. French and Jas. Moir, Aberd. [M.A., 1799 ; M.R.C.S. ; 
member of Medical Board, Calcutta ; F.R.C.P. Edin., 1827.] 
Jan. 8. Stephen Hemsted. 
Feb. 28. Edward Segrim. 

Drs. Edw. Fryer and And. Marshall, London. [M.R.C.S. ; Warminster.] 
May 17. John Brine. 

[" The Faculty having heard the report of Dr. Livingston and Dr. French 
respecting the medical qualifications of Mr. John Brine, a candidate for the 
degree of M.D., whom they had examined in private, agreed that he should be 
again examined by Dr. Livingston and Dr. French coram Senatu Academico. 

1 The Faculty agree that a new diploma should be granted to James Shaw, M.D. (Min.) 


Mr. Brine was accordingly introduced and examined on the various branches 
of Medicine and Chemistry, and showed such knowledge of these subjects as 
was perfectly satisfactory to the meeting. The Senatus Academicus, there- 
fore, upon his producing certificates of his moral as well as medical character 
from two respectable Physicians in London [Drs. Babington and Currie], 
agreed to admit him to the degree of M.D." (Min. of loth May.) M.R.C.S.] 

1806, June 24. George Lipscomb, Surgeon, London. 

Drs. Benj. Moseley, And. Thynne, and And. Marshall, London. (Min. of 
13th June.) 
Oct. 15. James Gregory. 

Drs. Thos. Anderson and Chas. Anderson, Leith. [Cert. Corp. S., 1790, 


Nov. 12. John Tindal. 

Drs. Joshua Dickson and Henry Crosthwaite, Whitehaven, and And. Duncan, 
Edinb. The candidate himself certifies That he had never promoted the sale 
of quack medicines, and solemnly promises to discountenance, as far as he 
can, the use of medicines of that description. 
Nov. 22. Luke Farringdon Nagle. 

[M. Corp. S., 1787.] 
Nov. 27. John McGinnes. 
Professors William Hartigar, and Deasy, Dublin, and Dr. Geo. Kerr, Aberd. 

1807, Feb. 20. Adam Baildon. 

Drs. Hunter and Fare, London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1792 ; M., 1796.] 
July I. James Brown. 
Dr. J. Alderson, Hull. [L.R.C.S., 1808; M.R.C.S., 1822.] 

1808, Jan. 20. James Lee. "j 

[Author of Introdttction to botany, Lond., 1810.] > 
April 28. Thomas Saunders. j 

Drs. Sanders and Shaw. [New Regulations ^ dispensed with " in regard 

^ On 15th April the following regulations were adopted (printed in 1810). They 
remained in force till 1825. 

" Regulations with respect to the mode of conferring Medical Degrees. 

" I. No person shall be received as a candidate for the degree of M.D. unless he have 
laid before the Senatus Academicus satisfactory evidence of his possessing a good and re- 
spectable character, and of his having received a liberal education. 

" II. No person shall be received as a candidate for the degree already mentioned until 
he have produced to the Senatus Academicus certificates of his having attended a course of 
lectures in Anatomy, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Practice of Physic and Botany (if he has 
had an opportunity of studying the branch last mentioned) at some University or celebrated 
School, under Professors or Teachers of reputation. 

" III. In every case where the candidate for a degree in Medicine shall happen to be in 
Aberdeen or at a convenient distance from that city, he shall be required to appear before the 
Senatus Academicus, and in their presence be examined by the Medical and other professors 


that the application had taken place before the certifiers could be made ac- 
quainted with the regulations ". (Min.)] 

1808, Aug. 19. Samuel Merriman. 

Drs. Bayley, Vaughan [who personally examined Mr. M.], and Bayne. 
[M.S.A., 1800 : pract. in Lond. ; lecturer and writer on midwifery.] 

1809, Feb. 17. Charles Anderson. 

Drs. Anderson and Kelly. [F.R.C.S. Ed., 1793; pract. in Leith;^ author 
of New theory of formation of veins, Edin., 1809 ; father of Prof. Thomas Ander- 
son, Glasgow.] 

June 24. Thomas Christie. 
[Dr. Jas. McGrigor], Sir Walter Farquhar, and Dr. Sanders, London. 

on the different branches of Medical Science, on his knowledge of the Greek and Latin lan- 
guages and on such other branches of literature as they shall see proper. 

" IV. When the candidate for a degree in Medicine is so circumstanced, by reason ot 
his distance from Aberdeen, that he cannot appear in person to be examined, he may be 
recommended and attested by two Physicians. In this case, these Physicians must them- 
selves be regular graduates in Medicine ; they must be known either personally or by reputa- 
tion to the Professor of Medicine, or to some of the members of the Faculty ; and they must 
attest that what is contained in the first and second regulations is, in all respects, applicable 
to the Candidate ; that they have examined him on the different branches of Medical Science 
and are satisfied by his answers that his acquirements are such as to entitle him to the degree 
of M.D. ; or in cases where from distance of place such examination cannot be obtained, 
that they have been long personally acquainted with him, and know that his medical education is 
as has been above specified, that he has been for years in established practice as a Physician, 
and in that capacity has rendered himself useful and respectable. 

" V. When the candidate has been settled for years, and still is in respectable medical 
practice, in the East or West Indies or other foreign parts, so that his situation precludes 
his presenting himself for examination, either at Aberdeen or by the attesting physicians ; in 
such cases the attestations shall bear, in the most ample terms, that the candidate's moral 
character is, and his education has been such, as are prescribed in the first and second regula- 
tions ; that his practice has rendered him useful and respectable in his profession ; and that 
the attesters know him to be in all respects worthy of the degree which he solicits. 

"VI. Every Candidate for a Medical degree, if required, shall declare and promise that 
he neither has, nor at any future period of his life shall have, the smallest connection with 
vending, or patronizing in the way of trade, any patent Specifics or Drugs, or what are com- 
monly called Quack Medicines, nor allow his name to be used in any advertisements or publi- 
cations of that nature ; and that before receiving his degree he shall present to the Faculty a 
formal letter to the above purpose. 

" VII. No degree of M.D. shall be granted til! the Senatus Academicus have taken into 
consideration the character and qualifications of the candidate at two different meetings to be 
held at the interval of fourteen days ; except in cases of urgency, which cases shall be deter- 
mined by the Faculty." 

Minutes : extract printed. 

1 From this date onward all medical degrees are regularly entered in the Minutes. 


[L.R.C.P., 1810; Superintendent of Hospitals, Ceylon; Phys. Ext. to Prince 
Regent ; author of Vaccination in Ceylon, Lond., 181 1.] 

1809, July II. Henry Shuckburgh Roots. 

Drs. J. Lettsom and John Haighton, Lond. [M.D. St. And., 1816 ; M.B. 
Cantab., 1824 ; M.D., 1827 ; L.R.C.P., i8i8 ; F.R.C.P., 1831 ; pract. in London ; 
son of George Roots, p. 139.] 
Aug. 16. John Moor. 

Drs. W. Sanders, Jas. Shaw, and Rob. Willan, London. [L.R.C S., 1803 ; 
M., 1805 ; M.D., Giessen ; pract. in Cardiff.] 
Henry Parkin. 

Drs. John Macgennis, and Benj. Lara, London. [M.R.C.S. ; Surgeon of 
H.M.S. Caledonia, and R. M. Infirmary, Woolwich.] 
Nov. 7. William Daw. 

Drs. Matth. Binley, John Latham, Jas. Cook, And. Thynne, and De Courcy 
La Fan. No evidence of examination : not to be drawn into a precedent. 
[M. Corp. S., 1780.] 

1810, Jan. 2. Thomas Parkinson. 

Sir Busick Harwood, Cambridge, and others. [M.R.C.S. ; Oakham.] 
Feb. 23. Duncan McArthur. 

Drs. Harness and Gray. [L.R.C.P., i8i8 ; F.R.C.P., 1841 ; Phys. to Fleet 
and to R. N. Hosp., Deal.] 
June I. William Winton. 

Drs. Benj. Watts King and John Nimmo, Glasgow, and Livingston and 
Moir, Aberd. [M.A. King's Coll., 1805 ; M.R.C.S. ; Surgeon to the Stirling- 
shire Militia.] 
July 12. Matthew Thanen. 

Drs. J. C. Lettsom, Jas. Hamilton, Alex. Frampton, And. Thynne, and Thos. 
Sept. 19. James Anderson, Senior. 

Drs. John Abercrombie and Geo. Kelly. [F.R.C.S. Ed., 1795; F.R.C.P. 
Ed., 181 1.] 
Dec. 27. Charles Dodds. 

Drs. Rich. Wright, Senior Physician, Haslar, and Thos. Waller, Ports- 
mouth. [Cert. Corp. S., 1789 ; Senior Surgeon to R. N. Hospital, Haslar.] 

1811, March 5. Adam Gillespie. 

Drs. Harvey and Jackson, Ireland, and Kerr, Aberdeen. [Surgeon to the 
Infirmary of County Donegal.] 
May 2. John Sim. 

Drs. And. Marshal and R. Hooper. [M.R.C.S. ; Aberdeen.] 
May 24. Archibald Goodsir. 

Drs. And. Duncan, John Barclay, And. Wardrope, and J. Keith, Edinburgh. 
[Surgeon of the Fifeshire Militia.] 


1811, May 31. John Spence. 

Drs. James Davidson, Dunfermline, and Henry Dewar, Manchester. 
[M.R.C.S. ; Dunfermline ; aftds. Otley, Yorks.] 

Sept. 2. Benjamin Radford. 
Drs. James Forbes and Thomas Wahab. Surgeon to the Forces. [M.R.C.S.] 

Sept. 10. Henry Gresley Emery. 

Dr. Thomas Gray, Physician to the Forces, and Thomas Keate, late Sur- 
geon-General to the Forces. [Surgeon to the Forces ; M.R.C.S.] 

William Gladstone. 
Sir Walter Farquhar and Dr. Rob. Robertson, Greenwich. [Cert. Corp. S., 
1794; R.N. ; Dep. Insp. Hosp., 1840.] 

1812, Jan. 3. John Downer. 

Drs. John Thatcher and Wm. Farquharson, Edinburgh ; and John Bell and 
Rob. Allan, Surgeons, Edinburgh. 

Jan. 24. George Beattie. 

Drs. Jas. Anderson and John Abercrombie, Edinburgh. [L.R.C.S., 1803. 
Surgeon, 79th Foot.] 

April 20. John Major Wilson. 
Drs. Matth. Baillie, Sam. Ferris, and John Clarke. 

May 28. David James. 

Drs. Thos. Bradley, John A. Paris, A. P. Buchan, and Wm. Lawrence, 
London. [L.R.C.S., 1810 ; R.N.] 

July 2. David Henderson. 

Drs. Jas. Ross, and M. Hunter, Montrose. [M.R.C.S. ; R.N. ; aftds. at 
Sept. 17. John Bleech Lye. 

Drs. G. Gibbs, and J. F. Davies, Bath. [Pract. at Ross, Herefordshire.] 
Mr. Lye had " earnestly urged upon these Gentlemen to examine him," but 
" from their personal knowledge of his abilities and practice they had declined 
this from a sense of respect to him. . . . The Faculty unanimously find that 
though the letter of Regulation fourth had not been complied with, its spirit 
had to all intents and purposes been completely fulfilled ; and therefore re- 
solved to grant the degree."] 
Dec. 3. John Shepherd Alderson. 

Drs. Thos. Bradley, and J. C. Lettsom. 

1813, April 2. Thomas Ascott. 

Drs. Geo. Daniel, and John Blackball, Exeter. [Pract. at Teignmouth.] 
April ig. Robert Bell. 

Drs. John Moodie, Raphael Gillum, and G. G. Browne Milne, Bath. 
[L.R.C.S., 1803 ; pract. at Bath.] 



1813, May 10. Alexander Latta. 

Drs. Chas. Anderson, Leith, and Jas. Gregory, R.N. [Pract. at Perth]. 
May 17. Alexander McCarthy. 

Drs. Albert H. Callanan, and Thos. Putnam McKebe. [Student of Medi- 
cine, Edinburgh.] 
July 7. Alexander Murchison. 

Drs. David Grant, Jamaica, and And. Wardrop and And. Inglis, Edinburgh. 
[Pract. in Jamaica.] 
Aug. 12. Newell Vicary. 

Drs. Wm. Wavell, Barnstaple, Wm. Langhorne, Exmouth, and Geo. Daniel, 
Exeter. [M.R.C.S., 1801 ; pract. at Bideford.] 
Sept. 30. Maurice Logan. 

Drs. Geo. Birkbeck, and Benj. Hird, Leeds, and Dr. Skene, Aberd. 
[M.R.C.S.; pract. at Leeds.] 
Dec. 10. William Edmunds. 

Dr. John Harness, of the Transport Board, and David James. [Cert. Corp. 
S., 1797; R.N.] 

1814, May 4. Joze Ernesto da Cunha. 

Drs. Geo. Pearson, Rich. Harrison, and P. M. Roget. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 1814; 
pract. at Oporto.] 

June 28. Peter Suther. 

Drs. French and Davidson. [L.R.C.S., 1807; M., i8og; R.N., 1805; 
with the Victory at Trafalgar ; Dep. Insp. Gen. of Hosp. and Fleets ; 
father of Rt. Rev. Thomas George Suther, Bishop of Aberdeen.] 
Sept. 13.^ Henry Lucas. 

Drs. P. Elliot, John C. Collins, and Wm. Robertson. [M.R.C.S., 
Swansea. Not examined, " of which defect some reasons had been given, 
which in the present case were sustained, without derogating from the estab- 
lished rule ".] 

Neil Arnott. 

[M.A., 1805; M.R.C.S., 1813; L.R.C.P., 1817 ; LL.D. (Aberdeen Univ.), 
1871 ; pub. Elements of Physics, 1827 > Phys. Extr. to the Queen, 1837 > 
Portrait in possession of University, reproduced in the Great Window, Mitchell 
Hall. Biog. Memoir by Professor Bain in Trans. Phil. Soc, Aberd., Vol. I. 
Diet. Nat. Biog.] 

Richard Harris. 

[Cert. Corp. S., 1797; Brandon, County Cork.] 

^ " An application having been made to the Faculty by John Hutchings Paul, Bristol, 
for the Degree of M.D., and it evidently appearing that he is an ignorant Quack, the Faculty, 
considering the application as an Insult, reject the same with Contempt." (Min. of 13th 


1814, Sept. 22, Patrick Blaikie. 

Drs. Boyd, R. N. Hospital, Mahon ; Denmark, Physician to Mediterranean 
Fleet; and Wm. Dyce. [M.A., 1808 ; Lecturer on Surgery, 1820, p. 67.] 
Nov. I. William Steven. 

Drs. John Balmano, and Thos. Brown, Glasgow. [M.R.C.S., 1814 ; L.S.A., 
1817; Newmarket.] 

James Dominick Burke. 

Drs. John Harness and Wm. Tait. [L.R.C.S., 1800; Surgeon, R. N. 
Hospital, Yarmouth.] 
Nov. 10. Samuel McGuffuck [sic]. 

Drs. Geo. Sandeman, and John Richard Farre. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 1814. In 
1836 Dr. S. McGuffog', physician to the British Embassy, Constantinople, 
applies for a new diploma, the original having been burnt in the great fire at 
Pera. The College transmits a certificate of his having had a diploma.] 
Dec. 2. Christopher Richard Alderson. 

Drs. John Alderson, Hull, and James Brown, Beverly. [L.R.C.S., 1807, 
1810; Hull.] 

Samuel Fisher. 

Drs. Wm. Wright, and John Thatcher, Edinburgh. [M.R.C.S., 181 1 ; Salis- 
Dec. 16. Anthony Lindsay. 

Drs. Wm. Farquharson and John Abercrombie, Edinburgh ; Edw. Fairclough, 
Drogheda, and Wm. Johnston, Newry. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1815 ; pract. in 
Dec. 27. Robert Benjamin Perrin. 

Drs. Whitter and Tuthill, London. [M.R.C.S.; H.E.LC.S., Bombay 

1815, Jan. 3. Alexander Gibb. 

[M.A., 1779. Garrison Surgeon, Bengal. His degree is considered " fully 
equivalent and even superior to any written attestations ".] 
Jan. 20. George Moon. 

Drs. Geo. Pearson and Richard Harrison, London. [M.R.C.S., 1806; R.N.] 
Jan. 27. "William Vassal. 

Sir Walter Farquhar and Dr. Saunders. [Alumnus, 1795-98; M.R.C.S., 
1803; F.R.C.S., 1844; Surgeon to the Forces.] 
March 17. Robert Bower. 

Dr. Thos. Simpson, and Messrs. Thos. Shuter and Jas. Tunstall, R.N. 
[M.A., 1807; M.R.C.S., 1815; R.N.] 
March 31. George Darling. 

Drs. Helenus Scott, Bath, and Neil Arnott, London. [L.R.C.P., 1819; 
partner of Dr. Neil Arnott] 


1815, April 12. James Cook. 

Drs. R. Wright, J. Gray, and Chas. Dodds, Haslar ; and Henry Sully, 
Wivelcombe. [Alumnus, 1802; M.R.C.S.; R.N.] 

April ig. David Reedie. 
Drs. Dewar, Edinburgh, and Spence, Dunfermline. [Pract. at Dunfermline.] 

May 18. John Graham. 

Drs. Melville and Dawson, Barbadoes. [Cert. Corp. S., 1794; Surgeon to 
the Forces, Barbadoes.] 

June 12. John Hill. 

Drs. James Anderson, Edinburgh ; Thomas Arnold and William Withering, 
Leicester. [M.R.C.S., 1816; pract. at Hinckley, Leicestershire.] 

July 31. Americo Cabral de Millo. 
Drs. Buchan and Tuthill, London. [Porto Alegre, S. America.] 

Sept. 14. John Taylor, Jun*". 

Drs. Geo. Montague Sears, Wimborn, and Wm. Ogilvy Porter, Bristol. 
[M.R.C.S.; pract. at Clifton.] 

Sept. 25. Robert Dyer. 

Drs. Colin Chisholm and And. Carrick, Bristol. [M.R.C.S., 1812; pract. 
at Bristol.] 
Sept. 28. Robert Crowe. 

Drs. Pearson and Harness, London. [L.R.C.S., 1800 ; R.N.] 
Oct. 13. Thomas Wood. 

Drs. Jas. Anderson, Edinb., and Geo. Kelly, Leith ; and Morison, Disblair 
["who was his fellow student". F.R.C.S. Ed., 1775; M.R.C.S. ; pract. in 

1816, May 3. William Towzie. 

Lymington. Sir Walter Farquhar and Dr. Wm. Moore, London. [Ext. 
L.R.C.P., 1819.] 

John Hughes. 
London. Drs. Geo. Pearson, and Wm. Elford Leach, London. [M.R.C.S., 
1807. Afterwards at Liverpool.] 
James Williamson. 
Banff. Sir Jas. McGrigor, London, and Dr. Selby, Aberd. [Alumnus, 1799- 

John Stobo. 
Tortola. Drs. Wm, Sanders, Edinburgh, and Jas. Steele, Glasgow. 
May 17. Whitelock Nicol. 

Cowbridge. Drs. Geo. Pearson and Rob. Hooper, London. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 
1816; L.R.C.P., 1826; F.R.S., 1830; after 1826 pract. in London; author of 
General elements of pathology^ Lond., 1820, etc.] 


1816, July 4. James Eglinton Anderson. 

Surgeon, R.N. Drs. Andrew Fyffe and Alex. Tweedie, Edinburgh. [L.R.C.S., 
1808 ; Knt. ; author of an Essay on jaundice.] 
July 17. Thomas Hudson Brock. 

Drs. Thos. Jameson, Cheltenham, and Chas Graham Tice, Dep. Insp. of 
Hosp. [M.R.C.S. ; pract. at Mansfield.] 
Summer Higgins. 
Deputy Inspector of Army Hospitals. Sir Jas. McGrigor and Dr. Wm. 
Sommerville, Army Med. Board. [M.R.C.S.] 
July 23. John Kidston. 

Deputy Inspector of Army Hospitals. Drs. Rob. Patrick, Dep. Insp. of 
Hosp., and John Speirs, Greenock. 
Sept. 2. Harry Lecke Gibbs. 

Surgeon in Chief to the Russian Navy. Sir Gilbert Blane and Dr. Geo. 
Pearson, London. [M.R.C.S., 1803; F.R.C.S., 1844; M.D. St. Petersb., 1820; 
Kt. of St. Vladimer, 1813 ; Kt. Comm. of St. Anne, 1820; at Exeter, 1836.] 
James Smith. 
Banff. Drs. Chas. Skene and Geo. Kerr. [Alumn., 1807-11 ; M.R.C.S., 1814.] 

James Cross Weston. 
Antigua. Drs. John Gordon, and Andrew Fyffe, Edinburgh. [M.R.C.S.] 
Sept. 17. John Haslam. 

London. Drs. Wm. Chas. Wells, and Alex. P. Buchan. The usual fort- 
night's delay dispensed with, Mr. Haslam "having already acquired great 
celebrity by his medical productions". [Cert. Corp. S., 1779; M., 1784; 
M.R.C.S. ; author of Observations on insanity, Lond., 1798, etc.] 
Nov. 19. Jacob Adolphus. 

Surgeon to the Forces. Sir Jas. McGrigor, and Dr. Edmund Sommers, 
London. [Cert. Corp. S., 1793 ; M.R.C.S., 1817 ; pract. in Lond., 1836.] 

1817, Jan. 17. George Wood. 

Edinburgh. Drs. Davidson and Skene. 
Jan. 24. Michael Kiernan. 

Drs. Wm. Farquharson, and Geo. Kellie, Edinburgh. 
William Whymper. 

Drs. Hooper and Rainier, London. [M.D. Edin., 1822; L.R.C.P., 1825; 
Surg. Maj. of Coldstream Guards ; present at Oporto, Talavera, Busaco, 
Vittoria, Bidassoa, San Sebastian, Nives and Waterloo ; Kt, 1832.] 
John Hamett. 

Drs. Pearson and Harness, London. [M.R.C.S. ; R.N. ; author of Reports 
on cholera at Dantzic, Lond., 1832.] 
Jan. 24. William Caldwell. 

Surgeon to the Forces. Drs. Theodore Gordon and Jas. Forbes, Physicians 
to the Forces. [M.R.C.S., 1813.] 


1817, Feb. 7. John Cole. 

Surgeon to the Forces in France. Sir Jas. McGrigor, Drs. John Luby, and 
David McLaughlin, Physicians to the Forces in France. [M.R.C.S., 1805; 
aftds, pract. in Lond.] 

James Clerk. 
Jamaica. Drs. Barclay and Farquharson, Edinburgh. [F.R.C.S. Ed., 1793 ; 
F.R.C.P. Ed., 1817.] 
March 28. Samuel James. 

Hoddesdon, Herts. Drs. Wm. Saunders and John Haighton, London. 
May 14. Dougal Campbell. 

Surgeon, Royal Artillery. Drs. John Thatcher and John Barclay, Edin- 
burgh. [L.R.C.S., 1801.] 
June 27. James Perchard Tupper. 

Sir Walter Farquhar and Dr. Wm. Saunders, London. [Pract. in Paris ; 
author of an Essay on probability of sensation in vegetables, Lond., 181 1.] 
July 21. Elias Tardy. 

London. Drs. Geo. Pearson and Theod. Gordon, Lond. [M.R.C.S., 1807.] 
Sept. 12. Alexander Scott. 

Elgin. Drs. Chas. Skene and Davidson, Aberd. [M.R.C.S.] 
James Anderson. 

London. Drs. Hunter and Paterson, Montrose. [L.R.C.S., 1807; R.N. ; 
Insp. of Hosp. and Fleets.] 
Oct. 17. Thomas Key. 

London. Drs. John Meyer, and Wm. Babington, London. [M.R.C.S.] 
Nov. 14. Richard Rollings. 

London. Drs. Pearson and Chalmers, London. 
Dec. 12. David Forbes. 

London. Drs. Pearson, and McDonnel, London. 
Dec. 19. Patrick Leslie. 

Alumnus. Surgeon on the Bombay Establishment. Drs. Jas. Moir and 
Geo. Kerr, Aberd. [M.A., 1806; M.R.C.S., 1808; H.E.LC.S.; aftds. pract 
at Winton Place, London.] 

1818, Jan. 16. William Anderson. 

Glasgow. Dr. Thos. Brown, and King, Glasgow. [L.F.P.S.G.] 
Jan. 23. Robert Shand. 

Cape of Good Hope. Drs. John Gordon, and Alex. Tweedie, Edinburgh. 
[L.R.C.S., 1805 ; R.N.] 
March 2. Octavius Pritchard. 

Surgeon, loth Regt. of Foot. Dr. Chas. Badham, and Rob. Hooper, London. 
[L.R.C.S., 1803.] 


1818, March 2. Robert Tindal. 

London. Sir Jas. McGrigor, and Dr. Gilbert Blane, London. [M.R.C.S. ; 

March 6. Charles Lyon Herbert. 
London. Drs. Mat. Bailey, Thos. Rose, and AinsHe, London. [M.R.C.S.] 

April 21. John Huntingdon Wharrie. 

Drs. Geo. Pearson, and W. F. Chambers, Lond. [Ext. L.R.C.P., 1818 ; 
pract. at Hornchurch and Upminster.] 

May 19. George Alexander. 

Drs. Dyce and Harvey, Aberd. [M.A., King's Coll., 1798; M.R.C.S., 1801 ; 
H.E.I.C.S. ; aftds. of London.] 

John Haig. 

Alloa. Drs. Charles Skene, and Davidson, Aberd. 
Aug. 12. George Green. 

Edinburgh. Drs. Barclay and Farquharson, Edinburgh. [L.S.A., 18x3 ; 
Aug. ig. George Smyttan. 

Asst.- Surgeon, H.E.LC.S. Drs. Barclay and Farquharson, Edinburgh. 
William Glover. 

Drs. Barclay, Murray, and Farquharson, Edinburgh. [Surgeon, Essex 

Sept. 24. George Slater. 

Margate. Dr. Thos. Brown, Margate, and Jas. Brown, Aberd. 
Nov. 10. Sherlock Willis. 

Clifton. Drs. Colin Chisholm, and Rob. Dyer, Bristol. 
Nov. 17. Samuel Jones. 

Newcastle. Drs. Trotter, Newcastle, and Parnell, Cleveland.' [M.R.C.S.] 
George Johnston. 

Pictou, Nova Scotia. Drs. Moir and Ogilvy, Aberd. [L.R.C.S., 1804; Army.] 
Nov. 27. James Main. 

London. Drs. Bateman and Ley, London. 
Dec. 4. William King. 

Surgeon, 12th Dragoons. Drs. Pearson and Wharrie, London. [M.R.C.S.] 
Dec. 17. Francis Boston. 

Drs. Thatcher, Sanders, and Campbell, Edinburgh. 
Dec. 30. John Southam. 

Buckingham. Drs. Alex. P. Buchan and David Uwins, London. 
James Hall. 

Surgeon, R.N., now in the Brazils. Drs. Jas. Williamson and Jas. Smith, 
Banff. [M.R.C.S., 1811.] 


i8ig, Jan. 19. Robert Dyer. 

Medical Staff of Russia. Drs. Colin Chisholm and J. C. Prickard, Bristol. 
Feb. 9. John Jebell. 

Plymouth Hospital. Drs. Geo. Daniel, Exeter, and Wm. Steel, Edinburgh. 
March 12. Henry O'Hara. 

Surgeon on the Staff, Ireland. Drs. John Crompton, and Frank Todderie, 
Dublin, and John Abercrombie, Edin. 
April 30. Nathaniel Wallich. 

Superintendent of the Botanic Garden, Calcutta. Drs. Francis Hamilton and 
J.Fleming, Calcutta. [F.R.S., F.L.S., Menib. Inst, France. Native of Denmark ; 
Surgeon to Danish Settlement at Serampore ; taken prisoner by E.I.C. ; settled 
at Calcutta ; came to London in 1846 ; author of Flora Indica and other works.] 
May 14.^ William Woodford. 
Drs. Henry Clutterbuck, and Rob. Gooch, London. [M.R.C.S., 1811 ; 
Army ; aftds. at Fredericton.] 
James Bennet. 
Surgeon, Royal Artillery. Drs. Geo. Pearson, and J. H. English, London. 
[M.R.C.S. ; aftds. pract. at Lichfield.] 
June 25. Alexander Russel. 

Sir Gilbert Blane, London ; Dr. Robertson Barclay; Professor Duncan, and 
Dr. Jas. Hamilton, Edinburgh. [H.E.I.C.S. ; F.R.S.] 
Jonathan Cotgrave. 
Surgeon to the Forces. Drs. Chas. Sci^damore and Hugh Ley, London. 
Aug. 4. George Le Fevre. 

Drs. Thos. Spens and Geo. Wood, Edinburgh. [L.R;C.P., 1822 ; F., 1842 ; 
Phys. to Brit. Embassy, St. Petersburg ; aftds. pract. in London ; Knt. ; author 
oi Life of a travelling physician, Lond., 1843, etc.] 
Aug. 13. George Glasson. 

Surgeon, R.N. Drs. Henry Parkin, R.N. ; Daniel, Exeter; and Nicholas 
Wm. Rorke. [L.R.C.S., 1805.] 
1820, Jan. 7. Alexander Nesbitt. 

Tobago. Dr. Rob. Boyd Young, Tobago. [L.R.C.S., 1813; R.N.; Dep. 
Insp. of Hosp., 1844.] 
Feb. ig. Alexander Stewart. 

Gogar Lodge. Drs. Barclay and Spens, Edinburgh. [M.R.C.S.] 
March 16. William George McKnight. 

London. Drs. Pat. Mackenzie and John Armstrong, London. [M.R.C.S.; 
pract. in Jamaica.] 

' Thomas Kidd [? M.A., 1817] presented an Aberdeen M.D, diploma, dated 12th May, 
1819, when admitted F.R.C.P. Ed. on 4th Feb., 1823. The name is not found in the King's 
or Marischal M.D. registers. 


1820, March 31. Robert Wylie. 

Coquimbo, S. America, Drs. Geo. and Jas. Monteath and Thos. Brown, 
Glasgow. [L.R.C.S., 1809 ; M., 1834 ; R.N.] 
Charles Mitchell. 
Surgeon, R.N. Drs. Skene and Davidson, Aberd. [L.R.C.S , 1805.] 
April 27. Robert Haywood Lucas. 
Cheltenham. [M.R.C.S. ; aftds. pract. in Bath.] 

Robert Filson. 
Edinburgh. Drs. Barclay and Farquharson. [L.R.C.S., Lond., 1811, "to 
Indiaman ".] 
May 5. Thomas Dixon. 

Worcester. Drs. W. B. Parry and Rich. Redfearn, Lyme Regis. [A.M.D ; 
for many years in Hereford regiment.] 
May 17. Donald Cameron. 
Auchinblae. Drs. Gibson and Crabbe, Montrose. [L.R.C.S., 1803.] 

Adam Thomson. 
Edinburgh. Drs. Barclay and Sanders, Edinburgh. [L.R.C.S. Ed., 1817.] 

William Young. 
Edinburgh. Drs. Thatcher, Sanders, and Reid, Edinburgh. 
June I. Thomas Collet. 

Bromsgrove. Drs. J. Johnston, Birmingham, and Amos Middleton, Leaming 
ton Spa. [L.R.C.S., 1800; Army.] 
John Mackintosh. 
Late Surgeon, Ordnance department [a distinct department until 1859 for 
medical officers of Artillery and Engineers] ; Physician in Edin'., Author of 
Work on Practice of Physic. Drs. Moir and Ogilvie, Aberd. [M.R.C.S.] 
William Chalmers. 
Surgeon in India. Drs. Dyce and Blaikie, Aberd. [M.A., 1803 ; M.R.C.S., 
July 18. Michael John Short. 

London. Drs. Pearson and McDonnel, London. Mr. Short's application 
had been refused, 24th Dec, i8ig, " as the candidate's own letters showed 
great ignorance"; and, again, 27th April, 1820, "as some of the signatures 
and writing of the letters of Michael Short are evidently different and bearing 
in no respect a resemblance to one another ". [M.R.C.S., 1827.] 
John Mason Good. 
London. Sir Gilbert Blane, Sir Jas. McGrigor, and Drs. Hooper and 
Henderson, London. Usual delay dispensed with " on account of the cele- 
brated literary and distinguished character of the candidate ". Author of a 
Translation of Lucretius, and numerous works on Medicine. [M. Corp. S., 
1793; L.R.C.P., 1822; F.R.S. ; author of Life of Alex. Geddes ; Life by O. 
Gregory, 1828.] 



1820, Aug. 2. William Petrie. 

Halifax, Nova Scotia. Drs. Peter Suther, N.S., and Davidson, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S., Lond. 1812.] 
Aug. 7. Oliver Thorndike. 

Drs. John Barclay and Rob, Anderson, Edinburgh. On gth Sept., 1818, 
" Mr. Oliver Thorndike, an American gentleman from Boston, who has gone 
thro' a three years' course of medical instruction at Edinburgh, and is desirous 
of taking the degree of M.D. at this University, is here at present and offers 
himself to the Faculty for Examination". He submits a Thesis,' " De tarda 
concoctione " [Edin., 1820], and shows proficiency in translating from Celsus 
and Hippocrates, but when examined in Anatomy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, 
and Practice of Medicine, "being sensible of his deficiencies expressed his de- 
sire of withdrawing himself as a candidate ". On 4th Aug., 1820, he was again 
examined by Professors Livingston, French, and Davidson, who " observed 
with great pleasure the very decided improvement he had made in medical 
knowledge since his last examination ". 
Aug. 16. James Lloyd. 

Edinburgh. Drs. John Abercrombie and Rob. Hamilton, Edinburgh. 
[M.R.C.S. ; pract. at Haverfordwest] 
Sept. 25. John Thomas. 

London. Drs, Geo. Pearson, Fergus McVeagh, and McDonnel, London. 
[M.R.C.S,, 1814.] 
Oct. 13. James Ker. 

Paisley. Drs. Andrew and Ninian Hill, Greenock. 
John Lightbody Paterson. 

Nassau, New Providence. Drs. Wm. Cameron, Edinburgh, and Jas. Grant, 
Jedburgh, [M.R.C.S,, 1813 ; Dumfriesshire,] 

Samuel Thomas Partridge, London. 

London. Drs. Jas. Hamilton and John R. Farre, London. [M.R.C.S., 
1818 ; pract. in Barbadoes, aftds. in London.] 
Nov. 15. John Stuart. 

Perth. Drs. Wm. Farquharson, and John W. Pursell, Edinburgh. 
Nov. 24, James Smart. 

Montrose. Drs. Wm, Gibson and Rob. Crabbe, Montrose. 
James Lynch O'Connor. 

Trinidad. Drs, Alex. Williams, Trinidad ; John Arthur, Dublin ; Wm. 
Ferguson and E. Tardy. [F.R.C.P. Ed., 1838.] 

1821, Jan. 5. Charles Agar Hunt. 

Drs. Ireland, Robertson, and Martin Wall, Oxford. Thereafter attended 
classes at Edinburgh, and in 1823 applied for a " new diploma" to enable him 

* Cf. supra, 1784, Pischecow ; Lehr6. 


to comply with the regulation of the R.C.P., which demanded from Licen- 
ciates a degree in Medicine conferred after two years' attendance at some 
University. Refused on ground " that the granting of a new degree might 
imply that the former was granted improperly ". [L.R.C.P.] 

1821, Jan. 16. William Wright Hewett. , 

Apothecary to St. George's Hospital, London. Drs. Geo. Pearson, and 
Henry Holland, London. [M.R.C.S.,; pract. in Calcutta; father of Admiral 
Sir W. N. W. Hewett, l.C, K.C.B.] 

April 19. Michael Andrew Burmaster. 

Surgeon in the Army. Drs. Jas. Forbes, Physician, and Dan. Macleod, 
Surgeon, to the Forces. 
May 14. John Livingston. 

H.E.I.C.S., at Macao. Drs. Kelly, Leith, and McFarlan, Perth. 
July II. Matthew Allan. 

Superintendent, Lunatic Asylum, York. Drs. Barclay and Sanders, Edin- 
burgh, and Geo. Kerr, Aberd. 
John Waugh. 

Malta. Drs. Jas. Dillon Tully, Malta ; Thos. Boucher, 36th Regt, and Sir 
Andrew Halliday. 

Robert Badenach. 

Surgeon, 15th Foot. Sir Jas. McGrigor and Dr. Theod. Gordon. [M.A., 
1804; M.R.C.S.; of Arthurhouse, Kincardineshire.] 
July 25. George Bishop. 

London. Drs. Geo. Pearson, and Thos. Nelson, London. 
Stephen T. [? F.] Bridger. 

London. Dr. Jas. Johnston and J. Reid, London. [M.R.C.S., 1812 ; pract. 
at Wellington, Somerset.] 

Charles Tomkins. 

Edinburgh. Drs. Sanders and Craig, Edinburgh. 
Aug. g. Andrew Whyte. 

Deputy Inspector of Hospitals. Drs. Lyon Emerson, London, and Howell, 
Clifton. [M.R.C.S.; thro' Egyptian and Peninsular campaigns; author of 
Treatise on the plague, Lond., 1846.] 
Aug. 24. Henry Carey Field. 

Blackrock, Dublin. Drs. John Byron and Thos. Mills, Dublin. [M.R.C.S., 

James Small. 

London. Drs. Alex. Frampton and Isaac Buxton, London. [12th Foot.] 
James Durie. 

London. Drs. Isaac Buxton, and J. T. Conquest, London, and Geo. Wig- 
ton, Edinburgh. [M.R.C.S.] 


1821, Sept. 12. Charles Farquharson. 

Late of Neilston. M. A., 1813. Drs. Moir and Ogilvie, Glasgow. [M.R.C S., 
Upper Clapton.] 
Oct. 29. William Arnold. 

Port Antonio, Jamaica. Dr. Jas. Buchan, and Prof. Jas. Home, Edinb. 
[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1822; author of Treatise on febrile diseases of Jamaica, Lond., 
1840, etc.] 
Oct. 30. David Robertson. 

Pembroke. Drs. Babington and Reid, London. [M.R.C.S., 1806.] 
Nov. 15. George Miller. 

Edinburgh. Drs. Wm. and And. Graham, Dalkeith. [L.S.A., 1831, Ports- 
mouth ; M.R.C.S., 1833.] 

Richard Dick. 

Jamaica. Drs. Murchison, Jamaica ; Hamilton, Edinburgh, and Buchan. 
Nov. 23. Robert Dyce. 

M.A., 1816. Army. Drs. Moir and Blaikic, Aberd. [M.R.C.S., 1821 ; 
Physician to the Aberd. Infirmary, 1837 ; author of Importance of pulse in rela- 
tion to chloroform, Lond., 1857, ^^c. ; Prof, of Midwifery, Univ. of Aberd., i860.] 
Dec. 21. Benjamin Gustavus Burroughs. 

Clifton. Drs. Edw. Philips, and Anthony M. Hawkins, London. [M.R.C.S.] 

1822, Jan. 4. James Smith. 

La Buissiere, France. Drs. Portal and Alibert, Paris. [M.R.C. S.] 
May 24. John Powell. 

London. Drs. Geo. Pearson, and Thos. Nelson, London. [M.R.C.S.] 
June 19. [George] Andrew Stuart. 

Hon. H.E.LC.S. M.A., 1810. Son of Professor Stuart. [M.R.C.S.] 
July 25. John Graham. 

Verdun. Drs. Wm. Campbell, Edinburgh, and Jas. Grant, Jedburgh. 
[L.R.C.S., 1808; M., 1810.] 

Matthew Pierrepoint. 
Worcester. Dr. Jas. H. King, and "another whose name is illegible". 
[M.R.C.S., 1812.] 
Aug. 7. Mark John McNeal. 

Paris. Professors Pinel and Richeraud, and Dr. Alibert, first physician in 
ordinary to the King of France. 
Nov. I. William Hulke. 

Deal. Sir And. Halliday, and Dr. Wm. Weekes, Richmond. [M.R.C.S., 1814.] 
Dec. 20. James Allardyce. 

Cheltenham. Drs. Alex. Watson, Madras, and Baldwin Wake, York. 
[Alumn., 1799. M.R.C. S., 1817. A.M.D. Present at battle of Assaye ; served 
in Peninsula.] 


1822, Dec. 31. James William Fairbridge. 

Drs. Jas. Copland, and John Martin, London. 

1823, Jan. 24. Richard Taylor. 

Bath. Drs. Mackie, Southampton ; Thatcher and Sanders, Edinburgh. 
[M. Corp. S., 1796.] 

May 7.^ William Johns. 

Rochdale. Drs. J. T. Conquest, London, and J. D. Wynter, W. Bromwich. 
Late superintending Surgeon, Serampore, India. M.D., Brown University, 
U.S.A. [M.R.C.S. ; aftds. at Birmingham.] 

Charles Lawrence Jones. 
Assistant Surgeon, 4th Regt. Drs. G. A. Borthwick, and Wm. Balfour, 

May 26. Thomas Oxley. 

Howden, Yorks. Drs. Geo. Swaby, Benj. Crossley, Swaby Plummer, and 
Wm. Baker. [M.R.C.S., 1827; H.E.LC.S.] 
Hugh Edwards. 

Jamaica. Drs. Thos. Collett, and Geo. Woodyatt, Worcestershire. 
Sir John Hawker English. 

M.D., Gottingen. Sir Wm. Knighton, physician to His Majesty, and Dr. 
R. Hooper. [Surg, in chief of the Swedish army; Knt., 1815; M.R.C.S.; 
L.R.C.P., 1823.] 
July 16. Andrew Gorie. 

Kirkwall, Orkney, Drs. John Yule, and Rob. Groat, Edinburgh. 
July 30. Robert MacKechnie. 

Paisley. Drs. Thos. Brown and John Baird, Glasgow. [L.R.C.S. Ed., 
1803; F.F.P.S.G., 181 1 ; wrote on Fungus hcematodes in Ed. Med. and 
Surg. Jl.] 

Thomas Williams. 

London. Professors Davidson and French. [M.R.C.S.] 
Aug. 14. Richard Chamberlaine. 

Surgeon-General to the Militia, Jamaica. Drs. J. Adolphus and James 
Weir, Army. [M.R.C.S. ; Kingstown.] 
George Craigie. 

Montrose. Drs. Thos. Spens and And. Fyfe, Edinburgh. [M.R.C.S. ; aftds. 
in H.E.LC.'s Bengal Horse Artillery.] 
Aug. 16. Robert Erskine. 

Late Surgeon, 22nd Foot. Drs. Geo. Pearson and Thos. Drever, London. 

^ From this date to 6th Jan., 1825, the names are from the Register kept by Professor 
Charles Skene. 


1823, Sept. 26. Henry Davies. 

London. Sir Jas. McGrigor, and Dr. Theod. Gordon. [M.R.C.S., 1803 ; 
L.R.C.P., 1823 ; F.R.C.P., 1839; author of Young wife's guide, etc.] 

Bishop Cranmer Sully. 
Wiveliscombe. Drs. T. Creaser, Cheltenham, and Henry Sully, Wivelis- 
combe. [M.R.C.S., 1824 ; H.E.I.C.S., Bengal.] 
Nov. 21. Charles Thomas Jacques. 

London. Drs. F. McVeagh McDonnel, Army, and Geo. Pearson, London. 
Dec.^23. William Mortimer. 
India. Drs. P. Blaikie and W. Dyce, Aberd. [L.R.C.S., 1804 ; M., 1818.] 

1824, Feb. 12. James Magee. 

Ireland. Drs. Rich. Temple and Dav. Uwins, London. [M.R.C.S., 1823 ; 
L.S.A., 1823.] 
March 6. William Laing. 

Fochabers. Professors French and Davidson. [Son of Rev. Wm. Laing, 
of Peterhead, M.D., 1782. M.A., 1801. Lecturer in Medical School, 1830, 
p. 68.] 
March 25. William Stevenson. 

Glasgow. Drs. Thos. Brown, Glasgow, and Roberts, London. 
Abraham James Nisbet Connell. 

Edinburgh. Drs. Wm. Campbell, and Alex. Jamieson, Edinburgh. 
[M.R.C.S. ; 2nd Life Guards.] 
April 12. Edward Searle. 

London. Drs. Frampton and Conquest, London. " Strong letter in his 
favour from Sir Astley Cooper." [L.S.A., 1822.] 
June 29. James Hartwell. 

B.A., Trin. Coll., Dublin. Surgeon to County Down Infirmary. Drs. Jas. 
Forsyth, and Jas. L. Drummond, Belfast. 
Sept. 10. Charles Frederic Vandeburgh. 

Liverpool. M.D., Paris. Drs. J. P. Dale and Dav. Williams, Liverpool. 
[L.R.C.S., 1806; author oi Mother's medical guardian, Lond., 1820.] 
Nov. ig. John Dun, 

West Bolden, Durham, Surgeon in army for 25 years. Professor Jas. 
McCartney, Dublin, and Dr. J. Pitcairn, Cork. [M.R.C.S., 1804; L.S.A., 1825.] 

1825, Jan. 6. William Burnett. 

Medical Commissioner, R.N. M.D., St. Andrews and St. Petersburg. Dr. 
Blaikie and Professors Skene and Davidson, Aberd. [Phys. Gen. to the Navy ; 
L.R.C.P., 1825 ; F., 1836; Knt, 1831 ; Phys. in Ord. to the King, 1835 ; author 
of several medical works.] 
Jan. 21. George Gilbert Brown. 

Son of Principal Brown. M.A., 1817. Master of Surgery, Glasg., i8a4. Ex- 


amined by Professors Davidson and French, in Anatomy, Physiology, Theory 
and Practice of Medicine, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry. [H.E.I.C.S.] 
1825, Feb. 18. James Arnott. 

Drs. Neil Arnott [his brother] and Andrew Simpson, London. [M.A., 1812. 
Superintendent of the Medical Establishment of St. Helena ; aftds. of Brighton 
and London ; author.] 

Era OF Personal Examination.* 

1825, Sept. 13. John Gordon Devaney. 

Jamaica. Examined by Professors Skene, French, and Davidson, in "pres- 
ence of as many of the other members of the Faculty as can conveniently 
attend ... on the different branches of medical science, on his knowledge of 
the Greek and Latin languages, and on some other branches of literature ". 
Dec. 2. Alexander Giles Kennedy, L.R.C.S. Ed. 

Utoxeter, Staffordshire. 

1 On 2ist January, 1825, a Sub-Committee, appointed by the Medical Committees of 
King's and Marischal Colleges {supra, p. 66), reported in favour of certain changes in the 
method followed since 1808 in conferring degrees in Medicine. On 7th March the Marischal 
College Senatus approved this report, with some slight modifications, and ordered the new 
regulations to be printed as follows : — 

" I. Every Person offering himself as a Candidate for the degree of M.D., shall, ist, 
produce satisfactory evidence of his possessing a good character, and of his having attained 
the age of twenty-five years ; and, adly, shall lay before the Senatus Academicus Certificates 
of his having obtained the Degree of A.M. in this or some other University, after the usual 
examinations ; of his having attended Courses of Lectures on Anatomy, Surgery, Chemistry, 
Materia Medica, the Theory and Practice of Physic, and Botany, in this Or some other Uni- 
versity, or celebrated School, under Professors or Teachers of reputation ; and of his having 
attended, for three or more years, a Medical Hospital, containing the average number of at 
least eighty Patients. 

" II. After the Senatus Academicus shall have been fully satisfied on the above pre- 
liminary points, the Applicant shall be received as a Candidate for the Degree of M.D. ; and 
shall be required to appear before the Senatus Academicus, during the month of April or 
October ; and in their presence be examined, by the Medical and other Professors, on the 
different branches of Medical Science, — on his knowledge of the Greek and Latin Languages, 
— and on such other branches of Literature as they shall see proper. If fully satisfied with 
the qualifications of the Candidate, the University shall confer on him the Degree which he 

•' III. When an applicant for the degree of M.D. has been settled for ten years as a 
Medical Practitioner, and is still in respectable medical practice in Britain, in the East or 
West Indies, or other Foreign parts, and is entirely precluded by his situation from presenting 
himself for examination ; in such cases, before he be received as a candidate, there shall be 
laid before the Senatus Academicus satisfactory evidence of his having been ten years a Medi- 
cal Practitioner, and of his still continuing to be in respectable medical practice, — of his hav- 
ing obtained the Degree of A.M. in some University, after the usual examinations, — of his 


1826, Jan. 7. Francis Le Mann, London. 

[M.R.C.S., 1801.] 
Jan. 28. Alexander Smith, Macduff. Alumnus. 

[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1845.] 
July 31. Richard Carswell. 

Hon. Surgeon, London, " who has greatly distinguished himself by his re- 
searches respecting Pathological Anatomy ... on the motion of Sir James 

having attended the above specified courses of lectures, — and either of his having a Surgeon's 
diploma from the Royal College of Surgeons of London, Edinburgh, Dublin, or Glasgow, or 
of his having been regularly educated in the Medical School of Aberdeen. After the Senatus 
Academicus shall have been fully satisfied on these points, such person may be received as a 
candidate for the degree of M.D., and if he shall then produce attestations from two Phy- 
sicians who are themselves regular graduates in Medicine, and known either personally or by 
reputation to the Professor of Medicine, or to some of the Members of the Senatus, bearing on 
their honour and conscience, that they, from full knowledge, certify the said Candidate to be 
of irreproachable moral character, respectable and useful in his profession, and, in their judg- 
ment, well qualified in every respect to have the highest degree in Medicine conferred on him, 
the University 'may in such circumstances bestow on the candidate that degree. 

•' IV. These regulations are not to be understood as precluding the University from 
conferring Honorary degrees in Medicine on highly distinguished individuals, who cannot be 
expected to comply with them, and whom it would be improper to subject to them ; but in all 
such cases the degree shall be conferred unsolicited and free of expence. 

•' [As the requisition respecting the degree of A.M. might prove injurious to some medical 
students, whose education is now in progress, were it to take effect immediately, it is resolved 
that it shall not come into force till the year 1830.] " 

On 27th April it was unanimously resolved " That the third regulation with respect to 
the mode of conferring Medical degrees, inserted in the Minute of the 7th March, shall be 
rescinded, and that in future every candidate for the Degree of M.D. from this University 
shall be required to appear personally and submit to an examination in presence of the Uni- 

" A mistake," observes Professor Knight, " was soon discovered of a practical kind. 
The age of 25 was allowed to remain, whereas it ought obviously to have been altered, so as 
to agree with that followed by all other Universities of Scotland. This age was also unneces- 
sary, when examination was required. It was still more so, because we required along with 
it the degree of A.M., which Edinburgh, Glasgow and St. Andrews did not [tho' King's Coll. 
did : Off. and Grad., p. 160]. It proved injurious to our own alumni, who went to graduate 
at Edinburgh, after taking A.M. at our strict Examinations in Mar. Coll. : about 10 or 12 
M.D.'s of Edinburgh 1825-35 were alumni of ours. It was injurious to all who went abroad 
after ending their medical education, since they could not be expected to return to Aberdeen 
from situations in distant parts, or to stay in this country till they were 25." 

The personal examination cause prevailed very gradually. Dr. William Cullen, feeling 
the reproach in 1774, drew up a memorial blaming in severe terms the practice of Aberdeen 
and St. Andrews. The Duke of Buccleuch, to whom Cullen submitted this memorial, gave 
it to Adam Smith, who, in a long letter, defended the practice, and contended {ox free trade 
in degrees in a very pleasant way. (Thomson's Life of Culleii, I., 468-72.) 


McGrigor ". [Phys. in Ord. to King of Belgians ; Knt. ; author of Pathological 
anatomy, Lond., 1838.] 
1827, April 24. Richard Miles Galindo, London. 

[L.S.A., 1816 ; M.R.C.S., 1817 ; pract. in Nevis and at New Orleans.] 
Oct. II. George Kitson, Bath. 

[M.R.C.S., 1802.] 
Nov. 6. James Dunlap, London. 

[L.S.A., 1825 ; L.R.C.P.] 
Dec. 21. John Carter. 

Late surgeon, 73rd Regiment, now of Boulogne. Professor Knight dissented 
from the resolution to admit him to examination at this time, as not being in 
accordance with Rule 2 of 7th March, 1825. [L.R.C.S., 1807.] 
1829, April 4. Tweedy John Todd, London. 

[L.R.C.S., i8og, when he is incorrectly named John Twedy Todd; author of 
Book of analysis, Lond., 1831, etc.] 
April 13. Richard Gough. 

Surgeon, ist Life Guards (Half-pay). [M.R.C.S., 1811 ; Shrewsbury.] 
April 15. William Ryves Madden, L.R.C.S. Ed., Ireland. 
April 24. George Webster, L.R.C.S. Ed., Dulwich. 

[L.R.C.S., 1807 ; M., 1812 ; R.N. ; son of Rev. Geo. Webster, D.D.] 
Oct. 16. James Scratchley, M.R.C.S. [1803]. Late Surgeon, R. A. 
Montgomery Robertson, L.R.C.S. Ed. 

[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1832 ; author oi Medicinal effects of morphia, Edin., 1832.] 

Thomas Glass Melhuish, M.R.C.S. [1827], L.S.A. [1825]. 
[L.R.C.S., 1810; Exmouth.] 

Oct. 23.1 Robert Rowley, M.R.C.S. [1819] , and L.S.A. [1825]. 

[Apprentice to Geo. Chandler, Stamford St., 1814 : premium, ;f290 ; pract. 
in Southwark ; L.R.C.P.] 
1831, April 21. Alexander Cuddie, M.A. [1814], M.R.C.S. [1815] , Foot- 
William Thomson, M.A. [King's CoH.], L.R.C.S. Ed. 
Son of John Thomson, M.D., Prof, of Medicine, Edinburgh. [F.R.C.S. Ed., 
1825; F.R.C.P. Ed., 1833 ; Prof, of Practice of Physic, Glasg., 1841. Author 
oi Essay on extraction of calculi, Edin., 1825 '> Treatise on diseases of liver, Edin., 
1841, etc.] 
Oct. 20. Laurence Davidson, M.A. [1824], Dundee. 

Son of Prof. James Davidson. "Under 25, but the rule departed from." 

^ In 1830, the M.A. rule came into force, and during the six years, 1830-35, M.D. was 
conferred only four times. 



1833, April 22. Alexander Kilgour, M.A. [1821], M.R.C.S. [1826], 
[Hon. M.D., King's Coll., 1849 ; author of Lectures on ordinary agents of life, 
Edin., 1834, ^tc. ; bust in possession of the University.] 

1836, Oct. 25. Alexander Cruickshank, M.A. [King's Coll., 1828] , 

M.R.C.S. [1829], Elgin. 
Nov. 22. John James Henderson, M.A. [1833]. 

1837, April II. Alexander Paterson, M.A. [1831], M.R.C.S. [1832]. 
April 24. William Garden Sangster, M.A. [1834], Gamrie. 

John Murray, M.A. [King's Coll., 1832] , Forres. 
Oct. ig. William Cooper, M.A. [1829]. 
Gray Mathematical bursar, 1828. 
1838/ April 27. Alexander Mitchell, M.A. [King's Coll., 1831] , Old 

1839, April 9. Stephen Balfour, M.A. [1836], M.R.C.S. [1837], 
Oct. 14. Benjamin Williamson, M.A. [1807], Aberdeen. (Hon.) 
[Articled to Dr. French, 1804 ; pract. in Aberd., 1812, after studying in 
Lond. and Edinb.] 
1840,2 April 18. Richard Gamble, M.A. [April 4], Cork. 
[M.R.C.S., 1839; Dep. Insp. Gen. of Hosp., A.M.D.] 

^ On 2ist Jan., 1834, Professor Skene got a committee appointed, consisting of himself, 
Drs. Macrobin and Clark, to frame new regulations for M.D. After much discussion, and 
without the consent of King's College, a set of regulations was approved and printed in 
April, 1838, the age being reduced to 21, but the degree of M.A. being retained. 

2 After the quarrel with King's College in 1839 (supra, p. 69), and the dissolution of the 
Joint Medical School, each University framed new regulations for M.D. For King's Coll., 
see Off. and Grad., p. 160. On igth Dec, 1840, the Marischal College Senatus minute " that 
they have long regarded a high standard of preliminary education as desirable for graduates 
in medicine . . . that they long entertained the hope that a degree in Arts, or a standard in 
merit approaching thereto, as recommended by the Royal Commission of Visitation of 1826- 
30, would ere now have been required in candidates for medical degrees in all the Universities of 
Scotland ; that the University of Old Aberdeen, which at one time required such a standard, 
has recently receded from it ; that the University of St. Andrews has made no approach to 
the proposed standard ; while the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow continue to subject 
candidates to a preliminary examination in Latin only ; and that having had the unanimous 
opinion of their medical professors and lecturers, that so high a standard of preliminary ex- 
amination as is desirable cannot, while other Universities do not concur in it, be maintained 
without serious injury to the medical school of this University — they feel themselves com- 
pelled to adopt a lower standard. . . . Also having before them the unanimous recommenda- 
tion of their medical professors and lecturers in favour of introducing the inferior degree of 


1841, March 6. David Wark, M.B. [1841] } 

April 27. Alexander Simpson, M.A. [1838], Tyrie. 

Oct. 21. John Balfour Nicholson, M.A. [King's Coll., 1837], 
L.R.C.S. Ed. 
Oct. 30. David Shier, M.B. [1841], Banff. 

Bachelor of Medicine, they approve of the same, with the exception of Dr. Cruickshank, who 
dissents ". 

The regulations approved and printed in 1840, and in force until 1849, were as follows : — 


" I. — Four years of attendance on Medical Classes, of which one year may be passed at 
any recognised Medical School ; but three, at least, must be passed in a University, including 
one, at least, in this University. The attendance, in each year, to embrace not fewer than 
two Medical Classes of six months each ; or one of six months, with two of three months 
each. But it will be held equivalent to one of four years of such attendance in a University, 
1st, in a Master of Arts, to have attended one Medical Class while passing through the Cur- 
riculum of Arts ; or adly, in any Student, to have attended a Medical Class, in each of two 
years, along with Classes in the Curriculum of Arts. The University attendance to include 
the following eight Classes, each for a Course of six months — Anatomy, Practical Ana- 
tomy, Chemistry, Materia Medica, Institutes of Medicine, Surgery, Practice of 
Medicine, Midwifery, and the following three Classes, each for a Course of three months — 
Botany, Practical Chemistry, Medical Jurisprudence. 

" 2. — Eighteen months of attendance on the Medical and Surgical Practice of an Hos- 
pital containing not fewer than Eighty Beds, along with attendance for six months on Lectures 
on Clinical Medicine, and for three months on Lectures on Clinical Surgery. 

"3. — Six months of Compounding and Dispensing of Medicines in the Laboratory of 
an Hospital, or of a Public Dispensary, or of a Licensed General Practitioner, or of a regular 
Dispensing Druggist. 

" 4. — It will be held equivalent to the Curriculum prescribed in the three Regulations 
foregoing, to have obtained, upon examination, a Diploma or a Licence, in Medicine or in 
Surgery, from a University or other Authority established by law within the United Kingdom, 
and to have subsequently attended Medical Classes in this University for one year [altered 
24th September, 1842, to ' during one Winter Session ']. 


"5. — The Examination Terms to be two in each year — the first to commence on the 
20th of April, if a Wednesday, but if not, on the first Wednesday thereafter ; the second on 
the 13th of October, if a Wednesday, but if not, on the first Wednesday thereafter. 

" 6.— Every Candidate to undergo at least three separate Professional Examinations — 
the first Pharmaceutical, the second Surgical, the third Medical — to be conducted partly 
in writing, as well as vivd voce, and partly by demonstration. [Continued on next page.] 

* See list of M.B.'s, hifra. 


1842, Oct. 28. Robert White, M.A. [1838], M.B. [1841] , Aberdeen. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1841 ; L.S.A., 1848.] 

1844, April 27. Elliot Voyle Davies, H.E.I.C.S., South Wales. 
[M.R.C.S., 1836.] 

" The First to include Chemistry, Botany, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and the Doctrines 

of Physics relating to Specific Gravities, to Gases and Vapours, and to Climate. 
•♦ The Second to include Anatomy, Institutes of Medicine, Surgery, and the Doctrines 

of Chemistry and Physics illustrative of Animal Structure and Function. 
" The Third to include the Practice of Medicine, Midwifery, and Medical Jurisprudence. 
" 7. — Every Candidate, not a Master of Arts, must undergo a Preliminary Examination 
on the Latin Language (the Book to be used being Cclsus de Medicind), and on the Etymology 
of such Terms in the Medical Sciences as are derived from the Latin and the Greek. 

" 8. — Any Candidate that so desires shall be admitted to each one, or to any two, of his 
three Professional Examinations, at different Terms ; but not to the First Examination, until 
the beginning of his third year of Medical Classes ; nor to the Second, until the end of his 
third year ; nor to the Third, until the end of his fourth year, and until he be twenty-one years 
of age ; nor shall a greater interval than eighteen months be allowed between two successive 
Professional Examinations, without a full renewal of the previous one or two. The Pre- 
liminary Examination must be passed at the same Term as the First Professional Examination. 
" 9. — In order to be received for Examination, certificates must have been lodged with 
the Professor of Medicine, on the first day of the month of the Examination Term, shewing 
that the Candidate is of the required age, that he is of good moral character, and that he has 
passed through the requisite Course of Professional Education. Along with such Certificates, 
must be lodged a Schedule, filled up in his own handwriting, containing a list of them, and 
specifying such additional branches of Education, professional and general, as he may have 


" 10. — Medical Degrees to be conferred at the close of each Examination Term. 

" II. — The Degree of Bachelor of Medicine may be conferred on any Candidate who 
has passed the foregoing Examinations. 

" 12. — The Degree of Doctor of Medicine may be conferred on any Candidate, after 
passing the foregoing Examinations, if not under twenty-two years of age, or on any Candi- 
date who has been at least six months a Bachelor of Medicine of this University. The Can- 
didate, if a Bachelor, shall state, in a written application, what opportunities of professional 
improvement he has enjoyed since he was made Bachelor. 

" FEES. 


" Expense of Diploma £1 


" Expense ofDiploma £i 

" Government Stamp, 10 — ^£11 

" There are no Examiners' Fees." 


1844, April 7. William Ross, M.A. [1840], Aberdeen. 

[M.R.C.S., 1844 ; R-N.] 

John Smith, M.A. [1843], Aberdeenshire. 
Lecturer, pp. 59, 73. 

1845, April 30. James Jamieson, L.R.C.S. Ed. 

Hon, Late lecturer, p. 69. 

James Booth, M.B. [1841] , Aberdeen. 
[Senior member of medical profession in Aberdeen, 1896.] 

Joseph Elmsly, Aberdeen. 

1846, Jan. 24. Richard Brassey Hole, M.B. [1845] , Devonshire. 
Feb. 13. Charles James Sylvester, M.B. [1845] , Glamorganshire. 

[M.R.C.S., 1846 ; A.M.D.] 
Oct. 16. James Duncan, M.A. [1843] , Aberdeen. 

" Name changed to James Matthews Duncan with consent of Senatus, J.C. 
Secy." [To distinguish him from James Duncan, M.D., Edin., 1834, ^ well- 
known physician in Heriot Row. L.R.C.S. Ed., 1847; F.R.C.P. Ed., 1851 ; 
LL.D. Ed., 1875 ; obstetrical author of the highest eminence ; bust in posses- 
sion of the University.] 

1847, March 31. John Rose, M.B. [1846] , Banffshire. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1846 ; Airdrie ; R.N.] 
April 24. Francis Laing, M.A. [1837]. 
[2nd class staff Surgeon, Army. Went down in the Birkenhead, 1852.] 
George Mackie, Sen^, Banffshire. 
John Wilson, Jamaica. 
[M.R.C.S., 1847.] 
Oct. 16. Charles Henry Morris, Kent. 

Daniel Wells Stephens, M.B. [1847] , Sussex. 
[M.R.C.S., 1846 ; L.S.A., 1856 ; Emsworth, Hants.] 
1849,1 April 13. 2 Samuel Churchill, M.R.C.S. [1848], Oxfordshire. 

* On 9th Dec, 1848, " in consequence of the number of candidates who have presented 
themselves at this University for Medical Degrees, since the adoption of the present regula- 
tions [of 1840], being so small," a committee was appointed "to consider if they can be so 
modified or altered as to increase the number of Medical Graduates ". As the outcome of a 
Report from this Committee, the Senatus, on 17th March, 1849, adopted a revised set of 
regulations as under. The more important changes are italicised. 


" I. — Four years of attendance on Medical Classes, of which two years may be passed 
at a recognised Medical School ; but two must be passed in a University, and one of them at 
least in this University. The attendance, etc. [as in Regs, of 1840]. In regard to Practical 
Anatomy, every candidate must produce a certificate that he has dissected all the parts of the 
human body. [Continued on next page,] 

2 Under Regulation 9. 


1849, April 13. ^ George William Peake, M.R.C.S. [1848], London. 

Surgeon, Army. 

April 20. James Walker, M.A. [1845], M.B. [1848], Aberdeenshire. 

[M.R.C.S., 1849 ; Kincardine O'Neil ; Cupar.] 

" 2. — Eighteen months, etc. [as in 1840]. 
"3. — Six months, etc. [as in 1840]. 

" 4. There shall be one Examination Term in each year, commencing on the second 
Tuesday of April. 

" 5. — Every candidate who is not a Master of Arts, nor possessed of a Diploma or a 
Licence in Medicine or in Surgery from any authority established by Law, within the United 
Kingdom, shall undergo a Preliminary Examination on the Latin Language (the book to be 
used being Celsus, ' De Medicina ') ; on the Etymology of such terms in the Medical Sciences 
as are derived from the Latin and the Greek ; and on the elements of Mental Science (the book 
to be used being Abercrombie, ' On the Intellectual Powers '). The Preliminary Examination 
may be undergone at the option of the candidate at any Examination Term after the expiry 
of the First Session of his attendance on Medical Classes. 

" 6.— Every candidate shall undergo two separate Professional Examinations; the first 
on the Theoretical, and the second on the Practical branches of Medical Science, as under ; — 
" First Examination : Anatomy, Physiology, Botany, Chemistry, Materia Medica. 
" Second Examination : Medical Jurisprudence, Midwifery, Surgery, Practice of 

" Physiology will comprehend the Doctrines of Physics illustrative of Animal 
Structure and Function. 
"7.— Any candidate that so desires shall be admitted to the two Professional Examina- 
tions at different terms, viz., to the First Examination at the end of his third year of Medical 
Classes ; and, provided he be twenty-one years of age, to the Second Examination at the end 
of his fourth year. But no longer interval than two years will be allowed to intervene 
between the two Examinations without a full renewal of the previous one. 

" 8. — In order to be received, etc. [practically identical with Reg. 9 of 1840]. 


"9. — It will be held equivalent, etc. [practically identical with Reg. 4 of 1840]. The 
Senatus reserves to itself the right of exempting Medical Practitioners of experience and high 
respectability from residence at the University previous to ExamiHatio7i, 

" 10. — Practitioners who may be exempted from residence shall undergo two separate 
Professional Examinations, which may be taken at the same or at two different terms ; the 
First Examination to include Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Therapeutics ; the Second, 
Practice of Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, and Medical Jurisprudence. And the competency 
of their knowledge in these branches will be tested by examination in the following books, 
viz., Quain's 'Elements of Anatomy,' Carpenter's 'Manual of Physiology,' Williams' 
•Principles of Medicine,' Watson's 'Lectures on the Principles and Practice of Physic,' 
Miller's ' Principles and Practice of Surgery,' Churchill's ' Theory and Practice of Mid- 
wifery,' Taylor's 'Manual of Medical Jurisprudence'. [Continued on next pageJ] 

^ Under Regulation 9. 


1849, Sept. 25. ^ David Begg, Surgeon. 

Oct. 24. Jean Felix Pellegrin, M.B. [1849] , Mauritius. 
Oct. 25. Philip Mann Wilmot, L.S.A. ]i83i], Leicester. 

[M.R.C.S., 1831 ; Southampton.] 

Thomas Taylor Broomhall, L.S.A. [1826] . 

[M.R.C.S., 1826 ; Newcastle-under-Lyme.] 

1850, April 12. Henry Jackson, Inverurie. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1849; Aberdeen.] 

James Joseph Buist, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1850; Cardiff.] 


"II. — The Degree of Bachelor of Medicine may be conferred on any Candidate who 
has passed the prescribed Examinations. 

" 12. — The Degree of Doctor of Medicine may be conferred on any Candidate after 
passing the prescribed Examinations, who is twenty-two years of age, or on any Candidate 
who has been at least twelve months a Bachelor of Medicine of this University. 

" 13. — Graduates who have attended the several Medical Classes in this University, 
will be charged no Graduation Fees ; but from all others the usual Fees will be required." 

On the 23rd Feb., 1850, Prof. Clark moved, that no candidate be admitted to Examina- 
tion "without previous residence here as a Medical Student". This proposal was remitted 
for opinion to the Medical Committee, who reported unfavourably to the change. On 7th 
Oct., 1850, the Senatus, on the recommendation of a Special Committee, approved certain 
alterations on the Regulations of 1849, viz. : — 

" 9 (Second Clause). — The Senatus reserves to itself the right of exempting Medical 
Practitioners of experience and good moral character from residence at the University previous 
to Examination. 

" 10 [Second clause, ' And the competency,' etc., to be deleted], 

"II [Add]. — Practitioners may be admitted without residence to Examination for the 
Degree of M.B., who have held a Diploma or a Licence in Medicine or in Surgery for at least 
fvc years, and who produce satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and of having been 
engaged in practice during that period. 

" 12. — The Degree of M.D. may be conferred on any candidate after passing the pre- 
scribed Examinations, who is twenty-two years of age, or on any candidate who has been 
at least twelve months a Bachelor of Medicine of this University, after residing therein. 
Practitioners may be admitted, without residence, to Examination for the Degree of M.D. who 
have held a Diploma or a Licence in Medicine or in Surgery for at least ten years, and who 
produce satisfactory evidence of good moral character, and of having been engaged in practice 
during that period. Practitioners who have held for at least three years the Degree of M.B., 
obtained without residence, may receive the Degree of M.D. upon producing satisfactory 
evidence of good moral character, and of having been engaged in practice during possession 
of the inferior degree." 

These rules remained in force until 15th April, 1857, when residence for at least one 
winter session was again made compulsory on all candidates. Infra, p. 172. 

^ Under Regulation 9. 


1850, April 13, Alexander Straton, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1834] , Wiltshire. 

1851, April II. 'John Armstrong, Gravesend. 

[M.R.C.S., 1826; L.S.A., 1828.] 

* William Graham, Cumberland. 
[L.S.A., 1827 ; M.R.C.S., 1830; R.N.] 

* John Grayling, Kent. 
[M.R.C.S., 1832 ; L.S.A., 1833 ; Sittingbourne.] 

' Henry Robertson Howatt, Lanarkshire. 
[L.F.P.S.G., 1840 ; F., 1851 ; Glasgow.] 

* Richard Leach Maddox, Somersetshire. 
[M.R.C.S., 1842 ; author of Photomicrography, 6 v., 1867-70.] 

Oct. 24. * Daniel Scott, L.R.C.S. Ed. 
Deputy Inspector General of Army Hospitals. 

' Keats Robinson Risk, M.R.C.S. [1840] . 
[F.R.C.S., 1856; F.R.C.P. Ed., 1858 ; M.R.C.P., 1859; R.N.] 

' Robert Young, M.R.C.S. [1818], Yorkshire. 

' George William Thomson, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1838], Hawick. 
[Author oi Preservation of health in tropical climates, Edin., 1878.] 

1852, March 21. William Duirs, M.A. [1836], M.B. [1842] . 

April 16. * Alexander Wilson, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1842] , Dumfries- 
^Archibald Fullerton Richmond, L.F.P.S.G. [1842, 

Archibald Simpson, M.A. [1847], L.R.C.S. Ed. [1851], 
[Islington ; author of Compressed air as a therapeutic agent, Edin., 1857.] 

' David Johnston, M.A.[i833], L.R.C.S. Ed. [1836] [of 

Kair], Kincardine. 
^ George Hoggan Smith, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1834] , Edin- 
' James Laing, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1839], Edinburgh. 
'Samuel Best Denton, L.S.A. [1820] and M.R.C.S. 
[1843], Yorks. [Hull.] 
Oct. 20. ' Isaac John Gillam, M.R.C.S. [1841] , Suffolk. 
[F.R.C.S., 1857 ; Witney, Oxon.] 

» William Henry Hay, M.R.C.S. [1842], Dorsetshire. 

1 Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 


1852, Oct. 20. ' Alexander Fiozzl Leak, M.R.C.S. [1839], Cheshire. 

George Baillie, M.B. [1852], Edinburgh. 
[M.R.C.S., 1853; H.E.I.C.S. ; Dep. Insp. Gen. of Hosp. I.M.S.] 

1853, April 16. ^ Robert Cave Browne, M.R.C.S. [1820], Tamworth. 

' Edmund Deane, M.R.C.S. [1844], Child Okeford. 
' Henry Hare, M.R.C.S. [1840], Great Baddow. 
' David Griffith Jones, M.R.C.S. [1847] , Surgeon in 
Russian Army. 
[Llanrwst, N. Wales. " Erased by resolution of Senatus, 23rd July, 1861. 
P. C. Campbell, D.D., Principal." Dr. Jones confessed before the Court of 
Probate that he had been personated at the examination for the degree by a 
man Reeves, and that he had never been in Russia.] 

' George Miller, L.R.C.S. Ed., Glasgow. 
William Ray, M.B. [1851] . 
[R.N. ; M.R.C.S., 1864.] 
July 27.2 William Alexander Davidson, Banffshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1853; A.M.D.] 

' John Marlborough Cowell Faircloth, M.R.C.S. [1836J , 

* Edward Lawford, M.R.C.S. [1842], Leighton Buzzard. 
Richard Charles Mercer, West Indies. 
' Joseph Henry Poett, M.R.C.S., Dublin. 
Oct. 20. ^ James Valentine Brown, M.R.C.S. Irel., B.A., T.C.D., 
Prof, of Surgery, Queen's Coll., Galway. 
^ William Lindsey Emmerson, L.S.A. [1844] , North 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1856 ; Leicester.] 

' Samuel Palmer Goddard, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1840], L.S.A. 
[1841J , Longton. 
[M.R.C.S., 1843.] 

» George Ireland Russel, M.R.C.S. [1820], L.S.A. [1820] , 
[F.R.C.S., 1854.] 
1853, April 16. > Courtland Skinner Shaw, M.R.C.S. [1834], Cheltenham. 
[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1854 ; D. L. for Pembrokeshire.] 

' Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 

^ An extra examination term sanctioned, 12th March, " to facilitate the selection of in- 
dividuals for the appointments offered by Dr. Andrew Smith and Colonel Sykes " [Commis- 
sions in medical services of Army and H.E.I.C.]. 



1853, April 16. ' John Henry Walker, M.R.C.S. [1847] , L.S.A. Dubl. 

[1846] , Tunbridge. 
[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1854 ; L.S.A. Lond., 1847.] 

William Stewart, M.B. [1852] , Mull. 
[M.R.C.S., 1854; Cork.] 

1854, April 7. » Thomas Barrett, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. [1837], Bath. 

[F.R.C.S., 1852.] 

' William Bradshaw, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. [1840] , Devon- 
' Ebenezer John Brown, L.F.P.S.G. [1838] , Edinburgh, 

late Surg., R.N. 
' John Cadenhead, M.A. [1815], M.R.C.S. [1817] , Aber- 
[Ophthalmic Surgeon, Roy. Inf., Aberd.] 

' Andrew Clark. M.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., London Hospital. 
[F.R.C.P., 1857; President, 1888-93; Baronet, 1883; LL.D. Abd., 1881; 
author of many medical tracts.] 

' Richard David Jones Evans, M.R.C.S. [1831], Hertford. 
[F.R.C.S., 1857; L.S.A., 1830.] 

Walter Soper Gervis, Devonshire. 
[M.R.C.S. and L.S.A., 1854; Ashburton.] 

» William Robbs, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. [1831] , Lincoln- 

^ John Shaw Steel, M.R.C.S. [1843] , Cumberland. 
[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1855.] 

Duncan Campbell Taylor, Ross-shire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854 ; Surg. Maj., A.M.D.J 

William Brebner Lyall Grant [M.A., 1850], M.B. [1853], 
L.R.C.S. Ed., Aberdeen. 
Oct. 18. ^ William Philip Harrison, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. [1847], 
* Thomas Thomson, L.R.C.S. Ed., Inverurie. 
' William Thomson, M.R.C.S. [1854], Stonehaven. 
[South Africa.] 

' Henry Kingsley, M.R.C.S. [1844], Brinklow. 
[F.R.C.P. Ed., 1858; M.R.C.P., 1859.] 

* Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 


1854, Nov. 2. 1 Thomas Mather Ashton, M.R.C.S. and L.S.A. [1837], 

[F.R.C.S., 1853; M.R.C.P., 1859.] 

* James Dixon, M.R.C.S. [1824], L.S.A. [1824], Birkenhead. 

* William Johnston Long, M.R.C.S. [1839], L.S.A., 


1855, April 12. Thomas Elder, Mid Lothian. 

James Byres Laing, Aberdeen. 
[Congregational min., Woodside ; afterwards at Hamilton, Canada W.] 

'John Parr Scatliff, M.R.C.S. [1844], L.S.A., London. 

* William Steel, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1816J , Forfar. 

William Walker, M.A. [1853], Aberdeen. 
[Dep. Surg. Gen. I.M.S. ; Hon. Phys. to the Queen; LL.D. Abd., 1885.] 

Ernest Alfred Wigan, Derbyshire. 

George Alexander Burn, M.A. [1852], M.B. [1854] , 

John Charles Campbell, M.B. [1854] ; A.M.S. 

John Chapman, M.B. [1854], Devizes. 

Henry Thomas Sylvester, Cowbridge, Glamorgan; M.B. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1853; L.S.A., 1869; Asst. Surg. A.M.D. ; served in Crimea 
and Indian Mutiny; "^.C] 

Oct. 18. 'Albert Davies, M.R.C.S. [1838], L.S.A. [1831], Havant, 
' Caleb Williams, M.R.C.S. [1820] , L.S.A. [1821], Lec- 
turer on Materia Medica, School of Medicine, York. 
[F.R.C.S., 1844; author oi Criminal responsibility of insane, Lond., 1851.] 

John Felix Johnson, M.B. [1854] ; R.N. 
John Proudfoot Stratton, M.B. [1852] ; H.E.LC.S. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1851. ; LM.S.] 

William McKenzie, M.A. [King's Coll., 1830], H.E.LC.S. 
Hon. [M.R.C.S., 1832; author of medical works in Hindustanee; K.C.B., 1887.] 

1856, April 10. James Blaikie, Aberdeen. 

Alexander Gamack, M.A. [1854], Peterhead. 
[M.R.C.S., 1856; London.] 

Louis Leslie, M.R.C.S. [1845] , Alton, Hants. 

^ Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 


1856, April 10. Nicholas Moysey, Devon. 
[M.R.C.S., 1856.] 

Mungo Park, M.R.C.S., Essex. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1836 ; L.S.A., 1858 ; Worth, Sussex.] 

John Godfrey Phipps, M.R.C.S., L.S.A. [1840], London. 
George Owen Rigby, Preston. 
Oct. 22. Alister Stuart Robertson, Perthshire. 
[CM. Aberd., 1864; Appin.] 

Andrew Wallace, M.A. [1853], L.R.C.S. Ed. [1856], 

Charles Paterson, Aberdeenshire. 
[M.R.C.S., 1857 ; Tarland.] 

James Paterson, Aberdeenshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1856; R.N.; Dumfries.] 

^ Charles Coates, M.R.C.S. [1851], Surgeon to Liverpool 
Blue-coat Hospital. 
[F.R.C.P. £d., 1857 ; M.R.C.P., 1859 ; Bath.] 

*John McGrigor Augustus Thomas Crofts, M.R.C.S. 
[1846], Somersetshire, late Staff Surgeon, 
[M.R.C.P., 1859 ; St. John's Wood, Lend. ; author of Treatment of Hong Kong 
fever, and other works.] 

' John Fitz-Patrick, F.R.C.S. [1856] ; H.E.I.CS. 
[M.R.C.P., 1859 ; Lenham, Kent.] 

'John Watt Reid, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1844]; R.N. 
[K.C.B. ; Director Gen. Med. Dep. of R.N.] 

» Alexander Eugene Mackay, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1842]; R.N. 
[M.R.C.P., i860 ; Dep. Insp. Gen. of Hosp. and Fleets ; author of several 

Nov. 22. John Peet, M.R.C.S. [1841], Prof, of Surgery, and Acting 
Principal, Grant Medical Coll., Bombay [H.E.LC.S.] 
Hon. (Prof. Nicol dissenting.) [F.R.C.P., i860; Shanklin, I. of W. ; 
author of Principles and practice of medicine, Lond., 1864.] 
1857, March 14.^ Alexander Vans Best, M.B. [1855] , Aberdeen. 

[See works of Col. Parker Gillmore for favourable notices of Dr. Vans Best 
while in the Bengal Medical Sers'icc.] 

^ Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 

2 " The Senatus unanimously resolved that after the fifteenth day of April next, no candi- 
date shall be admitted to examination for a medical degree unless he shall have attended 
medical classes here for at least one winter session." 


1857, April 7. Stephen Bowden, M.R.C.S. [1843] ; R.N. 

[F.R.C.S., 1857 ; Dep. Insp. Gen. Hosp. and Fleets.] 

John Burness, L.F.P.S.G. [1845] , Montrose. 
John Carny, Macduff. 
Sydney Charles Courtney, Surrey. 
[M.R.C.S., 1856; Leatherhead.] 

William Henderson, M.A. [1845], M.R.C.S. [1849], 
[M.R.C.P., 1859.] 

James Collie, M.B. [1851] , Aberdeenshire. 
John Woodman Smith, M.B. [1849] , Ross-shire. 
[M.R.C.S., 1849; Dingwall.] 

William Farquhar, M.B. [1853] ; R.N. 
[Afterwards H.E.I.C.S.; Dep. Surg. Gen. I. M.S.] 

James Hobson Aveling, M.B. [1856] , Sheffield. 
[Author oi English midwivcs, Lond., 1872, etc.] 
Oct. 22. Richard Henry Hayes, Staffordshire. 
[L.S.A., 1857 ; M.R.C.S., 1858; Newcastle-under-Lyme.] 
William Parker, M.B. [1854] , China. 
WilHam Pirrie, M.A. [1854], M.B. [1857] ' Aberdeen. 
[Son of Prof. Pirrie ; A.M.D. ; author of Hay asthma^ Lond., 1867, and other 
works; Bournemouth.] 

1858, April 13, James Wilson. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1857 ; Oldmeldrum.] 

George Carr, M.A. [1852], M.B. [1855]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1855 ; R.N. ; Aberdeen.] 
Oct. 23. John Will Cook. 
[M.R.C.S., 1858; Manningtree, Essex.] 

David Brainard Dalzell. 
[Warminster, Wilts.] 

James Hamlin. 

George Park, M.A. [1856]. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; Surg. Maj. A.M.D.] 
Oct. 23. Thomas Brown Henderson, M.B. [1856]. 
Henry Foljambe Paterson, M.B. [1858] . 
[F.R.C.S. Ed., 1867; Surg. Maj. Gen. A.M.S.] 

Thomas Crofts Shinkwin, M.B. [1855]. 
[M.D., Qu. Un., Irel., 1858.] 
Dec. 18. Fife Fowler, M.B. [1844] 


1858, Dec. 18. Robert Martin, M.B. [1857] • 

[CM. Aberd., i860; Warrington; Manchester.] 

1859, Jan. 12. William Simpson, M.B. [1842]. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1842; Surg. Maj. 71st Highlanders. See p. 61.] 

April 8. Alexander Reith. 
[Frampton ; Aberdeen.] 

George Smith. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859 ; Glasgow.] 

Graham Atherly Carter. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858 ; Lichfield.] 

James Young Donaldson. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859; Surg. Col. A.M.S.] 

John Ligertwood, M.A. [1857]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859 ; Newburgh ; Methlic] 

William John Thomson. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; Perth.] 

Archibald Reith, M.B. [1858] . 
[M.R.C.S., 1858; author oi Homoeopathy, Abd., 1868, etc.] 

Charles D. F. Phillips, M.B. [1852] . 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1852; Manchester; London; LL.D. Abd., 1888.] 

Robert McKilliam, M.B. [1858]. 
[CM. Abd., 1870 ; Oldmeldrum ; Huntly.] 
May 14. James Bonnyman, M.A. [1850], M.B. [1853] . 

[M.R.CS., 1853; Brig. Surg. A.M.D.] 
Oct. 20. Edward Hilditch. 
[M.R.CS., 1826; Insp. Gen. of Hosp. and Fleets, R.N.; Knt] 

John Poison. 
[New Deer ; Friockheim.] 

John Wade Brown Wades. 
[L.R.CS. Ed., 1853 ; M.D. New York, 1858 ; Hanley.] 

John Ogilvy, M.B. [1853] . 
[L.R.CS. Ed., 1853 ; Surg. Gen. A.M.D.] 

John Carnegie, M.B. [1859] • 
[CM. Abd., 1865 ; Chesterfield.] 
i860, April 18. William Ironside. 

[M.R.CS., i860; Surg. Maj. A.M.D.] 

Humphrey Levrington Maysmor. 
[M.R.C.S., 1858; F.R.C.S. Ed., i860; London.] 

Sommerville Oliver. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; Edinburgh.] 



i860, April 18. William Harford Glover Phelps. 
[M.R.C.S., 1859; Burkham ; Weston-super-Mare.] 

James Rust, M.A. [1856]. 
[Knayton, Yorks. See p. 182.] 

Matthew Henry Sloane. 
[Halifax, Yorks.] 

Edward Alfred [Alexander ?] Watson. 
[? Gorebridge, and East Wemyss.] 

Thomas Ligertwood, M.B. [185 1], Staff Surgeon 
[A.M.D.], Calcutta. 
[M.R.C.S., 1851; F.R.C.S. Ed., 1867; Phys. and Surg., Roy. Hosp., 

John Patterson, M.B. [1855] , Cairo. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1855; Constantinople.] 
Aug. 7. William Gall. 

Alexander James Manson [M.A., 1831] . 

[M.R.C.S., 1834; Banff.] 

Samuel Wordsworth Poole. 
[L.S.A., 1862; L.R.C.S. Ed., 1864; Sidcup.] 

James Leslie, M.B. [1858]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; Hamilton, Ont.] 

David Paton, M.B. [1857J . 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; Carnoustie.] 

Alexander Robb, M.B. [1854] . 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854; Portsoy.] 

Jonathan Wybrants, M.B. [1853". 
[M.R.C.S., 1839; F., 1857; Shepton Mallet.] 


1841, Jan. 23. David Wark, L.F.P.S.G. ; [M.D., 1841, supra] . 
April 27. James Booth, M.R.C.S., Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1845] . 

William Donald Ewan, M.A. [1837], Peterhead. 
David Shier, L.R.C.S. Ed., Banff; [M.D., 1841] . 
Robert White, M.A. [1838], Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1842] . 
Thomas Halliday Young, Dumfriesshire. 
Oct. 21. Alexander John Eraser, M.A. [King's Coll., 1838]. 

1842, April 25. Thomas Robertson, Fraserburgh. 

[M.R.C.S., 1842.] 

William Duirs, M.A., Laurencekirk; [M.D., 1852]. 
William Simpson, Tyrie [M.D., 1859]. 

1843, May 3. Alfred Gosden, Sussex. 

[M.R.C.S., 1843; Medhurst.] 

David Reid McKinnon, M.A. [1840], Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S., Ed, 1842 ; Surg. Gen. A.M.D.] 

William Joseph McFarlane, M.A. [1841], Aberdeenshire. 
Oct. 24. Edward Jackson Riccard, Devonshire. 
[M.R.C.S., 1843 ; Port Louis, Mauritius.] 

George Rainy Anderson, Aberdeenshire. 

1844, April. Fife Fowler, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1858]. 

1845, April 30. Charles James Sylvester, Glamorgan ; [M.D., 1846] . 

Richard Brassey Hole, Devonshire ; [M.D., 1846] . 
Oct. 17. John Charles Cooke, M.R.C.S., Devonshire. 

1846, April 25. Alexander McDonald, Aberdeenshire. 

[M.R.C.S.; Huntly.] 

John Rose, M.A., Banffshire ; [M.D., 1847] . 

John Vaux, Cheshire. 
[L.F.P.S.G., 1835; M.R.C.S., 1836; Macclesfield.] 

^ Under Regulations of 1840, p. 163. 


1847, April 24. Daniel Wells Stephens, Sussex ; [M.D., 1847]. 

George Mackie, Fyvie. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1846 ; M.D. Aberd., 1867; Insch.] 

Robert Beveridge, M.A. [1843], Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1846; lecturer on Botany, 1855; phys., Roy. Inf., Aberd.] 

1848, April 15. Andrew Leith Adams, M.A. [1846], Aberdeenshire. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1848; LL.D., 1881 ; Dep. Surg. Gen., A. M. D. ; Prof., Nat. 
Hist., Queen's Coll., Cork ; author of various books of travel.] 
Oct. 28. James Walker, M.A. [1845], Aberdeenshire ; [M.D., 1849]. 

1849, April 14. John Milne Duffus, L.R.C.S. Ed., Aberdeenshire. 

[Asst. Surg., R.N.] 

Jean Felix Pellegrin, M.R.C.S. [1848], Mauritius; 
[M.D., 1849]. 

John Woodman Smith, Inverness ; [M.D., 1857] . 

Thomas Pearse, Cornwall. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed. and M.D. Ed., 1849; Plymouth.] 

1850, April 12. William Sim Murray, M.A. [1848], Aberdeen. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1850; Surg. Gen., A. M. S.] 

1851, April II. Thomas Ligertwood, Foveran ; [M.D., i860]. 

John Roy Philip, Aberdeen. 
[M.R.C.S., 1852; Acting Asst. Surg, in Crimea; Canada.] 

John Pirie, M.A. [1848], Applecross. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1851 ; Campbeltown ; Glasgow.] 

William Arthur Thomson, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1851 ; Surg. Maj. Gen., A. M. S. ; Hon. Phys. to the Queen.] 
Oct. 24. James Collie, Aberdeenshire ; [M.D., 1857]. 

William Tait Carr, Aberdeen. 
[M.R.C.S., 1851.] 

William Ray, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1853] . 

1852, April 16. Alfred William Kennett Packman, Herts. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854; L.S.A., 1858; Puckeridge.] 

Charles Douglas Ferguson Phillips, Edinburgh ; 
[M.D., 1859]. 

Edward Walker Skues, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1852; Staff Surg., A. M. D.] 

George Baillie, Edinburgh ; [M.D., 1852] . 

John Proudfoot Stratton, Perthshire; [M.D., 1855]. 

William Millar Dickinson, Devonshire. 

William Stewart, Perthshire ; [M.D., 1853] . 


1853, April 16. James Bonnyman, M.A. [1850], Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1859]. 

William Brebner Lyall Grant, M.A. [1850J , Aberd. ; 

Robert Gates, Jamaica. 

John Ggilvy, M.A. [1849], Aberdeen; [M.D., 1859]. 
Alexander Clark Ross, Sutherlandshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1853 ; M.D. St. Andrews, 1853 ; Surg. Maj., A. M. D.] 
Alfred Sanderson, Edinburgh. 
William McKenzie Skues, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1852 ; M.D. Aberd., i860 ; Brig. Surg., A. M. D.] 

William Watson, M.A. [1850], Aberdeen. 
[H. E. I. C. S. ; Dep. Surg. Gen., I. M. S.] 

'Jonathan Wybrants, M.R.C.S. [1839], Shepton ; 
[M.D., i860]. 
July 27. George Bidie, Banffshire. 

[Surg. Gen., I. M. S., Madras; CLE. ; author of Sanitary Reports on 
Madras and many other works.] 

Peter Divorty, M.A. [1851], Aberdeenshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1853 ; Asst. Surg., nth Foot; author oi Poemata, 1884, etc.] 
William Farquhar, Aberdeenshire ; [M.D., 1857]. 
Henry Thomas Sylvester, Glamorganshire; [M.D., 1855]. 

James Ross, Kincardineshire. 
Walter Scott, Inverness-shire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1853; London.] 
Oct. 20. » Charles William Whitby, M.R.C.S. [1848]; L.S.A 
[1849] ; Ottery St. Mary. 
' Pierre Eloy Bachelet, L.S.A., Grad. in Med. and Surg, 
of Univ. of Paris, London. 

1854, April 7. George Alexander Burn, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1855] . 

John McLeod Cameron, Banffshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854 ; Asst. Surg., 27th regt.] 

John Charles Campbell, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1855] . 

»JohnChapman, L.R.C.S. Ed. [1851] , Devizes ; [M.D., 

' Thomas Dillon, L.R.C.S. Ed., Dublin. 
H. E. L C. S. ; Bengal. 

. 1 Under Regulation 9 of 1849-50. 



1854, April 7. 'George Downing, M.R.C.S. [1846J ; L.S.A. [1845]; 


1 Richard Wafford Eve, L.S.A. [1853], Deptford. 
[L.F.P.S.G., 1854 ; M.R.C.S., 1859.] 

William Grant, Morayshire. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854; A. M. D.] 

Alexander Milne Humphrey, Aberdeen. 

^ John William Leacroft, L.S.A. [1848], Worcestershire. 

James Greig Leask, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1854 ; Brig. Surg., A. M. D.] 

John Vacy Lyle, L.R.C.S. Ed., Cornwall. 
[Pract. at Durban, Natal ; Minister of Education, Transvaal, 1877.] 

George Stewart Watson Ogg, M.A. [1849], Aberdeen. 
[Surg. Gen., I. M. S.] 

William Parker, L.F.P.S.G., Glasgow; [M.D., 1857]. 

Alexander Rothney Reid, Banffshire. 
[Died Staff Asst. Surg, at Balaclava, 5th Oct., 1854.] 

Alexander Robb, Banffshire ; [M.D., i860]. 

Benjamin Williamson, Aberdeen. 
[Dep. Surg. Gen., I. M. S.] 
Nov. 2. John Felix Johnson, M.R.C.S. [1848], L.S.A. [1844] ; 

R.N.;[M.D., 1855]. 

1855, April 12. George Carr, M.A., Aberdeen; [M.D., 1858]. 

Patrick Kilgour, M.A. [1852], Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1855 ; Surg., 13th Foot.] 

Frederick McKenzie Skues, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1855 ; Dep. Surg. Gen., A. M. D.] 

John Patterson, Northumberland ; [M.D., i860]. 
Arthur Scatliff, M.R.C.S., L.S.A., London. 
Oct. 18. Alexander Vans Best, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1857]. 

Edward Francis Fussel, M.R.C.S. [1847], L.S.A. [1848], 

Thomas Crofts Shinkwin, M.R.C.S. [1850], Demonstrator 
of Anatomy, Queen's College, Cork ; [M.D., 1858]. 

1856, April 10. James Hobson Aveling, M.R.C.S. [1851], Yorks ; [M.D., 

James Thos. Eraser, M.R.C.S., Southampton, H. E. I.C.S. 

1 Under Regulation g of 1849-50. 



1856, April 10. Thomas Brown Henderson, L.F.P.S.G. [1851 ; F., 

1854], Lanarkshire ; [M.D., 1858] . 
James Keess, M.R.C.S. [1855] , Demonstrator of Ana- 
tomy, Madras Medical College. 
[H. E. I. C. S. ; Surg. Gen., I. M. S.] 
Oct. 22. William Honner Fitz-Patrick, M.R.C.S. [1845]; L.S.A. 
[1847] ; Surg., Lancashire Militia. Formerly Asst. 
Surg., R.N. 

1857, April 7. John Anderson, Aberdeen. 

[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1857.] 

Alexander Bruce Cheves, M.A. [1854], Longside. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1857 ; L.S.A,, 1858, Milbrook, Devonport.] 

Alfred King, M.R.C.S. [1842], London. 
[M.D. Aberd., 1875.] 

James Laing, Aberdeen. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1857, Skene.] 

William Pirrie, M.A., Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1857]. 

George Frederick Wales, L.F.P.S.G. [1848], Belfast, 
[M.D. Aberd., 1867; F.R.C.S. Ed., 1877.] 
Oct. 22. William John Dauney. 
[Asst. Surg., 89th Foot.] 

Robert Martin ; [M.D., 1858]. 

David Paton ; [M.D., i860]. 

John Simpson, M.A. [1854]. 

1858, April 13. James Leslie, New Pitsligo ; [M.D., i860]. 

William Ashburne Lightbourne, Inverary. 
Robert McKilliam, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1859]. 
Henry [Foljambe] Paterson, Ballater ; [M.D., 1858]. 
Samuel Reid, Kincardine O'Neil. 
Archibald Reith, Aberdeen ; [M.D., 1859]. 
Oct. 23. John Greig. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858 ; Surg. Maj., A. M. D.] 

Robert Lindsay, M.A. [1856]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1858; P., 1874; Surg., A. M. D.] 

1859, April 8. Alexander Mellis. 

James Clark. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859 ; F., 1870 ; M.D. Aberd., 1864, Lichfield.;} 

James Mclnnes; [M.D., 1861J. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859; R.N.] 


1859, Aprils. John Carnegie ; [M.D., 1859]. 

Oct. 20. James Bronislas Jazdowski, M.A. [1857]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., 1859; Brig. Surg., A. M. S.] 
i860, April 18. Erskine Burnett Grant, M.A. [1857]. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., i860; Surg. Maj., A. M. D.] 
John MacDonald. 
James Mackie. 
[L.R.C.S. Ed., i860, Alexandria; C. M. G., 1882.] 

George Mair. 
[M.A., 1856; M.D. Aberd., 1867; Fleet Surg., R.N. See p. 182.] 

Alexander Scott. 
[M.A., 1857 ; L.R-C.S. Ed., i860 ; Staff Surg., R.N.] 


i860, April 18. George Mair [together with the degree of M.B.]. 
James Rust [together with the degree of M.D.]. 

* Under resolution of Senatus, 17th March, i860. 









?iiDtograviir« by An 



" Robert Gordon of Straloch, who was the first Master of the liberal arte 
created in the Marishalls College of Aberdeen [presumably in 1597], and one 
of the Cheife Barrons of the name of the noble and ancient families of the 
Gordons in the north part of the Kingdom. He wrote learnedly on the 
Mathematicks, and drew severall geographical maps of almost all the counties 
and shires in the Kingdome of Scotland." (Cat. Scot. Writers.) Born 1580. 
Portrait by Jamesone in Robert Gordon's College, Aberdeen, reproduced in 
this volume. [Diet. Nat. Biog. Spald. Club Misc., I., 29.] 

Another name is preserved in the Town Council Register for 31st July, 
1601 (Vol. XL., p. loi), when Mr. James Robertson, student of 1595-99, 
assigns the arrears of a " pension " of twenty merks granted him by 
Principal Howie. 

Among probable early students of note are Thomas Reid (p. 31) 
and David Wedderburne (p. 63), who were appointed teachers in the 
Grammar School, 6th Feb., 1602; Patrick Dun (pp. 10, 28, 32); Patrick 
Copland, benefactor (Vol. I., p. 160); Thomas Reid's brother. Dr. Alexander 
(Vol. I., pp. 226-236) ; Andrew Ramsay (Vol. I., p. 186), professor of 
divinity, Saumur and Edinburgh, and Latin poet ; and Gilbert Jack, 
professor of philosophy, Leyden (Vorst's Oratio funehris). Arthur Johnston, 
the poet, born circa 1577 {Musa Lat. Aberd., H., xxvii.), and Rector of 
King's College, 1637, had probably studied at the sister University ; and, 
notwithstanding the comments of Mr. Bulloch in his George Jamesone, 
pp. 38-41, there is no proof that the painter attended either college. 

AA (185) 

ALBUM I. (1605-1681). 

Deus nobiscum.* 

Statuta et conditiones quibus fidem obstringunt suam qui 
Accademiae albo ambiunt inscribi. 

1. Praeceptoribus accademiae omnibus et singulis debitam quamdiu 

hie versamur reuerentiam, et eorum doctrinae et disciplinae tarn 
priuatae quam publicae, promptam paratam et uoluntariam 
obedientiam nos et sponte exhibituros et deo dante fideliter pres- 
tituros sancte et relligiose promittimus. 

2. Arraa nulla nee in gymnasio nee in ciuitatis plateiis cireumferam, 

nee cum veteranis studiosis contentionis aut seriae aut jocularis 
genus ineonsultis preceptoribus aut venia a gymnasiarcha non 
impetrata suscipiam. 

3. Fidem accademiae huic datam, alio ante exaetum philosophiae cur- 

riculum transmigrando, ni secus parentum impellat authoritas 
seiens volensque nullorum malo consilio aut hortatu fallam. 

4. Legibus denique gymnasii huius et statutis et statuendis pro eius- 

dem pace et disciplina firmanda et seruanda et subscribimus et 
nos uolentes subiicimus. 

' These entries are taken from the original record, which now forms part o( Album I. 
The names, except where otherwise indicated, are autograph. In the MS. no special order 
is at first traceable in the signatures of each year, but, for convenience of reference, it has 
been thought desirable to adopt from the outset the alphabetical arrangement under prenames, 
not under surnames, which afterwards became characteristic of the Marischal College registers. 
The first, undated, group of names appears to include entrants of different years prior to 1605, 
and probably subsequent to 1598, when Gilbert Gray became Principal. 



Alexr. Guthrie. Gulielmus Forbesius.'' 

Allexander Hay. Gulielmus Guild." 

Alexander Hendrie. Jacobus Touchaeus. 

Alexander Patowne. Joannes Loganeus. *• 

Andreas Logie.^ Joannes Touchaeus.'^ 

Georgius Setoune.'-^ Patricius Fraserius. 

Gulielmus Burnet.^ Petrus Blakburne.^ 

Gulielmus Carnendes. Robertus Farquhar.® 

Gulielmus Cheyne.'* Thomas Gordoune. 

Gulielmus Forbesius. Thomas Meluinus.^" 

1 idboGXdf A 

Admissi 3 die Octobris, anno 1605. 
Gulielmus Gray. Gulielmus Vmphraeus. 

Gulielmus Hay. Richardus Guthrie. 

Gulielmus Steuartus. Samuel Tullideff. 

Andreas Skeyne. Gulielmus Fergusone. 

Andreas Stewin. Gulielmus Strauchin. 

Georgius Clerk. Thomas Hendrie. 

Formula Juramenti cui praeeunte verbis gymnasiarcha et voce et sub- 
scriptione hie sua sese adstringunt studiosi omnes qui membra 
Accademiae huius fieri et priuelegiis eiusdem frui ambiunt. 
Ego juro sancteque promitto uobis gymnasiarchae et praeceptoribus 
gymnasii huius vestrisque in hoc officio successoribus debitam 
reuerentiam et disciplinae obedientiam. 
Et quod per dei gratiam volo seruare leges et statuta ac per membra 
Accademiae statuenda pro pace et disciplina Accademiae huius 
cuius nunc me membrum inseri cupio cuiusque dignitati impos- 
terum et incolumitati quantum in me est semper studebo. Ita 
me deus adiuuet. 'A 

Sequuntur nomina studiosorum omnium Accademiae huius qui sub- 
scripserunt anno domini 1605, qui annus octauus fuit prefecturae 
meae in hoc gymnasio. 

M. G[ilbertus] G [ray] , 

1 Min., Rayne; author. ^ Min., Birse. ' Min., Kinnairnie. ■* Min,, Tyrie. 

* M.A., 1601 (Sydserf s Life) ; regent, principal, rector, etc., supra. 
" Principal, King's Coll., etc. ; rector, supra. ^ Burgess, 1636. ' Regent. 

^ Sir R. F. of Mpupie, burg., 1613 : provost, 1644, etc, '" Min., Dyce. 


Andreas Skeyne, manu mea.^ Gulielmus Fergussone, manu mea. 

Andreas Stevin, manu mea.^ Gulielmus Strauchin, manu propria.^ 

Georgius Clerk, manu mea. Thomas Hendrie, manu mea.* 

Tertii ordinis nomina. 
Alexander Dauidsone. Johannes Gellie.« 

Alex^ Jaffray, manu propria.* Gulielmus Leyth, manu mea. 

Andreas Fraser, manu mea. Patricius Cheyn, manu mea. 

Georgius Vedderburnus. Patricius Hay.^ 

Gulielmus Forbes, manu mea. Robertus Jamesone, manu sua.^ 

Secundae classis nomina. 

Alexander Iruind, manu mea. Jacobus Scirraiff. 

Alexander Irving, ma. Joannes Gordone, manu mea. 

Andreas Jak, manu mea. Joannes Rossaeus, manu mea.^** 

Georgius Keyth, manu mea. Petrus Blakburne, manu mea. 

Gilbertus Fraser, manu mea. Robertus Patrie, manu mea.^^ 

Gulielmus Ogstone, manu mea.' Samuel TuUidaff, manu mea. ^2 
Gulielmus Smy*. 

Nomina primae classis anno 1605. 

Alex'. Burnetus. Guilielmus Leslaeus. 

Alexander Voode. Gulielmus Steuart. 

Andreas Wood, manu sua. Gulielmus Vmphray. 

Gulielmus Gray.^^ Patricius Rosseus. 

Gulielmus Hay. Richardus Guthrie, manu sua.^* 
Gulielmus Jhonstone." 

Admissi 22 Nouembris, anno 1606. 
Alexr. Aberdour. Andreas Mylne.^^ 

Alexr. Leslie. Georgius Andersone. 

Alexander Skeine.^^ Georgius Fraser.^^ 

* Of Overtown of Dyce (Skene Mem., p. 30). ^ Burgess, 1621. 

* Min., Daviot. * Min., Walls and Sandness. * Of Kingswells, Provost, 1636, etc. 

* Min., Premnay, Monymusk. ' Burg., 1623. ^ Min., Botarie. 
^ Burg., i6io; regent. ^'Regent. 

" Burg., 1620; writer, Edin. 

" See Fasti Eccl. Scot., III., 612 ; Mair's Prcsb. Ellon, 91, 107. 

" Regent ; min., Auchterless. " M.D. ; burg., July, 1623 ; Prof, of Mathematics. 

" Burg., 1623. 1* Of Dyce (Skene Mem., p. 83). ^'^ Min., Maryculter. ^^ Min., Boharm. 




Gulielmus Blakburne.^ 
Gulielmus Cheyne. 
Gulielmus Fraser. 
Gulielmus Millus.'* 
Gulielmus Vood. 
Jacobus Andersone. 
Jacobus Forbes. 
Jacobus Ogilvy. 
Johannes Cheyne. 
Joannes Gray. 

Joannes Leslye. 
Joannes Vood. 
Matheus Michael. 
Patricius Gordoune. 
Patricius Leithe. 
Robertus Jamesone. 
Thomas Davidsone.^ 
Valterus Ogiluie, minor. 
Walterus Ogillwie, maior. 

Admissi anno 1607, die 23 Aprilis. 

Alexander Duff.* 
Alex^. Skene. 
Gulielmus Abernethius.^ 

[1607-08 : no entries.] 

Admissi anno 
Adamus Reid.^ 
Alexander Gareauche. 
Alexr. Michel. 
Alexander Reid.^ 
Alexr. Ros.^ 
Andreeas Tullidaff. 
Christianus Severin, Danus. 
Dugallus Mackenzie, ad an. i6ii. 
Gulielmus Jhonstonus.^ 
Gulielmus Keith. 

Gulielmus Gordoune. 
Jacobus Forbes. 
Jacobus Leslie. 

1609 [Sess. 1608-09]. 
Gulielmus Younge. 
Jacobus Forbes. 
Joannes Duncanus.^^ 
Joannes Gordone.^^ 
Johanes Spens. 
Laurentius Severinus, Danus. 
Robertus Cooper. 
Thomas Menzeis. 
Vedastus Lousone.^^ . 

Admissi anno 1610 [Sess. 1609-10]. 
Adamus Straq". Alexr. Irving. 

Alexr. Douglas. Alexr. Paip.^^ 

Alexr. Fraser. Andreas Massie.^* 

^ Burg., 1613. 2 Min., Ruthven, Glass. ^ Burg., 1615. 

* Min. in Caithness {Fasti EccL Scot., III., 372). * Min., Halkirk, Thurso. 

* Regent. '' Min., Ashkirk. ^ Benefactor (Vol. I., 272). 
^ Burg., Aug., 1623. i» Min. in Strathbogie (Fasti Feci, Scot., Ilfc, 216). 

" Regent. ^^ Burg., 1623 ; baillie,Ji625, 

1^ Adv. in Aberdeen, 1615. " Regent. 


Andreas Skene. Jo. Irving. 

Georgius Vyschart.' Jhoannes TullidaflF. 

Gullielmus Cudbert.^ Nathaniel Heriot. 

Qui. Forbes. Robertus Gordoune. 

Gulielmus Forbes. Robertus Lumsdel. 

Gulielmus Patrie. Robertus Painter. 

Gul. Troup. Salomon Martin, Gallus. 

Jacobus Murray. Tho. Colisone. 

Jacobus Robertsone. Thomas Grant. 

Jacobus Skene. Tho. Merser.^ 

Joannes Grant. Thomas Wyshart. 

Admissi anno Domini 1611, 9 Julij [Sess. i6io-ii]. 

Alexr. Davidsone.* Jo. Grant. 

Alexr. Youngsone. Jo. Leslasus. 

An. Vrqr*. Jo. Setoune. 

Gil. Irving. Jo. Straq^^* 

Guliel. Forbes. Jhoannes TullidafiF. 

Gul. Troup. Pa. Hay. 

Jo. Broune.* Sam. Bruice. 
Jo. Forbes. 

Admissi 15 Januarii, 1612 [Sess. 1611-12]. 

Alexander Cheyne. Jacobus Skene." 

Alexander Reid.^ Johannes Gariauch.^^ 

Franciscus Leslie. Johannes Quhyt. 

Georgius Johnstone, mi.^ Robertus Couttis.^^ 

Gulielmus Livingstoune.^ Robertus Gray. 

Gulielmus Mackenzie. Robertus Wilsone. 

Gulielmus Skene. Walterus Forbesius. 
Gulielmus Vederburne.^** 

1 Min,, Monifieth (not M.A., Edin., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.), St. Andrews.' Burg., 1623. 

' Burg., 1631. * Adv. in Abd., 1616. » Min., New Deer. 

" Min., Lethendy. '' Adv. in Abd. and burg., i 624 ; killed in battle at Craibstone. 

« Min., Westcrkirk, etc. » Burg., 1628. 

»" " Doctor " pt under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd. ; regent. 

» Of Wester Corse (Skene Mem., p. 104). '^ Vr. of Tilliebethie (Skene Mem., p. 35). 

" Burgess, 1618. 




Alexr. Forbes. 
Andreas Aidie. 
Georgius Robertsoune 
Gulielmus Couper. 
Gulielmus Douglas. 

Admissi 17 Maii, 1613 [Sess. 1612-13]. 
Jhoannes Cheyne. 
Jho. Gregorie. 
Jhoannes Setoun, 
Rob. Leslie. 

Andreas Aideus. 
Georgius Robertsonus. 
Gulielmus Douglasius. 
Gulielmus Robertsonus.^ 

Laurea donati anno 1616,^ 

Jhoannes Cheneus.^ 
Jhoannes Gregorius.* 
Jhoannes Setonus.'* 

Admissi anno 1614 [Sess. 1613-14]. 

Alexander Hay. 
Alexander Lindsay. 
Andreas Abircrombie. 
Andreas Gray. 
Charolus Anguss.''' 
Dauid Monro. 
Gulielmus Dauidsone. 
Gulielmus Guthrie 
Gulielmus Moir. 

Alex^ Lindsay.^ 
An. Abercromby.^'^ 
An. Gray.^^ 
Gul. Couper. 
Gul. Dauidson.^2 
Gul. Guthrie. 

Gulielmus Watsone. 
Jacobus Buchane. 
Jacobus Keythe. 
Joannes Forbes. 
Joannes Gordone. 
Johannes Meldrum. 
Patricius Meldrum. 
Walterus Forbes. 

Laurea donati anno 1617.® 
Gul. Moir.i3 
Gul. Watson. 1* 
Jacob. Buchan. 
Magn. Kennedy. 
Walt. Forbes. 

^ Names not autograph. Theses signed by the graduates of this year, and dedicated to 
Alexander Forbes of Tolquhon, in possession of Rev. J. B. Craven, Kirkwall. Title-page 
missing, but without doubt an Edinburgh print. The earliest known Marischal College 
Theses printed in Aberdeen are those of 1623, infra. 

^ Min., Nigg (Mearns). * Min., Kinkell. '' Min., Drumoak (Vol. I., 203). 

^ Regent. ^ See names of Grammar School boys in T. C. Reg., 4th Dec, 161 2. 

' Burg., 1631. 8 Names not autograph. * Commissary of Abd. (Spalding). 

1° Min., Fintray. " Min., Coull (not of King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

^^ Alchemist and author (Proc. S. A. Scot., X., 265). ^^ Prof, of Math, and Princl. 

" Min., Knockando, Duthil (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 


Cal. februarij Anno domini Millesimo sexcentesimo decimoquinto 
[Sess. 1614-15]. 

Cum a Ministris Baliuis et Senatu presente Episcopo eodemque 
domino Cancellario deliberaretur quae post obitum D. Mri Gilberti 
Graij primarij ratio esset iucunda tempore interregni vt sarta 
tecta maneat Academiae disciplina quoad creetur Primarius 
omnium calculis et suffragiis in Primarii locum suffectus est Mr, 
Dauid Vedderburnus interregni huius tempore ad Cal. Augusti 
Anno dni 1615 cumque postulante hoc senatu id oneris suscepisset 
statutum vt in tempus supra prefinitum Primarij partes tum in 
summa classe docenda tum in publica Academiae disciplina pro- 
movenda exequatur eumque vt hoc loco agnoscant et debitam pri- 
mario reverentiam obedientiam et gratitudinem prestent discipuli 
omnes solenni interposito iureiurando promittant. 

Ab iisdem etiam cautum est vt Regentibus debita exhibeatur obedientia 
et reverentia ab omnibus promiscue classibus eoque magis illis 
obsequium prestetur quo maior temporis huius necessitas hoc 

Ab eodem etiam coetu statutum ne cui discipulo arma aut arcum ferre 
aut priuatim vspiam recondere liceat ac ut preceptores per singula 
cubicula attente et diligenter in ea inquirant et si qua ab in- 
quirentibus deprehensa vt non solum iuxta academiae leges delin- 
quens plectatur sed et arma confiscentur sine vlla prorsus 

Statutum etiam ne quis maledicum carmen aut libellum famosum 
conficiat aut confectum conficiendumve promulget vel cum alio 
quoquam recitando legendo aut impertiendo communicet sed 
repertum ita supprimat ne in aliorum manus postea vllatenus 
veniat : qui secus faxit loco autoris ipsius habitum eum iri ac pro- 
inde iisdem poenis quae ipsi maledici carminis artifici debeantur 

Cumque disciplinae neglectus nimis quam invaluerit per hoc temporis 
quo haec statuta decretum ibidem vt tum in has publicis tabulis 
iam insertas tum in reliquas omnes academiae leges discipuli 
omnes solenniter iurent et religiose vt restaurata deinceps disci- 
plinae iam collapsae integritate bonarum literarum studiis morum- 
que probitati suus sit in posterum locus. 




Et in iuramenti nostri memoriam sic infra omnes Bubscribimus : — 

Alex'. Cheyne. 
Gul. Levingstoune. 
Gul. Skene, 
Gul, Vederburne. 
Jac. Skene. 

An, Aidie. 

Georgius Robertsoun. 
Gul, Couper. 
Gul. Douglas. 
Gul. Robertsoun. 
Joannes Cheyne. 

Al. Lindsay. 
Andreas Abircromie. 
And. Gray. 
Da. Monro. 
Gulielmus Dauidsonus. 

[Magistrands.] , 

Jhoannes Quhyt. 
Rhodericus Neilsoune. 
Robertus Gray. 
Valterus Forbes. 


Jhoannes Douglas. 
Jo. Gregor. 
Joannes Setoun. 
Mur. Mackenzie. 
Rob. Irvin. 


Gul. Guthrie. 
Gul. Watsone. 
Ja. Buchane. 
Valterus Forbes. 


Allexander Rossius. 
Alexander Strathauchin,^ 
Alexander Youngsone. 
Andreas Strathauchin, 
Geo. Forbes. 
George Raye. 
Gul. Forbes. 
Gul. Setoune, ma, 
Gul, Setoune, mi. 
Jacobus Arbuthnot. 
Jacobus Blakhall. 

Jacobus Campbell. 
Jacobus Sibbald. 
Johannes Craig. 
Johannes Leslie. 
Murdochus Mackenzie. 
Patricius Campbell. 
Petrus Vigilantius, 
Samuel Vigilantius. 
Thomas Blakhall. 
Thomas Forbes. 

' Of Glenkindie, the Covenanter (Spalding), 




Laurea donati anno 1618, Kal. August! aut 21 Julii.^ 

Andr. Strachanus.' Joannes Cragius. 

Georg. Rayus, supplex. Murd. Mackenzaeus.* 

Gul. Setonus. Petrus Walkerus. 

Jacobus Sibaldus.^ Samuel Walkerus.* 

Nomina studiosorum anno 1616 [Sess. 1615-16] Albo accademie inscrip- 
torum sub M. Andrea Aidie gymnasiarcha. 

Andreas Aidie. 
Georgius Robertsoun. 
Gulielmus Douglas. 
Gulielmus Robertsoun. 


Joannes Cheyne. 
Johannes Gregorie. 
Joannes Setoun. 

Alexander Lindsay. 
Andreas Abircrombie. 
Andreas Gray. 
Gulielmus Couper. 
Gullielmus Dauidsone. 
Gulielmus Guthrie. 


Gullielmus Moir. 
Gulielmus Watsonus. 
Jacobus Buchane. 
Joannes Meldrum. 
Magnus Kennedy 
Valterus Forbes. 

Alexander Ros. 
Alexander Strathauchine. 
Alexander Youngsone. 
Andreas Strathauchin. 
Georgius Forbes. 
Georgius Raye. 
Gulielmus Forbes.*' 
Gulielmus Setoun. 
Jacobus Blakhall. 
Jacobus Campbell. 


Jacobus Sibbald. 
Jhoannes Cragius. 
Joannes Leslie. 
Murdochus Mackenzie. 
Patricius Campbell. 
Petrus Vigilantius. 
Samuel Vigilantius. 
Thomas Blakhall, 
Thomas Forbes. 

' Names not autograph. * Min., Tullynessle, Kintore. ' Regent. 

* Min., Contin, Inverness, Elgin ; Bp. Moray, Orkney (not M.A., St. And., as in Fasti 
Eccl. Scot.). 

• Min., Montkeggie. ^ Min., Keig. 






Alex'. Burnet. 

Gulielmus Cargill.i 

Alex^ Dauidsone. 

Gulielmus Setoune. 

Alex^ Forbes. 

Henricus Setoune. 

Alex"". Irving. 

Gulielmus Smy*. 

Alex^ Leslie. 

Jacobus Forbes.^ 

Archibaldus Douglas. 

Johannes Burnet. 

Dauid Andersoune. 

Johannes Setoune. 

Georgius Gordoune. 

Patricius Johnstoune, 

Gilbertus Blak. 

Robertus Mercer. 

Gilbertus Gordoune. 

Robertus Setoune. 

Gulielmus Blak. 

Thomas Gove. 

Laurea donati, i6ig, 27 Julij.^ 

Gul. Cargillus. Patricius Jhonstonus. 

Thomas Goues. Robertus Mercerus, maior supplex.'* 

Jacobus Forbesius, frater M". Gul*"'. Robertus Mercerus, minor. 

Jhoannes Setonus, Fyuie. Guliel. Smithius. 

Andreas Abircrombie. 
Andreas Gray. 
Gulielmus Couper. 
Gulielmus Guthrie. 

Alexander Ros. 
Andreas Strathauchin. 
Georgius Forbes. 
George Raye. 
Gulielmus Setoune. 
Jacobus Campbellus. 

Admissi anno 1616. 

Gullielmus Moir. 
Gulielmus Watsounus. 
Magnus Kennedie. 


Jacobus Sibbaldus. 
Jhoannes Cragius. 
Patricius Campbell. 
Petrus Vigilantius. 
Samuel Vigilantius. 
Thomas Forbes. 

1 William Cargill, " brother's son to the late Mr. James " (Vol. I., p. 149) ; and James 
Forbes, " sister's son to the same," and brother to Dr. Wm. Forbes, appointed Cargill bursars 
for five sessions by the Town Council, 20th Nov., 1616 (T. C. Reg., xlvii., 799; xlix., 666). 
Each graduates M.A. in i6ig. Cargill is burg., 1622. 

^ Names not autograph. 

^ S. of John M., min., Slains ; sch., Ellon; min., Mullabrack, Ireland, 




Alex'. Burnet. 
Alexander Irving. 
David Andersone. 
Georgius Gordoune. 
Gilbertus Blak. 
Gilbertus Gordoune. 
Gulielmus Cargillus. 

Alexander Johnstoune. 
Allex'. Leask.^ 
Georgius Gordone. 
Georgius Paip. 
Gul. Petrie.2 
Jacobus Dowertie. 
Jacobus Hay.^ 
Jacobus Neilsoune. 
Joannes Hay. 

Andreas Strathauchin. 
Georgius Rayius. 
Jacobus Sibbaldus. 
Jhoannes Cragius. 

Alex'. Irving. 
Dauid Andersone. 
George Gordoune. 
Gilbertus Gordoune. 
Gulielmus Cargill. 
Gulielmus Smyt. 
Jacobus Forbes. 


Gulielmus Smyth. 
Jacobus Forbes. 
Johannes Setoune. 
Patricius Johnstoune. 
Robertus Mercer. 
Thomas Gove. 


Joannes Moir. 
Johannes Reid.* 
Patricius Lousone. 
Robertus Arbuthnot. 
Robertus Blair.* 
Robertus Boyd. 
Robertus Cheyne.* 
Thomas Burnet. 
Thomas Thoris.^ 

Admissi anno 1617. 


Joannes Leslie. 
Murdochus Mackenzie. 
Pet. Walcarius. 
Samuel Walcar. 


Johannes Setoune. 
Patricius Johnstoune. 
Robertus Mercer. 
Robertus Mercerus. 
Robertus Setone. 
Thomas Gove. 

' Min., Maryculter. 2 Mercht., Abd. (Spalding). » Regent. 

* Min., Kilninver. » Min., Alvah. • Min., Forbes, Kennethmont. 

' Min., Udny, Daviot, Mortlach ; burg., 1627. 




Alexander Johnstoune. 
Alex"". Leask. 
Donaldus Farq^sone. 
Franciscus Fraser. 
Georgius Chalmer. 
Geo. Gordone. 
George Gordone, ii. 
Georgius Paip. 
Henricus Setoune. 
Jacobus Dowertie. 
Jacobus Farcharsone.^ 
Jacobus Hay. 

Alexander Blak. 
Alex^ Clark. 
Alex'. Forbes. 
Alex"". Wederburnius. 
Dauid Sibbald. 
Gilbertus Paip. 
Guliclmus Fraser.3 
Jacobus Cummyng. 


Joannes Hay. 
Johannes Moir. 
Joannes Smairt.^ 
Patricius Lausone. 
Patricius Levingstone. 
Robertus Arbuthnot. 
Robertus Blair. 
Robertus Boyd. 
Robertus Cheyne. 
Thomas Burnet. 
Thomas Thoris. 


Jacobus Gordone. 
Jacobus Jaffray.* 
Jacobus Moir. 
Jacobus Walcar. 
Patricius Grant. 
Patric. Leslie.^ 
Thomas Mengzeis.^ 
Valentinus Chissolme.'^ 

Al. Brabner. 
Alex"^. Duncane. 
Alex'. Forbes. 
Alex^ Straqn.s 
Gauinus Douglas. 
Georgius Buchane. 
Gilbertus Mengzeis.^ 
Gulielmus Gordone. 
GuUielmus Setoune. 

Admissi kal. Octob., 1618. 

Ja. Moetelanus.^'' 
Jacobus Pantone. 
Jacobus Reid. 
Johannes Douglas. 
Johannes Grant. 
Joannes McHardy. 
Jo°. Vood. 

Richardus Maitland.^^ 
Thomas Gray.^^ 

1 Of Whitehouse ; W. S. 2 Mjn^ vVjcij^ Dynngf ^ Min., Kiltarlity. * Burg., 1625. 
' Sir P. L. of Iden ; provost, 1634, etc. * Burg., 1624. ' M.A., King's Coll., 1621. 

8 Min., Logie-Durno. » Burg., 1624. i" Burg., 1630. 

" Burg., 1630 ; min., Aberchirder, Inverkeithny. i^ Burg., 1623 ; s. of Principal Gilb. G. 





All. Clerk. 
Alexr. Forbes. 
All. Wedderburne. 
Da. Sibbald. 
Gilbert Paip. 
Gul. Fraser. 
Ja. Cummyng. 
Ja. Gordone. 

Alexander Johnstoune. 
Georgius Gordone, medius. 
Georgius Gordone, mi. 
Georgius Paip. 
Henricus Setoune. 
Jacobus Dovertie. 
Ja. Hay.i 
Jacobus Neilsone. 
Jo. Hay. 
Johannes Moir. 

Dauid Andersone. 
Georgius Chalmer.^ 
George Gordoune, m. 
Gulielmus Cargill. 
Gulielmus Setoune. 
Gulielmus Smythaeus. 

Jacobus Jaffray. 
Jacobus Moir. 
Jac. Walker. 
Pat. Grant. 
Patricius Lesli. 
Thomas Mengzeis. 
Val. Chissolme. 


Johannes Setone. 
Joannes Smart. 
Patricius Lausone. 
Patricius Levingstone. 
Robertus Arbuthnot. 
Robertus Blair. 
Robertus Boyd. 
Thomas Burnet. 
Thomas Thoris. 


Jacobus Forbes. 
Johannes Setoune. 
Patricius Johnstoune. 
Rob. Mercaerus. 
Tho. Gowe. 

Admissi kal. Octobris, 1619. 

[No further entry under this year ; but the names of two bajans ad- 
mitted to Liddell bursaries (Vol. I., p. 120) have been preserved in the Town 
Council Reg. for 27th Oct. (xlix,, 418). 

Johne Chalmer, son to Mr. George Chalmer, minister at Dunbennan. 

Nicol Blak, son to Johne Blak, burges.] 

1 Regent? 

' Sch., Banff, 1620; probably M.A. in that year. 




[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati 
. . . die vicesimo secundo lulii 

Praeside D. lacobo Sibbaldo 

Georgivs Clericvs.^ 
Georgivs Setonvs. 
Gulielmvs Hayvs.^ 
Gulielmvs Lornaevs. 
Gulielmvs Setonvs. 

Hvgo Gordonvs.^ 
lohannes Camerarivs.^ 
lohannes Kempaevs. 
lohannes Smithaevs. 
Nicolavs Blackaevs.^] 

Georgius Gordoune. 
Georgius Leslie. 
Gilbertus Colisone. 
Gulielmus Aedie. 
Gulielmus Broune. 
Gulielmus Burnet. 
Gulielmus Hay. 
Gulielmus King.'^ 
Gulielmus Masse. ^ 
Gulielmus Robertsone. 
Gulielmus Wilsoune. 
Johannes Forbes. 

Admissi anno 1620. 

Joannes Sibbald.^ 
Patricius Forbes. 
Patricius Lyndesay.^" 
Patricius Rattra.^^ 
Robertus Meldrum. 
Thomas Grant. 
Thomas Mortimer,^^ 
Thomas Mowat.^^ 
Thomas Rob. 
Thomas Smart. 
Walterus Fraser.^* 
Valterus Tornor. 

^ From the printed graduation Theses of 1623, in Aberd. Univ. Library. These " Asser- 
tiones Philosophicae," as they are styled on the title, comprise in ten small quarto pages 
Theses logicae (64), Theses morales (15), Theses physicae (78), and Theses sphericae (23). They 
are prefaced by Greek and Latin verses addressed to the Praeses by his colleague, Professor 
William Wedderburn, and by a Dedication signed by the Candidates, and addressed to the 
Provost, George Nicolson, " praefecto magnifico," and the four Baillies, "consulibus consultis- 

'^ Sch., Deer. ^ Min., Crimond. * Regent. 

^ Min., Inveraven, Gartly. ^ Min., London ; author. '' Burg., 1622. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of late Wm. M., mason indweller, Aberd.; prize for "some poesie " 
(Vol. I., p. 127) at Lammas, 1623 and 1624. 

8 Min., Arbuthnott. 

^^ Cargill b. ; s. of late Dav. L., burgess ; burg., 1627 ; min., Kennethmont. 

^^ Min., Cruden. ^"^ Burg., i6i5; covenanter (Spald.). 

1^ Burg., 1620 ; covenanter (Spald.). '* Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. F., burgess. 




Alexr. Bruce. 
Alexr. Gordone.* 
Alexr. Robertsoun. 
Georgius Clark. 
Georgius Setonus. 
Gilbertus Gordone.^ 
Gilbertus Ross. 
Gulielmus Hay. 
Gulielmus Lome.' 
Gulielmus Setoune. 

Alexr. Brabner. 
Alexr. Duncan. 
Alexr. Forbes. 
Alexr. Straq". 
Gauinus Douglas. 
Georgius Innes. 
Jacobus Maitland. 

Alexr. Clark.4 
Alexr. Wedderburne.^ 
Da. Sibbald.6 
Gilbertus Paip.^ 

Alexr. Burnet. 
Alexr. Fraser. 
Andreas Nobile. 
Georgius Kennedi. 
Georgius Leith. 
Gulielmus Alexr. 


Henricus Donaldsone. 
Hugo Gordoun. 
Johannes Chalmer. 
Johannes Gordonus. 
Joannes Irving. 
Joannes Kempt. 
Johannes Keyth. 
Johannes Smyth. 
Joannes V™sone. 
Nicolaus Black. 


Jacobus Pantone. 
Joannes Douglas. 
Johannes Irwing. 
Johannes Wod. 
Richardus Maitland. 
Thomas Gray. 


Ja. Gordone.^ 
Jacobus Moir.^ 
Jacob. Walker. 

Admissi anno 1621. 

Gulielmus Dilgardno. 
Gulielmus Douglas.**^ 
Gulielmus Meldrum. 
Gulielmus Setone. 
Hendricus Gray.^^ 
Jacobus Nicolaides. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of late Wm. G., burgess, and sister's son of late Mr. Jas. C. 

^ Burg., 1624. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. L., burgess. * Min., Inverness. 

* Brother of Dav. and Wm. W. ; Johnston div. b. (Vol. I., p. 117), 1622-25 ; author. 

« Spald. Club Misc., V., 327. 

' Burg., 1626. 8 Dep. Keeper of the Signet, 1 63 1. ' Min., Tarves. 

w Min., Aboyne. " Liddell b. 


Jacobus Robertsone.i Patricius Innes. 

Joannes Ray. Thomas Nicolaides.^ 

Joannes Skene. Walterus Hempseid. 

[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati . . . Sub Praesidio lacobi Sibbaldi 
... die vicesimo lulii . . . 1625.^ 

Alexander Bvrnatvs. Henricvs Grayvs. 

Andreas Nobilis. loannes Rayvs.^ 

Gvlielmvs Aidivs.^ loannes Skenevs. 

Gvlielmvs Alexander.^ Thomas Makenezevs.''^ 

Gvlielmvs Dalgardnevs. Waltervs Hempseidvs.^] 
Gvlielmvs Meldromivs. 

Admissi anno 1622. 

Abrahamus Forbes. Hendricus Moir. 

Alexander Burnet. Jacobus Keith. 

Alexr. Forbes, Jacobus Nobill. 

Alexr. Forbes. Jacobus Petrie.^ 

Alexr. Gradane. Johannes Logie. 

Alexr. Leithe. Joannes Ros. 

Alexr. Ross. Joannes Wood. 

Georgius Bruce. Paulus Colinsone.^*' 

Gulielmus Chalmer. Richardus Gordonus. 

Gullielmus Jack. Robertus Andersone. 
Gulielmus Johnstone. 

* Cargill b., 1624-25 ; s. of late Alex. R., chirurgian. 2 Mercht., Abd. (Spald.). 

3 From the printed Theses of 1625 in the Bodleian Library. Dedicated to Provost Paul 
Menzies, Dr. Wm. Forbes, "rectori magnifico," and Wm. Guild. The Theses for 1624 have 
not been traced, and so with many subsequent years, but there can be little doubt that from 
1622, when Edward Raban began his work in Aberdeen {Off. and Grad., p. 183), down to at 
least 1732, infra, hardly a year passed without a print of Marischal Coll. Theses appearing 
from the local press. Unfortunately not a third of these have survived. The Aberdeen 
University Library possesses only thirteen (1623, 1631, 1643, 1658, 1659, 1660, 1669, 1673, 
1700, 1704, 1708, 1726 and 1732) ; while the Bodleian has fourteen (1625, 1626, 1627, 1630, 
1634, 1637, 1654, 1656, 1657, 1687, 1689, 1693, 1699 and 1714) ; Glasgow University three 
(1697, 1712 and 1730); and Mr. Chalmers of Westburn one (1721). 

■* Regent. ^ g^h. and Min., Echt. « Regent. ^ Min., Tarbat. 

8 Min., Auchterless. ^ Sch., Banff. i" Burg., 1630. 



[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati . . . sub Praesidio lacobi Sib- 
baldi ... die vicesimo primo lulii . . . 1626.^ 
Abrahamvs Forbesivs. lacobvs Kethvs. 

Alexander Rossaevs.'^ loannes Malcolmvs. 

Gvlielmvs Camerarivs.^ Mvrdochvs Mackenaeus.^ 

Henricvs Morvs.* Robertvs Andersonvs.^] 

Admissi anno 1623. 
Alexander Abercrombie. Eliz. Price. 

Alexander Fraser. Allexr. Hay. 

Alexr. Cant. Georgius Chalmer. 

Alexr. Cuming. Gulielmus Forbes. 

• From the printed Theses of 1626 in the Bodleian Library. The Dedication, " nobilis- 
simo et optimae spei adolescenti D. Gulielmo Ketho, Comiti de Keth, etc., filio primogenito 
illustrissimi et clarissimi Comitis Mareschalli, et.," runs as follows : — 

" Generosissime D. sistimus Theses has, ad sacrarium honoris tui. Academic Mares- 
CHALLANiC foetum, familiae Mareschallan^ spei, juvenilium in re literaria laborum primitias, 
flori adolescentium, literarum sacris jam initiato, Domino denique colendissimo. aeternum 
observantiae monumentum. Multum habet officiosae necessitatis, offerendi ratio, sacratissi- 
mum namque genium Avi tui fcelicissimse memoriae & nobilissimi parentis, in te, gratissimo 
afT(5tu colere decebat enutritos in almo Athaeneo, quod ab illo magnifice fundatum, hie be- 
nignissime amplificavit. imo licet nemo fuisset, ingratos ingrati postulaturus, nascentium in te 
virtutum indicia, quibus quantamcunque tam teneri anni capere possunt, famam implevisti, 
spem eam concitarunt, ut religio fuerit non deosculari, hoc qualicunque donario, surgentes in 
hac aetatula virtutes, & faustis acclamationibus promovere, virtute gradiente ad honoris pal- 
marium. en ergo non tantum aflfedus nostri, & officii tesseram, sed & foelix omen, non minorem 
te posthac fore laudum, quam jam spei & votorum esse materiam. ac certe inter alia, non frus- 
tra, molitam esse naturam aptum praeclara^ indoli fundamentum, persuadet nobilissimi parentis 
cura, & ledissimae matris quae sollicitudine hac erga teneram aetatem, cumulabit pietatem, 
modestiam, caeterasque praeclaras dotes, quibus aequata optimis Heroidum, hoc posteritati 
fceminarum onus imposuit ut nee sexus imbecillitate, nee sasculi vitio, nee affluentia rerum, 
sterilitatem excellentium virtutum excusent. Nos quod unum possumus, vovere non desine- 
mus, dum crescis, dum in vires rebus summis maturas exsurgis, animam fingat, certa, & in 
sequuturam aetatem mansura imagine praestantium virtutum, generosa institutio, quae a pietate 
jaciat prima fiindamenta, & per magnarum virtutu gradus emissa, ad Deum usque omnis 
excellentiae fontem pertingat. faxit Deus optimus maximus, ut cum te ad honores tuos major 
aetas propulerit, magno animo supra avaritiam, supra sordes, supra voluptates te ad coelum 
utque efferas, & illibatam majorum laude, triumphos, caeterasque dotes, quibus sunt aeternita- 
tem consequuti, licet in haereditatis tuae parte cessura, veluti aliena censere, tuisque velis 
titulis niti, ubi eosdem licuerit per aetatem meruisse." 

Earl Keith, who, in 1626, was aged only nine, entered the College five years later. 

' Min., Kinnairnie, Monymusk. ' Min., Skene ; father of Dr. Pat. C, Prof of Medicine. 

* Burg., 1617. 6 Min., Suddie (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

• Sch., Banff. 




Gulielmus Hay.^ 
Johannes Buchane. 
Joannes Iruinge. 
Joannes Keyth. 
Johannes Mackenzie. 
Joannes Macubene. 
Jo. Malcolme. 

Patricius Forbes. 
Robertas Alexander. 
Robertus Dune. 
Robertus Innes.'-^ 
Thomas Fraser. 
Thomas Mackenzie. 

[Adolescentes laureae Magistratis candidati . . . loanne Setono Prae- 


Alexander Fraservs.* 
Alexander Leith^eus. 
Elizevs Prycaevs.^ 
Gvlielmvs Forbesivs. 
Gvlielmvs lohnstonvs. 
lohannes Irvinvs. 

die [20] lulii . . . 1627 .^ 

lohannes Keithaevs. 
lohannes Logasvs. 
lohannes Macvbinvs. 
Robertvs Alexander. 
Robertvs Dvnaeus.*' 
Robertvs Innesivs.] 

Alexander Farquhar. 
Alexander Fraser.'^ 
Alexander Mackenzie.^ 
Alexander Rose. 
Dauid Ingliss. 
Duncanus Forbes. 
Georgius Hempseid. 
Georgius Ogiluy. 
Gulielmus Leyth.^ 
Gulielmus Morisone.^" 
Jacobus Clarke. 

Admissi anno 1624. . 

Jacobus Craig. 
Jacobus Ogiluy. 
Joannes Dalgardno.^^ 
Joannes Grant. 
Johannes Keyth. 12 
Joannes Mackenzie. 
Matheus Anderstoune.^^ 
Thomas Chalmer.^* 
Thomas Lillie.^^ 
Thomas Steuart.^^ 
Walterus Ross. 

^ Min., Walls and Sandness. ^ Liddell b. ; surgeon, Abd. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1627 in the Bodleian Library : dedicated to Thomas Fraser, 
younger of Strichen, " patrono ac meca;nati nostro munificentissimo ". 

•* S. of late Adam F., Finzeauch ; under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1628. 

^ Burg., 1627. fi M.D., London. ^ Min., Petty. ^ Min., Lochcarron. 

8 Min., Kinkell. i" Burg., 1619. " Merch. burg, of Edin. (Lawson). 

^^ Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. John K., min. ^^ Infant burg., i6og. 

1^ Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Thos. C, adv. burg. ; prize for " poesie " 1624 ; under master, 
Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1630; Johnston div. b., 1633-37; master, Gram. Sch., 1640. 

1* Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. L., burgess. ^^ Cargill b. ; s. of Rob. S., burgess. 




Adam Urquhart. 
Alexander Cheyne. 
Alexander Irvinge. 
Alexander Strauhen. 
Arthurus Cheyne. 
Gulielmus Meldrum.^ 
Gulielmus Michell. 
Jacobus Bondus. 
Jacobus Grant. 
Jacobus Irving. 
Joannes Irving. 

Allexr. Forbes.8 
George Farquhar. 
Georgius Jonstonus.^ 
Georgius Setone. 
Gulielmus Forbes.^** 
Gulielmus Gordon. 
Gul. Robertsone.^i 
Hen. Dune.^2 

Alexander Annand.^® 
Alexr. Calder. 
Alexander Gray. 
Alexr. Urquhart. 
Alexander Wode. 

Admissi anno 1625. 

Joannes Irving. 
Joannes King.^ 
Joannes Muir. 
Patricius Urquhart.^ 
Petrus Read. 
Robertus Gordonus. 
Robertus Irving.* 
Robertus Norie.^ 
Thomas Forbes. 
Walterus Morisone.^ 
Walterus Wrqrt. 

Admissi anno 1626.^ 

Jacobus Chein.i3 
Jacobus Douglas. 1* 
Jacobus Jonstonus. 
Jacobus Straq". 
Joannes Gordonius. 
Joannes Lyoune. 
Nathani Velch.^^ 

Admissi anno 1627. 

Carolus Paip. 
G. Pecok. 
Georgius Cheyne. 
Georgius Dalgarno. 
Gulielmus Blakhal. 

1 Burg., 1625. ^ Liddell b. ; s. of late John K., burgess. 

' Of Meldrum, father of Dr. Patrick U., mediciner, King's Coll. * Min., Inverkeithney. 

5 Cargill b. ; s. of late John N., burgess ; Regent, St. And. ; min., Lunan. 

8 Burg,, 1619; mercht. (Spald.). 

' A copy of the Theses of the graduands of 1630 (Praeses, John Seton : dedicated to 
Sir Thomas Hope of Craighall, "maecenati ac patrono nostro") is in the Bodleian Library, 
but the names of the candidates are not appended. 

* Dean of Guild, 1651. ^ Burg., i6ig. " Min., Tough, Innerwick. 

" Min., Footdee. *'■' Burg., 1619. 

13 Liddell b. ; s. of Walt. C, burgess ; N.P. (Spald.). " Min., Kirkwall, Lady Kirk. 
" Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. John W., min., Ayr (Vol. I., pp. 171-5). " Burg., 1629. 


Gulielmus Chalmer.^ Kennethus McKenzie. 

Gulielmus Dalgarno. Richardus Alexr.^ 

Gulielmus Gordone, Richardus Maitland. 

Gulielmus Ogstonus. Robertus Fraser. 

J. Fraser. Robertus Gray, major. 

Jacobus Andersone. Robertus Gray, minor. 

Jacobus Boyd.^ Thomas Fraser.^ 

Joannes Grant. Thomas Lumisdell. 
Joannes Youngsone. 

[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati . . . Praeside loanne Setono . . . 

die lulii . . . 1631.^ 

Alexander Silvius. lacobus Andersonus. 

Carolus Papaeus." lacobus Boydaeus. 

Georgius Monrous.''' loannes Garantaeus. 

Gulielmus Blackhallius.^ Robertus Fraserus.^ 

Gulielmus Dalgardnaeus. Thomas Lumsdenus.] 
Gulielmus Ogstonus. 

Admissi anno 1628. 

Alexr. Gordoune. Hugo Fraser. 

Alexr. Jonston. Jacobus Gordoune. 

Alexr. Lyone. Jacobus Youngsounci"^ 

Alexr. Seatone. Jo. Andersone. 

Alexander Skein. Johanes Douglasius. 

Franciscus Ogstone. Johannes Forbes.^^ 

Georgius Chalmer.^" Rob. Calder. 

Georgius CuUen." Robertus Douglas. 

Georgius Monro. Robertus Rait.i'^ 

Gilbertus Irving. Valterus Craige. 

Gilbertus Thome. ^^ Walterus Guthrie. 
Gulielmus Burnet. ^^ 

^ Cargill b., 1627-28 ; s. of John C, merchant burgess, and Marjory Cargill. 

2 Cargill b. ; s. of Arch. B., burg. ; under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1636. 

'^ Burg., 1619. 4 Burg., 1626. 

^ From the printed Theses of 163 1 in Aberdeen University Library. 

* Min., Cullicudden. ^ Min., Inverness, Ferintosh, Snizort. « Regent. 

» Burg., 1626. 10 Liddell b. ; s. of late Mr. Geo. C, regent. 

11 Infant burg., 1615 ; provost, 1656. 

^2 Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. T., burg. ; prize for " poesie," 1629 and 1630. 
1" Incorp. M.A., Oxon., 1654. " Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. Alex. Y., min., Durris. 

15 Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. Wm. F., min. i« Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. Arch. R., rain., Kintore. 




Alexr. Banerman. 
Alexr. Broune. 
Alexr. Burnet. 
Alexr. Burnet. 
Alexander Burnet. 
Alexander Cheyne.^ 
Alexr, Forbes. 
All. Quhytt."^ 
Andreas Leslie. 
Arthurus Forbes. 
Arthurus Forbes. 

Admissi anno 1629. 

Franciscus Forbes. 
Gilbertus Lumisden. 
Gilb. Mollisoune.^ 
Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Keythe. 
Gulielmus Maitland.* 
Jacobus Skein.^ 
Joannes Grant. 

Maximilianus van Berendrecht 
Robertus Burnet.^ 
r : Thomas Burnet. 

Adamus Andersonus. 
Alexr. Irvinus. 
Alexr. Jaffray.^ 
Alexr. Martein. 
Alexander Sibbaldus. 
Duncanus Liddell.** 
Georgius Bissatt. 
Gulielmus Grant [?]. 
Gulielmus Straq". 
Jacobus Cheyne. 
Jacobus Downy. 
Jacobus Gordoun. 

[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati 
die (18) lulii . . . 1634.11 

Admissi anno 1630. 

Jacobus Greig. 
Jacobus Murcur.^ 
Jacobus Ray.i** 
Joannes Alexander. 
Joannes Gordone. 
Patricius Forbes. 
Robertus Alexander. 
Robertus Blakhall. 
Robertus Fraser. 
Robertus Gray. 
Rogerus Pattoune. 

Praeside loanne Setono 

Adamvs Andersonvs. 
Alexander Brunaevs. 

Alexander Chynaevs. 
Alexander Mairtinvs. 

^ Liddell b., 1630-34 ; prize for " poesie," 1633. ^ Liddell b. ; s. of late Gilb. W., burg. 

* Cargill b., 1629-30; s. of late Mr. Thos. M., town clerk. * Min., Montkeggie. 

" Aftds. 14th of Skene. * Lord Crimond, father of Bishop Gilbert Burnet, M.A. 1656. 

' Of Kingswells, M.P., provost, Quaker, diarist. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of John L., who was brother of Dr. Dun. L. ; prize for " poesie," 1632 ; 
prof, of Maths. 

» Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. M., burg. 

^^ Liddell b., 1632-34 ; s. of Mr. Wm. R., adv. burg., and brother of John R., regent. 

'* From the printed Theses of 1634 in the Bodleian Library. The Dedication is " nobilis- 
simo adolescenti, pietate virtute et eruditione clarissimo, Domino Gulielmo Ketho, illustris- 
simi Comitis Mareschalli, Kethaeae familiae principis, D. k Keth, Altre, etc., filio natu 
maximo, unicis nostrarum Musarum deliciis, etc.". Lord Keith, at the time, was a tertian. 




Dvncanvs Liddelvs. 
lacobvs Chynaevs.^ 
lacobvs Dovnaevs.2 
lacobvs Gordonvs. 
lacobvs Greigaevs. 
lacobvs Mvrcorvs. 

lacobvs Raivs. 
loannes Alexander.^ 
Joannes Blackaevs. 
Robertvs Graivs. 
Rogervs Pattonvs.] 

Admissi anno 163 1. 


Alexr. Downie. 
Allexr. Forrester. 
Alexr. Gordoun.^ 
Allexr. Gordoun. 
Alexander Henrie. 
Allexr. Watsone.^ 
Andreas Mill. 
Georgius Dalgardno.^ 
Gilbertus Gray. 
Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gullielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Wryght.'' 
Jacobus Innes. 
Jacobus Settone. 
Joannes Barclay. 
Johannes Cruickshank. 
Joannes Gordoun. 

Johanes Innes. 
Johnnes Jaffray.^ 
Joannes Legeay, Gallus. 
Johanes Maitland. 
Johanes Mercer.^ 
Johannes Patersoune. 
Nathaniell Chamberlen. . 
Nathaniel Mairteine.^*' 
Patricius Gray.ii 
Patricius Weir. 
^Robertus Duff. 
Robertus Innes. 
Robertus Mercer.^^ 

Rochus Bastardus, Zierizha, Zelandus. 
Thomas Gordoune. 
Walterus Barclay. 

* Min., Kinellar. 

2 S. of late Wm. D., Banchory, and Isabel Raid ; his MS. notes of Prof. Wm. Johnston's 
lectures, 1633, are in Univ. Libr. 

* Town clerk, 1660. 

* Adv., Edin. ; Lord Auchintoul. 

' Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. W., burg., and — Cargill, 
^ Author of " Ars Signorum ". 
"^ Min., Bervie. 

* Min., Monquhitter, Maybole (not M.A., St. And., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

* Liddell b., 1631-32 ; s. of Mr. Rob. M., min., Ellon. 
1" Min., Aberdour, Peterhead. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of late Mr. Wm. G., min., Auchterless; prize for "poesie," 1634. 
12 Liddell b., 1633-34 ; s. of Mr. Rob. M., min., Ellon. 




Alexander Patton. 
Dugallus Mcquine. 
Georgius Hay. 
Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Garioch. 
Gulielmus Gray.^ 
Gulielmus Vmphray.^ 

Alexander Chalmer.^ 
Alexr. Gordone. 
Alexander Kieth. 
Alexr, Lumsden. 
Alexander Reid. 
Andreas fforester. 
David Sibbald. 
Donaldus Fraser. 
Duncanus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Burnet. 
Henricus Thome. 
Hieronimus Umphray 

Admissi anno 1632. 
J. Grantt. 
Lachlanus Grant. 
Lauchlanus Makintoschie. 
Nicolaus Jonston. 
Patricius Straq". 
Thomas Fraser. 

Admissi anno 1633. 

Jacobus Willox. 
Johannes Forbes. 
Joannes Jamesoune. 
Joannes Leith. 
Joannes Read. 
Johannes Sleiche.* 
Patricius Dune. 
Robertus Barker. 
Robertus Fullartoune. 
Robertus Iruinus. 
Robertus Kethe.^ 
'Robertus Watsone.'' 
Gulielmus Forbes, summus." 
Jacobus Gordonius, secundanus. 

[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati 
die (21) lulii . . . 1637.^ 

Praeside loanne Setono . 

Alexander Camerarivs. 
Alexander Gordonivs.^ 
Alexander Kethevs. 

Andreas Forrestervs. 
Donaldvs Fraservs.^" 
Dvncanvs Forbesivs.'^ 

' Min., Clyne. ^ Min., Bressay. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of John C, burg., and — Cargill. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Rob. S., burgh officer ; in place of Rob. Mercer, who refused to wear the 
black bonnet and gown required by the foundation (T. C. R., 1. 11, i88) ; Liddell tutor, 
1638-40 (Vol. I., p. 123). 

' Regent, St. And. ; min., Deer. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. W., burg., and — Cargill. 

' Of Fingask ; adv. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1637 in the Bodleian Library : dedicated to Provost Alex- 
ander Jaffray. 

' Sch., Rothiemay ; min., Inveraven. '" Min., Kilmorack, Ferintosh. 

" Min., Leslie, Pitsligo. 





Gvlielmvs Bvrnetvs.^ 
Hericvs Thomaevs. 
Hieronemvs Hvmfredvs. 
lacobvs Willcoccvs.2 
loannes Forbesivs. 
loannes Rhaedvs. 

Alexr. Delias. 
Alexr. Ross.^ 
David Wedderburn. 
Francis Irving. 
George Hay.** 
Georgius Gawin. 
Gulielmus Cruikshank. 
Gulielmus Gray.'^ 
Gulielmus Ord.^ 
Gulielmus Robertsoune. 
Henricus Gordonus. 
Jacobus Debeme. 

Alexander Irving, apparen, 
Allexander Irving. 
Allexr. Jaffray. 
Alexr. Straton. 
Alexander Watsone. 
Andreas Youngsoun.^^ 
Arthurus Tullidaff. 
David Hay. 
Fran. Steuart. 
Georgius Andersone. 

Patricivs Dvnaevs. 
Patricivs Strachanvs.^ 
Robertvs Barkervs.* 
Robertvs Watsonvs. 
Thomas Fraservs.] 

Admissi anno 1634. 

Jacobus Gordoune.' 
Jacobus Ross.^" 
Joannes Cheyneus.^^ 
Joa. Meluill. 
Joannes Monro.^^ 
Robertus Fergusoune. 
Robertus Keithius.^^ 
Simon Fraser. 
Thomas Forbes. 
Thomas Johnstone. 
Thomas Sandars.^* 

Admissi anno 1635. 
de Drum.i^ Georgius Irving. 
Georgius Kith.^^ 
Georgius Symone. 
Georgius Watsone.^^ 
Gil. Mengzeis. 
Wm. Buchan. 
Gulielmus Erskine.^^ . 
Gulielmus Irvine. 
Gulielmus Smyth. 
Gulielmus Wod. 

^ Min., Oyne, Insch. '-' Min,, Kemnay ; D.D. 
* Johnston div. b., 1637-41 ; s. of John B.,burg. 
« Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. H., Kilburiefauld, burg. 
8 Sheriff Clerk, Perth (Sp. CI. Misc., V., 336). 
» Min., Drumblade, Kinkell. i» Sch., Keith 

" Min., Kintore. 12 Min., Alness. 

^ Min., Carmyllie, St. Vigeans. 
* Min., Daviot and Dunlichty. 
' Min., Auchterless, Dunse. 

min., Innercharach, Cabrach, Tarland. 
13 N.P., Abd. (Spald.). 

of Jas, S., burg., and — Liddell ; prize for •' poesie," 1635 ; Liddell 

"Liddell b. 
tutor, 1638-40. 

1* Eleventh laird. is Reid b. (Vol. I., p. 9.26); s. of Mr. Alex. Y., min., Durris; regent. 
1'' Aftds. 8th Earl Marischal. w Min., Leochel. i» Of Pittodrie (Spald.). 





Jacobus Caddenheid.' 
Jacobus Reidfurd. 
Johne Cuming. 
Johanes Duncane. 
Joannes Forbes.* 
Joannes Keythe.' 
Johanes Logie. 
Patrius Davisone. 

All. Burnet.7 
Allexander Davidsone. 
Alexr. Grant 
Andreas Forbes. 
David Sibbald. 
Georgius Ogiluie.^ 
Gullielmus Gordone. 
Gulielmus Wallace. 
Gulielmus Young. 

Patricius Dunbar. 
Patricius Innes. 
Robertus Keith.* 
Robertus Morisone.* 
Thomas Erskine.^ 
Thomas Lumsden. 
Thomas Smyth. 

Admissi anno 1636. 

Jacobus Leslie.^ 
Jacobus Watsone.i'' 
Joannes Forbes. 
Joannes Gordoune. 
Patricius Forbes. 
Robertus Innes. 
Robertus Maitland. 
Thomas Horinstone. 
Thomas Meldrum. 

Alexander Forbes. 
Alexander Skeine.^^ 
Arthurus Michell.^^ 
Georgius Simson. 
George Turing. 
Gilbertus Keyth. 
Gor. Sta . . . [?]. 

Admissi anno 1637. 

Gul. Bisset. 
Gulielmus Chalmer. 
Gulielmus Chalmer, minor. 
Gulielmus Forbes.i^ 
Gulielmus Fraser.^* 
Gulielmus Jack. 
Gulielmus Youngsoune.^* 

* Prof., Univ. of Padua; author of Aslreea Venetae plausus ; Pallas pronuba. 

2 M in., Kincardine O'Neil. ' Min., Garvock. ^ Younger brother of George K. 

' Liddell b., 1635-37 ; s. of late John M., mercht. burg.; Liddell tutor, 1640-43 ; under 
master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1641 ; M.D., Angers, 1648 ; Prof, of Botany, Oxf., 1669 (Bobart's 
Vita). Portrait in possession of the University. 

« Of Pittodrie (Spald.). 

7 Liddell b. ; s. of late Thos. B., burg., and Margaret Johnston ; Liddell tutor, 1640-42 ; 
Johnston div. b., 1641-45. 

8 ist bart. of Barras, preserver of regalia (Wariston's Diary, p. 134). ■ Principal. 
" Min., Duthil. " Of Newtyle ; baillie, 1650 ; author. " Min., Turriff. 

*3 Min., Inverurie. ^* Min., Inverness. 

" Reid b. ; s. of Mr. Alex. Y., min., Durris, whom he succeeded in that charge. 




Hugo Ross.i 
Jac. Allardes.2 
Jacobus Elphingstone. 
Jacobus Fraser.2 
Jo". Dollas. 
Joannes Forbes. 
Joannes Gordone. 
Joannes Leithe. 
Johannes Hayus. 

Alexr. Cuthbert. 
Alexr. Eraser. 
Archibaldus Logie. 
Franciscus Irvin. 
Gulielmus Fraser. 
Gulielmus Keyth. 
Gulielmus Rose. 
Gulielmus Strachan. 

Alexander Buchane. 
Alexr. Gregorie. 
Alexr. Leslie. 
David Rutherfuird.7 
Gulielmus Blakhall.^ 
Gulielmus Keith, 1639. 
Gulielmus Mitchell.^ 

[Adolescentes Magisterii Candidati 

Johannes Milne. 
Patricius Blakburne. 
Patricius Forbesius. 
Patricius Leslie. 
Robertus Burnet* 
Robertus Hayeus. 
Thomas Burnet. 
' Valterus Ogiluius. "'•' 

Admissi anno 1638. 

Hugo Fraser. 

Joannes Dun. 

Jhon. Forbes. 

Johannes Fraser. 

Johannes Menzies.^ 

Kennethus McKenzie. 

Laurentius Umphray.* 
s. -«wr,« Thomas Burnet. 
Admissi anno 1639. . n 

J. Gordonus. 

Jacobus Cruschank. 

Jacobus Urquhart. 

Johannes Hay. 

Johannes Leslie. 

Thomas Forbes. 


•J I 


die (17) Julii 
Alexander Gregorius. 
Alexander Leslaeus. 
Donaldus Banus.. 
lacobus Mackenzaeus.^^ 


Praeside loanne Rayo . . 
;H labniay.olA 

lacobus Reidaeus.i'^ 
lohannes Dolasius.^^ 
Gulielmus Camerarius. 
Gulielmus Keitheus.^*] 

^ ? of Kilravock, t 1649, ^et. 29. 2 p of that ilk, served heir to his father John A., 1642. 

* Min., Strathmartin, Arbroath. * Regent, 

' Liddell b. ; s. of Gilb. M., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1642-44 ; regent, 1644, etc. 
« Min. Walls and Sandness. ' Cargill b. ; s. of Rich. R., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1644-46. 
8 Sp. CI. Misc., v., 330. » Liddell b. ; s. of Jo. M., cooper burg. 

1" From the printed Theses of 1643 in Aberdeen University Library : dedicated to Ludovic 
Gordon (son of Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun). 

" Min., Nigg (Ross). 12 Qf Barra ; adv. in Aberd., 1650. ^^ Min., Tain. 

1* Of Lenturk ; min., Kinnellar, Montkeggie, Udny, Edinb. ; Prof, of Div., Edinb. ; D.D. 




Alexr. Gordone.' 
Alexander Strachane.'^ 
Andreas Cant' 
Donaldus Baine. 
Georgius Meldrum.* 
Gilbertus Dowie. 
Gullielmus Elphingstoune. 

Andreas Baird. 
Dauid Dunbar. 
David Gregorie." 
Gilberte MengzeisJ 
Gul. Douglas. 
Guil. Lauder. 
Gul. Moir. 
Gul. Thomson. 

Alexr. Davidsone. 
David Lindsay.* 
Duncanus McKenzie. 
Georgius Hervie.^** 
Gulielmus Divie. 
Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Massie.^^ 
Gulielmus Moir. 

Alexander Hay. 
William Douglas.^* 
Gullielmus Hay. 
J. Gray. 

Admissi anno 1640. 

Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Hay. 
Joannes Forbes. 
Joannes Forbes. 
Patricius Forbes.^ 
Thomas Forbes.^ 
Thomas Gordon. 

Admissi anno 1641. 

Hen. Gordoune. 
Joannes McKenzie. 
Lodouick Gordon.* 
Pat. Beton. 
Thomas Fergusoune. 
Thomas Reid. 
Thomas Wilsone. 

Admissi anno 1642. 

Gulielmus Simsone. 
Jacobus Irving. 
Johannes Cheyne. 
Johne Donaldsone.i2 

Joannes Merser.^' 
Patricius Dune. 
Richardus Irvin. 
Robertus Cheyne. 

Admissi anno 1643. 

Johne Gray. 
Robertus Gardyne. 
Thomas Forbes. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of John G., burg. ; sch., Rothiemay ; min., Kirkmichael. 

* Master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1655. ' Regent, etc. (Spald.). * Min., Alford, Fintray. 

* Cargill b. ; sons of late Bp. Wm. F. " Of Kinnairdie, librarian. 7 Min., Fortingal. 

* Son of Pitlurg; M.D. ; Dean of Faculty, 1664. » Min., Drumoak. 
" Liddell b., 1642-44 ; s. of Gilb. H., younger, burg. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. And, M., min. ; Liddell tutor, 1647-48. 
'* Liddell b. ; s. of late John D., notar ; Liddell tutor, 1647-48. 
" Min.. Kinnellar. " Min., Midmar. 




Alexander Brabner.^ 
Al. Leslie. 
Geo. Rickart. 

Admissi anno 1644. 

Gulielmus Wray. 
Robertus Meldrum.''' 
Robertus Skeyne.'* 
Georgius Cruickshank, summus. 
Joannes Cargillus. 

Admissi anno 1545 [sic] . 

Jacobus Home.*' 
Johannes Innes. 
Joannes Malice. 
Pat. Gray. 

Admissi anno 1646. 

Jacobus Milne. 
Jo. Campbell. 
Joannes Forbes. 
Jo. Hendrie. 
Joannes Moir. 
R. Campbell. 
Robertus Irving. 
Thomas Hog.^* 

Admissi anno 1647.11 

James Ogiluy. 
Joannes Bruce. 
Joannes Keithe.^* 
Johne Ogiluy. 
Patricias Forbes. 
Thomas Forbes. 

Alexr. Skeine. 
Andreas Birnie.* 
Gul. Innes. 
Gul. Ingrahame.^ 
Gulielmus Rickart. 

Alexr. Quhyt.'^ 
Andreas Burnet.^ 
Andreas Melving.^ 
David Cruikshank. 
Edwardus Quhyt. 
Franciscus Ogiluy. 
Georgius Andersone. 
Georgius Johnstoune. 
J. Cuming. 

Alexr. Burnett. 
Alexr. Forbes. 
Alexr. Young.i2 
Geo. Meldrum.13 
Gul. Dalgarno. 
Jacobus More. 

* Cargill b., 1644-46 ; s. of Alex. B., master of English school. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of And. M., late baillie; Liddell tutor, 1648-50. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of late Rob. S., burg. 

* Cargill b. ; s, of And. B., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1649-51 ; regent, 

* Liddell b. ; s. of late John I., burg. « gc^^^ Grange ; min., Bellie, Elgin. ' Regent. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of late Rob. B., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1652-53 ; incorp. M.A,, Oxon., 1654. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of And. M., master of music school ; Liddell tutor, 1650-52 ; Min., Morham. 
" Reid b,, 1646-49 ; min., Kiltearn, the covenanter. 

^^ " Spalden says . . . the winter following [1647-48] the two colleges removed out of town : 
the King's from Old Aberdeen to Fraserburgh, and the Marischal's firom New Aberdeen to Peter- 
head ; where they sat all that winter " — Gordon's Hist, of the Family of Gordon, Vol. II., p. 534. 
This statement is not in the extant MSS. of Spalding, and no confirmation of it has been found. 

^2 Min., Dalmeny, Cramond, St. Andrews; Bp., Edinburgh, Ross. 

^* Liddellb.;s. of And, M., late baillie ; Liddell tutor, 1651-63 ; regent, "ist Earlof Kintore. 


Admissi anno 1648.1 

Alexr. Cooper.' James Forbes.* 

Arthurus Ross.' John Burnet. 

Dauid Thoires. Johannes Patersonus.^ 

Georgius Wilson. John Ray. 

Gilbertus Gray. Paul Meldrum.^ 

Gulielmus Andersonus. Robertus Gray. 

Gulielmus Thoires. Robertus Raitt. 

Formula Juramenti . . . ambiunt. 

Ego juro . . . adiuuet [As on p. 187.] 

Sequuntur nomina studiosorum omnium accademiae hujus qui sub- 
scripserunt anno domini 1649, qui annus primus est praefecturae mri Gulli- 
elmi Moir in hoc gymnasio.^ 

* " 15 magistrands laureat master, July 9, 1652." Accts. ^ Rgid b. ; s. of Mr. Wm. C. 
' Min., Kinnairnie, Deer; Bp., Argyll, Galloway; Abp., Glasgow, St. Andrews ; rector, 1664. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. F. ; incorp. M.A., Oxon., 1654; min., Gloucester, Enfield. 

" Regent, St. And. ; min., Ellon, Edinburgh ; Bp., Galloway, Edinburgh ; Abp., Glasgow. 
" Cargill b. ; s. of And. M. of Iden. 

' Mr. Robert Burnet's Procuratory Accounts for 1648-50, the earliest extant, contain 
entries of sums paid as " chamber maills," i.e., rents paid by students for the rooms in the 
College occupied by them. 

" The Compt of the chalmer meals, 1650. 

lib, sh. d. 

" Item resaved from the Ogilvies 6120 

" Item for the Thores chalmer 6 13 4 

" Item for the magistrands chalmer in the 4 trance 6 13 4 

•• Item for Pitsligoe's chalmer 10 o o 

" Item for John Keythe's chalmer 6 13 4 

" Item the tutor of Pitsligoe's sones chalmer payed nothing because they coft 
20 dealles to loft it. 

" Item for the chalmer nixt to myne in the i trance 368 

" Nota. 2 of them, viz. Fedrethis sones, hes not payed yet, viz., 
3 lib, 6 sh. 8. 
" Item for the 2 muses nixt to my chalmer . . . . . . . 440 

" Nota. on of them, viz. And. Massie, hes not payed yet, viz. , 30 sh. 

" Item for my lord Eraser's bearnes chalmer 6 12 o 

" Item for the 2 chalmers nixt it, vherof on payed bot 30 sh. the man, because 

it vanted ane chymnie 12 13 4 

" Item for 3 midel chalmers and the muse in the secound trance nixt to Doctor 

Dune. The muse is 30 sA 21 10 o 

" Item from Robert Cambel for his chalmer 368 

" Summa 88 4 8 " 




Alexr. Abercromby.2 
Alexr. Forbes. 
Alexr. Irvine [Fedderat]. 
Andreas Massie.^ 
Gul. Cragheid.* 
Gulielmus Hamptone. 
Gulielmus Innes. 
Gulielmus Wrquhart. 

Adamus Vrqhart. 
Alexander Couper. 
Alexr. Forbes, Pitsligo.* 
Arthurus Forbes. 
Arthurus Ross. 
David Thores. 
Georgius Wilsone. 
Gilbert Gray. 
Gul. Andersone. 

Alexr. Burnett. 
Alexr. Young. 
Andreas Fraser. 
Geo. Meldrum. 

And. Burnett. 
And. Melvill. 
Franciscus Ogilvie. 
Jacobus Milne. 


Joannes Arbuthnet. 
Joannes Barclay. 
Joa. Iruine [Fedderat]. 
Joannes Johnstone.^ 
John Keith, minor.^ 
Joann. Keith, minimus.'^ 
Rob. Irvinge. 
Thomas Johnstone.^ 

Secundi ordinis. 

Gulielmus Thoires. 
Gullielmus Wedderburne." 
Jacobus Forbes. 
Johannes Burnett. 
Johannes Patersonus. 
Joannes Vrqhart, Lethentie. 
Paulus Meldrum. 
Robert Gray. 
Robertus Raitt. 

Tertii ordinis studiosi. 

Jacobus Fraser. 
Jacobus Ogiluy. 
Joa. Keithe. 
Johannes Ogiluy. 

Quartae classis studiosi. 
Jo. Irving. 
R. Campbell.i2 
Walt. Forbes. 

^ " 10 youthes laureat 1653." Accts. ' Min., Fyvie, Kirkoswald. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. And. M., min., Auchterless ; regent, King's Coll. and Edinb. 

* Reid b. ; s. of Matth. C, burg. » Min., Barrie. ' Min., Edzell, Kirriemuir. 

7 Min., Echt, Birse, Old Machar; D.D. « Liddell b. ; s. of late Mr. Wm. J., burg. ; 
Liddell tutor, 1653-54, 

^ 3rd Baron. i" Min., Campbeltown. 

" Cargill b., 1649-50 ; s. of Mr. Wm. W., min., Cushnie [? Strathdon]. 
^^ Liddell tutor, 1653-54. 




Admissi Octobri, anno domini 1650. 
In summa classe praeter eos qui subscripserunt anno superiori. 
Andreas Gereach.^ 

Gul. Johnstone.'' 
Jacobus Vrquart' 

Alexr. Stratone. 
Daniel Chalmer. 
George Guild. 

Alexr. Farqr. 
Alexr. Gordoune. 
Alexander Irvinge. 
Alexander Mackenzie. 
Alexr. Setone. 
Andreas McCulloch. 
Andro Sym. 
Arthour Dilgardno. 
Collinus Dollas. 
David Forbes. 
David Lyell. 
Donald Monro. 
Georg Logic. 
Georgius Mackulloch, 
Georgius Nicolsoune. 
Gilbertus Hay. 
Gulielmus Johnstoune. 

In tertia classe. 

Johannes Vrquhart, Craigstone. 
Thomas Johnstone. 

In secunda classe. 

Georgius Leith. 
Joannes Laden* 
Thomas Fairholme. 

In prima classe. 

Gul. Meldrum.^ 
Gulielmus Mitchell. 
Hector Boyes. 
Jacobus Huison. 
Jacobus Hunter. 
Jac. Strachan. 
Joannes Ro'sone. 
Robertus Clark. 
Ro. Douglas. 
Rob. Gordone. 
Robertus Keithe. 
Robertus Mill. 
Robertus Thomsone. 
Thomas Bultie. 
Thomas Murray. 
Thomas Thomsone. 

In classe primana siue quinta quae pro studiosis humaniorum liter- 
arum hoc anno primum in accademiam est introducta. 
Alexr. Reid. Jacob. Ro*sone. 

Alexr. Ro*sone. Pat. Logan. 

Georgius Malis. Thomas Hervie. 

Jacobus Leslie. 

^ Bajan, King's Coll., 1647 1 •»>"•» Peterculter. 2 Regent and Civilist, King's Coll. 

' Min., Kinloss, Urquhart (Moray). ■* Min., Dalziel, West Calder. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of And, M., late baillie ; Liddell tutor, 1654-56 ; regent. 


[Alumni laurea triumphali hac vice condecorandi pridie Eidus Quin- 
tileis . . . Arbitro Andrea Canteo . . . 1654.1 

Alexander Arbuthnetus.^ Gulielmus Meldrumius. 

Alexander Gordonus. Gulielmus Mitchelsonus. 

Alexander Irvinus. Gulielmus Valachrius. 

Alexander Setonus.^ lacobus Huisonus. 

Andreas Mackullochus. lacobus Hunterus. 

David Forbesius. lacobus Strachanus.^ 

David Lyellus.* Ludovicus Burnettus." 

Georgius Gulidus. Robertus Fergusius.^ 

Georgius Nicolsonus.^ Robertus Gordonus.^ 

Gilbertus Hayus. Robertus Thomsonus.] 

Admissi Octobri anno dornini 1651.^'^ 
In prima classe. 
Alexander Garioche. Alexr. Thomson.i^ 

Alexander Hay. Art. Forbes. 

Alexr. Reid.^i Arthurus Forbes. 

Alexander Robertson. Duncan Forbes. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1654 in the Bodleian Library: dedicated " eruditissimae 
virgini Annae Mariae a Schurman Ultrajecto-Batavae " - tlie eminent artist. 
2 Min., Holywood, Arbuthnot ; father of Dr. John A. 
* Adv., Edin. ; Lord Pitmedden ; kt., 1664; bart., 1684. 
'' Min., Banchory Devenick, Aberdeen, Montrose. 

® Adv., Edin. ; Lord Kemnay ; civiHst, King's Coll. ^ Min., Oyne. 

" Incorp. M.A., Oxon., 1663, Cantab., 1680 ; Canon of Exeter ; Rector of Farringdon. 
8 " The Plotter" ; bajan, King's Coll., 1650. * Min., Dunkeld, Caputh, etc. 

10 <i JO wer laureat 1655." Accts. 
Mr. Robert Forbes' Procuratory Accounts for 1651-52 give no names of students. 

lib. sh. d. 
Item of chamber maills from Mr Androw Birnie out of the first classe . 
Item from Mr Androw Cant out of the second classe .... 
Item from Mr Alexr. Whytt out of the third classe .... 

Item out of the fourth classe [the procurator's] ..... 
Item from 15 magistrands laureat master July 9, 1652, receaved for thebiblio- 
theck from everie on 4 lib. : should be in all 60 lib., bot William Ander- 
sone vent away vnpayit any dewtie ether publick or privat, so ther rests 

as yet . . 56 o o " 

" Liddell b. ; s. of late Wm. R., burg., and — Liddell ; Liddell tutor, 1654-56 ; under 
master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1657. 

^"^ Crombie b. (Vol. 1., p. 248), 1651-52 ; s. of late Mr. Francis T., min., Peterculter. 












Georgius Mellis.^ 
Gulielmus Gellie.^ 
Gulielmus Houstone. 
Gulielmus Macky.' 
Gulielmus Moir. 
Hugo Campbell. 
J. Brodie. 
Jacobus Brodie. 
Jacobus Ro'sone. 
Johannes Forbes. 
Joannes Leslie. 

Alexander Garioche.^ 
Alexander Hay. 
Alexander Lesly.^ 
Alexander Milne.^^ 
Alexr. Robertsoun. 
Andreas Forrester. 
Art. Forbes, Eght. 
Georgius Paterson. 
Gullielmus Forbesius.^^ 
Gullielmus Moirus. 
Gulielmus Scot. 

Alexr. Birnie. 
David Leith. 
Gilbertus Burnet. 
Gul. Burnet. 
Johne Forbes. 

Jho. McPhersone. 
Johanes Monro.^ 
Patricius Logan. 
Robertus Campbell.^ 
Robertus Faernidaill. 
Robertus Gordon. 
Robertus Reid.^ 
Rodericius McCloude. 
S. [?] Reid. 
Thomas Hervie. 
Walterus Alexander.'^ 

Admissi Octobri, 1652. 

Jacobus Corbatt. 
Jacobus Robertson. 
Johannes Forbes, Cragivar. 
Joannes Forbes, Wattertoune. 
Joa. Irvine. 
Johannes Maitland. 
Robertus Burnetus. 
Robertus Skene. ^^ 
T. Burnet. 
Thomas Mortimer. 
Thomas Wrqrt 

Primani admissi Octobri, 1652. 
Johannes Milne. 
Patricius Burnetus. 
Patricius Mackay. 
R. [?] Gordon. 
Robertus Arbuthnott. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of John M., cooper burg. ' Mercht. and baillie, Abd. 

' Of Golvall ; min., Rogart, Lairg. * Min., Fan. 

' Reid b. ; s. of Pat. C. of Both ; min., Kilchoman. ' Min., Banchory Ternan. 

' Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. A., elder, burg.; sch,, Bellie; Johnston div. b., 1658-62; 
under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1658 ; min., Echt. 

* Reid b., 1652-54 ; s. of Mr. Alex. G., min., Peterculter. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. L., Aberd. 

'* Reid b., 1654-56; s. of late Jas. M., min., Inverurie. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Alex. F., min., Canisay [?]. " Crombie b. ; s. of late Rob. S., burg. ; 
Sch., Banchory ; master. Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1670 (Skene Mem., p. 31). 


[Adolescentes laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Arbitro Roberto 
Forbesio ... 8 Id. Jul. . . . 1656.1 
Arthurus Forbesius. 
Alexander Hayus. Gulielmus Forbesius. 

Alexander Leslaeus. Gulielmus Moirus. 

Alexander Milnaeus. lacobus Moirus.* 

Alexander Ogilvasus.^ loannes Metellanus.^ 

Alexander Robertsonus.^ Matth. Richmondus. 

Andreas Forresterus. Robertus Burnettus, 

Georgius Patersonus. Robertus Skenus. 

Gulielmus Clerkaeus. Thomas Burnettus.] 

Admissi Octobri, 1653. 

Alexr. Birnie.^ Joannes Gordon. 

Arthurus [erased] . Joannes Gordon. 

David Dunbar. Joa. Irvine. 

Fra. Gordon." Joa. Lesley. 

Fras. Thomson. Johannes Milne.^ 

Georgius Quhyt. Patrik Burnet. 

Gilbertus Burnet. Ro. Arbuthnott th. ilk. 

Jacobus Gregorie. Robertus Douglasse. 

Jacobus Lasone. Thomas Forbes.^ 
Johannes Farq''* 

Admissi in scolam literarum humaniorum, anno 1653. 

Alexr. Forbes. Joannes Skene. 

And. Buck, Pat. Barclay. 

Arthurus Farquharson. Patricius Skeine.^*' 

Gilbertus Skene. ^'' Ro'. Collison. 

Gullielmus Christie. Robertus Skene. 

Johannes Forbes, major. Roulandus Rowlstoun. 

Joannes Forbes. Tho. Buck. 
Joannes Forbes. 

1 From the printed Theses in the Bodleian Library : dedicated to Provost George 

2 Bajan, King's Coll., 1652 ; Sch., Cullen, Fordyce ; Min., Stewarton. 

* Adv. in Aberd., 1661 ; Town clerk. 

* Min., Rathen, Fraserburgh. » Min., Inverkeithny. 
8 Liddell b. ; s. of late And. B., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1658-59. 

"^ Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. G., burg. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. Geo. M., min., Premnay ; min., Fetteresso 

* Crombie b. ; nat. s. of Wm. F., Mill of Balcairne. " Skene Mem., p. 84. 


Admissi in summam classem, 1653. 
Alexander Arbuthnot. GuHelmus Walkar. 

Ludovicus Burnet Robertus Fergusone. 

Admissi in secundam classem. 
Alexr. Fraser. 

[Magisterii Candidati . . . Laurea Triumphali hac vice condecorandi 

ix. Calendas Quintileis . . . Praeside Alexandre Quhyteo . . . 

Alexander Birnaeus. lacobus Cuminius. 

Alexander Fraserius, lacobus Gregorius.* 

Andreas Sylvius. lacobus Sylvius.^ 

Donal. Mackintoshius. loannes Farquhardus. 

Franciscus Gordonus. loannes Milnaeus. 

Francisc. Thomsonus. loannes Irvinus.^ 

Gilbertus Burnettus.^ Robertus Douglasius.] 
Georgius Quhyteus.^ 

Admissi anno 1654, in classe humanioris literaturae. 

Alex. Gordon. Pat. Gellie. 

Allexr. Mitchell. Rob. [?] Quhyt. 

Joa. Gellie. Rob. Windell. 

^ From the printed Theses in the Bodleian Library : dedicated to the Magistrates. 

^ Bishop of Salisbury, and historian of the Reformation and of His Own Time ; born 
18th Sept., 1643, and hence only 13 at graduation. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) A benefactor : Vol. 
I., p. 392. Two portraits in possession of the University. One of these, by Mcllvraith, re- 
produced in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll., and in this volume. 

* Min., Ayr, Maryculter ; author. 

* Professor of Mathematics, St. Andrews and Edinburgh (Vol. I., p. 203), and inventor 
of the reflecting telescope that goes by his name. {Diet. Nat. Biog.) Portrait in possession 
of the University, reproduced in the great window, Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll., and in this 

' Min,, Innerwick. 

* Of Saphock; min., Kilmalcolm, Peterculter (not M.A., Glasg., as in Fasti Ecel. Scot.). 

PiaincfrairL:ET^byAn3ai:5.Snn5 [?.Hsgnw 


^3-t^^ oJ^^y^^Oy&f^^n^ 


■re 'by- Amao 1. &mm, (Ssn^i 

yuan Tm; paintihs.the ttoiherty dp "mF. hhiversity np Aberdeen. 




Alexr. Baillie. 
Alexr. Burnet. 
Alexr. Cheyne. 
Alexr. Cuming. 
Alexr. Leask. 
Alexr. Lesly. 
Alexr. Meluill. 
Alexr. Moir.i 
Al. Ramsay. 
Carolus Robertson. 
David Lindsay. 
Georgius Kethus. 
Georgius Mortimer. 
Gilbertus Skene.^ 
Gulielmus Chalmer. 
Gulielmus Logie. 
Gulielmus Ro'soune. 
Gul. Straqn. 

Donaldus Mclntoschie. 
Jac. Cuming. 

Alexr. Eraser. 
Alexr. Ogilvie. 
Gulielmus Clerk. 

Admissi in prima classe. 

Jac. Eraser. 
Jac. Tailzior, maj.^ 
Jac. Tailior, min. 
Joannes Baillie. 
Jo. Dempster. 
Joannes Donaldson. 
Johannes Forbes, minor. 
Jo. Gordon. 
Johannes Leslie. 
Johannes Rose. 
Johannes Pearson. 
Jo. Turner.* 
L. Merser. 

Robertus Andersoune.^ 
Robertas Keyth. 
Robertus Mortimer. 
Thomas Paterson. 

Admissi in 2 da classe. 

Jac. Cuninghame. 

Admissi 3tia classe. 

Jacobus Ogilvy, Deskfurd. 
Mat. Ritchmond. 
Jac. Moir. 

In summa classe admissi. 
Dauid Mylne.^* 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. M., smith, Old Aberd. 

^ Sch., Montrose ; min., Careston. 

=* Crombie b, ; s. of Thos. T., Tarves. 

* I St laird of Turnerhall, formerly Rosehill. 

« Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Walt. A., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1658-60. 

^ Min., Glenbucket, Cadder. 




[Alumni Laurea triumphali hac vice condecorandi ad Jul. 9 
bitro Andrea Cantaeo . . . 1658.1 
Joannes Skenus.^ 

. Ar- 

Alexander Leskaeus.^ 
Alexander Melvillus. 
Alexander Ramisaeus. 
Arthurus Farquhardides.* 
Georgius Kethus.* 
Gulielmus Chrystaeus.* 
Gulielmus Logaeus. 
Gulielmus Thomsonus." 
lacobus Fraserius.^ 
lacobus Sibaldus. 
lacobus Tailzerus, major. 

lacobus Tailzerus, minor. 
Joannes Demsterus.^ 
loannes Donaldsonus. 
loannes Gordonus-^*^ 
loannes Huisonus. 
loannes Leslaeus. 
Patricius Skenus. 
Robertus Andersonus. 
Robertus Mortimerus.^^ 
Thomas Bukkius. 
Thomas Patersonus.^^j 

Jo. Allardes. 
Jo. Cruikschank. 
Jo. Gordoune. 

Al. Forbes. 
Al. Gordon. 
Alexander Irvine. 
Alex. Mitchell. 
Georgius Gellie. 
Georgius Millne.^' 
Georgius Vilson.^* 
Gilbertus Hannay. 
Jacobus Buchan.i^ 
Jacobus Innes. 

anno 1655, in classe humanioris literaturae. 
Jo. Leith. 
Robert Windell. 

Admissi in prima classe. 

Joannes Barclay. 
Joannes Gellie. 
Joannes Robertson. 
Johanes Vrqrt.^^ 
Patricius Gellie. 
Robertus Gellie. 
Robertus Irving, majr. 
Robertus Irving. 
Robertus Reid. 
Thomas Urquhart. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1658 in Aberdeen University Library. These Theses, one 

hundred in number, filling 121 small quarto pages, afford the amplest extant treatment of the 

subjects forming the seventeenth century curriculum. The dedication is " Illustriss. augustiss. 

obilissimo Comiti Marischallo, Domino de Keith, Altrie, &c., Vicecomiti Aberdonensi, am- 

plissimo integerrimo, Musarum suarum fautori propensissimo ". 

2 15th of Skene. ^ Min., New Machar, Cruden, Turriff. 

* Sp. CI. Misc., V,, 340. ^ The Quaker controversialist. ^ Min., Glenbucket. 

' Sch., Rayne ; min,, Auchindoir, Kintore. ® Of Brea ; Min., Culross. 
» Min., Creich, Lairg. " Regent. " Min., Edin. (Tron), 12 Regent. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Magnus M., Marieculter. " Reid b. ; s. of Alex. W., Aberd. ; 

min., Kilallan. 

*' Cargill b., 1655-56 ; s. of late Jas. B. ; min.. Skirling, etc. " Craigfintray. 


Admissi in 2 da classe. 
Johannes Gordon. 

Admissi in 3 a classe. 
J a. Wood. 

[Adolescentes Laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Praeside Georgio 

Meldrumio ... ad Junii 2 [4] . . . 1659.1 
Alexander Mitchellus.^ lohannes Barclaius.^ 

Georgius Gellius. lohannes Robertsonus. 

Georgius Milnaeus. Laurentius Mercerus.^ 

Georgius Vilsonus. Robertus Irvinus, major. '^ 

Gulielmus Sanderus.^ Robertus Irvinus, minor, 

lacobus Buchanus. Robertus Rhaedus.^ 

lacobus Innesius.* Thomas Urquhardus.^] 

Admissi anno [1656], in classe humanioris literaturae. 
Arthurus Forbes. Jacobus Milne. 

Gulielmus Garioch, major. Jacobus Quhyt. 

Gul. Garioch, minor Joannes Buchan. 

Gulielmus Turner. Joannes Car. 

Jacobus Irving. Joannes Irving. 

Admissi in prima classe. 
Adamus Reid.i<> Archibaldus Campbell. 

Alexr. Mackenzie, Reidcastel. David Knight. • 

Alexr. Urqrt., Craighouse. Duncanus fforbes, Colloden.^i 

Andreas Guild. Georgeus fforbes. 

Andreas McPhersone, Clunie. Georgius Gray. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1659 in Aberdeen University Library : dedicated to Provost 
John Jaffray and the Magistrates. 
2 Min., Lumphanan. 

* Under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1659 ; Prof. Math., St. And. ; Master of Gram. 
Sch., Perth ; author. 

* Min., Canisbay (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

^ Liddell b. ; Liddell tutor, 1659-61; under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1663; min., 
Monquhitter, Cruden (not M.A.. King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.) ; author. 

^ See Vol. I., p. 304. ' Min., Strathdon, Towie. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1663. 

9 Min., Closeburn. 10 Reid b. ; s. of Mr, Alex. R., Kinellar, 

" Father of Lord President Forbes, M.A., 1703. 




Gulielmus Blair. ^ 
Gulielmus Douglas, Spynie. 
Gulielmus Grant. 
Jacobus Couper.2 
Jacobus Innes of that Ilk. 
Jacobus Ross. 
Johannes Allardes, Airdes.' 
Joannes Cruikschank. 
Joannes Forbes, Tolquhon. 
Joannes Gordon. 
Joannes Grayus, Arbo. 

Joannes Leith.* 

Joannes Mackenzie.^ 

Kennethus Mackenzie, major, Siddie. 

Kenethus McKenzie, minor. 

Nigellus Beaton. 

Patricius Chalmer. 

Robertus Irving. 

Thomas Forbes. 

Thomas Meldrum. 

Walterus Rosse, Invercharron. 

[Adolescentes Laureae Magisterialis Candidati 

Praeside Roberto 

Forbesio . . . 
Adamus Rhaedus. 
Alexander Mackenzaeus. 
Andreas Guildus.'^ 
Andreas Macphersonus. 
Archiebaldus Campbellus. 
David Personus. 
Duncanus Forbesius. 
Georgius Forbesius.^ 
Georgius Graius. 
Gulielmus Blairus. 

Julii 17 . . . 1660.*^ 

Gulielmus Camerarius.^ 
Gulielmus Douglasius. 
Gulielmus Grantaeus. 
lacobus Couperus. 
lacobus Rossaeus.^" 
Kennethus Mackenzaeus, ma." 
Kennethus Mackenzaeus, mi. 
Nigellus Beatonus.i2 
Robertus Irvinus. 
Thomas Forbesius.^^] 

Admissi anno 1657, in classe humanioris literaturae. 

Gulielmus Logan. 
Johannes Duglasse. 
Johannes Forbes. 
Joannes Kar. 

Joannes Lindsay. 
Robertus Bows.^* 
Thomas Boyes. 
Thomas Schand. 


' Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. Rob. B., min., Alvah ; Min., Forglen, Fordyce, Aberd. 

2 Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Wm. C, Gram. Sch. ; Liddell tutor, 1661-62 ; min,, Wigton, 
Mochrum, Humbie, Holy Island. 

' Sir John A. * Crombie b. ; s. of John L., Johnstoun. ' Min., Kilniorack, Fodderty. 
* From the printed Theses of 1660 in Aberdeen University Library : dedicated to James 
Innes (eldest son of Sir Robert Innes, Bart.), an entrant in 1656, supra. 

^ Min., Kirkmichael (Dumfries), N. Berwick. ^ Min., Portpatrick, Innerleithen, Traquair. 
8 Min., Gartly, Rathven, King Edward. 

'" Min., Cluny. " Min., Logie Easter. 

1''' Min., Dunnet, Latheron (not M.A., St. And., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 
13 Teacher of Eng. Sch., Aberd. ^* M.A., King's Coll., 1662 ; min., Rerrick, Stonykirk. 


Admissi in prima classe. 

Alexander Barclay.^ J. Carnegy, filius a Pettarro. 
Alexander Sutherland de Kinnvitie. (?) Jacobus Irving. 

Alexander Williamsone.^ Jacobus Keith. 

Andreas Pedder. Jacobus Ogilvy. 

Arthurus Forbes. Jacobus Quhyt.'^ 

Gilbertus Gerard. Joannes Buchan. 

Gilbertus Muschet.^ Joannes Irving.^ 

Gregorius Grantt. Joannes Logan.^ 

Gulielmus Garioch, major.^ Michael Baird. 

Gulielmus Garioch, minor. Patricius Sibbald.^'^ 

Gulielmus Lorimer.^ Patricius Strachan.^^ 

Gullielmus Nisbet.^ Thomas Gordon. 

Gulielmus Robertson. Walterus Moir. 
Hugo Fraser. 

Admissi anno 1658, in classe humanioris literaturae. 
Alexr. McCulloch. Jacobus Gordone. 

Gulielmus Forbes. ^^ Joannes Grainger. 

Gulielmus Forbes. Johannes Moir. 

Adniissi in prima classe, anno 1658. 

Alexr. Mortimer. ^2 Hugo Fraser. 

Alexr. Norie. Ja. Campbell. 

Da. Burnet. " Ja. Douglas. 

Gul. Irving. 14 . Jacobus Gordoune. 

Gulielmus Smyth.^^ Jacobus Lawtie. 

Gulielmus Turner.^^ Johannes Douglas. 

1 Liddell b., 1657-58 ; s. of Geo. B. 2 MJn., Tulliallan. 

^ Ross b. (Vol. I., p. 272) ; s. of Mr. Wm. M., min., Slains ; Johnston div. b., 1662-65 ; 
min., Cumbernauld. 

* Crombie b., 1659-61 ; s. of Geo. G., Wellhead of Alford; min., Culsalmond. 

" Crombie b., 1657-59 ; Liddell b., 1659-61 ; s. of Wm. L., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1661- 
63 ; min., London ; benefactor (Vol. I., p. 403, where, in Note, for 1656 read 1657). 

* Cargill b. ; s. of And. N., Crimond ; sch., Crimond, 

' Min., Symington (Ayr), Strichen. ^ Min., Cabrach. 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of late John L., burg. i" Min., Aberd. ; rector ; prof, of Divinity, 
" Regent. 12 ]vi;n_^ Cadder. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Thomas M., late baillie ; Liddell tutor, 1662-64; min., Kirkcudbright. 
" Min., Udny. i^ Min., Moneydie. 1® Reid b. ; neph. of Dr. A. Reid. 



Johannes Forbes.^ Robertus Carnegy. 

Patricius Davidsone." Robertus Davidsone. 

Patricius Dun.' Thomas Boyes. 

Patricius Gordone.* 

Admissi in secunda classe. 

Dauid Ross, Balnegouen. Jacobus Milne. 

Georgius Leslye. Jacobus Gordoune. 

Henricus Gramus, a Morphy. Robertus Sinclareus, a Mey. 

Hugo Sutherland. 

Admissi in summa classe. 
Gulielmus Sanders. Jacobus Innes. 

Admissi in lam classem anno Christogonias, 1659. 

Alexander fforbes. Jacobus Innes. 

Alexander Innes.* Jacobus Robertson. 
Alex. Mackenzie (bishop Murey sone).^ Jacobus Thomson. 

Alexr. Rosse. Joannes Calder. 

Alexr. Sangster.^ Joannes Kar. 

Alexr. Stiven. Johannes Grainger. 

Angusius Mackpherson. Joannes Lindsay.^^ 

Carolus Alexander.* Johannes Moir. 

Dauid Robertsone. Joannes Rosse. ^^ 

Donaldus Campbell. Patricius Innes.^^ 

Georgius Gray. Patricius Moir, 

Georgius Johnstone. Robertus Grahamus, Kriche. 

Gul. Bell. Robertus Stephan.^* 

Gul. Grant. Rod. Mackenzie. 

Gul. Patersone." Thomas ff'ras^^* 

Gul. Sim. Thomas Ray.^^ 

Gul. Walterus Cochran." 

' Ross b. ; s. of Wm. F., Milden. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Thomas D., mast, of music school. 

' M.D., Dublin and Oxford ; knt., 1696 ; founder of Hosp. in Dublin. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. G., weaver burg. 

" S. of Laird of Tibbertie ; under master, Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1666. * In later hand. 

' Sch., Innerkip ; min., Cumbrae, Kirkpatrick- Durham (not King's Coll. as in Fasti Eul. 

" Sch., Dingwall. * Regent. ^° Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. S., town sergt. ; min., Duthil. 
^* Cargill b. ; s, of Wm. L., burg. " Of Inch ; min., Foveran ; D.D. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of late Mr. Rob. I., chirurgian ; Liddell tutor, 1663-66 ; Johnston 
div, b., 1665-69 ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1667. " Min., Aberlour. 

" Sch., Kirkhill. ^* Min., Dundurcos. '' Of Drumbreck ; provost, 1691, etc. 


Alexander Ramsay. 
David Wood. 


Admissi in classem primanorum. 
Joannes Pyper. 


Admissi in lam classem 

Al, Alexander.^ 

Alexr. Allan. 

Al. Ferquhardsone, Invercaile. 

Al. Gray. 

Al. Irvin. 

Al. J affray. 

Al. Lumsdene. 

Al. Seton. 

Al. Sharp.2 

Al. Sibbald, Arnadg. 

Al. Stiven. 

And. Bruce.2 

Andreas Nisbct.* 

Carolus Farqrsone, Monaltrie. 

Georgius Burnet. 

Georgius Clerk. 

Geo. Forbes. 

Geo. Leslie. 

Georgius Millne.^ 

Geo. Morisone.^ 

Geo. Pyper. 

Gul. Chrystie.''^ 

Gul. Forbes, maj. 

Gul. Forbes. 

William Gordone. 

anno Christogonias, 1660. 

Gul. Idle.8 

Gulielmus Jaffray. 

Gulielmus Johnston.^ 

Hec. Bruce, Munis in Zetland. 

Hector Mackenzie. 

Hugo Dun. 

Jacobus Donald. 

Jac. Kinneir.^" 

Jacobus Robertsone. 

Joannes Alexander. 

Joan. Chalmer. 

Joannes Findlater.^i 

Joannes Gordone. 

Joannes Leith. 

John Lesley. 

John Speed. 

Joannes Watson. 

Kennethus McKenzie, Dochmaluak. 

Patricius Williamsonus. 

Robertus Cocheranus. 

Robertus Gordon, Gordonston. 

Robertus Gray, Scubo. 

Tho. Grajus.i2 

Thomas Nicolsone. 

1 Regent. 

^ Crombie b., 1662-64 ; s. of Wm 
^ Min., Balmerino. 
^ Min., Coylton, Campsie. 
'' Raid b. ; servant to Rob. Ker. 
8 Min., Kearn, Auchterless. 
11 Crombie b., 1660-63 ; s. of late Alex 
master, Gram. Sch., 1664 ; master, 1679. 
^^ Regent. 

S., fermorer ; min., Forgan, Bourtie. 
* Cargill b. : s. of And. N., Crimond. 
« Liddell b., 1660-63; s. of Walt. M., burg. 
8 M.A., King's Coll., 1664. 
'" Crombie b., 1660-61 ; s. of late Adam K., burg. 

F., burg.; Liddell tutor, 1664-66; under 




Anno domini 1661. 
Sequuntur nomina studiosorum omnium Academiae hujus qui sub- 
scripserunt anno domini milles. VI^ 61, sub prefectura mea. 

J. Leslie, M.D., G.^ 
Joannes Major. 
Joannes Smith. 
Laurentius Wright. 
Patricius Chalmer.* 
Patricius Leith, Vhythach. 
Patricius Robertsone.^ 
Robertus Brussius.^** 
Robertus Paterson.^^ 
Thomas Cushny. 

Alexander Lindsay.'^ 
AUexr. Ross.^ 
Alexr. Strqn., Glenkindie. 
Androw Naughtie.* 
Gilbertus Gray. 
Gregorius Grant.^ 
Hugo Chalmer.** 
James Walker. 
Jo. Abercrombje.'^ 

Admissi in 2 da classe, 1661. 

Alexander Ramaseus. Johannes Gordon. 

David King. Johannes;Leith. 

Georgius Erskein. Jo. Wood. 

Gulielmus Erskin, Pitodrie. Patricius Copland. ^^ 

Guilielmus Molganus. Tho. Stuart. 
Jacobus Ramaseus, Bemain. 

In 4 ta classe. 
Alexander Cuming. ^^ 

^ A later hand has here inserted : — 
" Mr. Jacobus Leslie, M.D., gymnasiarch. septimus. 

'Mr Robertus Forbes 
Mr Gulielmus Meldrum 
Mr Georgius Bannerman 
" Professores Philosophiae -j Mr Alexr. Quhit 

Mr Thomas Patersoune 
Mr Gulielmus Pattersoune 
^Mr Jhoannes Gordoune." 
Probably Forbes, Meldrum, Bannerman and White were in office in i66i, supra. 
' Ross b. ; s. of late Dav. L., burg. 

' Min., Perth; Prof, of Div., Glasgow ; Bp., Moray, Edinburgh (not King's Coll., as in 
Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

* Cargill b. ; s. of Geo. N., indweller, Aberd. * Sch., Nairn. 

* Sch., Keith ; min., Marnoch ; father of Prof. Jas. C. ' Crombie b ; s. of Rob. A., burg. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. Pat. C, min., Boyndie. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of late Mr. Wm. R., min., Banchory Dev. ; Liddell tutor, 1666-67. 
" Liddell b., 1664-66 ; servant to Princl. Leslie ; Liddell tutor, 1666-68 ; regent. 

" Regent and principal. ^^ Min., Cushnie. '^ Min., Dallas, 


Admissi in 2da classe, 1663 [prima, 1662]. 

Alexr. Brodie.^ Jacobus Irvine. 

Alexr. Forbes.2 Joannes Innes.^ 

Andreas Doun.^ Joannes Milne." 

Franciscus Meldrom. Joannes Pyper. 

Georgius Caddell. Joa. Reid. 

Gulielmus Chalmer.'' Joannes Skeneus.'^ 

Gulielmus Dilgardno. Joannes Tailort.^ 

Gulielmus Donald. Patricius Douny.^ 

Jacobus Gray. Robertus Keythus. 

Admissi in prima classe anno domini 1663. 

Andreas Cant.^" . Joannes Scrimgeor.^^ 

Andreas Ramsaeus, Bilston. Patricius Dun, Tartie, 

G. Garioche, Allendive. [Rob. Forbes.^"] 

Jacobus Anderson.ii Robertus Irving.^'^ 

Jacobus Cruckshank.^2 Rodericus Fuller. 

Jacobus Liddell.^^ Simon Cooper.^s 
Johannes Forbes. ^^ 

Admissi in tertia classe, A. 1663. 
Al. Innes. 

In secunda classe. 

Andreas Rosse.^^ Joannes Couts. 

Ja. Skene. Joannes Lyell. 

^ Liddell b., 1662-64 ; s. of late Alex. B., burg. 2 Rqss b, ; s. of late Alex, F., adv. 

^ Min. , Crichton. * Crombie b., 1662-65 ; s. of Mr. Wm. C, Maryculter. 

5 Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. I., litster. 

" Crombie b., 1662-65 ; s. of Wm. M., tailor; min., Garvock, Montrose. 

^ Governor of New Jersey (Skene Mem., p. 78). ^ Min., Roberton, Dron. 

» Rolland b. ; s. of late Mr. Rob. D., bibl. i" 1665 to King's Coll. ; Bp. of Edinb. 
11 Reid b. ; s. of Jas. A., notar. ^^ Min., Dolphinton. 

i» Liddell b. ; s. of Prof. Duncan L. ; Liddell tutor, 1668-69. 
1* Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. F., Tarves. 
^^ Guild b. (Vol. L, p. 280) ; s. of Wm. S. Coupar, burg. 
^^ Cargill b. ; s. of John F., in Balmakessie. '^ Min., Glenbervie. 
^'^ Crombie b., 1663-65 ; s, of Mr, Wm. C. ^^ Min., Contin, Urquhart (Ross). 




Admissi in 
A. McKenzie, Gairloch. 
Alexr. Douglas. 
Alexr. Mengzies. 
D. Ross. 

Franciscus Gordoun. 
Georgius Crichton. 
Georgius Mackenzie.^ 
Geo. Middeltone. 
Gilbertus Innes.'^ 
Gull. Cromar. 
Gul. Leith. 
Jacobus Burnet. 
Jacobus Dauidson. 

primam classem, anno Domini 1664. 
Jacobus Fraser. 
Jacobus Ogilvie. 
Jacobus Reid. 
Joannes Adamsoun. 
Joannes Farq^^ 
Joannes Forbes. 
Joannes Galloway.^ 
Joannes Innes.^ 
Patricius Divie. 
Patricius Gordone. 
Patricius Mortimer.^ 
Walterus Gierke. 

Al. Inglis. 
W. Dempster. 
Jacobus Melvillus. 
Jacobus Wight. 

Admissi in 2 da classe, anno 1664. 

Michael FraseriusJ 
Ro. Munro.^ 
Robertus Forbes. 

Admissi in tertia classe, anno 1664. 

Kennethus Mc Kenzie. 

Robertus Watsone. 

Admissi in prima classe, anno domini 1665. 

Alexander Cant. Gil. Innes." 

Alexander Irvin. Jac. Watsone. 

Alexander Lorimer. Joa. Alexr.^^ 

Al. Moreis.8 Joa. Cormag. 

Carolus Murray. Joa. Cowie.^^ 

Geo. Scott. 10 Johannes Gordon. 

^ First winner of the archery medal (S. N. and Q., IV., 209 ; V., 7) ; Physician, Edinb. ; 
author of Eminent Scottish Writers. 

" Cargill b., 1665-68 ; s. of Sebastian I., burg. 8 Regent. 

* Liddell b., 1664-67 ; Liddell tutor, 1667-69. 

* Of Knockorth ; adv. in Aberd., 1676. « Holland b. ; s. of Thos. M. 
' Sch., Thurso ; min., Daviot and Dunlichty. ^ Min., Abertarff. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. M., metster burg. ; sch., Fettercairn. 
•" Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. S. of Cragtowne. 

" Johnston div. b., 1669-73 '> s. of late Jas. I. of Tillouries ; min., Eyemouth. 

" Ross b. ; s. of Mr. John A., town clerk. ^ Liddell b., 1665-68 ; s. of Thos. C, burg. 



Jo. Patton. G. Keith. 

Jo. Reid. Gul. Aerskyne. 

Ro. Hoge. Jac. Burnet 

Robertus Innes. Joa. Angus. 

Tho. Jaffray. Pat. Arbuthnot. 

Pat. Hervie. 

Adamus Barclay, anno 1668. Robertus Arbuthnot. 

Alexr. Arbuthnot. Rod. McKenzie.^ 

Admissi in tertia classe, anno 1665. 
David Sutherland. Robertus Farqrson.^ 

Admissi in 2da classe, anno domini 1665. 

Alexr. Burnet. Jac. Matheson. 

Alexr. Cock. Joanes Leslie. 

Al. Dilgardno. Joa. Meldrum. 

Alexr. Gellie. Pat. Chalmer. 

Alexr. Mathesone. Ri. Maitland.* 

And. Jaffray.^ Robertus Douglas. 

Arthurus Dalgarno. Rob. Farqr.^ 

Franciscus Dugud. Robertus Forbes.*^ 
Geo. Sinclar. 

[Magisterii candidati, Laurea Triumphali hac vice condecorandi . . . 
lulii (9) Auspiciis Alexandri Alexander . . . 1669.''' 

Georgius Foulertonus. 

Adamus Barclaius.^ Georgius Scotus. 

Alexander Arbuthnetus. Gilbertus Innesius. 

Alexander Irvinus. Gulielmus Erskenus. 

Alexander Latemerus [? Lorimer]. lacobus Burnetus. 

Alexander Moresius. lacobus Gordonus. 

Georgius Kethus.® lacobus Graemus.^" 

^ Sch., Dingwall. ^ Min., Kennethmont. ^ Of Kingswells ; s. of Alex. J., bajan, 1630. 

* Sch., Foveran ; min., Nigg (Kinc). ^ Regent. ^ Min., Alva. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1669, Aberdeen University Library, The Dedication is 
" Comiti Marischallo . . . Musarum suarum Maecenati magnificentissimo ". 
8 N. P. (Sp. CI. Misc., v., 236). 

* Sch., Methlic ; min., Montkeggie, New Deer. '" Min., Evie, Holm. 




lacobus Watsonus. 
loannes Alexander.^ 
loannes Angusius.'-* 
loannes Cowaeus.^ 
loannes Patonus.* 

Alexr. Clerk.7 
Alexr. Fraser.* 
Alexr. Youngson. 
Andreas Livistoune.* 
Daniel McLennan.^" 
David Adie.^^ 
Georgius Alexr.^^ 
Georgius Hutcheone.^^ 
Georgius Peacock.^* 
Jacobus Boyes. 
Jacobus Hood.^^ 
Joannes Boyes.^^ 
Joannes Jonstoun.^'^ 
Joannes Nisbet. 
Joannes Shaw. 
Patricius Leslie. 
Robertus Alexander.^^ 
Robertus Gellie.^^ 
Samuel Forbes. 20 

loannes Rhaedus.^ 
Patricius Arbuthnetus. 
Patricius Harvaeus.** 
Robertus Arbuthnetus.] 

Admissi in prima classe, 1666. 

Thomas Cobben. 
Thomas Gordonius. 
Thomas Orum.^^ 

Alexander Forbes, Anno 1668. 

G. Setone.22 

Georgius Keith. 

Georgius Leith. 

Gul. Gordon. 

Gull. Guthry. 

Gull. Seller. 

Jacobus Maclennane.28 

Joannes Arbuthnot. 

Joh. Cheyn. 

Joahnes Forbes. 

N. Keith. 

Rob. Arbuthnot. 

Rob. Keith.24 

Rob. Ramsay.26 

^ Under master, Gram. Sch., 1670. ^ Min., Kinnellar. •'' Quaker controversialist. 

* Regent. " Sch., Banchory ; min., Durris. ^ Min., Forgue. 

' Crombie b. ; s. of late Wm. C, burg. 

8 Rolland b. ; s. of late Alex. F., burg. ; adv. in Aberd., 1671. 

» Min., Keig. "> Min., Kintail. " Of Newark ; mercht., Abd. 

" Ross b. ; 8. of Mr. John A., town clerk, 1* Sch., Kiltarlity. " Regent. 

« Crombie b. ; s. of John H., indweller. »« Sp. CI. Misc., V., 356. 

'^ Mercht., Abd. ; Provost, 1697. 

'* Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. A., elder burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1671-72 ; under master, Gram. 
Sch., 1673. 

" Mercht., Abd. 20 of Foveran ; bart., 1700 ; author. 

^ Guild b. ; s. of Thos. O., cordiner burg., res. in Old Aberd. 
22 Dean of Guild, 1683 ; baillie, 1686. '^ Invss. Prcsb. Rec, p. 327. 

2* Min., Ballantrae. 

^ A copy of Ramsay's diploma of M.A., preserved in the charter chest (" Professor- 
ships," 18), is of considerable interest: — 




[Students paying graduation fees, etc./ in 1670: from Mr, Alex. 


Procuratory Accounts. 
lib. sk. 


Jac. Macklenan 



Joa. Chyne . 


Joa. Forbes . 


Joa. Nisbet . 



Joa. Paton 



Nath. Keith . 


Rob. Alexr. . 



Rob. Keith . 


Rob. Ramsay 



Tho. Cobban 



















Al. Clerk 
Al. Forbes 
Al. Frazer 
Al. Youngsone 
And. Livingstone 
Dan. Macklenan 
Geo. Hutchesone 
Geo. Peacock 
Geo. Seaton . 
Gul. Sellar 
Jac. Boyes 

Admissi in prima classe sub Mro Thoma Gray, 1667, ejusque aus- 
picijs instructi. 

Alexr. Crombie. Al, Milne, major.^ 

Al. Marshall.2 Alex. Stephen. 

" Omnibus et singulis quorum interest in quacunque dignitate civili aut ecclesiastica 
constitutis Gymnasiarcha et Professores Academiae Marischallanae Abredonensis S.P.D. 

" Cum veritati non abesse nostro adesse sit officio sine fuco aut fallaciis candide et ex 
animo qui subscripsimus praesentium latorem D. Robertum Ramsay praeclarae indolis et 
optimae spei juvenem toto quo apud nos Uteris et philosophiae insudaverat quadriennio ita se 
omnibus exhibuisse ac singulari in eruditione sodalibus praeluxisse exemplo, ut ilium (post edi- 
tum — nee sine plausu — in celebri doctorum consensu ingenii specimen, et postquam legittime 
certasset disputando, caeterosque scholasticos actus solenniter exercendo) laurea redimitum, 
rude pileoque communibus manumissionis symbolis donandum censuerimus : Nunc vero cum 
de umbra in solem prodire ac palam sui copiam facere in animum induxerit, non possumus 
hujus eruditissimi juvenis naturalem in virtutes propensionem, ac non vulgarem sub Minerva 
profectum, omnibus et singulis ad quos haec pervenerint, non divulgare eumque commendare 
ac quam enixe rogare, ut pro innata sibi virtute, ac ingenito virtutis studio, cum omni qua par 
est benevolentia, accipere, fovere, ac in destinatum provehere portum, non dedignentur. 
Quam in ilium contulerint gratiam, non missus quam in singulos nostrum collatam medullitus 
apud nos perennaturam, ac cum foenore, modo sese obtulerit occasionis ansa relaturos nos 
unanimes spondemus, et ut huic testimonio sua constet fides chyrographis signatum appenso 
communi Academiae sigillo muniendum curavimus. 

" Datum Abredoniae e Collegio Mariscallano postridie Kalend. Junij, anno domini 
millesimo sexcentesimo septuagesimo primo." 

^ The amount of the graduation fee, assigned to the " bibliotheck," was £i^ Scots ; the 
excess represents chamber maills. See above, 1649 and 165 1. 

2 Crombie b., 1667-70; Liddell b., 1670-71 ; s. of Thos. M., burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1671-72. 

* Min., Udny (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.) ; assessor, i6go. 





Gilbertus Lorimer.^ 
Gul. Alexander. 
Gulielmus Seatoune.'-' 
Jac Blair.' 
Jac Dalgairdno.* 
Jac. Irvine.^ 

Ja. Paterson, filius legittimus Epis- 
copi Rossensi [sic]. 

Ja. Strachan.' 
Jac. Thome. 
Joannes Bowis.^ 
Joa. Findlay.8 
Joa. Setone.^ 
Pat. Murray. 

Alexr. Litster." 
Alexr. Myllne. 
Alexr. Williamson. 
Col. McKenzie. 
Evander Mclwer. 
Geo. Leslie. 
Gul. Campbelle.^2 

Gull. Ross. 
Hugo Ross. 
Joa. McLeoid, 
Joannes McDowall. 
Joannes Mercer. 
Joh. Munro.13 

Joa. Moir.i* 

[Publick dewes receaved by maister Alexr. Alexander from the students 

of the hye classe, 1671. 

Al. Crombie 
Al. Marshel 
Al. Milne, maj. 
Al. Milne, min. 
Al. Steivein 
Al. Williamsone 
Evander Mackiver 
Geo. Leslie 
Gil. Lorimer . 

lib. sh. 

. 5 10 

Gul. Alexander 

. 8 8 

Gul. Gordon . 

. 4 

Gul. Seaton . 

. 4 

Jac. Dalgardno 

ticket 15 

Jac. Irving 

. 7 

James Patersone 

• 5 

Joa. Findlay . 

. 4 

Joa. Seaton . 

. 4 

lib. sh. 

5 10 

4 o 

4 o 


4 o 

5 10 

4 o] 

1 Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. L. ' Regent. 

* Crombie b., 1667-69 ; s. of Mr. Rob. B., min., Alvah ; commissary in Virginia. 

* Guild b., 1668-70 ; s. of Wm. D., couper burg. ' Min., Cabrach, Muthil, Lonmay. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. S., merch. burg. ; apoth.-chirurg., Abd. 
"^ Min., Abbotshall. * Min., Gordon. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Mr. John S., min.. Old Aberd. 
" Reid b. ; s. of Walt. G., merch. burg. 

" Johnston div. b., 1673-77 I s. of late Fras. L., burg. ; regent. 
" Min., Fetlar. " Sch., Kiltarlity. " Town Clerk, i68g. " Or promise to pay. 




Admissi in prima 
Alexander Chalmer. 
Alexr. Forbes, ma.^ 
Alexander Forbes, minor.^ 
Alexander Johnstone. 
Alexander Scot.^ 
Alexander Skene. 
Andrew Liddell.^ 
Carolus Gordon. 
David Sibbald.i^ 

Franciscus Abercromy, Fatternir.*' 
Gul. Cochrane. 
Gul. Cruikshank.'^ 
Jacobus Chalmers. 

classe, anno domini 1668. 
Jac. Gordon. 
Jacobus Gordon. 
Jac. Smith. 
Joa. Leslie, major. 
Joa. Leslie, minor. 
Joannes Robertsonus. 
Patricius Farqr. 
Paulus Gellie.^ 
Robertus Anderson.^ 
Robertus Bannerman. 
Robertus Keith.^" 
Tho. Lauson.^^ 
Thomas Watt.12 

[Students paying graduation fees, etc., in 1672. 

The two Monroes 
Alexander Forbes 
Alexander Scot 
Andrew Liddell 
Charles Gordone 
David Sibbald 

Seal Money. 
Mr. John Scrimgar for the seal to his testificat 
Mr. Alexander Frazer for the seal to his testificat 

lib. sh. 

lib. sh 

. . . 5 16 

William Cruickshanke . 



Gulielmus Irvine . 

. 4 

. 5 10 

Hector Pape . 


. 5 10 

John Leslie, minor 

. 5 10 

. 5 ID 


Paul Gellie . 

. 5 10 

Al. Irving. 

Al. Mitchell. 

Admissi anno 1669. 

Al. Williamsone,^^ 
Francis Ross. 
Georgius Chalmer. 

4 o 
2 o] 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of John F., yr., burg. ; min., Kearn, Fintray ; author. 
^ Reid b. ; s. of Mr. Dune. F., min., Pitsligo; min., Stewarton, Dyke. 
'^ Crombie b.; s. of Alex. S., burg. * Liddell b.; s. of Jas. L., Brechin; Liddell tutor, 1672-73. 
» Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. Wm. S. « Aftds. Lord Glassford. 

■^ Guild b., 1668-70; s. of Wm. C, armourer burg. ^ Min., Airth ; author. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of late Patr. A., burg. i" Regent. " M.A., King's Coll., 1672. 
^■■^ Teacher of Maths., Greenock ; grandfather of the improver of the steam engine. 
^^ Rolland b., 1669-70 ; Ross b., 1670-73 ; s. of Mr. Geo. M., min., Fintray ; min., Dun- 
score, Glendevon. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. W., baxter burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1674-75. 




Gulielmus Irwing. 
John fforbes. 
Joa. Lumsden. 
Joa. Meinzies.^ 
Pat. Gordon. 

Pat. Strachan.2 
Rob. Murgie. 
Tho. Alexander. 
Tho. Cheyne. 
Tho. Melvill. 

[Students paying chamber maills in Session 1669-70: from Mr. 
Alexander Alexander's Procuratory Accounts.'* 

[?] Keith. 

Al. Chamber. 

Al. Crombie. 

Al, Forbes, maj., 24s. 

Al. Forbes, min. 

Al. Johnstone. 

Al. Litster. 

Al. Meldrum. 

Al. Milne. 

Al. Scot. 

Al. Skeen. 

Al. Stephan, 20s. 

Al. Williamson. 

Al. Williamsone. 

And. Liddell, 24s. 

And. Monro, 24s. 

Coll. Mackenzie. 

Evan Mackiver, £3. 

Fran. Abercrombie. 

Geo. Alexr. 

Geo. Leslie, 20s. 

Gil. Lorimer. 

Gul. Alexr. 

Gul. Cambel, 20s. 

Gul. Cochran. 

Gul. Dennine. 
Gul. Gordon. 
Gul. Seaton. 
Jac. Chamber. 
Jac. Gordon. 
Jac. Irving. 
Jac. Patersone. 
Jac. Smyth. 
Joa. Arbuthnot. 
Joa. Bowes. 
Joa. Leslie, maj. 
Joa. Leslie, min. 
Joa. Lumdsen [sic]. 
Joa. Mackklene. 
Joa. Mercer. 
Joa. Moor. 
Ken. Andersone. 
Pat. Cruickshank. 
Pat. Farqr. 
Rob. Andersone. 
Rob. Monro, 24s. 
Sam. Forbes. 
Tho. Alexr. 
Tho. Melvel. 
Wal. Gordon.] 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Adsim M., Peterculter. 

' Crombie b., i66g 72, Guild b., 1672-73 ; s. of John S., weaver burg. ; min., Maxton. 

' In 1670, for the first time, the names of the students paying chamber maills are recorded, 
but they are not arranged in classes. See names of magistrands, supra, p. 233. The payment, 
except where otherwise stated, is ;^i los. Scots. 


[Juvenes . . . cum Magisteriali laurea emittendi lulii (10) . . . sub 
Praesidio Thomae Graii . . . Anno 1673.^ 

Alexander Irving. Alexander Mitchell. 

Alexander Meldrum. Alexander Williamson. 

' From the printed Theses of 1673, Mar. Coll. Charter Chest : a folio broad-sheet printed 
on satin with illuminated border — probably the copy intended for the Earl. The Dedication, 
" Georgio Comiti Mariscallo Patrono et Maecenati suo perpetua fide colendissimo," runs as 
follows : — 

" Nobilissime Comes. Dum Thesibus hisce nostris in publicum prodeuntibus patronum 
quaero, neminem praeter inclytam celsitudinem vestram inter homines reperio, sub cujus patro- 
cinio in lucem emitterentur. Quis quaeso mihi indignetur, quod te unum ex omnibus com- 
pellem ? Quin potius aequissimo jure censebor egisse, quod te tam egregium elegerim 
patronum, prosapia et natalium splendore nobilem, nulli tota Scotia procerum stemmatis 
antiquitate cedentem, a mille namque et pene sexcentis retro annis, in hodiernum usque 
diem, Dei gratia, summorum hujus regni principum cognationibus semper innexus perdurus. 
Certe nobilissimi viri Rob. Kethi praeclara encomia (ob singularem ejus virtutem, qua Camum 
Danorum ducem fudit fugavitque) Annales Scotici non tacent. Neque inclyti ducis Rob. 
Kethi, qui amisso patre, et magno propinquorum numero, in pugna Duplinensi, sumptis 
armis, strenue suorum cladem ultus, Perthum urbem ab hoste insessam cepit, moenia diruit, 
soloque aequavit. Anno Christi 1332. Fragranti etiam memoria est Georgius avus tuus, 
qui Rage lacobo delegatus in Daniam suis splendori et ornamento. At plus tibi laudis ad- 
fert, (Clariss. Maecenas) quod ab iis sis oriundus, qui Mariscalli magistratum decursu con- 
tinue septingentorum annorum, summa cum fide gesserunt. Sed quorsum tuorum majorum 
amore, et virtutibus enumerandis abducor, an quia non est quod de te dicam ? Nequaquam, 
eadem tibi virtus, (Nobiliss. Comes) modo qualia iis tibi pariter contigissent tempora. Tes- 
tantur id, turn eximiae et heroicae admodum illae virtutes (generositas, magnanimitas, 
animi aequitas, constantia, fides) quae tanquam natura in te amicissime con- 

spirare videntur. Tum singularis ilia comitas qua omnes demereris, devincis, omnium bene- 
volentiam amoremque concilias. Modestiam tuam laedere metuerem, si diutius indubitatae 
tuae laudis praeconio immorarer, unum me posse adjicere posse arbitror. Summam esse 
saeculi nostri foelicitatem, quod tu alter Georgius exoriaris qui musas tuas, et causam esse 
quoque mihi specialem, quod rem geram tuis auspiciis, quia sciz, tuus ille magnus avus, D. 
Gilbertum Graium avum meum ejusque fratrem Patricium, adeo humaniter benevoleque ex- 
ceperit et ilium Gymnasiarchae, hunc praeceptoris albo, in celebri tua Academia, inter varios 
quam meritissimos inseruerit, quodque tu me obstringere pergas, dum in eadem Regentis 
fungi officio permittis, quod licet non promerear, ingratus tamen videbor, nisi aliquo argu- 
mento quantumvis exiguo me tibi probarem. Digneris itaque (Nobiliss. Comes) Theses 
hasce nostras nominis tui splendore collustratas, libenti animo suscipere, cum desunt mihi 
alia grati animi specimina, quae tanto reponerem patrono. Vale Nobiliss. Comes. Deus 
op. max. te incolumem diu conservet, ad foelicitatem splendidissimae tuae familiae, Reip. 
utilitatem, et Academiae tuae bonum." 

The " Problemata " appended to Gray's Theses are : — 

" An detur vacuum ? 

" An mundus sit animatus ? . 


Franctscus Davidson, Patricius Cruikshank. 

Franciscus Ross.^ Patricius Gordon. 

Georgius Chalmer.* Patricius Ross. 

Gulielmus Irving.' Patricius Strachan. 

Gulielmus McKenzie. Robertus Murgie. 

lohannes Forbes. Thomas Alexander, 

lohannes Keith.* Thomas Cheyn. 

lohannes Lumsden. Tomas Melvil.] 
lohannes Menzies. 

Admissi in prima classe, anno 1670. 

Alexr. Cuming.^ Joa. Straqn." 

Alexr. Skene.** Robertus Udnie.^'-* 

Geo. Kethus." Samuel Sayer.^^ 
Gul. Anderson. 

Gul. Hay.8 Adamus Gordonus, Glenbuckett.^* 

Gul. Mortimer.^ Alexander Lesly, Pitcapel. 

Jac. Gordon. Alexr. Thomsone.^^ 

Jac. Lorimer.i<> Alexr. Walker. 

Jac. Lumsden. Archibaldus Douglas. 

Joa. Ardes [Allardes]. David Forbes. 

Joa. Gordon. Georgius Dalgardno.^^ 

Joa. Ogilvie. Georgius Gordon. 

" An omnis separatio animae a corpore sit mors ? 

" An sanguis sit ultimum corporis nutrimentum ? 

" An carnium esus sit homini naturalis ? 

" An lac in mammis mulierum conficiatur ex sanguine]? 

" An anima sit tota in toto, et tola in qualibet parte ? 

" An et quomodo per pulverem sympatheticum fiat vulnerum curatio ? 

" An fluxus et refluxus maris causa detur naturalis ? " 

1 Min., Renfrew. ^ ggh., Rothes ; min., Botriphnie. ' Min., Edzell. 

* Min., Stevenston. * Min., Moy. ' Ross b. ; s. of Gilb. S., burg. 

7 Of Crichie ; adv. in Abd., 1680. * Sch., Dunfermline, S. Leith ; min., Linton. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. M., late baillie. 

i» Regent; min., Kelso ; Prof, and D.D., St. And. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. S., burg. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Rob. U., couper burg. ; sch., Foveran ; min., Logic Buchan. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of late Sam. S., burg, 

"5th winner of the archery medal {supra, 1664). 

" S. of Mr. Rob. T., adv. ; under master. Gram. Sch., 1679. 

^" Min., Fyvie. 




Gullielmus Watsone. 
Henricus Panton, Boghol. 
Jo. Dauie.^ 
Jo. Forbes. 

Jo. Gordon, maj. 

Joannes Leith of Whythauch. 

Joannes Leslie. 

Patricius Byth. 

Sub praesidio Mri Robert! Pattersoune, admissi in prima classe, anno 

Alexander fforbes de Pitsligo, primus 

A. Fraser. 
Alexander Basken. 
Alexander Burnet.'^ 
Alexander Dunlop. 
Alexander Hepburne. 
Alexander Innes. 
Andreas Youngson.^ 
David Gregory.* 
David Lindsay.^ 
Georgius Hutcheson. 
Gulielmus Forbes.^ 
Gulielmus Thomson.''' 
Joannes Nairn. 
Joannes Paterson.^ 
Joannes Patrie. 
John Reid. 

Joannes Robertsone.^ 
Patricius Rhaedus.^^ 
Patricius Ross. 
Robertus Farqrson, Belsouer. 
Robertus Leith, Owerhall.^i 
Robertus Speid, Ardivie. 
Thomas Murray. 

Alex. Johnstoune. 
Alexander Ker. 
Al. McKenzie, major. 
Al. McKenzie, minor. 
Alexander Ross.^^ 
Carolus Hay. 
Georgius Chalmers. ^^ 
Georgius Herriott. 
Gulielmus Grahame. 
Gulielmus Longmuire. 
Gulielmus Moir. 
Gulielmus Thomsone, maj. 
Gu. Rosse of Ball Muckie. 
J. Fraserius. 
Jacobus Keith. 
Joannes Burnet. 
Joannes Dunlop. ^^ 
Johannes Gordon. ^^ 
Johannes Ruddach. 
Johannes Quhyte. 
Kennethus Mackenzie.- 
Murdochus McKenzie. 
Murdochus McKenzie de Ardrosse, 

1 Min., Stracathro. 2 Cargill b. ; s. of late Alex. B., Kilduthie. 

' Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. Y., chirurg. burg. ; Liddell tutor, 1675-77 ; min., Newburn. 

* M.A., Edin., 1683 ; M.A., M.D., Oxon., 1692 ; Prof, at Edin. and Oxon. (Vol. I., p. 203). 

* S. of Dav. L., V. 1642 ; min., Drumoak. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of late Alex. F., Brotherfield. 

7 Crombie b. ; s. of John T., burg. ; min., Tundergarth. 

8 Guild b. ; s. of Alex. P., armorer. '■> Min., Strathdon, 

i" Reid b. ; s. of Rob. R., Cluny. " Bk. of Bonaccord, p. 205. " Min., Botarie. 

" Min., Drumblade. ^* Min., Skene. 1* Bp. of Galloway ; dean pf Salisbury ; D.D., Oxon, 




Rob. Forbes. 
Rob. Martin. 
Rob. Moir. 
Robertus Ramsay. 

Thomas ffraser. 
Thomas Gordon. 
Thomas Mercer.^ 

[Students paying chamber maills in Session 1671-72. 

Lo. Pitsligo, £4. 

Laird of Cromartie and his man, 

£2 1 8s. 
Adam Gordon. 
Alexander Carre. 
Alexander Cummine. 
Alexander Leslie. 
Alexander Skeen. 
Archibald Douglas. 
David Forbes, £4 los. 
David Gregorie. 
David Lindsay. 

Franciscus Rosse and his brother, £^. 
Georgius Chamber. 
Georgius Dillgardin. 
Georg Gordone. 
George Hutcheon. 
Gulielmus Andersone. 
Gulielmus Mortimer. 
Gulielmus Watsone. 
Hendricus Pantone. 

Jacobus Lumsden. 
Johne Ardes. 
Johannes Burnet. 
John Forbes. 
John Forbes. 
John Gordon. 
John Leith, £6. 
John Leslie, major. 
Johannes Lumsden. 
Johne Robertsone, 26sh. 
Johne Strachane. 
Patricius Byth, 
Robertus Farquarson. 
Robertus Forbes. 
Robertus Leith. 
Robertus Martine. 
Robertus Speed. 
Robertus Udny, 
Samuel Syrs. 
Thomas Alexander. 
Thomas Melvill. 
Thomas Murray.] 

Jacobus Lorimer. 

Admissi in prima classe, anno doniini 1672. 

Alexr. Burnet. Henricus Duff.^ 

Alexander ffiddes. Jacobus Robertson.* 

Alexander Strachan. Ja. Walker. 

Andreas Burnet.^ Joannes Alexander. 

Georgius Burnet.' Joannes Anderson, Wastertoun. 

Georgius Gordon. Joannes Chalmer." 

Geo. [?] Innes. Joannes Gordoune of Embow.^ 

' S. of Mr. John M., min., Kinnellar ; of Todlaw (continuation of Row's Diary). 

'■* Holland b. ; Johnston div. b., 1677-78 ; s. of Jas. B., burg. ; min., Abdn. ; D.D. ; author. 

^ Apoth.-chirurg., Abd. * Liddell b. ; s. of late John D., litster. 

" Crombie b., 1672-75 ; s. of Wm. R., elder burg. ' Guild b. ; s. of Wm. C, clerk to trades. 

' 6th winner of archery medal. 




Joannes Watson. 
P. Duncan. 
Robertus Burnett. 
Ro. Irvin of Fornett. 
Walterus Smith. 

Alexander Paterson. 
Alexr. Leith. 
Alexr. Tulloh. 

[Names of students 
College buildings 
No. 2. 

Alexr. Irving. 
Alexr. Meldrum. 
Alexr. Williamson. 
Francis Ross. 
George Chalmer. 
Wm. Irwing. 

Alexr. Gumming. 
Al. Skene. 
Alexr. Thomsone. 
Al. Walker. 
Arch. Douglass. 
Da. fforbes. 
Daniell McLennane. 
George Keith. 
Gul. Hay. 
Gul. Mortimer. 
William Watson. 
Jac. Gordon. 

A. Basken. 
A. Dunlop. 
A. Fraser. 
Alexander Forbes. 

' Min., Dalgety. 
'^ Quaker author. 

Arthurus Forbes de Knockquharne. 

Georgius Gray.^ 

Hector Monro. 

Jacobus Swan. 

Joannes McKenzie. 

Jo. Vrqrt.2 

Petrus Duguid. 

Rob. Sandilands.3 

appended to an obligation not to damage the 
, etc., dated March, 1673. Ch. Ch., ** Discipline," 


Joannes Keythe. 
Joanes Lumsden. 
Pat. Straqn. 
Tho. Alexr. 
Tho. Melvill. 


Jac. Lorimer. 
Jacobus Lumsden. 
Joan. Allardes. 
Jo. Davie. 
Jo. fforbes. 
Joa. Leslie. 
Jo. Stachen. 
Pat. Byth.4 
Robertus Fraser. 
Rot. Vdnie. 
Sam. Sayeis. 


Alexr. Hepbrune. 
Alexr. Innes. 
Alexander Ker. 
Alexr. McKenzie. 

2 Min., Urquhart (Moray). 
* Sch., Aberdour. 





Alexr. Ross. 
And. Youngsone. 
Car. Hay. 
Dav. Gregory. 
Dav. Lindsay. 
Geo. Herri ot. 
Geo. Hutchsone. 
Gul. Forbes. 
Gull. Grahame. 
Gul. Longmuir. 
Gul. Moir. 

Gull. Thomsone, maj. 
Gul. Thomson, min. 
Hug. Rosse. 
Joa. Burnet. 
Joa. Dunlop. 
Joa. Fraserius. 

Joa. Gel lie. 
Joa. Gordon. 
Joa. Paterson. 
Joa. Robertsone. 
Jan. Ruddach. 
Ken. Mackenzie. 
Pat. Reid. 
Pat. Rosse. 
Rob. Farqr. 
Rob. Forbes. 
Rob. Martin, minor. 
Robertus Ramsay. 
Robertus Speid. 
Thomas ffrazer. 
Thomas Mercer. 
Thomas Murray. 

Alexr. Burnet. 
Alexr. ffides. 
Alexr. Strachan. 
And. Burnet. 
Georgius Gordon. 
Georgius Ogilvy. 
Georg. Burnet. 
Henricus DuflF. 
Jacobus Robertsone 
Jacobus Suan. 


Jacobus Walker. 
Joannes Alexander. 
Joannes Anderson. 
Joannes Chalmer. 
Joannes Gordone. 
Joannes Watson. 
Robertus Burnett. 
Rob. Irving. 
Thomas Gordone. 
Wal. Smith.] 

Omnibus et Singulis quorum interest S. P. D. 

Peracto nunc feriarum curriculo et musis philosophicis ad peramaenas 
et pristinas suas atque solitas sedes redeuntibus, Omnibus et 
singulis studiosis, qui animos suos literis excolere student, notum 
facimus, inclyti et celeberrimi lycaei Mareschallani apertas patere 
fores. Quapropter omnes illos quibus animus est prima graecarum 
literarum ponere tyrocinia rogatos habemus, vt ad predicti gym- 
nasij auditorium publicum accedant hora decima Calendis Octobris, 
vbi quecunque literaturae et humanitatis sperari possint officia ex- 
hibentur eosque ibidem amicissime expectabunt — G. P[eacock]. 

Datum a Collegio Marischallano quarto Non. Octob. anni erae Christi- 
anae supra millesimum sexcentesimum septuagesimi terti 




Admissi in prima classe, anno domini 1673, sub praeside et praecep- 
tore Magistro Georgio Peacock. 

Alexander Burnet. 

Alexander Donaldson.^ 

Alexr. Ritchie. 

Allanus Morison.^ 

Arthurus Forbes.^ 

David Ogilvie. 

Georgius Adam.* 

Georgius Caddell de Assuanly. 

Wiliam Chalmer.^ 

W. Keith.8 

Joannes Gordon. 

Robertus Donaldson. 

Robertus Forbes.'' 

Robertus Meldrum. 

Thomas Burnett.^ 

Thomas Mitchell.^ 

Alexander Forbes. 
Alexr. Watson. 
Geo. Gordon. 
Gilbertus Ramsay.^** 
Gilbertus Ramsay, minor." 
Gulielmus Black. 
Gulielmus Guthrie. 
Gulielmus McKra. 
Jacobus Basken. 
Jacobus Gray. 
Jacobus J affray. 
Johannes Backwell, Anglus. 
Johannes Gordon, minor. 
John Kerr. 
Johanes Leith. 
Johannes Skene.^^ 
Robertus Meldrum. 

Admissi in prima classe, anno 1674. 

Alexander George.^" 

Alexr. Gray.i* 

David Liddell. 

Gilbert Gordon.^^ 

Wiliam Forbes of Cragivare.^^ 

William Forbese o' ?. 

William Mill." 

William Souper. 

H. Forbes. 

Harie fforbes of Boinlie. 

Hugo Mackaile. 

Jacobus Leslie.i^ 

James Moir of Stony Vood.^^ 

Joannes Gordon of Brachlie. 

^ Holland b. ; s. of John D., elder burg. ^ Min., North Uist, Ness. 

3 Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. F., Finnersie. * Guild b. ; s. of Geo. A., weaver burg. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. John C, late town clerk ; min., Monzie, Muthil, etc. 

« Min., Keithhall. "^ Crombie b., 1673-76 ; s. of late Rob. F., burg. 

^ Regent. >* Of Thainston, provost, 1698, etc. 

1" Ross b. ; s. of Rob. R., merch. burg. ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1679 ; min., Dyce. 
" Rector of Christ Church, Barbadoes ; benefactor (Vol. I., 396, 412) ; portrait in pos- 
session of Univ. ^2 8th winner of the archery medal. 
^^ Guild b. ; s. of Wm. G., hammerman burg. " Min., Footdee. 
15 Crombie b. ; s. of late Walt. G., burg. i" 3rd hart. ; rector, 1720. 
1^ Cargill b. ; s, of Wm. M., burg. ** Min., Evie. 
1* 7th winner of archery medal. 




Jo. Jameson.* 

Peter Forbes. 

Robert Stewart of Newark. 

Alexr. Burnett. 

Al. Meldrum. 

Alexr. Thomson. 

Geo. Kinneir. 

Geo. McLeod. 

Ja. Monro.2 

J a. Stuart. 

Pat. Reid off Pittindreich. 

Tho. Clerk.3 

[Students paying graduation fees in 1678 : from Mr. Robert Paterson's 
Procuratory Accounts. 

Al. Burnet, ' . 
Al. Gray, 
Al. Hay, . 
Al. Thomson, . 
Allan Morisone, 
Geo. Chalmer,* 
Geo. Gray, 
James Leslie, . 

lib. sh. d. 

5 10 
7 6 
4 o 

6 12 

7 6 
12 13 
12 15 

Ja. Monroe, . 
Kenneth McKenzie, 
Ro. Cheyne, . 
Rod. McKenzie,* . 
Tho. Clerk, . 
Walter Smith,* 
Wm. Longmuire, . 
Wm. Milne, . 

Mr. Al. McKintosh, for seall, 























[Names of students arranged in Nations for election of a Rector in 
Session 1674-75. ^h* Ch-> " Rectors," No. i. 

Art Rosse. 
Da. Liddell. 
Geo. Kinneir. 
Gil. Ramsay, maj. 
Gul. Guthrie. 

Al. Burnet 
Al. Dunlap. 
An. Youngson. 
Dav. Gregorie. 
Dav. Lindsay. 
Geo. Chamber. 
Gul. Forbes. 


Hug. Mackell. 
J a. Walker. 
Joa. Bacwell. 
Joa. Gordoune. 


Gul. Moir. 
Gul. Thomsone. 
Joa. Dunlap. 
Joa. Gordoune. 
Joa. Pattersoune. 
Joa. Reid. 
Joa. Robertsoune. 

1 Ross b. ; 8. of late John J., burg. * Min., Dunnet. 

' Min., Ardrossan. * Private graduation. 




Pat. Reid. 
Tho. Murray. 

Al. Burnett. 
Al. Davidsoune. 
An. Burnett. 
Arth. Forbes. 
Geo. Burnett. 
Geo. Innes. 
Hen. Duff. 
Jac. Ro*sone. 
Jac. Swan. 
Joa. Alexr. 
Joa. Andersoune. 
Joa. Chamber. 
Pat. Dukid. 
Pat. Duncan. 
Rob. Sandilands. 
Tho. Gordoune. 

Al, Donaldsone. 
Al, Forbes. 
Al. Watsoune. 
Arth. Forbes. 
Geo. Adame. 
Gil. Ramsay, mi, 
Gul, Black. 

Al, Forbes. 
Al. Hebron. 
Al. Pattersoun. 
All, Morisoune. 
Geo. Gordoune. 
Hen. Forbes. 

Al. Carre. 
Al. Fraser. 

Jac. Basken. 
Jac. Gray. 
Jac. J affray. 
Jac. Thomsoun. 
Joa. Forbes. 
Joa. Gordoun. 
Joa. Skein. 
Rob, Donaldsoune. 
Rob, Forbes, 
Tho, Burnett. 
Tho, Mitchell. 

Al. Burnett. 
Al, Gray, 
Al. George. 
Al. Thomsoune. 
Gil. Gordoun. 
Gul. Forbes, maj. 
Gul. Forbes, mi, 
Gul, Mill, 
Gul, Supper, 
Jac. Leslie. 
Jac. Moir, 
Joa, Leyth. 
Rob, Meldrum. 
Tho. Divie, 


Joa, Forbes, 
Joa. Quhit. 
Pat, Forbes, 
Robt, Ramsay, 
Tho, Gordoune. 


Al. Mackengzie, maj.^ 
Al. Mackengzie, mi.^ 

Min., Lochcarron. 

2 Min., Newtyle. 




Al. Morisoune. , 

Al. Rosse. 

AI. Tulloch. 

Bernardus Mackengzie.^ 

Geo. Caddell. 

Gul. Keyth. 

Gul. Mackraw. 

Hug. Rosse. 

Jac Mackengzie. 

Jac. Stewart 

Admissi in prima 

Alexander Hay. 

Carolus Whyt. 

Gulielmus Duglas.^ 

Gulielmus Forbes of Monymusk. 

Gulielmus Kinneir.^ 

Jacobus Donaldson. 

Jacobus Mar.* 

Johannes Arbuthnott, a Caterline. 

Richardus Maitland.^ 

Robertus Grant. 

Robertus Strachan.^ 

Al. Cuming. 

Alexander Fergusson. 

Alexr. Innes. 

Alex^ Stewart. 

Joa. Carre. 
Joa. Gordoune, mL 
Joa. Kinloch. 
Joa. McKengzie. 
Joa. Vrquhart. 
Ken. Mackengzie. 
Ken. McKengzie. 
Mor. Mackengzie. 
Rob. Stewart. 
Tho. Fraser.] 

classe, anno 1675. 
Andreas Wood of Balbegno. 
Calenus McKenzie. 
Carolus Blenshell.'^ 
Carolus Rose.^ 
David Fergusson. 
Don. Forbes. 
Gulielmus Dallas. 
Jacobus Ogilvie, frater [Walteri]. 
James Ramsay. 
John Innes. 
Joannes Leslie.^ 
John Logan e. 
Patricius Catanach. 
Patricius Ogilvie.^* 
Walterus Ogilvie, dom. de Deskford.*^ 

[1676.] 12 

Gilbertus Melvill." 
Jacobus Grieve. 
s. of late Mr. Wm. D., min., Uig. 

David Meldrum. 
Georgius Gordon.^^ 

* Min., Cromarty, * Crombie b. 
' Reid b. ; s. of Adam K., mercht. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of late Wm. M., mercht. ; min., New Abbey. ^ Episc. min., Aberd. 
" Crombie b., 1675-78; s. of late Mr. Alex. S., mast, of Gram. Sch. 

' Guild b. ; s. of Geo. B., tailor burg. ^ Min., Crailing. 
" Liddell b., 1676-79 ; Liddell tutor, 1679-80. 

^" Aftds. Sir P. O. of Boyne. " 9th winner of archery medal. 

^2 This list appears to be incomplete. The T. C. Reg. supplies the names of other two 
entrants in 1676 :— Alexander Marr, Reid b., s. of Wm. M., Banchory; James Troup, Cargill 
b., s. of late Wm. T., Balnacrage ; under mast., Gram. Sch., 1682. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Mark G. " Min., Arngask, Glendevon. 




Jacobus Ogilvie. 
Johannes Forbes. 
Robertas Cuming.^ 
Robertus Forbes. 

Samuel Mitchell. 
Thomas Burnet.^ 
Thomas Burnet, 
Tho. ffulartoune.^ 

Keith, Lord Keith. 
Ro. Arbuthnott, Master of Arbuthnott* Gulielmus Rolland. 

Alexander Burnett.^ 

Alexander Dalgarno. 

Alex. Gordone. 

Alexander Hunter of Mourhouse. 

Alexander Mitchell. 

Alexander Strachane. 

Alexr. Wilson. 

And. Forbes.^ 

David Barcklay. 

David Rait. 

David Ramsay. 

David Watson. 

Geo. Irvine. 

Georgius Leslie. 

Gulielmus Forbes. 

Gulielmus Gordon. 

Gulielmus Gordon, minor. 

Gulielmus Ritchie.'^ 

Gul. Steuart. 
Hugo Dallas. 
Jacobus Gordone, major. 
Jacobus Gordon, minor. 
Jacobus Mill. 
Jacobus Rolland.^ 
Janes Gordon, major. 
Joannes Gordone, minor. 
Joannes Keith. 
Joannes Menzies. 
Joannes Moire. ^ 
Joannes Mouat. 
Joannes Sim. 
Kennethus Mackenzie. 
Robertus Strachan. 
Robertus Thomson.^^ 
Simon Fraser. 

[Students paying chamber maills in Session 1677-78:^1 from Mr. 
Robert Paterson's Procuratory Accounts. 
My lo. Inverurie,i2 ^u 12s. Cragivar's son, Menzies, Campbphell, 

The mr. of Arbuthnot, £1 1 4s. and their governor, £"6. 

1 Min., Riccarton. 2 Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. B., mercht. 

* M.A., King's Coll., 1680 ; of Gallery and Thornton ; min., Westray. 

* Aftds. 3rd Viscount A. 

^ Crombie b., 1677-80 ; s. of — B. of Sauchin ; min., Crossmichael, Edinburgh. 

^ Ross b. ; Johnston div. b., 1681-85 ; s. of Thos. F., master of Eng. sch. 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. Walt. R., late min., Forbes. ^ Yr. of Disblair. 

9 Adv., Edin. ; Civilist, King's Coll., i68g. 
10 Cargill b. ; s. of late Gilb. T., mercht. 

" The Class is noted only occasionally. The payment, except where otherwise stated, 
is £i 10s. Scots. 

^^ Eleventh winner of the archery medal. 


Monimusk, £n 12s. Jo". Keith, 2nd cl. 

Mr. And. Burnet, the two Gord., and Jo". Keith, ist cl. 


John More, £6. 
The two Hollands, £3. 
Al. Cuming, maj. 
Al. Thomsone. 
Alexr. Innes. 
Charles Blinshell. 
Coline McKenzie, £2 los. 
Dav. Meldrum. 
Donald Forbes. 
Geo. Leslie. 
Geo. McCloud. 
Gilb. Melvill. 
James Milne. 
Jo". Campbell. 
Jo". Forbes, 4th cl. 
Jo". Hunter. 
Jo". Innes. 

Alexr. Anderson.^ 

Alexr. Forbes. 

Geo. Cruickshank. 

Gul. Inglis. 

Gul. Ray.2 

Jac. Chalmers. 

J a. Farqr. 

Jac. Smith. 

Joa. Cuming, Achry. 

Joa. Dallas. 

John McPhersone.^ 

John Udny of that Ilk.* 

Pat. Kempe. 

Rob. Burnet.^ 

Robt. Dallas. 

Tho. Paip." 

Jo". Ker. 
Jo". Logan. 
Jo". Stewart. 
Rich. Maitland. 
Rod. McKenzie. 
Ro. Campbell. 
Ro. Farquhar. 
Ro'. Keith. 
Ro'. Stewart. 
Sam. Mitchell. 
Tho. Burnet, 2nd cl. 
Tho. Burnet, min. 
Tho. Clerk. 
Wm. Dallas. 
Wm. Forbes, ist cl. 
Wm. Milne. 
[Wm.] Ritchie, istcl.] 

Alex. Skene of Skene. 

Car. Dallas. 

Geo. Gordone. 

Geo. Skene. 

Hugo Ross.'^ 

Joannes Fraser. 

Joannes Gordon. 

Johannes Gordoune de Edenglassie. 

Joannes Grant. 

Lach. McPherson. 

Samuel Midletone.^ 

Tho. Fraser. 

Tho. Gordone. ** 

Tho. Ogilvie.i" 

^ Cargill b., 1678-80 ; s. of Pat. A., burg. '^ Cargill b., 1680-82 ; s. of Jas. R., burg. 
' Sch., Thurso ; min., Farr. * Tenth winner of archery medal ; M.P. for Abdsh. 

* Crombie b., 1678-80; s. of James B. Pittenkeerie. * Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. P., burg. 
' Min., Criech. *• Milne b. (Vol. I., p. 316), 1679-82. 

•OfLonmay; M.D. '•• Min., Strathmartin, Coupar-Angus. 


[Magistrands of 1681-82 paying chamber maills (Proc. Accts.).i 
Jo. Gordon. Wm. Meldrum. 

Ro. Dallas. 

Receaved for the seall, etc. 

lib. sh. d. 
Mr. Ang. M«=''Pherson 568 

Mr. Arth. Dalgardnoe . .. . . . . . 400 

Mr. Ja. Ogilvie for bibliotheck and mace . . . . . 4 12 o 

Mr. Ro. Keith for privat grad., bibl. and mace . . . . 7180 

Mr. Ro. Stewart . . . .. .. . . 400 

(Nota. His father rests by promise 7 lib.) 

Mr. Wm. Kinneir by condescendence . . . . . i 10 o 

Mr. Dunlap . . . . . . . . . . 400] 

Admissi in prima classe, anno 1680 [sess. 1679-80]. M. Ja. Lorimer. 
Alexander Leslie. Joannes Forbes. 

Alexr. McCondachie. Joannes Forbes, minor. 

Alexander Still.^ Joannes Gellen.^ 

Alexr. Walker. Jo. Gordone, Halhead. 

Andreas Mitchell. Jo. Irvine, Kincausie. 

Archibaldus Grant. Joannes Keith. 

Carolus Gordon.^ Joannes Leslie. 

Georgius Burnet, Alrake. Pat. Dunbreck. 

Georgius Gordon of Aradoul. Pat. Grant, sicut antea Rothemurkes. 

Georgius Leslie. Robertus Burnet.'^ 

Georgius Skeine.* Ro. Gordon. 

Gulielmus Forrest.^ Rob. Sharp. 

Gul. Jameson. Robertus Smith. 

Gulielmus Thores of Muiresk. Samuel Herlichius, Polonus.^ 

Jacobus Burnet. Thomas Forbes, Watterton. 

Jacobus Elphinston, Wartle. Thomas Jaffray, Dilsproe. 

Jacobus Ogilvie. Walter Ogilvie, Ardoch. 

^ For the first time the payers of chamber maills are arranged in classes. See infra for 
tertians, semis, and bajans. 

^ Johnston div. b., 1685-88 ; s. of Alex. S., tailor burg. 
' Cargill b. ; s. of John G. of Comrie ; benefactor, I., 419. 
* Min., Kinkell ; father of Francis S., regent, 
^ Milne b., 1679-82 ; s. of Wm. F., Bridgend of Cruden. 
^ Guild b. ; s. of John G., flesher ; Episc. min., Edin. ; author. 
7 Reid b, ; s. of And. B. « Student of divinity, 1682-83, T. C. Reg., Ivii., 27. 





[Tertians of 1681-82 paying chamber maills (Proc. Accts.). 

" Aradoul," and Governour. Jo. Gellen. 

" Watterton." Jo. Gordon. 

Alexr. Walker. Ro. Burnet. 

And. Mitchell. Rob. Sharp. 
Geo. Skene. 

Magistrands of 1682-83 paying chamber maills. 

Alexr. Still. Rob. Sharp. 

Alexr. Walker. Rob. Smith. 

Andrew Mitchell.^ William Jamesone. 
Rob. Burnett. 

Moneys receaved at publict and privat graduations as follows : — 

lib. sh. d. 
Alexr. McOnachie, having got his ticket for the rest, only . . 300 

Alexr. Still,2 4 12 o 

Alexr. Walker,^ . . . . . . . . . . 4 12 o 

Charles Dallas, for all by the princl's order, . . . . 6 13 4 

Charles Gordone, . . . . . . . . . 400 

Mr. David Watson,* for his privat graduation, bibliotheck and 

maisse, . . . . . . . . . . 7190 

Mr. George Irvine, for privat graduation, bibliotheck and maisse, 7 19 o 
Heugh Dallas, for bibliotheck and maisse, having got his ticket 

for privat graduation, . . . . . . . . 4120 

Johne Mowat, for privat graduation, bibliotheck and maisse, . 7 18 8 
Patrick Dumbreck,^ being poor, for all, . . . . . 700 

Rob. Burnett, . . . . . . . . . . 4120 

Rob. Dallas, ..........400 

Rob. Sharp, for bibliotheck and maisse, . . . . . 4 12 o 

Rob. Smith, 4120 

William Jamesone, 4120 

Receaved for testificats as follows : — 

Mr. Johne Reith, 400 

Mr. Monro, 400] 

* Son of Thos. M., late baillie ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1684. 

' Sch., Duffus ; Episc. min., Aberd. * Of Slipperfield ; sch., Lynton ; min., Kirkurd. 

* Of Corslet and Haddo. « Preacher, Aberd. {Poll book). 




Admissi in classe prima, anno 1681 
Alexander Ross. 
Ang. McPhersone. 
Ar. Sinclare de Scallan. 
David Rickart. 
Geo. Dunbar. 
Georgius Duncan. 
Georgius Simsone.^ 
Gideon Guthre.'^ 
Gilbertus Black. 
Gulielmus Crichtone.^ 

[sess. i68o-8i]. M. Jo. Pattoune. 

Gulielmus Forbes. 

Gul. Gordone. 

Jacobus Gregorie. 

Jacobus LiddelL* 

Jacobus Watsone.^ 

Johanes Innes. 

Joannes Petroselinus, Pannonus.^ 

Mattheus Lumsden. 

Thomas Forbes.^ 

[Semis of 1681-82 paying chamber maills (Proc. Accts.). 
Alexr. Simb. Gil. Black. 

Arth. Sinclare. Ja. Liddell. 

Da. Huiston. Ja. Watson. 

Da. Rickart. 

Tertians of 1682-83 paying chamber maills. 
Angus McPherson. Gilbert Black. 

David Rickart. James Liddell. 

George Dumbar. James Watsone. 

Magistrands of 1683-84 paying chamber maills. 

David Huiston. 
Geo. Dunbare. 
Gideon Guthrie. 

Gilbert Blak. 
James Liddle. 
James Watson. 

lib. sh. 


4 12 

4 12 

4 12 

4 12 


Receaved at the Graduation. 
Gideon Guthrie, for bibliotheck and mace, 
James Watson, for bibliotheck and mace, 
Geo. Dumbare, ..... 
Geo. Duncan,^ ..... 
Gilbert Blake,^ to the mace, 

Tickets from the rest.] 

1 Gumming b. (Vol. I., p. 320) ; s. of Walt. S., Turriff. 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Harie G. of Hakertoune ; min., Glenmuick, Fetteresso ; Episc. min. 
Brechin ; father of the historian (not M.A., Edin., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

* Reid b., 1680-82 ; s. of Jas. C. of Auchintender. 

* Liddel b. ; s. of Jas. L., merch. burg. "> Rolland div. b., 1687-9. 
« Student of divinity, 1682-83, T. C. Reg., Ivii., 27. 

' Crombie b., 1680-82 ; s. of Rob. F., burg. 

8 Min., Walls, Zetland (not M.A., Edin., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

' Son of Gilb. B., late baillie ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1684. 


Admissi in classe prima, anno 1681, Octr. M. G. Peacock. 

Geo. Gordone, c. Joannes Raitt 

Geo. Liddell, c.^ Joannes Ramsay, c. 

Geo. Sharp, c. John Ross, c. 

Gilbertus Leslie, c. Mil. Ross. 

Gulielmus Forbes, Corsinday, c. Patrick Gordon, c* 

Gulielmus Philp, c. Rob. Barclay. 

Joannes Anderson, c.^ Rob. Montgomry. 

Joannes Moir, c.^ Rob. Seton. 

Joannes Mitchell, c. Wal. Melvill, c.^ 

[Those marked c paid chamber maills (James Lorimer's Proc. Accts., 

1681-82), as did also in subsequent years: — 

Semis of 1682-83 Paying chamber maills. 

Alexr. Carnegie. Johne Mitchell. 

Alexr. Douglas. Johne Moir. 

Alexr. Ritchie.^ Johne Ochterlonie. 

Charles Bissett. Johne Rait. 

David Urchart. Johne Ramsay. 

George Gordon. Johne Rosse. 

George Liddell. Pat. Gordone. 

George Sharp. Rob. Barclay. 

George Stewart. . Rob. Seaton. 

Gilbert Leslie. Thomas Forbes. 

James Carnegie. Walter Melvill. 

James Gregorie. William Forbes, Watertoune. 

Johne Arbuthnot William Philp. 

Johne Gordon. William Stewart. 

Tertians of 1683-84 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Carneggie. Geo. Stuart. 

Alexr. Richie. Gilbert Leslie. 

Charles Bisset. James Carneggie. 

Geo. Liddle. Ja. Gregorie. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Prof. Duncan L. ; Liddell tutor, 1685-87 ; Prof, of Maths., 1687. 
' Crombie b., 1681-83 *. s. of Hugh A. 

• Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. M., smith; sch., Wemyss ; min., Simprim. 

* Crombie b., 1681-84 ! s. of John G., yr., merch. burg. 

» Ross b. ; s. of Walt. M., goldsmith burg. « Melvill b. (Vol. I., p. 323). 

Pti:TtGTr3'Ajrp'*j\'Ann.inlSans tHwq! 




John Arbuthnot. Rob. Barkely. 

John Mitchell. Thomas Forbes. 

John More. Walter Melvill. 

John Ouchterlouny. Wm. Forbes. 

John Raet. Wm. Philp. 
Johne Rose. 

Magistrands of 1684-85 paying chamber maills, 

Alexander Carnegie. John Moir. 

George Sharpe. John Raitt. 

Gilbert Leslie. Tho. Forbes. 

Ja. Carnegie. Walter Melvill. 

John Arbuthnott. William Stewart.^ 
Jo. Auchterlawny. 

To the bibliotheck and mace (£4 12s. od. each). 
Alexr. Carnegie. John Auchterlounie.^ 

Geo. Gordon. John Moir. 

Gilb. Leslie. Jo. Raitt. 

Ja. Carnegie. Rob. Barclay. 

John Arbuthnot.2 Thomas Forbes. 

lib. sh. d. 
Seall to Mr. Thomas Gordon's testificat, . . . . . 400 

' Min., Kiltearn, Inverness. 

- The friend of Pope and Swift. M.D., St. And., 1696. Portrait by Robinson in 
Scot. Nat. Portr. Gallery, reproduced in the great window, Mitchell Hall, and in this volume. 
{Memoir by Aitken. Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

3 Of Flemington ; min., Aberlemno ; Bp. Brechin, 

SESSIONS 1682-83 TO 1699-1700.1 

1682 86. 

Alex. Guthrie ; Milne b. ; s. of Hercules G., wright. 
Alex. Moir ; Crombie b. ; s. of John M., burg. 
And. Gray ; Guild b. ; s. of late Thos, G., wright. 
Jas. Fraser ; Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. F., Hattoune. 
Pat. Thomsone ; Ross b. ; s. of Mr. Rob. T., adv. 
Wm. Leslie ; Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. L., mercht. 

Bajans of 1682-83 paying chamber maills. 

Munie's two sons and thr. governour. James Davidson. 

Alexr. Guthrie. James Farquhar. 

Alexr. Leslie. James Fraser. 

Alexr. Moir, maj. Patrick Thomson. 

Alexr. Moir, min. Tho. Bacon. 

Andrew Rosse. Will. Gartcomb. 
Geo. Rithe. 

Semis of 1683-84 paying chamber maills. 

Bonamine [Balnamoon]. Geo. Rose. 

The Laird of Eagle [Edzell]. Gul. Gatecomb. 

The two Maitlands. James Farquhar.^ 

The three Nairnes. Jacobus Fraser. 

Al. Guthrie. Jac. Milne.* 

Alexr. Leslie. John Abernethie. 

Alex. More, major... Pat. Thomson. 

Alex. More, minor. Rot. Strachan. 

Alexr. Pyper.2 Tho. Bacone. 

Geo. Reith. [Wm.] Couts. 

^ The list of the bajans of 1681-82 is the last in Album I. The first in Album II. is that of 
the magistrands of 1701-2. For the sixteen intervening classes we have only the information 
that can be gleaned from the annual payments for chamber maills, from the few extant theses 
(1687, i68g, 1693, 1697, 1699, 1700), from the Registers of the Town Council and of the In- 
corporated Trades, and from lists, preserved in the Grammar School, of boys " going to the 
Colledge ". 

2 Mercht., Aberd. {Poll book). » Min., Tyrie, Nigg. 

* Min., Lerwick ; father of John M., the diarist. 





Tertians of 1684-85 paying chamber maills. 
Balnomoon.^ Jo. Gray. 

Edzell.2 Pat. Thomson. 

Alexr. Moir, maj.^ Rob. Straquhan. 

Alexr. Moir, min. Wm. Coutts. 

J a. Eraser. 

Magistrands of 1685-86 : chamber maills, bibliotheck and mace money. 

lib. sk. d. 



Alexr. Guthrie, . . . . 

John Ramsay, for privat grad., bibliotheck and mace. 

And. Ross, for bibliotheck and mace, . 

George Ross, do. . . . 

James Frazer, do. 

John Mitchell, for bibl., privat grad. and seal money, 
Patrick Thomson, for bibliotheck and mace,^ 
Thomas J affray, for bibl., privat grad. and seal money, 
Dr. [Thos.] Bacon, for privat grad., bibl. and mace, and ane 
year's ch. maills,'^ ....... 

Mr. [Thos.] Chatfield, for bibl., privat grad. and seal money, 

























And. Milne ; Milne b. ; s. of late James M., mercht. burg. 

Chas. Largoe ; Cargill b. ; Rolland div. b., 1689-90; s. of late Neil L., burg. 

R, Lesly ; Rolland b. 

Rob. Jamieson ; Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. J., weaver burg. 

Bajans of 1683-84 paying chamber maills. 

Monimusk's sone and man. 

— Jamieson. 

Alexander Blackburn. 

Carolus Larg. 

Geo. Monro and his servant. 

Isaack Fullartoun. 

Jacobus Milne. 
John Duffe. 
Thomas Burnet. 
Wm. Keith. 
Wm. Mitchell. 

^ Pays £6. 2 Pays £11 4s. * Regent. ^ Alex. Carnegie ; laird, 1700. 

^ David, last Lindsay of Edzell. * Under mast., Gram. Sch. ; deprived, 1717. 

7 Mansfield ; M.D., King's Coll., 1685. 


Alexr. Jameson. 
David Ogilvie. 
Is. Foulertoune 
John Coutts. 
Pat Straquhan. 
Pet Jameson. 


Semis of 1684-85 paying chamber maills. 
Rob. Arbuthnott 
Rob. Forbes. 
Rob. Jamesone. 
Tho. Burnett 
Wm. Mitchell. 


Tertians of 1685-86 paying chamber maills. 
Rob. Arbuthnet 
Robert Forbes and his servant. 
Robert Jamison. 
Thomas Barnet. 
William Innes. 
William Jamison. 

Andrew Milne. 
Ch. Irving. 
David Ogilvie. 
George Monro. 
Isaac Foulertoun. 
James Cruickshank. 
Patrick Jamison. 

Magistrands of 1686-87 paying chamber maills. 
Andrew Miln. Rob. Jameson. 

Charles Largo. Rob. Ross. 

Robert Forbes and his man. Thomas Burnet. 

Adolescentes Lauree Magisterialis Candidati 

Praeside Roberto 

Ketho . . . 
Abraham Davidson. 
Alexander Arbuthnott. 
Alexander Christie. 
Alexander Jameson. 
Alexander Youngson.^ 
Andreas Fraser. 
Andreas Lawson. 
Andreas Milne. 
Arthurus Birnie.^ 
Arthurus Sympson. 
Carolus Irvine. 
Carolus Lergo. 

ad diem 23 Junii . . , 1687.^ 

Carolus Maitland. 

David Hendrie, 

D. David Ogilvie de Barras.* 

David Shivez. 

Georgius lohnston. 

Georgius Leith. 

D. Georgius Monroe de Newmore. 

Gulielmus Cheapland. 

Gulielmus Cumming.^ 

Gulielmus Dingwall.^ 

Gulielmus Falconar.'^ 

Gulielmus Innes.^ 

^ From the printed Theses of 1687 in the Bodleian Library, dedicated to Sir George 
Lockhart of Carnwarth, Bart., '* literarum et literatorum fautori propensissimo ". 

* Min., Kirkwall. ^ Sch., Kilwinning; min., Douglas. * Third hart. 

* Min., Caterline. ^ First laird of Brucklay of the name. 
' Min., Kelton. * Min., Carnock, Thurso. 




Gulielmus lohnston.^ 
Gulielmus Keith, major. 
Gulielmus Keith, minor. 
Gulielmus Leslie, major.^ 
Gulielmus Leslie, minor.^ 
Guliemus [sic] Ligertwood, 
Gulielmus Mitchell.* 
Jacobus Anderson.^ 
Jacobus Cruickshank. 
Jacobus Dowglas de Tilwhillie. 
Jacobus Philp. 
Jacobus Seton. 
Jacobus Watt. 

D. loannes AUardes de eodem. 
loannes Barclay, 
loannes Benzie, 
loannes Burnet, 
loannes Carnegie.'^ 

loannes Couts. 

loannes Duff. 

loannes Falconar.^ 

loannes Laing. 

loannes Maitland. 

loannes Ross. 

Isaac Fullarton. 

Patricius Gordon. 

Patricius Straquhan. 

Patricius Jameson. 

Robertus Arbuthnott.^ 

Robertus Jameson. 

Robertus Forbes, f. D. de M[ony- 

musk] . 
Robertus Leslie. 
Robertus Rose. 
Thomas Burnet.^'' 

Thomas Chatfeild, Anglus.^^ 


Alex. Anderson ; Melvill b. 

Alex. Blackburne ; Cargill b. ; s. of late Wm. B., wright. 

Fras. Milne ; Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. M., Benholm. 

Jas. Crombie; Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. C, Glashea. 

Jas, Muirsone ; Gumming b. 

John Liddell ; Liddell b. ; s. of John L., baillie, Brechin. 

Thos. Melvill ; Reid b., 1684-87 ; s. of Capt. Geo. M., burg. 

Wm. Gellan ; Guild b. ; s. of John G., elder, flesher burg. 

Wm. Robertson ; Rolland b., Johnston div. b., 1690-91 ; s. of late Wm. R. 

And. Simmer. 
Arth. Simpsone. 
Francis Milne. 
Ja. Douglass. 
Ja. Murison. 

Bajans of 1684-85 paying chamber maills. 
Jo. Gentlman. . 
Wm. Keith. 
Wm. Ross. 
Wm. Robertsone. 

^ Sch., Kemnay; min., Auchindoir, Premnay. ^ Min., Kemnay, etc. '•' Min., Tough. 
* Min,, Kearn, New Machar. * Johnston div. b., 1698-1701 ; Min., Cluny. 

^ Son of Sir John A. ; see 1656. '' Incorp. M.A., Oxon., 1696. * Episc. min., Cairnbee. 
' Banker, Paris ; brother of Dr. John A. i" Adv. in Aberd., i6gi. 

" Rector of Balcombe, Sussex, 



Alexr. Anderson.^ 
Alexr. Blackburn. 
David Tyrie. 
[Ewin] Mackay. 
Francis Miln. 
George Garden. 


Semis of 1685-86 paying chamber maills. 
James Baird. 
James Crombie. 
John Gentlman. 
John Grawnt. 
Thomas Wallace. 
Will. Thomson. 


Alexr. Anderson. 
Alexr. Blackburn. 
David Tyrie. 
Ewin Mackay. 
Francis Miln. 

Tertians of 1686-87 paying chamber maills. 
James Baird. 
James Murison. 
John Grant. 
Rob. Leslie. 

Magistrands of 1687-88 paying chamber maills. 

Auchmedden and his man. James Muirson. 

Alexr. Blackburn. John Gentlman. 

Alexr. Mitchell. John Liddel. 

Androw Lyall. Robert Leslie and his brother [James]. 

Evin McKay. Robert Steuart. 

Francis Milne. William Balnevis. 

George Gairn. William Robertson. 

James Allan. William Thomson. 

Receaved at the graduation. 

lib. sh. d. 

lib. sh, d. 

Auchmedden [Jas. Baird] 4120 

John Gentilman, . . 

. 7 18 8 

Alexr. Mitchell,^ .... 7 18 8 

John Liddel,^ . . . 


Androw Lyall, 


Robert Leslie, . . . 


Evin McKay,^ . . 


Robert Steuart,^ . . 


Francis Milne, 


William Balnevies, 


George Garden, . . 


William Robertson, . 


James Allan,* . . 

. 4 12 

William Ross, . . . 


James Leslie, . . 

7 18 8 

William Thomson, 


James Morison,^ . 

5 16 


1 Min., Duffus ; M.D., King's Coll., 1719. 2 Min., Belhelvie, Old Machar. 

3 Min., Clyne. * Min., Rothes. ^ Min., Garvock. 

• Episc. min., Brechin. ' Provost, 1714, etc. ; father pf Prof. John S, 


lib. sh. d. 
Alexr. Leslie (3rd class, priv. grad.), .768 

lib. sh. d. 

Seall to Rahdoo's testificat, 400 

Seall to Mr. Burnett's do do. 

Seall to Mr. Forbes' do do. 

Seall to Mr. Dallas' do do. 

Alex. Lindsay; Rolland b. ; s. of John L., late of Tyrie. 
Alex. Thomson; Cargill b., Rolland div. b., 1690-92, Johnston div. b., 1692- 

94 ; s. of Alex. T., skipper. 
John Ross ; Ross b. ; s. of Geo. R., pewterer. 
Rob. Watsone; Crombie b., 1685-86; s. of late Alex. W., mercht. 
Thos. Melvill; Liddell b. ; s. of late Wm. M., adv. 

Bajans of 1685-86 paying chamber maills. 

Sr. John Keith.^ John Webster. 

Alexr. Gumming. Pat. Gellie.^ 

Alexr. Farqr. Patrick Robertson. 

Alexr. Irvine, maj. Patrick Scott. 

Alexr. Irvine, min. Robert Burnet. 

Alexr. Leslie. Robert Gordon and his servant, Rob. 
Archbald Carnegie. Blinshell. 

Gilbert Skeen. Robert Scott. 

James Horn. Robert Watson. 

James Irving. Thomas Burnet. 

James Seaton. Thomas Burnet. 
John Carnegie. 

Semis of 1686-87 P^yi"g chamber maills. 
Yearl of Kintore's children.^ 

Sr. John Keith. 1 John Ross. 

Alexr. Cuming. Pat. Gellie. 

Alexr. Farqr. Patrfck Robertson. 

Alexr. Irvine. Patrick Scott. 

Alexr. Ross. Rob. Burnet. 

Alexr. Thomson, minor. Rob. Scott. 

James Horn. Thomas Burnet, major. 

James Irvine. Thomas Burnet. 

John Moir. Thomas Kinnier. 

John Rickart. William Gray. 

"^ Pays £6. 2 Mercht., Aberd. ^ Pay ^11 12s. 


Tertians of 1687-88 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Thomson. James Paterson. 

David Rickart. Thomas Alexr. 

Magistrands of 1688-89 paying chamber maills. 
See infra, 1688-92. 
Adolescentes Laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Praeside Georgio 
Peacock ... ad diem 23 Maii . . . i68g.^ 
Alexander Farquhar. Jacobus Irving. 

Alexander Lindsay. Jacobus Maitland.* 

Alexander Rose. loannes Carnegie.^ 

Alexander Thomson, maj. loannes Moir. 

Alexander Thomson, min.^ loannes Rose, maj. 

Alexander Walker. loannes Rose, min, 

Georgius Ellies.* Patricius Robertson. 

Georgius Gordon. Patricius Scot. 

Gulielmus Angus. Robertus Blenshell.^ 

Gulielmus Chessor. Robertus Gordon.^ 

Gulielmus Davidson. Robertus Reid. 

Gulielmus Gray de Hauckerstoun. Robertus Scot. 

Henricus Farquhar. Thomas Alexander. 

Jacobus Clerk.* Thomas Kinneir.^ 

Jacobus Horn. Thomas Melvill. 

Among those named as graduating in the Proc. Accts. are Charles Bisset 
and William Sandisone. John Carnegie is styled " Pitarroe's son," and one 
of the John Rosses, " son to George Ross, pewterer ". 


Alex. Symmer ; Reid b. ; s. of Pat. S., Torie. 

Duncan Liddell ; Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. L. 

Geo. Burnet ; Rolland b. ; s. of Alex. B., Dean of Guild. 

Geo. Cumeing ; Milne b. ; s, of Rob. C, Glenrinnes. 

Rob. Burnet; Cargill b. ; s. of late Thos. B., burg. 

Wm. Chessour ; Crombie b., i686-8g, Rolland div. b., 1692-94. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1689 in the Bodleian Library, dedicated to Robert, Viscount 
Arbuthnott, " musarum fautori propensissimo ". 

^ Min., Fintray. * Of Knockleith ; ancestor of Ellice of Invergarry. 

* Min., Innerwick, Dirleton, Glasgow; author. ' Min., Inverkeithny. 

« Min,, Fetlar. ' Sch., Keith. 

' Founder of Gordon's Hospital, now Gordon's College. ^ Min., Echt. 




Bajans of 1686-87 Paying chamber maills. 
Will. Leslie. 

paying chamber maills. 

Patrick Farqrson and his brother 

Robert Burnett. 
Thomas Leslie. 

— Grant. 
Ro. Burnet. 

Semis of 1687 

Alexr. Summer. 
Ar. Edgeworth. 
George Burnett. 
George Gumming. 
John Gordon. 

Tertians of i688-8g paying chamber maills. 
See infra^ 1688-92. 

Magistrands of 1689-90 paying chamber maills. 
Yearll of Kintore's sones. Thomas Leslie. 

Robert Burnet. 

" Seall money receaved from : " 

— Jameson. Will. Robertson. 
Mr. Robert Reid. 


Geo. Reid ; ^ Reid b., 1687-89 ; s. of Mr. Thos. R., Eslie in Banchory. 

Jas. Gordone ; Milne b. ; s. of Thos. G., brother to the late laird of Lesmore 

Rob. Johnstoune ; Cargill b. 

Thos. Gordone; Crombie b. ; s. of John G., elder, burg. 

Thos. Melvill ; Crombie b., 1687-88; s. of Geo. M., burg. 

Bajans of 1687-88 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Irvine and his brother. James Gordon. 

David Brodie.2 
George Forbes. 
George Reid. 

Alexr. Paton. 

James Strachan. 
Robert Johnstone. 
Thomas Brodie. 

Semis of 1688-89 paying chamber maills. 
See infra, 1688-92. 

Tertians of 1689-go paying chamber maills. 
Keneth McKenzie^ 

Magistrands of 1690-91 paying chamber maills. 
Andrew Strachane. John Irvine. 

Androw Thomson. Patrick Mitchell. 

George Forbes. Robert McKay. 

1 M.D., 1733. 

" Min., Dalserf. 



" Received at the Graduation." 

lib. sh. d. 

Andrew Strachane, 4120 

Androw Thomsone, 4 12 o 

George Forbes, 4 12 o 

Patrick Mitchell, 4120 

Robert McKay, 4 12 o 

Mr. Alexr. Leslie,^ Phiscall, graduat by Mr. Alexr. More, . . 400 

Ezeckiel Bisted,2 graduat by Mr. Alexr. Lister, . . . . 11 12 o 

Colledge seall to Charles Irvine's testificate, . . . . 400 

Do. Ezeckiel Bisted's do. ....400 

Alex. Irvine; Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. John I., late min., Cabrach. 
Alex. Toasch ; Gumming b. ; s. of Alex. T. 
Jas. Robertson ; Reid b., Johnston div. b., 1694-98 ; s. of late Wm. R., 

Dean of Guild. 
Jas. Smith ; Rolland b. 
Jas. Toasch ; Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. T. 

John Norvell ; Crombie b., 1688-91 ; s. of late John N., residenter. 
Thos. Gordon; Rolland b., 1688-91. 
Walter J amesone ; Liddell b., 1688-90; s. of Walt. J., late baillie. 

1688-89. Names of students signing " The students of Marischall's 
Colledge Attestation anent the burning of the Pop. . . . Given 
at Marischall's Colledge, the second of February, 1689." ^ 
" Begians." 

Alexr. Bannerman, c. lames Byers. 

Alexander Barnet. lames Grigorie, c.^ 

Alexander Burnet. lames Ogilvie. 

Alexander Irvine. lames Ragg. 

Alexander Stewart. lames Robertson.'^ 

Alexander Tosh.* lames Smith. 

David Anderson, c.^ lohn Alexander.^ 

George Bannerman. 

1 Adv. in Aberd. (Sp. Club Misc., V., 368). 

* Rector of Meeching (Nichol's Lit. Anecd., I., 122). 

2 From a contemporary print: reproduced in Laing's Fugitive Pieces of the ijthcefitury, 1823. 

* Min., Tarland. 

' Min., Foveran ; Prof. Div. and D.D., King's Coll. ; portrait in possession of Univ. 

" Mediciner, King's Coll. ; see Vol. I., p. 203. 

' Sch., Pitsligo. •* Author of Tituli fontium Abred., 1707. 




lohn Cushnie. 
lohn Gordon, 
lohn Norvell, Hib. 
lohn Ragg, c. 
lohn Stewart. 
Robert Ross. 

George Allerdes.^ 
Alexander Archbald, c.^ 
Alexander Irvine, major, c. 
Alexander Irvine, minor. 
Alexander Leslie. 
Alexander Patton.* 
Andrew Strachan. 
Andrew Thomson. 
David Ramsay, c. 
George Forbes. 
George Reid. 
lames Gordon.'^ 
lames Hercules. 

Robert Turner.* 
William Bisset, c. 
William Carnigie. 
William Gellie, c. 
William Miller. 

" Semies." 

lames Irvine, 
lames Ragg. 
lames Roger, Anglus. 
lames Strachan. 
lohn Catanach.^ 
lohn Fraser.^ 
lohn Irvine, c. 
Kenneth McKenzie, c. 
Lauchland Leslie. 
Patrick Mitchell, c. 
Robert lohnston. 
Thomas Forbes 
Thomas Gordon. 

" Tertians." 

Arthur Edgworth, H. 
Alexander Paterson. 
Alexander Ross. 
Alexander Simmer, c. 
Charles Farquharson. 
Duncan Liddell. 
George Burnet, c. 
George Chein.^ 
George Gumming, 
lames Gray. 

lames Ramsay.^ 
lames Riach. 
lames Webster, 
lohn Gordon, Major, 
lohn Gordon, Minor, 
lohn Maitland.i*' 
Patrick Farquharson. 
Robert Burnet. 
Thomas Leslie. 
Thomas Stewart. 

1 See Vol. I., p. 338. 2 s. of Sir John A. (see 1656) ; M.P. ; Master of the Mint. 

' Min., Barrie. ^ Provost, 1704. ® Min., Kinloss. ^ Min., Unst. 

' Benefactor, Vol. I., p. 361. 

8 M.D., King's Coll., 1701 ; Mar. Coll., 1740; F.R.S. ; author. 

' Min., Cortachy, Bendochy, ^^ Min., Insch, Forgue. 


" Magistrands." 

William Gray. lohn Moir. 

Alexander Farquhar, c. lohn Ross, Major, c. 

Alexander Lindsay. lohn Ross, Minor. 

Alexander Ross, c. Patrick Robertson. 

Alexander Thomson. Patrick Scot. 

Alexander Walker. Robert Reid. 

George Ellous. Robert Scot. 

George Gordon. Thomas Alexander. 

Harie Farquhar. Thomas Kinneir. 

lames Clerk. Thomas Melvill. 

lames Horn. William Angus, 

lames Irvine. William Chessor. 

lames Maitland. William Davidson, 
lohn Carneigie. 

Those marked c paid chamber maills, together with Alex. Bannerman's 

brother, George Cruickshank and Patrick Burnett (bajans) ; David Brodie 

(semi) ; James Gordon and the Earl of Kintore's sons (magistrands). 
(Alexander Moir's Proc. Accts.) 

Semis of 1689-90 paying chamber maills. 

Auchmedden. James Gregorie. 

Laird of Elsick's two sones. James Ogilvie. 

Alexr. Gordon.! John Duchar. 

George Gordon. Robert Tourner. 

Gilbert Leask.2 Wm. Gellie. 

James Byres. Wm. Paton. 
James Cruickshank. 

Tertians of 1690-91 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Banerman. George Cruickshank. 

Alexr. Steuart. John Doge. 

Ezeckiel Bristed. Robert Burnett 

George Banerman. Walter Jameson. 

Magistrands of 1691-92 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Steuart.3 James Reid. 

1 Min., Logic Buchan. « Of that Ilk {Poll book). 

3 M.D., Leyden, 1711 ; presentation copy of Thesis in Univ. Libr. 






lib. sh. 


John Urqhart,^ 

. . . 12 

Robert Burnett, 

... 9 8 


Wm. Carnegie,* 

. . . 10 12 

Wm. Gellie,^ 

... 7 12 

Wm. Wallace, 


lib. sh. 



. 4 


. 4 


. 4 

" Eeceaved at the Graduation." 
lib. sh. d. 
George Cruickshank, . . 62 
George Gordon,^ . . . . 10 18 

James Reid, 40 

James Reid, 62 

James Smith,^ 4 12 

Forbestown, for a testificate, 
Alexr. Waker, for a testificate, 
Thomas Forbes, for a testificate, . 


Alex. Burnet; Rolland b. ; s. of Alex. B., Campheir. 

Alex. Milne; Cargill b. ; s. of And. M., burg. 

Dav. Blinshell ; Crombie b. ; s. of James B., weaver. 

John Maitland ; Crombie b. ; s. of Peter M. 

Pat. Bellie ; Ross b. 

Rob. Ross; Liddell b. ; s. of Capt. Jas. R., Foresterhill. 

Bajans of i68g-go paying chamber maills. 
Patrick Belly. Robert Rolland. 

Robert Cruickshank. 

Semis of 1690-91 paying chamber maills. 
Arbuthnot's children. John Steuart. 

Alexr. Abercrombie. Robert Cruickshank. 

David Petrie. Robert Scot. 

James Couts. 

Tertians of 1691-92 paying chamber maills. 
Arbuthnot's brothers and th"" servant. Patrick Belly. 
John Steuart. 

Magistrands of 1692-93. 

No names entered. 

^ Min., Rosemarkie, Cromarty. 

^ Min., Morham, Cramond, Edinb. ; twice Mod. of Gen. Assembly; Prof. Div., Edinb. 

^ Min., Gartly, St. Andrews (Moray). 

* Under master, Gram. Sch., 1696; s. of Jas. C, Litster burg. 

■^ Under master, Gram. Sch., 1692 ; s. of Baillie Pat. Gellie ; Dean of Guild, 1712 ; Baillie, 




Laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Praeside Georgio Peacock . . . 
ad diem 27 Julii . . . 1693.^ 
Alexander Davidson.'-* Jacobus Toash. 

Alexander Jaffray. loannes Leslie.* 

Alexander Milne. loannes Maitland.^ 

Andreas Irving. loannes Rae. 

David Blenshell.'' loannes Stewart. 

Georgius Paton. Patricius Bellie. 

Gulielmus Johnston.^ Robertas Ross. 

Gulielmus Ferguson. Ronaldus Murray. 

Jacobus Couts. Thomas Moncrieff. 

Jacobus Strachan. 

Geo. Smith 7; Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. S., Rora. 
John Honyman ; Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. H., mason. 
John Forbes; Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. F., burg. 
John Leslie ; Milne b. ; s. of John L., Whitestryps. 
Rob. Cheyne ; Ross b. 

Wm. Crombie; Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. C, mason. 
Wm. Wright ; Cargill b. 

Bajans of 1690-91 paying chamber maills. 
Androw Thomson. George Hutcheon. 

David Paterson. Patrick Thomson. 

George JEdie. Robert Taylor. 

Semis of 1691-92 paying chamber maills. 
Androw Thomson. Robert Chein.^ 

Georg JEdie. Wm. Crombie. 

Peter Thomson. 

Tertians of 1692-93. 
No names entered. 
Magistrands of 1693-94 P^y^^g chamber maills. 
George ^die. Robert Dall. 

James Douglass.^ Wm. Thain. 

1 From the printed Theses of 1693 in the Bodleian Library, dedicated to George, Earl of 
Aberdeen, " pietatis et justitiae assertori ". 

2 Sch., Lonmay, Banff. 3 Min., Lamington. 
* Adv. in Aberd., 1700 ; fifth bart. of that Ilk and Caskieben. 
"* Under master, Gram. Sch., 1701. 

8 Min., Skene, Banchory Dev. ' Liddell tutor, 1694-95. 

8 At Little Auchreddie, 1696 (Poll book). » Min., Aboyne, Arbuthnot, 



















" Receaved at the graduation." 

Alexr. Deans,^ bibliotheck, . 

Mr. Alexr. Jameson, seall money, 

George -^die, bibl. and mace, 

Robert Dall, do. 

Thomas Cruttall, bibl. and priv. grad., 

Thomas Udney,^ grad., 

Will. Thain, bibl 

Wm. Wright, bibl. and priv. grad., 


Alex. Ross ; ^ Auchlossen's b. 

Alex. Leask^; Liddell b. ; s. of Gilb. L., mercht. burg. 
And, Youngson ; Reid b. ; s. of Mr. Alex. Y., late min., Rhynie. 
Geo. Cruickshank ; Rolland b. ; s. of Rob. C, late Treasurer of Aberd. 
Hary Farquharson ; Milne b. ; s. of late John F. 
John Innes ; Cargill b. ; s. of late Adam I. 
John Syme ; Guild b. ; s. of Geo. S., couper burg. 
Rob. Spence ; Crombie b. ; s. of John S., late town clerk, Brechin. 
Wm. Ross; Crombie b. ; s. of late Mr. Jas. R., min., Tarland. 
Bajans of 1691-92 paying chamber maills. 

John Gordon.^ 

John Innes, minor. 

Murdoh McLoud. 

Robert Spence. 

William Craiggie. 
Semis of 1692-93. 
No names entered. 
Tertians of 1693-94 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Irvine. Robert Spence. 

George Hay. Thomas Crutell. 

George McKenzie. Thomas Morice. 

John Hay.^ Thomas Udnay. 

John Innes. Wm. Lindsay. 

^ Min. , Birse. " Min., Strichen. 

* Voucher for payment among Accts. See Vol. I., p. 291. The statement made in the 
last line of p. 293 of that volume should be modified. 

* Liddell tutor, 1697-98. " M.D., King's Coll., 1712. 
8 M.D., King's Coll., 1701 ; F.R.C.P. Ed., 1702. 

Alexr. Irvine, minor. 
Androw Youngsone. 
George Forbes. 
George McKenzie. 
Harie Farqrson. 


















Magistrands of 1694-95 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Irvine.^ Geo. McKenzie. 

Androw Gumming. Wm. Craigie. 

Androw Cumming,^ priv. grad., and other dues, 

Rob. Douglass, pubHck dues, 

Mr. Robert McKie, seall money, 

Rob. Spence, grad. dues, 

Mr. Thomas Melvill, seall, . 

Thomas Morice, publict dues, 


Alex. Anderson ; Cargill b. 

Alex. Strachane; Cuming b. : s. of Alex. S., Knowhead, Alford. 

Jas. Moir ; Liddell b. ; s. of Prof. John M. 

Pat. Weir; Rolland b., 1692-95 ; s. of Rob. W., mercht. 

Rob. Farquharson ; Crombie b., Rolland div. b., 1696-98; s. of Geo. F., 

Charlestoun of Aboyne. 
Rob. Thomson ; Reid b., 1692-95 ; s. of John T. 

1692-93. No names are given in Alex. Lister's Proc. Accts. for this 
session. A MS. volume in the possession of the Grammar School, Aberdeen, 
gives lists (1692-1743) of those ** who gives 14 p. at ther going to the Col- 
ledge " in each October. The names in October, 1692, are : — 
Alexander Abercrombie. Jacobus Robertson.^ 

Gulielmus Robertson. 

Semis of 1693-94 Paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Strachan. — Grant,* servant to John Grant. 

John Foulartown. Robert Farqrson. 

John Grant. Wm. Bruce. 

Tertians of 1694-95 paying chamber maills. 

John Fullartone. 
Patrick Grahame. 

Rob. Farqrsone. 

Magistrands of 1695-96 paying chamber maills. 

Patrick Barclay. 
Pat Graham. 

Ro. Farqrson. 
William Bruce. 

Mathew Oswell, at his graduation, . 

lib. sh. d. 
7 18 8 

^ Min., Cullen, Fordyce. 
» Min., Glenmuick. 

* Sch., Irvine ; min., Largs; d. father of the Church, 1762. 

* " Being poor," pays only 15 sh. 



Jas. Greig ; Cargill b. 

Jas. Leslie ; Liddell b. 

John Milne; RoUand b., 1695-97. 

Lodvick Reed ; Crombie b. 

Thos. Paull ; Ross b. 

From Grammar School. See 1692. 
Alexander Gregory. David Ramsay. 

Alexander Ramsay. Gulielmus Clark. 

Bajans of 1693-94 paying chamber maills. 
Balmayne and his brother and his James Greige. 
servant. James Leslie. 

Arthur Anderson. Ludovick Reid. 

Semis of 1694-95 P^yi'^g chamber maills. 

Bomaine's childrene. James Leslie. 

Alexr. Gordon. John Douglass. 

Alexr. Gregorie. John Gregorie. 

Androw Gray. Lues Reid. 

Charles Ross. Patrick Kordon [sic], 

David Carnegie. Rob. Thomsone. 

George Leith. Thomas Paterson. 

George Moir.^ Thomas Paull. 

Tertians of 1695-96 paying chamber maills. 

Al. Ramsay. James Rait. 

Da. Carnegie. Ja. Steuart.^ 

Da. Ramsay. Jo. Dempster. 

Fra. Frazer. Jo. Douglass. 

George Leith. Pat. Gordon. 

J a. Lesly. Wm. Clerk. 

Magistrands of 1696-97 paying chamber maills. 
See infra, 1696-1700. 

1 Min., Towie, Kintore. ^ Min., Ordiquhill, Inverkeithny, Alvah. 

Jacobus Rait de Halgreen. 

loannes Anderson. 

loannes Dempster. 

loannes Milne. 

loannes Thomson. 

Ludovicus Reid.^ 

Robertus Thomson de Fiddes. 

Thomas Paterson. 

Thomas Paul. 




ck, etc., .... 





Laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Praeside Georgio Peacock . . . 
ad diem 3 Junii . . . 1697.^ 
Alexander Ramsay.^ 
Andreas Gray. 
Carolus Rose. 
David Carnegie, de Craigo. 
F'ranciscus Frazer. 
Georgius Abernethie. 
Gulielmus Clark. 
Jacobus Greig. 
Jacobus Leslie.^ 

The Proc. Accts. also note : — 
Al, Shaw, private graduation, bibliotheck, etc., 
Testificate to Mr. James Honnyman, 400 


Alex. Mill; Rolland b., 1694-96; s. of Walt. M., King Edward. 

Dav. Hutcheon ; Milne b. 

Geo. Robertson; Crombie b. ; s. of John R., litster. 

John Adam ; Ross b. ; s. of Mr. Wm. A., sch., Daviot. 

John Hall«*; Liddell b. ; s. of Thos. H., litster. 

John Scot; Cargill b. ; s. of — S., mariner. 

Pat. Mowat; Crombie b. : s. of Mr. Alex. M., late min., Leslie. 

Wm. Measton ; Rolland b. 

Bajans of 1694-95 paying chamber maills. 
Young Lyes. John Forbes (and his servant), g. 

Alexr. Dun. John Hall. 

Alexr. Toad. Patrick Garrioch. 

David Hutcheon. Thomas Arbuthnot, g. 

George Blair, g.^ Wm. Gordon. 

George Graham. Wm. Keith. 

George Robertson. 

g = from Grammar School. See 1692. Also 
Alexander Burnet. Jacobus Anderson.'^ 

Gulielmus Leask. Jacobus Lyon. 

Gulielmus Meston. Thomas Buchan. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1697 in Glasgow University Library, dedicated to Sir David 
Ramsay of Ballmain, bart., " in stativis nostris philosophicis quondam primipilo charissimo, 
nunc maecenati munificentissimo ", ^ Aftds. Sir A. R., 5th bart. of Balmain. 

^ Min., Crimond, St. Fergus. * Min., Strachan, father of Thos. R., the philosopher. 

* Liddell tutor, 1698-99. « Min., St. Madoes, Perth. ' Min., Rathen. 


Semis of 1695-96 paying chamber maills. 

Alexr. Alexr. Ja. Lyon. 

Al. Burnet. Jo. Forbes. 

Al. Dunn. John Hall. 

Al. Shaw. Pat. Garrioch. 

Al. Toad. Ro. Pitcairn. 

Cha. Ross. Tho. Arbuthnot. 

Da. Hutcheson.i Wal. Cochran. 

Fra. Dauny. Wm. Gordon.^ 

George Graham. Wm. Keith. 

Geo. Lesly. Wm. Laisk. 

George Robertson. Wm. Meston. 
Hen. Forbes. 

Tertians of 1696-97 paying chamber maills. 
See infra, 1696-1700. 

Magistrands of 1697-98 paying chamber maills. 
Georg. Grahme. Wm. Leask. 

John Cuming.3 Wiliam Osburn.^ 

Received at the Graduation for Bibliotheck and Mace : 
Georg. Fraser. Wm. Meston.^ 

Wm. Leask. 

Mr, Alexr. Strachan, for the seall. Mr. Cha. Gordon,*' for the seall. 


Alex. Rait; Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. R., mercht. 

Geo. Forbes; Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. F., indweller. 

John Duncan; Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. D., town's sergt. 

Pat. Reid ; Milne b. ; servitor to Mr. John Findlater, master of Gram. Sch. 

Wm. Adam ; Rolland b. 

Wm. Reid; Reid b. ; s. of Jas. R., Tilliefourie. 

Wm. Thain ; Crombie b. ; s. of Pat. T., Kirtown of Urquhart. 

^ Min., Dalkeith. 2 Historian of the Gordons. 

^ Min., Eyemouth, Humbie. * Son of Prof. Jas. O. ; min., Fintray. 

^ Under master, Gram. Sch., 1701 ; regent ; the Jacobite poet. 

" Of Buthlaw ; adv. in Aberd., 1703. 




Bajans of 1695-96 paying chamber maills. 
Jo. Carnegie. 
Pat. Sandilands, g. 
Ro. Irvine, g. 
Ro. Keith, g. 
Ro. Midletoun. 
Wm. Baxter, g. 
Wm. Reid, g. 

Alexr. Carnegie. 
Co. Campbell, g. 
Da. JEdgsLT. 
Da. Lumsden. 
James Clerk. 
Ja. Gordon. 
J a. Robertson, g. 
Ja. Walker, g. 

g = from Grammar School. See 1692. Also Alexander Findlater. 

Semis of 1696-97 paying chamber maills. 

See infra, 1697-98. 

Tertians of 1697-98 paying chamber maills. 
Boysack and his brother and Gover- Peter Stewart. 

David JEdgar. 
James Panton. 
John Gellie. 

Robert Carnegie. 
Robert Keith. 
Robert Midlton. 
Wm. Reid. 
Wiliam Reid. 

Peter Sandilands. 

Wiliam Sincklair. 

Magistrands of 1698-99. 
No names entered. 

Laureae Magisterialis Candidati 

Praeside Alejandro Moro . 

ad diem 8 Junii 
Alexander Carnegie. 
Alexander Chalmer.^ 
Alexander Findlater. 
Alexander Rait. 
Carolus Keith.^ 
Colenus Campbell.^ 
David Edgar. 


David Lumbsden.^ 
Georgius Irving. 
Georgius Wilson. 
Gulielmus Adam. 
Gulielmus Brown. 
Gulielmus Lesly. 
Gulielmus Reid. 

^ From the printed Theses of 1699 in the Bodleian Library : dedicated to John Carnegy 
of Boysack, Leyes, etc., "in stativis nostris philosophicis quondam primipilo clarissimo, nunc 
maecenati meritissimo ". 

2 Min., Marnoch ; father of Principal John C, King's Coll. 

3 Min., Wick. * Min., Aberd ; father of Principal Geo. C. " Of Cushnie. 




Gulielfnus Thain.^ 
Jacobus Gordon.^ 
Jacobus Greig. 
Jacobus Robertson, 
loannes Duncan.^ 

Patricius Reid. 
Patricius Sandilands.^ 
Robertus Irving. 
Robertas Keith.'' 
Robertus Midleton. 


Alex. Lawson ; Crombie b. ; s. of late Alex, L., mercht. 

Chas. Paton ; Rolland b. ; s. of late Mr. John P., min. 

David Gumming ; Gumming b., 1697-99 ; s. of Mr. Alex. G., Moy. 

Geo. Johnston ; Liddell b., 1697-1700 ; s. of Wm. J., Mill of Kellie. 

Geo. Middleton ; Liddell b., 1696-98; s. of Geo. M., litster. 

James Gibbs,^ 

Jas. Greig; Guild b. ; s. of late Thos. G., weaver burg. 

Wm. Forbes; Reid b., 1696-gg; s. of Mr. Alex. F., late min., Fintray. 

Wm. Gordon ; Gargill b. ; s. of Alex. G., Mill of Straloch. 

1696-97. Students, not arranged in classes, paying chamber maills. 
Sir Da. Ramsay, brother and servant. Gul. Leslie. 



Foverand's two sons. 

Alexr. Arbuthnot. 
Al. Ghalmer. 
Al. Dunn. 
Alexr. Shaw. 
Al. Toad. 8 
Gar. Paton. 
Gol. Gampbell. 
Da. Garnegie. 
Francis Dauny.^ 
Geo. Abernethy. 
Geo. Frazer. 
Geo. Graham. 
Gul. fforbes. 

Gul. Osburn. 

Gul. Reid. 

Gul. Thayn. 

Jac. Anderson. 

Jac. Panton. 

James Rait, Hallgreen. 

Jac. Robertson. 

Jac. Walker. 

Jo. fforbes. 

Jo. Irvine. 

John Thomson. 

Lewis Reid. 

Pat. Sandilands. 

Rob. Garnegie. 

Rob. Keith. 

Wm. Meston. 

^ Sch., Aberdour ; min., Leslie, Auchindoir. 
2 Min., Premnay, etc. ; Moderator of Gen. Assembly, 1738. 
^ Liddell tutor, 1699-1701 ; min., Bressay. * Adv. in Aberd., 1705. 

^ Bp., Caithness ; historian. 

« The eminent architect ; b. 1682 (Aberd. Eccles. Soc. Trans, for 1895, p. 153). 
7 Pays £6. ^ Min., Rothes. " Min., Keithhall, Kemnay. 





From Grammar School, 1696. See 1692. 
Alexander Forbes. Gulielmus Forbes. 

Carolus Paton. Gulielmus Pedder. 

Georgius Leslie. Joannes Forbes. 

Semis of 1697-98 paying chamber maills. 

Ardloche's two sons. 
Foveran's two sons. 
Alexr. Arbuthnot. 
Alexr. Auchterlauny. 
Alexr. Seaton. 
Charles Patton. 
George Johnston. 

George Keith. 

Georg Manson. 

Hercules Skinner. 

John Gordon, Achoynonie's son. 

Joseph Robertson. 

Wm. Gordon, Lesmore's son. 

Wm. Pedder. 

Tertians of 1698-99. 
No names entered. 

Magistrands of 1699- 1700 P^yi"& chamber maills. 
Alexr. Forbes. George Keith. 

Alexr. Ouchterlounie. John Forbes. 

Alexr. Seaton. John McGlassion. 

Adolescentes ad Lauream Philosophicam . . . aspirantes ad diem 23 
Maij . . . 1700 . . . Praeside Gulielmo Smith.^ 

Alexander Forbes a Foveran. 
Alexander Lauson. 
Alexander Seton. 
Alexander Ouchterlony. 
Carolus Paton. 
David Cumming. 
Georgius Fraser. 
Georgius Johnston.^ 


Georgius Keith.* 
Georgius Middleton.^ 
Gulielmus Dalgardno. 
Gulielmus Forbes. 
Gulielmus Gordon, unus. 
Gulielmus Gordon, alter. 
Gulielmus laffrey. 
Gulielmus Paterson. 

' From the printed Theses of 1700 in Aberdeen University Library : dedicated to Sir 
Alexander Seton, bart., of Pitmedden, alumnus. 

' The Accts. note also a graduation payment by Alexr. Smith. 
^ Liddell tutor, 1700-01 ; min., Cluny, Skene, King Edward. 
* Regent. ■* Min., Leochel, Keig. 




Gulielmus Sinclair, 
lacobus Gordon. 1 
loannes Forbes, 
loannes Mackglassion. 
loonnes [sic] Calder.^ 
loannes Smith.^ 

Josephus Robertson. 
Patricius Logie. 
Richardus Fraser. 
Robertas Forbes. 
Robertas Mill. 

Quibus, ut amicorum votis satisfiat, eos, qui annis superioribus in 
eadem fuere Classe, adjunximus. 

Alexander Arbuthnot a Knox. 
Carolus Gregory.* 
Carolus Leslie. 
Georgius Gordon, 
Georgius Leslie a Balquhayn. 
Georgius Manson a Bridgend. 
Gregorius Mackgregor. 
Gulielmus Pedder. 

Hercules Skinner. 

loannes Gordon de Achynachie. 

loannes Mackdonald. 

loannes Mackenzie de Ardloch. 

Robertas laffrey. 

Rodericus Hosack. 

Rodericus Mackenzie. 


Alex. Mitchell ; Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. M., mason. 

Alex. Smith ; Ross b., 1697-1700; s. of Mr. Alex. S., Kinellar. 

Jas. Gordon ; Cargill b., 1698-1700. 

Jas. Gray ; Liddell b., 1698-1701 ; s. of Geo. G., wheelwright.^ 

John Gordon ; Rolland b. ; s. of John G., Newmill of Foveran. 

John Mackie; Cargill b., 1697-98; s. of Alex. M., Drumnaheth. 

Bajans of 1697-98 paying chamber maills. 

Alexr. Chalmers, g. 
Alexr. Cooper, g. 
John Gordon. 

John Lister, g. 

John Macky, g. 

Patrick Forbes, F'overan's son, g. 

• g =>= from Grammar School. See 1692. Also : — 
Alexander Burnet. Joannes Paterson.*' 

Robertus Burnet. 

Semis of 1698-99. 
No names entered. 

^ Min., Knockando. ^ Min., Cawdor. =* Min., Kinnaird (Brechin). 

* M.A. Oxon., 1704 ; Prof, of Maths., St. And. ; see Vol. I., p. 203. 
» Liddell tutor, 1701-03. ^ M.D., King's Coll., 1711. 


Tertians of 1699-1700 paying chamber maills. 
Alexr. Burnet John Lister. 

Charles Maitland.^ Patrick Forbes. 

James Gordone. Robert Burnet 

James Paton.^ 

Magistrands of 1700-01 paying Chamber maills. 
Alexr. Bisset of Lessendrum. Robert Burnet 

Alexr. Burnett Will. Cruickshank. 

John Lister. 

Received payments at graduation from : — 
Mr. Alexr. Burnett Mr. William Chalmers. 

Mr. Alexr. Chalmers. Mr. William Cruickshank. 

Mr. Alexr. Deuchars. 

^ Surgeon, London ; first inoculator for small-pox ; author. 2 Min., Carrington. 

ALBUM II. (1698-1702 TO 1827-31). 


M*" J.[acobus] M.[oir] An. Dom. 1702. Hi generosi fillii [sic] 
Minervae octodecim hujus Academiae Aulae Cathedras donarunt."^ 

[Al. Carnegie, g.] 

Al. Farquharson a Westoun, ii., iii. 

Al. Gordon, iii., iv. 

Al. Hogg, iii. 

Al. Kinier. 

AL Mackaldie. 

Al. Milne. 

Al. Reid a Barrow, ii., iii.^ 

And. Gerard, g, ii., iii.^ 

And. Reid, ii., iii., iv. 

Benj. Dumbar ab Hemprigs, ii. 

Car. Forbes, ii. 

Geo. Leslie, g. 

Geo. Lockhart, iii. 

Geo. Milne, ii., iv. 

Geo. Whyte, ii. 

Greg. Grant a Garthenmore. 

Gul. Dall, ii. 

Gul. Keith, iv. 

Gul. Thomson, "•. 

Jac. Anderson a Westertoun. 

Jac. Chalmers. 

Jac. Gardne, ii. 

Jac. Henderson. 

^ This is the opening entry in Album II. All the entries down to 1770 are in the same 
handwriting. Several of the early lists are obviously copied from the printed Theses (as in 
1704, 1708, 1712, 1721, 1726, 1730, 1732 — still extant), others, according to Knight, "from 
names placed on the panels of the window sides of the College Hall. . . . Each regent re- 
corded [in the Theses] his own class in the Magistrand year, adding to the list all the students 
who had attended any one of the four years." See 1700, p. 275. The graduates are not 
marked " A.M." till 1742. The letter g appended to a student's name (1698-1749) implies 
that he came from the Grammar School (see 1692) ; the numerals i., ii., iii., iv. (1698-1714) imply 
that he paid chamber maills as a student of the first, second, third, or fourth year respectively. 

^ Second bart, ' Cargill b. ; s. of And. G., mariner, Aberd. ; Bp. at Aberd. 





Jac. Mitchell, ii., iv. 

Jac. Moir a Stoneywood, ii.* 

Joa. Archibald, g, iii.^ 

Joa. Bannerman, ii., iii., iv. 

Joa. Forbes a Monymusk, ii., iii. 

Joa. Gadderer.' 

Joa. Ross. 

Pat. Gordon. 

Pat. Reid, iv. 

Pat. Simpson, ii., iii. 
Pat. Strachan, g.*^ 
Rob. Duncan. 
Rob. Honeyman. 
Rob. Stephen, ii., iii.^ 
Rob. Stewart.^ 
Rob. Willox, g, iii.7 
Tho. Forbes, g, ii.^ 


M' A[lex.] M[oir] An. Dom. 1703. Generosi hi Adolescentes quad- 
raginta libras Scoticas, pro Mensa aliaque supellectile in Aulae 
hujus Academiae usum, erog^runt. 

[Al. Burnet, i.] 

Al. Crombie.9 

Al. Davidson de Newtown. 

Al. Dunbar de Easterbinn, ii., iii. 

Al. Farquharson, g, i. 

Al. Forbes, g, i., iii.^'' 

Al. Gordon, ii., iii. 

Al. Ragg, g, I, ii. 

Al. Shand. 

Al. Watson, g, i., ii., iii. 
Al. Wilson, g. i., iii. 
And. Huison, i., iii.^^ 
Dun. Forbes, ii., iii.^^ 
Geo. Skinner, iii. 
Gil. Gerard, i.^^ 
Gul. Burnet. 

1 Col. of " Stoneywood's Regt.". 

2 Holland b., 1698-1701 ; s. of John A., merchant burg. 

' S. of Alex. G., min. of Girvan ; physician, London ; M.D. , King's Coll., 1719. 

* Turner b. ; s. of late Wm, S., merchant burg., Aberd. 

* Ross b. ; s. of Jas. S., writer, Montrose. ® Min., Kilmalie. 

' Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. W., merchant burg., Aberd. ; Johnston div, b., 1702-04; min., 

8 Benefactor, Vol. I., 431. The Proc. Accts. note Bibliotheck money from Charles 
Patten ; and Seal money from Mr. James Riach, Mr. James Smith, Mr. John Gordone, Mr. 
Robert Mackie. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of late Jas. C, Whitecross. ^° Min., Forgue. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of late Wm, H., mercht. burg., Aberd. ; under mast.. Gram. Sch., 1718. 
'^ Of Culloden ; s. of Dune. F., 1656-60 ; Lord Pres. of Court of Session ; portrait by 
Davison, reproduced in this volume. 

" Min., Chapel of Garioch ; father of Prof. Alex. G., King's Coll. 





Gul. Fyffe. 

Gul. Irvine, ii., iii.^ 

Gul. Livingston, i., ii.^ 

Gul. Pratt, g, i., ii. 

Gul. Watt.3 

Hugo Campbell, ii., iii.* 

Jac. Barclay. 

Jac. Chalmers. 

Jac. Garden, g, 1. 

Jac. Gauld.^ 

Jac. Guthrie de Guthrie, ii., iii. 

Jac. Leslie, g, iii.** 

Jac. Udny, g, iU 

Joa. Burnet. 

Joa. Campbell, i., iii.^ 

Joa. Cockburn, ii., iii. 

Joa. Irvine, i., ii. 

Joa. Johnstone, ii., iii.® 

Joa. Milne. 

Pat. Gordon, maj., i. 

Pat. Gordon, min.^" 

Pat. Simpson, iii. 

Rob. Burnet. 

Rob. Carnegie, ii. 

Rob. Cuming, i., iii. 

Rob. Gentleman, ii., iii. 

Rob. Innes, g, i., ii., iii.^^ 

Theo. Morison de Bognie, g, i., iii. 

Tho. Butler, ii,, iii. 

Tho. Forbes de Eight, ii., iii.12 

Tho. Gordon, i.^^ 

Tho. Law, ii. 

Tho. Stewart, ii., iii. 


M"^ Gul. Smith. An. Dom. 1704. Nobilissimus Robertus 
VicECOMEs de Arbuthnot (i.), et generosi hi Juvenes, ad Aulam 
adornandam, exiguum summae erga Almam Matrem observantiae 
Symbolum consecrarunt.^* 
Al. Calder de Asswanlie, ii. §A1. Gordon, ii., iv. 

§A1. Chein. §A1. Jaffrey. 

2 Min., Traquair. 

^ Min., Inverurie. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of Rob. I., Corniehaugh. 

* Min,, Ardersier, Kiltearn, Kilmuir-Wester. 
^ Extra b. ; s. of late Rob. G,, Botriphnie. 

^ Extra b, ; s, of Jas. L., Buchanstoune ; Liddell tutor, 1703-05 ; min., Moy. 

' Adv. in Aberd., 1709 ; M.A., King's Coll., 1724. 

8 Milne b. ; s. of late Mr. John C, physician, Brechin. ^ Min., Brechin. 

^" Guild b. ; s. of Mr. Pat. G., min., Coull ; min., Cushnie, Lumphanan, Fintray. 

^^ Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. I., merchant, Montrose. 

^2 Rector, 1723-4-5. 

" Reid b., 1699-1701 ; s. of Mr, Lud. G., min., Aboyne ; min., Lonmay. 

" This list coincides exactly with that in the printed Theses of 1704, in Aberdeen Uni- 
versity Library : Praeses, William Smith ; dedicated to Robert, Viscount Arbuthnot, the first 
graduate on the list. In the Theses the mark § is prefixed to " Candidati " to distinguish 
them " ab iis qui curriculum philosophicum non sunt penitus emensi ". But the Proc. Accts. 
gire Robert Innes as paying the graduation fee of £4 12s., also Alexr, Willsone and John 
Irvine. " An Irishman " pays ;£"2i. 




§A1. Leslie. 

Al. Lumsden, g. 

AI. Osburn, g, ii. 
§A1. Smith.! 

Al. Sutherland de Kinminnity, i., ii. 

And. Burnet ab Elrick, g, i., ii. 
§Art. Forbes [Echt], unus, i., ii. 
§Art. Forbes, alter.2 
§Art. Jaffrey. 

Car. McKenzie, ii. 

Dav. Oughterlonie, ii. 

Geo. Abercrombie. 

Geo. Ragg, g, i. 
§Geo. Thomson, i., ii.^ 

Gil. Cuming, g, i., ii. 
§Gul. Anderson, ii., iv.* 
§Gul. Forbes [Echt], ii., iv. 

Gul. Grant, g.^ 
[Gul. Thomsone, iv. ; ? Geo. T.] 

Gul. Whyte, ii. 

Hen. Irvine, g. 
§Jac. Bisset, ii., iv. 
§Jac. Chalmers. 
§Jac. Grant, iv. 
§Jac. Napier ab Hervistown, iv. 

Joa. Allerdes, g, i., ii. 
§Joa. Forbes, g.*^ 

Joa. Fraser a Tyrie, ii. 
§Joa. Gordon, iv.'^ 
§Joa. Grant, ii., iv.^ 

Joa. Lindsay, unus, g, i., ii,, iv.® 
§Joa. Lindsay, alter [a Smiddieburn], ii. 
§Joa. Mercer de Todlie, iv.^** 

Joa. Nairn de Seggieden, ii. 
[Joa. Naper, ii. ; ? Jac. N.] 
§Joa. Paton." 

Joa. Reid.^2 

Joa. Stewart, ii. 
§Joa. Turner, ii., iv. 

Joa. Walker, g, i., ii. 
§Joa. Wright, g.^^ 
§Rob. Blair, g, ii., iv. 

Rob. Cuming, g, i., ii. 

Rob. Hogg a Remoir, ii. 

Rob. Innes.14 
§Rob. Irvine, ii., iv.^^ 

Rob. Ruthven. 
§Rob. Tod. 
§Tho. Anderson, iv. 
SWal. Ross.i« 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of late Thos. S, , merchant, Elgin ; benefactor, Vol. I., 429. 

2 Min., Oyne. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. T., Lochell. 

* Gumming b. ; s. of Thos. A., Botriphnie. " Min., Abernethy. 

^ Min., Slains. ^ Min., Glenbucket, Gamrie. 

^ Min., Knockbain, Auchinleck. ^ Reid b. ; s. of late Alex. L., Fraserburgh. 

^^ Min., Tyrie. ^^ Rolland b. ; s. of late Mr. John P., regent ; Johnston div. b., 1704-05. 

^^ Reid b., 1700-02 ; s. of Mr. Thos. R., Eslie. 

^2 Liddell b. ; s. of John W., merchant. 

^* Cargill b., 1700-01 ; s. of Pat. I., Drumhead of Belhelvie ; min., Udny. 

^' Crombie b. ; s. of John I., Ludquharn. 

^^ Melvil b. ; s. of late Mr. Wal. R., min., Kincardine ; min., Kilmuir-Easter. 





Mr. G[eo.] P[eacock], P.P., An. Dom. 1705. Nobilissimus Jacobus de 
Deskford, et generosi hi Juvenes, Aulae modicam pecuniae 
summam donarunt et consecrarunt. 

Al. Alexander, g, i,, iii. 

AI. Innes. 

[Al. Lesly, g.] 

Al. Logie.i 

Arch. Clirehu. 

Dan. Farquharson, g, i. 

Dav. Maitland, iii., iv.^ 

Geo. Gumming, g, i.^ 

Geo. Forbes. 

Geo. Gordon, iii., iv. 

Gul. Duff a Bracco, i.* 

Gul. Forbes a Tolquhon, i., iii. 

Gul. Forbes, alter, g, iv. 

Gul. Gordon. 

Gul. Leslie de Kininvie. 

Gul. Stuart, iii., iv. 

Hugo Rose. 

Jac. B urges. 

Jac. Burnet, iv.^ 

Jac. Fraser. 
[Jac. Harvie, iv.]. 
, [Jac. Hay, iii.] 
Jac. Hue. 
Jac. Lorimer, g. 
[Jac. Sharer, i.] 
Jac. Thorn. 
Joa. Dumbar.*' 
Joa. Farquhar.''' 
Joa. Leith, iv. 
Joa. Mackgie. 
Joa. Melvil.^ 
Joa. Petrie. 
Pat. Grant, iii., iv.^ 
Pat. Kinloch. 
Rob. Burnet, i. 
Sam. Chalmers, ^.^^ 

[Bibliotheck and Mace Money. 

Mr. James Chalmers [1703 or 1704] .^^ Mr. Robert Stephan [1702], 
Mr. John Leith.] 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of John L., Boddom. 

^ Turner b. ; s. of Alex. C, merchant, Aberd. 

'^ Min., Ellon. « Min., Menmuir. 

7 Holland b. ; s. of John F., Rothes. 

^ Adv., Edin. ; Lord Elchies ; author. 

10 Cargill b. ; s. of Gilb. G., Elgin ; min., Cabrach, Ed2ell, Brechin. 

" S. of Pat. C, Prof, of Med. 12 jyiin^^ T>y]f.e, Aberdeen ; Prof, of Divinity. 


2 Episc. min., Forgue. 
•* Rector, 1729. 

^ Melvil b. ; s. of Geo. M., Milbuie. 





Mr. J[ac.] M[oir], An. Dom. 1706. Hi generosi Minervae fiUii [sic] 
. exiguum gratitudinis rcKfi-qpiov Aulae donarunt. 

[Al. Deucher, g.] 

Al. Duff a Castletown, ii., iii. 

Al. McKenzie. 

Al. Philip, ii., iv.i 

Al. Turner, ii., iii. 

Al. Weems. 

And. Middleton, ii. 

Car. Alexander, iii. 

Car. Hay a Ranas, iii. 

Car. Junking, ii. 

Car. Lumsden. 

Dav. Gordon, iii. 

Gul. Duguid, g.^ 

Gul, Duncan, ii.^ 

Gul. Forbes, ii.^ 

Gul. Inglis. 

Gul. Reid, ii., iii. 

Gul. Shand. 

Hen. Lumsden. 

Jac. Burnet a Monboddow.^ 

Jac. Butchart, ii. 

.Jac. Carnegie. 

Jac. Muat, g, iii.*' 

Joa. Aberdeen.'' 

Joa. Duff, ii. 

Joa. Gordon.^ 

Joa. Lorimer, ii., iv.^ 

Joa. Midden.^o 

Joa. Milne, ii., iii., iv.^^ 

Joa. Moir. 

[Joa. Mowat, g.] 
Joa. Reid. 

Joa. Souper, ii. 

Rob. Deuchars, g, iii.^^ 

Rob. Gordon, g.^^ 

Tho. Inglis.14 

Tho. Robertson, ii., iii., iv. 

Wal. Charles, g.^^> 

1 Cargill b. ; s. of Geo. P., CuUen of Boyne ; min,, Kinnairnie, Deskford, Boyndie. 

2 Ordained by Bp. of Carlisle. ^ Min., Monzievaird. 

^ Father of Lord Monboddo ; v. 1730-34. 
' Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. A., Aberd. 

* Holland b., 1702-05 ; s. of Dun. F., Rothes. 

8 Reid b. ; s. of late John M., Glenton. 

8 Johnston div, b., 1706-10; min., Old Deer, 

" Crombie b. ; s. of John L., Cullen of Boyne. 

^^ Cargill b. ; s. of John M., wright, Montrose. 

" Milne b. ; s. of Wm. M., farmer, Cairnglass ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1709 ; master, 


" Rolland b. ; s. of Rob. D., Meanie. 

" Guild b. ; s. of Geo. G., late Master of Trades Hospital. 

" Guild b. ; s. of Alex. C, late Convener of Trades. 

" Min., Resolis. 





Anno Domini, 1707. M. Al. Moir. Hi generosi juvenes triginta 
libras Scoticas Aulae publicae adornandae consecrarunt. 

Al. Deuchars, i., ii., iii., iv.^ 

Al. Lumsden, ii. 

Al. Moir de Scotstoun, g, i., ii,, iii., iv. 

Al. Ray.2 

Al. Ross. 

Car. Colinson de Auchlunis, g, i. 

Car. Thomson. 

Dav. Guthrie, ii., iii., iv. 

Don. Beaton, g, i., ii., iii.^ 

[Geo. Burnet, g.] 

Geo. Stewart, g. 

Gul. Blinshal, g, i.^ 

Gul. Paterson.^ 

Jac. Cockburn, i.*' 

Jac. Davidson.''^ 

Jac. Farquhar, i., ii., iii., iv.^ / 

Jac. Forbes, g. 

Jac. Irvine, maj. 

Jac. Irvine, minor, ii., iii. 

Jac. Irvine, minim. 

Jac. Ogilvie de Logic, ii. 

Jac. Rait, ii., iii., iv.'' 

Joa. Catanach. 

Joa. Hay, g.^'^ 

Joa. Forbes, maj., de Pitnacadal, ii., iii.^^ 

Joa. Forbes, min., ii., iv. 

Joa. Lumsden, iv.^^ 

Joa. Mowat, i., ii., iv.^^ 

Joa. Stewart de Orat, ii. 

Lud. Grant. 

Pat. Cheyne. 

Pat. Ranny, i., ii., iii.^^ 

Rob. Farquharson. 

Rob. Irvine, maj., ii., iii. 

Rob. Irvine, min., ii. 

Rob. Ker de Meany, ii. 

Rob. Lyon.15 

Rod. Moir, g, i. 

Tho. Burnett, g. 

Tho. Duff. 

Tho. Guthrie, ii., iii., iv. 

Tho. Simpson, ii., iii.^** 

Rob. Smith. 

[Seall to Mr. John Leithes testificat. 


^ Ross b. ; s. of Wm. D., Kemnay. ^ Min., Avoch. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Kenn. B., Isle of Sky ; min., Ardersier, Rosskeen. 

■* Guild b. ; s. of Jas. B., weaver burg. ^ Liddell b. ; s. of John P., Alves. 

8 Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. C, Botriphnie. "^ Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. D., Kintore. 

8 Ross b. ; s. of Alex. F., Ryell ; min., Coull. ' Episc. min., Dundee ; Bp. in Brechin* 
1" Adv. in Aberd., 1718 ; of Auquharnie. " Sch., Alves ; min., Pitsligo, Deer ; author. 
^2 Min., Longside, " Milne b. ; s. of Geo. M., writer. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. R., Montrose. ^^ Turner b. ; s. of Pat. L., Bridgend. 

16 Cargill b. ; s. of Pat. S., Belhelvie. 



Mr. P. Gul. Smith, P.P., An. Dom. 1708. Generosi hi Adolescentes, 
Aulae adornandae, gratitudinis ergo Libras consecrirunt ^ 

Ad. Barclay, g, ii.^ ' Geo. Davidson, i., ii., iii.*5 

Al. Burnett, ii., iii. Geo. Duncan, i.^ 

Al. Cuming, i., ii., iii.^ Geo. LesHe, i., ii., iii., iv.s 

Al. Dallas, iv. Geo. Walker, g, i., ii., iii.^ 

Al. Gordon, iv. Geo. Whyte, ii. 

Al. Irvine a Kincatisy, g, i, ii. Gul. Alexander, g., i., ii. 

Al. Keith a Clackria, i., ii. Gul. Bruce, i., ii. 

Al. Leslie, g, ii. Gul. Dallas a Cantra, ii 

Al. Mitchell. Gul Duff, ii. 

Al. Orem [frater Jac], g, i., ii. Gul, Duguid, g. 

Al. Robertson, ii., iii,, iv, Gul, Harper.i^ 

Al. Tulloch. Gul. Innes, g, i., ii. 

Francis Grant, unus [frater Tho.] , iv.^ Gid. Keith, ii. 

Fra. Grant, alter.^ Gul. Ramsay. 

Geo. Blachrie, g, i., ii., iii,, iv. Gul. Sangster. 

Geo. Chalmers. Gul. Smith.^^ 

^ This list coincides exactly with that in the printed Theses of 1708 in Aberdeen Univer- 
sity Library — Praeses, William Smith — dedicated to George, Earl Keith, eldest son of 
William, ninth Lord Marischal. Lord Keith, who was then a boy of fourteen, about to enter 
College, is addressed by Professor Smith in highly eulogistic terms. " Te ex praenobili ac 
longissima heroum serie natum, ad maxima destinasse videtur naturae Author, qui te vultu 
pulcherrimo, corpore vegeto et decoro, animo erecto, et vivaci donavit ingenio. Et tu solicita 
nobilissimorum parentum cura, in Uteris et moribus, pietate et virtute, fceliciter hucusque 
enutritus, praeclaros pro aetatis tuae ratione fecisti progressus ; tanta indolis suavitate et 
innata polles prudentia, ut ab auspicatissimis hisce principiis et coruscantibus virtutum 
igniculis, omnium spes et vota amplissima splendidae tuae domus incrementa fidenter prae- 
sagiant. . . . Familiae Marischallanae haeredem Minervam et Themida cum Marte consoci- 
are summopere decet." In the printed Theses italics are used to distinguish, firom the 
" Candidati," those " qui idem stadium philosophicum cum illis ingressi sed curriculum 
academicum penitus emensi non sunt ". 

^ Holland b. ; s. of late Wm. B., Lessendrum. 

* Gumming b. ; s. of Alex. C, Strathspey. * Adv., Edin. 

* Melvil b. ; s. of late Mr. Thos. G., min., Knockando ; min., Duthil, Cromdale. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of late John D., Bellie. ' Crombie b. ; s. of John D., Kintore. 
^ Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. John L., min., Rothes. ® Adv. in Aberd., 1731. 

'" Episc. min., Fochabers, Edinburgh. " Min., Peterhead, Old Machar. 




yac. Chalmers.^ 

yac. Douglas de Brigford, n., iii. 

Jac. Findlay, g, i., ii. 

Jac. Grant, ii, 

Jac. Lindsay a Glenguiech, ii. 

yac. Moir. 

Jac. Orem. g, i., ii., iii., iv. 

Jac. Smith. 

Jac. Winchester, ii., iii.^ 

^oa. Guthrie, i., iii. 

yoa. Johnston de Caskiehen, g, i., ii., iii. 

Joa. Keith [frater Al.], g, i., ii. 

Joa. Laing, iii. 

Joa. Mitchel. 

Joa. Osburn, g, i., ii., iii., iv.^ 

Joa. Reid, i., ii., iii.^ 

yoa. Rennald a Cairnie, ii., iii. 

Joa. Scolly a Hunton, ii., iii.^ 

yoa. Shireff. 

Lud. Grant, ii., iii. 

Math. Mackaile, ii., iii., iv.^ 

Pat. Symson, g, i., ii., iii., iv. 

Rob. Burnett, i., ii. 

Rob. Duff.7 

Rob. Gordon, ii., iii, iv.^ 

Rob. Grant. 

Rob. Irvine, i. 

Rob. Milne, g, i., iii. 

Rob. Pater son, g. 

Rob. Stuart de Burgh, ii., iii. 

Sam. Meston, g.^ 

Tho. Brown. 

Tho. Burnett de Kirkhill, g, i., i 

Tho. Grant ab Arendillie, ii., iii. 

[Graduation and Seal money. 

Mr. Thomas and David Guthries, ...... 

David Gordon, for Mr. Charles Buchanan's diploma of Master 

of Arts, , 

Seall to Mr. Alexr. Wilson, Testificat, . . . . , 










[No entry in Album II. 
Al. Allane, g, i. 
Alexr. Deucher, g, i., iii. 
Alexr. Hay, ii., iii. 

From other sources : — 
Al. Thomson, i., ii., iii. 
Dav. Gordon, ii., iv.^- 
Fr. Ogilvie, g, i. 

1 Galloway b. ; s. of Geo. C, Chamberlain to Earl Marischal. 
^ Min., Rafford, Auldearn, Elgin, Jedburgh ; author. 

•* Min., Aberd. ; principal, 1728. * Reid b. ; s. of Thos. R., Pittenkeiry ; min., Dyce. 

^ Sch., Kirkwall ; min., Stronsay. •' Prof, of Medicine. 

' Min., Kildrummy, Aberlour. ** Johnston div. b., 1710-14 ; min., Rathven. 

8 Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. M., Midmar. i" Adv. in Aberd., 1722. 

" Adv. in Aberd., 1718 ; first laird of Banchory of the name, ^'^ Adv. in Aberd., 1724. 




Geo. Shepherd, g, i., iv.^ 

Gul. Keith, iii. 

Hugo Rosse, ii. 

Ja. Anderson, i., ii., iv.'^ 

Ja. Austin, g, i., ii.^ 

Ja. Calder, ii. 

Ja. Kemp, g, i., ii., iv.* 

Jac. Leslie, g, i. 

Ja. Morison, g. 

Ja. Thomson, iii. 

Joa. Forbes, ii., iii. 

Joa. Henderson, i., ii., iv. 

Joa, Hervie, g. 

Nat. Arbuthnet, ii. 

Pat. Chalmers, g. 

Rob. Cruickshank, i., ii., iii., iv.^ 

Tho. Hay [frater Alex.] , ii., iii. 

For graduation, bibliotheck, and seall money, 1709. 

Mr. George Sheepherd, for bibl. and mace, 

Mr. James Leslie, ....... 

Mr. John Mowat, for privat graduation, bibl. and seall, 

Mr. Adam, for the seall, 

Mr. Joseph Robertson, 















M. J[ac.] M[oir], Anno, 1710. Hi sunt ingenui adolescentes, qui, ne 
Almae Matri ingrati viderentur, 80 Libras Scoticanas Aulae 
publicae adornandae, dicarunt. 

Ab. Davidson, g, ii., iii.*" 

Al. Allan. 

Al. Gordon [de Abergeldie] , gJ 

[Al. Hay, g.] 

Al. McKenzie.s 

And. Livingston,^., ii., iii. 

Arch. Reid, ii., iii., iv. 

Fran. Lister, g, i., ii., iii., iv. 

Geo. Chalmers, ii., iii.** 

Geo. Cooper, g, i. 

Geo. Maitland. 

Geo. Philp, g, i.^" 

Geo. Stewart, g.^^ 

Gul. Forbes. 

^ Holland b. ; s. of late John S., Markie; min., Aboyne. 

"^ Cargill b. ; s. of John A., Mudehouse ; min., Scots Ch., Lond. ; author. 

^ Turner b. ; s. of Jas. A., merchant, Aberd. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. K,, mason, Aberd. ; sch., Fetteresso. 
5 Liddell b. ; s. of Rob. C, Elsick. 

* Crombie b., 1706-og ; s. of Thos. D., Skene. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1718, 
8 M.D., King's Coll., 1715. 9 S. of Pat. C, Prof, of Med. 

" Guild b. ; 8. of late Geo. P., couper. " Reid b., 1706-08 ; s. of Geo. S., Turriflf. 




Gul. Gordon, unus.^ 

Gul. Gordon, alter, ii., iii. 

Gul. Keith, i.2 

Gul. Maitland.3 

Gul. Milne.* 

Gul. Peatrie, ii., iii., iv. 

Jac. Milne, i., ii., iii. 

Jac. Rolland, g.^ 

Jac. Scot de Logic, i. 

Joa. Alexander, iii., iv.° 

Joa. Bisset.'' 

Joa. Harvie, i., ii., iii., iv. ^ 

Joa. Innes de Sinnahard, ii., iii., iv. 

Joa. Thomson, ii., iii., iv. 

Pat. Gordon de Abergeldie, i., ii. 

Robt. Burnett, i. 

Robt. Irvine, iii., iv. 

Rob. Raid, g., i., iv. 

Rob. Renny de Ulysseshaven, ii.^ 

Rob. Young, i., ii., iii. 

Theo. Spence, g. 

Tho. Arbuthnot, ii. 

[Graduation and Seall money, 17 10. 

Mr. John Turner's Testificat and expences, 
Mr. James Milne and Arch. Reid, 
Mr. Wm. Gordon, 
Mr. Rob. Young, 
Mr. Wil. Stevin, 

And for his testificat, 
Mr. William Livingston, 
Mr. John Thomson, 


















[No entry in Album IL 
Alexr. Forbes [frater Joa.] , i., ii., iii. 
Alexr. Forbes, alter, ii. 
Alexr. Livingstoun, ii., iv.^'' 
Alexr. McKenzie, i., ii. 
Alexr. Maver, ii. 
Al. Smith, i., iii. 

From other sources : — 

Alexr. Strachan, g, i. ii. 

Dav. Smith, i., iii. 

Geo. Gumming, i., ii,, iv. 

Geo. Duncan. 11 

Geo. Shepherd, g, i., ii., iii. 

Gul. Abercrombie, g, i., ii., iii., iv.^^ 

^ Sch., Kingussie ; min., Urquhart and Glenmoriston, Alvie. 

2 Melvil b. ; s. of Mr. John K., sch., Dyce. ' Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. M., burgess. 

■* Min., Inverkeithny. ^ Rolland b., 1606-07 > s. of Jas. R., of Disblair. 

" Milne b., 1707-10 ; s. of Mr. John A., min., Kildrummy ; non-juring Bp. of Dunkeld, 

■^ Rolland b. ; s. of Pat. B., New Deer ; min., New Machar, Aberd. ; author. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. H., Muthill ; sch., Midmar, 1710-67. » Now Usan. 

'" Of Countesswells ; provost, 1750. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. D., merchant, Aberd. ; Liddell tutor, 1711-12, 

'- Min., Maryculter, Skene. 


Gul. Mackie, g, ii., iii.^ Joa. Forbes, Ballogie, ii., iii. 

Gul. Robertson, iv. Joa. Hay, Balbithan, g, l, ii., iii. 

Gul. Thomson, i. Joa. Leslie, ii., iii., iv.* 

Gul. Tweed, g (1706), ii., iii., iv.2 Joa. Paul, ii., iii., iv. 

Ja. Dallas, i., ii. Joa. Rose, g, i., ii., iii., iv.* 

Jac. Robertson, i., ii., iii.^ Pat. Lunan, iii., iv.^ 

Ja. Sandilands, Countesswells, i., ii.,iii. Rob. Ogilvie, iii. 

Ja. Stewart, min., ii., iii. Rob. Ross, ii., iii. 

Jac. Stewart, maj., ii., iii. 

[Bibliotheck, Graduation, and Seall, 17 11. 

lib. sli. ff. 
Mr. William Thayn, Minister at Leslie, resting formerlie, . .720 
Mr. Gilbert Cuming and his brother, Mr. George, for y' Gradua- 
tions and Diplomas," 30 10 o 

Mr. James Kemp 4120 

Mr. John Paul,^ 4120 

Mr. Patrick Lunan, 4 12 o 

Mr. Alexr. Forbes, 4 I2 o 

Mr. Matthew McKaill, for Diploma,^ 400] 


Nobilissimi ac illustrissimi Domini 
D. Georgius Comes Marischallus, Academise Marischallanae Maecenas ; et 
D. Joannes Vicecomes de Arbuthnot, i., ii. ; 

Atque generosissimi adolescentes, natalibus Virtute et Eruditione 
ornatissimi, gratitudinis et affectus erga Almem [sic] Matrem 
Academiam monumentum qualecunque extare voluere. An. 
17 1 2. M. Gul. Smith.» 
Ad. Anderson, ii.^° Al. Abercromhie a Birkenbog. 

j^neas McLeod a Camsctiirie, ii., iii. Al. Arbuthnot. 

' Holland b.; s. of John M., litster; under master, Gram. Sch., 1714. 

2 Holland b. ; s. of Geo. T., King Edward. =' Milne b. ; s. of Mr. Thos. R., min., Clatt. 

•• Ross b. ; s. of Mr. John L., TuUich. •'"' Ross b. ; s. of Jas. H., Ballgreen. 

* Episc. min., Meikle Wartle. ^PofM.D. See p. in, note. ^ Min., Rothes. 

' This list coincides exactly with that in the printed Theses of 1712 in Glasgow Univer- 
sity Library — Praeses, William Smith — dedicated to John, Viscount Arbuthnot, and Robert 
Innes of that Ilk, " post honoratissimos parentes, D. Jacobum Innes Equitem Baronethum et 
D. Henricum Innes, Equitem Auratum, de eodem, antiquissimae Innesiorum familiae haeredi ac 
principi dignissimo ". In the printed Theses italics are used to distinguish, from the " Candi- 
dati," those " qui idem stadium philosophicum cum illis ingressi, sed curriculum academicum 
emensi non sunt ". 

1" Chief clerk. South Sea House ; author of Hist. 0/ Commerce. 




Al. Forbes, g, i., ii., iv.^ 

Al. Hunter, ii., iii., iv. 

AI. Keith, iii., iv.^ 

Al. King, ii., iii. 

A I. Rose. 

Al. Smith, g, i., iii. 

Al. Turnbull a Whitstott, i., ii., iii. 

Al. Walker, g, \., ii. 

Ar. Gordon de Law, ii. 

Car. Innes, g, i., ii. 

Car. Scot, ii., iii. 

Dan. Barbour ah Aldourie, ii. 

Dan. Forbes, iii. 

Dav. Forbes a Putachie, g, i., ii. 

Dav. Martin, g, i.^ 

Dav. Ochterlonie de Tillifroskie, ii. 

Dav. Reid, g, i., ii., iv.* 

Dune. Forbes a Philine, ii.,.iv. 

Gabri. King, ii., iii. 

Geo. Brodie de Miltoun, ii. 

Geo. Ogilvie. 

[Gilb, Hutcheon, iii.]'^ 

Qui. Hutchison. 

Gul. Calder, ii., iv, 

Gul. Divvie, g, \., iii. 

Gul. Elphinston, iii., iv. 

Gul. Gordon, ii. 

Gul. Keith. 

Gul. Longmoor, iii., iv. 

Gul. Mercer [frater Tho.], ii., iii." 

Gul. Milne.7 

Gul. Robertson, i., ii., iv.^ 

Gul. Thompson, ii.^ 

Gul. Walker. 

Hugo Dallas de Bannans, ii., iii., : 

yac. Findlater, g. 

Jac. Garden. 

Jac. Gordon a Daoch, ii., iii. 

Jac. Gordon a Knockespeck, ii. 

Jac. Mackenzie, i.^** 

Jac. Mackie, iii., iv.'^ 

^ac. Mark, i., ii. 

jfac. Ogilvie a Badintoul, ii., iii. 

Jac. Walker, g, iv. 

Joa. Forbes, iii., iv. 

jfoa. Kilgour, ii. 

^oa. Leslie a Drumdallo, i. 

Joa. Rattray, iv.^^ 

Joa. Robertson. 

Joa. Shaw, ii., iii., iv. 

^oa. Taylor, ii., iii. 

^oa. Turner de Turnerhall.^^ 

jfonath. Forbes. 

Pat. Maitland, ii. 

Rob. Abercrombie, ii., iii., iv.^* 

Rob. Grant ah Achn'akyl, ii., iii. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. F., Aberdour. 

^ Episc. min., Cruden ; author of View of Diocese of Aberdeen. 

3 Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. M., Pitfoddels. •• Reid b. ; s. of Thos. R. Pittenkerie. 

^ Min., Lyne. " Min., Pitsligo. ^ Min., Kildrummy. 

^ Galloway b. ; s. of late Mr. Thos. R., min., Clatt. " Min., Strathmartin. 

^^ Gumming b. ; s. of Alex. M., Invernever ; M.D., King's Coll., lyig ; author of Hist, 
of Health, etc. 

" Min., Forteviot, St. Ninian's, Edinburgh ; Mod. of Gen. Assembly, 1751. 
*2 Crombie b. ; s. of Eras. R., Botriphnie. 
^ Out in die '45 (Temple's Thanage). 
" Min., Leslie. 





Rob. Innes ah Innes, ii. 
Rob. Lindsay, ii., iii., iv.^ 
Rob. Stewart, g, i, ii.^ 

Sam. Paplay, i., iv.^ 
The. Mercer, ii., iii. 


[No entry in Album II. From other sources 

Alexr. Irvine, Drum, ii. 

Arth. Williamson, i., ii., iii., iv.* 

Da. Burnett, ii. 

Da. Nives, i. 

Geo. Gumming, Pittulie, i., ii. 

Geo. Gordon, maior, ii. 

Geo. Gordon, minor, ii. 

Geo. Skeen de eodem, g, i., ii.'' 

Gil. Black, i., ii. 

Gul. Jack, ii., iii. 

Gul. Lindsay, i., ii., iii., iv. 

Gul. Murray, g, ii., iii. 

Gul. Thom, i., ii., iii., iv." 

Jac. Craig, i., iv.' 

Jac. Mackenzie, ii., iii. 

Jac. McPherson, ii., iii., iv. 

Jac. Ogilvie, ii., iv.^ 

Joa. Chalmers, g.^ 

Joa. Farquhar.^*^ 

Joa. Farquharson, ii., iii., iv.^^ 

Joa. Gillenders, ii., iii. 

Joa. Milne, g, i., ii., iii., iv.^^ 

Joa. Robertson, g. 

Joa. Sutor, iii., iv.^^ 

Jo. Ogilvie, ii. 

Pat. Reid, ii., iii.^* 

Graduation and Bibliotheck and Seall, 1713. 

Mr. George Fraser. 
Mr. James Craig. 
Mr. James Kemp. 
Mr. James McPherson. 

Mr. John Sutor. 

Mr. William Lindsay. 

Mr. William Murray.] ^^ 

' Melvil b. ; s. of Rob. L. of Glenquich. 

* Cargill b., 1708-og ; s. of late Rob. S,, sch., Midmar; "went to be a soldier," 1710. 
^ Crombie b. ; s. of late Pat. P., Elgin ; sch., Drainie. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. W., Urquhart, 

' Rector, 1737-45. " Crombie b. ; s, of late Wm. T., Kintore. 

'■ Guild b. ; s. of John C, Master of Trades Hosp. 

* Min., Footdee, etc. (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 
' Rolland b., 1709-10; s. of Mr. Pat. C, min., Binnie [Boyndie]. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. F., Mortlach. " Turner b. ; s. of John F., Whythaugh. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. M., Kinnairny. " Guild b. ; s. of John S., wright burg. 

1* Min., Clatt. ^» Episc. min., Old Aberd. 



[Adolescentes Laureae Magisterialis Candidati . . . Praeside Georgio 
Peacock ... ad diem 22 Aprilis . . . 1714.^ 

[Alex. Brodie de eodem, ii.] ^ [Ferchardus Beton, g.] ^ 

Alexander Mackay, i., iii., iv.^ [Franc. Thomson, iii.] 

Alexander Mackphaile, iv."* [Geo. Catanach, i., iii.] 

[Alexr. Marnoch, ii.] Gilbertus Ore [Knockoudie] , iii., iv. 

Alexander Pyott, i., ii., iii., iv.^ Gulielmus Bidie.*» 

Alexander Walker, iv.*^ [Gul. Blair, g.] 

[Arth. Gregory, gy i.] Gulielmus Gray, i., iii., iv. 

^ From the printed Theses for 1714 in the Bodleian Library, The dedication by Pro- 
fessor Peacock runs as follows : — 

" Illustrissimo, Nobillissimo & PoTENTissiMo Heroi, D. georgio, Comiti 
Marischallo, Domino de Keith, Altrie, etc. 

" Musarum Suarum Fautori & Patrono, omni Honore & observanti4 semper Colendo. 

" Illustrissime Heros, 

" Mlhi non diu deliberandum fuit, cui decermina haec Philosophica nuncuparem, cui- 
nam enim debentur, nisi Tibi Nobilissimo Comiti Marischallo. Tibi enim ac lllustrissimae 
Tuas Familise, omnibus Gratitudinis & Humillimi obsequii vinculis, me astriftum libenter 
agnosco : quod enim in Album Professorum Inclytae Tuse Academiae Cooptatus fuerim, ubi 
quamplurima Vitae hujus commoda, multos per annos sum naftus : post Deum Op. Max. Avo 
Tuo Nobilissimae Memoria;, & lllustrissimae Familiae MARiscHALLANiE unice debeo. Urbs 
etiam hasc Abredonia, turn domi, tum foris, apud exteras gentes clara, claritudinis Suae atque 
Famae, praecipuas mutuatur partes, a benevolentia & generositate, Nobilium Tuorum Pro- 
genitorum, qui ibidem fundclrunt & reditibus variis locuplet3.runt Academiam hanc, e cujus 
gremio progressi sunt quamplurimi, Pietate & Eruditione insignes, ab Orbe Literario, in 
summo semper Honore habiti, Urbis & Academiae decus & ornamentum. Libenti animo de- 
scenderem, in antiquitatem lllustrissimae Familiae Marischallan^e, per multas Annorum 
Centurias enarrandam, in Heroicam etiam & invidiam Magnanimitatem, Progenitorum 
Tuorum Nobilium, & in Regem fidem intemeratam : sed ciim publici Regni Annales, haec 
omnia abunde testentur, soli Lucem non foenerabor. Animo etiam lubentissimo descenderem 
in Heroicas Tuas, tum animi, tum corporis dotes enumerandas, atque innata Virtutum 
Tuarum semina, in frugiferam messem, jam efflorescentia, quae te Magnis Scotia Marisch- 
ALLis aequalem reddent, sed cum summa; Virtutes Tuae, omnia mea superent elogia, me 
reprimam, ne modestiam Tibi adeo connaturalem, offendere videar. Levidente fst hoc opus- 
culum Philosophicum & tanto Heroe minime dignum, est tamen praecipuum atque unicum, 
quod Tibi offerre valeo, id igitur ut humillimi obsequii & sincerae gratitudinis indicium, re- 
cipere digneris; & ut Deus Op. Max te diu incolumem conservet pro Familiae Tuae Nobilis- 
simae, Academiae & omnium bonorum & literatorum commodo, animitis comprecabuntur." 
2 Lyon King of Arms ; M.P. for Inverness. ^ Reid b. ; s. of Geo. M. 

* Rolland b. ; s. of late Alex. M. ' Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. P., Montrose. 

6 Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. W. ^ M.A., King's Coll., 1715 ; min., Croy. 

^Johnston div. b., 1717-20; min., Cushnie. 





Joannes Rose, ii., iii., iv.^ 

[Joa. Sutherland, g.] *■ 

[Rob. Fraser, ii., iii.] 

Robertus Gray, g, ii. 

Samuel Muat.^ 

Thomas Crauford, i., ii., iii., iv. 

[Tho. Cluinas, ii., iii.] 

[Gul. Gray, minor, i.] 
Gulielmus Milne, g. 
[Jac. Brodie de eodem, ii.] 
Jacobus Forbes, i., iv.* 
[Joa. Bowes, i.] 
Joannes Farquhar, ii. 
[Joa. Gordon, ii.] 
Joannes Robertson.^ 

Graduation and Seal money. 

1713, Dec. 24. Received from Mr. Alexr. Lauson, son to the 

Rector of Maghrafelt in Ireland, at his 
Graduation,'' . 

17 14, April 21. Gul. Gray, .... 

Gul. Oar 

Gul. Milne, .... 
May 22. Mr. Jo. Anderson's Diploma,^ 

Mr. William Dugud's Diploma,'' 

Dr. Chalmers, w''. he was resting for his son's 

Graduation dues,** 







M. Gul. Smith, P.P. Anno 17 15. 
D. Jac. Keith, Comitis Marischalli frater.^ 
Al. Gordon a Glengerrach, ii. Al. Irvine [a Drum], c.^^ 

Al. Hutchieson [or Hutcheon] , i.*^ [Al. Irvine, i., iv.]" 

Al. Inglis.'' Al. Lyon, ii., iii. 

Al. Innes a Dinkintie, ii. Al. Ritchie, ii. 

^ Physician, Aberd. ^ M.D., King's Coll., 1730; author. 

•* Min., Logic Buchan. * Min., Golspie, Tain. 

* RoUand b. ; s. of Mr. Alex. M. '^ See p. in, note. 

^ Marshal Keith, the illustrious commander in the service of Frederick the Great. Por- 
trait as a young man by Belle in the possession of the University reproduced in this volume. 
Portrait, in later life, in the possession of Lord Kintore, reproduced in the great window, 
Mitchell Hall, Marischal College. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

* Turner b. ; s. of Alex. H., Frosterhill. * Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. L, Nairn. 
'" Portrait, taken when a student, in possession of the University. 

** Ross b. ; s. of Geo. L, Strathbogie. 

Thntaqr^fuee IjjrAman JS. Sana, HagoW- 


'>'<iyam4&4 c.-^^^^ 





Al. Simpson, g, i., ii., iii.^ 

Al. Watson de Turins, iv. 

Al. Young, ii.'-^ 

Art. Gordon de Carnousie, ii. 

Art. Gregorie, i. 

Car. Key.3 

Da. Ross, ii., iii."* 

Fran. Thomson. 

Geo. Gordon, ii., iii. 

Geo. Steel. 

Gul. Blair, i., ii,, iv.^ 

Gul. Crawford, ii. 

Gul. Cupper. 

Gul. Duff a Dipple, ii., iii. 

Gul. Forbes, g, iii., iv.'' 

Gul. Gibbon, ii. 

[Gul. Hervie, ii., iii.] 

Gul. Howie. 

Gul. Mcintosh de Daviot, ii. 

Gul. Ragg, i. 

Gul. Rose." 

Jac. Ferguson a Pitfdur, ii., iii.^^ 

Jac. Milne.^i 

Jac. Mores. ^2 

Jac. Spence, ii., iii., iv. 

Jac. Strachan, g, i., ii., iii.^^ 

Joa. Chalmers. 

Joa. Craig. 

Joa. Duncan, iv. 

Joa. Innes [Dinkintie], ii., iii. 

Joa. McRae, i. ii., iii. 

Joa. Moir, "-, i., ii. 

Joa. Selbie, g, ii.^* 

Joa. Spence. 

Joa. Thompson. 

Joa. Walker. 

Jos. Robertson^ ^., ii., iii. 

Rob. Duffde Drumuir, ii., iii. 

Rob. Smith. 

[Rob. Tulloch, Tannachie, ii.] 

Rob. Wilson. 

Rob. Young, ii., iii. 

Gul. Urquhart a Meldrum, i., ii., iii., iv.'^ Rod. McRae, i., ii., iii. 
Hen. Edger, ii., iii.^ Sim. Fraser, iii. 

Jac. Dunbar a Westfield, Vicecom. Tho. Alexander, i. 
Mor, ii., iii.s 

Graduation Dues and Seal Money. 

Payd to Prory. for Mr. John Irvin's graduation dues and 
diploma,^'' . . . . . . . . . . 

Payd by Mr. Smith's classe for graduation dues, beside two 
guineas for drawing young Meldrum's pictur, . 

lib. sh. d. 
18 o o 

40 o 


* Episc. min., Lethnot. 

^ Min., Insch, Monymusk ; d. father of the Church. 

^ Ross b. ; s. of Alex. Y., Classendrum, Arbuthnot. 

^ Sch., Banchory Dev. ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1717. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Dav. B., Strathspey ; min., Kingussie. 

« RoUand b. ; s. of Pat. F., Mill of Saphock. 7 Min., Kildonan, Loth. 

** Portrait, taken when a student, in possession of the University. 

^ Episc. min.., Arbroath. i" Adv., Edinb. ; Lord Pitfour. 

" Milne b. ; s. of Jas. M., Ardconan. 

^^ Rolland b. ; s. of late Alex. M., Whitestone of Birss. 

1* Min., Kinkell. " Guild b. ; s. of John S. in Pitscurrie. '^^ See p. iii, note. 



[No entry in Album II. From other sources : — 


AI. Macrae, i., iii.'-^ 

Al. Strachan, g, i.^ 

Dav. Doig, ii. 

David Ramsay, i. 

Dav. Rose, iii. 

Franc. Farqrson, g, i. 

Georgius Cruden, g, ii., iii.* 

Geo. Farquhar, g, i., ii., iii.^ 

Geo. Leslie, gt i. 

Geo. Mackenzie, i., iii.'' 

Gulielmus Chalmers, g, ii.'^ 

Gul. Mackenzie, ii. 

Gul. Munroe, i., ii.** 

Gul. Reid, g, i., ii., iii. 

Hen. Rose, ii., iii. 

Ja. Wilson, ii.^ 

Jo. Beton, g, i., iii.^" 

Joannes Findlay, g, ii. 

Jo. Thayr, i, 

Joannes Wardroop, g.] 

1713-16, 1717-18.11 

[No entry in Album II. From other sources 
Alexr. Crouden, g, i.^2 

Alexander Finnic, g. 
Al. Gabriel, i.^^ 
Alex. Mearns.i* 
Alex. Ross.i^ 
Dav. Monro, i. 

Evander Morison, i., ii.^^ 

Geo. Liddel, g, i. 

Geo. Skene, Robslaw, g, i. 

Geo. Troup, g, i., ii. 

Gul. Findlay, i.^^ 

Gul. Speed, ii. 


^ 1715-16. " Item three chamber maills, the rest and the other College dues not being 
pay'd because the college was separat before the laws were read or the season of payment 

come 4 lib. 10 sh." 

(W. Smith's Proc. Accts.) 

- Crombie b. ; s. of John M., Kintail. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. S., plasterer ; min., Footdee, Keig. 

* M.A., Edin., 1716; regent. ' Cargill b. ; s. of Gilb. F., Kemnay. 

• Crombie b. ; s. of late Geo. M., Dingwall. 

'■ S. of Prof. Pat. C. ; judge of Admiralty Court, Gibraltar ; of Auldbar. 
8 Eraser b. ; s. of Don. M., Draikies, Inverness. ^ Galloway b. 

i« Holland b.; s. of Kenn. B., Mull; M.A., Edin., 1716. 

" No classes met in 1716-17. After 1714-15 the names of individual students paying 
chamber maills are not given in the Proc. Accts. 

*^ Author of the Concordance ; benefactor (Vol. I., p. 444). 

" Turner b. ; s. of Jas. G., Balbrydie. 

" Cargill b., 1717-18; sch., Rothiemay ; min., Insch ; d. father of the Church, 1789. 

'' Min., Lochlee. ^® Lentush b. ^^ Skene Memorials, p. 135. 

18 Guild b. ; s. of John F., late Convener. 




Gul. Stiven, i., ii. 
ac. Donaldson, g, i.^ 
ac. Elder, i.^ 

a. Thomson, Portlethen, g, i.^ 
o. Burnet, i.^ 
o. Couts, i., ii. 
oannes Donaldson, g. 
o. Findlay.'^ 
o. Leith, Leithall, ii. 
oannes Leslie, g, 
o. Lumsden.'' 

Jo. Paterson, i., ii.^ 
Jo. Troup, g, i,, ii. 
Murdoch Morison, ii. 
Pat. Black, ii.s 
Pat. Henrie, i., ii.'' 
Pat. Renald, i. 
Rob. Bruce, Muynes, ii. 
Rob. Innes, i., ii.^*' 
Tho. Mercer, g, i.] 

1714-16, 1717-19.12 

[No entry in Album II. From other sources : — 

Alex. Phinney, i.i^ 

Al. Robertson, g, i. - 

Alex. Ross.14 

Alex. Shepherd. 1"' 

Char. Forbes, g, i. 

Geo. Cruickshank, i. 

Geo. Dallas, i. 

Geo. Forbes, g, i. 

Gul. Baird, Auchmed, i.i" 

Gul. Dallas, i. 

Gul. Murray, g. 

Ja. Honeyman, i.!*" 

Ja. Irvin, i.i^ 

Ja. Sutherland.!'^ 

Jo. Auchterlonie.2<' 

Jo. Cruickshank, i. 

Jo. Farquhar, i. 

Jo, Gordon, Achanachy, g, i. 

Joa. Gray, g.'^^ 

Joa. Henderson, g. 

Joa. Kieth, g. 

Joa. Lessly, ^-.22 

1 Prof, of Orient. Languages. 2 Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. E., Montrose. 

=* Adv. in Aberd., 1724. * M.D., Edin., 1719. 

^ Guild b. ; s. of John F., late Convener. ^ Liddell b. ; s. of late Alex. L., Askit. 

^ Gumming b. ; s. of Alex. P., Forres ; min., Dipple, St. Andrews (Moray). 

* Min., Peterculter. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of Pat, H., Aberdour ; sch., Aberdour. 

^"* Cargill b., 1713-16 ; s. of Jas. I., Cotts, '^ Regent and Principal. 

'2 See footnote 11 to 1713-18, i-' Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. P., mercht., Aberd. 

" Reid b. ; s. of And. R., Stranduff ; sch., Lochlee ; poet (Thomson's Life). 

^^ Melvill b. 16 Out in '45 ; transl. Thucydides, 

1^ Min., Keithhall, Kinneff ; song v^^riter, '^ Of Pitmuxton ; adv, in Aberd., 1724. 

1* Melvill b,, 1717-19, 20 Ramsay b, ^i Benefactor, Vol. I., 440 ; rector, 

^ Milne b., 171/1.-16 ; s. of late Alex. L., mercht., Aberd, 




Joa. Macklean, g.^ 
Joa. Ogilvie, g. 
Jo. Rose, g, i. 
Michael Fraser.^ 
Pat. Rennold, i. 

Rob. Charles, g, i. 
Rob. Farquhar, g, i.* 
Rob. FyflF.4 
Rob. Milne, i.^ 
Tho. Kinnear, g.] 

1715-16, 1717-20." 

[No entries in Album II. or in Grammar School Record. From other 
sources : — 

Alex. Orem." 
Alex. Ross.^ 
Gul. Clerk.9 
Gul. Hacket.10 
Gul. Henderson.^^ 
Gul. Thomson. ^2 

Jas. Clerk.i8 
Jas. Paterson.i* 
Jo. Henderson.*^ 
Jo. Taylor.^" 
Rob. Fyfe.i'] 

^ Milne b., 1717-19; sch., Newhills ; min., Kintail. 

2 Cargill b. ; s. of John F., Inverness. 

3 Min., Peterhead, Chapel of Garioch ; father of Sir Walter F., bart., M.D. 
* Liddell b. ; s. of A. F., Brechin. 

' Holland b,, 1714-16; s. of John M., Milloflnnes; sch., Alves; min., Essil, Speymouth. 

' See footnote 11 to 1713-18. On 20th Nov., 1717, A. Orem, A. Ross, J. Clerk, J. Paterson, 
J. Taylor, W. Henderson, and W. Thomson petitioned the Town Council " mentioning that 
after tryall taken of the petitioners' qualifications in the moneth of November 1715 years, the 
tyme of the late Rebellion, they were presented to bursaries in the College Marischall of 
Aberdein, and continued at the said College untill Candlemas thereafter, that their masters the 
Regents deserted them and left the College ; and there being nothing taught in the College 
since that tyme, the petitioners applyed to your honours and were by your order examined by 
the present Masters of the said College and found by them sufficiently qualified in Latine and 
Greek for entering to the Semi class ". This they are allowed to do. (T. C. Reg., Iviii., 571, 

7 Ross b. ; s. of John O., Drumnaheath ; min., Cushnie, Forbes, Montquhitter. 

8 S. of Mr. Eras. R., Boghall. » Ramsay b. 
^•> Liddell b., 1715-16 ; s. of John H., Montcoffer. 

" Rossb. ; s. of Jas. H., Orchardtown. 

'2 Milne b. ; s. of Rob. T., Turriff; Johnston div. b., 1720-24. 

" Rolland b., 1715-18 ; then went to King's Coll. ; s. of Don. C, Pettie. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of late Jas. P., Montrose. " Rolland b. 

'« Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. T., Leys. 

'7 Rolland b., 1718-20; s. of Rob, P., farmer, Dune, 




M. D. Verner, Anno i 
Experimentali non 
A I. Douglas, g. 
Al. Forbes.2 
Al. Hall, g. 
Al. Kemptie. 
Al. Paterson. 
Al. Shanks. 
Al. Youngson, g.* 
And. Fife. 5 
And. Ross, g. 
Car. Urquhart. 
Dav. Duncan, g.^ 
Dav. McGillagin. 
Fran. Dauney. 
Geo. Charles." 
Geo. Connon.^ 
Geo. Couper, 
Geo. Smith. 
Gul. Abel.9 
Gul. Fell. 


721. Inclyti hi ac studiosi Juvenes Scholae 
contemnendum dederunt munus.^ 

Gul. Hog. 

Gul. Irvine." 

Gul. Martin, g}^ 

Gul. Reid. 

Gul. Simpson. 

[Jac. Bettie, ^.] 

Jac. Cock.^3 

Jac. Forbes.^^ 

Jac. Mnckai. 

Jac. Philip. 

Joa. Farquhar. 

Joa. Gordon, g. 

Joa. Huson, Anglus. 

Joa. Law. 

Joa. Urquhart. 

Pat. Gellie, g. 

Pat. Souper. 

[Rob. Milne.J 

Rob. Thotnson, maj., g. 

Rob. Thomson, min. 

^ Among probable entrants of the period 1712-15 are Alexander Irvine, min. of St. 
Andrews-Lhanbryd, 1726 {Fasti Eccl. Scot., iii., i65) ; George Gordon, min. of Bourtie 
{F. E. S., iii., 578) ; John Stewart, min. of Lhanbryd, 1727 (F. E. S., iii., 167) ; William 
Johnston, min. of Montquhitter, 1727 (F. E. S., iii., 664) ; William Guthrie, journalist and 
historian (Diet. Nat. Biog.). 

2 This list, from Album II., coincides with that given in the printed Theses of 1721 
(Dissertatio philosophica de passionibus sine affectibus : dedicated to Adam Cockburn, Lord 
Ormiston) in the possession of Mr. Chalmers of Westburn, except that the latter includes a 
name [Rob. Milne] not found in the former. The use of italics is not explained, but is pre- 
sumably for the same purpose as in the Theses of former years. (See 1704-08.) 

' Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. F., Kincardine. •* Guild b. ; s. of John Y., wright burg. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of John F., Kilamuire, Angus. 

^ Guild b. ; s. of Alex. D,, weaver burg. ; min.. Stow. 

7 Master of St. Paul's School; LL.D., 1741 ; author. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. C, merchant burgess, Aberd. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. A., Ley Lodge; sch., Birse ; min., Lumphanan, Kino. O'Neil. 

^^ Min. , Inverness. ^^ Min., New Abbey. ^^ Reid b. ; s. of Alex. M. , Brae of Pitfoddels. 

^^ Fraser b. ; s. of Jas. C, Kintore ; min., Keithhall. 

^* Min., Kilchrenan, Kilmodan. 





M. Pat. Hardie. 

Al. Blachrie, g.'^ . 

And. Sim . 

And. Thomson, g 

Bas. Hepburn 

Geo. Forsyth. 

Gul. Catanach, g 

Gul. Cheyne, g . 

Gul. Cruikshank, g 

Gul. Farquhar, g (17 17) 

Gul. Grant " 

Gul. Paterson 

Jac. Allerdes^ 

Jac. Brebner.*' 

Jac. Carnegie, g . 

Jac. Mackie 

Jac. Moleson^ 

Jac. Stuart a Dens, g 

Jac. Walker ^ 


An. 1722. Generosi hi adolescentes Almae huic 

modicam pecuniae 
sh. d. 

7 o 
7 o 
7 o 

7 o 




















21 o Tho 
5 o Wal 


Gordon, g 
Mair9 . 
Masson ^^^ 

Forbes ^^ 

Menzies, g}'^ 

Molleson, g "' 

Petrie ^^ 

Rose . 



Gellie, g 


Robertson, g 





















[No entry in Album II. From other sources : — 

Al. Howe.15 
Al. Maitland, g. 
Car. Gordon, g. 

Geo. Reith, g. 

Gul. Catto.i« 

Jac. Lumsden, g.^'' 

' A list has been preserved of the amount subscribed by the members of this class. 
^ Surg., Bromley, Kent ; author. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. F., Gilcomston. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. G., Kildrummy in Moray. ^ Mercht., Aberd. 

" Aftds. J. B. Gordon, of Knockespock, chief Judge of Grenada, ' Min., St. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. W., merchant, Peterhead ; min., Peterhead. 

* Min., Forbes, Rayne. "" Sch., Dyce. " Mercht., Lond.; author. 
I'* Min., Leswalt. ^^ Cargill b. ; s. of Rob. M., merchant, Aberd. 

" Gumming b. ; s. of Rob. P., Farnell. '^ RoUand b. ; s. of Mr. John H., min. 
'• Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. C, merchant, Aberd. ; Johnston div. b., 1724-25 ; London. 
^' Of Corrachree ; min., Strathdon, Towie. 




Jac. Milne, g.^ 
Jac. Robertson, g. 
Jac. Strachan, g. 
Jac. Wilson, g. 
Joa. Beton, g.^ 


Joa. Blackwel, g. 
Joa. Harrow, g.^ 
Joa. Herdie, g.^ 
Nig. Beton, g.^ 
Rob. Maule.]^ 



D. D. Verner. 1724. Hi 
gratitudinis symbolum 
Al. Cromar.'^ 
Al. Farquharson.^ 
Al. Gordon de Hilton. 
Al. Innes, g (17 19). 
Al. Lunan, g.^ 
Al. Main. 
[Al. Reid, g.] 
And. Ramsay. 1'^ 
Geo. Leslie. 
Geo. Malcolm, g.^'^ 
Geo. Middleton, g (1719). 
Gul. Cruikshank, g.'^^ 
Gul. Hay.i3 
Gul. Martine. 
Gul. Paterson, Woodside, 
Gul. Paterson, alter, 


generosi juvenes modicam pecuniam in 
Almae Matri donaverunt. 

Gul. Russel.15 

Gul. Smith.16 

Jac. Gordon, major.^'' 

Jac. Gordon, minor. 

Jac. Paterson. ^8 

Joa. Campbell, g.^^ 

Joa. Craig. 

Joa. Cruden, g. 

Joa. Gellie, g.^^ 

Joa. Gordon a Craig. 

Joa. Smith.2i 

Joa. Yule, g.^^ 

Mur. McLenan.23 

Pat. Darling. 

Rob. Urquhart.24 

2 M.A., King's Coll., 1723 ; min,, Glenshiel. 

■* Guild b. ; s. of Jas. H., blacksmith burg. 

6 Cargill b. ; s. of John M., Mill of Bourty. 

^ Ross b. ; s. of Jas. F., Crathy. 
; Episc. min., Blairdaff, Inglismaldie. 
s. of Wm. M., Kinnarny, 

1 Milne b. ; s. of John M., Spey. 

3 Reid b. ; s. of Dav. H., Cults. 

5 M.A., King's Coll., 1724. 

^ Turner b. ; s. of Geo. C, Finzean. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. L., Monymusk 

^^ Min., Madderty. ^^ Fraser b. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. C, late baillie. 

^'Johnston div. b., 1726-29; min., Crimond, Cruden. 

^* Rolland b. ; s. of late Wm. P., tailor ; min., Slains. 

^5 Milne b. ; s. of late John R., Claves. 1® Cargill b. ; s. of Rob. S., Fyvie, 

" Prof, of Medicine. is Min., Coull. 

" Min., Daviot and Dunlichty. ^ Min., Nigg (Kinc). 

21 Sch., Longside, Fraserburgh ; min., Strichen. 22 Sch., Rhynie ; min., Kirkwall. 

^ Ross b. ; s. of Dav. M., Kiltyrne ; min., Crathie ; song-writer. 

24 Sch., Edinkillie, Forres. 





[ No entry in Album II. From other sources 

Fran. Clerk, g.^ 
Geo. Crookshank, g.^ 
Geo. Elmsly.^ 
Geo. Tytler.* 
Gul. Murdoch, g. 
Gul. Stephen, g.^ 

Jac. Gregorie, g.^ 
Joa. Monroe.^ 
Joa. Youngson, g.^ 
Pat. Simpson, g. 
Thos. Barclay.^] 


G. Turnbull, P.P., 1726. Hi ingenui adolescentes ad Phys. Exper. 
apud nos promovendam, aliquid non spernandum grato animo 

Al. Blackwell, g^^ 
Al. Charles, g}^ 
Al. Gairden.13 

Al. Shanks. 1* 

Al. Udney de Udney.^^ 

Al. Walker. 

And. Webster. 

Arch. Chalmers, g. 

Arth. Forbes de Echt. 

Car. Forbes. 

Dav. Mitchell, g.^^ 

Dav. Reid, g. 

Dav. Young. 

Geo. Black, g.^"^ 

Geo. Blakwell, g.^^ 

Geo. Rose de Westerlune. 

Geo. Thomson, g (1721).!^ 

Gul. Carnegie, g. 

Gul. Erskine de Pittodry. 

[Gul. Gammack, g.] 

^ Ramsay b. 

' RoUand b. ; s. of John C, merchant, Aberd. ; sch. and min., Arbroath, Kinnell. 

^ Adam b. * Cargill b. ; s. of John T., Corsinday; min., Premnay, Fearn (Brechin). 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. S., merchant, Aberd. ; under master. Gram. Sch., 1725. 

» Vol. I., 203 ; M.D., King's Coll., 1728. ' Crombie b. ; s, of Wm. M., Sudderland. 

8 Guild b. 9 Reid b. ; s. of Geo. B., Esly. 

*° This list, from Album II., coincides exactly with that given in the printed Theses of 
1726 in the Aberdeen University Library : dedicated to Patrick Duff of Premnay, " rectori 
magnifico ". Italics are used presumably with the same signification as in former years. 
(See 1704-08.) 

" S. of Principal B. ; beheaded at Stockholm, 1747 {Gent. Mag., 1747). 

^^ Liddell b. 1723-26 ; s. of Alex. C, advocate, Aberd. ^' M.D., 1753. 

^* Min., St. Cjnrus, Arbuthnott. " Adv., Edin., 1728 ; Commr. of Excise. 

^® Cargill b. ; s. of Thos. M., town serjeant. *' Mercht., Aberd. 

'8 S. of Principal B. ; min., Bathgate. 

" Crombie b., 1723-26 ; s. of Wm. T., merchant, Aberd. 




Gul. Keith. 
Gul. Lessel, g.^ 
Gul. Moir.^ 
Jac. Barclay. 
Jac. Brodie.^ 
Jac. Darling.* 
^ac. Duguid, g.'^ 
yac. George, g. 
Jac. Leslie. 
Jac. McWilliam.^ 
Jac. Robertson.''' 

jfoa. Douglas de Tilquholly . 

jfoa. Milne, g (172 1). 

Joa. Rae, g.^ 

Joa. Stewart, g.^ 

Joa. Walker. 

[Rob. Bruce, g.] 10 

Rob. Paterson, g. 

Tho. Forbes, g-." 

Tho. Gordon, g.'^^ 

Tho. Reid, g.^^ 


M. D. Verner. Anno 1727. Adolescentes hi generosi Gratitudinis 

suae Indicium Scholae Experimentali dicarunt. 
Arth. Forbes de Craigievar, Eques.^^ [Geo. Burnet, g.'\ 

Al. Forbes. [Geo. Fordyce, g.'] ^^ 

Al. Leslie, g. Geo. Ray.^^ 

Al. Ogilvie. Gil. Gray, g. 

And. Adam.15 Gual. Grig.20 

And. Paterson. Gul. Dawnie, g (1722). 

Car. Thomson.^" Gul. Fordyce, ^.21 

Claud. Thomson. 17 Gul. Harper. 

Fran. Crombie, g. Gul. McBain. 

Fran. Fraser a Fendrick. Gul. Mowat, ^.22 

[Geo. Allardes, gJ\ Jac. Gordon, ^.23 

1 Crombie b. ; s. of Rob. L., Ley Lodge. ^ Turner b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. M., regent. 

' Min., Latheron. * Min., Keithhall, Kintore. 

* Gumming b., 1722-24; s. of Alex. D., merchant, Drumblade. 

* Sch., Oyne ; min., Forbes, Kildrummy. ' Min., Lochbroom, •* Min., Paisley. 
^ Prof, of Mathematics, 1727. ^*^ Cormbie b., 1722-23 ; s. of Jas. B., Fairne. 

^1 S. of Alex. F. of Ludquharn ; sch., Cruden ; min., Slains, Aberd. 
^^ S. of Jas. G., min., Kinloss ; min., Cabrach, Auldearn. 

^' Librarian ; D.D., 1762 ; regent. King's Coll., etc. " Fourth bart. ; rector, 1761. 

1'^ Sch., Kinloss. ^^ Rolland b,, 1726-27; s. of Jas. T., Culsalmond. 

" Reid b. ; s. of Rob. T., Fraserburgh. '^ of Broadford; mercht., Abd. 

19 Milne b. ; s. of G. Ray, Botriphnie. ^a Cargill b. ; s. of Walt. G., Mill of Rothsay ; 

master of Gram. Sch., Perth. '^^ Of Achorties ; baillie, 1738. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. M., maltman burgess, Aberd. ; of Colpnay ; provost, 1754. 
23 Guild b. 


Joa. Arthur.* Joa. Troup.' 

Joa. Davidson, g (1722). Joa. Udny. , 

Joa. Dawnie. Rob. Bruce. 

Joa. Forbes a New, g. Tho. Gordon. 

Joa. Lorimer, g.^ Tho. Scott.* 
Joa. M'Lean. 


Dan. Gordon, P.P., Anno 1728. Hi generosi adolescentes, 30 
Libras Scoticas Scholae Experimentali donarunt. 

Al. Aberdeen, g.^ Jac. Deans, g. 

Al. Kynach, g. Jac. Low.^'^ 

Al. Slorach.^ Joa. Auldjoe, g. 

Dan. Fraser.'^ Joa. Calder, g.^^ 

David Fordyce, g.^ Joa. Maclean. 

Dav. Ker. Pat. Downie.i* 

Geo. Fraser. Pat. Henderson. 

[Gul. AUanach, g.] Rob. Farquhar.^s 

Gul. Davidson.^ Rob, Forbes.^' 

Gul. Forsyth. Rob. Harrow, g (1723).!^ 

Gul. Leslie. Rob. Maxwell. - 

Gul. Mackay, Rob. Ross. 

Gul. Taylor, g.^^ Thos. Fouler, g (1723).*^ 

Jac. Beattie." 

^ Holland b., 1723-25. 

* Lorimer b. 1723-25 ; s. of John L., merchant burgess, Aberd. 
3 M.D., 1770. * Extra b., 1725-27 ; s. of John S., Fyvie. 

* Of Cairnbulg ; provost, 1742. " Ross b., 1727-28; s. of Alex. S., Cairnie. 
' Rolland b. ; s. of Dan. F., Inverness. 

* Regent. " Sch., Navar ; min., Lethnot. 
" Fraser b. ; s. of Geo. T., Spithill. 

*i Ramsay b. ; s. of Alex. B., Halcarton ; min., Maryton. 

12 Ross b. ; s. of Alex. L., Inverurie. " Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. C, Loarstone. 

" Cargill b. ; s. of Pat. D., indweller in Aberd. 
1* Milne b. ; s. of Geo. F., Gilcomston. 

** Crombie b., 1727-28 ; s. of Chas. F., Rayne ; Bp., Caithness ; compiler of Lyon in 

" Ross b., 1724-27; s. of Alex. H., Hislehead ; London. 
?' Turner b. ; son of John F., merchant, Aberd. 




Gul. Duff. Anno 1729 
Aulae adornandas, im 

Al. Duncan, g.^ 

Al. Leslie de Warthill. 

Car. Leslie. 

Car. Gordon. 

Dan. Monro.2 

Dav. Humble, g,^ 

[Geo. Chalmers, g.] 

[Geo. Kellie, g.] 

Geo. Leask. 

Geo. Meldrum. 

Geo. Middleton.* 

Geo. Milne. 

Geo. Murray. 

Gul. Davidson, g.^ 

Gul. Dunbar, g. 


Generosi hi juvenes, ad duas fenestras 
pensas haud exiguas contulerunt. 

Gul. Erskine." 
Gul. Forsyth.'^ 
Gul. Henderson.^ 
Gul. Mackie. 
Jac. Maitland.^ 
Jac. Murdoch. 
Joa. Chalmers. i** 
Joa. Ferguson. 
Joa. Maitland.^^ 
[Joa. Simm, g.] 
Joa. Wilson. 
Pat. Shand.i2 
Pat. Thomson.-'^ 
Rich. Maitland. 
Tho. Moleson. 

Al. Forbes. 
And. Young. 
Colin Campbell.i^ 


Dr. Dav. Verner. Anno 1748 [sic]. 

Don. Henry. ^*> 
Geo. Grant. 1'^ 
Geo. Hepburn. 

^ Guild b. ; s. of Alex. D., weaver burg. ; min., Traquair, Smailholm ; D.D. ; author. 

^ Min., Auldearn, Tain. ^ Rolland b., 1725-28 ; s. of Dav. H., Angus. 

* M.D., King's Coll., 1733. ^ Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. D., Kemnay. 

^ Raid b. ; son of Chas. E., Pitcow. 

"^ Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. F., Pittodrie ; min., Aboyne. 

^ Lorimer b., 1725-27 ; s. of John H., New Deer ; min., Edderachylis. ^ Min., Sorbie. 

^o Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. C, Ellon. " Abbe M. (Jervise Epit. ii. 273). 

12 Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. S., Forgue. ^^ jyiin., Tough. 

^* The names in this list are identical with those in the printed Theses for 1730 (dedicated 
to Provost William Cruickshank and the Town Council of Aberdeen) in Glasgow Univ. 
Library. Italics are used presumably with the same significance as in former years. (See 

1^ M.D., 1739. 1^ Turner b. ; s. of late Alex. H., Ross. 

1^ Min., Boharm, Rathven. 


Geo. Innes.i Jac. McKimmey.^ 

Geo. McCulloch. Jac. Russel. 

Geo. Stewart. ^oa. Charles, g.^ 

Geo. Wilson, g.^ jfoa. Deans, g. 

Gul. Balfour. [Joa. Rait, g.] 

Gul, Cruikshank.'^ Joa. Young.''^ 

[Gul. Gammock, g.] Lud. Gordon. 

Gul. Irvine. Pat. Grant.^ 

[Gul. Thomson, g.] Pat. Seller.^ 

Gul. Trail.* Rob. Stewart. 

Hugo Forbes. Tho. McCulloch.^o 
Jac. French, g. 


Dr. Matthew Mackaile, 1731. Juvenes hi generosi non leve gratitu- 
dinis erga Almam Matrem Mnemosynum reliquerunt. 

Al. Black, 5-." Gul. ^die. 

Al. Brebner. Gul. Brebner, g. 

Al. Cumming.i2 Gul. Burnett. 

Al. Murray. 13 Gul. Dinguall. 

And. Findlater.i* Gul, Morice, g.^'^ 

And. Fyffe, g. Gul. Mowat, g. 

[Dav. Smith, g.] Gul. 

Geo. Bartlett, g.^-> Gul. Urquhart. 

Geo. Gordon,^. Hugo Chalmers, g. 

Geo. Main, g.^^ Hugo Monro de Teaninick. 

Geo. Paton de Grandholme. Jac. Chalmers, g.^^ 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Fras. I., Drumoak. 

' Cumming b., 1726-29 ; s. of Pat. W., late of Mill of Auchry ; min., Edzell, Kinnaird. 

' Min., Ruthven. 

* Min., Logic Pert, Abercrombie, St. Monans ; father of Prof. Wm. T. 
^ Sch., Rathen. « Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. C, advocate, Aberd. 

"> King Wm. div. b,, 1732 ; min., Invcrarity ; D.D., St. Andrews, 1763. 
8 Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. G., Strathspey; min., Duthil, Nigg (Ross). 

* Cargill b. ; s. of Pat. S., smith, Rathven. ^^ King Wm. div. b., 1731 ; missy., Enzie. 
" Rolland b. ; s. of Alex. B., merchant burgess, Aberd. ^- D.D., 1785. 

" Cargill b. ; s. of Gilb. M., Peterhead. " Guild b. 

" Lorimer b. ; s. of late Jas. B., merchant, Aberd. ; King Wm. div. b., 1735 ; min., Foot- 
dec, Crimond, Old Machar. 

" Guild b., 1727-28. ^' Min., Careston. 

^8 Milne b. ; s. of Fras. R., mason, Midmar. '* D.D., 1750. 


Jac. Lyall.i 

Joa. French, g.^ 

[Jac. Moir, g.] 

Joa. Fyffe. 

Jac. Rose. 

Joa. Gumming de Auchray, 

Jac. Spence, g.^ 

Rob. Gray. 

[Joa. Abel, g.] 

Rob. Innes.^ 

Joa. Bruce, g (1726).* 

Sylvr. Falconer. 

Joa. Cargill, g* 


Mr. Gul. 


Anno 1732.'^ 

Al. Gordon, g. 

Gul. Forbes. 

Al. Innes, g.^ 

Gul. Gordon a Newtile, 

Al. Ragg, g. 

Gul. Robertson. 

Al. Reid.9 

Gul. Urquhart. 

Al. Robertson, g.^^ 

Hect. Fraser.13 

And. Dowgall. 

Hugo Duff, g. 

Dan. Smith. 

Hugo Ross. 

Dav. Cooper, g (1727). 

jfac. Brown.^^ 

Dav. Ross.ii 

jfac. Donaldson. ^^ 

Geo. Burnett a Kemnay. 

Jac. Dun.16 

Geo. Shepherd, g}"^ 

^ac. Gordon. 

Gul. Donaldson a Kinairdy. ^ac. Robertson, g.^"^ 

^ Episc. min., Kirriemuir. ^ Physician, Dunkeld, Durham, Derby ; author. 

^ Reid b. ; s. of Alex. B., Montquhitter. * Liddell b. ; s. of Dan. C, merchant. 

^ Adv. in Aberd., 1743 ; father of Prof. Geo. F. * Min,, Huntly. 

^ This list, from Album II., coincides exactly with that given in the printed Theses of ^y^Q 
1732 : dedicated to Provost James Morison and the Town Council of Aberdeen. Italics are , ,. 
used presumably with the same signification as in former years. (See 1708.) For the curious 
history of the copy in Aberdeen University Library, see Notes and Queries, 6, vii., 444. These 
Theses, the latest that have been traced {cf. 1623, supra), are entitled, Dissertatio philosophica 
de natura et legibus materiae, and are sixteen in number, filling ten small quarto pages. 

^ Regent. 

9 RoUand b. ; s. of John R., Nether Sauchen ; under master. Gram. Sch,, 1747 ; min., 

^0 Ross b, ; s. of Alex. R., goldsmith, Aberd. 

" Sch., Nigg (Ross), Tarbat ; min. Kincardine (Tain). 

12 Min., Tarland, Newbattle. ^^ Fraser b. ; s, of Alex. F., Inverness. 

" Episc. min., Montrose. ^^ Min,, Glamis. 

i« Turner b. ; s. of John D., Campheir ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1732 ; master, 1744 ; 
LL.D., 1772. 

1^ Guild b., 1728-30; s. of Geo. R., goldsmith. 




yoa, Gordon. 

yoa. Grant a Garthmore, 

Joa. Law.* 

yoa. Leith. 

jfoa. Matheson. 

yoa. Milne, maj\, g.^ 

Joa. Milne, min.' 

Joa. Ramsay. 

yoa. Spence.* 

Joa. Sutherland."* 

[Joa. Traill, g'.]' 

[Pat. Duff, g.] 

Pat. Grant.7 

Rob. Roy. 

Rob. Wright.8 

Rod. McCulloch a Glastlich. 

Rod. McKenzie. 

[Tho. Jackson, g.] 


Dr. D. Verner, P.P. Anno 1733. Generosi hi juvenes Supellectilem 
Mechanicam augendo, partemque JEdis hujus Opere tabulate 
adornando« auspicati sunt. 

Al. Anderson. 

Al. Livingston. 

Al. Taylor. 

[Arch. Grant, g.] 

Arthur Grant de Papin. 

Car. Adam.® 

Car. Blackwell, ^." 

Gav. Cruikshank, g (1728)." 

Geo. Ellis. 

Geo. Irvine. 

Geo. Monro. 

Geo. Robertson. *2 

Gul. Forbes, g.^^ 

Gul. Johnston de Craig.^* 

[Gul. Reid, g.] 

Gul. Strachan, g.^^ 

Hen. Spence, g. 

Jac. Grant.i" 

Jac. Grant de Knockandow. 

Jac. Grant de Clurie. 

Jac. Irvine. 

Jac. Macgrouther. 

Joa. Burnett de Elrick, g.^"^ 

Joa. Cockburn. 

Joa. Forbes, g. 

Joa. Gall, g. 

Joa, Gibbons, g (1728). 

Joa. Logie. 

> Holland b. ; Benholm. 2 M.D., 1750. 

' Milne b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. M., min., Lerwick ; sch., CuUen ; min., Dunrossness ; diarist 
(Scot. Hist. Soc). 

* Min,, Orwell. » Min., Halkirk. 

• Ross b., 1728-29 ; Ramsay b., 1729-33 ; s, of Mr. Jas. T., min., Montrose. 
' M.A,, 1739. * Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. W., Cummingstoun. 

» RoUand b.; s. of And. A., Clunie. >" Liddell b. ; s, of late Principal B. ; M.D., 1743. 
" M.D., 1740. 12 Cargill b. ; s. of Geo, R., Forglen ; sch,, Alvah, Banff. 

" Min., Fordoun. " Aftds. sixth bart, of that Ilk and Caskieben ; R.N, 

" Turner b, ; s. of Alex. S., merchant, Aberd. '* Min., Inveraven. 

" Baillie, 1743, etc. 






Joa. Skene, g.^ 
Joa. Traill. 
Pat. Gordon. 
Rob. Findlay.2 

Rob. McGee, g. 
Rob. Thomson.^ 
Tho. Burnett, g. 
Wal. Racket." 

Ad. Henderson.^ 

Al. Duff. 

Al. Murray.^ 

Al. Walker, g. 

Al. Willox. 

Dav. Farquhar. 

Don. Ross. 

Geo. Abercrombie, gJ 

Geo. Cruikshanks, g.^ 

Gul, Honeyman. 

[Gul. Riccart, g.] 

[Jac. Burnet.] ^ 


Jac. Kidd." 

Jac. Lind, g {ij2g).^^ 

Jac. Scott.i3 

Jac. Thomson, maj., g.^* 


Mr. Gull. Duff, P.P. Anno 1734. 

Jac. Thomson, min., g. 
Jac. Turing, g.^^ 
Joa. Dingwall, g.^^ 
Joa. Fuller. 
Joa. Irvine, g.^'^ 
Joa. Mercer. 1^ 
Joa. Philp, g (1729)." 
[Joa. Proctor, gJ] 
Joa. Simpson, g. 
Joa. Urquhart. 
Pat. Duff de Hatton. 
Pat. Milne. 
r Rob. Irvine. 

Tho. Anderson. 
Tho. Forbes. 
Tho. Jackson. 

1 Reid b. ; s. of late Mr. Geo. S., min., Kinkell ; librarian, 1737. '^ Min., Dollar. 

' Min., Girthon. "i Crombie b. ; s. of Chas H., Laithers. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of John H., Pitcarrie. * Min., Duffus.' 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Rob. A., baillie ; min., Footdee, Forgue, Aberd. ; father of Lord 
Rector A. 

^ Cargill b., 1730-32 ; s. of Geo. C, merchant, Aberd. 

* Lord Monboddo (Scots Mag., Nov., 1799, Ixi., 727), born 1714. The year of matricula- 
tion is not explicitly giverj, but it appears that in 1734 he went to Groningen to study law. 
The statement {Diet. Nat. Biog.) that he entered Mar. Coll. when his former tutor, Francis 
Skene, became regent (1734) is obviously incorrect. Portrait in great window, Mitchell 
Hall, Mar. Coll. 

^" Min., Ardersier, Croy. " Crombie b. ; s. of John K., Strichen. j 

1'^ M.D., Edin., 1748. ^^ Min., Auchtergaven, Muthil. 

" Cumming b. ; s. of Jas. T., messenger, Aberd. ^* Mercht., Middelburg. 

18 Of Rannieston ; baillie. ^^ Guild b. ; s. of Alex. L, baxter burg. 

18 S. of Mr. John M., min., Tyrie. i" Guild b. ; s. of John P., flesher burg. 






Al. Irvine. 

Al. Knowls, g.^ 

Al. Oar. r ( 

[Al. Shaw, g.] 

Al. Watson, g.^ 

And. Henderson. 

Car. Spalding. 

Greg. Sharp, Londino-Anglus.^ 

Gul. Duncan, g.* 

Gul. Leslie. 

Hugo McLeod. 

Jac. Innes. 

Jac. Ross. 

[Joa. Deans, g.] 


Anno 1735. 

Joa. Fordyce.^ 
Joa. Harper, g (i73o).o 
I • Joa. Likly.''' 

Joa. McPherson.8 
Joa. Russel. 
Pat. Creighton.9 
Pat. Logic. 
Rob. Michie, g.^^ 
Steph. Oliver." 
Tho. Mitchell.i2 
Tho. Simpson. ^3 
Tho. Udny. 
Walt. Chalmers." 

1735, Feb. 25. William Braikenridge. Hon. A.M.^^ 



Mr. D. Verner. Anno 1736. Generosi hi Adolescentes, Magisterii 
Laurum adepti, ad Aulam hujus Academiae, Musis Sacram, 
tabulate Opere vestiendam lubentissimi cur. 

Ad. Oliver. Al. Pirie, g. 

Al. Craig. Al. Smith, g (1731).** 

Al. Forbes, g. Da v. McCuIloch. 

Al. Gordon. 'Dav. Ramsay. 

Al. Philp. Fran. Fraser. " 

1 Guild b. ; min., Methlic, Tarves. ^ Turner b. ; s. of Alex. W., merchant, Aberd. 

• D.D. ; noted preacher, London ; author. * Regent. 

• Surg, in the Guards ; aftds. at Uppingham, London ; author. 

• Sch., Durris, Fettercairn. '' King William div. b., 1735 ; min., Meldrum. 

• Cargill b. ; s. of Pat. M., Duthil. ^ Min., Glendevon. 

** Milne b. ; s. of John M., Towie ; min., Cluny. " Min., Innerleithen, Maxton. 

'' Reid b.; s. of Wm. M., Inveralachy; min., Tarland, Tarves. " Min., Avoch. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. C, Dundurcas ; sch., Bellie, Cairnie. 

" Diploma receipt ; D.D., 1739. is Rolland b. ; s. of Thos. S., Keith. 

" Milne b. ; s. of late Wm. F., Kincardine. 



Mf 309 

Geo. Garden, g (1731). 

Geo. Monro. 

Gul. Cruikshank, g} 

Gul. Gordon.2 

Gul. Mitchell, ^(i73i).3 

Gul. Murdoch, g (173 1).* 

Gul. Poison. 

Gul. Smith.5 

Hugo Ross.^ 

Jac. Murray, g (173 1).''' 

Jac. Simpson, g. 
Jac. Taylor.^ 
[Joa. Duncan, ^.] 
[Joa. Forbes, g.] 
Joa. Gordon. 
Joa. Smith. 
[Joa. Wood, ^.] 
Pat. Gordon, g. 
Rob. Spence. 


Dr. Fran. Skene, P.P. Anno 1737. Adolescentes hi generosi, intes- 
tino Aulse operi, earn tabulis vestiendo, ultimam manum posuere. 

Al. Barron, g (i732).^'> 

Al. Duff. 

Al. Henderson, g}^ 

Al. Logic, g. 

Al. Ronald. 12 

Al. Stuart, g}^ 

Ar. Forbes.i* 

Ben. Gordon a Balbithan. 

s. of Geo. C, merchant, Aberd. 

Fran. Dauney.^* 
Geo. Chalmers.i^ 
Gul. Lorimer.^''^ 
Gul. Masson, g.^^ 
Gul. Murray. 19 
Hugo Middleton.20 
Jac. Anderson, g.^^ 
Jac. Fordyce,22 

; min., Swallow St. Presb. Ch., Westminster ; 

1 Ross b. 
D.D., 1763. 

2 Mathematician ; writer on book-keeping. 

^ Rolland b. ; s. of Jas. M., Strathbogie ; min., Tingwall. 

* Ross b. ; s. of Geo. M., Roundlighnet. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Rob. S., Knockleith. 

^ Min,, Kildonan. ' Min., Swallow St., Lond. ; author. 

^ Fraser b. ; s. of Jas. T., Tarves. 

^ The parentages are taken from an extaat list of candidates at the Bursary Competition 

of 1733- 

^^ S. of Alex. B., Bervie. ^* Cargill b. ; s. of Mr, Dav. H., late min., Auldearn. 

12 s. of Alex. R., Kemnay. 

^* Rolland b. ; s. of John S., residenter, Aberd. ; min., Grange, Leslie. 

^* King William div. b., 1739. ^* Min., Lumphanan, Banchory Ternan. 

i« S. of Alex. C, farmer, Ellon. 

1' Crombie b. (ist b. ; 31 compet.) ; s. of Wm. L., Dytach ; benefactor, Vol. L, 434. 

^^ Lorimer b. ; s. of John M., schoolmaster, Dyce. 

^® S. of Wm. M., Alves ; partner of F. Douglas, printer, Aberd. 

2" Turner b. ; s. of Mr. Geo. M., min., Keig. 

21 Liddell b., 1732-36 ; s. of late Jas. A., min., London ; M.D., 1755. 

'^ Min., Brechin, Alloa, London ; D.D., Glasg. ; author and pulpit orator. {Fast, Eccl, 
Scot., iii., 816, confuses with grad, of 175^ of saine name.) 

v?Ot 310 



Jac Lawtie.* 
Jac. Logic, g. 
Joa. Buchan, g. 
[Joa. Forbes, g.] 2 
Joa. Lyall, g (1732). 
[Joa. Scott, g.] 8 
Joa, Shepherd. 


Apr. I. 
Apr. 8. 
Apr. 18. 
May 2. 

Joa. Strachan, g (1732).* 
Mat. Mackaile, g (1732). 
Rob. Gray. 
Rob. Sandilands, g.^ 
Sam. Middleton.6 
Thos. Mitchell.7 
Tho. Shepherd.8 

Chas. Lesly, A.M. 
Joa. Gordon, A.M. 

Fran. Medon, A.M. 
Gul. Balfour, A.M.10 


Mr. A. Innes. Anno 1738. Ingenui hi Adolescentes duas Aulae 
fenestras Vitris Clathrisque elegantioribus grate lubenterque 
muniendas curarunt. 


Al. Davidson. 
Al. Duff, g. 
Al. Gellie." 
[Al. Thomson, g.] 
And. Cruikshank.^2 

Car. Bannerman.^2 
Dav. Turner. 
Geo. Campbell, g.^* 
Geo. Finnic, g (1733). 
[Geo. Forbes, g.] 

Geo. Leslie. 

Gualt. Grant.^'* 

Gul. Bcll.i« 

Gul. Dingwall dc Brucklaw.^'^ 

Gul. Grant. ^^ 

Gul. Touch. 

Jac. Falconar. 

Jac. Gordon. ^^ 

Jac. Stephen. 

Joa. Aberdein, g. 

1 King William div. b., 1741 ; min., Fordyce. " Of Boyndlie; adv. in Aberd., 1739. 

^ S. of Mr. Geo. S., Inverury. * Reid b. ; s. of Alex. S., Lind of Drum. 

^ Adv. in Aberd,, 1743. * S. of Mr, Geo. M,, min., Keig. 

'' S, of John M,, Towie. ^ Min., Bourtie. 

* From a memorandum in handwriting of Dr, James Gordon (Prof, of Med,, 1734-55), 
endorsed in the hand of Principal Blackwell, the younger, " List of graduates since 1737 ". 
Some of these were probably honorary degrees conferred on non-Alumni. 

" Of Trenabie. " Ramsay b. ; s. of James G., tide surveyor, Aberdeen. 

12 Crombie b. ; s. of And. C, Strathspey. " W.S., Edin., 1742. 

" D.D., Principal and Prof, of Div. ^^ Adam b., 1734-37 ; M.D., 1753. 

1* Min,, Benholm, Arbroath. ^^ Surg., Army. 

18 Cargill b. ; s. of Don. G., Inverness ; M.D., 1755. '• Min,, Cabrach, 




Joa. Cooper.i 
Joa. Glennie, g.^ 
Joa. Grant. 
Joa. Henderson. 
Joa. Memess.3 

Joa. Skinner, g.* 
Joa. Wilson, g,'^ 
Pat. Cooper, g.^ 
[Tho. Mackay, g.] ^ 
Tho. Ramsay. 

1738. Samuel Patrick, Hon. A.M.^ 


Mr. Dav. Verner. Anno 1739. Adolescentes hi, ad Lauream 
adspirantes, quo gratitudinis suae monumentum erga almam 
suam Matrem perpetuum proponerent, Atrii partem politis 
Tabulis ornandam, baud levi impensa, cur^runt. 

Al. Henderson.^ 


Al. Cruickshank. 

Al. Forbes, g (1734). 

Al. Littlejohn, g (1734). 

Al. Milne, g}^ 

Al. Philp. 

[Al. Smith, g.] 

Dav. Cruden, g}^ 

Don. Eddie. 

Geo. Balfour.^3 

Geo. Forsyth, g (1734). 
Gual. McKay. 
Gul. Abernethie.i^ 
Gul. Crawford. ^^ 
Jac. Blinshall, g.^^ 
Jac. Forbes. 
Jac. Thomson.^" 
Joa. Dun, g.^^ 
Joa. Findlay.i^ 
Joa. Ingram, g. 
Joa. McKenzie. 

1 Min., Glass ; D.D. 

^ Guild b. ; min., Drumoak, Maryculter ; father of Prof. Geo. G. 

^ Guild b. ; s. of Rob. M., wheelwright burg. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. John S., schoolmaster, Echt ; Episc. min., Longside ; author of 
" Tullochgorum," etc. ; father of Bp. John S. 

* Gumming b. ; s. of Alex. W., Kinnellar. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of Pat. C, Auchlyne. 
' Min., Lairg. ^ LL.D., 1739. 

' Al, /4nderson is Liddell b. ; s. of Chas. A,, Aberlour. 

^^ Min., Cairnie. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. M., merchant. 

" Liddell b., 1735-37 ; s. of Wm. C, late baillie. ^^ Min., Tarbat. 

" Aftds. W. A. Drummond of Hawthornden ; D.D. ; Bp. of Brechin and Edinb. 

" Milne b. ; s. of Wm. C, Kingseat, ^* Min., Amsterdam, Dundee; D.D,, 1762. 

^^ Sch., Longbride, Bellie, Keith ; min., Aberlour. 

" Turner b. ; s. of John D., Campheir. ^^ Guild b., 1737-39. 




[Joa. Rodford, g.] 
Joa. Rule. 
Joa. Smith, g.^ 
Joa. Stephenson.* 
Ken. Beaton. 
Pat. Brown. 

Pat. Gordon. 

Rich. Gough, Anglus. 

Rob. Richie, g.^ 

Tho. Brown. 

Tho. Howe, Anglus. 


Feb. 10. 
Apr. 17. 

Apr. 23. 
Nov. 2. 
Dec. 2. 

Geo. Ross, A.M. 
Tho. Howe, A.M. 
Rich. Gough, A.M. 
Gualt. Mackay, A.M. 
Gul. Simpson, A.M.^ 
Alex. Davidson, A.M. 
Pat. Grant, A.M.« 

Dr. Fran. 

Al. Bisset.7 

Al. Burnett.8 

Al. Cruden, g.^ 

[Al. Kennedy, g.] 

Al. Mitchell, g.^^ 

And. Monro. 

Car. Irvine, g (1735)- 

Geo. Alexander.!^ 

Geo. Geddes. 

Geo. Gordon de Carnucie, g. 

Gul. Forbes. 

Gul. McPherson, g.^^ 


Skene, P.P. Anno 1740. 
Gul. Monro. 
Gul. Watson, g.^^ 
[Jac. Norie, g.] 1* 
[Jac. Oliphant, g.] ^^ 
Jac. Thomson. 
[Joa. Davidson, g], 
Joa. Grant, g (i735).^« 
[Joa. Harvie, g.] 
Pat. Crawford, ^." 
Robt. Duff. 
Robt. Duncan. ^^ 
Tho. Forbes, g. 

' Guild b., 1735-37 ; Liddell b., 1737-39 ; s, of Jas. S., blacksmith burg. ; under mast. 
Gram. Sch., 1745. 

2 Surg., Arbroath. ^ Reid b. ; s. of Rob. R., Benholm. 

* Dr. Gordon's list ; see under 1733-37. 

' " Latelymercht. in Aberdeen, who has for some time apphed himself to literature." Min. 
' Min., Logie Easter. ' Fraser b. ; s. of Alex. B., Banff. ^ Sec. to Embassy, Berlin. 

• Ross b. ; s. of Alex. C, maltster, Aberd. ; Rector of S. Farnham, Virginia. 

10 Rolland b. ; s. of Alex. M., stabler, Aberd. " M.D., King's Coll., 1756. 

" Cargill b. ; s. of Hector M., Broadford. 

^' Ross b. ; s. of Alex. W., merchant, Aberd, 

" M.A., King's Coll., 1741. " M,A„ King's Coll., 1740. " Min., Dores. 

" Milne b. ; s. of Wm. C, Kingseat. " Rolland b. ; s. of Rob. D., Drum. 





[No entries in Album II. From other sources : — 

Al. White, o-.i 
Geo. Lenord.2 
Gul. Strachan, g. 
Jac. Irvine, g. 

Jac. Simson.^ 
Rob. Irvine, g. 
Tho. Fairbarn, g. 
Tho. Mercer, g.*^ 


Anno 1742. Ingenui hi juvenes gratum erga 

Dr. Dav. Verner 

almam suam Matrem animum commonstrarunt 

Al. Brebner. 

Al. Gordon. 

Al, Menzies, A.M., g.^ 

Al. Dirom, g.^ 

Al. Ogilvie. 

Al. Osburn, gj 

[Alexr. Robertson, g.^ 

Al. Ross. 

[Car. Menzies, g.]^ 

Dav. Gordon. 

Don. Thain.^ 


Gul. Black, g. 

Gul. Fordyce, A.M." 

Gul. Sangster, g.^''^ 

Gul. Young, A.M.13 

Her. Brown. 

Jac. Gumming, g. 

Jac. Gordon, g. 
Jac. Macfarland, g. 
Jac. McKaile, A.M., g.^* 
Jac. Speediman, g (1737). 
Jac. Taylor, A.M.i^ 
Joa. Bethune, g.^^ 
Joa. Broun. 
Joa. Drew, Anglus. 
Joa. Hervie, A.M.^^ 
Joa. Mcintosh. 
Joa. Middleton. 
Joa. Scott. 
Joa. Taylor, g.^^ 
[Ken. McAulay, g.] ^^ 
Pat. Copland, A.M., g. 
Robt. Lumsden, g.^^ 
Tho. Hearle, Anglus. 
Tho. Scott, g. 

1 M.A., King's Coll., 
^ Ramsay b., 1737-39 


1741. 2 Moir b. (Vol. I., p. 417) ; s. of Geo. L. 

s. of Mr. Wm. S. ; min., Fornet. 
■* M. A., King's Coll., 1741 : s. of Mr. John M., min., Tyrie (S. N. and Q., viii., 24) ; preacher. 
^ Guild b. ; s. of Alex. D., wright. ^ Rolland b. ; s. of Charles M. of Kinmundy, W.S. 

^ S. of Princl. O. ; comptroller of customs, Aberd. ^ M.A., King's Coll., 1743. 

9 David T., Crombie b., 1738-39 ; s. of Rob. T., indweller in Aberd. 10 Guild b. 

" M.D. ; F.R.S. ; Kt., rector, 1790. 12 Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. S., mason, Aberd. 

^^ Ramsay b. ; s. of John Y., sheriff elk. of Kincardine. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of late Prof. Mat. M. ; min., Montquhitter. i' Min., Watten. 

16 Min., Rosskeen ; D.D. ; F.R.S. ; author. " M.D., 1757. 

18 Reid b. ; s. of Wm. T., Keith. 

1* M.A., King's Coll., 1742 ; min., Harris, Ardnamurchan, Cawdor. 
™ Min., Auchindoir, New Machar. 





Dr. Fran. 
[Al, Davidson, g.]"^ 
Arch. Campbell. 
Car. Burnett, A.M. 
Car. Fraser de Inveralachy. 
Car. Gordon de Abergeldie. 
Dav. Stevenson, A.M., g.^ 
Dav. Verner. 
Fran. Grant, A.M., g. 
Fran. Smith. 
Geo. Denoon. 
Geo. Fiddes, A.M. 
Geo. Forbes de Foveran. 
Geo. Moir de Scotstoun, g. 
Gul. Cruden, A.M.3 


Skene. Anno 1743. 

[Gul. Fraser, g.] * 
Gul. Robertson, A.M. 
Gul. Russel, A.M., g.^ 
Jac. Reid, A.M.^ 
Joa. Broun.''^ 
[Joa. Forbes, g.] 
Joa. Gordon, A.M.^ 
Joa. Lundie, A.M., g.^ 
Robt. Milne, A.M., g.^<^ 
Rob. Ogilvie.ii 
Rob. Reid, g. 
[Rod. McLeod, g.] 
Tho. Fraser, A.M.12 


Anno 1744. Ingenui hi juvenes, gratitudinem erga Almam suam 
Matrem, munusculo Scholae Experimentali erogando, testarunt. 
Ad. Maitland, g. [Arch. Campbel, g.] 

Al. Bean. Car. Barron, g.^*" 

Al. Dunlope, Anglus, g. Car. Irvine.^''' 

Al. Forbes.i3 Car. Leith. 

Al. Gerard, g.^* Dav. Verner, 

Al. Henderson.i^ Geo. Bean, g.^^ 

Al. McKenzie de Davochairn. Geo. Forbes de Foveran, Eq. Aur., g. 

1 Ross b., 1739-41 ; s. of Jas. D., maltman. 

* Turner b. ; s. of Wm. S., Aberd. ; mast, of Gram. Sch., Old Aberd. ; min., Pitsligo. 
^ Sch., Montrose ; min., Logie Pert, Glasgow, London ; author. 

* Crombie b., 1739-41 ; s. of Alex. F., Inveraven ; adv. in Aberd., 1752 ; M.A., 1760. 
' Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. R., Keith. " Min., Glendevon, Trinity-Gask. 

^ Min., Rhynie, Newhills; D.D., King's Coll., 1782, 

* Of Craig ; adv. in Aberd., 1753 ; sheriff clerk. 

* Lorimer and Liddell b. ; s. of John L., Inverurie ; min., Lonmay. 

10 Crombie b. ; s. of Rob. M., Echt. " Cumming b. ; s. of John O., Banff. 

^^ Ramsay b. ; s. of Alex. F. of Belnain. 

" Reid b., 1740-41 ; s. of Geo. F., schoolmaster, Foveran ; min., Fetteresso. 

" Regent, etc. ^^ Lorimer b. ; s. of John H,, Mill of Frendraught. 

" Milne b. ; s. of Geo. B., indweller, Aberd. ^^ Drum b. ; s. of Mr. Rob. I. 

^* M.D., 1750. 19 Guild b. ; s. of Geo. B., tailor ; adv. in Aberd., 1759. 




Geo. Skene de Skene. 
Gual. Clark, g.^ 
Qui. Moir.2 
Hen. Gordon.'' 
Hugo Mercer.^ 
Is. Teil, Anglus. 
Jac. Durward, g.^ 
Jac. Stevenson. 

Jac. Youl, g.^ 
Joa. Aitken.'^ 
Joa. Bisset, g.^ 
[Joa. Farquharson, g.^ 
Joa. Ramsay. 
Pat. Gumming. 
Rob. Fordyce.^ 
Tho. Archer. 


Al. Abercrombie.i** 

[Al. Baron, g.] 

Al. Lyon. 

Al. Mearns.^i 

Al. Thomson. 

Al. Troup. 

Al. Watt.i2 

And. Monro. 

Car. Ross. 

[Fran. Lumsden, g.] 

Geo. Gellie.i3 

Geo. Skene de eodem. 

Geo. Strachan, g.^^ 

Geo. Troup. 

Gil. Ramsay .1^ 

Gul. Donaldson. 


Dav. Verner, P.P., Anno 1745. 

[Gul. Elphingston, g.] 

Gul. Falkoner. 

Gul. Taylor. 

Gul. Thom, g.^^ 

Gul. Walker, g. 

Jac. Aikman de Kirktonhill, 

[Jac. Gordon, g.] ^~ 

Jac. Grant.^^ 

Jac. Robb, g.^^ 

Jac. Ross, ^.^° 

Jac. Traill.2i 

Joa. Bruce. '^'^ 

Joa. Gordon. 

Joa. Knox. 

Joa. Turner de Turnerhall. 

Lud. Grant. 23 

•T AifO 

1 Rolland b. ; s. of John C, merchant. - Min., Fyvie. ^ Min., Ardersier. 

* Brigadier General under Washington {Diet. Nat. Biog.) ; portr. in Winsor's America. 

*> Adv. in Aberd., 1756. ^ Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. Y., miller. '' D.D., 1774. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. John B., min., Aberd. ; min., Ciilsalmond, Brechin. 

" Baillie and stocking mercht., Aberd. '" M.D., 1753. 

" Under mast., Gord. Hosp., 1763. ^^ Min., Alves, Forres. 

" Ramsay b. ; s. of Jas. G., surveyor of customs, Aberdeen. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of Wm. S., litster, Aberd. ^^ Ramsay b. ; s. of Jas. R. of Tillimordoch. 

16 Ross b. ; s. of Geo. T., maltman ; M.A., 1760. " Min., Bellie. 

1" Min., Inverness. 1* Turner b. ; s. of Jas. R., tailor. 

2« Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. R., Kincardine. ^i y>.T)., 1760. 

22 Crombie b. ; s. of Rob. B., Lonmay. ^ Min., Ardchattan. 




[Pat. Baron, g.] 
[Pat. DuflF.] 1 
Pat. Walker.2 



Al. Riach, g. 
Car. Ross.^ 
Da. Ross, g. 
Geo. Skene." 
Gul. Pirie.7 
Qui. Taylor.8 
Hug. Muir.^ 


[No entries in Album 11. From other sources : — 

Jac. Sangster, g.^'^ 
Jac. Steel." 
Joa. Gilchrist.i2 
Joa. Hay, g.^^ 
Joa, Udny.i* 
Rob. Memis.15 
Tho. Paterson, g}^] 


Mr. D. Fordyce. Anno 1747. Hi juvenes studiosi Munus baud 
exiguum Scholae experimentali dederunt. 

Al. Stuart. 

[Al. Taylor, g.] 

Al. Watson, g}"^ 

[Da. Niddery, g.] 

Dav. Ochterlony.^^ 

Dav. Ross de Inverhassly. 

Dav. Valentine, g.^^ 
Geo. Anderson. 
[Geo. Gordon, §■.] 
Geo. Green. 
Gil. Gerard, g-.^o 
Greer. Grant.^i 

' Fraser b., 1741-42 ; s. of Mr. Rob. D., rnin., Aberlour; min., Glenbucket, Old Machar. 
2 RoUand b. ; s. of Pat. W., maltster, Aberd. ^ Under mast., Gord. Hosp., 1751. 

* Drum b. ; s. of Mr. John L., min., Longside ; min., Auchindoir, New Machar. 

* Guild b. ; s. of Fras. R., wright. * Melvil b. 

' Cargill b. ; s. of John P., Methlick. * Fraser b. ' Davidson b. 

^^ Moir b. ; s. of Jas. S., blacksmith. '^ Adam b. 

'2 Rolland b. ; s. of Geo. G., gardener, Aberd. 

^* Reid b. ; s. of Jas. M., Garvach ; infra, 1754. 

" Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. P., tailor, Aberd. 

'* Ramsay b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. U., adv. in Aberd. ; 

*^ Liddell b. ; s. of John W., merchant. 

'8 Ramsay b. ; s. of late Dav. O., Tilliefroskie. 

* Adv. in Aberd., 1751. ^ M.D., 1754. 

" M.A., King's Coll., 1746. 

Brit. Consul, Venice and Leghorn. 
i» Adam b. ; s. of Dav. V. 




Gul. Gordon de Fetter Angus. 

Qui. Grant de Tanmore. 

Gul. Michie.i 

Hug. Ross. 

Isa. Grant. 

Jac. Garden.2 

[Jac. Gordon, gi\ ^ 

Jac. Russel. 

Jac. Udny. 

Joa. Barclay. 


[No entry in Album II. 
Adamus Gordon, g. 
Alexander Donaldson, g.^ 
Alexr. Duthie, g}^ 
And. Donaldson, g. 
And. Robertson, g}^ 
And. Skene, g. 
Cha. Abercromby, g. 
Charles Hay.^^ 
Charles Mcintosh, g. 
Dav. Skene, g}^ 
Dun. Forbes, g}'^ 
Dun. McFarland, g. 

Joa. Burnett, g.^ 

[Joa. Durward, g^ 

Joa. Lind. 

Joa. Molison, g (1742).^ 

Joa. Ross, gS> 

[Joa. Sandilands, g-.] 

Joa. Watt.7 

[Joa. Webster, g (1742).] ^ 

Mil. Ross de Pitcalney, g (1742). 

Tho. Carnegie de Craigo. 


From other sources : — 
Geo. Burnet.15 
Geo. McCulloch, g}^ 
Gul. Forbes, g. 
Gul. Milne, g?^ 
Gul, Ritchie, g. 
Gul. Symson, g. 
Jac. Watson, g}^ 
Joa. Grant.^^ 
Joa. Tower, g?^ 
Norman Sivewright.^^ 
Rob. Findlay, ^-.22] 

2 Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. G., Kintore. 

1 Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. M., Straden. 

^ M.A., King's Coll., 1747 ; min., Fetlar. 

■* Mercht., Aberd. ; founder of Burnett prizes, afterwards lectureship. 

* Ross b. ; s. of John M., merchant. 

•• Turner b. ; s. of Jas. R., Mill of Hole ; sch., Drummond ; min., Kildonan. 
'' Cumming b. ; s. of Jas. W., Montrose. 

* Cargill b., 1743-45 I s. of Fras. W., town sergeant. 

' M.D., 1753 ; Prof, of Medicine and Orient. Lang. ^« Adv. in Aberd., 1764. 

" Aftds. of Foveran. i'-* Cargill b., 1744-45 ; s. of Jas. H. 

" M.D., King's Coll., 1753. " Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. F., late baillie. 

^* Galloway b. ; s. of late John B., min., Cluny. 

^® Sch., Golspie; min., Loth. i'' Milne b., 1744-47. 

^* Rolland b., 1744-47 ; s. of John W., merchant, Aberd.; adv. in Aberd., 1764. 

1' Cargill b., 1745-48; min., Dundurcos, Boharm, Elgin ; author. 

2" M.D., 1772. 21 Rgjj b. ; s. of Alex. S. ; Episc. min., Brechin ; author. 

^ M.A., King's Coll., 1748 ; min., Clatt. 



[No entries in Album II. or in Grammar School Record. From other 
sources : — 
Alex. Imlay.^ James Thomson.' 

Alex. Milne, g (i744).2 John Forbes.^ 

Andrew Gordon.^ John Mitchell.^ 

James Baxter.* William Ritchy.^] 

James Douglas.^ 


[No entries in Album II. or in Grammar School Record. From other 
sources : — 
Alexr. Gilchrist.!" Jas. Boyn.^^ 

Alexr. Macky.^i Jas. Ramsay. ^^ 

Alexr. Matheson.i2 John Calder.^" 

Arth. Masson, g {ly^^).^^ Rob. Nicol.i^ 

Geo. Lesly.w William Dulf.ia] 


Dr. Dav. Verner. Anno 175 1. 
Al. Mather.2« Dun. Davidson. 

Al. Pierie.2i Fran. Lauder.22 

Al. Turner. Geo. Adam.2« 

^ Ross b., 1747-49; sch., Kirriemuir; min., Murroes. 

* Milne b. ; recommended by Rob. M., writer, Edin. [the antiquary]. 
3 Ramsay b. ; s. of Fras. G., surgeon, Fochabers ; M.D., 1761. 

* Rolland b. ; s. of Adam B., cooper. * Ramsay b. ; s. of late Geo. D., Whiteriggs. 

* Rolland b., 1745-48 ; s. of Jas. T., town sergeant. 

7 Cargill b. ; s. of Mr. Geo. F., sch., Foveran ; min., Udny. 

8 Crombie b. ; s. of John M., par. of Forbes. 

^ Ross b., 1745-47 ; s. of Thos. R., writer, Aberd. 
i" Turner b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. G., min., Foveran. " Adam b. 

12 Melvill b. ; s. of — M., Strathspey. 
" Lorimer b. ; s. of late John M., merchant, Aberd. 
" Cargill b. ; s. of Geo. L., wright, Aberd. 1* Guild b., 1746-49. 

J" Ramsay b. ; s. of Geo. R., physician, Virginia ; adv. in Aberd., 1759. 
" Rolland b. ; s. of Rob. C, merchant, Aberd. ; D.D., 1771. 
*8 Liddell b. ; s. of Fras. N., town sergeant. 

'» Eraser b. ; s. of late Mr. Rob. D., min., Aberlour; min., Glenbucket, Peterculter, 
Foveran ; author. 

20 Sch., Aberd. 21 ^in., Assoc. Synod, Perth ; author. 

22 Sch., Petty, Auldearn. 23 MJn., Udny, Kintore. 




Geo. Glen.i 

Geo. McCuUoch, g. 

Geo. Murray, g.^ 

Geo. Wright, g.^ 

Gil. Simpson. 

Gul. Fordyce de Auquorties, g.* 

Gul. Gordon.^ 

Hug. Rose de Brae. 

Jac. Allardyce. 

Jac. Mcintosh.*' 

Jac. Raid, gJ 

Jac. R0SS.8 

Jac. Tower.*' 

Jac. Williamson. 

Joa. Carnegie.^'' 

Joa. Morison. 

Ken. Mackenzie de Dachmaluach. 

Rob. Brown. 


Alexr. Annand. 
Alexr. Bisset. 
Alexr. Leslie. 
Alexr. Middleton. 
Alexr. Milne.i2 
Alexr. Murray. 
Alexr. Smith. 
Alexr. Wright. 
And. Dyce. 
Dav. Marr. 
Geo. Symmers. 
Geo. Walker. 
Gul. Bisset. 
Gul. Lickly. 
Gul. McKulloch. 
Jac. Hay. 

1751. Nov. 

from Grammar School, 1747. Also 
Jac. Shirres. 
Jac. Sutherland. 
Jac. Symmers. 
Jac. Taylor. 
Jac. Thomson. 
Joa. Gordon. 
Joa. Midleton. 
Joa. Nicol. 
Joa. Tayler. 
Pat. Grant. 
Pat. Leslie. 
Rich. Gibson. 
Rob. Burnet. 
Rob. Tytler.13 
Simon Fraser. 
Tho. Strachan.i*] 

14. Thomas Carter, A.M. 

1 Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. G., Blacktown. ^ Liddellb. ; s. of Thomas M., tailor. 

^ Holland b. ; s. of John W., wright, Aberd. * Capt., Royal Marines. 

" Gordon b. ; s. of Mr. Thos. G., min., Lonmay. 

* Reid b., 1746-49 ; s. of Don. M., Nairn ; sch., Cawdor ; min., Moy and Dalarossie. 
' Min., Lamington, Kinglassie. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Chas. R., gardener, Aberd. ; sch., Aberd. 

* Crombie b., 1747-49 ; s. of Jas. T., Ferryhill. 

^^ Ross b. ; s. of late John C, litster, Aberd. " Adv. in Aberd., 1755. 

^2 M.A., King's Coll., 1752. " M.A., King's Coll., 1752 ; min., Stronsay. 

" It is impossible now to account for this exceptionally long list of names not occurring in 
the 1751 entry of Album II. 





[No entry in Album II. 

From other sources : — 

Alex. Arbuthnot, g. 

Gul. Hay, g.^ 

Alex. Carnegie.^ 

Gul. Rose, g. 

Alex. Gordon.'^ 

Gul. Shaw, g. 

Alex. Stuart.3 

Jac. Mercer.'^ 

Alex. Symson, g. 

Joa. Chessor, g (1747).^ 

Arth. Forbes, g. 

Ken. Logan. ^ 

Dav. Mitchell.'* 

Rob. Dalachy, ^.i« 

Don. McPherson, g. 

Rob. McPherson, g.'\ 

Geo. Abell,5^(i747).^ 

1752. Jan. 2. 

William Mowat, A.M. 

Apr. 6. 

John Barclay, A.M. 

Apr. 9. 

David Mitchell 

, A.M. 

Aug. 5. 

Alexander Forbes, A.M. 


Alex. Gerard, 

Al. Bisset de Lessindrum. 

Al. Cooper. 

Al. Mitchell, A.M., g. 

Al. Murray. 

Al. Turnbull de Strickathro. 

Al. Wright.ii 

[And. Calder, g-.] 

Arth. Cuthbert. 

Aug. Chalmers, g (1748). 

P.P. Anno 1753. 

Car. Gordon. 

Christop. McRae, A.M.12 

Col. McFarquhar.^^ 

Cosm. Gordon de Clunie. 

[Dav. Wemyss, g.'] 

Duncan Davidson. 

Geo. Fordyce.^* 

[Geo. Skene, ^.] 

Gul. Arbuthnot de Broadland, A.M. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of late Jas. C, litster burgess; of Cookston ; adv. in Aberd., 1766; town 


2 Milne b. ; s. of Alex. G., Blairtown ; min., Kirktown (Jedburgh). 

' Cargill b., 1748-49. * Rolland b. ; s. of Rob. M., merchant, Aberd. ; LL.D., 1801. 

' Reid b. ; s. of Jas. A., Boghead. * M.A., King's Coll., 1752. 

^ Of Achnacant ; major, 49th regt. ; poet ; D. of F., 1786-90 {Life by Lord Glanbervie). 

" Turner b. ; s. of late Geo. C, Strathrey. ' Cargill b., 1749-52. 

" M.A., King's Coll., 1752. 

" Ross b. ; s. of Geo. W., cooper burgess. ^'^ S. of Christ. M., Urquhart (Ross). 

" Min., Applecross, Pennsylvania. " M.D., Edin., 1758; F.R.S. ; author. 




Gul. Bisset, A.M.*^ ,imti>lbUiU .mk>{ 

Gul. McDonald. 
Gul. McKenzie. 
[Gul. Midleton, ^.] 
[Gul. Young, g.] 2 
Jac. Beattie, A.M.^ 
Jac. Fordyce, g.'^ 
Jac. Hay.^ 
Jac. Russel. 
Jac. Robertson." 

Jac. Scroggie, A.M.'^ 

Jac. Taylor.^ 

Jac. Thomson, A.M.* 

Joa. Gordon de Cairnfield, g. 

Jos. Robertson. 

[Ken. McKenzie, g.] 

Lud. Grant, A.M.^o 

Rob. Turner. 

Tho. Strachan.^^ 





[g = from Grammar School, 1749.12J 

June 20. Alexander Garden, A.M. 
Aug. 6. Robert Ogilvie, A.M.^^ 


} .iml 


Al. Gerard. Anno 1754. Generosi hi juvenes, examinis 
Philosophise Sanae devinctissimis, Scholae experementali [sic] 
quatuor circiter libras sterlinenses donarunt. 

Al. Grant. 

Al. Middleton. • ' 

Al. Rose, A.M.15 4 A ,no«l>;W .oi> 

>i Sh 

Al. Russel. 
Dav. Greig. 
Dav, Morice. 

?rr;i-it)51 - 


.rf "^tTi.-TurtrjO 

Geo. Gordon, A.M. 

Geo. Skene de Rubislaw 

Geo. Tytler, A.M. 

Gul. Aberdein.i^ 

Gul. Chisolm. 

Gul. Finney, g (1749). 

'S^^-jortA ,.niM "^ 
^ King William div. b., 1754 ; min., Footdee, Drumblade, Dundee. ■ .'f t>*i«»''1 '' 
^ Of Sheddocksley ; provost, 1778 ; rector's assessor, 1792. runhoA *■ 

2 Milne b. ; s. of Jas. B., Laurencekirk ; under mast.. Gram. Sch., 1758 ; regent, etc. 
* Rolland b., 1749-51 ; s. of Jas. F., merchant, Huntly (see note as to his namesake, 

» Min., Dallas. « Min., Callander ; D.D., St. And. ; author. ^ Quild b. 

« Sch., Old Deer. » Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. T., Gartly. 

^" Ramsay b.; s. of Mr. Geo. G., min., Fortrose; min., Duthil, Cromdale. " Guild b. 

^"^ The record of boys passing from the Grammar School to the College ceases with the 
entry for 1749. 

13 Min., Ordiquhill. 

"The parentages of 1750 and 1751 are taken from extant lists. of candidates at the 
Bursary Competitions. v-k fiiiori^ 

1* S. of James R., Gamrie ; min,, Drumoak, Auchterless. iuil 
i« S. of Wm. A., mercht., Abd. ..'.V .^ti\ \<t .» , 



Gul. Gordon, A.M.* Joa. Middleton, A.M.^ 

Gul. Kennedy, A.M.a Joa. Williamson."> 

Hen. Gilchrist. Jos. Cumine de Alathine." 

Jac. Davidson, A.M.' Jos. Shepherd. 

Jac. Dawson, A.M., g (1749).* Pat. Gordon. 

Jac. Scobie, A.M.^ Pat. Grant. 

Joa. Alexander." Pat. Leslie. '^ 

Joa. Barclay de Johnstoun. Rob. Thomson, maj., A.M.^' 

Joa. Dunbar, A.M.^ Rob. Thomson, min.^* 

Joa. Lorimer, A.M.^ Tho. Mollyson. 

1754. Jan. 26. Rob. Memis, A.M.^^ 
Nov. 7. James Douglas, A.M. 


Anno 1755. Juvenes hi generosi quinque circiter Libras sterlinenses 
Instrumentis experimentalibus impenderunt. 

Al. Grant de Knockando. And. Calder.20 

Al. Hay, iv. Car. Gordon, A.M. 21 

Al. Leslie, A.M.^' Dav. Morison, A.M.'^'-^ 

Al. Peterkin, iv. Dav. Morrice.^^ 

Al. Reid, iv.^s Geo. Skene.'-^^ 

Al. Shank, iv.»9 Geo. Watson, A.M.^s 

' Cumming b., 1751-54; s. of John G., Huntly. ^ Regent. 

" Cargill b. ; s. of John D., Balnagask. * S. of Jas. D., mercht., Abd. 

" Min., Wick. « Liddell b. ; s. of late Jas. A., merchant, Aberd. 

' Min., Knockando, Dyke. 

^Fraser b. ; s. of John L., Mortlach ; benefactor, Vol. I., p. 455. 

* Lorimer b. ; s. of John M., merchant, Aberd. ; under mast., Gord. Hosp., 1754. 

'" Min., Wanlockhead, Tinwald. '' Ramsay b. ; s. of late Rob. C. of Alathine. 

'* Rolland b. ; s. of Peter L., merchant, Aberd. 

" Reid b. ; s. of John T., Rothes ; sch., Banff. " S. of Rob. T., Chanrie. 

'* Episc. min., Stonehaven. 

>•* The Masters of Arts (except Geo. Watson) and those marked iv. occur in an extant 
roll of session 1754-55. 

" Min., Durris, Fordoun. '^ g of Mr. Thos. R., min., Leochel. 

" Of Castlerig ; min., St. Cyrus. 20 r^ss b., 1751-53 ; s. of Rob. C, merchant, Aberd. 

« S. of Peter G., Banff; min., Cortachy. 22 Liddell b. ; s. of John M., Bervie. 

^ Crombie b., 1751-52 ; s. of Rob. M., Culture [Peterculter] ; D. Morice of Tullos ; adv. 
in Aberd., 1764; sheriff subst. 

« Regent ; M.D., King's Coll., 1762. 

^ Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. W., Inverness; Min., Kiltearn, Inverness. 




Gul. Faugh, Anglus. 
Gul. Inkster, A.M.i 
Gul. McGillawray. 
Gul. McKenzie, A.M.^ 
Gul. Middleton. 
Gul. Robertson, iv. 
Gul. Small, A.M. 
Jac. Leslie.'^ 
Jac. Macpherson.* 
Jac. Rose, A.M. 
Jac. Young. 5 

1755. Feb. 5. 

Apr. 26. 

May 7. 

Aug. 6. 

Joa. Cooper, iv. 

Joa. Douglas de TilHewhilly.^ 

Joa. Gordon. 

Joa. Morrice, A.M.^ 

Joa. Shank.^ 

Pat. Bannerman, A.M. 

Rob. Hervie.9 

Rob. Renny, A.M. 

Tho. Kerr. 

Tho. Orem, iv.^** 

William Gordon, A.M. 
James Reid, A.M. 
Geo. Burnett, A.M. 
Charles Gordon, A.M. 


Anno 1756. Hi juvenes generosi pecuniam non exiguam ad instru- 
mcnta experimentalia instauranda dederunt.^^ 
Ad. Slater, Anglus, iii. Geo. Forbes, A.M. 

Al. Burnet, A.M.12 Geo. Petrie. 

Al. Dun, A.M. Giles Slater, Anglus, iii. 

Al. Forbes.13 Gul. Dallas. 

Al. Grant de Tillichgoram. Gul. Green. 

Al. Grant, alter, A.M. Gul. Morieson.^^ 

Al. Patrick. Gul. Shank, iii., iv.^'^ 

And. Murray, A.M. Hug. McKandie, iii. 

Fra. Melvil, A.M.i* Jac. Ainsley, A.M. 

1 S. of Wm. I., Alford. ^ Sch., Stornovvay ; min., Harris, Assynt. ^ Min., Rousay. 
* The " father of Ossian ". Bajan in King's Coll., 1752, but migrated to Mar. Coll. 
(apparently entering the niagistrand class), with many fellow students, when the length of the 
King's Coll. session was increased in 1754 (Life by Gleig in Encyc. Brit., 3rd ed.). 
^ S. of Arth. Y., Cairnie. " Adv., Edin., 1759. 

7 Turner b., s. of Rob. M., Culture ; sch., Cheshunt, Hertford. ^ Min., Arbuthnott. 
» Rolland b., 1751-53 ; s. of John H., Midrnar. " S. of Alex. O., min., Forbes. 

" The Masters of Arts, together with those marked iii., iv., appear, as students of the 
third or fourth year, in extant rolls of sessions 1754-55 and 1755-56. 

12 Min., Footdee, Careston. '^ Liddell b., 1752-53 ; s. of Alex. F., goldsmith, Aberd. 

" Rolland b. ; s. of Mr. Rob. M., min., Durris ; mercht., Amsterdam. 

15 Reid b., 1752-53 ; s. of John M., Ordifull. '^ Min., Fetteresso. 


Jac. Balfour, A.M. Joa. Murray.'^ 

Jac Burges, iii.^ Joa. Thomson, iii., iv." 

Jac. Mollison. Joa. Wisheart, A.M.7 

Jac. Mowat, A.M.^ Kenn. McKenzie. 

Joa. Anderson, A.M.^ Lach. Grant. 

Joa. Boddie, A.M.* Lud. Middleton, A.M.* 

Joa. Duhordieu, Anglus, Pat. Chalmers de Old Bar.^ 

Joa. Forbes de New, iv. Pat. Grant, A.M.^*' 

Joa. Gillespie de Kirktoun, iii., iv. Pat. Green, iii, 

Joa. Imray, A.M. Rob. Gordon. 

Joa. Leslie, A.M. Tho. Scott, iii. 

Joa. Mellice. • Tho. Sherriffe.*^ 

1756. Oct. 22. Charles Moore, Brewton, A.M. ^2 


Al. Achindachy de Kincraigie, ii., iii.^* Gual. Milne, iii., iv. 

Al. Arbuthnot, ii. Gul. Anderson, ii., iii. 

Al. Fullerton, A.M.i* Gul. Fordyce, ii. 

Al. Stuart. Gul. Gordon, ii.2o 

And. Johnston, A.M.^^ Gul. Rhonald, ii., iii., iv. 

And. Mackie, ii.^'^ Hug. Rose. 

Arch. Aven, A.M.^* Hug. McKindie, A.M. 

Arth. Gauld, ii., iii., iv. Jac. Cuming, A.M. 

Geo. Phyne, ii. Jac. Sievwright, A.M.21 

Geo. Taylor, A.M.^^ Jac. Stevenson, A.M.22 

* Adams b. ; s. of Rob. B., Botriphny. "^ RoUand b. ; s. of John M., malster, Aberd. 

' Sch., Kirkwall ; min., Stronsay. * Turner b. ; s. of John B., Mill of Auchterellon. 

•* Of Ardbennie ; min., Fowlis Wester. * Sch., Golspie; min., Durness. 

^ Surg., Cromarty. * Cargill and Milne b. ; s. of Lewis M., Glentanner. 

' Adv., Edin. ; sheriff dep. of Forfar. 

" Under mast., Gord. Hosp. ; min., Daviot and Dunlichty, Boleskine, Inverness, Kiltarlity. 
" Cargill b., 1752-54 ; s. of John S., maltster, Abtrd. ^^ D.D., 1757. 

•* The Masters of Arts (except Hug. McKindie), together with those marked ii., iii., iv., 
appear as students of the second, third or fourth year in the rolls of 1754-57. 
" Adv., Edin., 1766. 
,_ " Sch., Fetteresso ; under mast., Gram. Sch., 1760; min., Footdee. 

" Ross b. ; s. of Arth. J., wright, Aberd. '^ Adams b. ; s. of late John M,, Kingedward. 
'* Milne b. ; s. of Wm. A., Fordyce. " Min., Gartly. 

^ S. of John G. of Wardhouse (Eraser's Fam. of Baird). 
^ Crombie b. ; s. of J as. S., Pitlurg. 
^ Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. S., Fordyce. 




Jo. Arbuthnot, ii. '» ,floaxtoM 

[Jo. Brown, iii.] 

Jo. Bruce, ii. 

Jo. Fitchett. 

[Jo. Forbes, ii.] •'" -" 

Jo. FuUerton, A.M.*''' . H ,(i. 

Jo. Leith, A.M. .llndmu'l 

Jo. Leslie de Littlefollow, ii., lii., iv. 

Jo. Mearns, ii. 

Jo. MelHs, ii. A ,sfnKri<»jliuT3 .3«i|^ 

[Jo. Watson, ii., iii., iv.] ^ [ 

Pat. Stuart, A.M.» [ 

Rob. Anderson, A.M., de Madhouse, i. 
[Rob. Gordon, ii.] ' 

Rob. Sinclair. i. 

Rob. Stevens de Broadland, ii. 
Tho. Hay.4 

Tho. Philip, ii.5 

Al. Bannerman, A.M."^ 

Al. Gall, A.M.8 

Al. Hosack, ii., iii.^ 

Al. Johnston, A.M.i" 

Al. Simpson, ii., iii.^i 

Al. Wilson, A.M. 

And. Burnett de Elrick, ii. 

Dan. Grant, ii., iii.^'^ 

[Dav. Keith, i.] 

Dun. Rose, ii., iii 

Geo. Abel, A.M.i^ 

Geo. Chapman, ii., iii.i^ 

Geo. Davidson, A.M.^^ 

Geo. Forbes de Bellabeg, A.M.^^ 

Geo. Leslie, ii. 

1 .0..L 

' \. 

it ,'no;jaii) ai{ 

I I0 mi: 


Geo. McKenzie, ii. 

Geo. Mowat. 

[Geo. Skene, i.] 

Geo. Sutherland de Porse, A.M. 

[Geo. Watson, iv.] 

Gord. Stuart, ii.i'^ 

Gual. Farquhar, A.M.^^ 

Gual. Robertson, ii., iii.' ^ '' 

[Gul. Anderson, iv.] 

Gul. Fraser, major, ii.^'' 

Gul. Fraser de Memzie. 

Gul. Nicolson. 

Gul. Smith, A.M. 

Hen. Cuming, ii. 

Hen. Sangster, A.M.20 

uil .nil A 


1 Min., Drumoak. 2 Quild b. ; s. of Alex. W., tailor. « Min. Kinneflf. 

•» Milne b., 1753-54 ; s. of Peter H., Old Meldrum. . lu! .• 

* Ross b., 1753-55; s. of Wm. P., merchant, Aberd. » 

^ The Masters of Arts (except Rob. Gordon), and those marked ii., iii., iv. , appear as 
students of the second, third or fourth year in the rolls of 1755-58. 

'' M.D., 1768. « Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. G., Alues (or Alnes ?) ; preacher, Abd. (Greyfriars). 
3 Min., Jura. i» Sch., Cullen, Banff. " Reid b. ; s. of Alex. S., New Deer. 

12 M.D., 1764. 13 Min., Drumblade. " LL.D., 1786 ; author. 

15 Cargill b. ; s. of Alex. D., Park. 

1" Min., Leochel (not 1756 as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.) ; father of Sir Chas. F., first hart, of 

1'' Denoon b. ; s. of Gavin S., Inveraven ; min., Cumbrae, Bonhill. 

18 M.D., King's Coll., 1796; hart. i^ Smith b. ; s. of John F., Monquhitter, 

20 Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. S., Binny. 




Jac. Cruikshank, A.M. 

Jac. Elmslie, 

Jac. Forbes. 

Jac. Garrioch, ii., iii. 

Jac. Lyon, ii. 

Jac. Milne, ii. 

Jac. Mitchell, ii., iii., iv.* 

Jac. Ogilvie, ii. 

Jac. Rose, ii., iii. 

Jac. Strachan, ii., iii., iv. 

Jac. Wilson, maj., ii., iii. 

Jac. Wilson, min., A.M.^ 

Jo. Fraser, A.M. 

Jo. Gregory, ii., iii.^ 

Jo. Irvine, ii., iii., iv. 

Jo. Livingston, ii., iii.* 

Jo. Mcintosh. 

Jo. Molyson, ii., iii.^ 

[Jo. Peterkin, i.] 

Jo. Pirie, iii., iv.* 

Jo. Robertson, ii., iii., iv.'^ 

Jo. Russel, ii., iii.^ 

Jo. Strachan, ii., iii., iv.' 

Jo. Turnbull. 

Jos. Anderson, ii., iii., iv.''' 

Jos. Taylor, ii., iii., iv." 

Pat. Ker, ii. 

Rob. Adam, A.M. 

Rob. Gordon, A.M. 

Rob. Irvine, ii. 

Rob. Rose, ii., iii.^^ 

Rob. Turner, ii. 

[Tho. Hay, i., ii., iii.] 


[No entry in Album II. From the Rolls of 1755-58 ; that for 1758-59 is 

not extant : — 

Arch. Davidson, i., ii., iii. 

Alex. Innes, maj., i., ii., iii.'^ 
Alex. Innes, min., i., ii., iii. 
Alex. McKenzie, i., ii. 
Alex. Man, i., ii., iii. 
Alex. Mitchel, i. 
Alex. Reid, ii. 
Alex. Ross, i., ii., iii.'* 
Alex. Simpson, i., ii., iii. 
Alex. Taylor, i. 

Geo. Bisset, i., ii., iii.^* 

Geo. Forbes, i., ii., iii. 

Geo. Milne, i. 

Geo. Moir, i., ii., iii.'* 

Geo. Skene, i., ii., iii." 

Geo. Smith, i.'^ 

Gor. Forbes, i. 

Gul. Gauld, i., ii., iii.'^ 

' Rolland b. ; s. of Alex. M., Strathbogie. ^ Liddell b., s. of Alex. W. , Fordyce. 

^ Fraser b. ; s. of Wm. G., Elgin; sch., Dundorcas. 

* Lorimer b., 1754-57 '■> s- of And. L., merchant, Aberd. 
' Gumming b, ; s. of Mr. Jas. M., min., St. Cyrus. 

•Galloway b. ; s. of John P., Arbuthnott ; sch., Brechin ; min., Lochlee. 

' Guild b. ; min., Little Dunkeld. ^ Sch., Cromarty ; min., Kilmarnock, Stirling. 

* Episc. min., Dundee ; Bp., Brechin. ^^ Sch., Alves; min., Birnie. 
" Sch. Wick ; min., Watten, Carnbee. " Min., Inverness. 

" Crombie b., 1755-58 ; s. of Wm. 1., Cullen. " Turner b. ; relative of mortifier. 

" Adam and Smith b. ^* Turner b. ; min., Peterhead ; M.D., 1765. 

1' Ramsay b. ; s. of Mr. Fras. S., regent. '* Davidson b. ; 1755-56 ; s. of Jas. S. 

» Forbes b. 




Gul. Gordon, i., ii., Hi. 
Gul. Murray, i., ii., iii.^ 
Gul. Peterkin, i., ii., iii.^ 
Gul. Smith, i., ii., iii. 
Gul. Taylor, i., ii. 
Jac. Chalmers, i., ii.^ 
Jac. Emslie, i. 
Jac. Morison, i. 
Jac. Ogilvie, i., ii. 
Jac. Walker, i., ii., iii.* 
Joa. Calder, i., ii. 
Joa. Chalmers, i., ii. 
Joa. Forbes, i., ii. 

1760. Nov. 26. 

Joa. Johnston, i.*^ 
Joa. Mackintosh, ii. 
Joa. Mitchell, i. 
Joa. Peterkin, ii., iii. 
Joa. Reid, i. 
Lud. Gordon, i., ii. 
Lud. Rose, i., ii., iii. 
Math. Anderson, i. 
Pat. Coupland, i. 
Pat. Gellie, i., ii., iii. 
Rob. Morgan, ii., iii. 
Udny Rose, i., ii., iii.]^ 

William Thom, A.M." 

Al. Cumming, i., ii. 
Al. Murray, i., ii, 
Arth. Walker, i.s 
Dav. Morrice, i., ii. 
Geo. Gordon, i., ii. 
Geo. Miln, i., ii.^ 
Geo. Ogilvie, i., ii. 
Gul. Findlason, i., ii. 
Gul. Mathewson, i. 
Gul. Sanders, i., ii.i'* 


[No entry in Album II. From the Rolls of 1756-58 

Gul. Shand, i., ii. 
Gul. Smith, i. 
Gul. Sutherland, ii. 
Hugo Orcherton, ii. 
Jac. Brands, i. 
Jac. Davidson, i., ii.^^ 
Jac. Johnston, i., ii. 
Jac. Wilson, i., ii.^^ 
Joa. Calder, i., ii.^^ 
Joa. Dun, i. 

^ Liddell b. is William Massey ; s. of Thos. M., tailor. 

^ Denoon b., 1756-59 ; sch., Auldearn, Elgin ; min., Elgin (not M.A., 1764, as in Fasti 
Eccl. Scot.). 

^ Liddell b., 1755-57 ; s. of Jas. C, printer. * Davidson b., 1756-58. 

" Holland b., 1755-56 ; s. of Wm. J., tailor. ^ Ramsay b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. R., Atholehill. 
■^ Adv. in Aberd., 1752 ; LL.B., same day, p. log. 
8 Adam b. ; s. of Geo. W., Fyvie ; Episc. min., Old Meldrum. 
* Cargill b., 1756-59 ; s. of Jas. M., Midskeith. 
i" M.D., Edin., 1765 ; F.R.S. ; author {Europ. Mag., Oct., 1817). 
" Cargill b. ; 1756-59 ; s. of Jas. D., Ordiquhill. 
12 Rolland b.; s. of Wm. W., Midmar. 
'^ Turner b. ; son of John C, Mill of Leggat. 


Joa. Durno, i., ii. Joa. Troup, i., ii. 

Joa. Miln, i., ii.* Jonathan Mercer, i.^ 

Joa. Morison, ii. Lach. Mackintosh, i. 

Joa. Orcherton, i., ii.^ Thos. Mosman, i.]* 


Al. Ogston.^ Gul. Mackenzie.^* 

Al. Sherriff, A.M." Gul. Mihie. 

Al. Sim.8 Gul. Shand, A.M.^^^ 

And. Clarke. Gul. Smith.^s 

And. Ragg. Hen. Pope, A.M. 

David Mercer. Hugo Eraser. ^^ 

Gavin Young.* Jac. Milne.^^ 

Geo. Burnett. [J^c. Thebae, i.] 

Geo. Gordon.^" Jac. Tytler.^^ 

Gual. Sharpe. Jac. Walker. ''^<' 

[Gual. Thebow, i.] Jo. Bremner, A.M.^i 

Gul. Blaik." ^d^VA' ^o ''■'' Jo. Chalmers, AM.^^ 

[Gul. Bruce, i.] Jo. Craigie, A.M.^s 

Gul. Gordon, A.M.12 Jo. Dun, A.M.^* 

Gul. Gray.13 Jo. Elphinston. 

' Milne b. ; s. of John M., Kennethmont. 

- Holland b. ; s. of Jas. O., Arbuthnot ; sch., Old Aberd. ; librarian, King's Coll. 

^ Reid b., 1756-57 ; s. of John M., Kildrummy. 

* Ramsay b. ; s. of Wm. M., limner, Aberd. 

' Those marked i. are from the Roll of 1757-58. The parentages of 1757 and 1758 are 
taken from extant lists of the candidates at the Bursary Competitions. vvarflfil"' 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. O., Aberdour. 
^ S. of Wm. S., Auchindoir ; sch., Inverness, Elgin. 

* S. of John S., couper, Abd. '•• Mercht., London. 

>» S. of Geo. G., Gartly ; min., Clyne. " S. of Wm. B., Grange. 

j\i&'^ " Milne b. ; s. of Jas. G., Mortlach ; min., Urquhart (Moray). 

" S. of Wm. G., mercht., Abd. 

" Min., Tongue (not M.A., St. And., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 
MhW. " S. of Wm. S., Craighall ; min., Lumphanan. ^^ Reid b. ; s. of Geo. S., Fyvie. 

" Lorimer b. ; s. of Hugh F., Banff. !» Min., Rhynie. 

" Surg., Edinb. ; author (Kay's Portraits). 

*• Rolland b. ; s. of Peter W., metster, Aberd. 

" S. of John B., Marnoch ; min., Marykirk. 

® Liddell b. ; s. of John C, merchant, Aberd. 

^•S. of Chas. C, Towie; min., St. Fergus, Old Deer, 

"* Under mast. Gram. Sch., 1760. '«?:3!>J 1o lUM ..J nHoX^ m» ; .d »ih»T " 


o. Forbes.i Jo. Stephen, A.M.* 

o. Gillespie. Ken. Matheson. 

o. Gordon.2 [Pat. Wilson, i.] 

Jo. Harris, i.] Rob. Middleton. 

o. Henderson.^ Tho. Gordon de Crathenard, A.M.'^ 

o. Milne, maj. Tho. Mosman. 

o. Milne, min.* Tho. Simpson, A.M.^ 

o. Skinner.^ 


^neas Urquhart, A.M. Fran. Burnett. 

Al. Burnett. Fran. Gordon.i'^ 

Al. Davidson de Newton. Gav. Frain.^^ 

Al. Falconer. » Geo. Burnett. 

Al. Ferguson. Geo. Panton. 

Al. Forbes, A.M.^ Geo. Ramsay, A.M. 

Al. Johnston, A.M.^* Gul. Burges.i^ 

Al. Murray, A.M.ii Gul. Duffus.20 

Al. Ritchie.i2 Gul. Henderson.21 

And. Thomson.13 Gul. Ross. 22 

Benj. Mercer, A.M.^^ Hug. McKay. 

Car. Hunter.^^ Jac. Bowster (or Browster).23 

[Christ. Douglas.] i« Jac. Burnett.21 

Dav. Taylor. Jac. Davidson, A.M. 

* Of N ewe; founder of Forbes mere, house, Bombay. ^ S. of Jas. G., Mortlach. 

3 S. of Wm. H., Clatt. * Min., Inverkeithny. '^ Bp. Aberd. 

8 S. of And. S., Gartly. ^ Min., Aboyne. 

^ Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. S., shoemaker, Aberd. * S. of Wm. F., Longside. 

1° Min., Gilcomston, Montquhitter. ^* S. of And. M., Kinnoir. 

12 S. of Jerom R., Auchindoir. " Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. T., town serjeant. 

" Gumming b. ; s. of late John M., Kildrummy; sch., Stornoway, Tough ; min., Forbes, 

1' S. of late John H., Old Machar. 

16 Cargill b., 1758-61 ; s. of Sam. D., Banff; M.D., Edin., 1766. 

1'' Holland b. ; s. of Fras. G., shoemaker, Aberd. 

1^ Liddell b. ; s. of late Adam F., ropemaker, Futty. 

i» S, of Alex. B., Boharm; sch., Boharm ; min., Banff (Relief Synod). 

20 S. of Wm. D., Boharm. 21 g. of John H., St. Fergus. 

22 S. of Jas. R., Fetteresso ; min., Cromarty (Gael.), Fearn. 

23 S. of Jas. B., Dunbennan. ^4 Ramsay b. ; s. of Jas. B., mercht., Aberd. 





Jac. Douglas.^ 

Jac. Dunbar. 

Jac. Durie.2 

Jac. Forbes. 

Jac. Gilchrist.^ 

Jac, Hutcheson (or Hutcheon), A.M.^ 

Jac. Leslie, 

Jac. Mowat, A.M.^ 

Jac. Ross. 

Jac. Scott.« 

Jac. Sim.^ 

Joa. Byers. 

Joa. Farquharson.8 

Joa. Eraser, A.M.* 

Joa. Garden.^" 

Joa. Grant, maj.^^ 

Joa. Grant de Lurg. 

Joa. Harris. 

Joa. Mackie.^2 

Joa. Nairn. 

Joa. Scott, A.M,i3 

Joa. Sim.14 

Joa. Urquhart de Monteagle. 

Nig. Mclnnes. 

Pat. Stewart de Carnaveron. 

Pat, Wilson, 

Rob. Davidson.15 

Rob. Farquharson. 

Rob, Lumsden de Carrachie, 

Rob. Moor.16 

Rob. Reid, A.M. 

Rob, Ross, maj, 

Rob. Ross, min. 

Tho. Langlands.^'^ 

Tho, Wright.18 

Urq. Gillespie. 


Al. Burnett. 
Al. Douglas.i» 
Al. Falconar.2o 
Al. Simpson, A.M.21 
And. Clerk, A.M. 

Arch. Davidson. 

Benj. King, Americanus. 

Car. Cuming. 

Dav. Buchanan, A.M.22 

Dav. Grant, Americanus.^s 

* S, of Rob, D,, Towie ; min,, Glenbucket, Premnay. 

* Cargill b. ; s. of John D., Brechin. 

^ Crombie and Fraser b., 1758-60 ; s. of Mr, Jas. G., min., Foveran. 

< S, of Jas, H,, Auchterless, « S. of John M,, Drumblade. « Min,, Gartly. 

' S. of Convener John S., cooper, Abd. * Reid b. ; s. of Dav. P., Crathie. 

* S. of John F,, Kiltarlity ; burgher min., Auchtermuchty, 

»" S, of Jas, G,, Belhelvie. " Min., Arrochar, Kirkmichael (Banff), Duthil, 

" S, of Wm, M., Findhorn. i^ S. of Thos, S,, Montrose ; min., Muthil. 

" Guild b, ; s, of Jas, S,, jun., cooper, Abd. '* Turner b. ; s. of Geo. D., Rothes. 

1* Guild b., 1758-59 ; s. of Rob, M,, wright, Abd. 

" Fraser b,, 1758-59 ; s. of Dav, L., slater, Aberd. 

*^ Liddell b. ; s, of Jas, W,, Fordyce, 

" Milne b,, 1760-62; s, of Arch. D., writing master, Aberd, 

«> S, of late Wm, P., Dyke. 21 Min., Fraserburgh. 

^ Printer and publisher, Montrose. ^ M.D., King's Coll., 1764, 




Fran. Burnett. 

Fran. Johnston, A.M.i 

Geo. Davidson. 2 

Geo. Leslie, A.M. 

Geo. Panton. 

Geo. Scott. 

Gual. Forbes. 

Gul. Black. 

Gul. Burnett, A.M. 

Gul. Cramond, A.M.^ 

Gul. Dingwal.'' 

Gul. Ellis. 

Gul. Fauntleroy, Americanus. 

Gul. Grant, A.M. 

Gul. Mar. 

Gul. Mitchell.5 

Gul. Smith. 

Gul. Thom. 

Gul. Traill.6 

Hug. Sutherland, maj.'^ 

Hug. Sutherland, min. 

Jac. Bremner. 

Jac. Coull.8 

Jac. Davidson.^ 

Jac. Grant. 

Jac. Honeyman, A.M.^" 

Jac. Ogg, A.M." 

Jac. Williamson. ^'-^ 

Jac. Young. 12 

Jo. Cook.14 

Jo. Craig, A.M.^^ 

Jo. Gordon.!** 

Jo. Honeyman, A.M.^^ 

Jo. McKenzie. 

Murd. Mclver.18 

Rob. Brands. 

Rob. Cuming. 

Rob. Gauld.i9 

Sam. Carpenter, Americanus. 

Tho. Lundie, A.M.20 

Tho. Stephens.21 

Tho. Symmer. 


Al. Garioch, A.M. 

Al. Miller. 

Al. Robertson.22 

Al. Shepherd. 23 
Al. Strachan, A.M. 
Car. Douglas. 

' Cargill b. ; s. of late Wm. J., stabler, Aberd. 

2 Cargill b., 1759-60; s. of Jas. D., Ordiquhill. * Sch., BcUie, Minnigaff. 

■• Min., Forgue. ^ S. of Jas. M., Rhynie. 

® Burnett b. ; s. of late Mr. Wm. T., min., St. Monance. 

^ Min., Kirkwall, Cross, Birsay. " Liddell b., 1759-61 ; s. of John C, Cullen. 

9 M.D., King's Coll., 1769. i" S. of Jas. H., min., Kinneff ; min., Newport, R.I., U.S.A. 
" Turner b. ; s. of Jas. O., Pronie. 

12 Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. W., Elgin ; min., Berwick, Eyemouth, Whitekirk. 
" Merch., Aberd.; D. of Guild. "^ S. of Jas. C, Elgin. 

^^ S. of Thos. C, Kincardine. ^^ Gordon b. ; s. of John G., Cairnie. 

^^ S. of Jas. H., min., Kinneff; diss, min., England. 

^* M.A., King's Coll., 1763 ; min., Lochalsh. i" Min., Culsalmond. 

^ S. of Alex. L., Inverurie. ^^ Surg., Elgin. 

^ RoUand b. ; s. of Jas. R., Fordyce. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of Alex. S., Robslaw. 




Car. Nicolson, A.M.^ 

Gul. Paterson." 

Colin Milne.2 

Gul. Peterkin, A.M." 

Dav. Cruden, A.M.3 

Gul. Still. 

Dav. Kirkland> 

Gul. Tait.i3 

Dav. Ramsay. 

Hector McKean. 

David Stephen. 

Ja. Bruce, A.M. 

Don. Stalker. 

Ja. Roy. 

Donaldson Simpson de Hazlehead. 

Ja. Skene.14 

Geo. Donaldson, A.M.^ 

Jo. Gordon. 

Geo. Fauntleroy, Americanus. 

Jo. Hoyes.i^ 

Geo. Harris, Americanus. - 

Jo. Reid.16 

Geo. Robertson. 

Jo. Rose, A.M." 

Geo. Sangster, A.M.^ 

Jo. Watson. 

Geo. Urquhart. 

Jo. Wilson. 

Gul. Frazer.7 

Jo. Young. 

Gul. Mar, A.M.s 

Moore Fauntleroy, Americanus 

Gul. Mitchell, maj., A.M.» 

Pat. Davidson, 

Gul. Mitchell, min.'" 

Rob. Douglas.i" 

Gul. Ogilvie. 

Rob. Dunbar. 


Al. Adamson. 
Al. Campbell. 
Al. Millar. 

Al. Pirie, A.M.20 
Al. Ross, A.M.21 
And. Thomson de Craton, A.M.22 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. N., min., Banchory Dev. ; presb. min., Amsterdam, Con- 

'^ Crombie b., 1760-63; s. of Alex. M., merchant, Aberd. ; LL.D., 1771 ; writer on Botany. 

^ Min., Nigg; D.D., 1796. ■• Crombie b. ; s. of John K., Brechin ; sch., Arbroath. 

* Sch., Aberd. ; min., Kennethmont, Rathven. * Min., Alvah. 

' Sch., Fraserburgh ; min., Tyrie. ^ Sch. and min., Monymusk. 

" Antiburgher min., Clola. ^* Vicar of Braydon, Wilts. 

" Crombie b., 1760-63 ; s. of late Wm. P., merchant, Aberd. 
^ Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. P., Elgin ; min., Macduff, Ecclesmachan. 
" Holland b. ; s. of Geo. T., Craigmiln. 1* M.D., 1766. 

" Sch., Alves ; min., Dalgety, Kinloss. ** M.A., King's Coll., 1764 ; min., Duffus. 
" Min., Udny. 

^^ Crombie b. ; s. of Pat. D., Scotstown, Insch ; sch., Keithhall ; min., Kemnay, Rayne ; 
D.D., King's Coll., 181 1. 

1* Min., Galashiels ; D.D., King's Coll., 1797 ; author. ^ Burgher min., Glasgow. 
'1 Turner b. ; s. of Jas. R., Goldstone. ^ Second laird of Banchory of the name. 




Dav. Milne, A.M.^ 
Fran. McGie. 
Geo. Cowie.'-* 
Geo. Gordon. 
Geo. Watt. 
Gul. Duncan, A.M. 
Gul. Leid.3 
Gul. Moir.4 
Gul. Smith, A.M.s 
Jac. Calder.^ 
Jac. Davidson. 
Jac. Donaldson.'^ 
Jac. Simpson. 
Jac. Stewart.^ 

Jac. Wood.o 

Joa. Garioch, A.M.^" 

Joa. Gordon de Craigmile. 

[Joa. Gordon.]" 

Joa. Harrygarioch.i2 

Joa. Lumsden.^8 

Joa. Wallace.14 

Lud. Gordon, A.M.^^ 

Pat. Milne.16 

Pat. Wilson, A.M.i^ 


Rob. Stuart de Bridgeford, A.M.^^ 

Russel Harris, A.M., Americanus. 

Tho. Gordon de Licklyhead. 


Aeneas McDonald. 
Al. Fraser, A.M.'-^o 
Al. Leith. 
Al. Pollock. 
Al. Stephen.2i 

Al. Strachan, A.M.22 

Art. Duff. 

Car. Grant. 23 

Dav. Stuart de Inchbrake, A.M.^* 

Fran. Logic. 

^ Lorimer b. ; s. of Wm. M., Kildrummy ; min., Dallas, Edinkillie. 

* RoUand b. ; s. of John C, Marnoch ; antiburgher min., Huntly ; author. 
'^ Fraser b. ; s. of Wm. L., King Edward. * M.D., 1790. 

* Milne b. ; s. of John S., Old Meldrum. 

* Crombie b., 1761-63 ; s. of John C, Mill of Legart. 
' Guild b., 1763-65. 

8 Cargill b., 1761-64; s. of Alex. S., Fordyce ; benefactor, Vol. I., 478. 

9 M.D., Edin., 1766. i» Surg., Old Meldrum. 
" Liddell b., 1761-63 ; s. of Geo. G., late Dean of Guild. 

12 Farmer, Culsalmond (Jervise's Epit., ii., 323). ^^ Of Cushnie. 

'* Liddell b., 1761-63 ; s. of Rich. W., plumber, Aberd. 

1* Min., Drainie, Elgin ; D.D., King's Coll., and Mod. of Gen. Assembly, 1815, the first 
from Synod of Moray. 

1^ Reid b. ; s. of Alex. M., Fyvie. 

^^ Linguist ; principal of Mackenzie Coll., N.J. ; LL.D. 

1^ S. of Jas. H., min., Kinneff ; physician, Virginia. ^* M.D., Edin., 1771. 

2« Min., Kirkhill ; D.D., 1801. 21 gch., Lhanbryd. 

'^ Liddell b. ; s. of Mr. Jas. S., late min., Kinkell ; sch., Dun ; min., Strathmartin, Mains. 

23 Father of Lord Glenelg. *-'* M.D., Edin., 1770 ; elder bro. of Prof. John S. 




Geo. Garden.^ 
Geo. Low. 2 
Geo. Mitchell. 
Gul. Duncan, A.M.^ 
Gul. Forbes. 
Gul. Grant. 
Gul. Laing, A.M.* 
Gul. Mosman, A.M. 
Gul. Shepherd, A.M.^ 
Gul. Smith. 
Gul. Strachan, A.M.« 
Gul. Thomson. 
Gul. Williams.7 
Hugo Taylor, A.M.^ 
Jac. Bartlett. 
Jac. Bremner, A.M.^ 
Jac. Davidson. ^^^ 
Jac. Gregory, A.M.^^ 
Jac. Grieve, A.M. 
Jac. McDonald. 

Jac. Paterson, A.M. 

Jac. Pirie, A.M. 

Jac. Ramsay. 

Jac. Walker, A.M. 

Joa. Allen. ^2 

Joa. Grant de Rothmaise. 

Joa. Harper, A.M.^^ 

Joa. Innes. 

Joa. Murray. 1* 

Joa. Watson. 15 

Joa. Urquhart de Monteagle, A.M.i^ 

Pat. Copland, A.M.i^ 

Pat. Gordon. 

Pat. Skinner, A.M. 

Rob. Alves, 

Rob. Dunbar. 

Rob. Reid, A.M. 

Rob. Shaw, A.M. 

Tho. Morrison, A.M.^" 

Al. AUardice, A.M.20 
Al. Gordon de Logie. 
Al. Gray.2i 
Al. Hay. 


Al. Innes. 
Al. Mackie.''*^ 

Al. Milne, A.M. 
Al. Pollock. 

1 Episc. min., Stonehaven. ^ Min., Birsay; zoologist, ^ Regent, King's College, i8oo. 

* Gumming b. ; s. of Wm. L., Fraserburgh ; Peterhead ; under mast., Gram. Sch., 1770 ; 
Episc. min., Peterhead; M.D., 1782. 

' Liddell b. ; s. of Geo. S., tailor, Aberd. 

® Turner b. ; s. of Rob. S., indweller, Aberd. ; Min., Durris. 

^ Liddell b., 1762-^5 ; s. of Wm. W., London. ^ Min., New Deer. 

• Min., Walls and Flotta ; inventor. 

*' Cargill b., 1762-65 ; s. of Geo. D., tydesman, Aberd. 

" Min., Gilcomston, Banchory Ternan. ^^ Rolland b. ; s. of Geo. A., Strathbogie. 

'^ Min., Leslie, Kildrummy (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

" Guild b. ; s. of And. M. in Gilcomston. ^* Min., Dollar. ^^ Min., Fearn. 

" Regent, etc. is Sch., Banff; poet. i» Of Elsick ; M.D., 1781. 

*• Episc. min.. Old Deer. ^^ Crombie b. ; s. of Geo. G., Grange. 

22 Crombie b., 1763-64 ; s. of John M., Oldearn ; min., Arbroath. 




And. Walker. 
Car. Bannerman, A.M.i 
Car. Moir, A.M. 
Dan. Stalker. 
Geo. Alexander. 
Geo. Jos. Knowles.2 
Geo. Skene de Skene. 
Gul. Anderson, A.M.** 
Gul. Donald, A.M." 
Gul. Keith, Americanus. 
Gul. Luttrel, Anglus. 
Gul. Ogilvie. 
Gul. Ross. 

Gul. Seton de Moonie. 
Gul. Smith, A.M.s 
Hugo Duncan, A.M. 
Jac. Buchannan, A.M.^ 
Jac. Coull, A. MJ 
Jac. Craig.^ 
Jac. Ramsay, A.M,^ 
Joa. Cameron. 

Al. Forbes. 
Al. G0W.21 
Al. Innes. 

Joa. Charles. 

Joa. Findlater. 

Joa. Logie.!** 

Joa. Ray, Anglus. 

Joa. Rennie, Londonensis, A.M." 

Joa. Shand, A.M.12 

Joa. Stuart. 1=^ 

Pat. Burnett. 

Pat. Mollyson, AM.^* 

Rob. Abernethy. 

Rob. Allan, A.M.i^ 

Rob. Black, A.M. 

Rob. Croll, A.M.i« 

Rob. Donald. 

Rob. Dunbar.i7 

Rob. Hood, A.M.18 

Rob. Monro. 

Tho. Caird." 

Tho. Innes de Rossyburn. 

Tho. R0SS.20 


Al. Leith. 

Car. Gordon de Buthlaw, A.M. 

Car. Troup. 

1 Adv. in Aberd., 1776. ^ Min., Birse ; poet. ^ Min., Evie, Holm, St. Fergus. 

* Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. D., indweller, Aberd. ; sch., Forfar. ^ Min., Petty. 

^ Turner b. ; s. of Walt. B., off. of excise, Aberd. 

^ Cargill and Crombie b. ; s. of Peter C, merchant, Cullen ; M.D., 1787. 

^ Crombie b. ; s. of Arch. C, merchant, Elgin. ^ Min., Madderty. 

^" Gordon b. ; s. of Wm. L., Redhill, Speymouth. 
1^ Liddell b. ; s. of Peter R., silkdresser, Aberd. 
'^ Liddell b. ; s. of Wm. S., Tillienessel ; sch., London ; author. 

" Of Inchbreck ; Prof, of Greek. '"* Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. M., Kinell; min., Walston. 
'^ Crombie b., 1764-67 ; s. of Rob. A., merchant, Elgin. 
^* Cargill b. ; 1764-67 ; s. of Rob. C, Garvock ; sch. and min., Bervie. 
17 Min., Old Machar. is Rgid b. ; s. of Thos. H., Cromarty. 

1* Crombie b., 1764-68 ; s. of Thos. C, horner, Aberd. 

^ King WiUiam div. b. , 1771 ; sch., Nigg (Ross) ; min., Kilmonivaig; D.D., 1818. 
*i Sch., Camberwell (Cramond's Banff). 




Geo. Abercrombie de Birkenbog, A.M.^ 

Geo. French.2 

Geo. Naughton. 

Geo. Skene. 

Geo. Strachan.^ 

Geo. Wilson, A.M. 

Gul. Brodie. 

Gul. Duncan de Mostown. 

Gul. Garden, A.M.* 

Gul. Gordon, 

Gul. Johnston. 

Gul. Monro, A.M. 

Gul. Walker, A.M.'^ 

Jac. Grant, A.M.« 

Jac. Harrow, M.M. [sic]J 

Jac. Reid, A.M.s 

Joa. Anderson, A.M." 

Joa. Farquhar.i*' 

Joa. Stuart McCook, A.M. 

[Joa. McLeod.] " 

Joa. Ross, A.M.12 

Joa. Taylor. 

Joa. Third. 

Seton Bowman. 

Tho. Warren. 

Al. Grant. 

Al. Kidd. 

Al. Lobban. 

Al. Smith.i3 

Al. Thorn, A.M.1* 

Al. White. 

Allan Grant. 

Art. Forbes, A.M.^^ 

Don. Mitchell, A.M." 

Geo. Gibb." 

Geo. Gordon. 18 

Geo. Leslie, A.M.i" 

Gualt, Ross. 

Gul. Fraser de Fraserfield, A.M. 


Gul. Gordon.2o 
Gul. Grant. 
Gul. Innes. 
Gul. Johnston. 
Gul. Peter. 
Gul. Reid, maj. 
Gul. Reid, min., A.M. 
Gul. Robertson. 
Gul. Ross, A.M. 
Gul. Sinclair. 
Hug. McKay. 
Jac. Adam, A.M.^i 
Jac. Allardyce.22 
Jac. Paul. 23 

» Aftds. fourth bart. = M.D., 1786 ; Prof, of Chemistry. 

* Crombie b. ; s. of John S., merchant, Aberd. * Holland b. ; s. of John G., Fetteresso. 

* Holland b. ; s. of Geo. W., Newmill ; min., St. Cyrus. 

« Cargill b. ; s. of Peter G., Keith. ' Crombie b. ; s. of John H., Clayhills. 

8 Min,, Auchindoir. * Heid b., 1766-68 ; s. of John A., Tyrie. 

^^ S. of John F., sometime of Newton of Murtle (now Newton Dee), wright at Sawmill 
of Culter ; of Fonthill Abbey, see Vol. I., p. 485. 

" Melvil b. '^ Min., Logic Easter, Rosskeen. 

" Min., Forbes, Keig. " Cargill b. ; s. of Wm. T., stabler, Aberd. ; sch., Pitsligo, 

'^ Turner b. ; s, of Mr, Alex. F., min., Fetteresso. ^® Min., Elgin, Ardclach, 

" Min,, Wemyss, ^* Min., Sorn ; D,D., Glasg., 1804. 

i» Holland b. ; s. of John L., Gilcomston. 20 Min., Clatt, 

« Min., Cumbray {Fasti Eccl. Scot., ii., 385), ^ Coll. of Customs, Abd. 

^ Milne b.; s. of Jas, P,, Peterculture ; sch., Drumoak. 





Jac. Shirres. 

Jac. Watt.i / 

Joa. Bruce, A.M.^ 

Joa. Gowan, A.M.^ 

Joa. Green. 

Joa. Greig."* 

Joa. Ligertwood de Tillery, A.M. 

Al. Abernethy. ' 
Al. Cruikshank.^ 
Al. Forbes. 
Al. Lumsden. 
Al. Thomson, A.M.ii 
Al. Wemyss de Goval. 
Car. Gordon. 
[Dav. Dunbar.]^2 
Geo. Skene Keith, A.M." 
Geo. Moir. 

Gul. Cameron, A.M.^* 
Gul. Mowat, A.M. 
Gul. Paterson, A.M.^^ 
Gul. Tocher. 
Hugo Maxwell. 
Jac. Bisset. 


Joa. Pirie. 

Moses Paul, M.A.-^ 

Peter Barclay, A.M.*' 

Rob. Gordon, A.M.^ 

Rob. Grant.^ 

Tho. St. Clare Abercrombie, A.M. 

Tho. Lynch. 


fac. Cromar.i*' 

fac. Douglas, A.M.^'^ 

fac. Lumsden, A.M.^^ 

[ac. Shirres, A.M.i^ 

[ac. Wemyss. 

[oa. Balfour de Trenabay.^o 

foa. Bowie, Americanus, A.M. 

foa. Cruikshank.2i 

|oa. Gray. 

foa. Innes, A.M.22 

foa. Mowat. 

Pat. Wallace. 

Rob. Cormack. 

Rob. Drummond. 

Tho. Balfour, A.M.23 

Tho. Lynch. 

Tho. Macdonald. 

Tho. Ouchterlonie. 

1 Reid b., 1765-66 ; s. of Christ. W., Caldra 
^ Fraser b. ; s. of Jas. B., gardener, Aberd. ; 

" Sch., St. Vigeans ; min., Glenisla, Lunan. 
* Milne b. ; s. of And. P., workman, Aberd. 
7 Min., Drumblade. 
" Episc. min., Muthil. 

1., Forfar. 

■* Sch., London ; author. 

8 Min., Kettle; d. father of Church, 1841. 
8 M.D., King's Coll., 1780; F.R.CP., Ed., 1784. 
'" Rolland b., 1766-69 ; s. of Geo. R., Grange. 


" Min., Lintrathen. ^^ Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. D., Tillienessel ; min., Leslie. 

1* Liddell b. ; s. of Jas. K., Auquhorsk ; min., Keithhall, Tulliallan ; D.D., 1803 ; author. 
^^ Min., Kirknewton ; author. ^^ Min., Logic Buchan. 

^^ Under mast., Gram. Sch., 1778 ; master, 1781. 

17 Liddell b. ; s. of Arch. D., Stirling. ^^ Cumming b. ; s. of Jas. L., Alva. 

1* Liddell b., 1765-66 ; s. of Dav. S., v/right, Aberd. ; min., Aberdeen ; D.D., King's Coll., 
1795 ; Mod. of Gen. Assembly, 1807 ; author. 

20 M.P., Orkney and Shetland. 21 Episc. min., Ellon. 

2"^ S. of Mr. Rob. I., min., Huntly; ensign, army. ^ Of Elwick; colonel. 





Alex. Brodie.' 
Alex. Collie. 
Alex. Craib. 
Alex. Irvine de Drum. 
Alex. Lumsden, A.M.^ 
Alex. Mitchell, A.M. 
Alex. Osborn, A.M. 
Alex. Redford. 
Alex. Seller. 
Alex. Urquhart, A.M.^ 
Archb^. Murray, A.M. 
Arthur. Mair. 
Carol. Ogilvie. 
Carol. Shand." 
Daniel Rose, A.M.^ 
Dav. Balfour de Trinabay, A.M.^ 
Dav. Stalker. 
Georg. Bartlet. 
Geo. Chisolm, A.M.'^ 
Geo. Cruikshank, A.M.^ 
Geo. Gordon, A.M. 
Geo. Stevinson, A.M. 
Geo. Taylor. 
Geo. Wilson, A.M. 
Gualter. Ross, A.M.^ 
Gul. Farquharson de Balfour, A.M.^*' 
Gul. Geddes, A.M." 
Gul. Gordon. 


Gul. Mair, A.M. 

Gul. Moir, A.M. 

Gul. Stewart, A.M. 

Hercules Low.^^ 

Jac. Allardice. 

Jac. Angus. 

Jac. Cormack. 

Jac. Edward, A.M.^^ 

Jac. Farquharson de Invereye. 

Jac. Fraser, A.M.^* 

Jac. Gordon.'^ 

Jac. Jopp.^^ 

Jac. Lumsden, A.M. 

Jac. Reid. 

Jac. Ruglen, A.M.^'^ 

Joa. Forbes. 

Joa. Redford. 

Joa. Shand, 

Joa. Smith, A.M.^^ 

Jos. Smith, A.M.20 

Lud, Mackie, 

Pat. Robertson, Americanos, A.M. 

Rob. Allan. 

Rob. Beckie. 

Rob. Cormack, A.M. 

Rob. Young, A.M. 

Sam. Duncan. 

Tho. Traill.2i 

* Cargill b., 1767-68 ; s. of Wm. B., Cullen. ^ Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. L., goldsmith, Aberd. 
^ Sch., Tarbat; min., Rogart. * Turner b. ; s. of John S., Old Rain. * Min., Dingwall. 
^ Of Somerside ; W.S., Edin., 1779. ^ Reid and Cargill b. ; s. of John C, Fordyce; 

D.D., 1807. 8 Sch., Inveravon ; min., Rothes. » Min., Clyne. " M.D., 1778. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Wm. G., supervisor of excise, Aberd. 

^* ist bursar. 1* Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. E., merchant, Aberd. 

" Under mast., Gord. Hosp. ; min., Drumoak ; D.D., 1796. 

" Crombie b. ; s. of Thos. G., Crathie. ^^ Liddell b. ; s. of Alex. J., cooper, Aberd. 
"Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. R., Kennethmont. 

*8 Liddell b. ; s. of John S., Old Rain ; min., Kemnay, Chapel of Garioch, Kintore. 
" Cargill b. ; s. of Jas. S., Alves. 
^ Liddell b. ; s. of John S., Tarland ; Min., Birse. « Min., Kirkwall. 





Alex. Cock. 

Alex. Gordon, A.M.^ 

Alex. Gray.' 

Alex. Harrow. 

Alex. Peter, A.M.* 

Alex. Stuart. 

Alex. Tower. 

Andr. Davidson.^ 

Andr. Marshal, A.M.6 

And. Moir. 

Anton Trail, A.M. 

Archb. Forsyth. 

David Gordon. 

Fra. Forbes, A.M.^ 

Geo. Adam.s 

Geo. Auldjo.^ 

Geo. Brown, A.M.i^ 

Geo. Duthie. 

Geo. Leslie. 

Geo. Nicolson, A.M. 

Gul. Farquharson.i^ 

Gul. Irvine. 
Gul. Leslie. 
Gul. Robertson. ^2 

Gul. Shaw. 

Gul. Urquhart. 

Gul. Wilson. A.M.13 

Jac. Cuming. 

Jac. Ramsay. 

Jac. Thomson.!* 

Jac. Tocher. 

Jac. Wilson, A.M.^^ 

Joa. Arbuthnot. 

Joa. Davidson.!^ 

Joa. Fyffe.i7 

Joa. Henderson. !8 

Joa. Hyndman. 

Joa. Johnston. 

Joa. Marshal. i» 

Joa. Moir. 

Joa. Shepherd, A.M.20 

Livingston Booth, A.M.^i 


' (Knight's Coll., p. 1540). " From a small slip of Dr. Beattie's handwriting the 
following is transcribed, giving the subjects of the candidates' [graduation] * harangues '. 
• Alex. Gordon (Lat., provided) ; Alex. Peter (Lat.), Oxford ; And. Marshal (Lat.), Div. of 
Phy. ; Ant. Trail (Eng.), Rhet. Action; Fra. Forbes (Eng., provided), Happiness; Geo. 
Brown (Eng.), Mob; Geo. Nicolson (Eng.), Justice; Gul. Wilson (Lat.), Anim. Immort. ; 
Jac. Wilson (Eng.), ? ; Joa. Shepherd (Eng.), Superstition ; Liv. Booth (Lat.), ? ; Pat. Cock 
(Lat.), Cultura animi ; Pat. Milne (Eng.), Physiognomy.'" 

" Min., Daviot and Dunlichty. 

^ Cargill b., 1768-71 ; s. of Alex. G., workman, Aberd. 

■• Crombie b. ; s. of Rob. P., Fasquie ; Min., Logic Pert, Dundee ; D.D., i8og. 

* Adv., Abd., 1783. " Min., TuUynessle. '^ Min., Grange. 

* Rossb., 1768-71 ; s. of Geo. A., Durn. ' Of Portlethen ; provost, 1791. 
'" Crombie b. ; s. of Jas. B., Cromar ; Min., Glenmuick. 

" Of Monaltrie ; adv., Edin., 1771. ^^ Lorimer b. ; s. of John R., Fordyce. 

13 Min., Dyce. i"* Crombie b, ; s. of Mr. Pat. T., min.. Tough. 

1* Min., Maryton, Farnell. ^^ Of Kebbaty ; adv. in Aberd., 1782. 

" Reid b. ; s. of Wm. F., stabler, Aberd. i* Of Caskieben; M.D., Edin., 1774. 

i» Adv., Abd., 1776. 20 M.D., Edin., 1776. 

^1 Ross b. ; s. of Peter B., Brotherfield ; mercht., Aberd. 


Pat. Cock, A.M.I Rob. Napier. 

Pat. Cuisin. Rob. Pyott 

Pat. Milne, A.M. Tho. Kilgour. 

Rob. Farquhar.2 


Alexander Laing,* f. Roberti in Cromar. m, A.M. 

Alexander Law, f. Jacobi in Tough. m, A.M. 

Carolus Paton, f. Gulielmi in Rathen. m, A.M. 

David Wemyss, f. Gulielmi de Craighall. m, A.M. 

Georgius Stevenson, f. Georgii in Fordyce. m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Deans, f. Gulielmi in Old Meldrum. m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Ker, f. Gulielmi in Peterculter. ni, A.M. 

Gulielmus Leslie, f. Georgii, mercatoris Aberdoniensis. w, A.M. 

Jacobus Bishop, Barbadoes. m. 

Jacobus Hay, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Cruden. tn, A.M. 

Jacobus Innes,^ f. Joannis in Mortlack. w, A.M. 
[Jacobus Perie.]^ 

Jacobus Pope," f. Alexandri, pastoris de Reay. ;w, A.M. 

Joannes Bishop, Barbadoes. ;«. 

Joannes Thomson, ^ f. Patricii, pastoris de Tough. w, A.M. 

Lachlanus Shav^^, f. Duncani, pastoris de Rafford. w, A.M. 

^ Gray math, bursar, 1771 ; first award (Vol. I., 440). 

^ Of Newark, Renfrew ; mercht., Lond. 

^ In session 1772-73 the records in Album II. become much fuller, the parentage of the 
students being given. The members of the Class of 1769-73 are entered only as magistrands ; 
those of 1770-74 only as tertians and as magistrands ; of 1771-75 only as semis, as tertians and 
as magistrands ; of 1772-76 only as bajans and as magistrands ; of 1773-77 only as bajans, as 
tertians and as magistrands. In the Class of 1774-78 and in all later classes, the records of 
the bajans, semis, tertians, and magistrands are practically complete. To obviate undue re- 
petition, a student's name is printed only once for any Class, and to it are suffixed the letters 
b, s, t, m, and A.M., according as the Album shows him to have been a bajan, semi, tertian 
or magistrand of that Class, or to have graduated. Occasionally a student, entering College 
with a certain Class, pretermits attendance for a session or more, and reappears as a member 
of a later Class. The names of the bajans of a Class are printed first in the usual 
alphabetical order of prenames. Then follow the additional semis, the additional tertians and 
the additional magistrands, each forming a separate alphabetical arrangement, and having 
suffixed figures and letters with the usual significance. From 1772 to 1787 the entries in the 
Album are almost always holograph of the students. (See details in Preface.) The names 
of Honorary Masters of Arts are added from the Minutes and Accounts. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1773. ® Episc. min., Meiklefolla. 

' Guild b., 1769-71 ; founder of European Magazine, editor of Morning Chronicle, etc. 
{Eur. Mag., Sept., i8i8). 

' Min., Reay. ' Min., Footdee, Aberd. ; M.D., King's Coll., 1807. 


Robertus Irvine, f. — M.D., Aberdonensis. m, A.M. 

[Thomas Spark.] 1 


[Alexander Forbes.] 

Alexander Gray,^ f. Gualteri in Ley, Fordyce. t, m, A.M.* 

[Alexander Jolly.] 

Alexander McLennan,^ f. Joa., pastoris Contin. t. 

Alexander Milne,^ f. Alexandri, mercatoris Aberdonensis. t. 

Alexander Murray, f. Gulielmi in Bowiebank, Kingedward. t. 

[Andr. Strang.] 

[Carolus Watt.] 

[David Strachan.] 

Georgius Allan," f. Josephi in Skene. t^ m, A.M. 

Georgius Leonard,*^ f. Georgii de Salt River, Jamaica. t^ m, 

[Geo. Milne.] 

Gulielmus Forbes,^ f. Alexandri, pastoris de Fetteresso. . i, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Stuart, f. Johannis de Inchbreck. ^, m. 

[Hen. Graves.] 

[Hen. Lumsden.] 

[Hen. Sinclair.] 10 

[Hugo Tough.] 11 

[Jacobus Chalmers.] 

Jacobus Cormack, f. Jacobi in Forgue. t. 

Jacobus Lawtie, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Fordyce. t. 

Jacobus Smith, f. Jacobi, quondam Grammaticae Scholae 

Aberdonensis magistri. /, w, A.M. 

[Jacobus Trail.] 

Joannes Christie, f. Alexandri in Auchinbadie in Alvah. ' t, 

[Joannes Forbes.] 
[Joannes Frygge.] 
[Joannes Machray.] 
[Joannes Trail.] 

Joa. Young, f. Gulielmi, M.D., de Falside. t, m, A.M. 

Ludovicus Brodie, f. Joannis, Aberdonensis. t. 

^ Cargill b., 1769-71 ; s. of Wm. S., shipmaster, Aberd. ; elk., Aberd. Roy. Infy. 
^ The names in brackets do not appear in the autograph lists. 

^ ist bursar (47 compet.) ; min., Enzie, Ordiquhill. * See footnote to 1769-73, supra. 
^ M.D., Edin., 1777. ^ Mercht., Aberd. ; major, Roy. Ab. Vol. ^ Min., Newhills. 
•* Fmii. of Cadenhecul , p. 53. * Gray math, bursar, 1772. 

1" Burnet b., 1770-72. " Liddell b., 1770-72 ; s. of Hugh T., Lochell. 


Patricius Mitchell,^ f. Alexandri in Craigearn, Kemnay. 
Robertus Anderson, f. Alexandri, Aberdonensis. 
Robertus Pirie, f. Roberti, ? in Forbes. 
Robertus Simpson, f. Georgii, Aberdonensis. 
[Thomas Auldjo.] 

Thomas Gordon,'- f. Tho., pastoris de Speymouth. 
Thomas Gordon, f., Ludovici, Mortlach. 
David Webster. 

Alexander Cruickshank, f. Roberti, Abredoniensis. 
Alexander Gordon,^ f. Joannis in Birss. 
Alexander Gray, f. Jacobi in Drum. 
Alexander Henderson,^ f. Roberti in Keith. 
Alexander Jolly,*' f. Alexandri, mercatoris in Stonehaven. 
Alexr. Ross,7 f. Alexandri, Aberdoniensis. 
Andreas Shepherd,^ f. Georgii, Abredoniensis. 
Arthurus Nicolson, f. Arthuri de Lochend in Zetlandia. 
Carolus Harvey, f. Alexandri, Abredoniensis. 
Carolus Mackenzie, f. Colini de Kilcoy. 
David Webster, f. Davidis in Menmuir. 
Franciscus Fraser, f. Patricii, Abredoniensis. 
Georgius Mackie, f. Josephi, Abredoniensis. 
Georgius Minty,^ f. Gulielmi in Inverkeithny. 
[Geo. Straton.Jio 

Gilbertus Gerard, f. Gilberti [adv.] , Aberdonensis. 
Gulielmus Ruddiman,^^ f. Joseph, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Sellar, f. Gulielmi, apud Petripromontorium de 

Gulielmus Stronach,^^ f Alexandri in Grange. 
Hugo Arbuthnott,^^ f. Joannis, Vicecomitis de Arbuthnott. 
Jacobus Allan, f. Colini, Abredoniensis. 
Jacobus Chalmers, f. Roberti, Abredoniensis. 

1 Sch., Fintray ; min., Kemnay ; D.D., 1802. ^ of Whitburn ; W.S., 1782. 

' See footnote to 1769-73, supra. * M.D., 1788. ^ Min., Old Machar, Echt. 

* Bp., Moray ; author. ' Sch., Kintore. ^ Mercht., Virginia, U.S.A. 

" Gray math, bursar, 1774 ; min., Kennethmont ; D.D., 1790. i" Denoon b., 1771-73. 

" M.D., 1791 ; benefactor, I. 459 ; rector's assessor, 181 1, etc. ; portrait in possession of 
the University. 

^* Min., New Machar, Marnoch. 

'^ General ; M.P. for Kincardineshire ; rector's assessor, 1837. 




t, m, 





f, m, 





5, t, m. 


s, t, m, 


s, t, in, 


5, t, m. 


5, t, m, 


s, t, m, 


5, t, m. 


5, t, m. 

5, t, m. 

5, t, m. 

s, t, m. 


s, t, m. 



s, t, m. 

s, t, tn, 




5, t, m, 



Jacobus Fordyce, f. Francisci, Abredoniensis. s, t, tn, A.M. 

Jacobus Gordon, f. Jacob! in Mortlach [nunc McGregor]. s, t, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Hadden,^ f. Alexandri, Aberdoniensis. s, t. 

Joannes Anderson, f, Jacobi, Pastoris in Keith. 5. 

Joannes Bremner, f. Thomae in Fyvie.' s, m, A.M. 

Johannes Dyce, f. Alexandri, Aberdoniensis. s, m, A.M. 

Joannes Scott, f. Jacobi de Scalloway, Shetland. 5, t, m, A.M. 

Josephus Farquhar, f. Joannis in Tough, s, t, m, A.M. 

Robertus Taylor, f. Thomae, Abredoniensis. 5, t, m. 

Gulielmus Lawtie, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Fordyce. <, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Booth, f. Joannis in Fordyce. t. 

Johannes Scorgie, f. Johannis in Forbes. ty m. 

Johannes Sharp,^ f. Alexandri in Alva. t, m, A.M. 

Mordacus Fraser, f. Gulielmi in Wester Downie. t, m, A.M. 

Robertus Farquhar,^ f. Roberti de Newhall. t, m, A.M. 

Ronaldus Bayne,^ f. Joannis, Dingwallensis. t, m, A.M. 

Donald Stalker. m, A.M. 

Geo. Milne. m. 

Jac. Bishop. tn, A.M. 

Jac. Lawtie. m, A.M. 

Joa. Bishop. m, A.M. 

Tho. Urquhart. ^ • m, A.M. 


Alexander Anderson, f. Alexri in Kincardine O'Neal. 6, m, A.M.^ 

Alexander Boyne, f. Joannis in Keith. b, tn, A.M. 

Alexander Forbes, f. Georgii Philip, mercatoris in Banf. b. 

Alexander Fraser,'^ f. Georgii, Baronis de Saltoun. b, tn, A.M. 

Alexander Fraser, f. Gulielmi de Park. b. 

Alexander Gammack, f. Gulielmi in ? . b. 

Alexander Longmoore, f. Adami in Keith. b. 

Alexander Mair, f. Joannis, pastoris de Rayne. b. 

Alexander Moir,^f. Georgii de Scotstown. b, m, A.M. 

Carolus Irvine,^ f. Joannis, armigeri. b. 
Colinus Campbell, f. Roberti de Smiddygreen, Americanus. b. 

* Mercht., Abd. ; provost, 1801, etc. ; rector's assessor, 1802, etc. 

^ Sch., Pitsligo ; min., New Pitsligo. ^ Purser, R.N. (Dingw. Ford. Rec). 

* Min., Aberd. (Gael.), India, Elgin, Inverness, Kiltarlity ; D.D., King's Coll., 1808. 
■* Min., Rosskeen. ^ g^g footnote to 1769-73, supra. 

' 15th baron ; adv., Edin., 1780 ; author. ^ LL.D., 1796. * Major-General. 


Cosmus Gordon, f. Joannis in Gartly. 

Don. Macdonald, f. Donaldi in Fodderty. 

Georgius McKay, f. Georgii in Durris. 

Georgius Morison,^ f. Jacobi de Elsick. 

Gulielmus Anderson, ^ f. Alexandri in Strichen. 

Gulielmus Forbes, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Airth. 

Gulielmus Forsyth, f. Gulielmi in Ordiquhill. 

[Gulielmus Simpson,] ^ 

Hugo Jameson,* f. Gulielmi in New Deer. 

Jac. Fairbairn, f. Jacobi de Easter Migvie, M.D. 

Jac. Gowans, f. Joannis, mercatoris in Kinnell. 

Jac. Hogg, f. Jacobi in Nether Banchory. 

Jac. Irvine, f. Alexri de Drum. 

Jac. Moir, f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. 

Jac. Stalker,'' f. Joa. in Edinkillie. 

Jac. Taylor, f. Jac. in Ordequhill. 

Jac. Traill,^ f. Georgii de Hobister, pastoris de Dunnett. 

Jac. Young, f. Jacobi in Fordyce. 

Joa. Anderson,^ f. Georgii in Belly. 

Joa. Black, f. Thomae in Fordyce. 

Joa. Brown, ^ f. Johannis, pastoris de Newhills. 

Joa. Bruce, f. Andr., pastoris de Brechin. 

Joannes Eraser, f. Gull, de Park. 

Joa. Gordon,^ f, Gulielmi in Glass. 

Joa. Gordon, f. Jacobi de Coclarachie. 

Joa. Innes, f. Alexandri in Turreff. 

Joa. Leith,^*' f. Jacobi in Whiteriggs [postea Leithfield]. 

Joa. Leith, f. Joannis de Leithhall. 

Joa, McDonell,^^ f. Donaldi in Glenmoriston. 

Joa. Robertson, f. Gulielmi in Gamery. 

Joa. Selbie, f. Joannis in Aberdonia, 

Pat, Hall, f. Patricii in Auchterless. 

Peter Mair, f. Joannis, pastoris de Rayne. 

^ Min,, Oyne, Banchory Dev. ; D.D,, King's Coll,, 1824 ; d, father of the Church ; 
portrait in poss, of Univ. 

2 Min,, Strichen; father of Sir Alex. A., provost of Aberd, {v. 1815-19, infra). 

' Not in autograph lists. * D,D,, 1813. 

" M.A., King's Coll., 1777 ; min., Lilliesleaf. 

" M,A., King's Coll., 1775. '' Min,, Kingussie, Bellie, ^ M,D,, 1805. 

* Min,, Strathdon, Duffus. ^" Surg,, i6th Foot. ^^ Min., Edinkillie, Forres. 


































































m, A.M. 


m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 















t, m. 


Rob. Adam, f. Roberti in Durris. 

Rob. Shepherd, 1 f. Thomae, pastoris de Bourty. 

Thomas Brown, ^ f. Johannis, pastoris de Newhills. 

Jac. Cormack, f. Jacobi in Forgue. 

Lachlanus Mackenzie,'^ f. Donaldi in Urray. 


Alexander Addison,^ f. Jacobi in Keithe. b, \t], m 

Alex. Anderson, f, Alexandri in Balmossie-mylne. 

Alex. Anderson, f. Thomae in Tarras. 

Alexr. Chalmers, f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 

Alexr. Forbes, f. Hugonis de Schivas. 

Alexr. Mundie, f. Alexandri in Innervedie. 

Alexr. Petri, f. Johannis in Piriesmill. 

Al. Rose, f. Alexri., M.D., Abraedonensis. 

Car. Adamson, f. Jacobi in Drum. 

^ Min., Daviot. '^ D.D., 1828. ^ Sch., Applecross ; sch. and min., Lochcarron. 

* The names of the semis of 1774-75 are not recorded. The Album list of tertians of 
1775-76 is imperfect. The entries in brackets [<] are taken from the signatures appended to a 
letter addressed to Professor Patrick Copland by the members of his first class, which is other- 
wise of interest as fixing the date when Latin ceased to be used colloquially in the College. 

" Hond. Sir, 

" Uncertain whether at the coming public examination you propose to examine 
the students of this class in the Latin language, or to deviate from a custom which we appre- 
hend has not many cogent reasons to support it, we beg leave respectfully to lay before you our 
sentiments on this subject, hoping you will condescend to consider and (should it appear 
reasonable) comply with the subsequent request. We beg leave to observe that speaking 
Latin is not commonly considered as a necessary branch of education ; we are, indeed, in- 
structed to read and write that language with propriety ; but to speak it, and that fluently, 
would be a very difficult attainment, a faculty of no material use, and what we may venture 
to assert very few are possessed of. The public examination, we apprehend, is intended to 
prove what proficiency we have made in Natural Philosophy, not in the Latin Tongue : would 
it not then be unjust that by reason of an inferior degree of knowledge in that language, or 
probably from an accidental want of expression, any one of us should incur the reproach of 
ignorance and inattention, when possibly that very person may have applied himself most 
diligently to the subject we have been studying ? In fine, that the possibility of this and other 
disagreeable consequences may be removed, and that this class may not labour under a dis- 
advantage from which every other is now exempt. With due deference to your superior 
judgment, we make this unanimous request that we may be examined in no other than our 
native language ; and in return for this condescension we hope to evince that the care and 
attention you have bestowed in instructing us have not been ineffectual." 

The " public examination " referred to was not the graduation examination, for some 
account of which see infra, 1821-25. 

^ Sch., Aberlour. 





David Cuming, f. Joannis, Com. Moraviae. b, 

Fran. Abercromby, f. Jacobi de Stank. b. 

Fran. Adam, f. Gulielmi in Easterbeltie. b, 

Fran. Grant, f. Johannis, Abraedonensis. b, 

Gardenus Forbes, f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. b. 

Geo. Innes, f. Alexandri, Abraedonensis. b. 

Georgius Irvine. b. 

Geo. Pirie,^ f. Roberti in com. Abredonensi. b, 

Geo. Rose, f. Alexri, M.D., Abraedonensis. b, 

Gulielmus Bain, f. Joannis in Littelendovie, Alford. b. 

Gulielmus Johnston, ^ f. Gulielmi equitis Baronetti. b. 

Gulielmus Hunter, ^ f. Thomae, pastoris de Arbirlot. b, 

Gulielmus Livingston,* f. Thomae, M.D., Abredonensis. b, 
Gulielmus Simpson, f. Gulielmi in Saint Fergus, Abredoniensis. b, 

Helenus Scott, ** f. Davidis, pastoris de Auchterhouse. b, 

Jacobus Anderson, f. Petri, Abraedonensis. b. 

vjacobus Cassie, f. Patricii in Banff. b, 

Jacobus Christy, f. Johannis in Keith. b, 

Jacobus Cuming, f. Georgii in Brahan Castle. b. 

Jacobus Dunbar Innes, f. Georgii, Abredonensis. b, 

Jacobus Low, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, 

Jacobus Moodie, f. Benjamini at Melsetter. b, 

Jacobus Ross, f. Alexri., Abredonensis. b, 

Jacobus Shand," f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, 

Joannes Duncan, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. /;, 

Joannes Ferguson,'' f. Jacobi, Londinensis. b, 

Joannes Gray Gerard,^ f. Gilberti, Abraedonensis. b, 

Joannes Gordon, f. Georgii in Westfolds. b, 
Joannes Grant, f. Joannis, Abraedonensis. * b. 

Joannes Wallen, f. Matt, ex Insula Jamaica. b, 

Joannes Wood, f. Jacobi in Fetteressoe. b, 

Marianus Skinner. b, 

Thomas Fairbairn,^ f. Jacobi de Eastermigvie, M.D. b, 
[Al. Gray 
[Ar. Forbes 

t, VI, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 
t, m, A.M. 

VI, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 
VI, A M. 

m, A.M. 


m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

tn, A.M. 
VI, A.M. 
VI, A.M. 
tn, A.M. 
VI, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

VI, A.M. 
VI, A.M. 

m, A.M. 

' Min., Slains ; D.D., 1811. See p. 52. ^ Aftds. 7th bart. of that Ilk and Caskieben. 

2 Gray math, bursar, 1775 ; surg., H.E.I. C.S. ; author. 

* M.D., 1781 ; Prof, of Med. » M.D., 1805. « Min., Aberd., Marykirk. 

' Sch., Inverary ; min., Uphall. * Member of Lloyd's. 

' Min., New Monkland ; Fasti Eccl. Scot., ii., 295, 386, gives a different parentage. 


[Benjamin Dunbar ^ 
Ebenezer MacAulay. 
[Geo. Anderson 
[Gul. Taylor 
Jac. Stephen. 
[Jac. Topp 
[Joa. Innes 
Ludov. MacLenan. 
Alex. Cock.- 
Donald McDonald.^^ 
Gul. Stevins. 
Gul. Sutherland. 
Joa. MacDonald. 
Thomas Simpson. 


Alexander Crombie,^ f. Thomae, Abredonensis. 
Alexander Dasson,^ f. Alexandri in Miln of Ennets. 
Alexander Gray, f. Alexandri, Elgini. 
Alexander Paterson, f. Guliellmi, Abredonensis. 
Georgius Houie, f. Georgii in Ferryhill. 
Georgius Still, f. Johannis, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Boyd, f. Gulielmi in Turriif. 
Gulielmus Gillies, f. Roberti in Brechine. 
Gulielmus Kennedy,*' f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Reaper, f. Joannis nuper in Grange. 
Gulielmus Youngson,'' f. Georgii, Abredonensis. 
Jacobus Eraser, f. Alexandri a Castle Grant. 
Jacobus Tower,** f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 
Joannes Findlater,^ f. Gulielmi in Fyvie. 
Joannes Innes, f. Alexandri, Abraedonensis. 
Joannes Richardson, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Joannes Thomson, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Josephus Allan, f. Josephi in Skene. 
Thomas Shepherd, f. Thomae, pastoris de Bourty. 

^ Aftds. Lord Dufifus. ^ Min., Cruden. ^ Min., Barvas, Urray. 

* LL.D., 1794. ® Gray math, bursar, 1776. 

* Adv. in Aberd., 1783 ; town clerk ; author oi Annals of Abcrd. 
"• Gray math, bursar, 1777. ^ M.D., St. Thomas, \V.I. 
^ Min., Glass, Cairnie ; Fasti Eccl. Scot, gives a different parentage. 












, s 

, i,fn, 




, t, m, 







, i,fn, 











, t, ni. 



, t, tn, 




, t, tn. 





t, m, 









t, m, 






Alexander Chalmers,^ f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 

Alexander Gordon. 

Carolus Gordon,^ f. Patricii, Abraedonensis. 

Geo. Milne. 

Jac. Anderson, f. Patricii, Abredonensis. 

Jac. Barclay. 

Jac. Gillies.^ 

Joa. Grant, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Pat. Hall, f. Patricii in Auchterless. 

Alexr. McDonald, Rossiensis. 

Alexander Walker, f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 

David Spence, f. Gullelmi, Zetlandicus. 

Gulielmus Dauney, f. Francisci, pastoris de Banchorytern. 

Gulielmus Park, f. Gulielmi de Stonehaven. 

Gulielmus Spence, f. Gulielmi, Zetlandicus. 

Gulielmus Stephen, f. Jacobi, Londinensis. 

Jacobus Wildguse, f. Johannis in Longside. 

Joannes Falconer,* f. Sylvestri in Ellon. 

Joannes Traill, f. Gulielmi de Cornwall. 

Alex. Waugh.^ 

Joa. MacDonald. 

James Robertson. 


Adamus Gerard, f. Gilberti, Abraedonensis. 
Alexander Christie,^ f. Alexandri in Longside. 
Alexander Gibb,'' f. Jacobi at Bridge of Dee. 
Alexander Innes, f. Johannis de Edengight. 
Alexander Masson, f. Jacobi, Abraedonenis. 
Alexander Shirrefs,^ f. Davidis, Abraedonensis. 
Alexander Sievwright, f. Normanei, Brechinensis. 
Alexander Thom,^ f. Joannis in Frosterhill. 
Alexander Walker, f. Jacobi, Bow Bridge. 
Alexander Watt, f. Joannis in Hatton. 
Carolus Keith,^'' f. Davidis in Montrose. 
Colin Maclver, f. Joannis in Stornoway. 

1 Eminent critic, historian, and biographer. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1783 ; comm. clerk. 
' Min., Menmuir. •• Min., Fyvie. * D.D., 1815. 

• Ep. min., Fyvie. '' M.D., 1815. ' Adv. in Aberd., 1789. 

' Head master, Gordon's Hosp., Aberd. ; min., Nigg. " M.D., 1784 ; author. 

s, t, m, 





s, t, m, 




s, t, w, 


5, ty m, 




t, tn. 



t, m. 



t, m. 








s, t, m, 





s, t, m, 






s, t, m, 



s, t, m. 


s, t, m, 







5, t, m, 






David Spence, f. Gulielmi in Zetland. b, 

Georgius Gordon, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, s 

Georgius Keith, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. b, s 

Georgius Middleton,^ f. Roberti in Tarland. b, s 

Gulielmus Grant,^ f. Jacobi in Aberlour. b, s 

Gulielmus Guthrie,^ f. Joannis in CuUen. b, s. 

Gulielmus Leith, f. Gulielmi in Coathill. b, s 

Gulielmus Smith, f. Joannis in Peter Culter. b, s 

Gulielmus Spence, f. Gulielmi in Zetland. b. 

Gulielmus Stephenson,* f. Davidis in Pitsligo. b, s 

Gulielmus Young, f. Gulielmi in Stonehaven. b, s 

Hugo Ross, f. Duncan in Kindeace. b. 

Jacobus Cruickshank, f. Jacobi, Abredoniensis. b, s 

Jacobus Dow, f. Jacobi in Boltingstone. 6, 5 

Jacobus Farquhar,^ f. Roberti, Abredonensis. b, s 

Jacobus Greig,** f. Thomae in Strichen. b, s 

Jacobus Innes, f. Joannis de Edengight. b. 

Jacobus Leith,^ f. Joannis de Leithhall. b, s. 

Jacobus Milne, ^ f. Georgii, Abraedonensis. b, s 

Jacobus Ramsay, f. Gulielmi in Fyvie. b, s 

Jacobus Walker,^ f. GuUielmi in Buckie's Miln. 6, 

Joannes Bisset,^*^ f. Joannis, Braechinensis. b, s 

Joannes Duguid,^^ f. Gulielmi in Fyvie. b, s 

Joannes Falconer, f. Sylvestri in Ellon. b. 

Joannes Gordon, ^^ f Joannis de Pitlurg. b, s. 

Joannes Philips, f. Georgii in Banff. b, 

Joannes Smith, f. Joannis in Drumoak. b, s, 
Robertus Dunbar, f. Gulielmi de Hemprigs, equitis Baronetti. b. 

Robertus Lessel.^^ f. Jacobi in Kintore. b, s, 

Robertus Yule,^* f. Joannis in Kirkwall. 6, 5, 

Thomas Gordon,^^ f. Joannis in Pitlurg. b, s, 

Thomas Livingston, f. Thomae, M.D., Abraedonensis. b, s. 

, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, w, A.M. 

, m. 

, w, A.M. 

, w, A.M. 

, m. 

, m, A.M. 

, m. 

, m, A.M. 

, m, A.M. 

t, in, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 
t, in, A.M. 
t, m, A.M. 

^ Min., Midmar. ^ Min., Cross (Orkney). ^ M.A., King's Coll., 1781. 

* Sch., Pitsligo. 5 Surgeon, R.N. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1778 ; sch., Fraserburgh ; min., Pitsligo. 

^ Lieut.-gen., Peninsular War ; G.C.B. ; Gov. of Barbadoes. ^ gp, min., Marnoch. 

" Ep. min., Huntly. '" Ep. min., Culsalmond, Brechin ; author. 

^^ Sch., Fraserburgh, Borrowstoness ; min., Evie. 
'■^ Aftds. J. Gordon-Cumming-Skene of Pitlurg and Dyce ; lieut.-gen. 
^* Sch., Inverurie, Grange ; min., Inverurie. ^^ Min., Kirkwall. ^' Of Harperfield. 




Gulielmus Boyd,^ f. Gulielmi in Turriff. 

Gulielmus Gordon, f. Roberti in Sutherland. 

Alexander Somerville, f. Joannis in Cullen. 

Georgius Bethune, f. Nieli, Dingwall. 

Geo. Ogilvie de Inverness. 

Jacobus Barclay, f. Roberti in Aberdeen. 

Jacobus Maule,2 f. Joannis in Stonehaven. 

Alexander Guthrie. 

Alexander MacDonald. 

Fra. Duncan.^ ^ 

Gul. Robertson. 

Hugo Grahame. 

Jac. Allan. 

Jac. Black. 

John Duncan. 

Adamus Martin,^ f. Roberti, Abraedonensis. 
Alexander Bowman, f. Alexandri, Abraedonensis. 
Alexander .Somerville, f. Joannis in Cullen. 
Alexander Stephen, f. Gulielmi in Fyvie. 
Alexander Thomson, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Carolus Fyffe, f. Gulielmi, Americanus. 
Carolus Smith, f. Joannis in Buchan in Mill of Rathen. 
Daniel Duff,*^ f. Alexandri, Elginensis. 
David Johnston, f. Joannis apud Auldhall, Annandia. 
Georgius Bethune, f. Niel in Dingwall. 
Georgius Cowie, f. Joannis in Monte rosarum. 
Gulielmus Bennet, f. Roberti in Fort George. 
Gulielmus Bisset, f. Joannis, Brechinensis. 
Gulielmus Esson, f. Roberti in Cromar. 
Gulielmus Spark, f. Thomae, Abraedonensis. 
Jacobus Maule, f. Joannis in Stonehaven. 
Jacobus Ross," f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 
Jacobus Smith, f. Benjamin, Abraedonensis. 
Jacobus Stevens, f. Roberti, armigeri de Broadland. 
Jaonnis {sic) Bisset, f. Jac. in Mill of Inveramsay. 

1 Sch., Turriff; min., Crimond. 2 w.S., 1789. 

* Benefactor, I., 496. ^ Sch., Spynie. 

* Sch., Borrowstonness ; min., Aberd. ; D.D., i8og. 

5, t, m, 

, A.M. 






t, m, 

, A.M. 














s, t, m, 



1 s. 









s, t, m. 


s, t, m, 



s, t, m, 




s, t, m, 









s, t, m. 



S, t, VI, 





s, t, tn, 


8 M.D., Edin., 1787. 




Joannes Cruickshank, f. Joannis, Abraedonensis. 

Joannes Cruickshank. 

Johannes Daun, f. Roberti apud Auchern in praefectura 

Johannes Ferrier, f. Caroli, Abraedonensis. 
Joannes Gibson, f. Joannis in Mathers. 
Joannes Greig. 

Johannes Maxwell, f. Johannis, Abredonensis. 
Joannes Robertson, f. Joannis, Aberdonensis. 
Joannes Smith, f. Roberti, Aberdonensis. 
Joannes Stephen, ^ f. Thomae, Dirensis. 
Ludovicus Grant, f. Alexandri in Foveran. 
Petrus Black, 2 f. Alexri., Abraedonensis. 
Robertus Milne, f. Georgii in Ellon. 
Robertas Spark, ^ f. Joannis in Monte rosarum. 
Robertus Stevens, f. Roberti, armigeri de Broadland. 
Alexander Morison,* f. Alexandri de Bognie. 
Alexander Walker, f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 
Gulielmus Eraser, f. Gulielmi in Downie. 
Alexander Young, f. Jacobi, Stonehaven. 
Gulielmus Gordon, f. Caroli de Abergeldie. 
Hugo Young, f. Jacobi in Stonehaven. 
Jacobus Hay, f. Joannis, Alloa. 
Joannes Guthrie, f. Joannis in opp. Cullinae. 
Jac. McCook.s 
John Robertson. 

Alexander Crombie, f. Georgii in Lonehead. 
Alexander Jopp," f. Jacobi, armigeri de Cotton. 
Alexander Ligertwood, f. Jacobi, armigeri de Tillery. 
Alexander Mudie, f. Joannis, M.D. 
Alexr. Thomson, major, f. Joannis in Cairny. 
Alexr. Thomson, minor, f. Matthaei, Aberdonensis. 
Alexr. Vass, f. Joannis in Balinrich. 
Alexander Young, f. Jac. in Stonehaven. 
And. Dun,'^ f. Roberti in Ardgathen, Alford. 

1 Gray math, bursar, 1779 ; LL.D., 1806. "^ Lieut.-col., H.E, 

^ Ep. min., Drumlithie, Laurencekirk. * M.D., 1783. 

^' Adv. in Aberd., 1785. ® Of Kingston, Jamaica. 

"^ ist bursar (49 compet.) ; under master, Gram. Sch., 1787. 

6, 5, /, m. 


b, s, t, m, 

, A.M, 

b, s, t, w, 

, A.M. 

b, s. 


b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, tn, 



b, s, t, m. 


b,s, t, m. 


b, s. 


b, s, t, m. 


5, t. 




t, m. 








h, s. 

b, s, t. 


b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 


b, s, t, m, 






Arch. Milne, f. Alexandri, armigeri de Chappeltown. 

David Wilkie, f. Jacobi in Fordyce. 

Geo. Donaldson, f. Georgii, Aberdonensis. 

Geo. Fraser,^ f. Georgii, Baronis de Saltoun. 

Geo. Glennie, f. Georgii in Peter Culter. 

Geo. Watt, f. Joannis in Old Deer. 

Gul. Allan, f. Joannis in Forresia. 

Gul. Duncan,2 f. Joannis in Drumoak. 

Gul. Duthie, f. Jacobi in Leyes. 

Gul. Gordon,^ f. Georgii, armigeri de Rothnay. 

Gul. Gray, f. Jacobi in Skene. 

Gul. Kesson, f. Gulielmi in Cromar. 

Gul. Paterson,* f. Gulielmi, Aberdonensis. 

Gul. Robertson, f. Gul. in Inver. 

Gul. Sim, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

Hugo Fraser,^ f. Gulielmi, armigeri de Fraserfield. 

Hugo Mackay, f. ^Eneae in Kenloch. 

Hugo Young, f. Jacobi in Huntly. 

Jacobus Black, f. Jacobi in Huntly. 

Jacob. Cumine, f. Geo. in Little Armachie. 

Jacobus Davidson, f. Georgii, Aberdonensis. 

Jacobus Donald, f. Jacobi in Cluny. 

Jacobus Farquhar,*^ f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Jacobus Forbes, f. Joannis in Oldmeldrum. 

Jacobus Glass, f. Donaldi in Glenmuick. 

Jacobus Grassie, f. Jacobi in Deskry. 

Jacobus Milne, f. Jacobi in Joannis Portu. 

Jacobus Shirras, f. Gulielmi in Old Deer. 

Joannes Daun, f, Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Joannes Gordon, f. Jacobi in Strathaven. 

Joannes Henderson, f. Joannis, Aberdonensis. 

Joannes Morton, f. Gulielmi in Glenbervie. 

Joannes Strachan, f. Gullielmi Joannis, armigeri de Campfield. 

Jos. Grant,'' f. Jacobi, armigeri de Carron. 

Kithus Young, f. Gullielmi in Fetteressoe. 

1 Capt., 59th Foot. 

2 Blackwell prize, 1797 (Vol. I., p. 461 ; S.N. and Q., x., 180) ; first award; under mast., 
Gram. Sch., Aberd., 1796. 

» Of Rothney; W, S., 1789. •• Ep. min., Ord; Dean of Ross. « Rector of Woolwich. 
* Of Johnston and Hallgreen ; proctor in Doct. Com. ; M.P. for Aberd. ' D.D., 1799. 

6, 5. 

b, s, t 

b, 5, t 


b, s, t 



b, s, t 

b, s. 

b,s, t 





b,s, t 


b, s, t 



b, s, t 




b, s, t 


b, s. 

b, s, t 



b, s, t 

b, s, t 




b, s, t 

b, s, t 

, in. 

b, s, t 



b, s, t 

, fn, 




b, s, t 

, ;;/, 


b, s, t 

, m. 

b,s, t 

b, s, t 

b, s. 

b, s, t 





Patricius Farquharson,^ f. Gull., M.D. 

Robertus McKay, f. Roberti in Sutherland. 

Lachlanus MacLean, f. Joannis, Skyensis. 

Petrus Joannes Knox, f. Hugonis, Sta. Croix. 

Gul. Morrice, f. Th. in Balmakessie. 

Gul. Sime, f. Gul., Inverkeiller Angus., maj. 

Hug. Ross. 

Jo. Farquhar. 

Jo. Henderson, maj. 

Jo. Leslie. 

Rob. Leslie. 

Sam. Burnett, f. Jac, mercatoris, Abred. 

Gulielmus Fraser,^ major, f. Gulielmi in Downie. 

Gulielmus Fraser, minor, f. de Findrick. 

Isaacus Grant, f. Alexandri, Brechinensis. 

Joseph Carr. 


Alexander Allan, f. Roberti, Elginensis. 
Alexander Clark, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 
Alexander Crombie, f. Georgii in Lonehead. 
Alexander Dyce,^ f. Roberti, Abraedonensis. 
Alexander Mudie, f. Joannis, M.D. 
Georgius Cowie, f. Georgii, Monte rosarum. 
Georgius Davidson, f. Alexandri in Monymusk. 
Georgius Donald, f. Johannis, Abraedonensis. 
Georgius Lindsay, f. Jacobi, Abraedonensis. 
Georgius Paton, f. Georgii in Turriff. 
Georgius Philips, f. Georgii, Abraedonensis. 
Gulielmus Forbes, f. Joannis in Udny. 
Gulielmus Menzies, f. Joannis, Abraedonensis. 
Gulielmus Morrice, f. Thomae in Balmakessie. 
Gulielmus Ord, f. Richardi de Inverness. 
Gulielmus Robertson, f. Caroli de Kindeace. 
Henricus Farquharson, f. Jacobi in Cromar. 
Hugo Buchan,* f. Davidis, Abredonensis. 
Isaacus Grant, f. Alexandri, Brechinensis. 

1 Of Whitehouse ; adv. in Aberd., 1789. ^Min., Gigha and Cara, Kilchrenan. 

^ Surgeon, Army. * Ep. min., Elgin. 


6, 5, t, m 

, A.M. 



s, t, m. 


t, m, 

, A.M. 













b, 5. 

6, 5, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, t. 


b, s, m. 


b, s. 

b, s, t, m, 





b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s. 


Isaacus Field Thibon,^ f. Gualteri de Creekside. 

Jacobus Deans, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Oldmeldrum. 

Jacobus Donald,'^ f. Jacobi in Cluny. 

Jacobus Gordon, f. Henrici de Knockespock. 

Jacobus Taylor,^ f. Jacobi in Old Deer. 

Joannes Henderson, f. Alexandri, Abraedonensis. 

Petrus Mackenzie, f. Johannis in Tarradle. 

Trumbulus Fairweather, f. Davidis, Londinensis. 

Gregorius Grant, f. Roberti in Gartinmore. 

Robertus Airth, f. Roberti, Angusiani. 

Alexander Duncan, f. Alexri., Aberdonensis. 

Gulielmus Allan, f. Joannis, Forresia. 

Alexander Vass. 

Colin Brown. 

Hugo Mackay,* f. iEneae in Tongue. 

Hugo Ross,5 f. Roberti in Tarbet. 

Joan. Urquhart. 


Alexr. Carnegie,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Inverkeilor. 

Alexr. Christie,^ f. Jacobi, agricolae in Mountwhitter. 

Alexr. Cooper, f. Johannis in Fyvie. 

Alexr. Crombie,^ f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Alexr. Gray, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

Alexander Hay, f. Patricii in Inveraven. 

Alexr. Kelman, f. Alexandri in Huntly. 

Alexr. Middleton, f. Jacobi in Coul. 

Alexr. Stevens, f. Roberti, armigeri de Broadland. 

Alexr. Still, f. Gulielmi, Aberdoniae. 

And. Crichton, f. Andreae, Aberdonensis. 

Andreas Shirrefs,^ f. Davidis, Abredonensis. 

Andreas Watson,^" f. Joannis in Jamaica. 

Carolus Abercromby, f. Jacobi de Stank. 

Carolus Ross, f. Jacobi, Aberdoniae. 

* M.D., 1784. 2 Qray math, bursar, 1780 ; under mast., Gordon's Hosp. 
' First bursar (60 compet.) ; Gray math, bursar, 1781 ; LL.D., i8o8. 

* Sch., Tongue ; min., Moy. ' Min., Cromarty, Fearn. 

* Of Redhall ; min., Inverkeilor. ' Episc. min., Keith. 

* Of Phesdo and Thornton ; adv. in Aberd., 1789. 

* First bursar ; bookseller, Aberd. ; author. " Sch. and min., Tarland. 


5, t, m. 





s, /, tn, 




J, t, m, 






s, t, m. 

t, m, 













5, t, tn, 




5, t, m, 



s, ty in, 








5, t, in, 

, A.M. 


5, /, m 

, A.M. 




5, t, m 

, A.M. 


s, t, m 

, A.M. 


, 5, t, m 

, A.M. 



, s, t, m 

, A.M. 


Georgius Bisset,^ f. Joannis in Keith-hall. 

Georgius Paterson, f. Jacobi in Rayne. 

Georgius Ure, f. Joannis in Forfar. 

Gulielmus Forbes, f. Johannis in Oldmeldrum. 

Gulielmus Leonard, f. Georgii in Jamaica. 

Gul. Schivas. 

Gulielmus Singer,^ f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 

Hector McLean, f. Hugonis, Argatheliensis, 

Henricus Kyd, f. Henrici in Arbroath, 

Jacobus Beattie,'' f. Davidis in Laurencekirk. 

Jac. Cruickshanks. 

Jac. Hardie, f. Joannis, Aberdonensis. 

Jacob. Jamieson. 

Jacobus Maitland, f. Alexandri in Insch. 

Jacobus Norvall, f. Gulielmi, Aberdonensis. 

Jacobus Watt, f. Joannis de Old Deer, pastoris. 

Johannes Bowman,* f. Alexandri, Aberdonensis. 

Joannes Cumine, f. Gulielmi, armigeri de ? 

Joannes Kempt,^ f. Joannis in CouU. 

Joannes Key, f. Andreae in Forfar. 

Petrus Snowie, f. Alexandri in Echt. 

Robertus Hutton, f. Joannis, Aberdonensis. 

Robertus Morice,*' f. Gul., pastoris Kincardine O'Neal. 

Thomas Leys, f. Francisci, Abredonensis. 

Alexander Duff, f. Johannis de Aughterless. 

Joannes Gordon, f. Joannis de Cairnfield. 

Robertus Campbell, f. Caroli, pastoris Argathliensis [Tiree]. 

Arthurus Gray. 

Gulielmus Fraser, Kirktown, Invernessensis. 

Joannes Duncan, i. Alexandri in Turreff. 


Adamus Gillies," f. Roberti, Brechinensis. 
Alexander Balmando, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 
Alexander Gerar, f. Alexandri in Fetteresso. 

^ Sch., Udny. ^ Sch., Kilmalie; min., Wamphray, Kirkpatrick-juxta; D.D., Edin., 1803. 
3 Regent, 1788. * M.D., 1799. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1782 ; Prof, of Maths., New York ; LL.D., King's Coll., 1787. 

* Planter, Jamaica. '^ Adv., Edinb., 1787 ; Lord Gillies, 18 11. 

&, 5, t, m, 


fc, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s. 



b, 5, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 



b, 5, t, m, 





b, 5, t, tn. 

b, 5, t, w, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, w, 


6, 5. 

b, s. 

6, 5. 

6, s. 

b, s. 





t, m. 


b, s, t, m 

, A.M. 


b, 5, t, tn 

, A.M, 


Alexander Harvey,^ f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. b, 5, t. 

Alexander Maitland, f. Alexandri in Insch. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexander Ramsay, f. Gilberti in Co. Angusiae. b, s, t, m. 

Alexander Smith,'- f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Forbesius Taylor, f. Joannis in Keig. 6, s. 

Georgius Barron, f. Patricii, Aberdonensis. b. 

Gulielmus Aberdeen,^ f. Thomae in Echt. 6, s. 

Gulielmus Donald, f. Roberti in Midmar. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Littlejohn,* f. Gulielmi, Aberdonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus McKenzie, f. Kenethi, Abredonensis. 6, s, t. 

Gulielmus Rose,^ f. Hugonis in Ballogie. 6, s, ty niy A.M. 

Gulielmus Smith, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 6, s. 

Gulielmus Stirling,* f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b. 

Gulielmus Thomson,^ f. Jacobi, Rothnsiae. 6. 

Gulielmus Tower,^ f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Gulielmus Wilson, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 6, 5, t, in, A.M. 

Jacobus Black, f. Josephi, Annandale. b, t. 

Jacobus Glennie,^ f. Johannis in Maryculture. fc, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Rainy, ^° f. Jacobi in Turriff. b. 

Johannes Aberdeen,^^ f. Thomas in Echt. b, s, t, m. 

Joannes Cooper,^^ £ Georgii, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, 

Joannes Garden, f. Gulielmi in Fathead. b, s. 

Joannes Glennie,^^ f. Joannis in Maryculture. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Johannes Mathers, f. Roberti in Gight. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joa. Low,^* f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Joannes Shiver, f. Andreae in Aberdour. b. 

Joannes Thom, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m. 

Osbertus Forsyth, f. Gulielmi in Aboyne. b, s. 

Patricius Browne, f. Roberti in Leochel. b, s, t, tn. 

PaL Farquhar, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 
Robertus McWilliam or Williamson, f. Roberti in Mortlach. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Thomas Davidson, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Georgius Garioch, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 5, t. 

' Of Broadlands. 2 sch,, Aberd. » Farmer, Echt. * M.D,, 1789. 

" First bursar (37 compet.). « Adv., Abd., 1790. ' Sch., Rothes. 

* Of Kinaldie. ^ Gray math, bursar, 1783 ; mercht., London. 

*** Min., Newbyth, Meldrum. '^ Assumed name of Harvey; mercht., London^ 
" Burgher min., Balfron. " Min., Dort, Garvock, Echt, Dunottar, 

" Of Hilton, Kincardine ; writer, Stonehaven, 


Georgius Skene,^ f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 5, t, m^ A.M. 

Joannes Duncan, f. Joannis in Achnaquintine. s. 

Joannes Ruddach, f. Georgii Banffiensis. s,t, 

Jo. Sim, f. Davidis, Cupro Angusiae. s, t. 

Josephus Anderson, f. Caroli, Strathdon. s. 

Jac. Crookshank, f. David, Aberdonia. t. 

Jac. Finnie, f. Gulielmi in Strichen. t. 

Justus Gulielmus Henricus Konig, f. Henrici, Gottenburgensis. t. 
Alexander Straith,'-^ f. Alexandri in Mortlach. tn. 

Alexander Kelman. w, A.M. 

Calenus Matheson, f. Kennethi, Rossiensis. m, 


Alexander Farquhar,^ major, f. Alexandri in Kintore. h. 

Alexander Farquhar,* f. Alexandri in New Deer. h, t, m, A.M. 

Alexander Morice, f. Jacobi in Keith-hall. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Alexander Mortimer, f. Alexandri in Aberdonia. b. 

Alexander Walker, f. Alexandri in Kildrummy. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Andrteas Forbes, f. Georgii in Tyrie. 6, 5, t. 

Andreas Ritchie,^ f. Gulielmi, Peterculter. b, 5, t, tn, A.M. 

Andreas Smith, f. Gulielmi in Aberdonia. b. 

Arthurus Cuthbert, f. Petri in Aberdonia. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Georgius Grant,*^ f. Ludovici in Cromdale. b, t. 

Gul. Cowie, f. , Marnoch. b. 

Gulielmus Pirie, f. Gulielmi in Muresk, Turriff Parish. b, s, t, m. 

Gulielmus Youngson,'^ f. Andrea, pastoris de Aberdour. b, s, t. 

Jacobus Hay Beattie, f. Jacobi in Accademia Marischallana 

Moralis Philosophiae professoris. b. 

Jac. Clyne,^ f. , New Deer. b. 

Jacobus Simpson, '■• f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Johannes Arbuthnot, f. Jacobi de Peterhead. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Johannes Cruickshank, f. Gul., Abredonensis. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Joannes Forbes, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Joannes Gordon, f. Roberti, Milltown of North Rhynie. b. 

Joan. Maule, f. , Udny. b. 

1 Episc. min., Forfar. ^ M.D., Edin,, 1787. ^ Of Antigua. 

■» Sch., Colliston, Rathen, Turriff, Banff; min., New Pitsligo, Pitsligo. 
^ Episc. min,, Cuminestown, Forgue. ^ Min., Old Machar, Mortlach. 

"^ Died at college. '^ tSch., Menmuir, " First bursar. 


5, t, m, 





s, t, m, 





s, t, m, 



5, t, m. 


s, t, m. 


5, t, m, 











Joan. Ro88,i f. Alexri., mercat., Abredon. 

Joannes Walker, f. Thomae de Udny. 

Patricius Cruickshank,^ f, Theodori de Forgue. 

Robertus Urquhart, f. Duncani de Burdsyeards. 

Theodorus Cruickshank, f. Joannis, Old Aberdeen. 

Thomas Boyle, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Thomas Ross, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 

Gulielmus Glennie,^ f. Joannis, Pastoris Eccl. de Mary Culture, 

Jacobus Simpson, f. Gulielmi de Alvah. 

Joannes Still, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Keith Turner,* f. Johannis de Ellon. 

Alexander Fraser, f. Gulielmi, Invernessensis. 

Thomas Leys,* f. Francisci, Abredonensis. 

Alexander Hay, f. Patricii in Inveravon. 

Donaldus McKenzie,^ f. Collini, Pastoris de Fodderty. 

Jacobus Black, f. Josephi in Annandale. 


Adamus Hope,'^ f. Davidis in Kirkpatrick Fleeming. b, 5, t, m. 

Adamus Mackie, f. Gulielmi, Aberdoniensis. 6, 5, t. 
Alexander Mortimer, f. Alexandri in Tough, Abredonensis. 6, 5, ty m. 

Alexander Murray, f. Alexandri in Tough. b. 

Alexander Walker, f. Joannis, Aberdoniensis. h» 

Alexander Walker, f. Georgii, Aberdoniensis. 6, s. 

Alexr. Wilson, f. Alexandri in Grange. b. 

Antonius Wyke, f. Antonii de Insula Antigua. 6. 

David Boyn, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. fc, s, t, m. 

David Irvine,^ f. Davidis, Annaniensis. b, s, t, tn. 

David Mudie, f. Joannis, M.D., Montrose. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

David Wood, f. Jacobi, Fetteressoe. b, s, L 

Franciscus Ingram, f. Georgii, Kenethmont. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Georgius Black, f. Georgii, Annaniensis. b. 
Georgius Glennie,** f. Joannis, pastoris eccl. de Mary Culture. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Georgius Gordon, f. Alexandri de Aberdour. b. 

1 Min., Crawford. ^ Gray math, bursar, 1784. 

» Sch., DuKvich ; LL.D., King's Coll., 1806. * Of Turnerhall and Tippertie. 

* Of Glasgoforest ; provost, 1797, etc. • Min., Fodderty. 

' First bursar (32 compet.) ; silver pen, 1783. » LL.D., 1808. » Regent, etc. 




Georgius Mitchell, f. Thomae, pastoris eccl. de Tarvis. 
Gul. Allardice, f. Gul., mercat. in Brechin. 
Gulielmus Burnett, f. Gulielmi, Abredoniensis. 
Gulielmus Innes, f. Alexandri, Aberdoniensis. 
Gulielmus Reid, f. Gulielmi, Aberdonienis. 
Gulielmus Robertson,^ f. Andreae de Foveran. 
Gulielmus Smith, f. Jacobi in Keith-hall. 
Gulielmus Walker, f. Georgii, Abredoniensis. 
Gulielmus Young, f. Joannis, mercat, Abredonensis. 
Jacobus Kemp,2 f, Donaldi in Keith-hall. 
Jacobus Lesslie, f. Georgi in Kinellar. 
Jacobus Ross, f. Donaldi, Abredoniensis. 
Jacobus Watt, f. in Newhills. 

Jacob. Wood, f. Jacobi, Fetteressoe. 
Joannes Duncan,^ f. Davidis in Stonehaven. 
Joannes Harvey, f. Jacobi, Northumbriensis. 
Joannes Martin, f. Roberti, Aberdonensis. 
Johannes Robertson, f. Andreae de Fovern. 
Joannes Still, f. Alexandri in Banchory. 
Joannes Taylor, f. Joannis, Ordiequhilliensis. 
Joannes Yuille,* f. Josephi, Aberdonensis. 
Jonathan Troup, f. Matthiae, Abredonensis. 

Samuel Moodie, f. Benjaminis de Melsetter, Orkadensis. 

Thomas Bannerman, f. Alexandri, M.D., Aberdoniensis. 

Thomas Forsyth, f. Thomae, Abredoniensis. 

Thomas Leslie, f. Alexandri, Eccl. de Fordoun. 

Jacobus Hay Beattie,^ f. Jacobi, Abredonensis, in Acad. 
Mar. P.P. 

Jacobus Hector, f. Alexri., Aberdonensis. 

Kennethus Bayne,*'' f. Johannis, Dingvallis. 

Kennethus Thomson, f. Johannis, Strathnern. 

Arthurus Bishop,'' f. Arthuri, de insula Zetland, Hafnia. 

Gulielmus Dyce, f. Roberti, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Gulielmus Murray. 

Jacobus Gumming, f. Alexandri, Moraviensis. 

6, 5, /. 



6, 5, t, in, 


b, s, t 

6, 5, t, m, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, w, 



b, s, t. 



b, s, t, w, 



b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, ni, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, t. 

&, 5, t. 



s, t, in. 

, A.M. 


s, t, in. 

s, t, in. 




t, m 

1 M.D., Edin., 1790. ^ Qj^y math, bursar, 1785. ^ Writer, Stonehaven. 

* M.D., 1800. 5 Silver pen., 1782 (first award) ; regent. 

« Min., Aberd., Greenock (wrong date of ordination in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 
^ M.D., 1789. 


Jacobus Hampton, f. Jacobi, Montrose. 
Jacobus Rainny, f. Jacobi, Turriff. 
Jacobus Wright,^ f. Alexandri, Shields. 
Joannes Robertson, f. Patricii, Fochabers. 
Thomas Simpson, f. , pastoris. 

Joseph Grant. 


Adamus Dufif,^ f. Jacobi, Tough. 

Alexander Clyne, f. Alexandri, Aberdeen. 

Alexander Lumsden,^ f. Alexandri, Jur. Con., Aberdonensis, 

Alexander Murray, Tough. 

Alexander Walker, f. Alexandri, Nautarchi, Abredonensis. 
Alexander Walker, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 
Andreas Ferguson,** t. Davidis, pastoris Ecclesia de Fernell. 
Archibaldus Young,^ f. Roberti de Monymusk. 
Arthurus Dingwall, f. Johanis, mercatoris, Abredonensis mort. 
David James, f. Alexandri, Dollas. 
David Low," f. Davidis, Brechinensis mortui. 
David Smith, f. Gulielmi, Annandiensis. 
Georgius Adam, f. Alexandri ex Lochell. 
Georgius Anderson,^ f. Caroli, Colston. 
Georgius Dyce, f. Joannis de Tillygreig. 
Georgius Farquhar,** f. Gulielmi, Kincardine. 
Georgius Milne, f. Alexandri, mortui Lumphanan. 
Georgius Silver, f. Alexandri de Netherley. 
Gualterus Davidson, f. Gualteri de Insch. 
Gualterus Turnbull, f. Gualteri de Hawick, mortui. 
Gulielmus Cruden,^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Dyce,^" f. Roberti, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Gul. Elliott de Wells in Vicecomitatu de Roxburgh, 
Gulielmus Jameson, f. mortui Georgii, mercatoris, New Deer, h, s, t, w, A.M. 
Gulielmus Smith," f. Jacobi ex Keith-hall. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

' M.D., 1790. ''Adv., Edin., 1799. ^ Silver pen, 1784; adv., Edinb., 1797. 

* Min., Maryton ; F.C. » Solicitor, etc., Banff. « Bp. of Ross ; LL.D., 1820. 
^ Sch., Tarland ; min., Leochel. " M.D., 1798. 

* Capt., Tower Hamlets Militia. ^^ M.D., King's Coll., 1797 ; lect. on midwifery. 
" Sch., Inverurie ; min., Bourtie. 








Hon. A.M. 


> s. 



, A.M. 


, s 






, A.M. 





, A.M. 

























































Henrici (sic) Fairbairn,^ f. defuncti Jacobi, Medicinae 

Doctoris, Tarland. b, s, t, m. 

Henricus Milne, f. Alexandri de Chappeltown. 6, s. 

Hugo Burges,2 f. Gulielmi, mortui de Belhelvie. ft, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Cromar, f. Roberti, Lumphanan. b. 

Jacobus Dickson, f. Jacobi, mercatoris de Montrose. h, s, f, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Gordon, f. Jacobi mortui, Keith. b. 

Jacobus Morison,^ f. Alexandri de Bognie. b. 

Jacobus Reid, f. Gulielmi de New Deer. b, s, t. 

Jacobus Turnbull, f. Gualteri mortui, Hawick. b, s, t, m. 

Joannes Fraser,* f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredonensis. /;, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Joannes MacLenan, Forres. h. 

Joannes Morison,'' f. Thomae, Fraserburgh. 6, s, t. 

Joannes Skinner,** f. Reverendi Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 
Patricius Ferguson, f. Davidis, pastoris Ecclesia de Fernell. b, s, t. 

Thomas Cruden," f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Thomas Ferguson, ^ f. Jacobi de Kinmundie. b, s, t. 

Thomas Ritchie, f. Davidis, Brechinensis. b. 

Alexander Garden, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 5, t, m. 

Jacobus Brodie, f. Jacobi de Moray. 5, t, m, A.M. 

Joannes Gordon,^ f. Jacobi de Cabrach. 5, t, m. 

Alexander Russel, f. Alexandri de Deer. t, m. 

Alexander Sinclair, f. Jacobi, Caithanesiensis. t, m. 

Alexr. Skene, Abredonensis. t. 

Alexr. Summers,^*^ f. de Montrose. t, m, A.M. 

Andreas Dyce,^^ f. Roberti, Abredonensis. t. 

Archibaldus Robertson,^^ f Gulielmi, Abredonensis. t. 

Joannes Gordon,^^ f. Francisci de Oldmeldrum. . t. 

Joannes Mackenzie,^* f. Aeneae, Rossiensis. t. 

Patricius Dunbar, f. Thomae, Caithness. t. 

Georgius Bell, f. Gulielmi, Coclarachy. m. 

Jacobus Rainy, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. m. 

Frith. Hon. A.M. 

McLean. Hort. A.M. 

Turnbull. Hon. A.M. 

^ M.D., 1791. 2 Min., Glenmuick. ^ " Hygeist " ; inventor of the Pills. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1786. ^ First bursar (39 compet.). '' Episc. min., Banff, Forfar. 
7 M.D., 1790. 8 W.S., 1807. 9 Min., Cabrach. i" Min., Lethnot. " Captain, R.N. 
^2 Painter and author, New York. >* Adv. in Abd., 1792. '* Min., Aberd., Glasg. 





Alexr. Brown, f. Davidis a Monte Rosarum Mercatoris. 
Alexr. Browne, f. Roberti in Lochell. 
Alexr. Knox,^ f. Georgii de Balmade, King Edward. 
Alexander Lumsden,'-^ f. Joannis de Cushnie. 
Alexr. McKay, f. Hugonis, Sutherland. 
Alexr. McQueen, f. Murdaci, insula de Sky. 
Alexander Taylor, f. Joannis de Balmade, King Edward. 
Alexander Turner, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 
Andreas Robertson, f. Andrea de Foveran. 
Colinus Mackenzie, f. Joannis in Contin Ross. 
David Gibson, f. Gulielmi in Morphie, St. Cyrus. 
Donaldus Macintosh,^ f. Donaldi de Inverness. 
Franciscus Dyce,* f. Alexandri mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Georgius Gordon,^ f. Adami, Sutherland. 
Georgius Mitchell, f. Alexandri de Old Deer. 
Gulielmus Angus,'' f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Bannerman, f. Georgii in Laurencekirk. 
Gulielmus Berry, f. Gulielmi in Tough. 
Gulielmus Dun,^ f. Johannis, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Edgar, f. Thomae, Annandiensis, Dumfries. 
Gulielmus Innes, f. Alexandri, Cler. Com., Aberdonensis. 
Gulielmus Leslie, f. Jacobi de Rothie. 
Guliel. Gordon McRae, f. Alexandri de Jamaica. 
Gulielmus Simpson,^ f. Gulielmi in Kincardine O'Neil. 
Henricus Geo. Forsyth, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Aboyne. 
Hugo Mackenzie,^ f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Tongue, Sutherland. 
Jacobus Cromar,^** f. Roberti de Lumphanan. 
Jacobus McGregor,!! f. Colquhoun, Abredonensis. 
Jacobus Moir, f. Georgii, pastoris de Peterhead. 
Jacobus Paton, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Craig. 
Joannes Booth, ^^ f. Patricii, mercatoris Abredonensis. 
Joannes Buchan,!^ f. Davidis de Huntly. 
Joannes Gordon, f. Francisci de Old Meldrum. 



b, s, t, VI, 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s. 

6, s, t, m, 





b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m. 


b, s, i, m, 


b, s, t, in. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, t. 

b, s, t, in, 



b, s, t, in, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, in. 

b, s, t, in, 

, A.M. 

b, 5, t, m, 



b, s, t, in, 

, A.M. 

b, s, t. 



1 Gray math, bursar, 1787. ^ h.E.LC.S. ^ See Daniel M., M.D., 1791, 

♦ M.D., 1790. ' Min., Loth. * Surg., Jamaica. 

' First bursar (30 compel.). ^ Silver pen, 1785. " Min., Tongue ; F.C. 

10 Under mast., Gram. Sch., 1796; master, 1803. " M.D., 1804, etc. 

" Bookseller, Aberd. 

" Episc. min., Kirriemuir. 




Joannes Irvine, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Joannes M' Pherson, f. Duncani, peditum prefecti de Badenoch. 

Joannes Robertson, f. de Inverury. 

Josephus Allan, f. Jacobi, mercatoris de Buccie in Rathven. 

Ludovicus Duflf, f. Alexandri, pastoris de Monimusk. 

Ranaldus Macdonell, f. Alexandri, fratris de Keppach. 

Robertas Donald,^ f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 

Robertas McGregor,2f. Colquhouni, mercatoris Abredonensis. 

Robertas Turner, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 

Thomas Blake, f. Gulielmi,^ Evan, Min., Abredonensis. 

Thomas Ritchie,^ f. Davidis, Brechinensis. 

Alexander Bell,^ f. Gulielmi, Kocklarachy. 

Alexander Dunbar, f. Gulielmi, Portsoy. 

Andreas Burgie, f. Alexandri in Huntilea. 

Archibaldus Dunbar, f. Gulielmi in Nether Buckie, 

Georgius Bell, f. Gulielmi de Cocklarachy. 

Gulielmus Duthie, f. Gulielmi in Stonehaven. 

Gulielmus Robinson, f. Georgii, Banff. 

Jacobus Glashan,** f. Jacobi in Keith. 

Alexr. Beauvois, Londinensis. 

David Urquhart, f. Davidis, Braelangwell. 

Georgius Silver, f. Alexandri, Mearns. 

Gulielmus Gibbon, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 

Joannes Gordon, f. Patricii, Aberdonensis de Avochie. 

Rodericus MacRae," f. Jacobi, Rossiensis. 



Alexander Adamson,'-' f. Joannis in Strichen. 
Alexander Webster,!*' f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

^ Assumed surname of Harvey. '^ Mercht., Aberd. 

^ Rev. W. Blake was min. of Trinity and St. James' Eng. Episc. Chapels, Aberd., and 
clerk of Roy. Infirmary, 1779-1804. 

* Judge, Nova Scotia. ^ Prof., Hebrew, King's Coll. 

8 Solicitor, Banff. '' Min., Shieldaig, Applecross. 

8 From 1785 onwards, the lists of bajans are not holograph. The lists of semis, tertians 
and magistrands for 1785, 1786 and 1787 are holograph ; but thenceforward no holograph 
lists occur till 185 1. 

^ First bursar (30 compet.) ; silver pen, 1786 ; Gray math, bursar, 1788 ; sch., Peterhead ; 

'" Adv. in Abd., 1794. 








t, m, 



s, t, m. 



s, t, m. 


5, t, m. 





s, f, m. 



s, t, m. 




S, t, VI. 


t, m. 





s, t, tn, 



s, t, tn. 




Daniel Paterson, f. Donaldi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m. 

David Urquhart, f. Davidis de Brelanguell. b. 

Dundas Ramsay, f. demortui Joannis in Dundee. b, s. 

Georgius Birnie, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Georgius Brown, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m. 

Georgius Farquharson, f. Petri in Strathdon. b, 5. 

Georgius Gibbon, f. Roberti, Abredonensis. b. 

Georgius Irvine, f. Christopheri, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Georgius Knowles, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m. 

Gulielmus Reid,^ f. , Annaniensis. b. 

Henricus Evans, f. Henrici de Fort George. b. 

Jacobus Anderson,^ f. Adami, M.D., de Jamaica. b, s, t. 

Jacobus Clerihue, f. , Abredonensis. b, s, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Cruickshank, f. Joannis in Inverury. b, 5, t, tn. 

Jacobus Frazer, f. Gulielmi de Kirkton. b, s. 

Jacobus Gibson, f, Gulielmi in Morphie, St. Cyrus. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jacobus Robertson, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. b. 

Jacobus Walker,^ f. Alexandri in Fraserburgh. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Young,^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Joannes Brebner, f. Davidis, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Joannes Copland, f. Joannis in Monymusk. b. 
Joannes Douglas, f. demortui Joannis, minoris de Tillequilly. b, s. 

Joannes Forsyth, f. Rev. Gulielmi de Hallgreen. b, s. 

Joannes Garioch, f. Alexandri, mercatoris Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Johannis Gordon, f. Patricii de Avochie. fe, s. 

Joannis Irvine,^ f. Joannis in Gilcomston. 6, 5, t, tn. 

Joannes Skene, f. Georgii, M.D., hujus Acad. P.P. b, 5, t. 

Joannes Young,''' f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Macduff Fyffe,'' f, demortui Joannis in Cabrach. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ranald McDonell, f. Alexandri, frat. de Keppach. b. 

Robertus Christie, f. Joannis in Keith. 6, 5. 

Robertus Lumsden, f. , Edinburgensis. b, s. 

Robertus Sime, f. Gualteri, Abredonensis. b, t, m. 

Thomas Blake, f. Gulielmi, Verbi Min., Abredonen. b, s, t, m. 

Thomas Leslie, f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b. 
Alexander Browne,* f. Roberti in Lochell. 5, t, tn, A.M. 

* Min., New Cumnock. 
•• Mercht., Aberd., London. 
'' Planter, St. Vincent. 

2M.D., 1793. 
' M.D., 1790. 
8 Min., Coull. 

* Bp., Edinburgh. 

* Mercht. and baillie, Aberd. 




Alexander Garioch, f. Alexandri, Abdn. 
Alexr. Stewart, f. Alexr., Fort Augustus. 
Jacobus Moir,i f. Georgii, pastoris de Peterhead. 
Alexander Ellis, f. Alexandri in Peterhead. 
Gualterus Thain, f. Alexandri, Bervie. 
Gulielmus Corbet,^ f. Gulielmi, Aberdonensis. 
Gulielmus Irvine,^ f. Christopheri, Aberdonensis. 
Joannes Gordon, f. Roberti in Banchory Ternan. 
Robertus Johnston, f. Gulielmi in Dumfries. 

5, t 
5, t 
5, t 

m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 



Adam Silver, f. Alexandri de Netherley Merniensis. h. 

Alexander Anderson, f. Benjamin, Abredonensis. 6, m, A.M. 

Alexander Robertson,* f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. h, s. 
Alexander Ross, f. Joannis, pastoris de Logie Easter, 

Rossensis. h, s, m, A.M. 

Alexander Schank,^ f. Alexandri de Castlerig, Fifensis. b. 

Alexander Smith,6f. Richardi in Peter Culture, Abredonensis. 6, 5, m, A.M. 

Alexander Stevenson, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. b, s, m, A.M. 
Andreas Thomson, f. demort. Andreae de Banchory, 

Mernensis. b, s, m, A.M. 

Fran. Farquhar, f. Francisci in Rain, Aberdonensis. b, s, m, A.M. 

Georgius Eraser, f. Joannis, mercatoris Abredonensis. b, s, m. 

Georgius Irvine,'^ f. Richardi in Middletry, Dumfrisiensis. 6, s. 

Georgius Ker,^ f. Georgii in Glenbervie, Mermensis. 6, 5, m. 

Georgius Philp, f. Alexandri in Keith-hall, Abredonensis. 6, 5, m, A.M. 

Georgius Reid,^ f. Georgii in Strichen, Abredonensis. ' 6, 5, m, A.M. 

Georgius Russel,i^ f. Alexandri de Montcoffer, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Gulielmus Carnegie,^^ f. Alexandri, Cler. Urbisde Aberdeen. 6, 5, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Cooper, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, 

Gulielmus Corbet, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b. 

Gulielmus Oxd,^'^ f. Joannis in Fochabers, Banflfensis. 6, 5, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Pirie, f. Joannis, Mercat. Abredonensis. b, 5, w, A.M. 

1 M.D., 1793. 2 Of Bieldside ; surv. of excise. ^Farmer, Towie, near Turriff. 

* Painter, New York. ^ Mercht., China. « Min., Chapel of Garioch; D.D., 1814. 
'' Silver pen, 1787. » First bursar (33 compet.) ; med. pract., Aberd. ; author. 

" Gray math, bursar, 1789. i" W.S., 1800. 

" Adv. in Abd., 1796 ; succ. his father as town clerk. 12 jvi.D., King's Coll., 1797. 


Gulielmus Shepherd,* f. Andreae de Virginia, Americanus. b, s, m, A.M. 

Gulielmus Volume, f. Gulielmi in Abredonia Vet. b. 

Jacobus Hay,2 f. Jacobi in Fyvie, Abredonensis. b, s, m, A.M. 

Jacobus Peat, f. Joannis, Scribae, Edinburgensis. 6, s. 

Jacobus Robertson,^ f. Georgii, Abredonensis. 6, 5, m. 

Jacobus Strachan,* f. Alexandri, pastoris de Strathmartin, 

Angusiensis. 6, 5, m. 

Joannes Beattie, f. Gulielmi, nautae, Abredonensis. b. 

Joannes Cameron,^ f. Eveni de Fassifern, Argatheliensis. b, s. 

Joannes Cumine,** f. Alexandri in Langside, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Joannes Gerard, f. Joannis in Mary Culture, Merniensis. b. 

Joannis Gordon, f. Roberti in Upper Banchory, Merniensis. b. 

Joannes Grant, f. Milcolumbi in Huntly, Abredonensis. b, s, m. 

Joannes Pirie, f. Georgii in Fyvie, Abredonensis. m, A.M. 

Joannes Robertson, f. Joannis de Straloch, Atholiensis. w. 

Morris Forsyth,'^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Huntly, Abre- 
donensis. b, 5, m, A.M. 

Patricius Irvine,^ f. Joannis, armigeri, Abredonensis. b, m, A.M. 

Patricius Nicol, f. demortui Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b, s, m. 

Robertus Johnston, f. Gulielmi in Lochmaben, Dumfrisiensis. b, s. 

Robertus Low, f. Josephi, M.D., in Brechin, Angusiensis. b, s. 

Robertus Turnbull, f. dem. Gualteri in Hawick, Roxburgensis. b, s. 

Thomas Jones, f. Thomse in St. James's P., Londonensis. b. 

Adamus Gordon, f. Joannis de Cairnfield. 5. 

Gulielmus Smith, f. Jacobi, Moraviensis. s, m. 

Jacobus Calder, f. Donaldi in Cromarty. s, m. 

Adam Mackie, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. m. 

Geo. Dingwall. ni. 

Israel Worsley, Anglus. m. 

Jac. Henderson, f. , Taodunensis. in. 

Jac. Brodie. Hon. A.M. 

Jac. Hall. Hon. A.M. 

Jac. Hall.» Hon. A.M. 

^ M.D., 1792 ; phys.. Orange Court House, Virginia. - Of Monkshill. 

' Surg., Jamaica. * M.D., King's Coll., 181 1. 

" Col., 92nd Highdrs. ; killed at Quatre Bras. ® Episc. min., Longside. 

' Min., Mortlach. ** Of Inveramsay ; W.S., 1797 ; author. 

' Sch., Aberlour ; afterwards in London ; author of Travels in Scotland by an Unusual 
Route, 1807. 



Adam Smith, ^ f. Gulielmi, scribae, Abredonensis. 

Alex. Aberdeen, f. Thomae in par. de Echt, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Burnett, f. Jacobi in par. Dunottar, Kincardine. 

Alex. Cheyne, f. Alexandri, mercatoris Abredonen. 

Alex. Davidson, f. Joannis de Tillchetly, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Leslie,^ f. Alexandri, ecclesiae min. apud Fordon, 

Alex. Mitchell, f. Thomae de Craig, Glenisla, Forfar. 

Alex. Morice,^ f. Davidis, scribae Abredonensis. 

Alex. Suter, f. Alexandri in par. Rafford, Elgin. 

Car. Dixon, f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Montrose, Forfar. 

Dav. Macnaughton, f. Georgii in Tarves, Aberdeen. 

Don. Grant, f. Joannis, par. de Tongue, Sutherland. 

Dune. Davidson,* f. Joannis de Tillychetly, Aberdeen. 

Fran. Gordon,^ f. Joannis de Craig, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Cromar, f. Patricii in par. de Lumphanan, Aberdeen. 

Geo, Cruden," f. Jacobi in par. de Old Deer, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Dingwall, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Farr, Sutherland. 

Geo. Peterkin, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Ecclesmachan, Lin- 

Geo. Rose,'^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Udny, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Smith, f. Georgii in par. de Insch, Aberdeen. 

Gilb. Falconer,^ f. [Gulielmi] in par. de Old Deer, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Donald, f. Joannis, mercatoris Abredonensis. 

Gul. Forest, f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Drumlithie, Kincardine. 

Gul. Knowles, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

Gul. Mill, f. Joannis in Craigton, Peterculter, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Millar, f. dem. Alexandri in par. de Coldstone, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Steven, f. Roberti in par. de Peterculter, Aberdeen. 

Ja. Bentley,** f. dem. Jacobi, mercatoris Abredonensis. 

Ja. Caie,^^ f. Patricii, Abredonensis. 

^ Adv. in Abd., 1796. 2 Mercht., Glasg. ■' Mercht., Brazil, London. 

* Of Inchmarlo ; adv. in Abd., 1794. 
'* Of Kincardine O'Neil and Craig ; adv. in Abd., 1796. 
^ Sch., Old Deer ; min., Logic Buchan ; author. 
' Surg., Coldstream Guards; died of wounds received at Aboukir. 
^ Silver pen, 1788 ; sch., Aberd. '* Prof, of Hebrew, King's Coll. 

'" First bursar (38 compel.). 

b, 5, t, 


b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 




b, s. 

b, s, t, 


b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 



b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 




Ja. Simpson, f. Joseph!, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Ja. Smith, f. Jacobi, Aurificis, Abredonensis, 

Ja. Watt,^ f. Jacobi in par. de Fintray. 

Jo. Donald, f. Andreae, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Jo. Gauld, f. Davidis in par. de Old Machar. 

Jo. Gordon, min., f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Jo. Gordon, maj., f. Caroli de Wardhouse, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Grant, maj., f. Jacobi in Cromdale, Inverness. 

Jo. Grant, min., f. Davidis, mercatoris, Londonensis, 

Jo. Lobban, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Jo. Mill, f. Joannis in Gilcomston, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Ogston,^ f. Jacobi in par. de Strichen, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Scott, f. Jacobi de Muirhouse, Forfar. 

Jo. Thursby, f. Joannis de Abbington, Northampton. 

Lud. Rose,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Udny, Aberdeen. 

Masterton Robertson, f. Arthuri de Inshes, Inverness. 

Niel Sutherland,* f. dem. de Thurso, Caithness. 

Pat. Ogilvie,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Midmar, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Brown,^f. Jacobi, ecclesiae min. apud Montrose, Forfar. 

Rob. Morice,' f. Davidis, scribae Abredonensis. 

Rob. Scott, f. Davidis in Craigievar, Aberdeen. 

Tho. Burnett,^ f. Gulielmi, scribae Abredonensis. - 

Tho. Hutcheon,^ f. Thomae, Abredonensis. 

Alex. Gordon, f. Jac, pastoris, Bellie, Aberdeen. 

Andreas Wood, f. Joa., pastor Rosemarkie, Ross-shire. 

Geo. Hurlock, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Joa. Gerard,^** f. Joa., Midmar, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Mitchel, f. Alex., Kemno, Aberdeen. 

Thom. Stephens, f. Thom., Elgin. 

Alexr. Adam. 

Jac. Gibbon, f. , Aberdeen. 

Joa. Gordon,^^ f. Ludov., past, de Drainy, Mor^. 
Geor. Mitchell, ^2 f. Alex., Kemnay, Abred. 

' Sch., Fraserburgh, Old Abd. ; Blackwell prize, 1800-01. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1790. * Under mast., Gord. Hosp. * M.D., 1800. 

' Surg., St. Domingo. ^ Eminent botanist ; D.C.L., Oxon., 1832 ; F.R.S. ; author. 

' Adv. in Abd., 1794. ^ Of Park and Kepplestone ; adv. in Abd., 1796. 

' Adv. in Abd., 1798. 

1° Min., S. Ronaldshay: not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot. 
» Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " M.A., King's Coll., 1795. 




























b, 5, 







b, 5, 






b, s, 




b, s, 


b, s, 




b, s, 
























Alexr. Annand, f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Alexr. Boddie, f. Gulielmi in par. de Longside, Aberdeen, 
Alexr. Dick, f. Alexri., ecclesiae ^ min., Abredonensis. 
Alexr. Watt, f. Gulielmi de Kirkwall, Orcadensis. 
Andreas Anderson, f, Benjamini, Abredonensis. 
Arch. Dyce, f. Joannis de Tillygreig, Aberdeen. 
Christopher Roberts, f. Christopheri de Dominica Insula. 
Colin Allan,2 f. Colini, fabri aur., Abredonensis demort. 
David Dingwall, f. Joannis de Rannieston, mercat., Aberdon. 
David Martin, f. dem. Roberti, pistoris Abredonensis. 
Geo. Winoolt, f. Roberti, Londinensis demortui. 
Gulielmus Burd, f. Joannis in Peterhead, Aberdeen. 
Gulielmus Howe Campbell, signifer, f. Colini, centurionis 

35to Leg. Ped. 
Gulielmus Douglas,^ f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Gulielmus Gordon, f. Alexri. de Aberdour, Aberdeen. 
Gulielmus Linton,* f. Jacobi in Bervie, Kincardine. 
Gulielmus Melvil, f. Gulielmi in Stonehyve, Kincardine. 
Gulielmus Milne,^f.Joannis in Craigton,Peterculter, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m 
Hercules Morice, f. Davidis, par. de Benholm, Kincardin. 
Hugo Cluness, f. Jacobi in Auldern, Nairnshire. 
Jacobus Andrew,^ f. Jacobi, sartoris, Aberdonensis. 
Jacobus Bannerman," f. Alexandri, M.D., Abredonensis. 
Jacobus Chalmers, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis typographi. 
Jacobus Gilbert, f. Thomae, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Jacobus Hutcheon, f. Joannis, ecclesiae past, de Fetteressoe, 

Joannes Charles,^ f. Joan, in par. de Laurencekirk, Kin. 
Joannes Forbes, f. dem. Joannis, sutoris, Abredonensis. 
Joannes Innes, f. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 
Joannes Paterson,^ f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Joseph Machray, f. Jacobi in par. de Peterculter, Aber. 
Ludovicus Wilson, f. Ludovici, sartoris, Abredonensis. 
Petrus Cheyne, f. Alexandri, mercat., Abredonensis. 

^ He was min. of Associate Burgher Synod. ^ M.D., 1799. ^ M.D., 1803. 
* Gray math, bursar, 1791 ; Surg., 66th regt. ' Episc. min., Muchalls. 

^ LL.D., 1809. " Silver pen, 1789 ; M.D., Edin., 1796 ; mediciner, KiAg's Coll, 

8 Sch., Glenbervie ; min., Garvock. ^ First bursar (26 compet.^. 


b, s, 


b, s. 

by s. 


b, s, 




b, s. 




b, s. 

b, s, 





b, s. 


b, s, 




b, s, 




b, s, 







b, s, 




b, s, 




b, s, 




b, s, 







b, s, 




b, s, 




b, s. 


b, s, 



b, 5, 





b, s. 


Robertus Aberdein, f. Thomae in par. de Echt, Aberdeen. 
Thomas Forbes, f. Gulielmi de Cairngall, Longside, Aberd. 
Fran. Smith, f. JEneas, Abredonensis. 


Alexr. Paterson,^ f. Alexri, Abredonensis. 
Arthur Anderson,^ f. Caroli de Candacraig, Aberdeen. 
Car. Leslie,** f. Gulielmi de Coburty, Aberdeen. 
Car. McKinnon,* f. Alexandri de Insula Sky, Inverness. 
Car. Young, f. Gulielmi de Falside, M.D., Kincardine. 
Daniel Mitchell, f. Alexri., mercat, Abredonensis. 
David Thomson, f. Joannis in par. Old Deer, Aberdeen. 
Georgius Brown, f. Joannis in par. Pitsligo, Aberdeen. 
Georgius Davidson, f. Georgii in par. Dyce, Aberdeen. 
Georgius Ironside, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Georgius Leslie, f. Gulielmi de Coburty, Aberdeen. 
Georgius Strachan, f. Georgii, Abredonensis, 
Gulielmus Blake, ^ f. Gul., D.V. min., Abredonensis. 
Gul. Hendrie,^ f. Ludovici, Londinensis. 
Gul. Hutcheon, f. Thomae, Abredonensis. 

Gul. Plummer, f. , Eboracensis. 

Gul. Terrel, f. Gul. in Auchterless, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Young,'^ f. dem. Gul. de Falside, M.D., Kincardine. 

Hugo Rose, f. Joannis de Insula Jamaica. 

Jac. Chalmers, f. Jac, typographi, Abredonensis. 

Jac. Duguid, f. Joannis in Tyrie, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Grant, f. Joannis de Rippachie, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Hardie,^ f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Jac. Littlejohn, f. Gul., mercat., Abredonensis. 

Jac 3inith, f. Patricii, chirurg., Slains, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Young,^ f. Jacobi, mercat., Abredonensis. 

Joa. Donald, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

Joa. Law,^'^ f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Math. Lumsden,!! f. Joan, de Cushnie, Aberdeen. 

1 Min., Relief Synod, Dundee. 2 Qf Deebank (now Newton Dee) and Charlton. 

* M.D., 1801. * M.D., 1793. 6 Gray math, bursar, 1792. « Silver pen, 1790. 
7 Of Fawside ; M.D., Edin., 1795. 8 pirgj bursar (25 compet.) ; adv. in Abd., 1804. 

• Provost, 181 1 ; rector's assessor, 1813. 

'" Adv. in Aberd., 1802 ; sheriff subst., Dornoch, " Qrientalist, Calcutta. 

6, 5, t. 

6, 5, t, m. 


b, s, t, m, 


h, s, t 

b, s. 






b, s, t, m. 



b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 




b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t, tn, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, tn, 

, A.M. 

b, s, t, m, 






Patricius Forbes,^ f. Franc, eccles. min. apud Grange, Abdn. 

Patricius Orr,^ f. Patricii de Bridgeton, Kincardine. 

Robertus Gordon, f. Joannis de Greeshop, Elgin. 

Robertus Grant, f. dem. Gulielmi in Elgin. 

Thomas Arbuthnot, f. Jacobi, mercat. in Peterhead, Abdn. 

Jac. Gilbert, f. Thomae, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Dingwall Fordyce,^ f. Arthuri F., armigeri, LL.D., 

Jac. Badenoch,* f. Jac, M.D., de Whiteriggs. 
Jac. Lamb, f. Joa., Abred^. 
Alexr. MacBain. 
Lachlan McLean. 


Adam Maitland, f. Adam, Insch, Aberdeen. 

Alexr. Cowie, f. , Belly, Aberdeen. 

Alexr. Duncan, f. Alex, de Insula Tobago. 
Alexr. Duthie, f. Gulielmi, mercator., Abred. 
Alexr. Fullarton,^ f. Joan., dem. pastoris de Dalmaick, Abdn. 
Alexr. MacBain,^ f. Alexri., dem. Inverness. 
Alexr. Orr, f. Patricii de Bridgeton, Kincardine. 
Alexr. Steven, f. Alex., demort. de Insula Tobago. 
Alexr. Walker, f. Jacobi, Lumfanan, Aberdeen. 
And. Robertson/ f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Car. Davidson,^ f. Joannis de Tillychetly, Aberdeen. 
Georg. Allardice, f. Andreae, Abredonen. 
Geo. Davidson, f. Jacobi, mercator., Abredon. 
Geo. Forbes, f. Georgii, Abredonensis. 
Geo. Innes,^ f. Georgii in Huntly, Aberdeen. 
Geo. Moir, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Fyvie, Aberdeen. 
Geo. [Crawford] Mollison,^** f. Alexandri, pastoris de Mon- 
Geo. Taylor, f. Joannis, Turreff, Aberdeen, 

1 Blackwell prize, 1813 ; sch., Grange ; min., Boharm, Old Machar ; Humanist, King's 
College; D.D., St. And., 1821 : Mod. , Gen. Assembly, 1829. 

2 W.S., 1799 ; sheriff elk., Forfar. ^ ^.dv. in Abd., 1794 ; of Techmuiry. 
* Of Arthurhouse. ■' Sec, Abd. Town and County Bank. 
6 Sch., Fearn, Cromarty; min., Kincardine (Ross), ^ Miniature painter. 
8 Physician, Grenada. » Author of Meteorol. Tables, Abd 

1" Licentiate, Ch. of Scot. 

b, 5, 

t, m, 


b, s. 

by s. 

b, s. 

b, s. 



t, m. 





b, s, 

t, m, 








t, m. 





t, m. 


t, m, 



t, m, 



t, m, 







t, m. 












Gul. Black, f. Joannis, Old Machar, Aberdeen. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Gul. Black, f. Gulielmi de Cloghill, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Gul. Dickson, f. Adami, Fyvie, Aberdeen. 6, s. 

Gul. Forbes, f. Georgii, un. balliv., Abredon. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Gul. Grant, £ Donaldi, Inveraven, Moravien. b, 

Gul. MacNishie, f. Joannis, Petty, Inverness. b. 

Gul. Milne, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Morgan, f. Gulielmi, Alford, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m. 

Jac. Anderson, f. Alexri., Old Deer, Aberdeen. 6, 5, <, w, A.M. 

Jac. Boyn, f. demort. Jacobi, Abredon. b, s, t, m. 

Jac. Forbes, f. Jacobi de Seaton, Abredon. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Gordon, f. Jacobi, Kirriemuir, Forfar. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Skene,^ f. Jacobi, Centurion. Fed., Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac Spalding,^ f. Roberti, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Booth, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Jo. Duncan, ma., f. Joannis, Dalmaik, Aberdeen. 6, 5, t, in, A.M. 

Jo. Duncan, min., f. Roberti, Gartley, Banff. 6, 5. 

Jo. Grant, f. Roberti de Druminour, Aberdeen. 6. 

Jo. Innes,' f. demort. Alex., de Cowie, Kincardine. b, 5, t. 

Jo. MacRobb, f. Alex., Drumblate, Aberdeen. b, 5, t, /«, A.M. 

Lud. Smith,* f. Ricardi, Peter Culter, Aberdeen. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Pat. Henderson, f. Gulielmi de Murtle, Centur., Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

Rob. Henderson,^ f. ejusd. 6, 5, t. 

Rob. Irvine, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 6, 5, t, m. 

Tho. Chalmers, f. dem. Alexri., St Fergus, Banff. b. 

Tho. Cushnie, f. Patricii, demort. Stonehyve, Kincardin. b, s. 

Alexr. Johnston, f. Thomae, Cruden. s. 

Alexr. Young,^ f. Jacobi, Aberdeen. s, t. 

Joa. Smith, f. Patr., Cruden. s, t. 

Geor. Hadden,^ f. Alex., merc^, Abed^. t. 

Geo. Park, f. Gul., Kincardine. /. 

Hercules Scot, f. Dav. de Nether Benholm, Kincardine. t. 

Jac. Fordyce,^ f. Ar. Dingwall, LL.D., Abred^ t. 

Jac. Grant, f. Roberti de Drumminer, Aberdeen. t, 

Jos. Brand, f. Joan., Virginia, Americanus. t. 

^ First bursar (32 compel.) ; silver pen, 1791 ; Gray math, bursary and gold medal, 1793. 
' Adv. in Abd., 1801. * Of Cowie; W.S., 1800. * Paper manufacturer, Culter. 

" M.D., 1802. * Mercht., Lond., Liverpool ; rector's assessor, 1798. 

' Mercht., Lond. ^ Mercht., Lond. 


Simon Fraser, f. Thorn., Ross-shire. 
David Grant, f. Davidis, M.D., Jamaica. 
Gulielmus Angus. ^ 
Samuel Paris. 


Alexr. Boyle,2 f. Joannis, bibliopol., Abredon. 

Alexr. [Forbes] Irvine,^ f. Alexandri de Drum, Aberdeen. 

Alexr. Scott,* f. Jacobi, pastoris de Gartley, Banff. 

Allexr. Thomson, f. Andreae de Banchory, Kincardine. 

Alexr. Watson, f. Davidis, M.D., de Insula Jamaica. 

Alexr. Watt, f. Alexandri in Rathen, Aberdeen. 

Andreas Elphinston,^ f. Joannis, mercator., Aberdon. 

Carolus Fyfe, f. Caroli in Echt, Aberdeen. 

Car. Skene,^ f. Georgii, M.D., Aberdeen. 

Colin Dakers,'^ f. dem. Davidis, Brechinensis, Forfar. 

David Chalmers,^ f. Jacobi, typographi, Abredon. 

David Grant, f. Dav. Alex., M.D., de Insula, Jamaica. 

David Watson,^ f. David in Fordon, Kincardine. 

Duncan Mearns,^'' f. Alexandri, pastoris de Towie, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Davidson, f. Georgii, mercator, in Huntly, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Machardy,!^ f. dem. Joannis in Aboyne, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Allan, f. Georgii, civis, Abredonensis. 

Gul. Bruce, f. Gulielmi, Evang. Min. apud Arbroath, Forfar. 

Gul. Innes,^2 £ Joannis de Blackhills, Elgin. 

Gul. Laing, f. dem Roberti in Logie Pert, Forfar. 

Gul. Morice,^^ f. Davidis, scribae, Abredon. 

Hen. Robertson,!* f. Jacobi, pastoris, Callander, Perth. 

Hercules Scott, f. Davidis de Nether Benholm, Kincardine. 

Jac. Anderson,!^ f. Thomae in Rafford, Elgin. 

Jac. Johnston,!** f. dem. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 

Jac. Sangster,!'^ f. Georgii, pastoris de Alva, Banff. 

^ Sch., Glasgow; author of English Grammar, etc. ; LL.D., 1841. 

2 M.D., King's Coll., 1812 ; F.R.C.P., Ed., 1825 ; army. ^ Adv., Edinb., 1802. 

* Benefactor, vol. i., 497. " M.D., 1801. * M.D., Edin., 1799 ; prof, of Med. 
' M.D., Glasg., 1822. ^ Of the Aberdeen yournal. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1794 ; sch., Cromarty. 

1" Silver pen, 1792 ; min., Tarves (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti. Eccl. Scot.); prof, of 
Div., King's Coll., 1816 ; Mod. of Gen. Assembly, 1821. " Sch., Bellie ; min., Spynie. 

12 W.S., 1801. 13 R.N. " M.D., Edin., 1801 ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

« Sch., Kirkwall ; min., Orphir. i« M.D., 1803. ^^ Min., Albah. 








b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 




b, s. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 

, A.M. 

b, s, t, m, 

, A.M. 


Jac. Scott, f. Davidis de Nether Benholm, Kincardine. 

Jac. Williams, f, dem. , M.D., de Insula Jamaica. 

Joan. Johnston, f dem. Alexri, M.D., de Insula Jamaica. 
Joannes Ross Leith,^ f. Alexri. de Freefield, Aberdeen. 
Joan. Macdonald, f. Alexri., centurion., de New Brunswick, 

Jos. Murray, f. Hugonis, Abredonen. 

Montague Beattie, f. Jacobi, P.P. in Acad. Marischal., Abredon. 
Ninian Bruce,'^ f. Jacobi, mercator., Abredon. 
Rob. Freeman, f. Gulielmi, Abredonen. 
Rob. Grant, f. Roberti, M.D. in Dingwall, Ross. 
Rob. Smith, f. dem. Roberti, Abredonensis. 
Theodorus Forbes Leith, f. Theodori, M.D., de Greenwich. 
Thomas Chalmers, f. dem. Alexri in St. Fergus, Banff. 
Alex. Ross, f. Jacobi in Fochabers. 
Car. Monro, f. Jac. in Cromartie. 
Jac. Lunan. 
Joa. Ross, f. Jacobi in Fochabers. 

Alexr. Dick, f. , V.D. min., Aberdeen. 

Dun. Davidson, f. Joannis de Tillichetly, Abred. 
Georg. Taylor, f. Joan, in Turreff. 


Alexr. Brown,3 f. Alexandri, Abredonen. 
Alexr. Gavin,* f. Gulielmi, Strichen, Aberdeen. 
Alexr. Gibbon, f. Gulielmi, jun'^ naut., Abredon. 
Alexr. Rose, f. Joannis, pastoris de Udny, Aberdeen. 
Andreas Skene, f. Jacobi, centurion., Abredon. 
David Moir,^ f. Joannis in Fordon, Kincardine. 
Edward Longman,^ f. Thomae, bibliopolse, London. 
Georgius Mackay,''^ f. Jacobi, Abredonen. 
Georgius Reid, f. Jacobi in Cullen, Banff. 
Gulielmus Laing, f. Joannis, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen. 
Gulielmus Moir,^ f. Georgii, pastoris de Peterhead. 
Gul. Skinner,^ f. Joannis, Episcopi Scot. Eccl., Aberdon. 

* W.S., 1801 ; aftds. J. Leith Ross of Arnage and Bourtie. ^ First bursar (29 compet.). 
^ First bursar (26 compet.). * Surg., R.N. ; Strichen. • ' M.A., 1812. 

• Publisher, Lond. ' Gray math, bursar, 1795. 

' Writer, Edin., Trinidad. ' Silver pen, 1793 ; Bp., Aberd. 





b, s. 


b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 










b, s, L 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 


h, 5, t, m, 





Jacobus Byres, f. Roberti, mercator., London. b, s. 

Ja. Chalmers, f. Alexri., Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Clark, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Ja. Keith, f. dem. Roberti, Glenbervie, Kincardine. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Russel, f. Jacobi, chirurgi, London. b, 

Jo. Angus, ^ f. Alexri, pastoris de Botriphnie, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joannes Boyn, f. Jacobi dem. Abredon. b, s, t, m. 

Jo. Cardno,'-^ f. Gulielmi in Fraserburgh, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Jo. Carnegie, f. Alexri, scribae commun., Burg, de Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Fraser, f. Ann., tonsoris, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. McDonald, f. Alexri., Centur. de N. Brunswick, America, b. 

Jo. Paterson, f. Joannis dem,, M.D., de Jamaica. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joa. Rose,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Udny, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m. 

Joan. Stuart de Inchbreck,* f. Davidis, M.D., Aberdon. b, s, t. 

Joseph Hay, f. dem. de Elgin. b. 

Montague Beattie, f. Jacobi, Mor. P.P., Aberdeen. b, s, t, m. 

Tho. Duncan,^ f. Thomae, scribae, Aberdon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Tho. Ross, f. Donaldi in Kilmuir, Ross, b, s. 

Alexr. Milne, f. Joa., Stonehaven. 5, t. 

Alexr. Pirie,^ f. Patricii, Aberdonensis. s, t. 

Gul. Shand, f. Gul. in Longmay. 5. 

Rob. Adams, f. Joa., Aberdonensis. 5, t, m, A.M. 

Arthurus Mitchell, f. Duncani, armig, de Thainston. /. 

Joa, Carnegie, f, Rob,, Angus. /. 

Joa. Duthie, f. Gul., Stonehaven. t. 

Thorn. Marshal,''' f. Joan., chirurg. in Morpeth. t. 

Alexr. Beattie,^ f. Joa, in Inverurie, Abredonensis. 
Alexr. Campbell, f, Jacobi, Knockando, Elgin, 
Alexr. McRae, f. Alexandri de Kingston, Jamaica, 
Alexr. Norie, f, dem. Gulielmi, Skene, Aberdeen. 
Alex. Robertson, f. Andreae de Foveran, Aberdeen. 
Alexr, Simson,9 f. Arcturi, Strichen, Aberdeen. 
Alexr. Stevin, f. Alexri. de Pitmedden, Abredon. 
Car. Blake, ^° f. Gulielmi, eccles. min., Abredon. 

^ LL.D., 181 1, ^ Episc. min., Portsoy. 

*OfCastleton; W.S., 1802, •''' Adv. in Abd., 1803. 

'' Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 8 English mast., Tain Acad.; author. 

^ Sch., Stonehaven, Gordon's Hosp., Aberd. ; min., Strichen, i" First bursar (22 compel.). 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 



b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, m. 

Civil serv., Ceylon. 
Paper manufacturer. 


Dav. Forbes, f. dem. Georgii, mercator., Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Georgius Forbes,^ f. Georgii, pastoris de Leochel. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Grant, f. Gulielmi, eccles. anglic. min,, London. b, s. 

Geo. Law, f. Joannis, naut., Abredon. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Lorrain,'- f. Gualteri, Half Morton, Dumfries. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Moir,« f. Georgii de Scotstown, Aberdeen. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Welsh,* f. Edwardi de Insula Barbadoes. b, s. 

Hugo Fullarton, f. dem. Joannis, pastoris de Dalmake, Abdn. &. 

Ja. Cruickshank, f. Joannis, E.M. apud Ellon, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Gibb, £ Jacobi, mercat.. Fords of Dee, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Ja. Peat, f. Jacobi in Fraserburgh, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Ja. Robertson, f. Andreae de Foveran, Aberdeen. b. 

Jo. Abercrombie,'' f. Joannis, mercat., Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jo. Carnegie, f. in Brechin, Forfar. b. 

Jo. Cruickshank, f. Joannis, V.D.M., Ellon, Aberdeen. 6, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jo. Elrick, f. Joannis, Abredon. . b. 

Jo. Gibson, f. Roberti in Abbeyton, Fordon, Kincardine. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Mitchell,^ f. Gavini, pastoris de Kinellar, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jo. Turner,' f. Roberti de Menie, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Joseph Paterson,^ f. Alexri, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joseph Troup, f. Matthaei, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Kilgour Davidson, f. Sebastian de Fraserburgh, Abredon. b, s, t, m. 

Maxwell Stewart, f. Cap. Tho. de Keithmore, Abdn. b. 

Rob. Forbes, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b. 

Rodericus Baird, f. Caroli, Abredon. b. 

Samuel Best, f. Samuel., Londinensis. b, s. 

Thomas Best, f. Gunning, de Insula Barbados. b. 

Tho. Craig, f. Joannis de Mugiemoss, Aberdeen. 6. 

Tho. Draver, f. Davidis de Insula Sandy, Orcadiensis. b, s, t. 

Archdus. Watson,^ f. Jacobi in Tipperty. 5. 

Joa. Inglis, f. Joa., Londinensis. s, t. 

Alexr. Ross, f. Alex., scribae, Abreds. t. 

David Dingwall, f. Joa., mercat., Abreds. t, 

Erskine Stephen,io f. Thorn., M.D., Elgin. t, m, A.M. 

' Of Blelack ; min,, Strathdon ; D.D., 1814 ; rector's assessor, 1814, etc. 

2 Gray math, bursar, 1796 ; LL.D., 1824. ^ of Park. * M.D., Edin., 1799. 

» Surg., 19th Light Dragoons ; Kensington. ^ Captain of the Britannia, West Indiaman. 
' H.E.I.C.S. ' Lord Byron's tutor; sch., Fintray; min., Montrose; D.D., 1821. 

» H,E.I.C.S, ; Lt.-Col, »» M,D., 1803. 




Gul. Garioch, f. Alex., mercat, Abreds. 

Gul. Innes,^ f. Alex, de Cowie, Kincardine. 

Gul. Mitchell, f. Joa., Markinch, Fifeshire. 

Joa. Duthie, f. Gul., Merniensis. 

Niel Kennedy,'^ f. Donaldi, Applecross, Ross-shire. 



Al. Henderson, f. Roberti, chirurgi in Cupar, Forfar. b, s. 

Al. Henderson,^ min., f. Joannis de Caskiebain, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Al, Leslie, f. Alexandri de Berryden, Aberdeen. 6, s, t, m. 

Al. Walker,* f. Gulielmi in Glenbucket, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

And. Martin, f. Alexandri in Middlebie, Dumfries. b. 

Car. Cheyne, f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Aberdoniensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Garden Duff, f Joannis demort., de Hatton, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Geo. Anderson, f. Jacobi de Durness, Sutherland. b, s. 

Gualterus Orrock, f. Joannis de Orrock, Aberdeen. b. 

Gul. Innes, f. Alexandri de Cowie, Kincardine. b, t. 

Gul. Little, f. Jacobi in Philadelphia, America. b. 

Gul. Paterson,^ f. Gulielmi dem. pastoris de Slains, Aberdeen. 6, s, t, m. 

Gul. Smith, f. Joannis in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m. 

Gul. Sutherland, f, dem. Kennethi in Thurso, Caithness. b, s. 

Gul. Taylor,*' f. Alexri de Lunan, Forfar. b, s, t. 

Hugo Fullarton,'^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Dalmaick, Aberdeen. 6, 5, t, m. 

Jac. Foote,^ f. Roberti, pastoris de Fettercairn, Kincardine. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Inverarity,^ f. Davidis, mercatoris in Arbroath, Forfar, b, s, t. 

Ja. MacGibbon, f. Jacobi de Insula Jamaica. b. 

Jac. Paul,^° f Jacobi, ludi magist. de Dalmaick, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Ronald, f. in Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeen. b. 

Jac. Selbie,!^ f. Joannis, mercatoris, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Simpson, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberdonen. b, s, t, m. 

1 Of Raemoir. ^ gch., Contin ; min., Aberd., Logic Easter. 

* M.D., Edin., 1803 ; founder of Med. Jur. chair ; author. 

* Min., Old Machar, Urquhart (Elgin), Elgin, Urquhart. » Adv. in Abd., 1827. 
« Aftds. W. Taylor Imrie of Lunan. 

7 Silver pen, 1794 ; adv. in Abd., 1804 ; sheriff subst., Kincardine. 

8 Min., Logie Pert, Aberd.; F.C, ; D.D., 1850. 
» Of Rosemount, Forfar; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

1" Min., Aberd., Tullynessle ; D.D., St. And., 1844 ; Mod. of Gen. Assembly, 1846, 
" First bursar (28 compet.) ; M.D., King's Coll., 1809. 





Jac, [Doune] Smith.^f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Petty, Inverness. 

Jac, Watt, f. Alexandri, mercat. in Kirkwall, Orkney. 

Jac. Youngson, f. Andreae, pastoris de Aberdour, Aberdeen. 

Joan. Abercrombie,'^ f. Georg., dem. pastoris de Aberdeen. 

Jo. Adams, f, Joannis in Aberdeen. 

Jo. Collie,^ f. Joannis in Dalmake, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Corbet, f. dem. in Aberdeen. 

Jo. Orrok,* f. Joannis de Orrok, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Snowie, f. Alexandri in Echt, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Stevenson, f. Thomae, M.D. in Arbroath, Forfar. 

Jo. Stewart,^ f. Thomae, scribae pub. Urb. de Montrose, Forfar. 

Lud. Gordon,^ f. Ludovici, pastoris de Drainie, Elgin. 

Nathaniel Stewart, f. Nath., mercat, Aberdon. 

Pat. Barron, f. Patricii, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Philip Mallet, f. Philippi, mercatoris, Londonensis. 

Rob. Hay,^ f. Gulielmi in Fraserburgh, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Hoyes, f. Gulielmi, mercat. in Forres, Elgin. 

Rob. Ogilvie,® f. Joannis, pastoris de Midmar, Aberdeen. 

Skinner Cruickshank, f. Alexandri in Aberdeen. 

Joa. Leslie,^ f. Andreae in Keith, Banffs. 

Joa. Milne, f. Joa. in Stonehive. 

Phil. Courtenay, f. Joa., Middlesex. 

Adam Anderson, f. Adam, M.D., Jamaica. 

Farquhar Mathieson. 

Geo. Walker, f. Jac, Abred. 

Jac. Ellis, f. Gul. de Peterhead. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t. 

b, 5, /, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, tn. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t, tn. 


s, t, m. 



t, tn. 





Adam Anderson, f. Adam, M.D., Jamaica. 

Adam Coutts,^*^ f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 

Alexr. Cushnie, f. dem. Patricii in Stonehaven, Kincardine. 

Alexr. Innes, f. Roberti, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Alexr. MacDonald, f. Joannis, V.D.M., Albany, America. 

Alexr. Wallace, 11 f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

Car. Jamieson, f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredon. 

David Scott, f. Davidis de Nether Benholm, Kincardine. 

* Min., Urquhart and Glenmoriston. ^ Silver pen, 1795 ; M.D., 1802 ; etc. 

»Surg., Aberd. •» Capt., H.E.I.C.S. » H.E.I.C.S. ; Major. « Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. 
' Gray math, bursar, 1797. * Lieut., army. * Min., Udny. 

*• First bursar (23 compel.) ; adv. in Aberd., 1803. ^* Silver pen, 1796. 

6, 5, /, w, A.M. 
6, 5. 

by 5, t, m, A.M. 
b, s, t, m, A.M. 
b, s, t, m, A.M. 
6, 5, t, tn, A.M. 
6, 5. 




Geo. Cromar, f. Roberti in Aboyne, Aberdeen. b, s 

Geo. Elphinstone, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s 

Geo. Mathers, f. Alexri., Abredonensis. b, s 

Geo. Walker, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b. 

Geo. Yeatts,^ f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b. 

Gul. Bonniman, f. dem. Joannis, pastoris de Premnay. b, s 

Gul. Panton,2 f. Gulielmi in Turreff, Aberdeen. b, s 

Gul. Rham,3 f. Gulielmi de Bern, Swisserland. b, s 

Gull. TuUoch,* f. Hugonis in Cromarty, Ross. &, 5 

Gul. Vassal,^ f. Henrici de Winterbourne, Gloucester. b, s 

ac. Ellis, f. Gul. de Peterhead, Aberdeen. b. 

ac. Mellis,^ f. Gul., mercator., Aberdeen. b, s 

o. Craigie,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de St. Fergus, Aberdeen. b. 

o. Dawson, f. Cosmo in Marnoch, Banff. b, s 

o. Donald, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s 

o. Gordon,*^ f. Thomae, pastoris de Aboyne, Aberdeen. b, s 

o. Morice,'* f. Davidis, scribae, Abredon. b, s 

o. Robertson, I*' f. Caroli in Huntly, Abredon. b, s 

o. Scorgie, f, Arthuri, Abredonensis. b, s 

o. Steven, f. dem. Alexri., Abredonensis. b. 

Pat. Craig, f. Gulielmi in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeen. b, s 

Pat. Cushnie,^^ f. dem. Patricii, Stonehyve, Kincardine. b, s 

Pat. Durno,i2 f. Gulielmi in Drumblade, Aberdeen. b, s 

Robt. Greig,^^ f. in Inverkeilor, Forfar. 6. 

Robt. Jameson, f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s 

Tho. Edgar, f. dem. Archibaldi de Jamaica. b. 

Ad. Elmslie, f. Joannis, Londonensis. 5, 

And. Martin, f. Alexri. in Middlebie, Dumfries. s 

Jos. Brown, f. Joa. de Insula St. Christopher. 5 

Alexr. Grant, f. Alexri,, de Insula St. Croix. 

Arthurus [Dingwall] Fordyce,^* f. A. D. de Culsh, Abreds. 

Cornelius Inglis, f. Joannis, mercat., Londs. 

Geo. Bookless, f. Joan, apud Dunrobin, Sutherland. 

m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 




tn, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 

t, tn, A.M. 




1 Of Auquharney ; adv. in Aberd., 1804. 2 p^yg. Qen., H.E.I.C.S. 

' Gray math, bursar, 1798 ; rector of Fursefield, Norfolk. 
* Sch., Nigg (Ross); min., Dallas. ° M.D., 1815 ; M.D., Edin,, 1819. 

« M.D., i8o6. 7 Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. » Jamaica. » Mercht., Lisbon and Lond. 
^^ Sch., Insch ; min., Gartly ; F.C. " Episc. min., Montrose. ^^ Sch., Drainie. 

" Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 1^ Of Arthurseat and Polmuir ; Capt., Bengal Engineers, H.E.I.C.S. 


Jac. Inglis, f. Joan., mercat, Londs. 

Joa. Panton,^ f. Pat., Turreff, Abreds. 

Farquhar Mathieson, f. Roderici in Ross. 

Samuel Millar,^ f. Francisci, mercatoris in Barbadoes. 


Al. Aitken, f. Alex., V.D. pred. apud Forfar. 

Al. Anderson, f. Josephi, pastoris de Birnie, Elgin. 

Al. Brown, f. Joannis, agricolae, Pitsligo, Aberdeen, 

Al. Dougal, f. Hugonis dem., M.D., Forres, Elgin. 

Al. Grant, maj., f. Alex, de Insula St. Croix. 

Al. Grant, min., f. Alexri., pastoris de Calder, Elgin. 

Al. Simson, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 

Al. Stronach, f. Joannis, agricolae, Birnie, Elgin. 

Al. Watt, f. Alexri., M.D. de Insula Jamaica. 

Ar. Fordyce, f. A. D. de Culsh, Aberdeen. 

Car. Gordon, f. Joannis de Edintore, Forres, Elgin. 

Don. Fraser,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Kirkhill, Inverness. 

Geo. Bookless, f. Joannis apud Dunrobin, Sutherland. 

Geo. Duguid, f. Joannis, agric, Tyrie, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Forbes, f. Georgii, dem. ballivi de Aberdeen. 

Geo. Nicolson, f. Joannis, Lin. Gall, mag., Aberdeen. 

Geo. Primrose, f. dem. Roberti de Edinburgh, chirurg. 

Geo. Reid, f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. 

Gul. Dingwall,* f. dem. Alexri., mercat., Aberdeen. 

Gul. Donald, f. Jacobi, agric, Keith-hall, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Gordon, f. Gulielmi de Blelack, Dundee, Forfar. 

Gul. McCulloch, f. Georgii, pastoris de Loth, Sutherland. 

Gul. Murray, f. Gulielmi in Kinneff, Kincardine. 

Gul. Robertson, f. dem. Alexri. de Insula Grenada 

Gul. Smith, f. Joannis, fabri fer., Inverury, Aberdeen. 

Hug. Lumsden,^ f. Henrici, scribae, Abredonensis. 

Irvine Barton, f. Gulielmi in Annan, Dumfries. 

Ja. Bryce,« f. Joannis, V.D.M. in Aberdeen. 

Ja. Duguid, f. Patricii, ballivi de Aberdeen. 

Ja. Forrest,^ f. Jacobi, mercat., Drumlithie, Kincardine. 

^ Hudson Bay Co. Service. 2 m.D., Edin,, 1802. » Min., Kirkhill. 

* Mercht., Glasgow. » Of Pitcaple ; adv. in Edin., 1806 ; sheriff of Sutherland. 

• Min., Strachan ; chaplain, H.E.I.C.S. ; D.D., Edin., i8i8 ; author. ' Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 



' t. 





b, s, t, 


b, s, t. 


b, 5. 

b, s, t, 




b, s, t. 





b, 5, t, 





b, s. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 




b, s. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5, t, 



b, 5, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5. 

b, 5, t, 




b, s, t, 






a. Gordon, f. Gulielmi in Dundee, Forfar. 

a. Henderson, f. Benjamin de Latheron, Caithness. 

a. Stewart, f. Joannis de Skelmuir, Old Deer, Aberdeen. 

a. Thomson, 1 f. dem. Gulielmi in Old Deer, Aberdeen. 

o. Blake, f. Gulielmi, V.D.M., in Aberdeen. 

o. Cowie, f. Joannis in Auchterless, Aberdeen. 

o. Cumine,2 f. Georgii, mercatoris in Forres, Elgin. 

o. Garrack, f. Joannis de Aberdeen. 

o. Knowles, f. dem. Georgii, pastoris de Birse, Aberdeen. 

o. Lumsden, f. Henrici, scribae in Aberdeen, 

o. Milne, f. Andreae in Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeen. 

o. Moir, f. Jacobi in Barkmiln, Old Machar, Aberdeen. 

o. Paterson,^ f. Alexri. in Aberdeen. 

o. Peter,^ f. dem. Joannis de Auchterless, Aberdeen. 

o. Ross,^ f. Alexri., ludimagist. in Kintore, Aberdeen. 

o. Scott,^ f. Alexri., mercat. in Aberdeen. 

o. Whyte, f. Jacobi in Aberdeen, 

onathan Craigie,*" f. Joannis, pastoris de St. Fergus, Aberdeen. 
Ro. Burnett,* f. Roberti in Aberdeen. 
Ro. Davidson, f, Roberti, agricolae, Nigg, Kincardine, 
Ro. Watt,^ f, Alexri., M.D. de Insula Jamaica. 
Sam. Millar, f, Francisci, mercatoris in Barbadoes. 
Tho. Gavin, f. Georgii in Drumlithie, Kincardine. 
Alex. Leslie, f. Theodori, Monymusk. 
Alex. Livingston, f. Alex., mercat., Rotterdam. 
Edward Elles.i" 
Gul. Panton. 

Hen. Page, f. Joa., armig., Bristol. 
Tho. Coles, f. Gul. dem., Gloucestershire. 
Bryce Lamb, f. Joa., Aberdeen. 
Gul. Russell, f. Gul., agricolae de Cowford. 
Jac. Barclay ,11 f. Car., agricolae de Auchterless. 
Jac. Davidson, f. dem. Jac, Slains, Aberdeen. 
Jac. Forbes, f. Geo,, ballivi in Aberdeen. 
Joa. Cruickshank, f. Joa. de Banff. 

b, s. 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t, m, 




b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t. 


b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s. 



s, t, m, 



s, t, m, 


s, t, m, 








1 Sch., Laurencekirk ^ silver pen, 1797. '' First bursar (26 compet,), 

* Gray math, bursar, 1799, ^ Sch,, Aberd- * Journalist, Lond. ; killed in a duel. 

7 Surgeon. » Surg., H,E,I.C.S, » M,D„ Edin,, 1803, 

w M,P., Coventry ; War Secretary, 1832 ; LL.D., St. And. i' Farmer, Knockleith, 



Adam Napier,^ f. , ballivi de Montrose, Forfar. b, s, t. 

Alexr. Laing, f. Alexri., scribae, Abredon. h. 

Alcxr. Law, fc Alexri. in Tonley, Tough, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Francis Davie,^ f. Joannis in Birse, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Gardiner,^ f. Joannis in Rhynie, Abdn. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Lamb,* f. Joannis, fabri Hgn., Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Sellar, f. Alexri. d. in Keith, Banff. b, s. 

Geo. Urquhart, f. Gulielmi, Cap., Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Geo. Watson, f. Davidis in Arbuthnott, Kincardine. b, s. 

Geo. Winehouse,^ f. Alexri. in Kemnay, Abdn. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gualt. Reid, f. Jacobi in Cullen, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Laing,^ f. Gul., V.D.M., in Peterhead, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Ogilvie,^ f. Davidis, Eq. de Barra, Kincardine. b, s. 

Gul. Reid, f. Gulielmi in Coldstone, Abdn. b. 

Henr. Gordon,^ f. Henrici de Knockespick, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Hen. Lumsden,* f. Henrici, scribae, Abredon. 6, s, t, m. 

J. Barclay, f. Caroli in Auchterless, Abdn, b. 

Ja. Bruce, f. Joannis in Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Ja. Forbes, f. Georgii, ballivi de Aberdeen. b. 

J a. Fraser, f. Ann. tonsoris in Aberdeen. 6, 5, t. 

Ja. Harper, f. Jacobi in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Johnston,^*^ f. Alexri., M.D. de Insula Jamaica. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Monro,^! f. Joannis in Elgin. b, 5, t. 

Ja. Sutherland, f. d. Kennethi in Thurso, Caithness. b, s. 

Jo. Brand, f. Thomae, Mondynes, Fordon, Kincardine. b, s. 

Jo. Duncan, f, Joannis, scribae in Stonehaven, Kincardine, b. 

Jo. Gordon,i2 f joannis in Aberdour, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Monro, f. Alexri. in Kiltearn, Ross. b. 

Jo. Walker, f. Alexri. in Fraserburgh, Abdn. 6, 5, t. 

Ro. Brodie,i3 f Joannis, V.D.M. in Aberdeen. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ro. Chalmers, f, Jacobi apud Kensington. 6. 

Ro. Milne [Miller],^* f. Joannis in Aboyne, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

1 Asst. Surg,, H.E.I.C.S. 2 pirst bursar (23 compet.). 

=' Silver pen, 1798 ; Gray math, bursar, 1800 ; min., Aberdour. * Supng. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

•* Sch., Kincardine (Ross), Newhills; min., Clova, Auchterhouse. 

8 M.D., 1824 ; M.D., Edin,, 1827. ' 4th bart. of Barras. s Indian army. 

» Of Auchindoir ; adv. in Abd., 1807.' i» Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " Surgeon, Elgin. 

>'- Sch., Strichen. " Min., Relief Synod, Glasg. 

" Of Kinchurdy ; sch., Fortrose ; min., Aboyne. 




b, 5, t, m. 
s, t. 

s, t, m, A.M. 

s, t, m. 


t, m. 







Th. Youngson,^ f, Andreae, pastoris de Aberdour, Abdn, 

Alexr. Leslie, f. Alexri,, Abred'. 

Arthurus Hylland, f. Rowley de Glen Oak, Hibern^ 

Gul. Bell, f. Cocklarachy, Huntly. 

Gul. Boxill,2 Barbadoes. 

Gul. Forbes, f. Geo., mercatg, Peterhead. 

Gul. Milne, f. Joa., Stonehaven, Kincardine. 

Joa. Dickie. 

Alexr. Fordyce,2 f. Arth., LL.D., Abred^. 

Alexr. Scott, f. Jacobi, fabri ferrarii, Abred^. 

Car^ Longueush Grant, f. Don'^', Montreal, Americanus. 

Geo. Mitchell, f. Alexri., agric. New Deer, Abred^ 

Jac. Raid, f. , in Banff. 

Joa. Adams, f. Jac. in Turreff. 

Joa. Davidson, f. Joa., Kingston, Jamaica. 

Rob. Hutchison. 

Samuel Corbet, f. Rob. armig'. de Corbet Hill, Wexford, 

Thomas Straker, f. Joannis, armigeri, Barbadoes. 


Alexr. Stewart, f. Nathaniel, mercator., Aberdeen. 

Allan Innes, f. Gulielmi a Thurso, Caithness. 

And. Skene,^ f. Georgii, M.D., Aberdeen. 

Car. Ross, f. Thomae, pastoris de Kilmonivaig, Inverness. 

David Ross, f. dicti Thomae. 

Fra. Ramsay,"^ f. Francisci in Birse, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Gregory, f. Jacobi, V.D.M. apud Gilcomston, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Knight,'^ f. Gulielmi, mercator., Aberdeen. 

Gul. Reid,^ f. Gulielmi in Coldstone, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Skene,^ f. Georgii, M.D., Aberdeen. 

Hen. Niven Lumsden,^*^ f. Joannis Niven de Thornton, 

Ja. Bremner, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Walls, Orkney. 
Ja. Gibbon, f. Gulielmi, nautae, Aberdeen. 

^ Major, H.E.I.C.S. 2 See 1802-06. » Mercht., Lond., Aberd., Canada. 

* Several of the identifications of this class are taken from a Record kept by Professor 
William Knight, one of its members. 

•'' Gray math, bursar, 1801 ; adv. in Edinb., 1806 ; Solicitor-Gen. for Scotland. 
8 W.Indies. 7 Regent. 8 Sch., Coldstone. » Col., H.E.I.C.S. 
»" Of Auchindoir ; kt., 1816 ; bart., 1821, 

b, s. 


b, s, t, 



b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 




b, s, t. 




Ja. Henderson/ f. Jacobi in Aberdeen. 

Ja. [Urquhart Murray] Leith,^ f. Joannis de Barrack, Aberdeen. 

Ja. Lumsden, f. Joannis in Belhelvie, Aberdeen. 

Ja. Morgan,' maj., f. Jacobi in Arbuthnot, Kincardine. 

Ja. Morgan,* min., f. Gulielmi, olim in hac Academia P.P. 

Ja. [Andr.] Paull Sandilands,^ f. Jacobi Paull, mercator., 

Ja. Scott, f. Joannis in Lonmay, Aberdeen. 
Jo. Anderson, f. Alexandri, M.D. in Peterhead, Aberdeen. 
Jo. Bower, f. Joannis, ludi magistri in Aberdeen. 
Jo. Davidson, f. Joannis in Kingston, Jamaica. 
Jo. Gibbon,^ f. Alexandri, nautae, Aberdeen. 
Jo. Greig,^ f. Jacobi in Windmillbrae, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Douglas,^ f. Jacobi, pastoris de Premnay, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Taylor, f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. 
Carol. Leslie," f. Theodori, Munimuisk, Aberdeen. 
Ja. Glennie, f. Alex', mercat., Londinensis. 
Ja. f. Thorn., M.D., Elgin. 
Na. Wilson, f. Na., Cluny, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Straker, f. Joh., Barbadoes, 
Alex. Gordon. 

And. Ligertwood, f. Joa. in Overhill, Foveran. 
Gul. Donald,ii f. Jac, Keith-hall, Abred«. 
Gul. Norman. 
Jac. Ried, f. in Banff. 


Alex. Anderson,^2 f Alex., Bourty, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Bannerman, f. Caroli, advocati, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Collie, f. Alex, in Spittal, Old Machar, Abdn. 

Alex, Davidson, f. Roberti de Balnagask, Nigg, Kincardine. 

Alex. Duthie, f. Alexri., advocati, Abredon. 

Alex. Gordon, f. Jacobi, scribae, Peterhead, Abdn. 

Alex. Livingston, f. Georgii in Insch, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Paull, f. Jacobi, ludimag. apud Drumoak, Abdn, 

b, s, t, VI, A.M. 

6, 5, t. 

b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 
b, s. 

b, s, t, tn, A.M. 
b, s, t, m, A.M 
b, s, t, m, A.M. 
b, s, t, in, A.M. 
s, t, m, A.M. 
s, t. 

s, t, m, A.M. 
5, t, in. 

t, m, A.M. 

b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m, A.M. 

b, s, t. 

b, s. 


b, s, t, nt, A.M. 

b, s, t. 

1 Surg., R.N. 2 First Bursar (14 compet.) ; Capt., 68th Foot ; killed at Orthez. 

* Sch., Maryculter, Bervie ; min., Dort (Jervise's Epit.). 

* Silver pen, 1799 ; M.B., Cantab., 1804. 'Of Cruives ; rector's assessor, 1835. 
•Canada. ^ Surg., army. 8 Min., Ellon. » Surg,, R,N, 

'" M-D., Edin,, 1804. " Min., Peterhead, 12 Qray math, bursar, 1802 ; LL.D., 1823. 




And. Bonnyman,! f. Joannis dem., pastoris de Premnay, 

And. Ligertwood,2 f. Joannis in Overhill, Foveran. 

Da. Aiken, f. [Alex.], V.D.P. in Forfar. 

Da. Thomson,^ f. dem. Georgii in Kildrummy, Abdn. 

Fran, Shand,* f. Joannis, pastoris de Kintore, Abdn. 

Fran. Wilson,^ f. Jacobi, dem. pastoris de Crathie. 

Geo. Forbes, f. Joannis de Boyndlie, Tyrie, Abdn. 

Geo. Fowler,*^ f. Andreae in Gilcomston, Abdn. 

Geo. Ogilvie,^ f. Skene, pastoris de Old Machar, Abdn. 

Geo. Pirie,^ f. Gulielmi in par. de Methlick, Abdn. 

Geo. Robertson, f. Josephi, mercatoris in Kiltearn, Ross. 

Geo. Wilson, f. Thomae, pastoris de Gamrie, Abdn. 

Gordon Brown,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de New Spynie, Elgin. 

Gul. Allardice,^^ f. Georgii, burgen. de Banff. 

Gul. [Jo.] Angus, 1^ f. Gulielmi de Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Gul. Bremner, f. Gulielmi in Boharm. 

Gul. Chalmers,i2 f. Jacobi, typographi in Aberdeen. 

Gul. Gordon, major, f, Gulielmi, cauponis in Aberdeen. 

Gul. Gordon, minor, f. Joannis, Legion. 92 ped majoris. 

Gul. Law, f. Gulielmi, pistoris, burgen. de Aberdeen. 

Gul. Mitchel, f. Gulielmi in par. Kilmanivaig, Inverness. 

Hugo Robertson, f. Henrici, pastoris de Kiltearn, Ross. 

a. Allardice,^'^ f. Georgii, burgen. de Banff. 

a. Blaikie,^^ f. Joannis, plumbar., Aberdeen. 

a. Davidson, f. Roberti de Balnagask, Nigg, Kincardine. 

a. McCook,!^ f. Jacobi, advocati, Abredonen. 

a. Mercer,^'' f. Benjamin., pastoris de Forbes, Abdn. 

a. Ross,^'^ f. Alexri., scribae, Abredonen. 

a. Williamson, f. Georgii in Fyvie, Abdn. 

o. Duthie,^^ f. Joannis in Aberdeen. 

o. Kennedy,^^ f. Jacobi in par. de Turreff, Abdn. 

6, s, t. 




b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 


b, 5, t, 




b, s. 

b, s. 

b, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 






6, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 




b, s, t, 



b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 



b, s, t, 



b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 



^ Rector, Fortrose Acad. ; M.A., King's Coll., 1803. 

2 Of Watridgemuir ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ^ Sch., Rayne, Edin. 

* Adv. in Aberd., 1811 ; Jamaica. * First bursar (27 compet.) ; silver pen (eq.), 1800. 

« Sch., Aberdeen. ^ Supng. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. » Sch., Methlick. 

" Med. pract., Demerara. i" Sch., Inverness ; min., Rhynie. 

" Of Miranda Hill, Jamaica. 12 m.d., 1820 ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ^^ M.D., 1822. 
^* Of Craigiebuckler ; adv. in Aberd., 1808 ; provost, 1833 ; Dean of Fac, 1834. 
15 W.S., 1813. i« Lieut., army; killed in Spain. i^ LL.D., 1818. 

18 Adv. in Aberd., 1808. i» Sch., St. Fergus. 



Jo. Ogilvie,^ f. Georgii de Achiries, Abdn. 

Jo. Smith, f. Georgii in Montbleaton, Banff. 

Joseph Morice,'^ f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Kincardine O'Neil. 

Nath. Grieve,^ f. Joannis in par. de Turreff, Abdn. 

Rob. Aspland, f. , Cantabrigiensis. 

Ro. Gordon, f. Ludovici, pastoris de Drainey, Elgin. 

Ro. Johnston,* f. Alexri., M.D., Jamaica. 

Tho. Reid,* f. Joannis, mercator., Abredon. 

Ad. Frazer, f. Francisci de Broomhill, Aberdeensh. 

Fra. Irvine,* f. Alex' de Drum, Aberdeensh. 

Geo. Douglas, f. Joannis, Dunrobin, Sutherland. 

Gul. Gillanders. 

Gul. Gordon, minim. 

Gul. Inglis, f. Joa., mercatS Londin*. 

Joa. Bower,^ f. J., ludimagist., Aberdon.^ 

Tho. Catanach, f. , Glengarden, Abdn. 

Dav. Haggart, f. Pat. in Orkney. 
Geo. Davidson. 
Gul. Welsh. 

Jac. Mortimer, f. , mercat" in Aberdeen, 

Joan. Gordon. 

Pet. Schoole in 4ta legio. Satellit. Equest. chirurg. 
Rob. Hutcheon, f. Alex, in Gilcomston, Abdn. 
Gul. Mowat, f. Joan., arm.. Mainland, Zetland. 
Gul. Robertson, f. Alani, arm., Inverness. 


Alexr. Gordon,' f. Georgii, pastoris Abredon. b, s, t. 

Alexr. Gray, f. , mercatoris in Fraserburgh. h. 

Alexr, Jamieson, f. Joannis, mercator., Abredon. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Ross, f. Alexandri in Kintore, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Simson, f. Alexandri, pastoris de Fraserburgh. b. 

Arch. Anderson, f. Josephi, pastoris de Birnie, Elgin. b, t. 

Dav. Abercrombie,^*^ f. Georgii, dem. pastoris, Abredn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

* Silver pen (eq.), i8oo. " Surg., 6oth Foot. * Episc. min., Elion. 

* Surg., Lond. » Adv. in Abd., 1813. « Capt., H.E.I.C.S. 
' Min., Maryculter. * Lord Byron's schoolmaster. 

» Surg., H.E.I.C.S. >» Silver pen, i8or. 

6, 5. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, m, 




b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 


s, t, m. 






s, t, m, 















Dav. Haggart, f. Patricii in Orkney. 

Dav. Preston,^ f. Davidis in New Castle. 

Fran. Nicol, f. Kennethi de Insula Tobago. 

Geo. Boyn, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis, 

Geo. Grant,2 f. Alexandri, pastoris de Calder, Nairn. 

Geo. Lyon, 3 f. , arm., Forfar. 

Geo. Milne,* f. Jacobi in Gilcomston. 

Geo. Simson, f. Alexandri, pastoris de Fraserburgh. 

Gordon Forbes,^ f. dem. Georgii, pastoris de Lochel, 

Gual. Ogilvie,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Midmar, Abdn. 
Gul. Davidson, f. Gul, pastoris de Inverury. 
Gul. Grant, f. Dav. Alexri. de Montreal, Canada. 
Gul. Malcolm,'^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Firth, Orkney. 
Gul. Mouatt, f. Joannis, arm. de Mainland, Zetland. 
Gul. Robertson, f. Alani, arm. de Inverness. 
Jac. Craigie,^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Deer, Abdn. 
Jac. Macpherson, f. Jacobi de Ardersier, Inverness. 
Jac. Maitland, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 
Jac. Marshall, f. Joannis, dem. in Peterhead. 
Jac. Stewart, f. Patricii de Carnaveran, Kincardine. 
Jo. Hutcheon,^ f. Alexandri in Gilcomston. 
Jo. Robertson, f. Alani, armig. de Inverness. 
Jo. Ross, f. Thomae, mercator. in Huntly, Abdn. 
Jo. Sim,i° f. Thomae in Hardgate, Abdn. 
Rob. Badenach,^^ f. Jacobi, arm. de Whiteriggs, Kincardine. 
Rob. Farquharson, f. dem. Alexri. in Kildrummie, Abdn. 
Rob. Ramsay,^^ f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Cortachy, Forfar. • 
Alex. Morison, f. Rod., past, in Kintail, Ross. 
Alex. Robertson,^^ f. Patr., mere, Huntly. 
And. Ligertwood, f. Joa. in Overhill, Foveran. 
Ja. Baikie,^* f. Roberti, arm. de Tankerness, Oread. 
Ja. Bayne,^^ f. Ronaldi, past, Inverness. 
Joa. Milne, f. Ja., armig., Milnefield, Perthsh. 


b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 


b, 5, t. 

b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 


b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 





b, s, t, 



b, 5, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, 5, t, 



b, s, t, 



s, t, 







1 Gray math, bursar, 1803. 2 Mercht., Liverpool. ^ Of Wester Ogil; W.S., 18 10. 
* First bursar (16 compet.). ^ Min., Towie, Dyce. ^ Under mast., Gordon's Hosp. 
' Min., Firth ; F.C. ^ Major, H.E.I.C.S. » Adv. in Abd., 1810. " M.D., 1811. 
" Of Arthurhouse ; M.D., 1821. ^^ ^sst. Surg., R.A. ^^ Adv. in Aberd., 1810. 

" Adv., Edin., 1811. " M.A., 1805, and M.D., 1811, King's Coll. 




Joa. Ro88,i f. The, mere, Huntly. 

Pat. Kilgour, i Ro., Longside, Aberd. 

Ro. Aitken, f. Rogeri, past. Episcop., Aberdon. 

Alexr. Sims. 

Geo. Williamson, f. Jac, Belhelvie, Abdn. 

Jac. Sinclair. 

Joa. Ellis, f. , mercat'., Peterhead. 

Pat. Panton. 

Theod. Allardyce, £ dem. Gul. in Forgue, Abdn. 





Alexr. Bannerman,2 f Thomae, mercat., Abredon. b, s. 

Alex. Caddenhead,^ f. Joannis in Hardgate, Abredon. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Alex. Cushnie,* f. Alexri., pastoris de Oyne, Abredon. 6, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Alex. Forrest,^ f. Jacobi, mercator., Drumlithie, Kincardine, b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Alex. Murray, f. Alexri. in Mondynes, Fordun, Kincardine, b, s, t. 

And. Grierson, f. Andreae, Lerwick, Zetland. b. 

And. Tawse,^ f. Andreae, Abredonensis. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Arthur Cushnie,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Oyne, Aberdeen. b. 

Car. Gibbon,^ f. Gulielmi, nautarch., Aberdeen. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Geo. Gordon, f. Georgii, D.D., pastoris de Aberdeen. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Geo. Murray, f. Georgii, New Mill, Keith, Banff. b, s, t. 

Geo. Simson,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Fraserburgh. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Geo. Williamson, f. Jacobi, Bethelnie, Abdn. b. 

Gul. Brodie,io f. Gulielmi de Milton, Elgin. b, s, t. 

Gul. Forbes, f. Gulielmi, fab. fer., Abdn. b, t, tn. 

Gul. Officer, f. Roberti in Jacksbank, Glenbervie, Kincardine, b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Hugo Spence, f. Joannis in Gartly, Banff. b, s. 

Ja, Cushnie,^^ f. Alexi., pastoris de Oyne, Abdn. b, s, t. 

Ja. Donaldson, f. dem. Jac. de Kinnairdy, Banff. b. 

Ja. Duthie,i2 f, Alexi., juris consult., Abdn. b. 

Ja. Hay, f. Jacobi in Glassaugh, Banff. b. 

^ Seemingly an erroneous double entry. 

» First M.P. for Abd. after Reform Bill ; Gov. of P. E. Island ; let. ; Rector, 1834. 

* Adv. in Abd., i8og ; proc. fiscal. * Min., Strachan, Rayne ; D.D., Abd., 1864. 

' Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. • Min., Aberd., Logie Coldstone. "^ Mercht., Trinidad. 

• Min., Lonmay ; D.D., Abd., 1869. » Sch., Rathen ; min., Tyrie. 

" Adv., Edtn., 1810. " Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. " Solicitor, Lond. 




a. Leslie,^ f. Jacobi, centur., Kair, Kincardine. 

a. Roy, f. Jacobi in Inchtelly, Alves, Elgin. 

o. Allardes, f. dem. Gulielmi, Forgue, Abdn. 

o. Dun,2 f. Petri in Northhill, L. Kirk, Kincardine. 

o. Ellis, f. Gulielmi de Insula Jamaica. 

o. Gordon, f. Joannis, Legion. 92. Ped. majoris, Abdn. 

o. Macdonald,^ f. Donaldi, Abredonensis. 

o. Macfarlane, f. Jacobi, supervisor., Abdn. 

o. Morison, f. Gulielmi, Newmills, Keith, Banff. 

o. Paterson,^ f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Logie Buchan, Abdn. 

o. Stirling,^ f. Jacobi, Auchredie, New Deer, Abdn. 
Niel Arnott,*^ f. Alexandri, mercator., Abdn. 
Stewart Leith, f. Joannis, quond. de Barrack, Abdn. 
Theod. Allardes, f. dem. Gulielmi in Forgue, Abdn. 
Fran. Hare, Angl. 
D. Balgouny,^ f. Com. de Levin. 
Alexr. Milne. 

Benj. Innes, f. Gul., Orcaden^. 
Don. Grant. 
Gul. Anderson. 
Hen. Adams, f. Joan, in Aberdeen. 

Joachim Greig, f. , Bergen, Norweg". 

Joa. AUardyce, f. in Banff. 

Joa. Skinner. 

Pat Calder, f. , Inverness. 

Pat. Ironside. 

Rob. Wilson, f. And. in Banff. 

Jac. McKenzie. 

Alexander Davidson.^ 


Alex. Alcock, f. Alexri., Eccles. Angl. minri., Aberdeen. 
Alex. Allan,» f. Alexri. dem., Old Machar, Abdn. 
Alex. Johnston,!" f. Jacobi in Crimond, Abdn. 
























t, m. 






















1 Silver pen, 1802 ; mercht., Canada. ^ gch. , Dunnet, Sanday ; min, , Kirkwall. 

3 Sch., Aberd. * Gray math, bursar, 1804 ; M.D., King's Coll., 1820 ; H.E.I.C.S. 

^ ist bursar (21 compet.) ; min., Peterculter. « M.D., 1814. 

' Afterwards 8th earl ; Rear- Admiral, R.N. « Lecturer on Chemistry ; blind. 

» Adv. in Abd., 1810. ^ Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 


Arth. Brebner, £ Gulielmi in Boharm, Banff. b. 

Car. Leslie, f. Theodori in Monymusk, Aberdeen. b. 

Geo. Dingwall,' f. Alex, dem., Auchterless, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Gerard, £ Georgii de Midstrath, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Geo. Mortimer, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Geo. Paton, f. Alexri. in Thurso, Caithness. b. 

Gul. Anderson, f. Henrici de Insula Grenada. b. 

Gul. Bower,2 f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. [Rob.] Brown, f. Gul. Laur., Acad. Marischal. Gymnasiar. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Donaldson, f. Joannis, Fetteresso, Kincardine. b, s. 

Gul. DuflF, major, f. Gulielmi, Glass, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Gul. Duff,3 minor, f. Alexri de Mayen, Banff. b, s. 

Gul. Murray, f. Jacobi, ballivi de Aberdeen. b. 

Ja. Cook,* f. Jacobi in Huntly, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Ja. Grant, f. Joannis demortui, de Kincardine, Aberdeen. b. 

Ja. Henderson, f. Gulielmi in Gilcomston, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Innes,* f. Joannis de Durris, Kincardine. b, s. 

Ja. McAndrew, f. Jacobi, mercator., Londinensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. McKenzie, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Ja. Sherriffs, f. Alexri., Abredonensis. b, s. 

Ja. Sievewright, f. Jacobi in Huntly. b. 

Jo. Gordon,^ major, f. Joannis, pastoris de Strathdon. b. 

Jo. Gordon,^ minor, f. Georgii, pastoris de Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Murray,^ £ Andreae in Clatt, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Smith,^ £ Joannis in Rathen, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Stewart,'^ £ dem. Joannis, Skelmuir, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Laur. [Geo.] Brown," f. Gul. Laur., hujus Acad. Gymnasiar. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Pat Davidson,i2 £ dem. Gul., pastoris de Inverury. 6, 5, m, A.M. 

PaL Leslie,'^ £ Gul., mercatoris, Abredonensis. fc, s, t, m, A.M. 

Pat. Rae, £ Joannis, mercator., Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Ro. Barclay," £ Davidis, Logie Pert, Forfar. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ro. Duff, £ Gulielmi, pastoris de Foveran, Abdn. b. 

Ro. Duthie, £ Alexi. dem., jurisper., Aberdeen. b. 

Ro. Wilson," f. Andreae in Banff. b, 

^ Min., Auchterless; benefactor (Vol. I., 534). ^ 1st bursar (23 compel.). 

* Mercht., Riga, Archangel, London. * M.D., 1815. <* W.S., 1811. * Lieut., i8th Foot. 

' Lieut., Bombay Artillery. » Min., Abd. ; F.C. ; D.D., 1856. » Adv. in Aberd., 1810. 
" Silver pen, 1803. " Agent for Seigniory of Beauharnois. ^^ Sch., Kintore; min., Insch. 
» M.D., 1817. " Min., Lunan. " M.D., King's Coll., 1815 ; benefactor (Vol. I., 541). 




Rog. Milne, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Sam. Ritchie, f. Samuel., Udny, Aberdeen. 
Theod. Forbes,^ f. Joannis de Ladysford, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Alcock, f. Alex., Eccles. Ang. de Aberdeen min'. 
Tho. Burnett,''^ f. Roberti de Leys, Eq. Bar., Kincardine. 

Gul. Boxill,8 f. , Barbadoes. 

Ja. Davidson, f. , Bristol. 

Joa. Lyon, f. , mere, Londonensis. 

Joa. Morison,^ f. Gul. in New Mill of Keith, Banff. 

Sam. Chase, f. Sam., chirurgi, Luton, Bedfordshire. 

Tho. Edmonds, f. Revdi. Joan., Guilsborough, Northamptons. 

Alexr. Brand, f. Jac, Aberdeen. 

Alexr. Hadden, f. Jac, mercat., Abred^ 

Alexr. Milne, f. Alex., Aberdon^ 

Arch. Douglas, f. Gul, armig. de Brighton, Forfarshire. • 

Car. Chalmers, f. Jac, typog., Abred^. 

Fran. Nichol, f. Kennethi de Insula Tobago. 

Gul. Scot, f. Gul., juns., mercat. in Peterhead. 

Jac. Lunan, f. Car., Abredon^, horol. fabric^. 

Rob. Shivas, f. in Peterhead. 

Thom. Stephen, f. Jo., V.D.M., Cruden, Aberdeen. 
Joannes Grant. 
Olinthus Gregory.^ 


iEneas Macdonell,^ f. dem. iEn. de Scothouse, Inverness. 

Alex. Arnot, f. Alexri., mercator., Aberdeen. 

Alex. Black,^ f. Alex., dem., Aberdeen. 

Alex. Brand, f. Jacobi, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Christie, f. Alexri., V.D.M. apud Fyvie, Aberdeen. 

Alex. Copland,^ f. Patricij, hujus Acad, professoris. 

Alex. Hadden,^ f. Jacobi, mercat., Aberdeen. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5, t. 

b, t. 

b, s. 





s, t, m, 


s, t, m, 

, A.M. 

■ s, t, 

















b, s, t, m, 


6, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t, m, 



b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 



1 H.E.I.C.S. (Civil). 2 8th bart. 

3 See 1797-1801 ; M.D., Edin., 1809 ; benefactor (Vol. I., 525). 

* Gray math, bursar, 1805 ; min., Deer. 

" Master of the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich ; LL.D., 1808. 

8 H.E.I.C.S. ; First Member of Board of Revenue, Madras. 

^ ist bursar (33 compet.); min., Tarves; D.D., 1824; Prof. Div. 

8 Adv. in Aberd,, 1812, * Manufr., Aberd. 




Alex. Robertson,^ £ Alexri. in Lonmay, Aberdeen. b 

Arch. Simson,''* f. Gulielmi, mercator., Aberdeen. b 

Benj. Williamson,'' f. dem. Jacobi, mercat, Aberdeen. b 

Car. Chalmers,* f. Jacobi, typograph., Aberdeen. b 

Geo. Brander,^ f. Georgii, mercat, Keith, Banff. b 

Geo. Copland, f. Gulielmi de Insula Jamaica. b 

Geo. Gordon,*' f. Roberti, pastoris de Drumblate, Aberdeen, b 

Geo. Rainy, '^ f. Georgii, pastoris de Creich, Sutherland. b 

Geo. Sheed, f. Gulielmi, calcear., Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Gerard,^ f. Georgii dem., de Midstrath, Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Gibson, f. Gulielmi in Huntly, Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Meston,® f. Thomae in Belhelvie, Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Murren, f. Georgii demort., in Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Robertson, f. Alexri. in Lonmay, Aberdeen. b 

Gul. Scott, f. Gulielmi, mercat, Peterhead, Aberdeen. b 

Hen. Forbes, f. Roberti, agric, Tough, Aberdeen. b 

a. Duncan, f. Georgii, fabri lig., Aberdeen. b 

SL. Ferguson,^*' f. Jacobi de Kinmundy, Aberdeen. b 

a. Gillenders, f. Gulielmi in Cluny, Aberdeen. b 

a. Milne, f. Gulielmi, calcear., Aberdeen. b 

a. Nicol, f. Joannis in Kiltarlity, Inverness. b 

a. Shepherd,^^ f. Roberti, pastoris de Daviot, Aberdeen. b 

o. Aitken,^2 f Jacobi, V.D.M., Kirrymuir, Forfar. b 

o. Cameron,i3 f^ Hugonis, mercat., Aberdeen. b 

o. Copland,^* f. Patricii, in hac Academia P.P. b 

o. Daniel, f. Mat. in Strathdon, Aberdeen. b 

o. Forbes,^^ f. Alexri., Fordyce, Banff. b 

o. Geddes,!" f. Joannis, Bellie, Banff. b 

o. Imray,^'^ f. Jacobi, fabri lig., Aberdeen. b 

o. Kynoch, f. Kennethi in Aberdeen. b 

s, tf m, 

5, t, m, 



5, t, ni, 
5, /, m, 

5, t, 

s, t, m. 

5, t. 


5, t, m, 

5, t, m, 


s, t, in, 


s, t, m, 

s, t, m, 



s, t, m, 

5, t, m. 










1 Blackwell prize, 1814 ; sch., Fintray. 

' Architect, Aberd. ; portrait in possession of Univ. 

' M.D., 1839 ; Rector's Assessor, 1834. * Of Monkshill ; adv. in Abdn., 1812. 

" Surg., R.N. ; Elgin. * Capt., 42nd Highdrs. 

' Silver pen, 1804 ; mercht., Liverpool. 

" Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " Gray math, bursar (eq.), 1806; teacher of languages, Abd. 
w Of Kinmundy ; D.L. " W.S., 1817. '^ Antiburgher min., Aberd. 

" Of Morefield ; Surgeon, Aberdeen. " Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

» M.D., Edin., 1817; kt.; author; benefactor (Vol. I., 536). 
" L.R.C.S., Ed., 1824 ; Lect. on Instit, of Med. ^"^ Sch., Peterhead ; min., Longside. 




Jo. Mitchel,^ f. Joannis in Keithhall, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Smith, f. Alexri., dem. in London. 

Jo. Waddel,2 f. Davidis, V.D.M., in Belhelvie, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Watson, major, f. Davidis in Arbuthnot, Kincardine. 

Jo. Watson, minor, f. Georgii, Drainy, Elgin. 

Pat. Ferguson,^ f, Jacobi, mercat., Aberdeen. 

Pat. Young,^ f. dem. Jacobi, mercat., Aberdeen. 

Rob. Bovver,^ f. Joannis, ludimag., Aberdeen. 

Rob. Brebner,^ f. Roberti in Forgue, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Duff," f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Foveran, Aberdeen. 

Rob. [Car] Grant,^ f. Caroli de Balgowan, Keig, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Seton, f. dem. Roberti in Chap'. Garioch, Aberdeen. 

Tho. Black,^ f. Thomae, mercat., Aberdeen. 

Tho. Stephen, f. Joannis, V.D.M., Cruden, Aberdeen. 

Tho. Young, f. de Insula Barbadoes. 

Gul. Earle,^*^ f. Thorn., armig. in Liverpool. 

Ja. Sievewright,^^ f, Jacobi in Huntly. 

Joan. Anderson, f. Gul. in Drainy, Elgin. 

Joan. Blaikie,^^ f. Joan., plumbarii in Aberdeen. 

Joan. Cameron, f. Alex., centurionis in Mortlach, Abdn. 

Tho. Earle,i» f. , Angl. 

Thos. Gordon,^^ f. dem. Caroli. de Cairnes, Aberdeen. 

Alexr. McRa, f. Arch., Ardentoule, Rossiensis. 

Alex. Robertson,'* minor, f. Archib. in New York, America. 

Arch. Douglas, f. Gul., armigeri de Brighton, Forfarshire. 

David Gibb, f. Pat,, horolog. fabric®, in Aberdeen. 

Geo. Ogilvie,^^ f. Gul., Forglen. 

Gul. Brebner, f. Alex, de Lernie, mercator., Abdn. 

Gul. Robertson, major, f. Alex., fab. lign., Cairness, Abdn. 

Jac. Forrest, f. Jac, mercat. in Bervie, Kincardine. 

Jac. Fraser, f. Jac. in Banff. 

Jac. Macgowan,i*5 f. Alex,, pasf. de Dairy, Kirkudbrightsh. 

Jac. Rae, f. Joa., mercat^, Abred^ 

1 Sch., Cawdor. * Gray math, bursar (eq.), 1806; math, mast., Elgin Acad. 

3 Sch., Nigg, Kincardine. * Capt., H.E.I.C.S. '^ M.D., 1815. « Traveller ; author. 

7 Batavia. « Adv. in Aberd., 1811. » Garlogie Mills, Aberd. ^'^ Scot. N. and Q., I., 71. 
" Min., Markinch; F.C. ; Mod. F.C. Assemb., 1847; D,D., Glasg., 1846; author. 
1^ Brassfounder, Aberdeen. 

^^ Of Cairness; Maj. -General ; antiquary and numismatist ; Greek historian. 
" Artist, 18 H.E.I.CS. i« Sch., Liverpool. 


6, 5, t, w, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 



by S. 

b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5, t. 




5, m, 




s. ^ 






Jas. Scot, f. Gul. jun"., mercator. in Peterhead. 
Joan. Urquhart, f. Joan., Cove, Hibern. 
George Wright. 
James Deans.^ 
Lawrence Gwynne.'-* 
Samuel Burder^ [i8th Dec.]. 



Alexr. Argo, f. Jacobi in Peterhead, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 
Alexr. Bruce,* f. Gulielmi in Longside, Abdn. b, s, t, w, A.M. 
Alexr. Fraser,^ f. Gul., pastoris de Tyrie, Abdn. &, 5, t, m, A.M. 
Alexr. Hector, f. Joannis in Bridge Dee, Nigg, Kincardine, b, s. 
Alexr. Melvin,^ f. Alexri. in Insch, Abdn. b, s, t, ni, A.M. 
Alexr. Mitchel, f. Patricij, D.D., pastoris de Kemnay, Abdn. b, s, t, w, A.M. 
And. Shepherd,^ f. Gulielmi, ballivi de Aberdeen.' b, s, t, in, A.M. 
Car. Henderson, f. Joannis de Caskiebain, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 
Donald Sage,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Kildonnan, Sutherland, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Geo. Brown,^ f. Alexri., fab. lig., Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Geo. McKilligan, f, Georgii, mercatoris in Banff. b, t. 
Gual. Duthie,^** f. dem. Alexi., advocati, Abdn. b. 
Gul. Brebner, f. Alexi. de Lernie, mercator., Abdn. b. 
Gul. Cuddie, f. Joannis, tinctoris in Abdn. b, s, t. 
Gul. Duncan, f. dem. Gul., ludimagist., Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Findlay,^^ f. Davidis in Brechin, Forfar. b, s, t, in, A.M. 
Gul. Gourlay,^2 f^ Joannis, V.D.M. apud Arbuthnot, Kin- 
cardine, b, 5, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Houston, f. Hugonis de Creich, Sutherland. b. 
Gul. Reid, f. Gulielmi in Forgue, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 
Gul. Ross, f. Rev. Gualteri, pastoris de Clyne, Sutherland. b, s, t, in, A.M. 
Gul. Simson,^2 f. Rev. Alexi., pastoris de Fraserburgh, Abdn. b, s. 
Harvey Thomson," f. dem. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

' Sch., Rothes. - Examiner to H.E.I.C. ; LL.D., 1808. 

" Dissent, min. and sch., Lond. ; author. * Episc. min., Banff. 

' Lecturer in Midwifery, 1826. ^ Surg., 60th Foot. 

■^ Clerk, E. India House, London. ' Min., Achness, Aberd. (Gael.), Resolis; F.C. 

• LL.D., 1844 ; Diss, min., Ramsbottom ; teacher, Edgehill, near Liverpool ; Brompton ; 
author. '" W.S., 1817 ; portrait in Modern Atheniaiis. 

" Sch., Fraserburgh; min., King-Edward. »* Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

" Of Glenythan ; adv. in Abd., 1813 ; proc. fisc. " Asst. Surg,, H.E.I.C.S. ; mercht., Java. 


a. Campbell, f. Alexandri in Creich, Sutherland. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Forest, f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Bervie, Kincardine. b. 

a. Gordon, f. Gulielmi in Buchromb, Mortlach, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Mitchel, f. Jacobi, cementarii in Aberdeen. b. 

a. Paule, f. Alexri., Invercanny, Banchory, Aberdeen. b, s, t, w, A.M. 

a. Reith,^ f. Roberti, opificis in Aberdeen. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

o. Anderson, f. Gulielmi in Drainy, Elgin. b. 

o. Barclay,^ f. Caroli in Knockleith, Auchterless, Abdn. b, s. 

o. Burnett, f. Joannis de Elrick, Aberdeen. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

o. Davidson,^ f. Andres, advocati, Abredonensis. 6, 5, t, w, A.M. 

o. Gill,* f. Joannis, mercatoris, Aberdeen. b, 5, t, in, A.M. 

o. Moir,^ f. Joannis, mercatoris, Aberdeen. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

o. Ross, f. Gulielmi, architecti, Aberdeen. b. 

o. Sim,*5 f. Joannis [Leith Shipping Co.] in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Simson, f. Andreae de Colliehill, mercat., Aberdeen. b, 5, t, in. 

o. Tower," f. Jacobi, M.D., de Insula St'. Thomae. b. 

o. Young, f. Davidis in Hallgreen, Bervie, Kincardine. b, s. 

Pat. Blaikie^s f. Joannis, plumbarii, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Pet. Burnett, f. Joannis de Elrick, Aberdeen. b. 
Rob. [Jac] Brown," f. Rev. Gul. Laur., hujus Acad. Gym- 

nasiarchae. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Rob. Glennie, f. Roberti, opificis, Abredonen. b. 

Rob. Mitchel,i*'f. Rev. Patricij, D.D., pastor, de Kemnay, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Rob. Ramsay,^^ f. Jacobi, sutor. vestiar., Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Tho. Cock,i2 f. Roberti in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Tho. Fordyce, f. Arthuri de Culsh, LL.D., Aberdeen. b. 

Car. Rennie,^^ f. Henricj, Montrose, Angus. s, t, in, A.M. 

Da. Cambell, f. Al., past, de Kildonnan, Sutherl<i. 5, t. 

Gul. Hacking, , Anglus. s. 

Ja. Grant.i* f. [Jo.]. s. 

Simpson Ogilvie,^^ f. Rever. Joa., D.D., past., Midmar. 5, t. 

Alexr. Rae,i6 f. . t, m, A.M. 

Gilb. More,^^ f. Geo., prepositi, Abred. t. 

^ 1st bursar (30 compel.). 2 Farmer and sch,, Calcots, Elgin. ^ Java. 

•* Adv. in Abd., 1815. ^ Silver pen, 1805 ; Gray math, bursar, 1807. ^ Adv. in Abd., 1814, 

^ Prof., Midwifery, Glasgow. ' M.D., 1814; Lecturer on Surgery. 

" Min., Drumblade; Prof., Greek. " Surg., Kemnay. " Adv. in Abd., 1814. 

" Surg., Hatfield, Broadoak, Essex. i« Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. 

1* Capt., H.E.I.C.S. ; aftds. J. Grant Duff of Eden ; author. 

" Adv. in Abd., 181 1. i« Of Scobbach ; Surg., R.N. " H.E.I.C.S. (Civil). 




Gul. Milne/ f. . 

Jac. Calder, f. . 

Jac. Ferguson, f. Jac. de Kinmundy, Abred. 
Jac. Hadden, f. Jac, nuper prep., Abred. 

Jac. Hutcheson,2 f. in Peterhead. 

Jac. Wilson, f. . 

Joa. Dauney, f. Murd., naut. in Abred". 

Joa. Low, f. . 

Pat. Henderson, f. 

Alexr. Logan, f. Gulielmi, mercat^, Aberdons, 


Alex. Duncan, f. Alexri., mercator., Aberdeen. 6, 5 

Alex. Gordon,^ f, Caroli, advocati, Aberdeen. b, s 

Alex. Keith,* f. Geo. Skene, pastoris de Keithhall, Abd. b, s 

Alex. McPherson, f. dem. Donaldi, Abredonen. b, s 

Alex. Nicol,^ f. Joannis, fabri lignar., Monimusk, Abdn. b, s 

Alex. Ross,*' f. Gulielmi in Kincardine O'Neil, Abdn. b, s 

Alex. Simson," f. Andreae de Barrack, mercat., Abredon. b, s 

Alex. Smith,^ f. Jacobi, fabri aurarii, Abredonen. b, s 

Alex. Spencer,^ f. Roberti, opificis, Abredonen. b, s 

And. PauU, f. Jacobi, ludimagis., apud Dalmaik, Abdn. 6, s 

And. Stuart, f. Joannis, in hac Academia L.G.P. b, s 

Baron Graham,^*' f. Jacobi de Morphie, Kincardine. b, s 

Car. Arnott, f. Alexri., mercator., Abredonen. b, s 

Car. Copland,!^ f Patricij in hac Academia Math. P. 6, 5 

Car. Davidson, f. Alexri., mercatoris in Calcutta, Bengal. 6, 

Dav. Shirrefs,^^^ f. Jacobi, D.D., pastoris de Aberdeen. b, s 

Dun. Sim,^^ f. Jacobi, cerevisiarii in Hardgate, Abdn. b, s 

Fran. Garden,^* f. Gulielmi in Braco Park, Aberdeen. 6, 5 

Geo. Barclay,^^ f. Caroli in Knockleith, Auchterless, Abdn. b, s 


, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, VI, A.M. 
, vt, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, w, A.M. 
, /«, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, w, A.M. 

^ Chinese missionary and translator; D.D., Glasg., 1818. ^ Merchant, Peterhead. 

' Adv. in Aberd., 1814; commissary clerk. ^ Min., St. Cyrus; F.C. ; D.D., 1833. 

'* Silver pen, 1806; M.A., Oxon., 1814 ; D.C.L., 1822; Prof, of Hebrew, Oxford; 

" Sch., Kincardine O'Neil. ' Min., Spynie. ^ Adv. in Abd., 1819. 

" Sch. Fordoun ; F.C. min., Cornhill. '• Of Morphie ; D.L. ; portrait painter. 

" Jamaica. " Family Record by his father, Abd., i8ii. '"* ist bursar (31 compet.). 
" Of Braco Park; adv. in Aberd., 1814. 
" M.D., Edin., 1812; Lecturer on Surgery, 1818. 


Geo. Urquhart/ f. Alexri., pastoris de Rogart, Sutherland. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gilb. More, f. Georgii, nuper prepositi Abredon. mercator. b. 

Gualt. Sim, f. Georgii, mercator., Abredonen. b. 

Gul. Barclay,'-^ f. Caroli in Knockleith, Auchterless, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Snow Betty,^ f. Gulielmi, armigeri, Londonensis. b, s, t, A.M. ' 

Gul. Catto,'* f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredonen. b, s, t. 

Gul. Clark,''"' f. Kennedy in Banff. b, s. 

Gul. Duncan,*' f. dem. Joannis in Drumlithie, Kincardine. b, s, t. 

Gul. Fergusson,'' f. Jacobi de Kinmundy, Aberdeen. 6, 5, t. 

Gul. Gammack,^ f. Alexri. in Aberdour, Abdn. b, s. 

Gul. Henderson,^ f, Joannis de Caskiebain, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Hewlett,^** f. Jonathan, jurisperiti, Londonensis. b, s. 

Gul, Johnston, f. Joannis, opificis, Abredonen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Ramsay,^^ f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Cortachy, Forfar. b, s, t, in. 

a. Alcock, f. Alexri,, V.D.M., in Aberdeen, ap. D. Paul. b, s. 

a. Anderson, f. Gulielmi, hortulani, Abredonen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Fergusson, ^2 £ Joannis, mercatoris, Abredon. b, m, A.M. 

a. Hadden,^^ f. Jacobi, mercator., nuper prepositi, Abredon. b. 

a, Morrison, f. Petri in Auchterless, Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

a. Pirie, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

a. Ross, f. Benjamini de Insula Barbadoes. b, s. 

a. Wilson, f. Jacobi Reid in Ardoch, Boharm, Banff. b. 

o. Barclay ,1^ f, Georgii in Banchory-Ternan,' Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Cadenhead,^^ f. Joannis, hortulani, Abredonen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Cruickshank,^^ f, Jacobi in par. de Rothiemay, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Davidson, f. Alexri,, mercator. in Calcutta, Bengal. b, s, t. 

o. Downie, f. Murdaci, nautae, Abredonen, . b. 

o. Fleming,^'^ f. Joannis demort, Abredonen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Gerard, f, Georgii de Midstrath, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in. 

o. Robb,^^ f. Jacobi in par. de Fordyce, Banff. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Sim, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 6, 5. 

* Min., Rogart. ^ Min., Auldearn ; F,C, ^ Surg,, Lond. * Shipowner, Aberdeen. 

5 Surg., R.N, •* Merchant, Aberdeen. '' Merchant, Leith. 

^ Solicitor and Bank Agent, Peterhead. 

■* M.D., Edin., 1813; Lecturer on Materia Medica, 1818. ^° Barrister, London; author 
" Min., Alyth. 12 Of Aliens, Nigg ; adv. in Aberd., 1816. 

" Manufacturer, and Dean of Guild, Abd. " Sch., Kinellar. 

** Adv. in Aberd., 1816; joint proc. fiscal. 

1* Gray math, bursar, 1808; Prof of Mathematics ; LL.D., 1834. 
" Adv. in Aberd., 1821, ^* United Assoc, Synod min,. Tough, 




Jo. Watson/ f. Jacobi de Elgin. 

Ma.\[well] Gordon,- f. Georgii, D.D., pastoris de Aberdeen. 

Tho. Roger,=* f. Thomje, fabri ierar., Abredonen. 

Tho. Smith,^ f. Joannis de Mount Pleasant, Peterhead. 

Geo. Stuart, f. . 

Gualt. Sim, f. Car., Auchterless, Abdn. 

Gul. Stuart,^ f. Pat., past, de Kineff. 

Joan. Michell,'* f. Car., armig. de Forsett Hall, Devonshire. 

Patr. Melles, f. . 

Pet. Rae, f. , Aberdon. 

Rob. Lundie, f. , Hull. 

Tho. Fordyce,^ f. Arth., LL.D., advoc, Aberd". 

Tho. Pym VVeeks,^ f. Th. Pym Weeks, M.D., Ind. Occid^, 

Nevis Insul. 

Alexri. Irvine, f. . 

Alexri. Linton,® f. . 

Car. Chivers, f. , Londonensis. 

Jac. Hutcheson, f. , Peterhead. 

Joan. Brine,^*^ M.D., f. Rev. Joannis B., Devonshire. 

Joa. Richardson Thain,^^ f. Joannis, agricoiae in parochia 

Joa. Stronach, f. Alexri. 

Rob. Irvine, f. , Towie, Abe^d^ 

Roger Aitken^- [14th Feb.]. 

James Leith, Ipswich 1 

John Acton , [25th Apr.]. 


. s, t. 


, 5, ty m, A.M. 


5, t, in, A.M. 


5, ^ 



s, ty m. 

s, t, m. 





Sy t, m. 









Hon. A.M. 




Alexr. Forrest, f. Alexri. in Strichen, Abredon. 
Alexr. Jamieson, f. Gul. dem., advocati, Abredon. 
Alexr. Smith, f. Alexri., ludimagis., Abredon. 
Alexr. Van, f. Gulielmi, fabri lig., Abredon. 
And. Milne, f. Gulielmi, sutor. calcear., Abredon. 

by s. 

by Sy ty tH , A.M. 
by S. 
by 5. 

by s, t, nty A.M. 

* Factor, Rathven, '^ Min. 

' Trades School, Aberd. 
" Of Glassel. 

"M.R.C.S., 1816; Aberd. 
" Of Drumblair, Forgue. 

Foveran (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 
* Surg., Aberd. ' Sheriff clerk, Stonehaven. 

' Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. « M.A., 1818. 

'" Teignmouth. 

" Episc. min., Aberd. ; Canada. 




Car. Gordon, f. Georgij de Auchleuchries, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Car. Michie, f. Joannis, sutor. vestiar., Abredon. fe, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Da. Young, f. dem. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t. 

Geo. Agnew, f. Joannis in Stonehyve, Kincardine. b, s, t, vi, A.M. 

Geo. Rainnie,^ f. Joannis in Fyvie, Abredon. b, s. 

Gul. Alexander,- f. Jacobi in Strichen, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Chrystal,^ f. Joannis, mercator., Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Logan, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s. 

Gul. Macdonnel,^ f. dem. ^Eneae de Scothouse, Inverness. b. 

Gul. Reid, f. Jacobi de Cullen, Banff. b, s. 

Gul, Reith, f. Roberti, opificis, Abredon. b, s, t, ni, A.M. 

Gul. Shingleton, f. Georgij, armigeri, Warwick. 6, s. 

Gul. Watson,'' f. Georgii Mence de Kensington. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Wedderburn, f. , Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Gul. Woodman,^ f. Joannis, opificis in Strichen, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Hugo Jamieson, f. Caroli, mercator. in Inverness. b, 

a. Cruickshank," major, f. Jacobi in Fyvie, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

a. Cruickshank, minor, f. Joannis, V.D.M. apud TurrefT. b. 

a, McHardy,^ f. Gulielmi, stabularii in Abredeen. b, s, t. 

ac. Murray,^ f. Jacobi dem., ballivi in Aberdeen. /;, 5, t. 

ac. Pilmore,^° f. Gulielmi, pistoris in Montrose, Forfar. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Simson," f. Patricij, mercatoris, Abredonen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Wattie,^^ f. Roberti in Coldstone, Abredon. b, s, t, w, A.M. 

o. Adam, f. Joannis, chirurg. in Forfar. 6, s. 

o. Betty, f. Gulielmi, armigeri, Londonensis. 6, s. 

o. Christie, f. in par. de Lochel, Abredon. b. 

o. Gordon,^^ f. Jacobi, M.D., in Keith, Banff. b, s. 

o. Gray,^* f. Joannis, mercatoris, Londinen. • b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Hunter,^^ f. Davidis in Towie, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Milne, f. Joan., nautae in Banff. b, s. 

o. Rae,^" f. Alexri., ludimagis. de Peterculter, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M.] 

o. Reid, f. Jacobi de Ardoch, Deskford, Banff. b. 

' Adv. in Aberd., 1814. - Surg., Aberd. 

^ Silver pen, 1807 ; sch., Arbuthnott. * Surg., 19th Foot. 

^ Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. * Sch., Fraserburgh. " Surg., Wardend, Forgue. 

^ Adv. in Aberd., 1817 ; town clerk, Glasgow. " Adv. in Aberd., 1817. 

" Gray math, bursar, 1809. " ist bursar (23 compet.) ; adv. in Aberd., i8i6. 

'•'' Sch., Crimond ; farmer, Tarland. >* L.R.C.S., Ed. ; Keith ; author. 

" Barrister, London ; author. ^^ W.S., 1821. i" Sch., Dyce. 



Jo. Thom,^ f. Alexri. in Pitsligo, Abredon. 

Jo. Walker, f. Alexri. in Strichen, Abredon. 

Jo. White, f. Davidis, armigeri de Insula Jamaica. 

Jonath. Riach,'- f. Patricij, pistoris in Abredon. 

Robt. Boyd,=* f. Gul., pastoris de Crimond, Abredon. 

Robt. Ross, f. Alexri., ludimagistri de Kintore, Abdn. 

Thos. Maclean,* f. Thorn je in Abredon. 

Geo. Hubbard [Hobbart in t], f. Geo., armig., Eng^. 

[Geo.] And. Stuart,^ f. Joa., L. Grae. P. in hac. Acad. 

Gul. Clarke, f. Kennethi, pistoris, Banff. 

Jac. Alcock," f. dem. pastoris, Abred. 

Ja. Arbuthnott, f. . 

Ja. Fergusson," f. [Joannis, mercatoris], Abred. 
Ja. Hector, f. Jacobi, Fernieflat, Kincardine. 

J^. Henderson, f. — : . 

Ja. Sherrififs, f. Jaci., D.D., V.D.M. in Aberd«. 

Ja. Walker,s f. Rob., Fintray. 

Alexr. Burnett, f. Ale^., Logic, Stonehive. 

Gul. Jolly, f. [Alex.], V.D.P., Glenesk. 

Gul. Turnbull, f. Gul., nautae in Abred. 

Jac. Anderson,^ f. Gul., Frasersborough. 

Joa. Kyle,^" f. Jaco., Edinburgh. 

Joa. Lumsden, f. Joa. Lumsden, Esq. de Rathen. 

Jacobus Ross, f. Jonathan, Barbadoes. 

b, s 

b, s 

b, s 

b, s 

b, 5 

b, s 

b, s 












, m, A.M. 

, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

, fn, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 
, m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 


Alex. Adamson,^^ f. Caroli, centurion., Nigg, Kincardine. b, s. 

Alex. Copland,^2 f Gulielmi, advocati, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Gibbon,^^ f. dem. Caroli, nautae, Aberdeen. b, s, t, ui, A.M. 

Alexr. Gordon, f. Alexri., mercator., Peterhead, Abdn. b. 

Alex. Jaffray,^* f. Jacobi in Aberdeen. b, s, t, A.M. 

Alexr. Sherriffs, f. Jacobi, pastoris de St. Nicholas, Abdn. b, s. 

And. Fergusson,^^ f. Joannis, chirurg., Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

* Adv. in Aberd., 1816. 

* Druggist, Aberd. 
7 A.M., i8og. 

'" 50th Regt. 

!'■* M.R.C.S., Lond. 

" Sch., Kinnell. 

* Sch., Duffus. ^ Planter, Java. 

* Of Inchbreck ; M.D., 1822. * Surgeon, army. 

*• Med. pract., Turriff. ■ Banker, Glasgow. 

" Author of Ode in Collegium Bengalense, Abd., 1808. 
" Of Johnston (Kincardine) ; adv. in Aberd., 1817. 
" Surgeon, Aberd. 


AlUmnI and graduates in arts. 


Arch. Robertson, f. Georgii in Arbuthnott, Kincardine. 
Arthur Gerard, f. Georgii de Midstrath, Aberdeen. 
Car. Urquhart, f. dem. Joannis de Monteagle, Ross. 
Dav. Byres, f. Alexandri, nautae, Aberdeen. 
Dav. Walker,^ f. Roberti in Wester Fintray, Abdn. 

Dune. Sinclair, f. in parochia de Tarbet, Ross. 

Geo. Clark,'- f. Jacobi, mercator., Aberdeen. 

Geo. Gardiner, f. Gulielmi, sutor. calcear., Aberdeen. 

Geo. S. Keith, f. Georgij Skene, pastoris de Keithhall, Abdn. 

Geo. Mathieson, f. Roberti in Macdufif, Abdn. 

Geo. Watson, f. Alexri. in par. de Alves, Moray. 

Geo, Wilson,^ f. Adami de Glasgoego, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Donald, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Forbes,'* f. Gulielmi, fabri lign., London. 

Gul. Forsyth, f. dem. Henrici de Harthill, Abdn. 

Gul. Jolly, f. Thomae, pastoris de Dunnet, Caithness. 

Gul. Kemloe, f. Josephi in Balhaggarty, Garvock, Kincardine. 

Gul. Macandrew,^ f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Elgin. 

Gul. Merchant, f. Richardi in Aberdeen. 

Gul. Turnbull, f. dem. Gulielmi, nautae, Aberdeen. 

Henr. Esson,** f. Roberti in Balnacraig, Aboyne, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Alexander, f. Gilberti in Peterhead, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Downie, f. Roberti dem. in Aberdeen. 

Ja. Michie, f. Gulielmi, janitoris Schol. Gram., Aberdeen. 

Jac. Ross," f. dem. Jacobi in Crathie, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Smith, major, f. Jacobi, dem. in Banff. 

Jac. Smith, minor, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Avoch, Ross. 

Jac. Spence,^ f. Alexandri, opificis in Huntly, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Watson, f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Banff. 

Jac. Wilson, f. Jacobi in Fyvie, Aberdeen. 

Joa. Arnott,'-' f. Alexandri, mercator., Aberdeen. 

Joa. Edward,^" f. Georgij, mercator. in Grange, Banff. 

Jo. Lumsden, f. Georgij Barclay de Knowsie, Aberdeen. 

b, s, t 


b, t 


b, s, t 

, m 


b, s. 

b, s, t 

, m 


b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t 


b, s, t 

, m 


b, s, t 


b, s, t 


b, 5, t 

, m, 



b, s, t 

, m, 


b, s, t 

, w. 


b, s, t 




b, s, t 

b, s, t 






b, 5, t 



b, s, t 

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' Land surveyor, Aberd. •' Bookseller, Aberd. '^ Adv. in Aberd., 1816. 

''Gray math, bursar, 1810. •''• Mercht., Lisbon. 

*> ist bursar (35 compel.) ; silver pen, 1808 ; min., Scots Church, Montreal. 
7 Adv. in Aberd., 1816; S.S.C, 1823. 

* Cong. Min., Blackfriars Street, Aberdeen ; L of Wight ; London. 
" W.S., 1821. 1" Sch., Boharm, Grange; min., Marnoch. 





Jon. [Hcnr.] Christie,^ f. Alexandri, V.D.M., apud Fyvie, 

Pat. Cameron,'- f. Alexandri, centurion., Mortlach, Banff. 
Pat. Mitchell, f. Patricij, pastoris de Kemnay, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Davidson,^ f. Andreae, advocati, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Leslie, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Smith,* f. Georgii in Aberdeen. 
Rob. Urquhart,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Tough, Aberdeen. 
Sam. Middleton,^ f. Joannis, pistoris in Aberdeen. 
Tho. Ferguson,^ f. Jacobi de Kinmundy, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Napier, f. Archibaldi, de Insula Tobago. 
Joannes Skinner. 
Geo. Henderson,^ f. Geo., ex Hospitio Gordoni. 
Geo. Ligertwood, f. Joan, in Foveran, Abred*. 
Gul. Hay,» f. Gul. in Banff. 
Gul. Mellis,^** f. Jac. de Newhall, Kincardine. 
Jac. Norton, f. Christ, dem., Tonley, Abred^. 
Jac. Reid, f. Gul. in Banff. 

Jac. Sutherland, f. Nath., M.D., Aberdeen Militia. 
Jac. Wilson, f. Alex., merc^., Lond^ 
Joa. Fraser, f. Jac. in Banff. 
Thom. Arbuthnot,^^ f. Thomae in Peterhead. 
Thom. Duguid, f. Joan., pastoris de Evie and Rendal, Orcadensis 
Thomas Myers ^^ [2nd Jan.]. 






























Alex. Cow,^^ f. Alexri. in Peterhead, Abdn. b, s. 

Alex. Machray,!* f. Alexri., tinctoris in Gilcomston. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Russell, f. Alexri., armigeri de Aden, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Stuart/^ f. Joannis, in hac Academia L.Gr.P. b, s, t. 

Alexr. Thomson, f. dem. Jacobi, armig. de Stonehyve. b, s, t. 

And. Burnett, f. Joannis de Elrick, arm., Abdn. b. 

And. Ross,^*' f. Henrici dem., in Coull, Abdn. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

* M.A., Oxon., 1815 ; barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1824. ^ sheriff subst., Elgin. 

' Physician Gen., H.E.I.C.S. * Merchant in Wales. " Med. pract., Keith. 

8 Aberd. Banking Co. ' W.S., 1819. « Merchant, Aberdeen. » Sch., Huntly. 

" Lieut,, 24th Regt. " Mercht. and Provost, Peterhead. >* LL.D., 1823. 

" Surg., Ellon, Lonmay ; author of a Flora Aberdonensis ; benefactor (I., 534). 
" Sch., Aberd. '» Of Inchbreck and Laithers. !« Banker, Tarland. 


Art. Gerard, f. Georgii dem., de Haughs, Turreff. b. 

Dav. Simson,^ f. Gulielmi, sutoris calcear. in Findhorn, Moray, b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Angus,^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Botriphnie, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Davidson, f. Joannis, mercator. in Aberdeen. 6, s. 

Geo. Fyffe, f. Caroli in Windmillbrae, Abdn. b, 5, t. 

Geo. Milne, f. Georgij, textoris in Aberdeen. b, s, t, ni, A.M. 

Geo. Shepherd,^ f. Thomze in Fordyce, agricolae, Banff. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gualt. Ogilvie,^ f. dem. Thomae, pastoris de Kirriemuir, Forfar. /;, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gualt. Scott, f. Gulielmi in Huntly, opificis, Abdn. b. 

Gul. Kemlo,'^ f. Josephi in Balhaggarty, Garvock, Kincardine, b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. [Jac] Lumsden,"^ f. Henrici, advocati, Abredon. b, t. 

Gul. Macbain, f. Alexri., pastoris de Kincardine, Ross. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Stoddart,''' f. Jacobi, agricolae in Foveran, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Watson, f. Georgii, agricolae in Drainie, Moray. b, s, t. 

Hercules Scott,^ f. Jacobi, pastoris de Benholm, Kincardine, b, s, t, in, A.M. 

ac. Arnott,'* f. Alexri., mercatoris in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

ac. Bisset, major, f. dem. Joannis in Turreff, Abdn. b, s, t. 

a. Bisset, 1" minor, f Georgii, ludimagistri apud Udny, Abdn. b, s. 

a. Christie, 11 f Alexri., V.D.M. apud Fyvie, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

a. Davidson, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Fyvie, Abdn. b. 

ac. Duncan,i2 f^ Gulielmi, dem. ludimag., Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

ac. Forbes, f. Joannis de Upper Boyndlie, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

ac. Martin, 13 f. dem. Jacobi, tinctoris, Abredonensis. b, s. 

ac. Mellis, f. Jacobi dem., de Newhall, Kincardine. b, s. 

ac. Norton, f. dem. Christopheri, armigeri, Tonley, Aberdeen, b. 

a. Rose,!'* f. Joannis, pastoris ecclesite de Udny, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

a. Wilson, f. Alexri., mercatoris, Londinen. b, s. 

o. Anderson, f. Joannis, agricolae in Tarland, Abdn. ■ b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Bisset, 1^ f. Georgij, ludimagistri apud Udny, Abdn. b, s, t. 

o. Bruce,^*' f. Joannis, pastoris ecclesiae de Forfar. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Cowie.i'^ f. Gulielmi, ludimagistri, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

^ Min., Burghead, Aberd. ; F.C. '■^ Superintending Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

3 Sch., Kingussie ; min., Laggan, Kingussie ; F.C, Elgin. •* Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

5 M.D., Edin., 1819 ; Assist. Surg., sgth Regt. «Of Balmedie ; H.E.I.C.S. (Civil). 

^ Min., Madderty. 8 Regent, etc.. King's Coll. 

" 1st bursar (41 compet.) ; M.D., 1825 ; author. ^" See 1815-ig. 

" Surg., West Crichie. 12 Smg., H.E.I.C.S. i» Silver pen, i8og ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 
" Gray math, bursar, 181 1. ^* Sch., Udny. 

i« D.D., 1853 ; min., Guthrie, Edinb. ; F.C. 
^" Sch., Old Abd. ; author of A Catechism of Music. 




Jo. Elliott, f. Samuelis, textoris in Banff. b. 

Jo. Lifjertwood,' f, Joannis, agricola in Foveran, Abdn. 

Jo. Ogilvie,- f. Gulielmi de Glenugj;, arm., Forfar. 

Jo. Spark,»f. Roberti, V.D.M., apud Drumlithie, Kincardine. 

Jo. Webster, f. Alexri., mercatoris in Powburn, Kincardine. 

Mariot Arbuthnott, f. dem. Joannis, Vice Comitis de Arbuth- 

Pat. Allan, f. Joannis in Arbroath, Forfar, opificis. 
Pat. Anton, f. Jacobi, sutor. calcear., Abdn. 
Pat. Bannerman,* f. Caroli, advocati, Abredonen. 
Pat. Urquhart, f. Alexri., pastoris ecclesiae de Tough, Abdn. 
Rob. Elgin,'' f. Alexri,, sutqr. calcear., Aberdeen. 
Rob. Innes, major, f. Joannis de Durris, Kincardine. 
Rob. Innes, minor, f. Joannis, sutor. vestiar., Abdn. 
Rob. McCombie,*' f. Caroli, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Rob. Willox, f Abernethy, in Lonmay, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Bannerman,^ f. Thomae, mercatoris, Abredonen. 
Tho. Doig,« f. Roberti, V.D.M. in Aberdeen. 
Tho. Wilson,** f. Thomas, pastoris de Gamrie, Banff. 
Car. Halket,^" f. dem. Car. de Inveramsay. 
Gulielmus Donald. 
Gulielmus Turnbull, f. demortui Gulielmi, nautae, Aber- 

donensis. s. 

Earnestus Mearns,^i f. dem. Jac, agricolie, Monymusk. 
Geo. Webster, f. Geo., mere''., Newdeer. 

Gual. Grey, f. , mercatoris, Londonensis. 

Jac. Gregor, f. . 

Jac. Mitchell,^'' f. Joa., s. calcear., Perth. 

Jac. Ross, f . 

Jac. Spence, f. , Huntly. 

Joa. Burnett,^^ f. [Kirkpatrick Williamson], armig. de Mon- 

Joa. Keith, f. Geo. S., D.D., past^. de Keithhall. 

b, s, 




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' Assist. Surg, to the Forces. - M.D., Edin,, 1814 ; Aberdeen. 

•* Surg., H.E.I.C.S. * Adv. in Aberd., 1816, « Sch., Forfar, Kelso. 

" Sch., Daviot ; min., F.C., Leslie and Premnay, ' Merchant, Abd. 

" Min., Torryburn ; F.C. " Min., Gamrie. i" Wine mercht., Aberd. 

" Writing mast., Aberd. '^ gch., Lethnot. 

" L.R.C.S., Ed., 1815 : Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 


Josephus Abbot, f. Jos., armig. de Little Strickland, West- 
moreland, t. 
Pat. Milne, f. Alex., dem., Aberdeen. t. 
Rob. Anderson,^ f. Alex., armig. de Candacraig. t, in, A.M. 
Franciscus Rose.-' w, A.M. 
Patr. Mitchell, f. Patricii, pastoris de Kemnay. m. 
Rob. Findlay.s m, A.M. 
David Moir.4 ^ A.M. 
George Watson ^ [20 Apr.] . A.M. 


Alexr. Anderson, f. Alexandri, in par. de Strathdon, Aber- 
deen, b. 

Alexr. Diack,** f. ThomcC, mercator.. Chapel Garioch, Aber- 
deen, b, s. 

Alexr. Donald," f. Gulielmi in Udny, agricolte, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Duncan,*^ f. Alexri. in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Alexr. Gordon, f. Gulielmi de Aberdour, Abdn. b. 

Alexr. Gray,'-* f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Low, f. Joannis, fabri lignar., Abdn. b, s, t. 

Alexr. Mitchel, f. Jacobi, pastoris de Aberlemno, Forfar. b. 

Alexr. Muir,!*^ f. Georgij in Slains, agricolae, Abdn. b, s, t. 

Alexr. Stirling, f. Jacobi in Tyrie, agricolse, Abdn. b, s. 

Alexr. Thomson, ^^ f. Jacobi, advocati, Abredonen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Car. Crombie,^'-' f. Alexandri, mercator., Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Car. Farquharson, f. Roberti, pastoris de Coldstone, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Car. Ogg,^^ f. Alexandri, fabri ferrar., Abredonen. b, s. 

David Braick, f. Joannis, mercator. in Arbroath, Forfar. , b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Geo. [Watson] Black,i^ f. Thomae, pharmacop., Abredon. b, s, t. 

Geo. Cumine,^^ f. Jacobi dem., in Dysart, Fyfe. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Brown, ^"^ f. Gulielmi, bibliopolae, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Cadenhead, f. Gulielmi in Hardgate, Abdn. b, s, t, w, A.M. 

Gul. Dawson, ^'' f. Joannis in Rathven, Banff. 6, s. 

1 Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 2 Rector of Woughton, Bucks; D.D., 1845. 

^ Surg., H.E.I.C.S. * See 1792-96 ; Bishop, Brechin. ^ Stud, of med. 

« Sch., Aberd. 7 Gray math, bursar, 1812 ; W.S., 1826. 

8 Surg., H.E.I.C.S. » Surg., R.N. i» Adv. in Aberd., 1817. 

" Silver pen, 1810 ; adv. in Aberd., 1818 ; Lect. on Scots Law. ^'^ Surg, dentist, Aberd. 
^^ M.A., King's Coll., 1814; sch., Banchory-Ternan ; min., Inverallochy. " America. 

" Adv. in Aberd., 1818. i« Distr. of stamps and taxes, Aberd. i'' Surg., Portsoy. 




Gul. Duncan.i f. Georgii, fabri lignar., Abdn. 

Gul. Forbes,^ f. Alexri., chirurgi in Oldmeldrum. 

Gul. Gordon,' f. Georgij, pastoris de Aberdeen. 

Gul. [Campbell] Kidd,^ f. Jacobi, in hac Academia LL.OO.P. 

Gul. Ligertwood,'' f. Alexri. in Udny, agricolae, Abdn. 

Gul. Macdonald,*' f. Joannis, nautae, Abredon. 

Gul. Milne, f. Thomae, mercator., Ellon, Abdn. 

Gul. Robertson," f. Gulielmi, nautae, Abredonen. 

Gul. Smith.s f. Georgij, opificis, Abredon. 

Gul. Stronach,^ f. dem. Georgij, fabri ferrarij, Abredon. 

a. Copland, ^'^ f. Gulielmi, advocati, Abredon. 

a. Davidson, f. Georgij, agricolae in Robslaw, Abdn. 

a. Gordon,!^ f. Georgii, pastoris de Aberdeen. 

a. Gray, f. Alexri., pastoris de Ordquhile, Banff. 

a. Macraw, f. Archibaldi, agricolae in Kintail, Ross. 

a. Mair,^2 f Jacobi, agricolae, Ellon, Abredon. 

a. Melvil,''^ f. Georgij dem., mercator., Abredon. 

a. Trailji* f. Jacobi in Peterhead. 

oan. Glegg, f. Joannis in Fetterisso, agricolae, Kincardine. 

o. Keith, f. Georgij Skene, pastoris de Keith-hall, Abdn. 

o. Taylor,^^ f. Joannis, pastoris de Lethnot, Forfar. 

o. Thomson, i** f. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredonen. 

o. Tower, f. Georgij, mercatoris et ballivi de Abredon. 

o. Webster,^'^ f. Joannis, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 

on. Davidson,'^ f. Andreae, advocati, Abredon. 
Pat. Hay, f. Jacobi, agricolae, Forres, Aberdeen. 
Pat. Milne, f. Alexandri, mercator., Abredon. 
Pat. Torry, f. Jacobi, Episcop. Eccles. Scotican,, Peterhead. 
Ro. Cook,^''' f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Rhynie, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Alcock,2'> f.. Alexri., Eccles. Anglican, ministri, Aberdeen. 
Ro. Anderson, f. Alexandri de Candacraig, Aberdeen. 

b, s, 

t, m, 







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t, m, 


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b, 5, 

t, 111, 



t, in, 


6, s, ) 

i, m, 


b, s. 



b, s, i 

, III, 


b,s, i 

, m. 


b,s, t 

, m, 


by s. 

b,s, t 

, w. 


b,s, i 


b, s, t 

, m, 


b, s, t 

, m, 


b, s. 


^ Mercht., Abdn. 2 Med. pract., Old Meldrum. ^ ^.dv. in Aberd., 1825. 

* Blackwell prize, 181 1 ; min., London and Virginia. * Of Logierieve, Udny. 

• Sch., Abernethy. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1820. •* Adv. in Aberd., 1817. 
BLieut., R.E. " Regr. of sasines, Aberd. " Surg., H.E.LC.S. 

'^ Adv. in Aberd., 1823. 

*' Aftds. Melviw ; ist bursar (43 compel.) ; rect., Gram. School ; LL. D., 1834. 

" Asst. Surg., H.E.LC.S. " Of Bellfield ; med. pract., Stonehaven ; Edinburgh. 

" Mercht., London. '' Adv. in Aberd., 1817. ^* Mauritius. 

" Min., Ciatt, Ceres ; author. ** Adv. in Aberd., i8i8. 





b, s, 

t, m, 


b, s, 

t, m, 


b, s,i 

\ in, 


b,s, I 








s, i 

', w, 


s, t 


Ro. More, f. Jacobi, agricolse in Avoch, Ross. 

Ro. Taylor, f. Joannis, pastoris de Lethnot, Forfar. 

Tho. Bothwell, f. Georgij in Ellon, Abdn. 

Tho. Stevenson, f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. 

Tho. Wilson, f. Adami in Glascoego, Abdn. 

Car. Smith, f. Alexr., agricolai in Gamrie, Banff. 

Geor. Cowie, f. Georgii, agricolae in Gamrie, Banff. 

Gul. Duguid,^ f. Gulielmi, mercator., Abredonen. 

Jac. Black,-' f. dem. Jacobi, mercator., Abredonen. 

Joan. Rae, f. Joannis, mercator., Abredonen. 

Alex. Cow, f. Alex, in Peterhead. 

Alex. Hutcheson, f. Joa., armig. de Cairngall, Peterhead. 

Car. Jameson, f. Car., merc^. et ballivi, Inverness. 

Duncan Sinclair, f. in parochia de Tarbet, Ross. 

Gul. Dalrymple, f. Gul., agric. in Birness, par. Logic Buchan. 

Hen. Saunders, f. Rob., armig. de Southend, Kent. 

Jac. Smith, f. Joa., Printfield. 

Joa. Arthur,'^ f. Rob., past^. de Kirkmichael, Cullicudden, 

Joa. Elliot, f. Sam., text^. in Banff. 
Joa, Smith,* f. Joa., Printfield. 
Nigel Roy, f. Jac, mil. prefecti vicarii, Aberdeen district. 

Tho. Gratham, f. militum prefecti, Dublin. 

Tho. Gray, f. Arth., agric, Harthill, par. de Keig. 

David Young,^ f. demortui Jacob., mercatoris, Aberdon. 

Earnest Mearns, f. demortui Jac, agricolae in Monymusk. 

Gul. Johnstone. 

Joseph Abbott ^ [5th Jan.]. 

Nicholas Hector Clement'' [7th June]. 

Thomas Macdougal ^ [30th Sept.] . 


Alex. Allan, f. Alexri. in Links de Stonehyve, Kincardine. b, s. 

Alex. Anderson, f. Alexri. de Candacraig, Aberdeen. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Chivas,'' f. Alexri., nummularij, Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

, fn, 


, in, 









^ Of Newlands ; mercht., Aberd. 
* Adv. in Aberd., i8ig, 
^ Master of Acad, near Bradford. 
^ Bury ; alumnus of Edin, 

2 Sharebroker, Aberd. " Sch., Walls and Flotta. 
'^ M.A., Oxon., 1819; chaplain, H.E.I.C.S. 
^ Master of Acad, near London, 
" Adv. in Aberd,, 1821 ; banker. 


Alex. Cromar,' f. Arthuri in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Cuddie,- f. Joannis, tinctoris in Aberdeen. b, s, t, tn, A.M. 
Alex. Duguid,^ f. dem. Gulielmi [Newlands], mercat. in 

Aberdeen. b, s, t, w, A.M. 

Alex. Edmond/ f. Francisci, fabri lign. in Aberdeen. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Martin,^ f. Ale.xri., lanij in Aberdeen. b, 5, t, w, A.M. 

Alex. More," f. Alexri., mercator., Abredon. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Rae," f. Joannis, mercator. in Futtie, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. The. Reid, f. Jacobi, mercat. in Portsoy, Banff. b, s, t. 

Allan Stewart,** f. Patricii, pastoris de Kinneff, Kincardine, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

And. Clarke,'-' f. Andreae in par. St. Fergus, Aberdeen. /;, s. 
And. Cromar.^T, dem. Patricij, agricolae in Lumphanan, Abdn. b, 5, t, in, A.M. 

Arthur [Miller] Rose, f. Jacobi, doliarij in Aberdeen. 6, 5. 

Car. Jamieson, f. Caroli, ballivi et mercator. in Inverness. b. 

Dav. Beattie, f. dem. Jacobi, in hac Academia P.P. /;, s, t, in, A.M. 

Dav. Low, f. Davidis, fabri aerarij in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Dav. Robbie, f. Gulielmi in par, Kincardine O'Neil, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Edmund Wiseman, f. Jacobi, militum tribuni, Banff. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Fran. Burnett,^^ f. Joannis de Elrick, Aberdeen. /;. 

Geo. Allardice,^- f. dem. Jacobi, vectigalium collector, in Abdn. b, s. 

Geo. Black, f. Georgii, fabri ferrarij in Futtie, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Geo. Menzies,i3 f Joannis, a secretis Duci de Gordon, Moray, b, s. 

Geo. Roberts, f. Joannis in par. de Turriff, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Geo. Stevenson,^^ f. Jacobi in Elgin. b, s. 

Gul. Adamson,^*^ f. Gulielmi, agricolae in par, de Alva, Banff, b. 

Gul. Birnie, f. Joannis, lanij in Abdn. b, s. 

Gul. Christie,^" f. Gulielmi in par. de Auchindoir, Abdn. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Dalrymple, f. Roberti, mercatoris in Peterhead, Abdn. b, s, t, m. 

Gul. Dingwall,^" f. Alexri., mercatoris in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Mintie,'^ f. Georgii, D.D., pastoris de Kennethmont. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Sim,^^ f. Joannis, scribae in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Smith, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Rosehearty, Aberdeen, b, s, t, in, A.M. 

' House Surg., Aberd. Infirmary. * M.D., 1831. * Adv. in Aberd., 1819. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1813 ; accountant, London. •'' Mercht., Aberd. • Isle of Wight. 

' Surgeon, Turriff. " Min., Kinneff. ** Med, pract,, St, Fergus, 

*" 1st bursar (40 compet.) ; min., Oathlaw. " Mercht., Aberd. 

^'^ Of Redmyre, Kincardine. ^•' Farmer, Burnside, Fochabers. 

" Med, pract., CuUen, '* Mercht,, Glasgow, '* Sch,, Kildrummy, 

" Silver pen, 1811. " Min,, Kennethmont, "Sec, Bible Soc., Edinb, 




Ja. Anderson,^ f. Joannis, in St. Fergus, Aberdeen. b, s 

Ja. Beattie, f. dem. Jacobi, in hac Academia P.P. b. 

Ja. Gatherer,'-^ f. Joannis in Keith, Banff. b, s 

Ja. Robertson, major, f. Joannis in Lonmay, Aberdeen. b, s 

Ja. Robertson,^ minor, f. Jacobi, M.D. in Jamaica. b, s 

Ja. Russell,^ f. Alexri. de Aden, Aberdeen. b, s 

Ja. Smith,'' f. dem. Gulielmi in Thurso, Caithness. h. 

Joan. Campbell,'' f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. b, s 

Jo. Duncan," f. Joannis, calcearij in Aberdeen. b, s 
Jo. Garland,*^ f. Roberti in Cairntown, Fordun, Kincardine, b, 

Jo. MacCook, f. Jacobi, advocati, Aberdeen. b, s 

Jo. Scott,'^ f. Jacobi, pastoris de Benholm, Kincardine. b. 

Jo. Turnerji" f. Keith de Turnerhall, Aberdeen. b, s 

Nathl. Morren,^^ f. dem. Georgii in Aberdeen. b, s 

Pat. Cheyne,^'^ f. PatriciJ in Turriff, Aberdeen. b, s 

Pat. Rolland, f. Patricij de Newton, Forfar. b. 

Rob. Garland, f. Roberti in Cairnton, Fordun, Kincardine. b, s 

Rob. Hutcheson, f. dem. Joannis in Londonderry. b, s 

Rob. Ingram, f. Gulielmi, calcearij, Aberdeen. b, s 

Rob. Reith, f. Roberti, opificis in Aberdeen. b, s 

Rob. Rogers, f. Roberti, de Madras in India Orientali. b-, s 

The. Allan, f. Gulielmi, sutoris vestiar. in Aberdeen. 6, s. 

Tho. Davidson, f. Alexri., pistoris in London. b, s 

Alexr. Gordon, f. Gulielmi de Aberdour, Aberdeen. 5 

Alexander Wedderburn, f. Gulielmi, lapidarii, Abredon. 5 

Ernestus Mearns, f. Jac, in Monymusk. 5 
Joan. Keith, ^^f. Georgii Skene, D.D., pastoris de Keithhall, 

Abdn. 5 
Joseph. Abbot, f. Josephi, armig.. Little Strickland, West- 
morland. 5 
Patr. Mill, f. Alexandri, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 5 
Arthur [Dingwall] Fordyce,'^ f. Gul., advocati in Aberdeen. t, m. 
Geo. Dixon. t. 

t, m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 
t, m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 


t, m, A.M. 


t, in, A.M. 

t, in, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 

t, m, A.M. 
t, m, 

t, m, A.M. 
t, m, A.M. 

m, A.M. 

' Min., St. Fergus ; F.C., Morpeth ; Blackwell prize, 1850 ; D.D., i860. 
2 Solicitor and farmer, Keith. ^ M.R.C.S., St. Ann's, Jamaica. 

* Of Aden, D.L. ; adv. in Aberd., 1823. ^ Of Olrig, Caithness. ^ Surgeon, Aberd. 
'' Missionary, Buda-Pesth; Prof, of Hebrew, New Coll., Edinb. ; LL.D., 1840. 
® Farmer, Cairnton. •* M.D., Edin., 1820; exam. phys. to H.E.I.C.S., Lend. 

^" W.S., 1824. " Min., Greenock, Brechin; author. ^"^ Episc. min., Aberd.; author. 
i» Min., Keith-hall. ^* Of Culsh and Brucklay ; adv. in Aberd., 1821. 





Geo. Dunbar, f. Benj. de Hempriggs, Eq. Baron., Caithness. 

Gul. Fiddes. 

Joa. Cruickshank.^ 

Joa. Gordon. 

Pat. Jamieson. 

Rob. Dunbar, f. Benj. de Hempriggs, Eq. Baron., Caithness. 

Rob. Findlay. 

Alex. Low, f, Joannis, fabri lign. in Aberdon. 

Ja. Spence,'"' f. Alexandri, opificis in Huntly, Abdn. . 

Joa. Glegg,^ f. Joannis, agricolae in parochia de Fetteresso, 

Joa. Thomson. 
Ro. Wilson, f. Roberti demortui, militis gregarii. 











Alexr. Allan, f. Georgii, laterarii prope Aberdeen. 

Alexr. Joan Ross, f. Alexri., mercatoris apud Gibralter. 

Alexr. Tytler, f. d. Alexri., calcearij, Abredon. 

And. Roger, f. Gulielmi, vitrarij, Abredon. 

Car. Bannerman, f. Caroli, advocati, Abredon. 

Car. [Forbes] Davidson,^ f. Andreas, advocati, Abredon. 

Car. Macbean, f. Alexri., pastoris de Kincardine, Ross. 

Car. Stuart, '' f. Joannis, L. Gr. P. in hac Academia. 

Dav. Lyall,*' f. Alexri., telonii rationum inspectoris, Abredon. 

Fortescue Cockerill, f. Roberti, locumtenen. in 67 Legione 

Geo. Middleton," f. Gulielmi in par. de Tyrie, Aberdeen. 
Geo. Scott, f. dem. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Peterhead. 
Gul. Black,* f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Gul. Cardno, f. Gulielmi in Frasersburgh. 
Gul. Copland, f. Gulielmi, advocati, Abredon. 
Gul. Davidson,^ f. Roberti de Balnagask, Kincardine. 
Gul. Dawson, ludimagister in par. de Kincardine O'Neil. 
Gul. Dauney,^^^ f. Jacobi, coriarii, Abredon. 

' Surgeon, St. Helena. ^ Cong. min., Aberd. ; Isle of Wight ; London. 

' Min., Bervie. * W.S., 1824. ^ Mercht., Quebec. « W.S., 1823. 

"^ Surg., New Deer. » wine mercht., Abd. * Adv. in Aberd., 1819. 

" Adv. in Edinb., 1823 ; author of Ancient Scottish Melodies, Edin., 1838. 

b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 



b, s, t, 



b,s, t. 

b, 5, t, 



b, s, t, 


b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 



b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s. 

by s. 








Gul. Fiddes, f. Roberti, agricolse in par. de Foveran. 

Gul. Gray,i f. GuHelmi, calcearii, Abredon. 

Gul. Leslie,^ f. Gulielmi, pharmacopolie, Abredon. 

Gul. Machardy,'^ f. Caroli, ludimagistri apud Fetteresso, 

Gul. Mitchell, f. Patricij, pastoris de Kemnay, Aberdeen. 
Gul. Morison, linarius, Abredon. 

Gul. Paterson,'* f. dem. Gulielmi, bibliopolae, Abredon. 
Gul. Pyper,^ f. Joannis in Rathen. 
Gul. Ross, f. Gulielmi, lapidarii, Abredon. 
Gul. Sim, f. Joannis, hortulani, Abredon. 
Gul. J. Stuart, f. Gulielmi, tapitiarii, Abredon. 
GuJ. Thomson,^ f. Jacobi, mercatoris dem. Abredon. 
Gul. Westland,^ f. Gulielmi, fabri lignarii in Aberdeen. 
Hen. Michie,^ f. Joannis, agricola; in Strathdon, Aberdeen. 
Ja. Clark Angus, f. Joannis de Tilliecorthy, Udny, Aberdeen. 
Ja. Brown,9 f, Gulielmi, bibliopolae, Abredon. 
Ja. Edmund, ^'^ f. Francisci, carpentarii, Abredon. 
Ja. Perry, f. Jacobi, chirurgi apud Ellon, Aberdeen. 
Ja. Philip, ^1 f. Jacobi, stabularij, Abredon. 
Joan. Brebner, f. Patricij in Jamaica. 
Jo. Cadenhead,^^ f. Gulielmi, hortulani prope Aberdeen. 
Jo. Campbell, ^^ f. Gray, tributi collectoris apud Aberdeen. 
Jo. Ferguson, 1"* f. Jacobi de Kinmundy, Aberdeen. 
Jo. Mair,!^ f. Georgii, naucleri, Abredon. 
Jo. Sim, f. Georgij, brasicatoris, Abredon. 
Jo. Wood, f. Joan,, sartoris apud Caraldstone, Forfar. 
Jo. Yeats, ^'^ f. Alexri., brasiarij in Aberdeen. 
Maxwell Dun, f. dem. Andreae, rectoris Scholae Gram, de 

Pat. Jamieson/'' f. Roberti, chirurgi in Peterhead. 


b, s. 

b,s, t 



b, s, t 

b, s. 

b,s, t 

b,s, t 

b,s, t 

, m, 


b, 5, t 



b, s, t 

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b, s, t 



b, s. 

b, 5, t 



b, 5, t 



b, 5, t 

, in 


by 5, t 

b, s, t 



b, s. 

b, s, t 

, III, 


b, s, t 



6, 5, t 



b, s, t 

, in, 


b, s, t 




, in. 


b, 5, t, 


b, s, t. 





" Adv. in Aberd., 1823. = M.R.C.S., 1816 ; Aberd. 

^ ist bursar (47 compet.). ■* Adv. in Aberd., 1827. 

^ Sch., Laurencekirk, Maybole, Ayr, Glasgow ; Prof, of Humanity, St. Andrews ; author ; 
LL.D., 1844. 

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" Med. pract., Aberd. ''-^ M.D., 1854. ^^ Med. pract., Aberd. 

1* Brae of Coynach, factor of Kinmundy. '* Med. pract., Canada ; author. 

i« Sch., Cabrach. i^ Surg., Peterhead. 


Rob. Aberdein, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in par. de Echt, Abdn. h. 
Rob. Alexander, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in par. de Cruden, 

Aberdeen. b. 

Rob. Lobban, f. Joannis in par. de Boharm, Moray. b, 

Rob. Reid,' f. Gulielmi in par. de Glenbucket. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Rob. Sangster, f. Jacobi in par. de Kintore. b, s. 

Tho. Duguid,-vf. dem. Patricij, mercatoris, Abredon. b. 

Alexr. Spears, f. Henrici de Auchtertool, Fife. s. 

Car. Innes, f. Jacobi, legion, tribuni, Madras. 5. 

Clemens Lumsden,^ f. Henrici, advocati, Abredon. s, t. 

Jac. Mitchell, f. Joannis L., calcearii, Perth. $. 

Jac. Prentice, f. Georgii, Kilrie, Fife. s. 

Jac. Wilkie, f. Georgii, mercatoris, Dundee. . $. 

Jo. Davidson, f. Alexandri in par. de Midmar, Aberdeen, 5. 

Jo. Leslie,* f. Joannis, equitis de Findrassie, Moray. s. 

Rob. Dyce,'' f. Roberti dem. in par. de Newhills. 5, t, m, A.M. 

Thom. Spears, f. Henrici de Auchtertool, Fife. 5. 

Al. Forsyth.** t. 

Al. Rolland. ^. 

An. Clark. f^ 

Dan. McAUum. i 

Gul. Fordyce. ^ 

Gul. Forsyth, f. Josephi, mercatoris, Canada. t. 

Gul. Wenster. ^_ 

Hen. Voysey. ^^ 

Jac. Torry.7 ^ 

Joan. Rae, f Joannis, mercatoris, Abredonensis. tn, A.M. 

George Berkely Mitchell 8 [3rd Jan.] . A.M. 

Robert Stephen McAll » [20th Jan.] . A.M. 


Adam Corbet.^o filius Gtilielmi de Bieldside, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Adam Wilson, f. Adami de Glasgoego, Abredon. b, s, t. 

1 Silver pen, 1812 ; subst. prof, of Greek, 1820. 2 Mercht., Liverpool, Buenos Ayres. 

=• W.S., 1823 ; adv. in Aberd., 1825. * Capt., 42nd Highlanders. 

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7 M.R.C.S., 1818 ; Aberd. » D.D. same year. 

' Dissent, min., London, Manchester ; LL.D., 1833. 
10 Min., Drumoak D.D., Aberd., 1864 ; benefactor of Aberd. Univ. ; author. 


Atexr. Burnett,^ f. dem. Joannis, scribae in Stonehyve, Kin- 
cardine, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Cock, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Rathen, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Alex. Crombie, f. Alexri. de Phesdo, advocati, Abredon. b. 

Alex. Davidson,^ f. Roberti in Findhorn, Elgin. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Duguid, f. Joannis, pastoris de Evay, Orkney. b, s, t. 

Alex. Dyce,^ f. Alexri. de Tillygreig, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Alex. Hutcheson,* f. Joannis, naucleri, [R.N.] Abredon., 

demort. 6, s. 

Alex. Innes, f. Joannis, sartoris, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Alex. [Milne] Mowatt,*^ f. Jacobi, opificis, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Alex. Murray,** f. Gulielmi, agricolas in Rathen, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Robertson, f. Gulielmi dem., M.D., junioris de 

Foveran, Abdn, b. 

Alex. [Leith] Ross," f. Revdi. Jacobi, D.D., unius pastorum 
de Aberdeen. 

Alex. Shand, f. Rev. Jacobi, pastoris de Marykirk, Kincardine. 

Alex. Shepherd,^ f. Rev. Roberti, pastoris de Daviot, 

Alex. Smart, f. Jacobi, agricolie in Powburn, Laurencekirk, 

Alex. Thomson," de Banchory, Kincardine, f. Andrese dem. 
de eodem. 

And. Hector, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Fernieflatt, Kineff, Kin- 

Arthur Thomson, ^^ f. dem. Jacobi, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 

Benj. [Rush] Kidd.^^ f. Rev. Jacobi, in hac Academia 
LL.OO. Professoris. 

Car. Elmslie,^- f. Georgii in parochia de Midmar, Abdn. 

Dav. Buchan, f. Rev. Hugonis, V.D.M. [Scot. Episc], apud 

Dav. Grant, 12 f. dem. Alexandri, Abredonensis. 

' Writer, Stonehaven ; aflds. London. 

3 M.D., Edin., 1819 ; Insp. Gen. of Hosp., H.E.I.C.S. ^ Australia. 

* W.S., 1830 ; aftds. Cape Town. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1823. 

* M.D., Edin., 1828; lecturer on Clinical Medicine; author of Northern Flora, etc. 
'' Silver pen, 1813 ; subst. prof, of Greek, 1818 ; Remains; Aberd., 1822. 

" Farmer, Cruden. 

^ Adv. in Edin., 1820; author, antiquary, philanthropist; LL.D., 1855. i" Banker, Aberd. 
" Med. pract. ^^ Farmer, Milltown of Corsindae. ^^ Sch., Aberd. 





b, s. 




b, 5. 

b, s. 

by s, 




b, s. 


b, s. 




■b, s. 




b, s. 

b, s, 






Fleance Stewart,^ f. Rev. Patricij, pastoris de Kineff, Kin- 

Geo. Brebner, f. Roberti, agricolte in Boharm, Banff. 

Geo. Christie, f. Jacobi, agricolie, Kincardine O'Neil, Aber- 

Geo. Cumine, f. Archibaldi, Auchry, Aberdeen. 

Geo. Green,2 f. Joannis in Aberdeen. 

Geo. [Shirley] McAndrew,^ f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Elgin. 

Geo. Melvin, f. Georgii, Aberdonensis. 

Geo. Mortimer, f. , agricolte, Kincardine O'Neil, 


Geo. Sherriffs, f. Jacobi, hortulani in Aberdeen. 

Geo. Webster, f. Jacobi, nautse in Dundee, Forfar. 

Gul. Brown, f. Patricij, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Gul. Corbet,^ f. Gulielmi de Bieldside, Aberdeen. 

Gul Donaldson,^ f. Gulielmi, agricolie. 

Gul. Falconer, f. Gilberti, ludimagistri in Aberdeen. 

Gul. Knight, f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredon. 

Gul. Law,*' f. Arturi, agricolae, Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeen. 

Gul. Lyon,'^ f. Revi. Jacobi, pastoris de Glammis, Forfar. 

Gul. Mortimer,^ f. Joannis, pistoris, Abredon. 

Gul. Paull, f. Davidis, nautae in London. 

Gul. Pyper, f. dem. Gulielmi, naucleri, Abredon. 

Gul. Rhind,^ f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Elgin. 

Gul. Smith, f. Gulielmi, fabri ferrarii in Auchterless, Aberdeen. 

Hen. Voysey, f. Henrici, mercatoris, Londonensis. 

Jac. Coull, f, Jacobi, M.D., de Ashgrove, Elgin. 

Jac. Diack, f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Jac. Duguid,!^ f. Rev'. Joannis, pastoris de Evay, Orkney. 

Jac. Martin,^^ f. Joannis, agricolae prope Brechin, Forfar. 

Jac. Milne, f. Thomte, mercatoris in Ellon, Aberdeen. 

Jac. Mitchell,^^ f. Jacobi, opificis, Abredon. 

» L.R.C.S., Ed., 1822. 2 Farmer, Gartly. » Jamaica. 

' Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ' Surgeon, R.N. « Sch., Maryculter; min., Portlethen. 

' Min., Aberd. » Mercht., Pictou, Nova Scotia. 

■ L.R.C.S., Ed., 1818; author; lecturer, p. 70. ^^ Gray math, bursar (eq.), .1815. 

^^ Min., Glenisla, Stockbridge, Edinburgh; author. 

" 1st bursar (56 compel.) ; Gray math, bursar (eq.), 1815 ; min., Scots Ch., Poonah, 




, A.M. 


b, s. 

by s, 


b, s, 



b, s, 





b, 5. 

b, s. 




b, s, 






b, s, 




b, 5, 








b, s, 






b, s, 



b, s. 





b, s, 




b, s, 













a. Shand,^ f. Alexandri, advocati, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

a. Webster, f. Alexri., agricolae in Mondynes, Fordun, 

Kincardine. b, s, t. 

o. Adams, f. Caroli, mercat^ in Forfar. b. 

o. Adamson, f. Davidis, ludimagistri apud Fettercairn, 

Kincardine. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Angus,'-^ f. Georgij, horologiarij, Abredon. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Bremner,^ f. Roberti, agricolae in Boharm, Banff. b. 

o. Forbes, f. Alexri., armigeri de Jamaica. b, s, t. 

o. Kelman, f. dem. Gulielmi, ballivi de Frasersburgh, 

Aberdeen. b. 

o. Lawson,^ f. Joannis, agricolae in par. de Elgin. b, s, t. 

o. Maclean, f. Rev'. Jacobi, pastoris de Keith, Banff. b, s, t. 

o. Mearns, f. Georgij, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Shand,^ f. Revi. Jacobi, pastoris de Marykirk, Kincardine, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
o. Sheed," f. Gulielmi, calcearij, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Sim, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Londonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ken. Mackenzie,'^ f. Rev*. Joannis, V.D.M. in Aberdeen. b. 

Maxwell Dun, f. dem. Andreae, rectoris Scholae Gram, de 

Aberdeen. 6, 5, t. 

Pat. Morrison, f. Patricij, agricolae in Auchterless, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Pat. Robertson, f. Rev'. Jacobi, V.D.M. apud Crichie, 

Aberdeen. b. 

Pat. Stewart,^ f. Rev'. Patricij, pastoris de Kineff, Kincardine, b, s, t. 
Rob. Christie, f. Jacobi, chirurgi in Huntly, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Rob. Dyce,-' f. Gulielmi, M.D. in Aberdeen. 
Rob. Martin, 1^ f. Jacobi dem., tinctoris, Abredon. 
Rob. Ross, f. Alexandri, agricolae in par. de Loth, Suther- 
Sidney Spring, f. Thomae, agricolae prope Sheffield, York. 
Alexr. Christie," f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Georg. [Gilb.] Brown, f. Rev. Gulielmi L., D.D., hujus 

academiae praefecti. 
Georg. Will,^- f. Thomae, censoris publici, Abredon. 

1 Mercht., Java. - Adv. in Aberd., 1822 ; Town Clerk. 

3 Surg., Keith. * Banker and provost, Elgin. ' W.S., 1823. 

8 Mercht. and shipbroker, Aberd. " Min., Glasg. (Gaelic), Borrowstounness. 

^ Custom House, London. ** M.D., 1821 ; Lect., and Prof, of Midwifery. 

J" Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " Hudson Bay Co.'s Service. ^^ M.R.C.S., 1819; Cruden. 


s, t, m, 



s, t, ni, 






s, t, m, 



Gul. Lumsden, f. dem. Gulielmi, ag^icolae in Greens, prope 

Peterhead, ». 

Gul. Wemyss, f. demort. Gulielmi de Cuttlehill, Fife. s, t. 

Hug. Forbes, f. Gulielmi, equitis de Fintray, Aberdeen. s. 

Jo. [Moore] Brown, f. Rev. Gulielmi Lau., D.D., hujus 

Academiae Gymnasiarchae. s, f. 

Thorn. Broomhead, f. Rev. Edwardi de Rephum, Lincoln. 5. 

Thorn. Cunlifie, f. Forster, equitis de Grissford, North Wales. 5, t, m, A.M. 

Thorn. Shepherd, ^ f. Roberti, pastoris de Daviot, Aberdeen. 5, t. 

Al. Black. t 

Al. Thomson, minor. t. 

Al. Young. f. 

And, Wallace. t. 

Gul. Clyne. /. 

Gul. Tweddel. t. 

Hen. Esson. t. 

Jac, Nicol,2 [f. Pet., Seaton Gate]. t, m, A.M. 

Joa. Bush. t. 

Joa. Taylor. t. 

Andr. Murray,^ f. Andreac in parochia de Clatt, Aberdeen. w, A.M. 

Geo, Stewart, (extraneus) f. Andreae, armigeri de Tannachy, m, A.M. 

Gul. Fiddes, f, Jacobi, agricolae in Newmachar. m, A.M, 

George Glynn Scraggs [nth Mar.]. A.M. 


Alexr. Barrack, f, Alexandri, cauponis in Forfar, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Black,* f. Thomae, pharmacopolae, Abredon. b. 

Alexr. Bremner, f. Jacobi in Fordyce, Banff. b. 

Alexr. [Wallace] Chalmers,^ f Samuelis, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s. 

Alexr, Duff, f, Patricij, scribae commun. comitat. de Elgin. b, s. 

Alexr. Taylor, f. Joannis, mercatoris in Keith, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Young, f. Roberti, agricolae prope Elgin. b. 

And. Watson, f, Roberti, in paroch. de Rathen, Aberdeen, 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Arth. Duff," f. Patricij, scribae commun. comitat. de Elgin. b, s, t. 

Barclay [Farquharson] Watson/ f. Josephi, armigeri, 

Londonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

» Capt., H.E.I. C,S, (marine). 2 ^dv, in Aberdeen, 1820. 

^ Presb, min.. Cape Colony.. * Wine mercht., Lond. 

* Gov. of prisons, Aberd. * Sheriff clerk, Elg^in, ' Solicitor, Lond. 


Behj. Spark,! f, Thomae, opificis, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Car, Cruickshank, f. dem. Jacobi, textoris, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Cranmer Tully, f. Henrici, M.D., Wyvlescombe. b. 

Geo. Bannerman,2 f. demort. Caroli, advocati, Abredon. b, s, t. 

Geo. Barron,^ f. Joannis, horologiarii, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Gammack, f. Gulielmi in Lonmay, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m. 
Geo. Melvin,^ f. Georgij, mercatoris, Abredonensis. t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Mintie, f. Georgij, D.D., pastoris de Kinethmont, 

Aberdeen. 6. 

Geo. Moir, major, f. dem. Georgij, opificis in Aberdeen. 6, s, t, w, A.M. 
Geo. Moir, minor,^ f. dem. Georgij, cauponis [Old Ship], 

Abred. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Mortimer,^ f. Georgij in Kincardine O'Neil, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Robertson,'^ f. Patricij, mercatoris in Huntly, Aberdeen. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Ronald, f. Georgij, cauponis [Lemon Tree], Abredon. b, 5, t. 

Geo. Russell,^ f, Alexri., armigeri de Aden, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Smith, f. Georgij, vitriarij in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Barnett,^ f. Alexri., piscatoris in par. de Nigg, Kincardine, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Boyd, f. Gulielmi, pastoris de Crimond, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Craik,io f. Samuelis, ludimagistri parochias de Aberdour, 

Aberdeen. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Falconer,^^ f. Gilberti, ludimagistri in Aberdeen. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Fiddes, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Newmachar, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Gul. Riddell, f. Joannis in parochia de Skene, Aberdeen. b, s. 

Gul. Yeats,i2 f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Anderson,^^ f. Alexri. in parochia de Kemnay, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Jac. Beveridge,^* f. dem. Willielmi, Scribas Signeto Regis, 

Edinb'. b, s. 

Jac. Brebner,!^ f. Alexandri, naucleri, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Jac. Brodie,^^ f. Gualteri, agricolae in paroch. de Fordun, 

Kincardine. 6, s, t, tn, A.M. 

1 Adv. in Aberd., 1823. 2 Mercht., Aberd. » W.S., 1829. • 

* Head mast., Gordon's Hosp., Aberd.; sch., Tarves. 

•* Adv., Edinb., 1825 ; Prof, of Rhetoric and of Scots Law, Edinb. ; Sheriff of Ross and 
of Stirling ; author. 

* Sch., Midmar. "^ Sch., Aberd. ^ Mercht., Liverpool. 

* Sch., Nigg. 1" Farmer, Aberdour. 

" ist bursar (40 compet.) ; Gray math, bursar, i8i6. ^^ Timber mercht., Ealing. 

13 Asst, Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " W.S., 1826. i» Adv. in Aberd., 1828. 

1' Min., Monimail ; F.C. ; author. 



Jac. Hutcheson,* f. Joannis, dem. naucleri, Abredon. 

Jac. Murray, f. Jacobi, cerevisiarij in Bervie, Kincardine. 

Jac. Scotland, f. Joannis, naucleri, Abredon. 

Jo. Allan,2 f, Georgij, laterarii in Old Machar, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Angus, f. Joannis de Tilliecorthy, Udny, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Murray, f. dem. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Jo. Rae,' f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Jo. Scorgie, f. Alexri., cauponis in Aberdeen. 

Jo. Sim,* f. Jacobi, cerevisiarij prope Aberdeen. 

Jo. Smith,^ f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Kintore, Aberdeen. 

Pat. Laing,* £ Patricij dem., naucleri, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Gordon, f. Joannis, pastoris de Cabrach, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Lindsay,'^ f. Alexri., sartoris in Belhelvie, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Young,^ f. Archibaldi, scribae commun. comitat. de 

Tho. Bissett,^f. dem. Georgij, ludimagistri de Udny, Aber- 

Tho. Kidd,i° f. Joannis, agricolae in par. de Aberdour, Aber- 

Tho. Low, f. Joannis, scribae in Stonehyve, Kincardine. 

Tho. Smith, f. Jacobi, opificis in Stonehyve, Kincardine. 

Alex. Roy, f. Joannis, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 

Car. Chivers, f. , centurionis, Bath, England. 

Geo. Bremner, f. Roberti, agricolae, Boharm, Banff. 

Gul. Cockeril,!^ f. Roberti, locum tenen. in 67 Legio. Pedest. 

Gul. Duncan,i2 f_ Joannis in India Orientali. 

Gul. Stewart, f. Alex., scribae, Huntly. 

Jo. Robertson, f. Gulielmi, naucleri, Banff. 

Jo. Thomson,i3 f. Joannis, calcearii, Aberdeen. 

Pat. Gordon, f. Joannis, armig. de Avochie, scribae Sig. 

p.^* Adam. Gordon, f. Alex., Ducis de Gordon. 

» Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

* Of Potterton, Belhelvie ; min., Union Chapel, Aberd. ; F.C. ; author of The Lentiad, etc. 
» Mercht., Ellon. " M.R.C.S., 1818; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ; Aberd. 

" Writer, Aberd. « Writer, Stonehaven ; aftds. P. Laing Gordon of Craigmile. 

' LL.D., 1841; Sch,, Ealing, Middlesex; min. of Towie. * Solicitor, Banff. 

* Silver pen, 1814. "» Min., Longside. 

" Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. "^ Mercht., Aberd. i^ Mercht., London. 

" Private student ; of Newtongarrie ; Scot, N. and Q., XL, 124. 

b, s, t. 



b, s, t, 





b, 5, t. 




b, s, t, 


b, s. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 

b, s, t, 







5, t, 










p. And. Pirie. 

p. Edw. Gordon. 

p. Edw. Tully. 

Geo. [Gilb.] Brown,i f. Guliel. Laur., S.S.T.D., et hujus 

academ. gymnasiarchae. 
Geo. Christie. 
Geo. Duff. 
p. Geo. Stuart. 
p. Gul. Morrison. 
Gul. Murray. 
p. Gul. Rettie. 
p. Jac. Hay. 
Jac. Maitland. 
Jac. Melvin. 
p. Jac. Thom. 
p. Joan. Adams. 

p. Ludov. Carmichael,^ f. . 

Jac. Gordon, f. Gulielmi in Dundee. 

Jac. Webster,^ f. Alexandri, agricolae in Mondynes, Fordun, 

Joan. [Moore] Brown, f. V.R. Guliel. Laur., S.S.T.D., et hujus 

academ. gymnasiarchae. 
Thomas Roberts * [gth July]. 
William Nickson ^ [12th Sept.]. 
William Ritchie ^ [25th Nov.]. 
James Brown "^ [19th Dec.]. 



, w, A.M. 

m, A.M. 
m, A.M. 



Alex. Begg,8 f. Alexri., Abredonensis. 6, 5, ^, m, A.M. 

Alex. Cowie,^ f. Andreas in par. de Fochabers, Banff*. 6, s. 

Alex. Duguid,^^ f. dem. Patricij, mercatoris, Abdn. h, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Gibson," f. Gulielmi in Morphie,Ecclesgreig, Kincardine, b, s. 

Alex. Gordon,i2 f. Samuelis, militis, Abredonensis. b, s, f, m, A.M. 

1 M.D., 1825 ; H.E.I.C.S. ; Insp. Gen. of Hosp., I.M.S. 2 Major, R.A. 

'^ Sch., Farnell, Crail. * Bath. ^ L^te of Brasenose Coll., Oxon. ; curate, W. Cowes. 

8 Teacher, Acad., Perth ; Rector, Acad., Tain ; Prof., Nat. Phil., London ; LL.D., 1832. 

' Usher, Gram. Sch., Perth. ^ Cong. min., Fraserburgh. 

8 Mercht., Aberdeen. " Wine mercht., Aberdeen. 

" Of Auchinreoch ; L.R.C.S.,Ed., 1819; Surg., H.E.I.C.S.; conservator of forests in India. 
" ist bursar (52 compet.) ; min., Forglen. 


Alex. Hall,^ f. Alexri., navium fabricatoris, Abdn. 

Alex. Hardie,2 f. Alexri. in New Deer, Abdn. 

Alex. Harvey,^ f. Gulielmi in par. de New Machar, Abdn. 

Alex. Lawson, f. Jacobi, naucleri, Abdn. 

Alex. Livingston, f. Hay, centurionis, Abredon. 

Alex. Morison, f. Alexri. in Banff. 

Alex. Robertson,* f. Roberti de Boddam, Peterhead, Abdn. 

Alex. Welsh,^ f. Andreae, agricolae in par. de Lochlee, Forfar, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alex. Yeats,^ f. Gulielmi, Abredonen. 

And. Beattie,^ f. Patricii, chirurgi in Insch, Abdn. 

And. Farquharson,^ f. Patricii, advocati, Abredon. 

And. Jamieson, f. Georgii, in par. de Kintore, Abdn. 

And. Mearns, f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredonen. 

Arch. Fraser,^ f. Frederici, armigeri e familia de Lovat, 

Arth. Dingwall,^" f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredon. 
Car. Gordon,^^ f. Caroli, advocati, Abredonen. 
Colin Monro, f. Alexri. in par. de Knocbain, Ross. 
David Watson,i2 f Jacobi in par, de Fearn, Forfar. 
Fran. Craigmile, f. Alexri. in par. de Lumphanan, Abdn., 

Kin. O'Neil. 
Fran. Watt, f. Francisci, Abredonensis. 
Geo. [Gilb.] Brown, f. G. Laurentij, D.D., hujus academiae 

Geo. Cruickshank, f. Jacobi, textoris, Abredon. 
Geo. Daniel, f. Georgii, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Geo. Farquharson, major, f. Patricii, advocati, Abredon. 
Geo. Farquharson, minor, f. Roberti, pastoris de Coldstone, 

Geo. Maclean,i3 f. Jacobi, rev. pastoris de Keith, Banff. 
Geo. Millar, f. Joannis in Thurso, Caithness. 
Geo. Monro, f. Jacobi, Inverness. 
Geo. Watt,i* f. Georgii, chirurgi in Old Deer, Abdn. 
Gul. Burnett, f. Joannis de Elrick, Abdn. 
Gul. Duncan, f. Alexri., lapicidae, Abdn. 

^ Shipbuilder, Aberd. ^ Teacher, ' Adv. in Aberd., 1830. 

* Baker, Peterhead. ^ Surgeon, South America. ' Accountant, Aberd. 
' M.A., King's Coll., 1818; former, Dunnideer. ^ Of Whitehouse. 

• Of Abertarff. "> Silver pen, 1815 ; adv., Edinb., 1827, " W.S,, 1824, 

" Sch., Cortachy. i* Gov., Cape Coast Castle ; married " L.E.L.". " W.S., 1825. 

6, 5, t. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 


b, 5, t, m. 



b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t, m, 




b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 

b, s, t. 

6, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, t. 

b, s, t. 


b, 5, t. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, tn. 

b, s. 


b, s, t. 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, s, t. 




Gul. Chalmers Hunter, f. Joannis de Tilliery, Udny, Abdn. 
Gul. Mackie, f. Davidis, sartoris, Abredonen. 
Gul. Ramsay, f. dem, Joannis, armigeri de Barra, Abdn. 
Gul. Straton, f. Caroli in Balmakelly, Marykirk, Kincardine. 
Hugo Cameron, f. Donaldi in Dingwall, Ross, 
ac. Benton, f. dem. Jacobi in par, de Tough, Abdn. 
a. Brown, f. Joannis, hortulani apud Netherdale, Banff. 
Duncan, f. Alexri., Abredonensis. 
Farquharson, f. Francisci in par. de Glenmuick, Abdn. 
Forbes, 1 f. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
[Beattie] Glennie,^ f. Rev. Georgii, P.P. in hac academia, 
pastoris de Abdn. 

Rose Innes, f. dem. Jacobi, de Netherdale, Banff. 
Mackie, f. Georgij, fabri lignarii in Abdn. 
a. Maitland, f. Adami, agric. in par. de Insch, Abdn. 
a. Morison, f. Gulielmi, cauponis in Inverury, Abdn, 
ac. Noble,^ f. Caroli, cauponis prope Old Deer, Abdn. 
a. Walker, f. Jacobi in Newbigging, agricolas, Montrose, 

oan. Adam, f. Caroli in par. de Echt, Abdn. 
o. Anderson, f. dem. Thomae in par. de Strichen, Abdn. 
o. Black, f. Thomae, pharmacop., Abredon. 
o. Brodie, f. Francisci, sartoris, Abredon, 
o. Duncan,* f. Francisci, mercatoris, Abredon, 
o. Fife,5 f. Jacobi in par. de Towie, Abdn. 
Leslie, f, Gulielmi, pharmacop., Abredonen. 
Paterson,6 f. Donaldi, calcearii, Abredon, 
Riach,'' f. Joannis in par. de Towie, Abdn, 
D. Shirefs, f. Alexri,, advocati, Abredonen, 
Skinner, f, Joannis, Rev<i». V,D,M. apud Forfar. 
Smith, f, Joannis, cementarii in Abdn, 
Torrie,^ f. Rev'. Joannis, Episcop. Eccl. Scot apud Peter- 
head, Abdn. 
Jos. Law, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Laur. Fife, f, Laurentij de Insula Jamaica. 
Laur. Macdonald, f. Donaldi, sartoris, Abredon. 















































































































^ Mercht. and baillie, Aberd, 
* Adv. in Aberd., 1824. 
' Surg., 67th regt. 

2 Lieut., H,E,I.C,S, ^ Min,, St, Madoes. 

» Sch., Towie. « M,R,C,S., 1835 ; Aberd. 

^ Episc. min., Coupar Angus. 




Pat. Davie, f. Alexri., in par. de Keig, Abdn. 

Rob. B. Duncan,^ f. dem. Gulielmi, ludimagistri in Abdn. 

Rob. Dyce,2 f. Alexri., de Tilliegreig, Udny, Abdn. 

Rob. Innes,8 f. Roberti, agricolae in par. de Rathen, Abdn. 

Ro. Meston, f. Archibi. in par. de Towie, Abdn. 

Ro. Officer,* f. dem. Robti. in Jacksbank, Glenbervie, Kin- 

Ra Smith,"^ f. Rev. Alexri., D.D., pastoris de Chapel of 
Garioch, Abdn. 

Tho. Best,^ f. Thomae, armigeri, de Insula Barbadoes. 

Tho. Black,'' f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Tho. Russell,^ f. Alexri., arm. de Aden, Old Deer, Abdn. 

Alex. Shirref, f. Alexi., advocati, Abredonens. 

Geo. Minty, f. Georgii, D.D., pastoris de Kinnethmont, Abd". 

Gul. Clyne, f. Jacobi, ludimagistri, Menmuir, Forfar. 

Gul. Thomson,* f. dem. Gulielmi, sartoris, Abredon. 

Jo. Kelman,^" f. dem. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Frazerburgh. 

Adam Spence. 

Fran. Outram, f. . 

Geo. Bannerman, f. Car., advocati, Abredonen. 

Geo. Brebner,^^ f. Roberti, agricolae, Boharm. 

Gul. Burton, f. 

Jac. Dyce. 

Jac. Mair,i2 f j^c. in paroch. de New Deer. 

Joa. Thomson. 

Jac. Cobban,^8 f^ Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Patr. Robertson,!* f. Jac. in paroch. de Old Deer. 

Jabez Bunting ^^ [3rd Apr.]. 

Thomas Pym Weekes 1^ [nth May]. 

Robert Wilson i7 [gth Sept.]. 

William Jacques ^^ [30th Dec.]. 

















, A.M 







, A.M. 













, A.M. 

















^ Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 2 Adv. in Aberd., 1824. ^ Gray math, bursar, 1817 ; sch., CuUen. 

* Speaker of Assembly, Tasmania ; kt. " See 1819-23. ^ Banker, Aberd. 

' Merch., Batavia. ^ u.D., Edin., 1822. » Mercht,, Aberd. 

" Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " Sch., Boharm. 12 gch., Savoch ; educational writer. 

" Surg., Canada. " Sch., Aberd. '* President, Wesleyan Conference. 

" Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. " Author oi Hist. Acct. of Aberd., 1822. " London. 



Alex. Adamson,2 f. Joannis, agricolae in Strichen, Abdn. 

Alex. Anderson,^ f. Rev. Gulielmi, pastoris de Strichen, Abdn. 

Alex. Duncan,^ major, f. Georgij, fabri lignarij, Abredon. 

Alex. Duncan,^ minor, f. Alexri., opificis, Abredon. 

Alex. Gale,^ f. Joannis, agricolae in Coldstone, Abden. 

Alex. Gray,'^ major, f. Alexri., agricolae in Durris, Abdn. 

Alex. Gray,^ minor, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

Alex. Low,^ f. Jacobi, agricolae in Clatt, Abdn. 

Alex. Macdonald,io f. Alexri., nautae, Abredon. 

Alex. Middleton, £ Gulielmi, agricolae in Tyrie, Abdn. 

Alex. Reid,^^ f. Alexri., agricolae in Strichen, Abdn. 

Alex. Tower,^2 f Georgij, mercatoris, Abredonen. 

Car. Forbes, f. Georgij in paroch. de Leochell, Aberdeen. 

Car. Pressley,^^ f. Caroli, mercatoris in Frasersburgh, Abden. 

Car. Scott, 1* f. dem. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Peterhead. 

David Forrest,^^ f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Drumlithie, Kin- 

Dav. Shirreffs,^^ f. Alexri., hortulani, Abredonen. 

Geo. Brown, ^'^ f. Alexri., Abredonensis. 

Geo. Gordon,!^ f. dem. Rev«. Gulielmi, pastoris de Urquhart, 

Geo. Greig,^^ f. Davidis, mercatoris in Portsoy, Banff. 

Geo. Paterson,^^ f. Georgij, de Insula Grenada. 

^ The identifications of this class are mainly taken from a MS. Record kept by one of its 
members, Mr. William Littlejohn, with the use of which the editor has been favoured by his 
son, Mr. David Littlejohn (1857-61). The Record notes seven names not found in the 
University Album: Alexander Moir (Sen. Math., Nat. Phil.); Alexander Shirreffs (Jun. 
Math. ; Lieut., H.E.I.C.S.) ; George Brebner (Sen. Math. ; died while stud, of Med.) ; James 
Milne (Jun. and Sen. Math. ; Sch.) ; Joshua O'Brian (Jun. Math.) ; Robert Smith, major (Nat. 
Phil. ; mercht., Lond. ) ; Thomas Black (Jun. Math. ; mercht., Canada). 

2 Farmer, Kinnermit. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1827; provost, 1859-66 ; knt., 1863. 

* Mercht., London. <> Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. 

^ ist bursar (55 compet.) ; Presb. min., Hamilton, Canada. ' Watchmaker. 

^ Died while student of Law. ^ Sch., Clatt; min., Keig; historian. 

^** Adv. in Aberd., 1829 ; author of A Jumble of Jottings, 1894. 

" Min., Portsoy; F.C. (not M.A., King's Coll., as in Fasti Eccl. Scot.). 

1^ Planter, Santa Cruz. ^^ Episc. min., Fraserburgh. 

" Silver pen, 1816 ; min.. Natal. !» Surg., H.E.I.C.S. »« Mercht., Aberd. 

^' Surg.-Major, Gren. Guards. ^^ LL.D., 1859; min., Birnie. 

18 L.R.C.S., Ed., 1821 ; Portsoy. 20 west Indies. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 






b, s, t, 




b, s. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 


b, 5, t, 



b, s, t. 




b, 5, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, S, ty 




b, s, t, 



by Sy t, 




by S. 


Geo. Ross,^ f. Caroli, opificis, Abredonen. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Smith,2 f Rgv'. Josephi, pastoris de Birse, Abdn. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Tower,3 f. Georgij, mercatoris, Abredon. 6, 5, ty w, A.M. 

Gul. Bothwell,* f. Joannis, opificis, Abredon. 6, 5, ^, w, A.M. 

Gul. Copland,* f. Gulielmi in Cluny, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Davidson,^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 6, s, t. 

Gul. Edmund,'^ f. Francisci, fabri lignarij, Abredon. h, s, t, tn, A.M. 

Gul. Garrow,^ f. Joannis, opificis, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Leith,® f. Joannis, fabri aerarij, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Littlejohn,!" f. Jacobi, architecti, Abredonen. b, s, ty m, A.M. 

Gul. Malcolm,^^ f. Gulielmi, ludimagistri de Echt, Abredon. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Rettie,^2 £ Alexri., mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t. 

Hen. Mitchell,^^ f. Henrici, agricolae in Cushnie, Abdn. 6, s, ty m, A.M. 

Ja. Donald,^* f. Gulielmi, agricolas in Chapel, Abdn. 6, 5, t, tn, A.M. 

Ja. Dyce,i* f. Gulielmi, M.D., Abredonen. b. 

Ja. Macpetrie,!'' f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Ja. Malcolmson,^'^ f. dem. Jacobi, centurion. Zetland. 6, 5, t. 

Ja. Millar,^^ f. Joannis, mercatoris in Thurso, Caithness. b, s. 

Ja. Murray, 1® f. dem. Jacobi, agricolae, Fordun, Kincardine. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Ja. Robertson,'^" f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Pitsligo, Abden. b, s. 

Ja. Smith,2i f. Gulielmi, Rev', pastoris de Bourty, Abden. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joan, Anderson,22 f. Joannis, factoris de Strichen, Abden. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Brodie,23 f. Francisci, sartoris, -Abredonen. b, s, ty m, A.M. 

Jo. Campbell, f. Donaldi, fabri lignarij, Abredon. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Catto,2* f. Joannis, mercator., Abredonen. b, s, t. 

Jo. Cruickshank,25 f. Gulielmi, ludimagistri de Gartley, 

Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Doig,2® f. Joannis, agricolas in Tannadyce, Forfar. b. 

Jo. Forbes,27 f. Rev». Patricii, pastoris de Boharm, Banff. 6, 5, ty m, A.M. 

* Manufacturer. ^ Min., Birse ; author. ^ Surgeon, army. 

* Lieut., R.N. ^ Died while student of Divinity. ^ Mercht., Aberd. 

' Sch., Brighton ; LL.D., 1840. » Adv. in Aberd., 1825. ' lAxn., Aberd. 

" Manager, T. and C. Bank, Aberd. " Sch., Echt. ^^ Died 1817. 

" Sch., Alvie; min., Braemar, Monquhitter. " Min. i'R.N. 

1' Surgeon, Tobago. '^ Mercht., London. " Mercht., India. 

19 Died while student of Divinity. ^ See 1816-20. ^ Farmer. 

^ Of Westhill ; sometime Master, Gordon's Hosp. ; banker, Strichen. 
^ Gray math, bursar, 1818; min. ^ Mercht., Aberd. 

^ Sch,, Gartly. ^ Overlooker, Dundee. 

w Born 7th July, 1802 ; LL.D,, King's Coll., 1837 ; D.D„ Edin,, 1873 ; Prof, of Oriental 
Languages, Aberd., 1870-87 ; author ; senior graduate of the Universities of Scotland, 1898. 




Jo. Fraser,^ f. Joannis, agricolae in Dalmaik, Abden. b, s. 

Jo. Gerard,- f. Rev'. Joannis, pastoris de Ronaldsay, Orkney, b, s, t, m. 

Jo. Reid,^ f. Joannis, agricolas in Tough, Abden. b, s. 

Jo. Stephen,* f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Huntly, Abden. b, s. 

Jo. Stott,^ f. Roberti, agricolae in Fyvie, Abden. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Thomson,'^ f. Joannis, calcearij, Abredon. b. 

Jo. Wilson," f. Joannis, opificis, Abredon. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jos. Smith,^ f. Josephi, Rev', pastoris de Birse, Abden. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Lud. More,** f. Georgij, opificis, Abredon. b, s. 

Marshall Keith Smith, f. Gulielmi, de Insula Bahamens. b. 

Neil Smith,^*' f. Nigelli, opificis, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Pat. Booth, f. dem. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t. 

Rob. Dyce, f. dem. Roberti in Newhills, Abden. /;. 

Rob. FiddeSjii f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Belhelvie, Abden. b, s. 

Rob. Henry,^2 f. Joannis, agricolae, Fordun, Kincardine. b, 5, t, in, A.M. 

Rob. Moir,^2 f. dem. Georgii, vinarii, Abredon. b. 

Rob. Shand,^* f. Rev'. Joannis, pastoris de Kintore, Abden. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Rob. Sim,i^ f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Fyvie, Abden. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Rob. Smith, 1" f. Alexri., mercatoris lapidii, Abden., demort. b, t. 

Al. Campbell,^'' f. Duncan, agricolae, Reay. s, t, m, A.M. 

Al. Irvine, f. Jacobi, agricolae, Daviot, Abd". 5, t, m. 

Gul. Irvine. 5, t. 

Jac. Irvine, f. Jaci., agricolae, Daviot, Abd". s. 

Jac. Morison,i^f. Gulielmi, cauponis in Inverury, Abd". 5, t, in, A.M. 

Joan. Adams, ^^ f. Caroli, agricolae in Echt. s. 

Jo. Annand, f. Alexri., mercatoris Londinensis. s, t. 

Alexr. Urquhart ,[Trelawney]. t, in, A.M. 

Dav. Macdowal Grant. . t. 

Geo. Daniel, f. Georgii, mercatoris, Abd". t, m, A.M. 

Geo. More.'-^o t. 

1 Mercht., Drum. ^ Lie, Ch. of Scot. ^ Factor, Clova. 

* Mercht., London. " Sch., Bourtie, Fyvie. **' West Indies. 

" Sch., Old Aberd. ** Died while student of Law. " Mercht., Paris, London. 

1" Mercht. and shipowner, Aberd. " M.A., King's Coll., 1823 ; min., Kinellar. 

^^ Sch., Glenbervie. '^ Wine mercht., Aberd. ; aftds banker, Teignmouth. 

" Adv. in Aberd., 1827. '■' Sch., Fettercairn, Dunottar. 

18 Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. ; mercht., Calcutta. ^'^ Sch., Olrig ; min., Portnahaven. 

18 Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. i* Died while student of Divinity. 

^ Lieut., H.E.I.C.S. 



Geo. Watt.i 

Gul. Thomson,^ f. dem. Gulielmi, sartoris, Abd". 

Jac. Bisset.^ 

Jac. [Rose] Innes,* f. dem. Jacobi de Netherdale, Banfif. 

Jac. Leonard.* 

Jac. Mcintosh." 

Jac. Morris." 

Laughlan Mcintosh.* 

Thorn. Blaikie.® 

Franc. Craigmile,^'' f. Alexri. in parochia de Lumphanan. 

James Smith. 

[Nathaniel T.] Harcourt." 

Richard Cope ^^ [12th Mar.]. 

James Irvine [30th Apr.]. 

Thomas Raffles i^ [26th Nov.]. 


^neas Macandrew,^* f. Jacobi, armigeri, de Elgin. 

Alexr. Bruce, f. Alexri. in Oldmeldrum, Abdn. 

Alex. Grant,^^ f. d. Alexri., Abredonensis. 

Alex. Shirefs, f. Alexri., advocati, Abredonen. 

Alex. Simpson,^^ f. Alexri., pastoris de Newmachar, Abdn. 

Alex. Smith, f. Gulielmi dem., fabri lig., Abredonensis. 

Alex. Thom, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Old Machar. 

And. Bisset,^'^ f. And., telonij rationum inspectoris apud 

And. Dun,^^ f. d. Andr., rectoris Schol. Gram., Abredon. 

Car. Chandler, f. d. Caroli, V.D.M., apud Aberdeen. 

Car. Croll, f. d. Caroli, ludimagistri in Auchinblae, Kin- 
cardine, b. 

' Surgeon, West Indies. 

^ M.D., Edin., 1827 (Thesis in Abd. Univ. libr.) ; surgeon, 67th Foot. 
^ See 1808-12 ; sch., Udny ; min., Bourtie ; Hon. A.M., 1839 ; D.D., 1850. 
* Solicitor, London. * Surgeon, Strichen ; London. 

•Capt., 42nd Foot. 7 Sailor. « L.R.C.S., Ed., 1821 ; Surgeon, army. 

" Plumber; provost, 1839-46, 1853-55 ; knt., 1856. '" Writing master, Aberd. 

" Episc. min., Lonmay. ^^ LL.D., 1820. '* LL.D., 1820. 

" M.D,, Edin., 1824 ; d. at Meerut. ^' Sch., Cookney ; F.C. min., Lumphanan. 

^^ Sometime of Jamaica. 

" M.A., Trin. Coll., Cantab., 1839; barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1839 ; author. 
" W.S., 1827. 


t, m, A.M. 

t, m. 

t, m, A.M. 






m, A.M. 







s, t, in, A.M. 




5, t, ?;;, A.M. 



5, t, m, A.M. 


s, t, in, A.M. 





s, t, m, A.M. 


5, t, m, A.M. 


Car. Forbes,^ f. Georgij in parochia de Leochell, Abd". 
Car. Maccombie,^ f. Caroli in Tilliefour, Tough, Aberdeen. 
David Hector, f. Joannis, sartoris in Aberdeen. 
David McRae,3 f. Jacobi, V.D.M., prope Fettercairn, Kin- 
Edward Cheyne, f. Patricij, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Geo. Jarron, f. Georgij in Balviny, Aberlemno, Forfar. 
Geo. Leslie, f. Joannis, agricolse in Gartly, Aberdeen. 
Geo. McKenzie, f. d. Joannis, agricolae in Rubislaw, Aberdeen. 
Geo. Milne, f. dem. Patricij, mercatoris, Abredonen. 
Geo. Shepherd, f. Robti., pastoris de Daviot, Aberdeen. 
Geo. Sherrifs,* f. Davidis in Inverkeilor, Forfar. 
Geo. Watson, f. Andr., pastoris de Tarland, Aberdeen. 
Gul. Anderson,^ major, f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Peterhead. 
Gul. Anderson, minor, f. Joannis, agricolae in Monymusk. 
Gul. Chalmers," f. Samuel., mercatoris, Abredon. 
Gul. Ettershank, f. Gulielmi in Tyrie, agricolae, Aberdeen. 
Gul. Fowlie,'^ f. Gulielmi in par. de Tyrie, Aberdeen. 
Gul. Kelman, f. Joannis, agricolte in par. Cairny, Banff. 
Gul. Kerr, f. Gulielmi, tinctoris in Gilcomston. 
Gul. McCombie,^ f Thomae, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Gul. Middleton,"-' major, f. Jacobi, agricolae, Tarves, Aberdeen, 
Gul. Middleton, minor, f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredonen. 
Gul. Reid,^" f. Joannis, ludimagistri in Kirrymuir, Forfar. 
Gul. Spence,^^ f. d. Gulielmi, pastoris de Glenbucket, Aberdeen, b, s, t. 
Gul. Thomson, f. d. Georgii, sartoris, Abredonen. 
Gul. Straton, f. Alexri., Taodunensis, Forfar. 
Henr. Stewart,!-^ f. d. Joannis, agricolte in Birse, Aberdeen 
Ja. Copland, ^^ f. d. Gulielmi, de Insula Jamaica. 
Ja. Cumine, f. Archibaldi de Auchry, Aberdeen. 
Ja. Ferguson,^* f. Andreae, chirurgi in Aberdeen. 
Ja. Grant, f. Robti., armig. de Bengal. 

1 Sch., Aberdour. "^ Of Tillyfour ; min., Lumphanan ; LL.D., i860. 

3 U.P. min., Lathones, Oban, Glasgow. * Sch., Kirkden. 

° Min., Banchory-Teman ; F.C. ; prof, in Govt. Coll., Agra; author; LL.D., Edin., 
1855 ; benefactor of Univ. of Aberd. ^ Manager, North. Assurance Co. 

7 Sch., and farmer, Tyrie. » Of Easter Skene. » Min., Culsalmond. 

" Writer, Aberdeen. " Sec, Brit. Lin. Co. Bank, Edin. 

12 Min., Oathlaw; benefactor of Univ. of Aberd. " ist bursar {51 compet.). 

1* Rector of Rutger's Coll., New Jersey ; supt. of public schools, Lockport, N.Y. 

6, 5, t, tn, 

, A.M. 

b, s, t, m 

, A.M. 

b, s. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 


b, s. 


b, s, t, w, 

, A.M. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 

6, 5, t. 

b, s, t, m, 



b, 5, t, m, 


b, 5, t, m, 



b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, in, 


b,s,t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t. 

b, 5, t. 


b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s. 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s. 


Ja. Gray, f. Joannis, agrioolae in Huntly. 

Ja. Taylor, f, Jacobi, scholae rectoris apud Fulham, London. 

Ja. Thomson, f. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Jo. Burnett, ^ major, f. Thomae de Park, advocati, Abredon. 

Jo. Burnett,'' minor, f. Joannis dem. scribae apud Stonehaven. 

Jo. Davidson,^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Jo. Gordon, major, f. Alexri. de Newton, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Gordon, minor, f. d. Joannis, pastoris de Cabrach, Abdn. 

Jo. Paull,* f. Joannis, agricolae in Dyce, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Sharp,^ f. Rev. Joannis, pastoris de New Pitsligo, 

Jo. Sim, f. Gulielmi, textoris in Gilcomston. 
Keith Turner, f. d. Keith de Turnerhall, Aberdeen. 
Pat. Dyce, f. Alexri. de Tillygreig, par. de Udny. 
Ro. Middleton, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Sebast. Davidson, f. d. Sebastian apud Udny, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Anderson, f. Thomae, agricolae in par. de Strichen, Abdn. 
Tho, Elliot, f. dem. Thomse, de Insula Jamaica. 
Tho. McCombie, f. Thomae, Abredonensis. 
Tho. Tait,** f, Gulielmi, agricolae in Kintore, Aberdeen. 
Al. Cameron, f. dem. Alexri. 

Franc. Brebner, f. Alexri., armigeri, Laerney, Abdn. 
Franc. Craigmyle, f. Alexri. in par. de Lumphanan, Abdn., 

Kin. O'Neil. 
Geo. McKenzie, f. d. Patricii, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Gul. Burton. 

Gul. Dunbar, f. Robt., mercatoris, Londini. 
Gul. Hutcheson. 

Jac. Innes, f. Joannis, armigeri de Abbeyside, Kinloss. 
Jac. Minty,7 f. Rev^". Drs. Georgii apud Kinnethmont. 
Jo. Forsyth,^ f. Robt., praefect. in legion. 79 apud Huntly. 
Jo. Lee. 
Tho. Ross. 
Alexr. Cruickshank. 

» H.E.I.C.S. (civil). 2 Silver pen, 1817. 

' Writer, Aberd. ; local politician and pamphleteer. 

* Major, army ; served in Canadian rebellion, 1836-37 ; aftds. Clerk of Court, Weston, 

«> Sch., Pitsligo ; min., Newr Pitsligo. ' Paper manufr., Inverurie. 

' See 1820-24. » Surgeon, R.N. 

b, 5, t, m, 



b, s, t 

6, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, 5. 

b, 5, t, m, 



b, 5, t, m. 

b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t. 

by S. 

b, s, t, m. 

b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, m. 


b, s. 

b, s, t. 









5, ty m. 






Alexr. Mathieson, [Latheron]. 

Dav. Macdowal [Grant],i f. Davidis, armigeri de Arndilly. 

Geo. Pirie,2 [Cairnie]. 

Gul. Davidson. 

Jac. Downie. 

Jac. Irvine. 

Jac. Milne. 

Jac. Outram.^ 

Jac. Robertson,* 

Joan. Dalrymple.^ 

Joan. Innes, f. dem. Jacobi de Netherdale, Banff. 

Joan. Malcolmson.*' 

Leslie Duguid/ f. dem. Gul. [Newlands], mercatoris, Abd''. 

Rob. Wilson. 

Peter Halkerston » [7th Feb.]. 

Joseph Dowton ^ [loth July]. 


Alexr. Anderson,^" f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Peterhead. 

Alex. Daniel, ^^ f. Georgij, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Alexr. [Leith Ross] Foote,^-^ f. dem. Roberti, pastoris de 

Fettercairn, Kincardine. 
Alex. Henderson, f. Jacobi, sutoris calcearii, Abredon. 
Alex. Hendry, ^^ f. Gulielmi, pictoris, Abredon. 
Alex. Jopp,^"* f. Andreae, advocati, Abredon. 
Alex. Kilgour,^^ f. Roberti, Abredonensis. 
Alex. Mitchell,^*^ f. dem. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Alex. Paterson,!'" f. dem. Rev'. Alexri., V.D.M, in Dundee. . 
Alex. Shand, f. dem. Joannis in parochia de Forgue, Abdn. 

1 Ensign, gist Foot. 2 Surg., U.S.A. 

'^ Lieut.-Gen. ; bart., 1858; buried in Westminster Abbey; portrait in great window, 
Mitchell Hall, Mar. Coll. 

'' Gray math, bursar, 1819 ; sch., Pitsligo ; headmaster, Gordon's Hosp., Abd. ; min., 
Ellon; D.D., 1843; etc. 

5 Major, H.E.I.C.S. « Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

7 Banker, Sydney, N.S.W. ^ lL.D. same year ; S.S.C, Edin. 

9 Curate, Withamstead, Herts. i» M. 1823, F. 1844, R.C.S., London. 

" Adv. in Aberd., 1828. 12 Min., Brechin; F.C. ; author; D.D., Edin., 1870. 

^3 Adv. in Aberd., 1826. i'' Adv. in Aberd., 1825. 

" M.D., 1833 ; Aberd. ; author, " Adv, in Aberd,, 1830, 
17 Lie, Relief Ch. ; author. 


t, m. 



















t, m, 




t, in. 






t, m, 




t, in, 




t, m, 








t, in, 






Alex. Stewart,^ f. Rev. Patricij, pastoris de KinneflF, Kin- 
cardine, b, 5, t, m. 
Alex. Wilson, f. Adam de Glasgoego, Abredon. 6, 5, t. 
And. Armstrong, f. Gulielmi de Bengal, armigeri. b. 
Ant. Trail,2 f. Thomae in Montrose, Forfar. b. 
Car. Macpherson,^ ludimagister apud Kirkmichael, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Car. Roy, f. Joannis, hortulani, Abredon. b. 
Cuthbert Finch,* f. Cuthberti dem. in Calcutta. b, 5, f. 
David Brown,^ f. Alexri., bibliopolae, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Dav. Burnett, f. Joannis de Elrick, Aberdeen. b, s. 
Dav. Davidson, f. Jacobi, in hac academia professoris. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Dav. Mitchell,^ f. dem. Joannis in Montrose. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 
Fran. Ogston,^ f. Alexri., opificis in Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Fra. Robbie,^ f. Gulielmi, agricolae, Kincardine O'Neil. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Fra. Stewart, f. Francisci de Lesmurdie, Banff. b. 
Geo. Machattie, f. Joannis, mercatoris, Abredon. 6, 5, t. 
Geo. Munro, f. Georgii, scribae in Stonehaven, Kincardine, b. 
Geo. [Fordyce] Storey,^ f. Georgii, V.D.M. in London. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gordon Gardiner, f. dem. Edwini de Trinidad. b, s. 
Gul. Addie [Eddie in s, t, ;«],^° f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 6, 5, t, m. 
Gul. Campbell, f. Georgii, Abredonen. b. 
Gul. Cromar, f. Patricii, agricolae in Glenmuick. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Davidson, ludimagister in Hardgate, Aberdeen. b. 
Gul. Downie, f. dem, Murdoci, Abredon. b, s, t, m. 
Gul. Dustan, f. Joannis, agricolae in Fochabers, Banff. 6, 5. 
Gul. [Erskine] Ferguson,^i f. Joannis, Abredonensis. b. 
Gul. Forsyth,i2 f_ Alexri., agricolae in Kinloss, Elgin. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Gordon,^^ f. dem. Gulielmi, pastoris de Urquhart, Elgin, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Harvey,^* f. Gulielmi, agricolae. New Machar, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Gul. Machray, f. Gulielmi, calcearii, Abredon. b. 

1 Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 2 vv.S., 1829. » Min., Tomintoul. 

* M.D., Edin., 1824; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

»Min., Ord; F.C. St. James's, Glasg. ; Prof, and Principal, F.C. College, Aberd. ; 
D.D., Princeton, 1852; Aberd., 1872; LL.D., Aberd., 1895; died, 1897. 

* Sch., Montrose ; author. 

7 M.D., Edin., 1824; first Prof, of Med. Jur. ; LL.D., Aberd., 1885. 

8 Sch., Banchory-Ternan. " M.D., Edin., 1824; Sydney. i" Asst. Surg., 91st regt. 
*i Completed his studies at St. Andrews ; Inspector of Schools, Co. Dundas, Canada ; 

author of The Layman'' s Preservative against Popery, Abd., 1831. 

" Gray math, bursar, 1820. " m.D., Edin., 1827; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

" Farmer, Monykebbock. 


Gul. Masson/ f. Georgii, agricolae in Durris, Kincardine. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Melville,'^ f. Thomae, Abredonensis. b, s. 

Gul. Ross,^ f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Gul. Smith, f. Joannis, navarchi, Abredon. 6, 5, t. 

Gul. Strachan,* f. Joannis, agricolae in Echt, Aberdeen., b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Hay M'Dowal Grant,^ f. Davidis de Arndilly, Banff. i, s, t, m, A.M. 

Hugo Maclean,*' f. Revd>. Jacobi, pastoris de Keith, Banff. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

ac. Beattie, f. Jacobi in Inverkeilor, agricolae, Forfar. b, s, t. 

ac. Cooper, f Alexri., opificis, Abredon. 6, 5, t, rw, A.M. 

ac. Duncan, f. Alexri,, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t, niy A.M. 

ac. McDowal Grant,'' f. Davidis de Arndilly, Banff. b, s, t. 

ac. Irvine, f Jacobi, agricolae in par. de Daviot, Aberdeen, b. 

ac. Leslie, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Cairney, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

ac. Tower, f. Jacobi de Logic, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

ac. Watson,^ f. Rev>. Andreae, pastoris de Tarland, Aberdeen, b, s, t, m, A.M. 

oan. Bothwell, f. Joannis, Abredonen. b. 

o. Cumine, f. Georgii, mercatoris in Forres, Elgin. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Ferries,^ f. Joannis, Abredonen. b, s, 

o. Greig,^^ f. dem. Roberti in Garvock, Kincardine. b. 

o. Jaffray,^^ f. Alexri., fabri lignarij in Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Jopp,^^ f. Andreae, advocati, Abredon. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Manson/^ f Joannis, mercatoris in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

o. Morrison, f Joannis, hortulani apud New, Aberdeen. b. 

o. Shand, f. Joannis, de Insula Jamaica. b, s, t. 

o. Smith, f. Joannis, agricolae in Insch, Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

o. Stephen, 1^ f Gulielmi, fabri navalis apud Futtie, Aberdeen, b, s, t, in, A.M. 

o. Tawse,^^ f. Jacobi, agricolae in Towie, Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

o. Walker, f. Davidis, agricolae in Fintray, Aberdeen. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

OS. Booth,^'' f. Georgii, Abredon., horologior. fabri. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Lud. Macandrew,^^ f. Jacobi, arm. de Elgin. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Marian[us] Massie,^^ f Mariani, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Nath. Davidson,!^ f. Andreae, advocati, Abredon. b, s. 

* Min., Botriphnie. ^ Mercht., Aberd. ^ Adv. in Aberd., 1826. 

* Head master, Gordon's Hosp. * Evangelist ; author. 
« Of Westfield, Elgin ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ^ Planter, Jamaica. 

8 Min., Tarland. » Adv. in Aberd., 1825. i" M.A., 1822. 

" Sch., Aberd. 12 W.S., 1827. ^^ Brit. Lin. Co. Bank, Aberd. 

" Min., Aberd. ; F.C. i» Presb. min., Toronto. i« W.S., 1830. *'" Mercht., Lisbon. 
1* Adv. in Aberd., 1832. ^* ist bursar (75 compet.) ; S. N. and Q,, I., 71. 


Newal Burnett,^ f. Thomae de Park, advocati, Abredon. 
Pat. Strachan,- f. Joannis, agricolae in Echt, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Foulerton,^ f. Alexandri, centurionis, Abredon. 
Rob. Jay, f. Joannis, mercatoris in comit. de Norfolk. 
Rob. Ledingham,* f. Jacobi, agricolae in Rayne, Aberdeen. 
Rob. Munro, f. Georgij, scribae in Stonehaven, Kincardine. 
Rob. Simson,^ f. Joannis in Tullienessle, Aberdeen. 
Ronald Dawson, f. Joannis, agricolae in Fordyce, Banff. 
Saml. Paterson,*' f. Rodericii, fabri ferrarii in Aberdeen. 
Simson Duguid,' f. Patricij, dem. mercatoris, Abredon. 
Tho, Donald, f. Patricii, mercatoris in Kinnidar, Aberdeen. 
Tho. Reid, f. Thomae, opificis in Huntly, Abdn. 
Adam. Gordon, f. Jacobi in Craigton, Kincardine O'Neil. 
Alex. Gibb,^ f. Joannis, artificis, Abredonensis. 
Car. Croll, f. dem. Caroli, ludimagistri in Auchinblae. 
Frederic [Skene Courtenay] Chalmers,'^ f. Jacobi, chirurgi, 

Geo. Wilson, f. Rev^*. Jacobi, V.D.M., Farnwell. 
Gilbert More, f. Alexri., vectigalium collector. Abred. 
Gul. Gardiner,^" f. dem. Edwini de Trinidad. 
Gul. Hall. 

Gul. McGregor, f. Gulielmi, centurionis, Mortlach, Banffshire. 
Gul. Reid, f. Thomae, pistoris, Londini. 
J a. Lawson. 
Ja. McGregor. 

Ja. Mackie, f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abd". 
Jo. Christie, f. Jacobi dem. Abredonens. 
Rob. Blanch, f. Georgii, centurionis navalis emeriti, Forres. 
Rob. Hector, f. Jacobi, agricolae, Fernyflatt, Kincardine. 
Thom. Main, f. Georgii, fabri ferrarii, Stonehaven. 
Alex. Lyall.ii 
Alex. Macnab. 
Franciscus Forbes. 
Geo. Hollinsworth. 
Geo. [Dempster] Profat.^^ 

* Of Kyllachie, Inverness, and Kepplestone, Aberd. ; adv. in Aberd., 1825. 
^ Chicago. ^ Aftds. R. Grant of Druminnor. * Adv. in Aberd., 1827. 

'OfCobairdy. " Silver pen, 1818. " Of Camachmore. 

8 C.E., Aberd. * Rector of Beckenham, Kent. " Asst. Surg., 56th Foot. 

" Clerk, Custom House, Aberd. ^* Adv. in Aberd., 1832. 

b, s. 

b, s, t. 

b, 5, t, m. 



b, s. 

b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, tj m. 


b, s, t. 

b, 5, t, ;«, 


b, 5, t. 

b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, w. 


s, t, tn, 


s, t. 

s, t, jn, 









s, t, m. 











t, m. 


Gulielmus Alexander,^ f. Gilberti, opificis in Peterhead. 

Gulielmus Ellis. 

Gul. Keith,2 f. Joannis, Abredonensis. t, m. 

Gul. Robertson. 

Joannes Cameron.^ 

Joan. Gammack. 

Joan. Knowles. 

Jos. Watt. 

Jac. Scott. m, A.M. 

Richard Mullins Mant [5th Jan.]. A.M. 

Alexander Jamieson'* [i^th Nov.]. A.M. 


Alex. Ferguson, f. dem. Jacobi, arm. de Kinmundy. b, s, t. 

Alex. Gordon, f. Alexandri, armigeri de Newton. b, s, i. 

Alex. Macconochie,^ f. Patricij, agricolae, Mortlach, Banff. /;, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Silver,^ f. Joannis, agricolae in Dunottar, Kincardine, b, s, t, w, A.M. 

Alex. Spence," f. dem. GuHelmi, pastoris de Glenbucket. b, s, t, m, A.M. 
Alex. [Gordon] Sutherland,** f. Nigelli, chirurgi milit., 

Aberdeen, b, s. 

Alex. Thom,^ f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Nova Scotia. b, s, t, in. 

Arthur Hay,^'' f. Arthuri, opificis, Abredon. b, s, t, m. 

Campbell Gibb, f. Roberti, fabri ferrarij in Peterhead. b. 

Car. Roy, f. Joannis, hortulani in Aberdeen. b, 5, t. 

Dav. [Morice] Johnston,^^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris in Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

Dav. Keith,^^ f. dem. Georgii, agricolae, Abredon, 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Dav, Wilson, ^3 f. Jacobi, agricolae in Fyvie, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A,M. 

Gavin Smith, ^* f. Rev'. Gulielmi, pastoris de Bourtie. b, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Gavin Turreflf,^^ f. Georgii, lictoris urbis de Aberdeen. b, s, t, m, A.M, 

Geo. Bruce, f. dem. Gulielmi, fabri ferrarii in Aberdour, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

^ Writer in, and provost of, Peterhead. 

■■* M.D., King's Coll,, 1840; sen. Syrg,, Roy, Inf., Aberd. 

3 Sch,, Glenlyon. * Teacher of Acad., Hoxton ; LL.D., 1823. 

* Sch,, Strachan. " Sch., Fetteresso ; min., Dunottar. 

7 Min., Aberd. ; F.C ; D.D., Abd„ 1866, « W,S., 1829. 

8 Mercht., Aberd. •» M.R.C.S., 1825 ; Drum of Auchindoir. 

" Silver pen, 1819 ; solicitor, Lond., 1827. ^'^ Adv. in Aberd., 1830; town clerk dep. 

1^ Episc. min., Woodhead, Fyvie. " Sch., Rottingdean, Sussex ; LL.D., 1841. 

^ Clerk, Union Bank of Scot., Aberd. ; author oi Antiquarian Gleanings. 



Geo. Carchrae, f. Jacobi, opificis in Cruden, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Cheyne,* f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Auchterless, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. Leask,-' f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Fyvie, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Geo. May, f. Andreae, scriba in Inverness. 6, s, t. 

Geo. Munro,^ f. Georgii, scribae in Stonehaven, Kincardine. b, s, t, vi, A.M. 

Gualt. Fowlie, f. Joannis, agricolae in New Deer, Abdn. b, s, t. 

Gualterus Pollock, f. Gualteri, de insula Jamaica. b, s, t. 

Gul. Alexander, f. Gilberti, opificis in Peterhead. b. 

Gul. Greig, f. Alexandri, agricolae in Birse, Abdn. b, s, t. 

Gul. Kelman, f. Alexandri, pistoris, Abredon. b, s. 

Gul. Machray,* f. Gulielmi, calcearii, Abredon. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Reid.5 /;. 

Gul. Roy, f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Abredon. b, s, t. 

Gul. Thomson,® f. Georgij, arm. de Fairlie, Aberdeen. /;, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Gul. Walker, f. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredon. b. 

Hen. Cheyne, f. dem. Joannis de Zetland. b, s. 

Jac. Cardo, f. Richardi, opificis, Abredon. b. 

Jac. Cargill, f. Joannis de Inverness. b, s. 

Jac. Davidson, minor, f. Jacobi, M.D., P.P. in hac Academia. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jac. Duirs,^ f. Jacobi, opificis de Laurencekirk, Kincardine. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jacobus Eraser, f. Alexandri, scribae in Frasersburgh. b. 

Jac. Gibb, f. Roberti, mercatoris in Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Jac. Gillan,^f. Rev'. Jacobi, pastoris de Speymouth, Moray. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jac. Massie, major, f. dem. Alexandri in Durris, Abdn. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jac. Massie,^ minor, f. Jac. Ignatii, mercatoris in Aberdeen, b, s, t. 

Jac. Smith, f. Georgij, vitrarii, Abredon. /;, s, t, m, A.M. 

Joan. Bothwell, f. Joannis, opificis in Aberdeen. b. 

Joan. Fraser,^" f. Alexri., mercatoris, nuper prepositi de 

Aberdeen. b, s, t. 

Jo. Gammack, f. Alexandri, agricolae in Aberdour. b. 

Jo. Gillice,^^ f. Joannis, scribae in Keith, Banff. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

Jo. Greig,^2 f dem. Roberti in Garvock, Kincardine. b, s, t, in, A.M. 

' Presb. min., Hamilton, Canada. ^ ^dv. in Aberd., 1826. 

* Gray math, bursar, 1821 ; adv., Edinb., 1827 ; Sheriff of Linlithgow ; author. 

* 1st bursar (39 compet.) ; min. Stirling ; Blackwell Prize, 1820, 1822, i860. 

" " Removed to second class." * H.E.I.C.S. ; Dep. Insp. Gen., I.M.S. 

' See p. 48; Sch. and min., Durris. * Min., Tough, Alford; D.D., Aberd., 1864. 

* Manager, Aberd. Gas Co. 1° Of Mongewell Park, Berks ; mercht., Antwerp, etc. 
" Med. pract., America. " Surg., R.N. 




Jo. [Inglis] Harvey,^ f. Joannis, arm. de Kinettles, Forfar. 

Jo. Hunter, f. Joannis de Tilliery, Aberdeen. 

Jo. Manson,2 f. Alexandri, mercat. in Oldmeldrum. 

Jo. Smith, Gulielmi, vitrarii, Aberdeen, 

Rob. Gordon, 3 f. dem. Rev'. Georgij, pastoris de Aberdeen. 

Rob. Low, f. Alexandri, mercatoris in Aberdeen. 

Rob. Machray,'* f. dem. Joannis, agricolae in Dyce, Abdn. 

Rob. Shand, f. Alexri., advocati in Aberdeen. 

Rob. Thomson,^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredon. 

Rob. Thorburn,*' f. Alexandri, agricolai in Keith, Banff. 

Tho. Laurence,'' f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Keith, Banff. 

Alexr. Mathieson, f. Joan., armigeri de Allandale, Ross-shire. 

Basil Fisher, f. Basil de Devanha, Abdn. 

Car. Hutcheson, f. . 

Geo. Gillanders, f. Joannis, armigeri de Highfield, Ross. 

Geo. Schonswar, f. , mercatoris, Hull. 

Gul. Campbell, f. Georgii, lictoris, Abredonensis. 
Gul. Finch, f. dem. Cuthberti in Calcutta. 
Gul. Fisher,^ f. Basil de Devanha, Abdn. 
Gul. McCombie,^ f. Caroli in Tillyfour, Tough. 
Gul. Stronach. 
Ja. Forsyth. 

Ja. Miln, f. dem. , agricolae. 

Ja. Schonswar, f. , mercatoris, Hull. 

Ja. Wilson. 

Joa. Gillanders, f. Joannis, armigeri de Highfield, Ross. 

Joa. Gordon, f. dem. Joannis de Cabrach, Abdn. 

Joa. Morriscm, f. Joannis, hortulani apud New, Abdn. 

Rob. Davidson, ^"^ f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberdeen. 

Rob. Farquhar. 

Skene Craig, [f. Jacobi, Aberd.] 

Thomas Garland. 

Alexander Gibb, f. . 

Carolus Fife, f. . 




s, t, 




s, t, 






5, t, 












s, t, 















5, t. 









, A.M. 

s, t, 


, A.M, 








, A.M, 

1 Of Kinnettles ; H.E.I.C.S. ; Indian Civil Service. ^ Min., Fyvie ; F.C. 

3 Sch., Foveran. * Adv. in Abd., 1830. ^ Min., Hull. 

^ Mercht., Alexandria, London. '' Tobacco manufacturer, Aberd. 

8 Brewer (W. Black & Co.), Abdn. 

® Farmer, Tillyfour ; famous cattle breeder ; M.P. !•* Manuf. Chemist, Aberd. 


Carolus Kussel.' t. 

Edward Collins, f. . t. 

Georgius Hollinsworth, f. . /. 

Gulielmus Collins, f. . t. > 

Gul. Forbes, f. . t. 

Henricus Collins, f. . t. 

Jacobus Davidson, major, f. . t. 

Jacobus Paterson, f, . t. 

Joannes Burnett, f. . t. 

Joannes Dalrymple, f. . t. 

Joannes Gray, f. . i. 

Joannes Hall, f. . t, 

Robertus Rettie,^ f. Middletoni, Aberdeen. /. 

Thomas Cloutt^ [8th May]. A.M. 

Allan Macpherson '' \ rA.M. 



Joseph Bosworth " 
Thomas Boddington *' 
Thomas Wood ^ 

[i6th Sept.]. 


Alex. Falconer, f. Joannis, artificis, Abredonensis. 6, 5, t. 

Alex. Geddes, f. Joannis, agricolae in Crimmond. ^ 6, 5, t. 

Alex. Straith,8 f Alexandri apud pontem de Don. h, 5, t, ni, A.M. 

Alex. White,^ f. Georgii, agricolae in parochia Newdeer. i, 5, <, m, A.M. 

Alex. Wood,!** f. Jacobi, mercatoris in Fettercairn. b. 

Alex. Wright, f. Joannis, artificis in Coul. b. 

And. Mackay," f. Andreae, agricolse in parochia de Fetteresso, h, s. 

And. Mackie,^-' f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

And. Riddel, f. Alexandri, artificis in Aberdonia, 6, 5, <, m, A.M. 

Car. [Jo.] Brown,i3 f. Alexri., bibliopolae, Abredon. 6, 5, t. 

' Son of Alex. R. of Aden. 

2 Inventor of the Rettie system of safety signals for ships ; Librarian to Fac. of Proc. 
Glasg. ; author. 

" Dissent, min., Lond. * St. Anne's St., Salisbury. 

* Vicar of Little Horwood, Bucks. ' Master of Class. Acad., Thorpe Arch, Yorks. 

^ Dissent, min., Sheffield. ^ Sch., Abdn. 

" Sch., Gamrie; min., Burghead, Canisbay. ^^ Sch., Laurencekirk. 

" See p. 67, note. ^'^ Major, Spanish Legion ; killed 1836. 

" Silver pen, 1820 : min., Anderston, Edin. ; F.C. ; Mod. of Assemb., 1872 ; author. 




Car. Farquhar, f. mort. Alexandri, agricolae in Crimmond, 

Dav. Smith, f. Jacobi, agricolae in parochia de Fetteresso, 

Dav. Sutor, f. Joannis demortui, de Cabrach, 

Edw. Collins, f. mortui Gulielmi, de Richmond. 

Geo. F'arquharson, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Strathdon. 

Geo. Kerr, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in parochia de Glenbervie. 

Geo. Knox, f. Georgii, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Geo. McConochie, f. Georgii, ludimagistri de Logic Pert. 

Geo. Moir, f. Alexandri, vectigalis collectoris, Abredonensis. 

Geo. Mowat, f. Jacobi, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Gordon Bowman, f. Joannis, medicinte doctoris apud Sayfield. 

Gul. Andrew, f. Georgii mortui, mercatoris, Glasguensis. 

Gul. Brown, f. mortui Gulielmi, militum preefecti. 

Gul. Burnett,^ f. Joannis, jurisconsulti, Edinburg. 

Gul. Collins, f. mortui Gulielmi, de Richmond. 

Gul. Duthie, f. Jacobi, artificis in parochia Fetteresso. 

Gul. Dyce,^ f. Gulielmi, M.D., Abredon. 

Gul. Forbes, f. Jacobi de Housedale, Abredon. 

Gul. Hodgeton, f. Joannis, artificis in Arbroath. 

Gul. Maclean, f. Caroli de Forres. 

Gul. Robertson,^ f. Jacobi, agricolae in Tarland. 

Gul. Tytler, f. Joannis, agricolae in Kincardine O'Neil. 

Hen. Collins, f. mortui Gulielmi, de Richmond. 

Jac. Burnett, f. Joannis mortui, scribae in Stonehaven. 

Jac. Dun,'* f. Petri, artificis, Abredonensis. 

Ja. Gordon,^ f. Alexandri, pistoris, Abredonensis. 

Ja. Ledingham,** f. Jacobi, artificis, Abredonensis. 

Ja. [Boyn] McConibie," f. Thomae, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Ja. Nicol, f. AndrcEe, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Ja. Paterson, f. Alexandri mortui, navalis prsefecti. 

Ja. Robertson, f. Jacobi, V.D.M. apud Crichie in parochia 

New Deer. 
Ja. Sim, f, Jacobi, artificis, Abredonensis. 

^ ist bursar (55 compet.). 

2 Blackwell prize, 1830 ; R.A. ; author ; portrait in great window, M 

^ Sch., Kathven ; F.C. min., Aboyne. * Under master, Gram. Sch., 1842. 

"Gray math, bursar, with gold medal, 1822; mast, of Math. School, Aberd. ; min., 

• Sch., Correction VVynd, Aberd. ; author. '' Of Gellybrands ; adv. in Aberd., 1831. 

6, 5, ty m. 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, in. 


b, s, t, in, 


b, 5, t, in, 


b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t. 

b, s, t, in, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t, in. 


b, 5, t. 

b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 

b, 5, t, m, 



b, s, t, m. 


b, s, t, ni, 


b, s, t, m, 




b, 5, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 


b, 5, t, in, 


b, s, t, m, 



b, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m. 


Mitchell Hall, Mar 


a. Thomson, f. Francisci, artificis, Abredonensis. b, s. 

oan. [Morris] Cruickshank,^ f. viri reverend! Joan., past, de 

o. Duffus, f. Joannis, agricolce in Fordun. 

o. Duncan, f. mortui Joannis, med. doct. in Bombay. 

o. Hughes, f. Gulielmi de Inverness. 

o. Paterson, f. . 

o. Skinner, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Banchory-Ternan. 

o. Tilliery, f. Joannis, agricolae in Udny. 

o. Winton, f. Joannis, Abredonensis. 

OS. Law, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 

OS. Philip, f. Jacobi, Abredonensis. 
Laur. Fife, f. Macduff, de Insula St. Vincent. 
Pat. Pirie,^' f. Alexri., mercatoris, Abredon. 
Ro. Cromar,^ f. Jacobi, rectoris Scholae Gram, de Aberdeen. 
Ro. Gordon, f. Joannis, militum prsefecti, Abredonensis. 
Ro. Harvey,* f. Roberti, armigeri de Braco, M.D. 
Ro. Machray,^ f. Roberti, mercatoris, Abredonensis. 
Ro. Milne, f. Roberti, agricolae in parochia de Durris. 
Ro. Shepherd, f. Roberti, pastoris de Daviot. 
Tho. Gray, f. Gulielmi, Abredonensis. 
Tho. Torry, f. viri reverendi Patricii, pastoris episcop. in 

Alex. Boyd. 

Car. Moir,** f. Georgii, mercatoris, Abredon. 
Geo. Pirie, f. Jacobi, Kairney. 
Gul. Cummine, f. Gul., Jamaica. 
Gul. Hogarth,'^ f. Georgii, mercatoris, Abredonens. 

Gul. Ward, f. , armigeri, Yorkshire. 

Jac. Symmers. 

Jo. Hoyes, f. Joannis, Jamaica. 

Rob'. Roger, f. rev. Roberti. 

Adamus Craigmile. 

Alex. Gordon, f. Alexri., armigeri de Newton. 

Alex. Paul. 

And. Ross. 

1 Asst. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ^ Manufr., Aberd. ; aftds. P. Pirie Gordon of Buthlaw. 

3 Adv. in Aberd., 1829. * Of Broomhill ; M.D., Edin., 1828. 

' See p. 47; Cong, min., Dumfries. * Mercht., Aberd. ' Mercht., Aberd. 

b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t. 






b, 5, t. 


b, s, t. 




by 5. 

b, s, t, 



b, 5, t, 




b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, s, t, 



b, 5, t. 

b, 5, t, 











s, t, 










David Davidson, f. Jacobi, in hac academia professoris. 

Geo. Taylor. 

Gul. Craig, f. . 

Qui. Kelman. 

Gulielmus Teasdale, [Falmouth]. 

Jacobus Corbet,^ f. Gulielmi in Bieldside, Abredonen. 

Jac. Leith. 

Joannes Bain.'^ 

Joan. Cowie. 

Joan. Lyall. 

Joan. Ogilvie. 

Joan. Ren wick. 

Joan. Smith. 

Patricias Gray.^ 

Ronaldus Fraser. 

Skene Craig.* 

Thomas Lessel. 

Thom. McCombie. 

Thom. Ross. 

Gul. Robertson, f. Joan., vitriarii, Americani. 

Ro. Smith,^ f. dem. Rev. Alex., D.D., past, de Chapel of 

Garioch, Abd". 

Alexander Power ^ [14th Feb.], 

Henry Tattam " [23rd Apr.]. 

Richard Newman^ [i6th July]. 

William Mosely ^1 

Joseph Selkirk 10 I [26th Sept.]. 

, m, 












Adam. Low,^^ f. Ad., pistoris, Abredonensis. b, s, t. 

Alex. Anderson,^^ f. Geo. def., pastoris in parochia de 

Lochel. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

1 Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. - Min., Gait, Ontario; author. 

^ Actuary and mathematician, Lond. ; author. 

* Australia. •■> See 1814-18 ; M.R.C.S., 1833 ; Aberd. « Ashford, Kent. 

'' Rector of St. Cuthbert's, Bedford. * Faversham, Kent. 

® Gratis. Master of Acad., Lond. ; LL. D. same year. 

1" Rev. ; of Ashworth Hall, Rochdale. ^^ ist bursar (56 compet.). 

^^ Farmer, Balnacraig, Tillygreig. 




Alex. Beattie,^ f. dem. Jacobi, Phil. Prof, in hac academ. 
Alex. Cameron, f. dem. Hug., mercatoris in Aberdon. 
Alex. Cran,2 f. Joan., agricolae in paroch. de Rhynie. 
Al. Dempster, f. Joan., cauponis, Abredonensis. 
Al. Donaldson,^ f. Gul., agricolae in par. de Cromar. 
Al. Henderson,* f. Gul,, saponis confec, Abredon. 
Alex. Keard, f. Alex., mus. voc. mag., Abredon. 
Al. Macandrew, f. Jac, mercatoris de Elgin. 

Al. Wright, f. in par. de Coul. 

And. Gray,^ f. Gul,, caligarii, Abredon. 

Car. Anderson,^ f. Geo. dem., pastoris in par. de Lochel. 

Car. Gray, f. Geo., caligarii, Abredon. 

Dav. Smith," f. Jac, agricolae in parochia de Fetteresso. 

Dun. Campbell, f. dem. Dun., militis in Egypt. 

Forbes Falconer,* f. Gilberti, ludimagistri, Abredon. 

Fred. Sutor, f. Joannis, mercatoris in Calcutta de Bengal. 

Geo. Brown," f. Roberti, mercator., Abredon. 

Geo. Gordon, f. Alexandri, armig. de Newton. 

Geo. Stewart,!" f_ dem. Jac, fabri ferrarii, par. de Boyne. 

Gordon [Forbes] Davidson,!^ f. Andreae, advocati, Abredon. 

Gul. Arrow, f. Jac. demor., centurion, de Bengal. 

Gul. Beattie,!^ f_ Joan., fab. fer. in par. de Bervie. 

Gul. Mocher Cruden,!^ f. Gul., armig. de Lanark. 

Gul. Guthrie, f. Tho., medici in par. de Bervie. 

Gul. Henderson,!* minor, f. Gul. demor., centurion, de 

Gul. Macgregor, f. dem. Gul., locum ten. in par. de Morlict. 
Gul. Reid,!^ major, f. Gul., agric de paro. de Fordun. 
Gul. Reid,!** minor, f. Joa., agrico. in par. de Glenbucket. 
Gul. Robertson, f. Joa., vitriarii, Americani. 
Gul. Russell, f. Alexri. de Aden. 





t, m. 





t, m, 




t, m. 










t, m. 



t, m, 














t, m, 



t, m, 









^ m, 



t, w, 



t, VI. 



t, in. 





b, s, 


1 Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 2 M.R.C.S., 1826 ; Kildrummy, Tarland. 

* Surgeon, R.N. * Adv. in Aberd., 1838. 

» Min., Woodside (Abd.), Perth ; F,C, ; author, 6 Adv., Edin., 1836. 

' Supervisor of Excise ; aftds. farmer, Midlothian, 

^ Silver pen, 1821 ; Prof, of Oriental Lang., Univ. Coll., Lond. ; LL.D., King's Coll., 1849. 

* Auctioneer, Aberd. '« Sch., Rhynie ; mission., Marnoch. 
" New South Wales. i- Min., Evie. '•' Adv. in Aberd., 1830. 

" L.R.C.S., Ed., 1826 ; Jamaica. i' Sch., Mains ; min., Maryton. 

*<• Min., Auchindoir. 


Gul. Skinner,^ f. Joannis, V.D.M., apud Forfar. 

Gul. Teasdale, f. dem. Gul., mercat. in Insula Jamaica. 

Gul. Wilson,^ f. Adam de Glaswego. 

Jac. Angus,^ f. Gulielmi, horolog. fabri, Abredon. 

Jac. Corbet, f. Gul., in parochia de Peterculter. 

Jac. [Car.] Fowler,* f. Geo., ludimag., Abredon. 

Jac. Mintie, f. Rev*. Doctoris Jac. [? Geo.], pastoris de 

Jac. Paterson, f. Geo., medici de Grenada. 
Jac. Smith,^ f. dem. Alex., Rev*. Doctoris, past, de Chapel 

of Garioch. 
Jac. Tavendale,^ f. Joa., armigeri paro. de Conveth, 

Jac. Watson,^ f. Jac, lapidar., Abredon. 
Jo. Bain, f. Gul., molaris de paro. de Mortlich. 
Jo. Glennie, f. D'^. Georgii, P.P. in hac academia. 
Jo. Mitchell, f. dem. Joa., agrico. in paro. de Dyce. 
Jo. Robertson,^ f. Patricii, pastoris Sec. in paro. de Tarves 

Jo. Scarth,^ f. Jac, mercatoris in Oread. 
Jo. Smith, f. Jac, stabularii, Abredon. 
Jo. Stewart,^° f Rev'. Patricii, pastoris de Kineff. 
Laur. Davidson,^^ f. Jacobi, M.D., P.P. in hac Academia. 
Pat. Anderson,i2 f Jac, mercatoris de Peterhead. 
Pat. Robertson, ^3 f. Pat., pastoris Sec. in paro. de Tarves. 
Rob. Angus, f. Rob., pistoris de Inverkeithing. 
Ranald Fraser, f. Rob., de Aiges in par. de Kilmorack. 
Theod. Allan, ^* f. dem. Joa., agric in parochia de Dyce. 
Tho. Alexander,^* f. Jac, sartoris, Abredonensis. 
Tho. Galatian, f, dem. Geo., agric. in par. de Ellon. 
Tho. Torrie,i6 f. Rev*. Pat'., V.D.M., apud Peterhead. 
Geo. Mearns, f. Joannis, agricolae in Robiestown, par. Huntly. 

^ Adv. in Aberd., 1829. ^ Mercht., Jamaica ; N.S.W. 

' Gray math, bursar, with gold medal, 1823 ; taught in Univ. of Louvain, where he died 
in 1828. 

* Sch., Aberd. ; min., Ratho; LL.D., 1856. ' Sch., Birse ; min., Dumbarton. 

•* Insp. of Poor, Fetteresso. " Writer, Gilcomston. ^ Dissent, min., Burghead, Wallsend. 
» Of Binscarth. " Farmer, Caterline. " M.D., 1831. ^^ djss. min., England. 

*3 Dissent, min., Sunderland. " Sch., CouU. ^' Presb. min., Cobourg, Canada. 

^^ Aftds. T. G. Torry Anderson of Fawsyde ; episc. min., Peterhead, Edin., Dundee ; poet. 


6, s, 




b, s, 







b, s, 





b, 5, 



b, s, 





b, s. 











b, s, 


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b, s, 











b, s. 


b, s, 









b, s. 



Geo. Taylor,' f. Joannis, numularii de Keith. s, t. 

Gul. Henderson, major, f. dem. Qui., agricolae in par. de 

Jac Cook, f. Joannis, mercatoris de Calcutta. 
Jo. Clark,2 f. Joan., supellectil. opifi., Abredon. 
Jo. Cormack, f. Alexi., agricolae in par. de Reay, Caithness. 
Rob. Davidson, f. Gul., mercatoris, Abredonensis. 

Rob. Dowie, f. de Leslie, Fife. 

Alexander Gordon, f. Ludovici, mercat. in Aberdeen. 

Andreas Thom, f. Jacobi, agricolae in Huntly. 

Edvardus Cook, f. Joannis, mercatoris in Calcutta. 

Jacobus Allan, f. Georgii, mercator., Abredon. 

Jacobus Davidson, f. Jacobi, M.D., in hac academia Ph. Prof. 

Jacobus Dewars, f. Jacobi, opificis in Laurencekirk. 

Jacobus Paul,^ f. Davidis in Gravesend, Kent. 

Petrus Saunders, f. , mercatoris, Aberdon. 

Robertus Dowie, f. , ludimagist., Aberdon. 

Thomas Gibbon, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Aberd. 
And. Ross, f. dem. Geo., Sandwick, Ross-shire. 

Petr. Cormack,* f. . 

Charles Samuel Wood ^ [25th Mar.] 
Samuel Drew^ [6th May]. 
George Hall ^ [2nd July]. 
James Abbott ^ [27th Oct]. 


Al. G. Anderson,^" f. Joa., Hg. mort. de Glenfiddich. 
Alex. Bruce,'' fil. Joan., pistoris, Abredonensis. 

' Farmer, Aldroughty, Elgin. ^ Adv. in Abd., 1832; manager, Aberd. Assurance Soc. 

3 M.R.C.S., 1824; H.E.I.C.S. ; M.D., Glasg., 1883. •• Writer, Aberd. 

" Curate of Drayton. ^ St. Austell, Cornwall ; author. 

' Curate of Shap, Westmoreland. ^ Alfred House, Preston, Kent, 

* In the latter half of the eighteenth century the degree examinations had become alto- 
gether farcical. " They consisted of a series of Latin questions in Logic and Rhetoric, intro- 
duced by Dr. Beattie about 1765 or later, when public laureations were discontinued. The 
same set answered for all years : the Professor of Moral Philosophy dictating copies of both 
questions and answers to the candidates, hearing them recite by rote the answers, and then 
hearing them a second time recite the same in presence of the Faculty. This plan, by which 
no one could possibly be rejected, continued till 1824. . . . The innovation of Dr. Beattie 
was, doubtless, partly sanctioned by the still older custom of giving assistance to the graduates 
in their themes and declamations; but it had long ere 1824 become a great nuisance and dis- 

^ Sch,, Strathdon. " L.R.C.S., Ed., 1829. [ConHnued on next page. 























h, s, t, m, 


b, s, t, m, 





Al. [Dyce] Davidson,^ f. Geo., fabri lignarii, Abred. 

Al. Diack, f. Alexri., horti cultoris, Abred. 

Al. Elmslie, f. Joan., locum tenentis, 83'>* legione. 

Al. Forbes, f. Rob., pastoris de Monymusk. 

Al. Smith, f. Rob., vectigalium exact., Abred. 

And. Lyall, f. Alexri., telonij rationum inspectoris, Abredon. 

Car. Gatherer,^ f. Joa., vectigalium inspect, de Keith. 

Car. Paterson, f. Geo., med. doctoris de Grenada. 

Dan. Drimmie, f. Alexri., textoris, Abred. 

Dan. Millar, f. Joa., mercatoris de Thurso. 

Dav. King, f. Joa., pastoris de Montrose. 

Edw. Cooke, f. Joa., mercatoris de Calcutta. 

Edw. Reid,3 f. Thorn., molendarii de Aberdon. 

Edw. Smith,* f. Geo., vitrarii, Abredon. 

Fran. Clerihew,^ f. Geo., lig., Abred. 

Fr. Henderson,^ f. Jacobi, opificis, Abred. 

Geo. Anderson,'^ f. Arthuri, armigeri de Deebank. 

Geo. Clark, f. Geo., bibliop., Abred. 

Geo. Coutts, f. Danielis, agricolae de Kineff, Kincardine. 

Geo. McKnight, f. Gulielmi, agric. de Monymusk, Abred. 

Geo. Milne, f. Jacobi, agric. de Esslemont, Ellon, Abred. 

Geo. [Thomson] Morgan, ^ f. Jac, mercat. de Jamaica. 

Geo. Shepherd, f. Georgii, agricolae mort. de Oldmeldrum. 

grace. And, as if to sanction such a fraud on the College and the public, the words of the 
diploma remained unaltered, ' ingenii sui ac eruditionis luculento specimine edito,' which be- 
came an obvious untruth " (Knight's MSS.). 

On 7th March, 1825, the Senatus, " being of opinion that some alteration should be made," 
enjoined each Professor to examine the candidates in the last week of the Session, " at what- 
ever hours he shall find most convenient and in the manner which he himself approves " : on 
the day of graduation the Professor of Moral Philosophy to examine " in the manner which 
he approves, on which occasion also the Principal may, if he chooses, put such questions as 
he shall think fit. . . . Due allowance to be made for the short notice which can now be 
given to the candidates " (Mm.). 

" We were glad," says Knight, " to get rid of the abuse of the last 50 years. There 
were 31 candidates; of whom 5 were rejected for answering not one word. But, to the 
astonishment of all, Dr. Glennie held his examination, in the old mode, by the old Latin ques- 
tions : thus tying the living to the dead. For the rejected students pled afterwards that they 
answered all his questions as well as any others who passed ! Three of the five presented a 
memorial to the Rectorial Court of Hume." 

^ ist bursar (73 compet.) ; silver pen, 1822 ; min., Aberd. ; F.C. ; D.D., 1854; author. 

^ Solicitor and farmer, Keith. ^ Governor of St. Nicholas Poorhouse. 

* Surgeon, H.E.I.C.S. ' Adv. in Aberd., 1831 ; author ; see Vol. I., p. 499. 

® Adv. in Abd., 1834. ' Capt., army ; Bervie. ^ L.R.C.S., Ed., 1831 ; Surg., army ; author. 

b, s, 




b, s, 





b, s, 



b, 5, 




b, s, 




b, 5, 


b, s, 









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b, s, 












b, s, 



b, s. 

b, s, 









Geo. Silver, f. Georgij de Netherley, Kincardine. 
Geo. Stewart,! f^ jac, nautae, Abred. 
Greg. Burnett,^ f. dem. Joannis, scribae in Stonehaven. 
Gul. Annand, f. Gul., tonsoris, Abred. 
Gul. Cruickshank,3 f jac, agric. de Forgue. 
Gul. Dalrymple,* f. Jac, mercat. de Fraserburgh. 
Gul. Forbes,^ f. Rev^'. Roberti, pastoris de Monymusk. 
Gul. Henderson, f. Gul., crustarii de Rathen. 
Gul. Leslie,^ f. Rev'. Joa., pastoris de Fintray, Abred. 
Gul. S. Mellis, f. Adam, loc. tenentis, 45'* legione. 
Gul. Pirie,^ f. Geo., agric. de Gartly, Abred. 
Gul. Smith, f. Alexri., textoris, Abred. 
Gul. Summers, f. Gul., agric. de Lonmay. 
Hen. Mackenzie, f. Roderici de Glack. 
Hugo Gordon, f. dem. Rob., mercatoris, Londonensis. 
Hug. Harper, f. Hugonis, agric. de Birss. 
Hug. Taylor, f. Alexri., demor. agric. de King Edward. 
Balfour, f. Gul., notarii, Abred. 
Crombie,^ f. Joa., opificis de Fintray. 
Cruden,^ f. Rev. Georgii, pastoris de Logic Buchan. 
Gordon, f. Alexri., centurion, in militia, Abredonensis. 
Anderson,!** f. Jacobi, mercatoris, de Peterhead. 
Arklay, f. Joa., mercat. de Brechin. 
Beattie, f. dem. Jacobi, P.P. in hac Academia. 
o. [Stuart] Blackie,!! f. Alex., nummularii, Abred. 
o. Cooke,!^ f. Jacobi, opificis de Upper Banchory, 
o. Coutts,!^ f. Jac, sutoris, Abred. 
o. Craigie, f. Alex., navis gubernatoris de Montrose, 
o. Duffus,!^ f. Joa., crustarii, Abred. 
o. Forbes, f. Jacobi de Echt. 
o. Ingram,!^ f. Joa., mercat. de Oldmeldrum. 

b, s. 

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1 Surg., Foveran. ^ Land Surveyor, Aberd. ' Mercht., Aberd. 

* Surg., Jamaica. » Adv. in Aberd., 1832 ; Scot. Amic. Assur. Soc, Glasgow. 

* Sch. and min., Fintray; min., Turriff. 7 M.D., Edin., 1829; Prof, of Surgery. 
^ Manufacturer, Cothal Mills. 

® M.A., King's Coll., 1826 ; sch., Deer; min., Tyrie, Gamrie. 
" Adv. in Aberd., 1830 ; Peterhead. 

" See infra, 1843-47 '■> Professor of Humanity ; portrait in great window, Mitchell Hall, 
Mar. Coll. " Post-horse master, Aberdeen. 

" Surgeon, Fraserburgh. " Adv. in Aberd., 1832. i' Med. pract.. Old Meldrum. 




Jo. [Farley] Leith,' f. Jacobi Urquhart Murray, demor, 

centur. 68^^ legione. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Leslie,'^ f. Rev"^*. Joa., pastoris de Fintray, Abred. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Longmuir,^ f. Joa., nautse, Abred. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Milne,* f. Petri, exactoris trib. de Peterhead. b, s, ty m, A.M. 

Jo. Paterson,^ f. Joa., pharmacopolae, Abred. b, s 

Jo. Rainnie,** f. Theodori, agricolae de Huntly. 6, 5, <, w, A.M. 

Jo. Ross, f. Simon., sutoris de Cromarty. 6, 5, t, m. 

Jo. Russell, f. GuL, pistoris, Abred. 6, s, t, m, A.M. 

Jo. Smith, f. Joa. Roberti, agric. de Skene, Abred, b, s 

Lamb. Baron,'' f. Jac, horarii manualis fabricatoris, Abred. 6, 5 

Littlej. Harper, f. Jac, opificis, Abred. b. 

Michie [Forbes] Anderson,*^ f. Arthuri de Deebank. 6, 5, t, m, A.M. 

Nathl. Farquhar,^ f. Arthuri, sutoris, Abred. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Pat. Stuart, f. dem. Joa., agricolie de Mortlach. b, s 

Pet. Rooke, f. Henrici, agricolae de Wiltshire in Anglia. b, s 

Rob. Summers, f. Gul., agric. de Lonmay. b. 

Tho. Primrose,!" f. Rev^*. Qui., V.D.M. in Aberdeen. h, s, t, m, A.M. 
Alexander Boyd, fil. Alexandri, dem. centurionis ai"** 

legione. s 

And. Ross, f. Georgii, demort. de Shandwick, Ross-shire. s 

Dav. Henry,!! f. Joannis, agricolae, Corsbald, Fordun. s, t, m, A.M. 

Edm. Baxter,!^ f. , jnercatoris, Dundee. s 

Geo. [Black] Bothwell,!^ f. Joannis, candelarum opificis, 

Aberdon. 5 

Gul. Irvine, f. Gulielmi, mercatoris, Kenmare, Ireland. 5 

Gul. Williamson. 5 

Jac. Falconer, f. Gulielmi, armigeri, Inverness. s 

Jac. Richardson, f. [Patricii], mercatoris de Perth. 5 

Jo. Nicol, f. Joannis, mercatoris de Banff. 5 
Alexander Macdonald, f. Joannis de Borrodale, Inverness. 
Arthurus Gibbon, f. Gulielmi, dem. mercatoris in Aberdeen. 
Benjamin Andrev^^es,!* f. Isaaci, armigeri de Saffron- 

Walden, Essex. ty /«, A.M. 

1 Q.C. ; M.P. for Aberd. "- M.R.C.S., 1827 ; Inverurie. 

3 Min., Aberd.; F.C. ; author; LL.D., King's Coll., 1858. 

•* Gray math, bursar, 1824. * Adv. in Aberd., 1830. ^ F.C. min., Culsalmond. 

7 Adv. in Aberd., 1834. » Of Deebank ; Surg., H.E.I.C.S. 

» Adv. in Aberd., 1829 ; sheriff-clerk. ^" Adv. in Aberd., 1833. 

" F.C. min., Marnoch. '^'^ Solicitor, Dundee. 

" Mercht. and baillie, Aberd. ; author. " Methodist preacher, Bristol; LL.D., 1832. 




David Tytler, f. dem. Alexandri, sutoris in Aberdeen. 

Franciscus Pirie,^ f. Alexandri, mercatoris, Abredonen. 

Georgius Gray, f. Gulielmi, locatoris equorum, Aberdeen. 

Georgius Mearns,^ f. Jacobi, agricolse in Huntly. 

Geo. Thomson,^ f. Andreae, London. 

Gulielmus Denoon, f. Gulielmi, sutoris in Cromarty. 

Gulielmus Gibson, f. Georgii, coriarii in Arbroath. 

Gulielmus Petri, f. Gulielmi, agricolae in Rothiemay. 

g. h.* Gulielmus Sinclair,^ f. Gulielmi, sartoris in Aberdeen. 

Gulielmus Souter,^ f. Joannis, fabri lignar. in Peterhead. 

g. h. Jacobus Collie, f. Joannis, opificis in Aberdeen. 

Jacobus Cumming, f. Adami de Rattray. 

Jacobus Low, f. Joannis in Aberdeen. 

Joannes Cormack, f. Alexandri, agricolae in Reay, Caithness. 

g. h. Joannes Gray,'^ f. Gulielmi, fabri caligarum in Aberdeen. 

Joannes King, f. Joannis, mercatoris, Londonensis. 

Joannes Yates,^ f. Gulielmi in Aberdeen. 

Robertus Adams, f. Alexandri, agricolae in Durris. 

George Smith Schonswar. 

James Smith Schonswar.^ 

, m, A.M. 


, m. 

, m, A.M. 


Alexr. Anderson, f. Jacobi, agricolae de Logic Pert. * b, s. 

Alexander Black, f. dem. Alexandri, agricolae in Foveran. b, s, t, m, A.M. 

Alexr. Boyd, f. [Gul.] pastoris de Crimmond. b. 

Alexr. Davidson,^" f. Alexi., agricolag de Midmar. 6, 5, t, m. 

Alexr. Leslie, f. dem. Alexandri, mercatoris in Glasgow. 6, 5, t. 

Alexr. M 'Donald, f. Joannis de Borrodale. b. 

Alexr. Pittendriech,^^ f. Gulielmi, Aberdon. b, s, t, m. 

Alexr. Rainnie, f. Theodori, ludiraagistri, S. Ronaldsea. b, s, t, m. 

And. Liddel,^^ f. Franc, pastoris, Orcadens. 6, 5, t tn. 

Andr. Logic, ^^ f. And., navis gubernator., Morayshire. 6, 5, <, tn. 

' Paper manufr., Aberd. ^ Surg., Cotton, Aberd. 

2 Of Pitmedden ; mercht., Aberd. ; Provost, 1847-49 ; Rect. Assessor, 1848 ; M.P., 1852-57. 

* I.e., a Gordon's Hospital boy : see Vol. I., p. 450, note. 

* Dru